Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ellis Clears The Confusion Created by Hurley

The Roane County News recently published a couple of stories on one term State Representative Julia Hurley as she leaves her position.

Hurley made some interesting comments about Roane County Commissioner Randy Ellis. Ellis clears the air here at Shock And Awe (aka Brian's Blog).

The Roane County News published this comment attributed to Hurley. "There was no relationship with the Roane County Commission. They chose not to have one with me. Randy Ellis, who was in charge of the Legislative Liaison Committee, he never liaised anything with me, and I was there for two years." Hurley said

Commissioner Ellis said that apparently Rep. Hurley is not familiar with Roane County. He was not and is not the chairman of the Legislative Liaison Committee. He is simply a member of the committee.

Rep. Hurley also stated "There was no relationship with the Roane County Commission. They chose not to have one with me."

In fact according to Ellis there were several issues that the Commission brought to Rep. Hurley's attention. And after several attempts to communicate with her. The following motion was adopted by the Roane County Commission on March 14, 2011. " Motion made by Commissioner Ellis with second by Commissioner Cantrell for the County Executive to write a letter to Representative Hurley and request she attend the first available meeting (when she is not in session )of the Roane County Commission to discuss legislation requested by the Commission"

Commissioner Ellis said it’s worth noting after that motion was made there was still no response from Rep. Hurley.

Ellis states that Another example of Rep. Hurley not helping with important issues that face Roane County is when the Commission asked Rep. Hurley and Sen. Yager to carry legislation that would extend the property tax sharing for Roane County from 30 years to 50 years pertaining to the Plateau Partnership Industrial Park. This was vital to the economic and industrial growth of Roane County. Sen. Yager carried the bill all the way thru the Senate and Rep. Hurley never even got the bill to a vote in a committee. And never communicated to the County Executive or Commission her thoughts or reservations on the bill.

Ellis concluded his comments by saying, As far as Julia Hurley is concerned, come Nov. 6, she will no longer be the state representative, and I’m moving on. I hope for the sake of the 32nd district and Roane County we can all move on and stop dwelling in the past. I have lost a election before and know how it feels. But there comes a time when you truly care for the people you represent that you still try to make a difference in your community regardless of being an elected official or not. I believe the true test of a leader is when you leave office you care as much for your community as you did when you are in office.

Monday, October 29, 2012

"Casual Chris" Caldwell named LMU's 2012 R. Martin Peters Young Alumnus of the Year

KNOXVILLE (Oct. 29, 2012) -- The Lincoln Memorial University Alumni Association recently selected Knox County Finance Director Chris Caldwell as the 2012 R. Martin Peters Young Alumnus of the Year.

"Chris is great to work with, and is very deserving of this recognition," Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett said. "He does an outstanding job as finance director, and is committed to being a good steward of taxpayer money."

"Your recent appointment as Finance Director of Knox County shows the confidence the Knox County government has in you with their most important information. You play an important role that touches the lives of so many people," LMU Director of Alumni Services Donnie Lipscomb wrote in a letter to Caldwell. "Also, you are a positive role model not only in your community but throughout East Tennessee. Because of your dedication to making the lives of those around you better, the Lincoln Memorial University Alumni Association feels you are truly deserving of this great award."

The R. Martin Peters Young Alumnus of the year award is given to an individual who embodies the character and spirit of its namesake and exhibits qualities including patriotism, leadership ability, volunteerism, a strong work ethic, and ambassadorship on behalf of the University.

The award has been presented to one young alumnus each year since 1997, and recipients include Tennessee Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gloria Johnson Door Knockers are NOT necessarily committed

Sources close to the Gloria Johnson campaign forwarded me a portion of an email sent by the candidate. I have removed the cell number & email address for the contact persons.

"My campaign has the opportunity to pay canvassers for knocking doors in my district thanks to the AFL-CIO. Canvassers will make $10 an hour and may work weeknights 3:30-8, Saturdays 10-6, and Sunday 1-6. If you know anyone interested, please contact Tyler () for Ryan at"


So when they knock on your door, they are being paid by AFL-CIO and not much different than the union that pays the people to stand with "Shame On" signs.

