Sunday, July 31, 2011

Funny but a GREAT & True Comparison

A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am."

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, "You're in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude. She rolled her eyes and said, "You must be a Republican. "I am," replied the man. "How did you know?"

"Well," answered the balloonist, "everything you told me is technically correct. But I have no idea what to do with your information, and I'm still lost. Frankly, you've not been much help to me." The man smiled and responded, "You must be an Obama-Democrat." "I am," replied the balloonist. "How did you know?"

"Well," said the man, "you don't know where you are -- or where you are going. You've risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. You're in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but somehow, now it's my fault."

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flashback to the 1980's, Those Were The Years! and They Are Still Rockin'!

Tiffany singing "I Think We're Alone Now" on Good Morning America yesterday.

Debbie Gibson and Tiffany singing "Don't Stop Believing" on Good Morning America yesterday.

Courageous the Movie Coming September 30

On September 30, Courageous hits the theater screens. It has been shown in selected pre-screening events across the country. Here is the reaction to the folks in Tulsa, Oklahoma following the pre-screening. This movie has been written, produced and created by the folks in Georgia that have produced Flywheel, Fireproof and other movies with message and meaning.

Here is the Movie Trailer for Courageous.

You can bet that no matter how many dollars Courageous makes at the ticket box. The leftist of the Motion Picture Association will not award it a single award. The leftist just roll that way.

Time to Recall Amy Broyles!

Second District Commissioner Amy Broyles has been utilizing disrespectful, derogatory, inflammatory rhetoric as a Commissioner in May and July. She was AWOL (Absent Without Leave) in June and the July workshop.

She likes to to "Sunshine" private meetings with several Commissioners. No media show up, but on Thursday I attended the "sunshine" meeting with her and Commission Chairman Mike Hammond. They had casual conversation. So, I will continue to ensure that my sources and myself when possible are attending and we will begin recording her "sunshine" meetings.

Here is Broyles disrespectful, derogatory, inflammatory rhetoric as a Commissioner from the July 2011 meeting. In this video clip, she states anonymous rumor as fact, she also states that we had a meeting about spending tax dollars in the other room and points to the back door. Is she admitting to having a meeting outside of the public view?

Here is Broyles disrespectful, derogatory, inflammatory rhetoric  as a Commissioner at the May 2011 Commission meeting.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Bill Owen City Council @ Large Seat B

Bill Owen City Council @ Large Seat B candidate attended the Knoxville Mayoral Candidate pre-debate rally last evening. This morning he attended the every other week "Pinkston Breakfast" in South Knoxville. He is out early in the morning and late in the evening. This morning, he shared that he is the only candidate in the race for Seat B that is a father, a homeowner, a military vetern and an active attender of worship services.

I have known Bill for a long time. While he and I have disgreed on partisan politics over the years, he is the most active community activists. He is an active Democrat. Another candidate for this seat that is 100% Republican is my friend Buck Cochran. There is one other candidate in this race, that has some serious gaps in his voting record. He has NEVER voted in a City of Knoxville Primary election. So, as you get to chose two candidates in September, consider Bill Owen and Buck Cochran.

John Stancil for City Council At Large

John Stancil Knoxville City Council at Large Seat A candidate  is everywhere! He came by the pre-debate rallies last evening. This morning he was at the every other Friday "Pinkston Breakfast" He is EVERYWHERE, I tell you.
Here John Stancil is meeting with voters at the Knoxville Mayoral Candidate pre-debate rallies. John is an active community activist.
Here John Stancil shakes one more hand in his quest to represent the citizens on Knoxville City Council.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ivan Harmon's Pre-Debate Rally

Ivan Harmon arrived in the most stylist vehicle of any Mayoral candidate. It is an American made vehicle. The one American company that did not accept any of the federal bailout money.
Ivan is greeted by campaign volunteers as the media close in on him. As always Ivan is the most personable of any of the other candidates.
Ivan shaking hands with a member of the media that wants to interview him. Again, Ivan is always cheerful. In the foreground, Chuck Williams is checking to make sure this blogger doesn't get too close.
Knox County Fourth District County Commissioner Jeff Ownby was the warm up man to keep the Ivan Harmon supporters pumped up. Ivan was energized. These volunteers are hard core, no sun sheltering tents for them.

Mark Padgett's Pre-Debate Rally

The early crowd gathering in support of Mark Padgett. At least they had the right teams tent. Padgett served sandwiches, snacks and ice cold drinks.
Here Mark Padgett makes his way to thank his supporters for being there and to pump them up for the rally and debate.
Mark visiting with his volunteers. Again, TN tent was a nice touch.

Madeline Rogero's Pre-Debate Rally

The campaign loyalists that endured the heat and are waiting for their candidate that make an appearance and pump them up.
Here Rogero is being introduced to the several volunteers that have gathered on the lawn of the Civic Coliseum.
Here Madeline Rogero speaks to the loyalists that have gathered in support of her candidacy and to encourage her in preparation for her debate performance

Tonight "The Gaseous One" Gets Reaction!

During the pre-debate rallies, The Shopper writer whose name is snonymous with a product that causes gas resulting in the nickname "The Gaseous One" was observed talking with City Council candidate Paul Berney. Berney was the subject of her column in this weeks bird cage liner. So, with his reaction captured in this photo it seems he is not that overly enthused.

If You Were Looking for Joe Hultquist At The Pre-Debate Rally!

all you found was this sign. However, a campaign volunteer was there to ensure all members of the media received a statement from Joe Hultquist, Knoxville Mayoral Candidate. The statement headline reads Mayoral Candidate Joe Hultquist Is Watching Out For Your Safety! The statement reads "For those of you that are planning to attend this evenings rally before the debate, please think twice about it. Temperatures are at a record high and the heat index is unbearable. Heat index will reach 100* by mid-afternoon. Mr. Hultquist asks that all his supporters please stay indoors and keep cool. The debate will be carried live on WBIR-TV and 98.7 FM."

Bo Bennett is Censored Tonight!

