Saturday, October 09, 2004

Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates

How can anyone in their right mind, think that Kerry or Edwards won the debates held so far?They obviously haven't watched the debates. Post your thoughts here

Saturday's are for Winners

Today October 9, 2004 is a day for winners. My youngest son's soccer team won this morning, as goalie he made punts that looked like some Dustin Colquitt punts. My daughter's soccer team won later in the day, I am the assitant coach. Then Ole Miss beat those gamecocks from South Carolina. Hotty Toddy Way to Go Rebels and Coach Cut. The day is ending with UT coming back from last weeks game and pounding the Bulldogs of Georgia. I am going to watch LSU and Florida and for my buddy Jed, I will pull for the Tigers.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dwight VanDeVate

Mayor Ragsdale has made an excellent selection in Dwight Van De Vate as Knox County's Director of Communications and Governmental Relations. There is NO one better in Knox County than Dwight. Great selection Mayor.

While on the subject of the County Mayor, my friend Jake Mabe had an excellent article in the September 27th 2004 Halls Shopper. Go out and ask them for a copy or you may be able to search the archives at to locate it. Great job Jake. Remember the old country song "if I die before I wake feed Jake" in the song Jake was a loyal dog. Jake Mabe is NO body's dog.