Thursday, February 24, 2005

Center City Republican Club

This evening I attended the Center City Republican Club. What a great group of Republicans. Randall Parker is the new President. The group is served well, with regular members Bill and Roberta Potter, Bea and Herb Waters, Jimmy Dubose, Sharon Welch to name a few.

They have a plan to come together and lead with some community projects. They are planning a fun event that involves recognizing the families of some of our service members that have been deployed to Iraq. Every Christmas they have a party and provide gifts to some of the families and children that are less fortunate than us. Look for some great news from Center City.

Center City is one of our many clubs that has a heart for people, and the best news is they are REPUBLICANS and are proud of it.

Thank You Center City, In the event that I am fortunate to be your Knox County GOP Chairman, I look forward to working with you.

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Tennessee Republican Party Executive Director

The Tennessee Republican Party has announced that Chris Devaney as the Executive Director of the TRP. Chris was an aide to former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson. Chris has previously served as the state Director for U.S. Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX) and with the United States Senate Republican Conference in Washington. Chris has extensive media experience as a reporter from Oklahoma and previously served as an editor for NBC Radio News.

Welcome Chris Devaney to Tennessee and to our efforts to elect more Republicans.

Tennessee Republican Party responds

The Democrat attacks on WedgePAC (Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn's newly formed PAC) is their effort to divert attention away from their State Senator John Ford, the election of Howard Dean as their DNC Chairman and the departure of longtime Hamilton County Democrat County Commissioner Curtis Adams from their party.

The Democrats can try to avoid their dirty laundry by attacking an innocent Republican. The Democrats have no credibility until the clean out their dirty house.

Eighth District Republican Club

Last evening, I attended the Eighth District Republican Club. They have changed locations. They now meet at the Handy Dandy Market on John Sevier Hwy. This is near the Forks of the River Industrial Park. It is an excellent location for the club to meet. Commissioner Larry Clark spoke about the Imagination Library. Commissioner John Mills and his wife Charlotte and Commissioner Mike McMillian were present as well. A large group was present.

I am so humbled by the support that I continue to receive as I run for the position of Knox County GOP Chairman. If I am honored with the position of Chairman, we will re-elect and elect Republicans and will maintain the superior majority status in this county.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Halls Republican Club

This evening, I attended the Halls Republican Club. Walter Hill the President of the club had contacted me in January and asked if I would be the speaker for the club. It was a great experience to visit with so many good people in Halls, and to talk about some of my past republican experiences and my vision for the future.

This evening the West Knoxville Republican Club also met. Because of my previous commitment to the Halls Club, I was unable to attend. My apologies to the West Knox Club and I will visit with you soon.

Friday, February 18, 2005

South Knoxville Republican Club

Last evening I attended the South Knoxville Republican Club. Curtis Anderson is the President. An excellent crowd was in attendance. County Commissioner Larry Clark gave an informative talk about the Imagination Library. He talked about why he had envisioned Knox County needing a program. Commissioner Clark examined Multiple programs and nothing fit the bill. Then Mrs. Clark asked him if he had examined the Dolly Parton or Dollywood Imagination Library. He then explained how he got a few people together and how it became a reality. A reality not only for south Knox County, but for all of Knox County. I will post a separate post on how you can be involved with the Imagination Library.

I appreciate the hospitality of the people at the South Knox Republican Club. Ms. Michelle Bowman made an excellent point that at the precinct reorganization on March 3rd, 2005 at 7:00 pm at your voting locations that delegates need to be encouraged to join there local club. As your GOP Chairman, I will encourage participation in your local clubs. There are lots of ways to participate, Thanks Michelle for your suggestion.

Stay Tuned

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Farragut High Students Lead the Way

For all the criticism (from others outside of West Knox County) about the attitudes (negative) of the residents that reside in West Knox County. Here is a story about a Farragut High School teacher and his class making a difference (two years in a row) for our community at large.

Use your talents in a manner that helps others.