Bo Bennett the fifth candidate for Knoxville Mayor will not be on the stage tonight for the Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Debate. We blogged about the censoring of Bo Bennett 15 days ago, read it here. This was a decision made by Garrett Wagely, with the Knox Chamber Partnership and Bill Shory of WBIR (NBC affiliate) Mike Hammond, Operations Manager of WOKI 98.7 FM told me today that even though his station is a co-sponsor of the debate. He was unaware that Bennett was not being allowed to participate. When asked for his reaction to Bennett being censored. Hammond said, that is wrong.
Here Garrett Wagely with the Knox Chamber Partnership is interviewed. Wagely is the man that had to defend the censoring of Bo Bennett.
The man across the street is none other than Brian Moneyhun. Moneyhun was a one man protest for the censoring of Bo Bennett.
Moneyhun's sign speaks for itself. When did you think a good ole' Southern river city like Knoxville would allow a candidate to be censored?

Amy Broyles Misspoke About Steve Hunley

This morning Commissioner Amy Broyles and Mike Hammond met at Panera Bread. Commissioner Hammond asked Broyles how the Madeline Rogero campaign for Mayor was going. Broyles said it was going well and that Rogero was even having good talks with Steve Hunley. Hammond asked is Hunley supporting her? She said Yeah.

I talked with Steve Hunley afterward. He said he has not committed support to anyone. He may endorse someone before election day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doug Bataille, Knox County Parks and Rec Guy Plays Hide and Seek

Earlier this month, "the big metal shed on the hill" aka News Sentinel filed this report. It seems that as the News Sentinel was out compiling a story on Mayor Burchett's proposed selling of Knox County's Three Ridges Golf Course that they discovered two Knox County Department Heads golfing during what would be normal working hours.

My sources indicate that the one department head, Dick Moran had telephoned his office and changed his time card to reflect personal time instead of sick time. You see he had a doctors appointment, the doctor was unable to perform the procedure he was scheduled for. So en route to the golf course, he changed his time card. He then went to play a round of golf.

However, my sources state that Doug Bataille, the head of Knox County Parks and Recreation when he discovered that he was being photographed playing golf ran off the golf course. We assume as Parks and Rec Director he was playing hide and seek. However, it wasn't until later that he changed his time card. Come on Doug!

Ivan Harmon Is Back on Campaign Trail

Screams From The Porch reported late last week that Knoxville Mayoral candidate Ivan Harmon was checking into the hospital for a minor followup over the weekend. I talked with Ivan at 6:30 am this morning, he was up at home and had a 9:00 am appointment with a group that would be interviewing him for an endorsement. Then the listening tour continued all day. Ivan is hard at it!

Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith Enriched Himself

Yesterday, Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith sponsored a Resolution giving himself $4,325.00 to reimburse himself for attorney fees in defending himself before the Knox County Ethics Commission. While he authored and sponsored the resolution, he recused himself from actually voting. Had he not authored it, sponsored it and had it added to the agenda, there would not have been a vote. Smith's annual slary is $38,700.14 as a Commissioner. With his reimbursement his FY 2011/2012 salary will be $43,025.14.

The photo below is Smith at that Ethics Committee meeting. Smith is whispering to Ralph Harwell, one of his two lawyers. The other lawyer is sitting behind Smith and Harwell. The Ethics Committee did not require legal representation, Smith made that decision on his own. Little did the taxpayers know that they were paying the bill for the two lawyers and for Smith himself through his commission salary as well. Well, yesterday the County Commission allowed the taxpayers to get screwed again.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Did The Six Commissioners Make an Un Ethical Appointment to State Senate Seat

So, a research of The Public Trust PAC that is co-chaired by Ben Atchley and Tommy Schumpert reveal that the six Commissioners that voted to select Sue Atchley as the Interim State Senator for State Senate District Six were Commissioners that have all been endorsed by The Public Trust PAC.

n January 16, 2008, "the metal shed on the hill" aka Knoxville News Sentinel published this story that The Public Trust PAC endorsed Sam McKenzie for the First District Seat, Ed Shouse for the Fourth District Seat B, Dr. Richard Briggs for the Fifth District, Brad Anders for the Sixth District and Mike Brown for the Ninth District.

On July 13, 2010, WVLT VolunteerTV (CBS affiliate) reported
here, The Public Trust PAC endorsements of Mike Hammond for County Commission at large and Ed Shouse for County Commission at Large.

So there are the facts. Now you know how the six candidates came to their decision to vote for the wife of Former State Senator Ben Atchley and the Co-Chair of The Public Trust PAC. Each endorsement brought monetary contributions in 2008 and in 2010 at a minimum were included in an in-kind advertisement announcing the endorsements.

Dear Prospective Future Corporate Business in Knox County

Yes, while you were here looking at our fair river city. Our Knox County Commission just spent nearly an hour and a half debating whether our county should spend $8,000 for providing hepatitis b testing for our citizens. You see, Commissioner Amy hates our County Mayor that 85% of the citizens elected. You see Commissioner Sam he is a Democrat and poor ole' Commissioner Tony is a tree loving ridge top man.

We completely understand why you would locate your business south of here in Hamilton County or maybe east of here, Hawkins County may fit your needs better than us. Because that's where the party is at. Just ignore us! Nothing else to see here, because who needs testing for hep b?

Commission Selects Sue Atchley For Interim State Senator!

It was like "weekend at Bernie's" they propped Ben Atchley up right after the "good ole boys" put his wife in as Interim State Senator of State Senate District Six. This is only until the November election is held. The following "good ole boys" elected Atchley, Commissioner McKenzie, Briggs, Anders, Brown, Hammond and Shouse. While Commissioners Broyles, Norman, Ownby and Smith voted for South Knox County activist Carson Dailey. Commissioner Dave Wright passed. Of the 6 Commissioners selecting Atchley only 4 of them live in the Sixth District.

Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith Can't Keep His Hands To Himself

As the Commission meeting was beginning today and the roll call was being conducted. Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith was walking behind Commissioner Jeff Ownby and Smith took his right hand and placed it over Commissioner Ownby's mouth. Why can Robert Lawrence Smith not keep his hands to himself? This is a problem that has plagued him for years. Obviously Robert Lawrence missed that lesson in elementary school.

Where In Knox County is Amy Broyles

This afternoon, Commissioner Amy was 4 minutes late to the Knox County Beer Board meeting. She was on time for the 1:45 p.m. public forum portion of the Knox County Commission today.

