Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is There A Big Public Outcry Over The High School Rezoning?

Crowd estimates for tonight's School Board meeting range from 100-180. WATE's Amelia Daniels reported at 6:00 p.m. that there were 100 people in attendance. A headcount was conducted and 180 were counted. In with the 180, are about 20 members of the Knox County School System's Central office.

With 8 of the 9 School Board districts affected that leaves about 20 from each School Board district. Actually, the largest number of citizens were from the Town of Farragut that are being proposed for rezoning to Hardin Valley High School. Brian's Blog estimates that half of the 160 (80) were from Farragut. Roughly, half of that half (40) were from the Powell area that are being proposed for rezoning to Karns. The other (40) were estimated to be from the other areas proposed for rezoning. Brian's Blog identified about 10 of the 40 individuals to be from the Holston Hills area.

160 Countywide for the meeting tonight is not a BIG number. Tomorrow's first three Community meetings will be the indication of wether this massive rezoning is community rage or community impotence (weakness) from a vocal minority.

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