Ron Rochelle Announces Candidacy for Town of Farragut Alderman

Ron Rochelle successful businessman has announced his candidacy for the Town of Farragut alderman position, currently held by Mike Haynes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Town of Farragut Vice-Mayor and Alderman

The Town of Farragut Vice-Mayor and Alderman Mike Haynes has announced his intention to run for re-election.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Hamilton County's New GOP Chairman nets a convert

Hamilton County's new GOP Chairman Bobby Wood has netted a new convert to the Republican Party. Longtime Democrat County Commissioner Curtis Adams and his wife Dot were introduced as the newest members of the Hamilton County Republican Party. The introduction was held at a Saturday GOP meeting. Chairman Wood stated the reason eloquently, Democrats "feel their party has left them behind and is off track". Commissioner Adams received a warm welcome to the party of small government, lower taxes, freedom for all and personal responsibility.

Congratulations Chairman Wood and a huge Republican Welcome to Commissioner and Mrs. Adams.

A final thought from myself; Is it a coincidence that this occurred the same day that Howard Dean was selected to lead the DNC?

Stay Tuned

Friday, February 11, 2005

Town of Farragut Mayoral Candidate

Town of Farragut Mayoral Candidate Bill Johns attended the recent meeting of the Concord-Farragut Republican Club. Mr. Johns is a successful businessman and has been active in the club. Margaret Johns (Bill Johns wife) was elected as Corresponding Secretary of the Concord-Farragut Republican Club.

March 4, 2005 (postmarked March 6, 2005) is the last day to register to vote
March 16 - March 31, 2005 Early Voting
March 31, 2005 Last day to request an absentee ballot
April 5, 2005 8 am - 8 pm Election Day

Town of Farragut Mayor Announces Re-Election Bid

Town of Farragut Mayor Eddie Ford has announced that he will stand for Re-Election.

March 4th Last Day to register to vote (postmarked March 6th)
Early Voting March 16th - March 31st, 2005
March 31st Last day to request absentee ballot
Election Day is April 5th, 2005 8 am - 8 pm

Concord-Farragut Republican Club

Thursday evening I attended the Concord-Farragut Republican Club. This club meets at 7:30pm on the second Thursday of every month. They are currently meeting at the Tijuana Taco on West End Avenue. The plans are to begin meeting at the new Gondolier Restaurant also located on West End Avenue. The election for new officers was held. Cynthia McMillian is the new President, Stephen Byrd is 1st Vice-President, Wayne Sellars 2nd Vice-President, Margaret Johns Corresponding Secretary, Barbara Smith Recording secretary, Bob McMillian Treasurer.

Mike Harvey, Executive Director of Jobs NOW was the speaker. He gave an informative presentation about Jobs NOW.

I really appreciate the support that I have received from my home club.

Preserving OUR party, Building OUR future.

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The National "Howard Dean" Democrat Party

The best way for the Democrats to target Republicans is when you can't find a candidate you just pick one and have them move. So dedicated to serving the public good they can't win where they are, they just move. It's not only in Conn. according to the print media in Tennessee, State Senator John Ford has been moving for some time. This is taking the concept of to a whole new direction.

The first Democrat to wave the white flag of surrender

The George W. Bush second term, a strong House and Senate majority with Karl Rove strategy. The Democrats are running for shelter, they are waving the flag of surrender. What a Great time it is to be an American. God Bless America

Stay Tuned

Does 1 + 1 = 3

The Great news about the federal law No Child Left Behind, is that what many watchdog groups have been pointing out for years about the lack of credible textbooks has now been proven accurate. The interesting thing about this story is quotes from individuals that say well, my kid is doing Ok and his test scores are good. So in other words lets leave the textbooks alone.

The real question is if the math textbooks in the midstate area are suspect, then what about the History books that are so easy to re-write.

Instead of Governor Bredesen worrying about spending millions of dollars on a statewide Pre-K program. Why not fund a statewide initative to examine the current textbook? Are they teaching the skills neccesary? Are they accurate in their content?

Stay tuned

When Nature Calls ... Will your teacher allow you to answer?

This is an interesting local story. When students in the Knox County School System need to go to the restroom. Can they? Will they? be allowed to go. There is a lot of stomach viruses and the Flu floating around. Remember they were out of school friday and monday 2/4/05 and 2/7/05. What occurs if you must go to the restroom for multiple symptoms?

