Friday, November 30, 2007

Sixth District County Commission Race Is Getting Full

The candidates for Sixth District County Commission is getting full. On Monday it will gain at least one additional candidate. Former Sixth district Republican School Board Member Chuck James will appoint a treasurer and pick up a qualifying petition to become a candidate for the Republican nomination.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

John Becker of WBIR Ain't From Around Here and After Tonight Ought To Go Back

Tonight in "anchoring" the story on WBIR about State Representative and former Chief Deputy of Knox County Property Assessor Parkey Strader. Becker called him Parker Strader. Parkey's name is Park M. "Parkey" Strader.

Parkey was first elected as Knox County's Property Assessor in the early 70's and served until 8/31/2000. He was elected as State Representative in 2004. For Becker to butcher the name of Strader is inexcusable.

WBIR should have Seth Andrews as the Anchor. Whatever happened to Seth anyway?

You can catch the error every 30 minutes on 10News2 (Comcast Channel 21) until 11:00 p.m. this evening. It is within the first 7-8 minutes of the newscast.

Brian's Blog Was Right About The Cawood Situation

With the announcement that former January 31, 2007 appointed County Commissioner Sharon Cawood will not stand for the voice of the voter, we are reminded that we were right on September 17, 2007. That was four days after qualifying petitions were made available for positions on the February 5, 2008 County election.

We predicted that Sharon would not run for Commission and that she and her husband Mark, a former term limited County Commissioner and current Court bailiff would instead support Mark's brother Frederick Chris Cawood in essence keeping the check in the family.

With her announcement it appears our sources were partially accurate. We had been told that she would run for countywide office. She could go for the appointment to the position of General Sessions Court Clerk. Because when Judge Bob McGehee is elected as Criminal Court Judge and takes the bench on September 1, 2008. Cathy Quist will likely be appointed the General Session Judge position that Judge McGehee will vacate. Leaving Sharon the opportunity to be appointed to the General Sessions Court Clerk position.

Here is our post from September 17, 2007.

Knoxville News-Sentinel Officially Became a Tabloid Yesterday

I walked into a local Weigels yesterday morning. I was in the process of re-fueling my vehicle and went in to get a cup of coffee and a free News-Sentinel. Weigels currently has a special promotion, buy a 16 oz cup of coffee for .99 plus tax and get a paper, Monday - Saturday. I like the promotion because I don't feel like I am paying for the less than desirable Knoxville daily paper.

When I walked up to the newspaper rack the top copy was upside down. I did what I normally do, I grabbed one about six deep in the stack. I put the paper and coffee on the counter to get my $1.08. I was engaged in a telephone conversation with someone on my cellphone. When I looked at the paper, I asked the person on the phone. Have you seen the front page and they said Yes.

I said I don't want to see a viewing of a body in a casket. To which the person on the phone and the two Weigels employees all laughed in agreement. When I got to my vehicle, I realized that the good people at Weigels had turned the papers upside down to refrain from persons being subjected to the offensive picture.

This is not new ground for the News-Sentinel. Several years ago there was an accident on the Civic Coliseum parking garage deck and they published a picture of the deceased man pinned between the equipment and the wall.

So, Knoxville's only daily paper has the official designation of daily tabloid. Jack McElroy should be so proud. From his role covering Columbine to now in Knoxville with pictures of funeral viewings on the front page.

What Does The News-Sentinel Reporter Not Understand

Yesterday, Rebecca Ferrar had a line in a story she authored that Commission Chairman Scott Moore could not be reached for comment. Today, she authors a story that says "Moore hasn't returned calls seeking comment.."

What part on this quote that she attributed to Chairman Moore on Wednesday November 14, 2007 does she and the people in the metal building on the hill not understand. "I'm not talking to the News Sentinel because you all write crappy articles." - Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron Paul is a Moron. Huckabee is Right on Target.

Question is Name three departments that you will eliminate. "Department of Education, Energy and Homeland Security" - Ron Paul.

Huckabee got it right and named the one department that the entire audience agreed with. "I would first eliminate the IRS." - Mike Huckabee

Playing for Pizza

I have just completed the latest work of John Grisham. I am a BIG fan of Grisham, I have the entire Grisham library. His latest is a novel entitled Playing for Pizza. It is a great read. The story is about a guy that loves what he does but needs a break from his current surroundings and current conditions.

He finds more than he bargains for. I especially like Chapter 21 where he gets finally changes the critical reporter that has hounded him. The stories from the reporter changed remarkably.

It is a quick and enjoyable read.

WVLT Loses Their and Our #1

UPDATE: It is Official Kelli Parker just signed off. WVLT had a great video of the memories and then Kelli thanked us for inviting her in our homes. No Kelli it was our honor to have you as our guest, cause none of the others in Knoxville are like family like you were, By the way, Alan, Rick and Scott you all are still invited, in addition to whoever replaces Kelli. WVLT is like family.

