Thursday, April 12, 2007

Contact Information for Knox County School Officials

Due to the overwhelming response that Brian Hornback has received from individuals requesting the contact information for the Superintendent, Transportation Dept, Public Relations and the School Board. As a public service Brian's Blog is making it available here, email links are provided to make it customer friendly to send emails. Thank You for reading Brian's Blog.

Interim Superintendent Roy Mullins 865-594-1621 or email

Director of Transportation and Zoning Dr. Rickey Grubb 865-594-1550 or 865-594-1555 or email

Public Relations: Russ Oaks 865-594-1905 or email

Knox County School Board Members

Chair Karen Carson 865-675-0236 or 865-300-6443 or email
Sam Anderson 865-525-1681 or 865-215-2090 or email
Indya Kincannon 865-546-7098 or email
Cindy Buttry 865-584-6155 or email
Dan Murphy 865-523-0511 or 865-974-1752 or email
Thomas Deakins 865-966-1370 or email
Rex Stooksbury 865-938-1934 or email
Jim Williams 865-933-5860 or email
Robert Bratton 865-579-9999 or 865-604-0168 or email

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