Maybe a Republican or two should stake out Gloria's headquarters with a "Shame On Gloria" sign!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Power of Putnam Town Hall on Prescription Drug Abuse

The Power of Putnam Town Hall Meeting this coming Monday will address the problem of prescription drug abuse problem. The story in the Putnam paper states that over 6,000,000 pills have been prescribed in TN. Putnam County is home of Cookeville, TN. Read the story in the Herald Citizen Times here

Monday, October 22, 2012

"You Just Can't Fix Stupid" - Ron White

Enough said about this

Ken Gross Appointed to Knox County Ethics Committee

According to Hubert Smith of One on One with Hubert Smith and the Hubert Smith Radio Show. Knox County Commission today appointed Farragut Resident Ken Gross to the Knox County Ethics Committee. In a vote of 8-1-1-1 Gross was selected. Commissioner McKenzie voted for another candidate. Commission Vice Chairman Larry Smith voted for a candidate named Daniels. Commissioner Amy Broyles was absent.

The Commission postponed any other discussion on the future of the Ethics Committee. In related news, Gross currently serves as the Republican State Executive Committeeman for State Senate District Six.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Romney and the Media's "Binders of Women" Issue

As I watched David Gregory interview Senator Marco Rubio on Meet The Press this morning. It occurred to me the motive of the MSM (Main Stream Media) using this issue of Romney's comment about "binders of women". Isn't about Romney receiving binders of resumes of prospective female applicants for jobs in the Romney Massachusetts administration. It is about them (the media) attempting to hurt Romney through his membership in the Mormon Religion. A religious organization with a history of polygamy.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Third Strong Day of Early Voting

Here they are lined up Municipal Center Drive to cast votes at the Farragut Early Voting Site at 11:15 in the morning. They are parking across the street at the US Post Office and walking over.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Early Voting Heavy in Knox County.

First two days of early voting has 13,370 folks casting their votes. More than half from the Downtown West & Farragut vote centers. That seems good for Romney/Ryan in my opinion. Gotta keep it up!

The Local Liberal Blog Makes a Weird Argument

The local liberal blog posted an article about the Tennessean (Nashville based state wide newspaper) endorsing Romney. The leader of the local liberal blog says it is similar to the "incoherent endorsement" of Bush in 2004 by Jack McElroy at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill. Wait! Bush won in 2004. Good news for the Romney campaign it seems to me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Briggs Speaks Up Against Broyles Knee Jerk Reaction

Commissioner Dr. Richard Briggs speaks up against the knee jerk reaction to Commissioner Amy Broyles proposal to disband the Ethics Committee after former failed County Commissioner candidate and 4 time applicant for the Ethics Committee Steve Drevik along with former failed State Representative candidate and former School Board Member Diane Jablonski were upset that two current members were reappointed by the Ethics Committee after interviewing all the applicants that appeared at the interview sessions.

I Voted!

Late this afternoon after arriving from Western North Carolina I stopped in at Downtown West Early Voting Center and cast my vote.

There was some national race that hasn't gotten much media attention.

The U.S. Senate seat for TN with Republican U.S. Senator Bob Corker faced by several Independent challengers. Even one from South Knox County, I predict a 75-80% vote for Corker. That may be aggressive. Occasionally, I step out of the box that kind a way.

Then Congressman Duncan being opposed by a couple of familiar names. Familiar in that they always run against Duncan. As always, Duncan will capture a HUGE majority vote unless of course that Robert Lawrence Smith write-in campaign kicks up. But we all know that this blog will not be involved in that write-in campaign.

The State Senate District 6 race where Senator Becky Massey is facing a challenge. Senator Massey is running again this October/November like last October/November. Massey has been a good Senator the past year and deserves a full four year term.

My State Representative Ryan Haynes is being challenged. Haynes is an exceptional young leader and one that I have supported from day one and will continue to do so.

Then all them pesky Charter Amendments all proposed by the pesky Chatter Review Committee. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it keeps career politicians confused and clamoring about how they and others interpret the charter keeps gridlock. I am for gridlock and confusion. It keeps us bloggers in business. Just Vote NO!