Original Monday November 26, 2007 10:40 p.m. It was a matter of time, but was made official tonight at 5:30 p.m. when WVLT and Kelli Parker announced that she is leaving the airwaves. Her last on camera will be this Wednesday.

As the President of the Kelli Parker fan club. Brian Hornback said. "The fan club will still exist, it will just become the Kelli Parker re-run watchers club. Similar to the Andy Griffith Show clubs." Hornback said. "I anticipate having to secure any and all former newscast where Kelli Parker was the anchor, co-anchor, reporter or contributor."

In all seriousness, Kelli has a young family and her commitment to being an integral part of the life of her family is to be commended. Her contribution to Knoxville and East Tennessee for the past six years has not gone unnoticed. Best of Luck, Kelli. You did good.

I am sure that all the BIG brainpower at my favorite Knoxville television news station will place someone beside Alan Williams that will keep Channel 8 as the top Knoxville news station. The question is what color tie will Alan have to wear?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Couple of Funnies from Fridays High School Ballgame

Knox County Commissioner Mike Hammond also serves as the public address announcer for Bearden High School. All night long he butchered the name of a Farragut player. In all fairness, I did tell a few people that were complaining that they should go up and tell him how to pronounce the name. Alex Encarnacion was the player.

Standing near a Farragut High School female student just before the game when Bearden got in the circle and started swaying back and forth and then came into the circle together. She said. "That is so gay. They are not the Titans." I looked at her and she said "your with Farragut right?" I said yes. I was wearing blue boots, blue jeans, a blue UA (Under Armour) sweatshirt, a Farragut pull over jacket and a UA (Under Armour) toboggan. Surely, I wouldn't have been a Bearden fan.

An adult man, who appeared to be intoxicated came up in the Farragut fans and started running his mouth that all Farragut has is a running back. We all ignored him, though I was tempted to turn around and say and all Bearden has is an old man running his mouth. At about that time, the Bearden quarterback threw an interception and the man walked away. Never to be heard from again.

Football is a game. It is a sport. It is fun for the time as a player and as spectator.

However, life is real. A loss isn't going to take your life, in other words it won't kill us. A loss is painful but it can't do anything physical to you.

I tell the little league teams that I have coached that it shows more about you as a person and a team when you can lose with your head held up. Farragut had a good run this year. There was no reason for Farragut to walk off the field with their head down. Both teams did well.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Brian Hornback, Founder and Operator of Brian's Blog has a saying that he uses often. "Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while." Well, tonight Bearden High School found a nut. After 8 straight losses to the school to the west, Bearden pulled out a win tonight, 28-14. Congratulations and Best Wishes for the rest of the year.

Here is an interesting question, these same Bearden players have been coached by three individual head coaches. This year, Brad Taylor. Last year, Bill Wilson and three years ago Coach Paul Maynard. What is the difference? Our guess is that the parents and players didn't have buy-in with Coach Maynard.

If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans

Immediately after finishing Terry McAuliffe's book yesterday morning. I had to cleanse my mind from the excessive liberal printed verbage. So, I began reading Ann Coulter's latest If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans and I finished it this morning.

A most excellent book that will not be gifted as it will have to remain in my office. Both Terry McAuliffe and Ann Coulter both have said, in different ways I might add. That if your opponents are mad, foaming at the mouth and calling you names then you are doing your job.

Now, I understand why the liberal reporters that are earning their paychecks from the owner of the liberal papers print lies about me.

Ann Coulter always good, This book is no exception.

What A Party!

Yesterday morning I finished reading Terry McAuliffe's book, What a party. It was a great read. While nearly every liberal will be shocked that I would read the book. It exposed the problems within the Democrat party. Terry does a good job of showing the Clinton's in a real world, real people kind of way.

It is interesting to see what Terry McAuliffe did for the party. He took it from a organization in debt, to a party with the infrastructure to compete. The only problem is he could not change the morons within the party. During the 2004 campaign, the Kerry campaign did not involve its Chairman in any discussion or decisions after the Convention. While the Republicans involved their Chairman in constant meetings.

Terry McAuliffe while personal friends of Bill and Hill also states that Clinton's last minute pardon of Mark Rich was wrong.

I would recommend this book to political junkies and bleeding heart liberal (i.e. Democrats) I plan to give the book as a Christmas gift to a true bleeding heart liberal.

Another Video for The Right Brothers "The List"

This is another excellent video contribution to The Right Brothers song "The List". Jordan did a great job. There are some local liberals that I might be able to include on my list.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

This Is A Sad, Sad Thanksgiving....My Prayers Are With The Lefler Family

Today, Trey Lefler left this world. A young, hardworking Republican. He passed away from injuries he sustained in an automobile accident on Monday.