What Has Happened to Commissioner Amy?

Amy Broyles where are you? Last month's County Commission meeting (June 27, 2011) Second District County Commissioner Amy Broyles was a no show. At last Monday's County Commission Work Session (July 18, 2011) she was a no show. Last Tuesday (July 19, 2011) she issued a press advisory that she was meeting with the public and Commissioners on Thursday (July 21, 2011 at 4:00 p.m) to discuss Commission meeting agenda items for the July 25, 2011 meeting. On Wednesday she sent a press advisory rescheduling the public / Commissioners meeting on Thursday for Friday July 22, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. We assumed that the rescheduling was due to the joint Commission/School Board redistricting meeting at 4:00 p.m. on July 21, 2011. She was a no show. Later on Thursday, she sent another press advisory cancelling her Friday meeting to discuss the agenda items. She said in that advisory that she would reschedule at a later time.

The meeting is today Monday (July 25, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.) How will she get public input for the agenda? Will she wait until she votes Monday to get public input? That doesn't make sense.

Late last week, she sent another press advisory announcing a 11:00 a.m. meeting today Monday July 25, 2011 to meet with the Knox Audit Committee Chairman. The public and press are invited. My sources indicate that Commissioner Broyles is on the 6th floor. However, at 11:00 the Knox County Audit Chairman had not yet appeared for her meeting. Maybe he assumes she is AWOL (Absent Without Leave)

At 2:00 p.m. today Commissioner Amy is supposed to provide the devotion at Commission. Let's hope she makes it. However, let's remember in addition to her $37,700 plus Commission salary, benefits (which include retirement, life insurance and health insurance) she has not been doing her job.

Knox County Second District people, when will you say enough and proceed with a recall effort for malfeasance at doing the job, she was elected to do?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

South Knox County equals West Knox County

You have read a lot from Rachel Craig and her merry band of friends about South Knox County have no MPC member south of the river. The MPC is a body of volunteers that make recommendations on land use and developments after the paid MPC staff have conducted due diligence on any proposed change.

After the MPC recommends, the recommendation then goes to the elected body of County Commission or City Council. On the elected County Commission, two members are residents south of the river. One Mike Brown and the Commissions Chairman Mike Hammond. West Knoxville has two Commissioners as well, At large member Ed Shouse and Richard Briggs.

So, South Knox and West Knox are equals.

Hey, Mr. POTUS "It's Not Working"

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Gaseous Rhetoric One Is Clueless on Commissioner Ownby

The contracted writer whose name is synonymous with a product that produces gas at E.W. Scripps weekly provider of bird cage liner called the Slopper is losing it. Over at a local group chat room, where cat fights and an occasional dog fight might ensue. The Scripps contracted writer posted on July 20, 2011 at 5:24 p.m. in part "Burchett's still got a pretty solid bloc of votes - Smith and Owenby (sic) being the most faithful lapdoggies - ...." Here is a link to the page where the comment is located.

She is referring to Commissioners Robert Lawrence Smith and Jeff Ownby. First of all notice how lazy the contracted writer is that she is so disrespectful of Commissioner Ownby that she intentionally misspells his name. Secondly, to refer to Ownby as a lapdoggie of Mayor Burchett, it is obvious that the writer has missed something. As he voted AGAINST Midway, which was not what the Mayor wanted. In addition, Ownby voted FOR the Knox County Sheriff's Departments new cruisers, which was not what the Mayor wanted. I mean come on, if that is a lapdoggie then the Gaseous Rhetoric one writes for a Pulitzer prize winning publication and NOT the local bird cage liner. But, we know where she has spent her time writing, the Knoxville Journal, the Metro Puss and the Slopper. No Pulitzer prizes at any of those publications.

South Knox County and the MPC

At  Mayor Burchett's Constituent Night / Town Hall meeting last night the issue of the appointment of an MPC Commissioner came up. Obviously, Rachel Craig a two year MPC Commission appointee was not reappointed. So, there is currently no one from South Knox County on the appointed MPC Commission.

Todd Shelton was the first to bring up the issue. He asked about the appointment. Mayor Burchett responded that Jeff Roth was raised in South Knox County. Roth's uncle owned Graveley's Tractor on John Sevier years ago. He explained that Roth runs his father's business and is a successful businessman. Burchett explained that he doesn't look at issues as North, South, East or West. But as Knox County as a whole. Burchett further stated that when I am looking to appoint someone I do not look at their race, religious background or where they live. Mr. Shelton asked for a show of hands of those concerned about the MPC appointment about a 1/3rd  of the 50 individuals indicated they were. (I counted 12 hands raised, there were probably another 5 or so that didn't raise their hands)

A lady talked about how she had always participated in the 9 counties 1 vision process and other community led initiatives. She liked that process. Another lady stated that it seems like you were thinking with a pro business agenda and when could an appointment happen in the future. Knox County Mayor Chief of Staff Dean Rice said there is another appointment coming up on MPC by the City Mayor. Lowell Cook stated "we feel it's already not fair, here we are the red headed step child". Then a gentleman identifying himself as Bill Cox, the poor one, not the one that owns the furniture store, suggested that "you need to think of someone with capabilities, The one we had had capabilities."

The last question was asked by me. I asked the Mayor in front of the group. South Knox County has two County Commissioners that live in this community. Commissioner Mike Brown and Commissioner Mike Hammond. Did either of them voice any preference for a South Knox appointee? He said No. A lady in the crowd yelled out, did you ask them? To which another lady said "he shouldn't have had to." Mayor Burchett went on to say that even the appointee did not contact him with a request for appointment. He said there are no lifetime appointments. No one is assured of appointment.

After the Mayor's Constituent Night, I traveled over the the South Knox Optimist Club at Gary Underwood Park for the South Knox Republican Club Hot Dog picnic. Commissioner Mike Brown was there. He and I talked about the Mayor's Constituent Night, I told him of my question and the Mayor's answer. Brown said "they didn't ask" I told him that Mayor Burchett said that Rachel Craig did not ask him for the appointment. Brown said "Bull-----Hockey" He went on to say that he (Brown) introduced her to Dean Rice and stated she wants to be appointed.