By the way, there were campaign workers for them national candidates that haven't gotten much media attention. None of them asked for my vote. I always remember what Speaker Tip Oneill detailed in his book. He thanked his neighbor for her vote after an election. She told him, I didn't vote for you. He was shocked. She said you never asked for my vote. If you are working for someone don't assume that you do not or that you do have someones vote. Just ask!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TN Right To Life Passes on Preacher

TN Right to Life has endorsed Democrat State Representative John Mark Windle. They passed on Baptist Preacher Bobby Stewart.

TCU Did What Against Congressman DesJarlais?

TCU President Lloyd Daughtery is probably boasting about getting his name in a story on "The Hill" website here or in a UPI (United Press International) story here. It seems that Daugherty is boasting that he is having discussions with "other groups" about calling for Congressman DesJarlais to resign because of a Huffington Post story about a decade old incident.

DesJarlais is taking the high road and simply states that Daugherty and TCU supported DesJarlais's opponent, Liberal Democrat from Pall Mall, TN Lincoln Davis. Actually, it was TCU that acted as Davis campaign team. Daugherty used his voice in radio commercials. The TCU raised money for Davis. Davis was always a contributor to the TCU's yearly fundraiser a "Reagan Day Dinner" held every year in Knoxville, TN.

Why did Daugherty et al. use this information against DesJarlais two years ago when the story was only 8 years old? It is my opinion because they did not think they needed it. We should all remember the temper tantrum that Liberal Davis had on election night and the day after he was rejected by the 4th Congressional District on TN.

It appears that now the TCU hopes to grandstand on an issue to bring it some attention and potentially contributions.

Tony Norman To Speak at Young Republicans Tonight

If you have questions about Knox County. If you have questions about the election of Chairman Norman or anything else like that tonight is your night.

Commission Chairman Tony Norman is scheduled to speak to the Knox County Young Republicans. The meeting is at Chick-fil-a Kingston Pike at Homberg. It is located at 4944 Kingston Pike. The meeting is from 6:30 - 8:00 pm then you can slide down Kingston Pike to the Romney office and watch the debate with some local or not so local Republicans.

Knox County Commission is Led By Less Than Sophomoric Leadership

The Knox County Commission on Monday were required to cure some errors and omissions made when they reorganized in September. A majority of Commissioners selected former Knox County teacher Tony Norman as Chairman and Robert Lawrence Smith as it's Vice Chairman. Norman had created a list of committee members before the Chairman vote and gave the list to Amy Broyles. However, in their not yet ready for primetime anxiousness they did not legally organize the Committee on Committees and the Rules Committee.

Apparently after about six weeks new law director Bud Armstrong informed Norman that he needed to cure the error / omission on creating the Committee on Committee and Rules Committee. Meaning that until a legitimate Committee on Committees legally formed the Commissions Committees no committee or board was legit.

A few days ago,I received a notice about a Knox County Insolvency Board Meeting. I was perplexed how the insolvency board could meet having not been properly seated. Apparently, when the insolvency board attempted to meet they recessed until after the commission work session. They must have assumed their not yet legit board could meet after it is legitimatized.

After the work session adjourned. Norman proceeded to call the Commission together on the Insolvency Board issue. Commissioner Brad Anders pointed out the Commission had adjourned it's work session. Commissioner Sam Mckenzie made a motion to reconvene the work session. Anders rightfully abstained from voting.

Here in lies the problem. If the Committee on Committees and the Rules Committee had not properly created the boards and committees until today, then the Insolvency Board did NOT properly notice it's meeting.

When the insolvency board was legitimately formed today. They would have to notice a meeting in the future say in 48-72 hours.

Why Law Director Bud Armstrong did not stop Norman before he created another error/omission is in itself bizarre. Did Armstrong realize at the time that Norman was messing up? Will it take 6 weeks or more to cure another oversight/error/omission by Norman?

On a side note, it is difficult to comprehend that Norman was a classroom teacher in Knox County for many years and had a part in educating and preparing thousands of teenagers that are now "functioning" adults amongst our society.

Norman is Chairman in part because he received the vote of a Commissioner that is seeking judicial diversion (an acknowledgement of guilt) for an act that violated moral turpitude laws. That Commissioner voted for Norman and nominated Smith as Vice Chairman after both (Norman and Smith) wrote letters supporting judicial diversion for the Commissioner.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Is Jablonski Mad That She Can't Bully Her Way Into An Appointment?