Trey has been working on the Lamar Alexander re-election campaign. Before that he worked in washington, D.C. on Senator Alexander's staff. Trey was raised in Loudon County where he was a standout football player for Loudon High School. Trey introduced me to his father one night at a West Knoxville Republican Club meeting. Trey was a family guy, that was proud of his family and where he came from.

Senator Alexander said. “Trey Lefler lived a good and cheerful life but it was far too short,” “We will miss him terribly. Our hearts go out to the Lefler family and the Bowers and Lambert families.”

Trey had a lot to give this world, he made a difference in his time here and would have made a greater difference for this nation. My prayers and sympathy are with the Lefler family.

Trey touched many lives in his 25 years. Trey was taken from us much too soon.

Trey's sister is Laura Lefler, press secretary for Senator Bob Corker.

Senator Corker said today. “Our state has lost an outstanding young man today,” Corker said. “Trey Lefler’s commitment to public service has made Tennessee stronger and his warm smile and genuine care and compassion for others brightened every room he entered. On this Thanksgiving day, we celebrate all that he accomplished in his short life and continue to remember the Lefler family in our thoughts and prayers.”

This is truly a sad ending to a good Thanksgiving day. But I am thankful that I had the opportunity to meet this fine young man from an obviously wonderful family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian's Blog wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for your readership of this our little corner of the world wide web.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

City of Knoxville Needs To Mind Its Own Business On The Town of Farragut

The City of Knoxville because of the political grandstanding of one City Council member (Robert Frost) have opined that the Town of Farragut should give additional sales tax revenue to the Knox County Schools. The mighty Oz, that is the News-Sentinel has opined and agreed with the City of Knoxville in telling the Town of Farragut what to do with its cash.

Now, before I give my opinion and thoughts. I am no stranger to this issue. While serving on the school board, I authored and presented a similar proposal in the Summer of 2004. It passed the board on a 9-0 vote. I was reacting to the Town of Farragut's statement on a zoning issue. It was a knee jerk reaction and I should not have done it. But, now Robert Frost has picked up the mantra.

The Town of Farragut should make one statement (two words) to the City of Knoxville and the News-Sentinel. "Get Lost!"

Here are several reasons.

First, the City of Knoxville abandoned the concept of a school system. They operated until the late 1980's a failed attempt of a school system. When the buildings were beyond inhabitable and the academic rigor was a failure. The City of Knoxville asked its voters and they voted out of the school business. Knox County by state law had to assume control of the failure that was the City of Knoxville school system. The Knox County School system had to spend millions of dollars on renovations at nearly every savable City of Knoxville building. They had to build a new Christenberry and close several small schools that were not savable. Knox County had to assume a costly City of Knoxville pension that had golden parachutes opening for the past twenty plus years.

Second, in addition to giving us their failure of a school system. They also developed and for the past twenty plus years have conducted what is a money grab of the City of Knoxville. They have been annexing County properties making them City properties. Granted the schools get a larger share of sales tax dollars, but the City gets a cut. Instead of the county getting all of the sales tax collections. The County in receiving a reduced percentage of property tax from annexed property is unable to utilize more dollars for school buildings. Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale touched on this issue at last weeks Knox County Commission / Knox County School Board round table lunch discussion on Capital budgeting.

Third, The primary sponsor of this City of Knoxville resolution Robert Frost is a graduate of a private high school, not a public high school in Knox County.

Why the supposed interest now?

It could be to bolster Frost potential candidacy for City of Knoxville Mayor in 2011. It could be an effort to bolster the "news" for his former client. He was the legal counsel for E.W. Scripps owned Halls Shopper News, prior to it being taken over by E.W. Scripps. This item was on the front page of the Shopper on the Monday that they increased their coverage into the Town of Farragut.

While, I am not a resident of the Town of Farragut or the City of Knoxville. I am a resident of Southwest Knox County. I haven't been a fan of the Town of Farragut. But on this issue, I say to the Town of Farragut. "I have your back." To the City of Knoxville for all of its great grandstanding, I say "Get Lost!"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The List of Liberals

The Right Brothers have a song called The List. A video contest was conducted and this is the video that Proud Conservative entered.

It appears that Georgiana Vines finally reported the intent of my comments accurately in Monday's paper. I felt that it was appropriate to post this video. In regards to that entire issue of Georgiana in-accurately reporting my intent. I look forward to contributing and submitting to Jack McElroy my thoughts that will be printed. Mr. McElroy and Mr. Hartmann have been gentlemen through the ordeal of a reporter reporting inaccurately my intent.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Knox County Commission Remains At 11 Members Until February, 2008

Knox County Commission voted 6-5 to withhold the appointments of the 8 former Republican and 4 former Democrat officeholder positions until after the February 5, 2008 Primary election.