It appears that what the Mayor said is true. The appointment is the Mayor's appointment and she did not ask him for appointment. Sending a message through even a Chief of Staff is not going to the Mayor.

Interesting to note on this issue. Rachel Craig did not contact the Mayor about reappointment. She generated discussion on the local liberal blog
here, in a News Sentinel story here and in the Metro Puss here. Not only did she not contact the Mayor about her desire for reappointment. She didn't even bother to attend last night's meeting in South Knox County about her own reappointment.

I intend to ask the MPC today for her attendance record in the two years while she served on the MPC. More details as they develop.

As a disclosure, I would like to share that on the Screams From the Porch blog here yesterday that Rachel Craig implored the blogs writer that he should not associate with me, (because the icky will wear off). Well, I posted a response that the difference in Mike Donila (the blog author, who happens to be a good and reasoned journalist) and Rachel Craig is that Donila and I have met, we have had several conversations and we have an acquaintance. Rachel Craig and I on the other hand have never met. She has an online presence that is negative, condescending and self righteous. I had hoped to meet Rachel Craig last night in the hopes that in reality she isn't really any of those things. Last night she was AWOL (Absent With Out Leave) in defending her community and her record as a 2 year MPC appointee.

As for Jeff Roth, Knox County's New MPC Commissioner, Mike Donila over at Screams From The Porch posted a blog post yesterday, detailing a phone conversation / interview with Mr. Roth. Read it
here and meet Knox County's NEW MPC Commissioner.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mayor Burchett's Constituent Night Covered By Only TWO Media Entities

I attended Mayor Burchett's Constituent Night at the South Knox Senior Center tonight. There were only two recognized media entities present. The Knoxville Focus through it's photographer and staff contributor Dan Andrews and myself representing Shock And Awe (aka Brian's Blog). There were 50 individuals that attended tonight. Mayor Burchett spoke to the whole group first and took questions from anyone wanting to ask a question. He then stayed after that in a room, where individuals could talk with him one on one in a private setting. Where o Where was Sandra Clark and the E.W. Scripps Shopper paper? There will be several blog posts tonight from the Mayor's meeting.

Brian Hornback blogging at Mayor Burchett's South Knox County Consitituent meeting.

Are They Setting The Carter Community Up for Failure?

The Knox County School Boards Executive Committee (the Board Chair and Superintendent) have asked for private legal counsel to represent the Board of Education on the NEW Carter Elementary School. Evidently Board Chair Indya Kincannon was unavailable. So, Vice Chair Karen Carson and Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre met with the Attorney that Interim Law Director Joe Jarrett recommended on Tuesday July 19, at the meeting Vice Chair Carson and Dr. McIntyre retained the Attorney.

Well, let's see. The envelope please! It is Michael Kelley! Are you kidding me? The former City of Knoxville Law Director that teamed with Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe to steal (through annexation) any decent commercial property in Knox County so that the City received the sales tax revenue. The same city that gave up the city school system to Knox County.

Oh and by the way, in addition to cronyism being alive and well in this appointment. It also has a dash of nepotism. You see Counselor Kelley is the son of Former Second District School Board Member Dr. Paul Kelley. The same guy the school board named the East Towne Mall alternative school after.

So, let's see any legal fees with this engagement will be charged to the Law Director's budget. It is still OUR money. Kelley has discounted his rate to $230 per hour. Are you kidding me? Kelley's primary role will be as a "legal advocate and advisor for the Board of Education in the Carter Elementary School situation. If and when appropriate he will review documents, conduct legal analysis and provide legal opinions to the Board.  He may also be called upon to ensure that the Board's interests are safeguarded in any potential four party agreement between the Board, Knox County, IDB and developer. Finally, he may be called upon to clarify whether the concerns expressed by the Board are addressed in any agreement the Board is asked to vote on, and to answer any legal questions the Board may have about the implications of a potential vote."

While Kelley is retained to represent the Board of Education. Dr. McIntyre has requested that any communication to Kelley by Board Members be copied to him. so that he "might ensure that you get a through and timely answer and so that I might be able to share the information broadly with all Board members." That sounds like an intermediary to the elected members of the Board.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Only Matters If You Are a Liberal

Poor ole Rachel Craig. She is a liberal, a far left leaning liberal. It seems that she got appointed to MPC as a Commissioner and she only served 2 years, she bemoans on the local liberal forum, read it here. She says she is upset that she is not being replaced by someone south of the river. That at one time, there were 2 appointees south of the river. Rachel Craig bemoaned so loudly that even the Big Metal Shed on the Hill wasted good quality bird cage liner on it, read that one here.

She is upset that Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett appointed Jeffrey Wayne Roth a resident from Karns. Really!?  I wonder if Rachel Craig is a native of Knox County? Is she a native of south of the river? If I were betting I say NO. I could lose that bet, had I placed it. However, I don't actually gamble, I just throw out a hypothetical or two. Here is the rest of the story. I have it on good authority that Mr. Roth is in fact a native of South Knox County. In fact he still have family members that are residents of South Knox County. So, all you flame throwing liberals, go back to bashing Mark Padgett or Madeline Rogero, Nothing Else To See Here.

Amy Broyles - It Ain't All About YOU!

Yesterday at 1:59 p.m., the County Commission office issued a press advisory that Amy Broyles will be meeting with the public and Commissioners at the Time Warp Tea Room tomorrow (Thursday July 21, 2011 at 4:00 p.m.) to discuss the items on the Commission agenda for Monday July 25, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.

Then today at 10:51 a.m. the County Commission office issued a Revised press advisory that Amy Broyles due to a scheduling conflict would be meeting with the public and Commissioners at the Time Warp Tea Room on Friday July 22, 2011 at 4:00 p.m.

The Time Warp Tea Room is located at 1209 North Central Street. The public and press are welcome.

Here is an excellent question to ask Amy. Why when your total compensation package is $37,704.86 per year, did she miss last months Commission meeting and Monday's work session.?

The time to discuss the items on the agenda with the public and Commissioners were this past Monday and Amy was AWOL. She missed the interviews for the applicants for the Interim position for State Senate District 6. How will she select the best candidate when she did not participate in the interview process. It is time to start a recall effort on Amy. Because it ain't all about Amy. It is about the peoples representation.