The screamer from da porch aka Mike 'da career killa' Donilla posted about a meltdown former School Board Member and former failed Republican State Representative candidate Diane Jablonski had today at the Knox County Commission Work Session.

Interesting that the perception is that when she realized that she would have to compete with several people for one seat to be appointed by the County Commission that she didn't want to risk humiliation of being rejected. She instead advocated that the Commission abolish the ethics committee. So, it seems that if she can't be on the committee she wants to rid the county of a requirement by state law to have an ethics committee.

Interesting that when Jablonski was on the school board. Superintendent Lindsey was required to discontinue his diary entries that he sent to the board in his first several months on the job in 1999 because they violated State Law in violating the Sunshine Law and the open records law. Jablonski did not cry foul on the diary entries at the time, so would she or could actually identify ethics violation?

The author of this blog served on the School Board from September 1, 2000 until August 31, 2004. The issue of the Superintendent's diary entries were ruled to be in violation prior to the blog authors service.
Read the report from the screamer from the porch (aka Mike 'da career killa' Donilla here

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shoreline Church

There is an article in the Shopper News Now about Shoreline Church. The article is very well written. However, the headline "Fledgling Church finds home at "Shoreline" caused me to get defensive. 

The term fledg-ling /'flejliNG/ is a Noun with two meaning. 1. A young bird that has just fledged. 2. A person or organization that is immature, inexperienced or underdeveloped: "the fledgling democracies of eastern Europe."

Both definitions really do not fit Jason and Carrie Hayes. Jason served as youth pastor to my almost 22 year old son back about in his early teen years. They moved to Nashville area where they served at Long Hollow Church and then Jason went to work with Lifeway, he has authoring several books. 

While this church may be relatively new, Jason and Carrie have been on the ground here a while. They have met at homes and then at the Baptist offices. 

Bottom line, the Shopper did a great job except for the headline. Visit the Shoreline website here and on Sunday, go check them out at the facility at Westland Drive and Pellissippi Parkway at 10 a.m. on Sundays. 

Victor Ashe is Making Predictions 92 years in Advance

This weeks column (here) by the former Ambassador to Poland is rather interesting. It seems that Senator Stacey Campfield has a long successful career ahead of him. Ashe wrote about Republican candidate Roger Kane's recent fundraiser "he succeeded in getting state Sen. Stacey Campfield and his probable 2104 GOP opponent, Commissioner Richard Briggs, to join his host committee." 

First of all Ashe missed the election by two years. You see in 23 elections it will be 2102 or the 24th election  will be in 2106. There could be a special election in 2104, maybe Ashe knows more than any of us can give him credit.
Let's do the math. Senator Campfield's birthday is June 8, 1968. He is 44 today, in 2104 he will be a young 136 years old. As for Commissioner Dr. Briggs, I was unable to secure his birthday. He graduated from a French high school in 1971, making the assumption that he was 18 in 1971, he is in the range of 59 today. When he challenges Campfield he will be a spry 151 years old.

On a side note, Ashe birthday is January 1, 1945 he is 67 years old. In 2104 he will be 159 years old. 

Progress on the NEW SouthWest Knox County Elementary School

Lenoir City's Harry Wampler Violates Sign Law

City Councilman Harry Wampler failed to abide by a sign ordinance concerning the placement of political signs placed on public property or right aways.
Read the September 20 article in the product of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill
Wampler places Experience, Integrity, Loyalty on his campaign signs. Granted Wampler has some experience as he has been involved in local politics a long time. As for Integrity, he violates a sign ordinance and I have several voice mail messages saved from when he was upset with my coverage of the Kent Calfee campaign. I made it clear to him that I have been threatened by lesser and greater men than him.

As for loyalty, he is loyal to soon to be former ONE TERM State Representative Julia Hurley.

A Rare Endorsement From Me, Read KNS About the Tax Assessors

This morning, I see where the Big Metal Shed on the Hill launches a five day series on "the Greenbelt Tax Breaks" that Property Assessors (aka tax assessors) across the state administer the 1976 loophole.