The 6 Commissioners voting to wait until February were Democrat Mark Harmon, Republican Tony Norman, Republican Mike Hammond, Republican Craig Leuthold, Republican R. Larry Smith and Republican Phil Ballard.

A Movie Suggestion That Is Playing at Regal Cinemas

Last Tuesday evening I attended the UT Knoxville College Republican meeting with Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore. One of the CR members mentioned this film to the group that is currently playing. I checked the movie trailer posted on youtube and it looks great. The trailer is below.

The movie began its run in late October, so catch it while you can at Regal Cinema's Downtown West location. It has 4 showings a day at 1640 Downtown West Boulevard in Knoxville, TN.

The movie title is Bella.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Georgiana Vines Writes a Work of Fiction. Is Anyone Surprised? I Didn't Think So.

Today's column by Georgiana Vines has a work of fiction in it. Here is the snippet about me that contains the work of fiction. The work of fiction is in bold print for emphasis.

When Brian Hornback, former Knox County GOP chairman, had the floor, he made a pitch for Republicans seeking Knox County offices to come together after the Feb. 5 primary.

"We'll be having a family discussion in February. We want to elect Republicans after that and not Democrats (and) send a message to the News Sentinel and others that they don't control this town," he said.

He was referring to the newspaper's lawsuit over the state Open Meetings Act. A Chancery Court jury found the County Commission violated the act when appointing 12 officials to replace term-limited office holders. Chancellor Daryl Fansler then vacated the 12 positions, most of which were held by Republicans.

You can read a detailed accounting of Georgiana's attack on me, here. However, at NO time did I state that my comment was referring to the newspaper's lawsuit over the state Open Meetings Act. There were at least 6 witnesses that viewed the exchange between Georgiana and myself. She approached me angrily and very combative. I thanked her three times for stopping to talk to me.

It is really no surprise that she would create a work of fiction. Many people felt that all the years of professionalism by Georgiana went out the window in her seeking someone out and verbally attacking them in the manner that she did.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Farragut Rolls Over Kingsport D-B, The Battle of West Knox Is Up Again

It was cool tonight. But the Admirals won round 2 against Kingsport D-B 28 -6. Next up is round 3 at Bearden with the Battle of West Knoxville. How appropriate, the evening after Thanksgiving. To demonstrate how thankful we are to live in the best part of East Tennessee.

Off the field it will be Brian's Blog -vs- The Reality Me / Domestic Psychology. It will be a barn burner. Every potential political candidate countywide needs to be at Bearden. I will be in Big Blue on the Admiral side.

I Thought That I missed The Knox County Election.

My email inbox has been running over today. I received an email that announced "Ballard grabs upset win" I thought oh, wow, I missed the Knox County election. Then I read the rest of the headline, "Ballard grabs upset win in mayoral race" I then realized that it was my weekly email update from the Indiana Republican Party and it detailed Republican Greg Ballard's upset victory over a two term Democrat incumbent Mayor. Here is the story detailing “the biggest upset in Indiana political history” I was relieved that I had not missed my first election since November 1984.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Which Group Violated Knox County Ethics Policy?

The earlier post dealt with a member of the media consuming a meal at the Knox County Commission / Knox County School Board / Knox County Mayor roundtable today.

Knox County's Ethics Policy states that all Knox County employees can not accept anything of value. The lunch had a monetary value as they appeared to have been purchased from The Lunch Box. The Lunch Box is a restaurant owned by Knox County Commission candidate Don Sproles.

Now with the current Ethics policy. If the Schools purchased the meals, then the Commissioners violated the Ethics policy. If the Commission purchased the meals, then the School Board members and school system staff were in violation. If the Mayor's office purchased the meals, then everyone were in violation. If a private citizen or The Lunch Box provided the meals, then everyone was in violation.

Don't ask, Don't tell.

E.W. Scripps Reporter Violates E.W. Scripps Ethics Policy Today

Today during lunch the Knox County Commission and Knox County School Board meet with Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and they all participated in a round table discussion concerning the Schools Capital Plan. I will post a complete recap later. The members of the media present were Tamara Sheperd of the Knoxville - Knox County Focus, all three television stations (WVLT, WBIR and WATE) three E.W. Scripps reporters Lola Alapo of News-Sentinel, Sandra Clark of Shopper News (arriving 35 minutes late) and Joe Sullivan of the Metro Pulse. I attended as a blogger.

All members of the media did not eat the lunch with the exception of one E.W. Scripps reporter. Joe Sullivan of the E.W. Scripps owned Metro Pulse devoured the lunch. The E.W. Scripps owned News Sentinel Editorial Code of Conduct states, "We should refuse any gifts, special treatment or any other thing of more than token value given in the course of professional activities. This includes ... free meals. The general rule should be if the gift is, or may be, offered even partly because the recipient works for a newspaper, it should not be accepted."