Commissioner Mike Brown Was For Sue Before Sue Was Interviewed?

On Monday afternoon following the Knox County Commission Work Session. Knox County Commission went into Special Called Session to interview the applicants for the Interim State Senate District 6 position. Five individuals have applied, only four appeared to be interviewed.

Prior to the meeting Commissioner Mike Brown was overheard to tell a couple of by standers. I am already committed to Sue Atchley. Because the applicants were interviewed in alphabetical order, Atchley went first. It is interesting that she stated "after today I will not ask for your vote" So, what were the conversations before the interviews? What was asked for?  What was promised?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Today County Commission Took First Step In Examining PBA

Today in work shop session Knox County Commission voted unanimously to ask the Knox County Audit Committee to do a full forensic audit on the PBA dating back to 2005 and on the construction of Hardin Valley Academy High School from start to finish.

Sources indicate that shudders of fear were traveling through the veins of Dale Smith, CEO of the Public Building Authority. He will now have to defend each and every action taken since 2005 and through the HVA construction.

If the votes stick at the Monday's Commission meeting, PBA will be examined in a way they have NEVER been examined. Sources indicate that Smith spent Monday afternoon calling the PBA Board members and you can bet the Commissioners will be lobbied and promised all the way till the 2:00 p.m. start of the Monday's Commission meeting.

Commissioner Amy Broyles was absent today. She was absent at last months voting meeting. As has been reported here. She is being paid $37,704.86 per year in taxpayers hard earned dollars and she hasn't bothered to be an active engaged representative for the Second District. Time for a recall effort, people.

The Shopper Was Valuable Last Week, Thanks to Dr. Jim Tumblin

Evidently, I didn't automatically throw the Shopper in File 13 last week. In cleaning up my mail and stuff from my office today. I discovered a Shopper News bird cage liner. The problem I don't have a bird cage. So, I flipped through it, to see if surprisingly the blind squirrel found a nut and they lucked up on a good story. And lo and behold Dr. Jim Tumblin authored a superior story on the 1923 six week crusade by baseball player turned evangelist Billy Sunday held in Knoxville.

What a great story. Dr. Tumblin has additional photographs and information located here. I even cut the article out and it is currently sitting on my desk. It is a keeper. Thank you, Dr. Tumblin!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

SRW & WBIR Walks A Fine Line of Ethics

Did you see today's Inside TN with the three candidates for State Senate District Six? The first thing John Becker says is Susan Richardson Williams has a disclosure. To which SRW states that she has contributed to one of the candidates, Marilyn Roddy. When SRW was told who the candidates were, if she were ethical, she would say I can not sit on that panel. If WBIR were ethical when they knew the conflict they would have gone with only Don Bosch and Jack McElroy.

Then immediately Williams launches into a questioning on DeFreese concerning DeFreese statement that she possesses the highly qualified certification by the State Department of Education. SRW states I don't know what that means. Come on SRW, you haven't heard of NCLB (No Child Left Behind) and the highly qualified status? Interesting Inside TN has had many shows discussing NCLB. SRW again makes demeaning inflective comments like I know you have home schooled. Actually, no DeFreese was employed at Whittle Springs Middle School last year.

Why would WBIR allow such breaches in journalistic ethics? Well this is the station that is censoring Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Bo Bennett. We shouldn't be surprised that instead of straight from the heart, it's straight from yellow journalism.

How Many Lemons Do We Have?

Friday, July 15, 2011

"I Am America" Krista Branch

Krista Branch was in Murfreesboro, TN yesterday and after Herman Cain finished his speech. He introduced Krista to perform the Herman Cain Campign song. The lyrics speaks volumes to the frustration that I along with all Constitutional Conservatives have with today's dictators. I hope you enjoy this, go to itunes and purchase and download Krista's song. I did that tonight, I will be listening to it over and over.

Sue Atchley as State Senate? It has to be an April Fools Joke in July

The News Sentinel  reports here about the 5 persons that have applied for the interim position of State Senator. Sue Atchley, wife of career State Senator Ben Atchley has applied? That has to be an April Fools joke in July. She list her involvement in the parent teacher association at Giffin School? When did Giffin close? 1945? Actually I think it was late 1980's/early 1990's.

This county commission that must select the interim State Senator is so unpredictable. They will probably select Atchley. Although any of the other four are qualified. Enough of this bull crap of family inheritance to any political seat.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Herman Cain Visited TN Today!

Herman Cain rallying the troops on the courthouse steps in Murfreesboro, TN. He attracted a huge, diverse Conservative crowd.
A shot of the crowd to stage right, this was a motivated crowd of people that have come together to rescue our United States.
A shot of the crowd to stage left. An amazing turnout for 5:30 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon. They were a great crowd.
Home made signs along with campaign signs were displayed. This lady's sign said Cain will turn around America.
Herman Cain following his speech as Krista Branch sang the campaign song of "I am an American" She is a great entertainer.
Herman again looking over the crowd following his speech and as Krista Branch sand the campaign song.
Herman Cain and me meeting just before he left Murfreesboro, TN. He is a delightful in person as I expected.
The official campaign sign of Herman Cain President 2012. Vist Herman Cain's website, here.

Joe Jarrett is IN for 2012

Current Knox County Law Director Joe Jarrett has "offically" announced his candidacy for election as Law Director in 2012. Jarrett has 21 years of public sector law practice. Being Law Director is not new to him. He was an apppointed Law Director in Florida, before relocating to Knoxville. Read the News Sentinel story, here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sources Say McIntyre Has Been Warned

Sources close to the Knox County School Board have informed me that School Board Chair Indya Kincannon and Vice Chair Karen Carson have warned Superintendent Dr. James McIntyre that if he recommends Carter Elementary School replacement that it would be reflected in his annual review.

Knox County Sheds Solway Greenwaste Facility for $2.0 Million Dollars

This morning, Phillips Auction (Knox County's governments auction company) auctioned off the Solway Green waste Facility. I showed up thinking that I was going to be simply witness Knox County sell a parcel of property in about 10 minutes, walk away and then blog about it. What I found was a small circular tent. What I realized rather quickly was that it appeared to be a Las Vegas style boxing match. You had on one side (in one corner) Brad Mayes, Lewis Cosby and Chuck Jensen. On the other side (in the other corner) were Mike Cohen, former PR guy for the previous County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and now the current PR flack for NRRT (Natural Resource Recovery Tennessee), NRRT's legal counsel David Draper and representatives on NRRT.