My endorsement to you, buy the paper this week and read how we (regular tax payers) are being taxed more to take care of the cronies of the tax assessors.

Knox Counties tax assessor in today's installment says he will begin looking at it on 11/5/2012. He was in office the last four years. Was that not a priority for him?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Speaker Harwell Visits the 32nd District to Support Kent Calfee

TN Speaker of the House Beth Harwell visited House District 32 today. She was there to support Kent Calfee, Republican Candidate for State House in District 32.

The Speaker traveled throughout the district first in Lenoir City & Loudon and then visited the Roane County Courthouse with Calfee.

The Speaker then concluded her visit with a Friday lunch at Gibson Girls in Kingston. A large crowd gathered and as a lunchtime fundraiser. It was very successful in gathering support for Calfee.

Thursday Concluded the Parent Input Meetings on Elementary School Rezoning

Thursday night at Shoreline Church Dr. Jim McIntyre held the fourth of four parent input meetings on elementary school rezoning's due to the construction of a new school in the Soutwest quadrant of Knox County.

More than 200 people attended the meeting. I counted.

Dr. McIntyre announced that he and Rick Grubb of Schools Transportation Dept. would meet at 8 am on Friday (today) to begin working on a Rezoning plan to present to the School Board in late October or early November.

This is What Drives Me Crazy About Romney

You remember when Missouri Senate Candidate Aiken made a comment about rape. Romney abandoned him but has now come back.

A 10 year allegation is leveled against Congressman Scott DesJarlais and Romney hits delete button.
Read the AP & Big Metal Shed on the Hill's Report here.
Romney ain't a loyal team player. He is 550% better than BHO and Crazy Uncle Joe. So Vote Romney.

Local Man Instrumental in VP Debate last night

Donovan Whiteside, Junior at Centre College and member of the Centre College basketball team was a volunteer CNN runner for the VP debate last night.

Whiteside a 2010 Webb School of Knoxville graduate and son of Troy and Jacqueline Whiteside was responsible for escorting Jill Biden into and out of the venue for the debate.

Read the report from the Webb School of Knoxville website herehere.

Good job, Donovan! You have made us proud.

Tonights VP Debate

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Congressman Chuck USED Roane County

During the summer, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann went to Roane County and made everybody think he was going to deliver a VA Hospital at the soon to be closed Roane Co Medical Center in Harriman.

Even Chris Mason, Mayor of Harriman was a champion of Congressman Chuck. Now that the election is over. The VA Administration says , "No Thank YOU"

Nice political work there! NOT!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Support MY Friend Kent Calfee Friday

Friday Speaker Beth Harwell will be in East TN to support my friend Kent Calfee.

The room is filling up quickly. If you want in. You better act NOW.

The Real Democrats of the Democrat Party

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Parents Do NOT Care! Why Should I?

I attended the third elementary school rezoning community meeting tonight at Cedar Bluff Elementary School. There are currently 1,494 students at Cedar Bluff Elementary School. With each child averaging one mom and one dad, not considering step moms and dads that equals 2,988 "responsible adults".

How many people were at tonights meeting? 85! Of the 85, one was Dr. McIntyre, 2 members of the Schools PR Dept. 1 member of the schools transportation, 2 employees of the schools community access tv broadcasting team and three school board members and myself. That is 10.

So, 75 community members? Well, as one audience member identified himself as a teacher. He said that 1/3 - 1/4 of the crowd were staff members of Cedar Bluff Elementary. So eliminate 20-25 people. That leaves 50 community members.

When will parents care enough about their child's education to show up for 1.5 hours? Since the parents don't care, why should I spoon feed the information to them?

394 kids will not be at Cedar Bluff next year that are there today. Don't be COMPLAINING to me when the rezoning happens.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Columbus Thought of the Day

Nay, be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you, opening new channels, not of trade, but of thought.

- Henry David Thoreau, "Walden, Ch. 18 Conclusion"

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Senator Alexander to Speak at West Knox Republican Club

Tomorrow, Monday night October 8, 2012 United States Senator Lamar Alexander will speak to the West Knox Republican Club. The club meets at Red Lobster located at 8040 Kingston Pike. If you intend to eat, arrive at 6 p.m. The program begins at 7 p.m.