This week E.W. Scripps owned Metro Pulse printed a reference to their signing of the E.W. Scripps code. It stated. Just last week, MP employees signed the companywide Code of Ethics document for E.W. Scripps Co., which owns the News Sentinel and whose subsidiary bought Metro Pulse earlier this year. That code appears to say only that business gifts, such as meals, valued at $100 or more should not be accepted by us. OK, we won’t, but it’s still hard to enforce hard-and-fast rules that are subject to interpretation by people who maintain their own personal sense of ethics. The Scripps code tells us we mustn’t take bribes or kickbacks, either. Did we really have to be told that? If so, we should be in another line of work, and so should government employees who use government credit cards for personal expenses.

Evidently E.W. Scripps is inconsistent in their Code of Ethics. No food for News-Sentinel any food under $100 for the tabloid. However, Joe Sullivan was listed in the critical report earlier this week and all in attendance witnessed another violation today.

For the record Brian's Blog has a policy of refusing meals at public events that would jeopardize the coverage of Brian's Blog at said event. I did not eat the lunch that was provided in hopes that the 6 or 7 meals left over would be given to those less fortunate.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

E.W. Scripps Employee Attacks Brian Hornback

On Monday November 12, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. the West Knox Republican Club met at the Copper Cellar in West Knoxville. A large crowd was in attendance to hear from our former Tennessee Republican Governor Don Sundquist. The custom of the club is to go around the room where Republican elected officials and former Republican officials stand and introduce themselves. They go around the room a second time for Republican candidates to introduce themselves.

On this particular evening, former GOP Chair Chad Tindell and I along with current Republican Chairwoman Irene McCrary were present. When my time came, I made the same introduction that I have made at the Karns Republican Club and other clubs in recent months. “I am Brian Hornback, the immediate Past Chairman of the Knox County GOP. We will be having a family discussion that will conclude on February 5, 2008. When that family discussion has ended we must support the Republican candidate. We can not vote for a Democrat or an Independent candidate because we need to send the message to the Knoxville News-Sentinel that they do not run this town.” Everywhere I make this statement it is warmly received. This evening was no different, many people standing near me said, AMEN. Others at the end of the meeting came to me after the meeting thanking me and saying we are so glad that you said that, except one person, retired E.W. Scripps reporter Georgiana Vines.

I noticed that she walked past me twice, while I was talking to members of the club. I overheard my friend, fellow Republican and Scripps customer Steve Hunley said, something to the effect of there is a News-Sentinel person. I was involved in another conversation with a Republican candidate. Within a few seconds, Georgiana Vines was in my face, angrily asking “what do you have against the News-Sentinel?” My response to her rude interruption was, “other than the fact that you all are a Democrat paper” She said “you all?” I said “You receive a paycheck from them, correct?” At this point Steve Hunley said, hey, I asked her to come over, because I wanted to meet her. I said, “Yes, well thank you for stopping Georgiana” and I carried on with my conversation. It didn’t last long because she came right back into my face. She said “we support more Republicans than Democrats” I said “well name them.” She said "I will have to get you the list.” I said “I look forward to you providing me that list.” She then said. "We did support Bredesen." I said "yes, I believe Bruce Hartmann served on a Bredesen committee." She said “no, he would have been fired had he given money to Bredesen.” She said “we support a lot of Republicans like Lamar!” I said “I know for a fact that Bruce Hartmann sat in the Bredesen reserved seats at the West High School debate.” For the second time I thanked Georgiana for stopping to talk with me. She then said. “We have always supported more Republicans than Democrats, because as a party you run more qualified and better candidates.” I thanked her for the kind words about our candidates and said “we will have to wait and see what happens in 2008.” For a third time I said. “Georgiana, it was great talking to you and thank you for stopping to talk to me.”

At this point she walked off and the five or six individuals that witnessed the attack on me said, wow she was mad. Then one candidate said that was about like the time at Halls when another Scripps employee (Sandra Clark) jumped on Steve Hunley. That incident occurred after the Halls Republican Club meeting and I don’t remember what was said exactly, however three witnesses informed me at the time that she recommended for him to go and do something to himself, that is physically impossible to do to oneself.

From what I can recall, Georgiana was not as angry as Sandra was that evening. Georgiana was defending her employer, which I admire. I simply wish she could have toned down the hate and replaced it with some good passion instead.

The quick bottom line is most employees of media recognize that their job is to report the news and events they cover. They are not to become the news or the story and on Monday night Georgiana became the story. Members of the media that are editorial in nature are to give their opinion, but not try and correct the issue they are editorializing about.

Politicians are expected not to be thin skinned; it would serve the members of the media not to be thin skinned as well. They can certainly dish it out with inaccurate columns and stories, they can print complete falsehoods in something called Gossip and Lies. They can dig up old UN flattering photos of public servants. However, when the shoe is on the other foot, they get angry, hostile and down right mean.