In the middle of the tent were citizens (neighbors to the facility) that had a desire to purchase the property.

The property was appraised at $1.19 million. Knox County under Mayor Mike Ragsdale spent over $5.0 million dollars on the land and infrastructure. The bidding began at $300,000.00 and proceeded upwards. Brad Mayes bid through $1.3 million. He looked around at the other bidders and didn't bid again. The bidding then narrowed between a nearby business and the representative of NRRT. At $1.95 million, the last holdout gave up when NRRT placed the winning bid of $2.0 million dollars.

So, as people talked about the reaction to a selling price of $2.0 million for a property appraised at $1.19 and Dwight Van de Vate, Knox County's Director of Engineering and Public Works celebrated a $2.0 million dollar price tag. I quickly heard talking about NRRT's legal counsel taking a photograph with his cellphone of Lewis Cosby, Chuck Jensen and Brad Mayes. I believe I was also captured in his photograph (due to my close proximity to Lewis Cosby).

At this point the news that needed to be recorded for this blogger had been achieved. It was time for me to walk to my car, get back to work and later in the day retire to my dark room with laptop and blog the activities, like a good blogger does.

If this were a boxing match, clearly NRRT had the resources to knock the little guy out. However, the only thing worse than a sore loser is an arrogant boisterous winner. Well, the results of that one went the other way.  

I commend Mayor Burchett for ridding Knox County of this hole in the ground where trees, pallets and other decomposing resources including our tax money rot. Thanks to the previous administration, we were already in a deep deep hole. Today, with Mayor Burchett's forward thinking. Our bath only cost us $3.0 million. Another year and it would have been more of our money wasted.

Let's now take that $2.0 million cash and build part of a new Carter Elementary School for the Carter community. Because a NEW Carter Elementary School will produce a heck of a lot more in results than a bunch of rotting trees.

The auction begins with Kenny Phillips as the Auctioneer (in the blue shirt), Brian Phillips on the far left, Howard Phillips between Brian & Kenny. Dave Gregory is on the far right.
About half of those attending were standing around the edge of the tent. The other half were seated in the chairs provided. 
The successful bidders begin negotiating as the purchase price approached $1.6 million.

After NRRTsuccessfully bid on the facility for $2.0 million dollars. The crowd began to leave and the chairs were stacked up in preparation to be hauled away.

WBIR and Knox Chamber is Censoring Bo Bennett

UPDATE: July 13, 2011 at 9:30 p.m. With the WBIR threshold of $10,000 raised in campaign contributions in order to participate in a debate. 98.7 Newstalk General Manager Mike Hammond and County Commissioner At Large. (Includes every City of Knoxville and Knox County polling locations) candidate would not have been able to participate in the debate. Check his financial disclosure from this time last year, here.

Original Post: On July 28 WBIR, the Knox Chamber and 98.7 Newstalk are hosting and broadcasting a Mayoral Candidate debate. In an obscure mention of the debate, Knoxville Public Affairs Radio Talk Show and Community Television Host Hubert Smith caught a small mention about a threshold for the participants. So, Hubert did what Hubert does best. He contacted WBIR and asked if this was true.

Bill Shory, WBIR head news staff knocker replied back saying that yes, Hubert heard correctly. WBIR normally uses polling data to determine the candidates that are invited to participate in a candidate debate. WBIR did not have such a poll to consider. So, they are using a monetary limit as their threshold. Shory was quick to say, we told the candidates this 4-5 weeks ago. So, what is the threshold and how many candidates does it eliminate? First, remember there are only 5 candidates for Knoxville Mayor, not a large number.

WBIR, the Knox Chamber and 98.7 Newstalk set a $10,000 contribution threshold for participants in the debate. That eliminates only ONE candidate Bo Bennett. Bo Bennett did the same exact thing that Mayoral candidate Ivan Harmon, Mark Padgett, Madeline Rogero and Joe Hultquist did to get on the ballot. Bennett has complied with EVERY requirement to be a candidate.

Let's remember Ivan Harmon is already on television, radio and has more than 25 billboards. Mark Padgett has enough money to buy an entire week of airtime on WBIR. Madeline Rogero has a significant chunk of cash to advertise. Joe Hultquist has raised a little over $10,000 which is the amount needed to borrow a chair for the WBIR, the Knox Chamber and 98.7 Newstalk debate.

So, what candidate does the public need to see and hear on the public airwaves? Bo Bennett. Bo Bennett was a participant a week or so ago at the Concerned Citizens Debate at the Expo Center. He was well prepared, he knew the issues and made an excellent case for his candidacy. But, that doesn't matter to WBIR, Knox Chamber and 98.7 Newstalk.

Go visit Bo Bennett's website
here and donate if you can. Send Bill Shory of WBIR an email here and send Garrett Wagley of Knox Chamber an email here expressing your concern of the Censorship of Bo Bennett.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They Were once Buds, But Now Hunley and Jablonski are Feuding!

Steve Hunley was on the School Board representing the Union County side of Knox County and was defeated in 2000 by High School Principal Jim Williams. Diane Jablonski was on the School Board representing the Loudon County side of Knox County and was defeated in 2002, by Community Youth Sports Organizer Chuck James.

Just last year, they were seen at Litton's in Fountain City contributing cash to a political candidate that they were both enthused for. Now, they are feuding. Hunley replaced his time spent on School Board with publishing a Fountain City weekly publication (that is now distributed free countywide). Jablonski has spent her time since leaving the board first in a failed State Representative primary race and after that just being a disgruntled citizen.

But, now with Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett's proposal to build a Carter Elementary School, Jablonski has aimed her bitter disgruntled demeanor on the proposal. Her letter to Superintendent McIntyre and the School Board Members is now in the public domain. Hunley spent quite a bit of this weeks newspaper space in picking Jablonski's letter apart.

