Saturday, April 28, 2007

Superintendent Mullins Makes Modification to Rezoning Plan

Superintendent Roy Mullins has made a considerable modification to the high school rezoning plan. With the exception of a few small adjustments within the Austin East - Carter, Bearden - West. The considerable modification is grandfathering siblings to the sixth grade in 2008/2009.

I attended all Community Forums with the exception of Fulton. On the evenings where more than one forum was held, Thanks to Beth, Mark and Deborah recaps were posted on every community meeting except Fulton.

At each forum the question was asked about siblings and the grandfathering of siblings to the sixth grade. Roy Mullins listened and responded with the recommendation of grandfathering of siblings to the sixth grade.

This morning I have read where the tabloid editor girl wrote. "Sadly, there was no concession for Powell -- the community hardest hit by the plan." This is simply inaccurate, as is normal for tabloid editor girl. There were many families at the Powell meeting that requested the grandfathering of siblings, this change will help many within the Powell community. It is also inaccurate to say Powell was hit hardest. When in fact Karns is losing 900 plus students and Farragut High School is losing 700 plus students to Hardin Valley and Bearden.

It is just wished that tabloid editor girl could get more than one story right every two months. I guess that is just asking to much.

Again, this issue will go forward, Brian's Blog intended to capture the story as it happened. We captured it, I believe without bias or influence. I met many great people that have a renewed passion for this Great American Community and I look forward to working with them on future issues.

The frustration of Brian's Blog is the sensational bias journalism from North Knox County. There are many good community newspapers in this Great American Community, they are The Powell Post, The Fountain City Focus, The Farragut Press, East Knox Area News, South Knox Times and even the alternative weekly publications known as the Metro Pulse and Knoxville Voice.

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