It is simply part of the process. It is not always pretty, it is sometimes ugly. It is not always kind, it is sometimes UN pleasant. But unfortunately it is what the media has created.

Commissioner Scott Moore at the UTK College Republicans

Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore was the Special guest speaker at the College Republicans last night. The crowd was a little off because "Torch Night 2007" was at the same time as the CR meeting. However, a good crowd was present.

Chairman Moore talked about his background, the reason that he ran for County Commission in 2002, he talked the term limit issue, the January 31 appointment process, the News-Sentinel's lawsuit and then he answered questions. The questions were excellent. One question was why were the term limited people still on the ballot in 2006? Chairman Moore explained that they were on the ballot, because the State Attorney General had opined earlier that the state constituted officers could not be term limited and that Brooks Thompson, the states Coordinator of Elections said in 2006 that they could not be taken off the 2006 ballot. One question was asked about all the write-in candidates in 2006, wasn't that supposed to correct the problem? It would have had they been elected. However, the write-ins were unsuccessful.

Chairman Moore introduced his wife, who was in attendance and the meeting concluded after a discussion was held about a couple of new movies coming out at the theaters.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Knox County Commission Intergovernmental and Finance Committee Meetings

During the committee meeting this morning a couple of newsworthy items. First of all it appears that when the Lady Vols play basketball county government must come to a halt. Knox County Commissioner Mike Hammond informed the Commission that he could not attend a meeting on November 26 due to the Lady Vols play and that he would want to attend a meeting. He successfully kept the County Commission from having a meeting during the Lady Vols play. Should he have disclosed his scheduling conflicts and his inability to perform his duties on behalf of the district that he represents when he was campaigning for the position?

A public servant quote from Commissioner Scott Moore. "My vote is not based on what is on the front page of the Knoxville News-Sentinel or the editorial page of the Knoxville News-Sentinel"

The Knoxville News-Sentinel is supposed to report the news, not create the news or create public policy based on their biases.

E.W. Scripps Management Reveal They Are Worse Than Knox County Government

The E.W. Scripps management team and its KNS (Knoxville News-Sentinel) operations have revealed in today's paper that they are guilty of the very thing that they have and continue to criticize county government officials of doing. Earlier this year they mockingly printed a picture of a lobster lunch from Regas, in an effort to make former County Commissioner Diane Jordan and former Mayoral employee Margie Lloyd look bad.

While Jack McElroy and Bruce Hartmann dined at Regas on the taxpayers dime. Mr. Paul Abraham dined on taxpayers dime at another downtown eatery. Reporters Rebecca Ferrar and Bob Hodge have dined on the taxpayer dime as well. McElroy, Ferrar and Hodge are editorial employees of the News-Sentinel. Hartmann is the Publisher of the News-Sentinel and Publisher for the other least desirable E.W. Scripps entities. Abraham is Vice-President for Finance of the News-Sentinel.

The article cites the News-Sentinel's Editorial Code of Conduct as. "We should refuse any gifts, special treatment or any other thing of more than token value given in the course of professional activities. This includes ... free meals. The general rule should be if the gift is, or may be, offered even partly because the recipient works for a newspaper, it should not be accepted."

The good news is that Jack McElroy is quoted as saying. "We've redoubled our insistence on picking up all the checks when we have business meetings with any public officials," That would be good since you obviously ignored it all together for the past year or two. So by re-doubling their efforts maybe they can hit 50% of compliance with the policy.

Ferrar explains that she intended to pay for her meal and the government employees meal the next time they dined together. Ok?

Another media lunch was Joe Sullivan an employee of Metro Pulse, an owned entity of E.W. Scripps Company. The lunch occurred this past year, however, it may have been before the sale of the Metro Pulse to E.W. Scripps. Other media that have been treated on the taxpayers dime include, Gene Patterson anchor over at WATE Channel 6. Bill Shory, News Director of WBIR Channel 10. Radio station WNOX employees including Hallerin Hilton Hill, this is the same station where Knox County Commissioner Mike Hammond is the Director of Operations.

So this establishes that the news media that profess to be so desirable to open government, have not really been that open or they would have disclosed prior to today that they have accepted these meals. The meals took place between June 2006 - July 2007. The News-Sentinel has sat on this story from July 2007 until today, November 13, 2007. Obviously aware that this story was about to break in an alternative news source, they bury it in the middle of this story.