In Jablonski's letter she confesses that her "ire goes up another notch every time I read a story about Carter Elementary School" Jablonski goes on to state that Carter was not on a priority list. Actually, if time had frozen when she left the board that is accurate. However, in 2003, after she left the board. The current board made Carter a priority, placing it on the Capital Plan and purchasing property on Straw plains Pike. It wasn't a brain child of County Commission. The Knox County School Board bought the property. Jablonski states that discussion for Carter was during a lawsuit between County Commission and School Board. In actuality, that lawsuit was settled after her 2002 defeat, when she and two other board members were not re-elected.

Jablonski goes on to accuse Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett of browbeating the Superintendent and Board of Education members. Interesting that at last weeks presentation by Mayor Burchett to the Board. The Superintendent and his staff commended how cooperative Mayor Burchett and his team had been.

It is interesting to note that Jablonski's husbands family business is located on Rutledge Pike near the Eighth District. So, the people of the Eighth District are good for employment in the operation of a trucking business but those employees kids do not deserve a school building that is less than  100 years old.

Cause the "Gaseous One" Never Mis Speaks or Mis Reports Things! It's Funny I Don't Care Who You Are.

Here on the local liberal blog the Shopper writer whose name is synonymous with a gaseous producing product pokes fun at Ivan Harmon for mispronouncing "Attrition" on Inside TN on WBIR. I may come on, is she trying to say she never makes a misstep? We could fill a blog with all the errors produced by the gaseous one. Bless her heart!

Knox County Elections Administrator Gets Off On A Rocky Start

Cliff Rodgers, the new Administrator of Elections for Knox County is off on a rocky start. It seems a little pesky thing called state law has come up and stumped his toe. You see TCA 2-12-201 (a) 2&3 discuss the Administrator and especially section 3 that states. (3) Upon approval by the county election commission, presentation of the annual budget to the county commission or other legislative body for funding; On July 7, 2011 I contacted Election Commission Chairman Chris Heagerty. I asked him if the Commission had approved the operation budget. He said they were going to do that at the end of this month. He could not remember the date of the meeting and suggested that I contact Scott Frith, deputy assistant Administrator.

The problem for Rodgers and the Election Commission is the new budget year began Friday July 1, 2011. So, the operations of the Election Commission has not been in compliance with state law for a couple of weeks. Even after presenting it to the Election Commission and County Commission after the fact does not cure the error. But, I am sure that it will be excused as a "rookie mistake". Sadly, two of the three Republican Election Commissioners are Attorneys. We would think they would have been asking where o where is our proposed budget? After all, they get a monthly salary to be Election Commissioners.

By the way, the next Election Commission meeting is this Friday July 15, 2011 at 2 p.m. in the Small Assembly Room of the City County Building. "An agenda will be provided by email the week of the meeting." I guess I need to request to be on the distribution list.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Knoxville Mayoral Candidates on Hilltop/Ridgetop Development Plan

Here is the audio recording of the City of Knoxville Mayoral Candidates responding to a question about the Hilltop/Ridgetop Development Plan. Interesting to note, that it appears Joe Hultquist has changed his position on the plan that he co-authored with County Commissioner Tony Norman and some MPC staff members. The first voice you hear is Bo Williams with WATE TV 6 News. The second voice and he identifies himself is Knoxville businessman and entrepreneur Scott Smith. The order of the Mayoral candidates answering the question are First is Bo Bennett; Second is Ivan Harmon; Third is Joe Hultquist; Fourth is Mark Padgett and last is Madeline Rogero. So here it is. Something that the opponents of HRDP believe the Sentinel, Metro Pulse folks don't want you to hear.

West Knox Republican Club July Picnic

UPDATE: I inadvertently left off John Stancil, candidate for Knoxville City Council at Large Seat A as an attendee. Sadly, I spent more time talking with Mr. Stancil and meeting his wife Cynthia then any other candidate for a City of Knoxville position. I realized this morning that I had left him off the list. So, I want you all to go check out his website, here.

This evening, the West Knox Republican Club hosted their annual July picnic. It was held at Deane Hill Rec Center. Corey Johns, the Immediate Past First Vice Chair of the Knox County Republican Party who is supporting Democrat Mark Padgett for Mayor along with Padgett and at least one Padgett paid staffer attempted to work the crowd. They received a cold reception, in spite of the fact the air conditioning was out inside the Deane Hill Rec center gymnasium. Johns was seen having to explain his actions.

The crowd was exceptionally supportive of Ivan Harmon for Mayor. City Council candidates Ron Peabody, Sharon Welch, Marshall Stair and George Wallace were seen campaigning. Also, State Senate candidates Victoria DeFreese, Becky Massey and Marilyn Roody visited with voters. DeFreese was more deliberate in her campaigning working each and every table.

The above photo shows Victoria DeFreese talking to a voter one on one. While former State Representative Charles Severance talks with his wife Phyllis, the first Vice Chair of the Knox County Republican Party.

Here Knox County Property Assessor candidate John Whitehead and I are photographed leaving the picnic. Whitehead is a Certified Appraiser and was available to the voters during the entire picnic. While his opponent sent his wife to campaign on his behalf.

Here State Senate District Six State Republican State Executive Committeewoman Sally Absher and I pause a discussion on Constitutional Conservatism for a picture. Sally is a leader that is making a real difference for the real Conservative cause. Preserve the Constitution.

Corey Johns - The GOP GOB Prince?

Georgiana Vines column today (here) quotes "Corey Johns, a Republican Activist" Wait! How did Vines miss that he is the Immediate Past First Vice Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party? He served from 2007-2009, during that time he was the go to person for media persons/entities. But Vines calls him "a Republican Activist"? Really?

I mean less than a year ago, the GOP Good Ole Boys club launched a hate filled tirade (here) against me because this blog is independent in it's reporting. But, let's remember former Knox County Republican Chairman Billy Stokes goes on tv endorsing Democrat Darryl Fansler in 1998, but in 2010 I am too critical of Republicans. Now, there "boy" that carried out their water from 2007-2009 doesn't get criticized.

Well, you know what, I am happy with myself. I didn't cow tow to an order of short men that can't pay their taxes or men that have previous records that they try and keep out of the public light.
 In addition, my GOP Chairman win record (in spite of the term limits decision, the orange ballot intiative) from 2005-2007 was stellar.