Ballard Testing the Waters for County Mayor

Phillip Ballard, Knox County Property Assessor went to the School Board back when the Carter Middle School Gym was on life support. He begged board members just before the meeting. Never mind that the Carter community had been talking to the School Board members and had the votes before the meeting.

After the board voted to proceed with the Carter Middle Gym, Ballard was taking credit for delivering it.

Now, he has begun talks of running for County Mayor in 2014. Yes, he is beginning to boast that he can beat Mayor Tim Burchett.

Poor Pam Strickland!

In her Friday column she wrote that she did not know of Attorney Dan Mcgehee. The lawyer representing his fraternity and in particular one member who made the news when he was dropped at UTMC with a .448 alcohol level.

It is obvious Strickland ain't from around here. As a community columnist she should perform due diligence on her topic.

Attorney McGehee was a Republican candidate for Chancellor. He was defeated in the Primary by Wayne Houser. Had McGehee won the primary, he would have then challenged Democrat Darryl Fansler.

Fansler went out to win a tight race with the assistance of Bill Stokes, Former Knox Co Republican Chairman & Adviser to Income Tax Proposing Governor Don Sundquist.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

UT just can't stay out of the news

First yesterday the fraternity that no longer resides at UT had an odd, interesting press conference. Not sure why. That was the hilarious story coming out of UT yesterday. A tactic or two of the Attorney Dan McGehee had some people laughing off their butt. But I digress.

Then UT last week sent Margie Nichols out into the media to say Debbie Jennings lawsuit against UT Athletic Department and the Athletic Director Dave Hart was lies. Well actually Nichols (former Straight From The Heart TV Station) said it was not true.

Today, Jennings lawsuit was amended with an affidavit from Coach Pat Summitt saying that Jennings account is accurate.

Next thing you know, UT will send Nichols out to bash Pat Summitt and question Summitt's recollection. That there is fighting words.

UT is in a corner. It appears they just need to set the AD in the corner and find out what Jennings wants and make it work for the good of the UT family.

Lunch with Mayor Burchett in "the boonies"

Yep, Mayor Burchett being all fair and considerate is having another Lunch with the Mayor. This Friday October 5, 2012, he is going to "the boonies". Ok, for you sophisticated readers of Shock And Awe boonies is short for "the boondocks" which is slang for a remote, usually brushy rural area. Also known as the sticks, in the middle of nowhere.

The Mayor will be at Henry's Bakery and Deli at 7231 Tazewell Pike in Corryton, TN on Friday from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

You may need to leave before breakfast or pack your supper in order to make the lunch.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

October 1 Came & Left

and no change at the City County Building. Another rumor dies a slow and lingering death.

Ruh Roh! Steve Hunley Won't Be Happy

An article in today's publication produced by the Big Metal Shed on the Hill details that Knox Co Law Director Bud Armstrong directing the Knox Co elected officials to direct all public records request to his office.

Steve Hunley, publisher of a weekly newspaper supported Armstrong in addition he is a supporter of County Clerk Foster Arnett and friend of Property Assessor Phil Ballard.

From the comments in the article attributed to Arnett & Ballard. It seems Arnett & Ballard are opposed and are refusing to change their method of operation.

This will not make Hunley happy!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Well, Well KNS Comes Clean

The Mayor and his estranged wife have agreed to a settlement of their martial assets. Most interesting is at the end of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill's story.

"Allison Burchett allowed the News Sentinel to review the couple's bank records. Deposits corresponding to the amounts of those checks were made to the Burchetts' joint account.

She also later provided the News Sentinel with documents showing $2,000 in electronic donations that were not recorded on his campaign finance disclosure reports. In four other instances, a total of $1,600 was shifted from an "Elect Burchett" PayPal account, an online system that allows people and businesses to transfer money via email."

Jack McElroy continually claimed that they received the information from anonymous sources. Is the truth in Jack?

Elvis Apparently Still Lives

Back a few months ago Screams From The Porch blog wrote that Elvis had left the (blogging) building. Well on Friday, Elvis has apparently reentered the building. All I can say is

Welcome Home Mike Donila! Welcome Home!