To read the entire story, check it out here.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Former Republican Governor Don Sundquist

This evening at 7 p.m. at the Copper Cellar on Kingston Pike. The West Knox Republican Club will meet and former Republican Governor of Tennessee Don Sundquist will be the speaker. I hope to attend, however I have some business commitments that may get in the way this evening.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Is Sad and Disappointing

Check out this from Domestic Psychology, yesterday. It truly is sad and disappointing. A couple of people can make the whole city look bad.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Admirals Win BIG

The first half ended 10-7 with Farragut leading, but the second half it was all Admirals and those ugly little zebras with little yellow hankies to match their backbones. Both sides of the field booed the zebras. That is the crew of officials for you latte drinking liberals, out there. But the second half despite all the yellow. The Admirals went on to win 43-13. It was awesome for a first round win in a state tournament run.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Knox County's Fourth District Is Not The Only One Un-Represented

Yesterday, the remaining 11 County Commissioners met to set the agenda for November. One of the individuals that spoke at that meeting was our Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols. He asked the Commission to appoint a Sheriff ASAP.

You have heard in the news that the Fourth district is unrepresented due to both appointed Commissioners being removed from office due to the Sunshine lawsuit verdict. Yesterday, it wasn't just the fourth district that was unrepresented. The Second district was unrepresented.

Second district Commissioner Chuck Bolus who was removed from office due to the Sunshine lawsuit verdict was not eligible to serve in the meeting. And Mark Harmon one of the only two Democrats on the remaining 11 member commission is still serving and he no showed for yesterday's meeting.

His actions or actually his inaction in not attending the meeting left the Second district without representation. Not only did his AWOL status leave the second district from having any representation it left only Thomas "Tank" Strickland as the only Democrat on the panel.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Interesting Proposed Strategy With Regards To The Halls Shopper.

Yesterday I posted about the left leaning City Councilman and his client or former Client, The Shopper. A reader left a comment. It was published, because it doesn't violate the rules of engagement. Here is what the reader posted. "Ask everyone in Farragut to call the News Sentinel and ask that they NOT receive the Shopper insert. We don't need that trash delivered to our homes. To the Shopper: Stay where you belong." Now, I wonder what would happen if you did contact the News-Sentinel and demand that they NOT put the Shopper in and on your personal property and they still did. What ramifications could be taken? Anybody want to call Herb. The phone call is free, the advice may be free, so what have we got to lose?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We Are Winning despite The Demos Best Effort.

We (Republicans) captured two out of three Governor races tonight. Last month, we picked up Governor-elect Bobby Jindal. Tonight Haley Barbour of Mississippi garnered 55% of the vote.

After 2006 the Demos boasted that they would be sweeping. It doesn't bode well from them tonight. As a interesting side bar. The Demos use the Hurricane Katrina devastation as a reason not to support the Republican party or Republican candidates.

Well, when voters in the five states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Georgia) most affected by Hurricane Katrina select their leaders, they select Republicans.

When you don't win, you do not legislate!

City Councilman Joe Bailey "The Entrenched Republican Candidate" Beat the Demo Party

Congratulations to City Councilman At Large Joe Bailey for his sweeping win over Riyad H. "Ray" Abbas. Don Daugherty, the Knox County Demo Chairman pulled out all the stops in trying to deliver the Democrat win.

The letter Daugherty sent in supporting Abbas said in part "He is the new face of the Democrat Party." In conclusion the letter said "This is an important election for Democrats. If we can defeat an entrenched Republican-establishment candidate and help elect --- Abbas to City Council on November 6, we will demonstrate what we can and must accomplish next year, when stakes are even higher. Please join me in supporting this fine young man for City Council. With Warmest Regards, Don Daugherty, Chairman Democratic Party of Knox County"

So, let's review. This was to set the tone for the Democrat takeover of Knox County in 2008. Instead it was the same ole same ole Democrat rhetoric that resulted in a not even close race.

On a national scale, Louisiana last month voted in its first REPUBLICAN Governor, an Indian-American. Governor - elect Bobby Jindal at 36 years old becomes the youngest Governor in the nation. He becomes Louisiana's first non-white governor since reconstruction. He is the son of Indian immigrants. He is one of the new faces of the Republican party.

So for all the red meat rhetoric that the Demos throw out there, (in letters, in their tabloid newspapers, on their left leaning blogs and blog forums) it still doesn't produce votes that win and when you don't win, you do not legislate.

Hey, Demo's. Try again in four years, because in the words of Brian Hornback "even a blind squirrel gets a nut every once in awhile."

The Demos had a slight advantage at the following City wards in this 2007 election. Green School with only a 19 vote edge. Central UMC in Fourth & Gill with a slight 68 vote edge. John T. Oconnor Center with a 10 vote edge. Larry Cox Senior Rec. Center with a 62 vote edge. Belle Morris School with a 37 vote edge. Christenberry Center with a 21 vote edge. Lincoln Park School with an 18 vote edge. Lonsdale and Sam E. Hill with a 5 vote edge. Beaumont School with a 1 vote edge. Pellissippi State a 2 vote edge. Sarah Moore Green School only a 12 vote edge. Richard Yoakley School (Alice Bell) only a 12 vote edge. Inskip Elementary School only a 6 vote edge. Ridgedale School only 16 votes edge.