Curious to know what link there may be to Connec-TN (who Johns works for) and Mark Padgett.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Shopper Writer Misses The Story, The Whole Story and Nothing But The Story

Larry Van Guilder, a writer over at E.W. Scripps owned Shopper News had an article this week about Candidate for Property Assessor Phil Ballard and how he had several employees that volunteered to reduce their hours from 37.5 to 30 hours to reduce the cost of payroll budget. The problem with Van Guilder's story is that he failed to interview those employees "that took one for the team", the ones "that stepped up". You see Van Guilder made the honest mistake of believing a politician that what the politician said was 100% accurate. If Ballard was so confident in his spin, he would have supplied the phone numbers of all of those employees to Van Guilder and allowed Van Guilder to interview them and publish their comments with either attributing (giving credit to the person) or allowing the employees to go "off the record" and attributing their comments as unnamed. Now, that's Journalism 101, not being the published record for politician spin.

The Shopper's Gaseous One Was Lazy Last Week

The E.W. Scripps owned Shopper publication has a contract writer whose name is synonmous with a product that produces gas. Anyway. If you read her column this past week. It was about Sixth District State Senate Candidate Victoria DeFreese. Overall, a good story. The only problem is the only source the gaseous one used was DeFreese Facebook postings. I mean that's ok and all. But how hard would it have been to also call up the candidate and interview her? Really!? I mean being a journalist ain't that hard. I have been doing it as a hobby since 2004. I mean come on, pick up the phone.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

We play these as a local distance dedication to .........

With apologies to Casey Kasem and his "long distance dedication."

It is the Dishonesty and the Cover Up That Will Get You Everytime

Brian's Blog was the first to report (here) on Friday June 24, 2011 that City Council Candidate Marshall Stair has NEVER voted in a Knoxville election. This past Saturday July 2,2011 (here) Georgiana Vines reported on the issue. Vines in her report attributed a quote from Stair, "While in Austin, he registered to vote and voted in federal elections, he said. He moved back to Knoxville in 2003 and then in 2004 went to Mexico City to learn Spanish. He returned here to attend the University of Tennessee College of Law in 2005."  A phone call by a source of Brian's Blog to the Secretary of State's office in Texas could not confirm the information that Stair is reported to have provided. However, the Secretary of State directed the source to the Travis County, TX elections office. It was discovered that Stair registered to vote in 2002 and was purged in 2006. A review of whether he actually voted is still under review.

However, he states that he voted in Federal elections in 2003. A federal election for Congress and Senate would have occurred in 2002 and 2004. A Federal election for President would have occurred in 2004.

In addition, it should be noted that it appears that Stair did not cancel his Knoxville registration in 2002, when he registered in Travis County, Texas and when he moved back to Knoxville in 2005, he did not cancel his registration in Texas. As he was simply purged in Texas in 2006.

Normally, your registration is purged for inactivity for four years. However, as of this posting we can verify that he did or did not vote in Texas. More details as the story continues to develop.

Haslam Is a Tax Raising RINO, But That Ain't Anything NEW!

In 2003 then Mayor Bill Haslam in his first budget proposed and City Council passed a property tax increase on the citizens of Knoxville. In his first six months as Governor of TN he has informed the Memphis Commercial Appeal (here) that he will take the lead on taxing the Internet. Really!? Actions of a Tax Raising RINO (Republican In Name Only) should never shock or surprise you.

Why Is The "Republican" Governor's Family Backing a Democrat for Mayor of Knoxville?

Check this from the E.W. Scripps owned Metro Pulse.

Knox County Property Assessor Race Begins!

Here Phil Ballard, candidate for Knox County Property Assessor next year walks during Monday's Farragut Fourth of July parade. He had several individuals walking with t-shirts and hats on giving out candy.
John Whitehead, also a candidate for Knox County Property Assessor next year also walked in the parade with several volunteers wearing t-shirts handing out caandy.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Knox County Parks & Rec Director is Insubordinate

Thursday's Knoxville News Sentinel has a story of Doug Bataille extolling the virtues of Knox County's Three Ridges Golf Course. Less than a week after Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett announced that he intends to sell the course in order to pay for a new Carter Elementary School. Obviously Bataille believes he is Mayor or has forgotten he answers to the elected Mayor. His quotes have resulted in him being insubordinate.

I will post about the Sentinel's Friday story later, which had him out on the Three Ridges Golf Course during the work day.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What World Is Sam McKenzie Living In? Not Ours

Knox County Commissioner Sam McKenzie has declared that the recession is over. What world is he living in? I guess when as a Commissioner you enrich yourself with $3,900 a year for gasoline to drive from ribbon cutting to ribbon cutting then you do sense that the recession is over. But, in reality, the recession is NOT over.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Town of Farragut Parade - State Senate District 6 Candidates

State Senate District 6 Candidate Victoria DeFreese spent considerable time talking with potential voters. I stopped her long enough for this picture.
State Senate Candidate and Current Knoxville City Council Councilwoman at Large Marilyn Roddy handed out candy and visited with potential voters on the other side of Kingston Pike. She had volunteers on my side of the street handing out candy as well.

State Senate Candidate and Director of Sertoma Center Becky Duncan Massey talks with potential voters. The 9:30 a.m. parade start was getting warm. But a good time was had by all.

The Town of Farragut Parade - The Shoup's were Grand Marshall's

Today's Grand Marshall's were the family of Farragut Coach Ryan Shoup. Coach Shoup passed away after a brief illness last fall. So, it was fitting that the community show some love to the family, just as Coach Shoup would be doing if he were still with us. We miss you Coach Shoup.!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Georgiana Vines Either Reads Shock And Awe (aka Brian's Blog) or Candidate Buck Cochran's Campaign Material

Today's Georgiana Vines column (here) is evidently because she read Shock And Awe (aka Brian's Blog) here on Friday June 24, 2011 or it is possible that she read Buck Cochran's flyer that was circulated at the Concerned Citizen Debate this past Thursday evening. The back side of the Buck Cochran flyer has the post reprinted in it's entirety. Of course, candidate Cochran credited the blog with a printed statement that reads, "published by Brian Hornback's blog Shock And Awe (aka brian's blog)". Thanks Candidate Cochran!