It's about the children

The Dekalb County, GA School Board in the days of less dollars for the classroom, teacher unions complaining about the lack of pay raises. This school board is focused on payraises for themselves.

A story of a Council Member and bizarre behavior

This is a City Council man from Alpharetta, GA that has mastered the art of winning friends and influencing people.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Young Republicans Club Meeting

This evening I had the honor of being the guest of the Young Republicans at their monthly meeting. They meet at the Downtown Grill & Brewery on Gay Street. The second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.

Stephanie Hundley is the President. Kimberly Hooton is the Vice-President, Kristin Smith is the Secretary; Dawn Conteras is the Treasurer. They have a great group: Ivy, Ben, Zack, Josh, Ben, Kelly, Chip, Adam and Tyler. They will be a great asset to the party. They are committed. They understand why Republicans are Republicans.

They have a website at Ben Farmer is the webmaster. The website will provide you with a mapquest directions to the Downtown Grill & Brewery. You will see this group everywhere and you will be amazed at the energy and determination that this group possess. Please consider joining this group and inviting your friends to check this club out. You and your friends will not be disappointed.

Stay Tuned

Here's YOUR Sign

This evening at the Young Republicans Club Meeting at Downtown Grill & Brewery, I happened to be seated near Adam Groves. The Adam Groves of simply I fame. When Adam ordered he requested a Cheese burger. At which time the waitress asked him if he would like Cheese on it. Here's YOUR sign!!!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Fountain City Republican Club

This evening 2/7/2005 I attended the Fountain City Republican Club. They meet at Ramseys Restaurant on Central Avenue Pike. This evening the new officers were installed by County Commissioner Mary Lou Horner, County Commission Chairman Scott Moore and County Commissioner Ivan Harmon were present.

The new officers of the Fountain City Club are Donnie Ellis, President; Bobby Waggoner, Vice-President; Kim Isenberg, Secretary and David Ramey, Treasurer.

Haywood Harris and Gus Manning of University of Tennessee fame were the featured speakers. They told stories of the 5 National Championships football teams of the University of Tennessee. They have written a book that has been published by UT Press that details these 5 teams.

Cynthia Chapman and Tim Irwin both candidates for Knox County Juvenile Judge were present. Both introduced themselves to the club. Judge Carey Garrett the current Knox County Juvenile Judge has indicated that he will step down from the bench in 2006.

I enjoyed speaking with each person in attendance and talking about the campaign to be the next Knox County GOP Chairman. Irene McCrary the 1st Vice Chair candidate was in attendance and was warmly received. Preserving OUR party, Building OUR future.

Stay Tuned

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Directory of Public Officials

An updated Directory of Government Officials is now posted on The new Knox County School Board members, new members of the Tennessee General Assembly and the new member of the Knox County election commission have been added to the directory.

The website will continue to change over the next several weeks, as I intend to include photographs of yours truly in action throughout our community. I plan to include a motivational page with many of stories that I have collected over the years.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bredesen's Pre-K Program

Governor Bredesen has presented a pre-kindergarten program. The issues that must be addressed and dealt with now. Is it mandatory? How will it be funded long-term? (ie. Tenncare), What will be the standards? What will be the content? Will local school districts manage the program? Will daycares non-profit/for-profit private sector entities be allowed to run the program? There are so many questions.

I hope that the legislature will examine this proposal with caution. If we all travel back a few years ago, Democrat Governor Ned McWherter proposed a grand plan called Tenncare that was approved and now look where we are.

Beware of politician governors that have resume building programs, and No details.

Stay Tuned

Karns Republican Club

This evening I attended the Karns Republican Club. I really appreciate the Karns President Bobby Waggoner for allowing me to speak for a few minutes and talking about Preserving OUR party - Building OUR future. Mrs. Cindy Buttry the Karns community School Board Representative was the featured speaker. She talked about the issue of the need for a new high school and was very informative. I am enjoying talking with all of you and getting your ideas about the future of our party. I am proud to use a phrase from a few years ago. "Our future is so bright, you have to wear shades"

Stay Tuned