Monday, April 30, 2007

This Is Not Surprising..Watch What You Say and Your Actions

Today's Knoxville News-Sentinel has this story. Evidently, the normally quiet forces of individual families that are in support of the rezoning are now making their voices heard.

School Board Member Dr. Dan Murphy was right at the first Community Forum when asked how many people had contacted him in support of the plan. He said people that support the plan or are unaffected normally do not contact us. That is true.

This situation has evidently changed. Brian's Blog has covered the Community Forums and meetings and will do so tonight and Wednesday. The reason was and is to allow our readers to sample the mood and sentiment.

For the most part it was enjoyable.

The concern of Brian's Blog is some of the spoken and written sentiment that says those people will bring our school down, due to where they live, what they live in or their ability to perform on tests. Every child has a right to the same "free" education as any other child.

For the record Mr. Pete Debusk, one of our communities largest employers and founder of the international company, DeRoyal as a child grew up in a single wide trailer in Rose Hill, VA. Today, drive between Powell and Halls and see what he lives in. Mr. Jim Clayton whom I have a lot of respect for and I will be reading the second edition of his book, First a Dream very soon. He has spent his life putting food on thousands of families tables through his trailer business.

I detest stereotyping of any individuals, but, especially children. So, please hold down your class warfare and your little jabs at where they live, what they live in and just accept them as kids that need a hand up.

I didn't plan it this way, but this weekend I rented four DVDs. I rented one for our youngest son. Our two older children were on a church mission trip. But I digress, I will post about that later.

The three DVDs that I rented. Bobby, Man of the Year and the Freedom Writers. We watched Bobby and Man of the Year Saturday night. (By the way, Ted I went to Regal Stadium 18 at Turkey Creek Saturday and saw Firehouse Dog with my youngest son, it is a great father/son movie)

Last night, I watched the DVD, Freedom Writers. everyone that has feelings of not wanting certain kids to come to their schools. You need to rent or buy Freedom Writers, it is based on a true story and then you will catch a small glimpse of what kids fight through everyday. It is tough to be a teenager, it is tough if you happen to live in the wrong part of town.

I really didn't mean to take this turn it just happened. Have a Great day.

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