Rob Frost and The Shopper News Level Attack on Farragut

Today's News-Sentinel talks about City Council member Robert "Rob" Frost requesting that the Town of Farragut pay more for schools. The first story came on Monday in E.W. Scripps owned tabloid. The connection with the tabloid and Frost is that at one time, Frost was the attorney of record for the Shopper News. He may still be.

So, Frost in connection with his client (or former client) have conspired to put a hit on the Town of Farragut. The other interesting tidbit, is that they (Frost, Sandra Clark and E.W. Scripps) saved this for the day that the Shopper News began circulation in the Town of Farragut.

This from the same E.W. Scripps Editor that has printed in the past that the Town of Farragut should build its own schools.

Here's an idea for City Councilman Frosty to pursue.

1) Propose that the City of Knoxville pay more for the expensive golden parachutes of those former City teachers and principals that Knox County citizens have had to fund since the City of Knoxville left the school business.

2) Propose that the City of Knoxville pay more for the asbestos filled, non ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant buildings that the City of Knoxville left to Knox County citizens to care for.

The intent of one Sandra Clark and E.W. Scripps is to spread disharmony and disagreement in all areas of government. Except for their friends. (ie. Rob Frost and Mary Lou Horner)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Calling All Registered Knoxville Voters

If you did not cast a vote during the early voting period then go out and cast a vote tomorrow, Tuesday November 6, 2007. The polls are open 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Brian's blog has endorsed City Councilman Joe Bailey for re-election. The News-Sentinel has also endorsed Councilman Bailey. Democrat officeholders State Representative Joe Armstrong, Attorney General Randy Nichols as well as Republican Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. have all endorsed Councilman Bailey.

Councilman Bailey's opponent and his opponents supporters have attempted to make this non partisan race a partisan race. However, the two most popular Democrats in Knox County have endorsed Councilman Bailey.

Councilman Bailey is a successful businessman, a loving husband to Michele and an caring dedicated father to Reagan.

Vote Joe Bailey.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Are There Two Of Me?

I stumbled across this. I am still in Knoxville, TN and to the liberals out there that do not like me, guess what there are a few extra.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Admirals Win BIG...Oak Ridge Coach Stanton Stevens Won't Make It

Tonight at Blankenship field in Oak Ridge, the Farragut Admirals beat the Oak Ridge Wildcats 42-7. Two years ago, back at Blankenship field, the game was the coldest in air temperature. Last year at Farragut it rained. This year, the air temperature was just right for football and Farragut handled the game from the first snap of the ball.

If I were a betting man (which I ain't) the Oak Ridge football coach could wind up with a For Sale sign in his yard by 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Oak Ridge football history has taken these steps in the past. Never in the history of Oak Ridge has the talk been as negatively on an Oak Ridge native as it is today on Coach Stanton Stevens.

This game will be his South Carolina.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Great Schools Partnership Operation

The Great Schools Partnership has a prescribed Board of Trustees. The membership of the Trustees is located in the Trust Agreement and the officers and their duties are located in the By-Laws. Earlier this summer Brian's Blog requested a copy of the Trust agreement and by-laws from Cheryl Kershaw, the director of the Great Schools Partnership. Cheryl Kershaw has been very helpful and forthcoming.

About 4 weeks ago, Brian's Blog requested a copy of all the minutes from the GSP for a determined period of time and Cheryl Kershaw supplied them to us. Again Cheryl Kershaw being helpful and forthcoming.

At the same time, we submitted a question to the current Knox County Council PTA President Nancy Meyer. In refusing to answer the question, she asked why we were asking. We responded, she refused to provide the information. We obtained the information from other sources.

The Knox County Council PTA President from July 1, 2007 - current is Nancy Meyer. The President from July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007 was Anne Haston. The President from July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2006 was Karen Davis.

So what is the issue?

Karen Davis has for the past 16 months participated and continues to participate on the GSP Board casting votes and attending at times that maintains a quorum. The position on the board is for the President of the Knox County Council PTA. The trust agreement does not allow for an appointee of the President. The agreement stipulates that the position is only the President's.

The problem probably occured because someone simply didn't want to have a confrontation to inform Karen Davis that she is ineligible to continue serving. However, Ms. Davis actions has potentially left the GSP open to every decision that has been made the past 16 months.

I believe that a move will be made soon to attempt to correct this problem for Ms. Davis and the GSP.

Knox County Election Commission Corrects Month Long Error

On September 19, 2007 Albert Baah picked up a qualifying petition for Knox County Commission - First District. Mr. Baah is and always has been a Republican. However, on September 19, 2007 he was listed as a Democrat candidate on the election commission candidate report. Today, they corrected their one month and 12 day long error in correctly identifying Albert Baah as a Republican candidate.

Who is running the ship at the election commission?