Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Voted

I believe you either vote on the first day of early vote or the last day of early vote. So, today in the rain I went to Downtown West early vote center in Knoxville, TN and my personal paparazzi Dan Andrews was there. First, before I could get in my friend Ron Isenberg was there and we caught up on what is going on since our last conversation.

I went into the early vote center went through the paperwork and then proceeded to do the deed.

And then it was over, with a thumbs up a bunch of Republicans got votes, along with Brian Hornback, candidate for Republican State Executive Committeeman District 6 and Zach Wamp, Republican candidate for Governor got a vote.

All is well, we now wait for the results. To quote, English Biologist and Politician John Lubbock "When we have done our best, we should wait the results in peace."

Tom Humphrey of News Sentinel Details Haslam Income Tax

This afternoon, Moderately Marvelous detailed here the connection to Haslam and the income tax from back in 1999. Later today, Tom Humphrey blogged here about the Moderately Marvelous blog post and expanded it by included his July 26, 1999 article that reported the history of the income tax struggle, additionally it identified Jim Haslam (bill's dad) and the Honorary Campaign Chairman Howard H. Baker, Jr. as organizers of two separate tax reform groups, which were assisting Sundquist in his efforts to impose an income tax on the citizens of Tennessee's heads.

Jackson, TN Blogger Releases Proof of Haslam Income Tax Position

Here Moderately Marvelous finds proof that refutes Bill Haslam's statement that his Dad was not behind the income tax proposal. The truth hurts.

Knox County's New Direction is Refreshing

This from today's News Sentinel details how State Senator Tim Burchett, who on Thursday evening will become Knox County Mayor Elect Tim Burchett will throw the doors wide open on the Chamber and everyone and every organization that receives county taxpayer dollars. That my friends is a lot of good news this morning.

At First......

When I first heard this, this morning I thought what a publicity stunt. Now as a believer, I am thinking, man Anne Rice might have known what she was doing after all or maybe NOT. Time will tell...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

McWherter Weighs In On Haslam and States The Obvious

Moderately Marvelous is on the Mike McWherter comment to Mr. Negative Republican. You know which one that is, Mr. Price Gouger. Read it here.

Haslam and His Income Tax Support Backers

Moderately Marvelous the west end to Brian's Blog the east end of Tennessee blog book ends has a great post on Haslam and his income tax support backers. Read it here and weep if you have to.

The New Direction Tim Burchett Talks About Begins Next Thursday

State Senator Tim Burchett's campaign theme has been A New Direction. Some people thought it was just a catchy phrase. But NO it begins Thursday August 5, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. It begins at Powell Auction with refreshments and live entertainment by Jim Clayton and also The Chillbillies. The Knox County Republican Party has already announced that they will be at the Crowne Plaza. It is expected that the Bill Haslam campaign will be at the Knoxville Convention Center or Cherokee Country Club. Although no official announcement by the Haslam campaign has been released yet.

Here is to Tim Burchett for breaking free from the past and setting The New Direction. If I am in town, I will be with Tim.

Scripps Alleges Rip-off of News Stories, Scripps Rips Stories Off Of Blogs

Jack McElroy blogs here alleging that David Oatney ripped-off a recent story, here is Oatney's response. Well, Jack McElroy you need to go look at your fellow E.W. Scripps reporter Sandra Clark's Shopper story concerning me on July 19, 2010 and see that in her story she ripped-off 90% of the story from right here at Brian's Blog. Oatney's other blog is here

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Broyles Campaigning on Federal Property.

Commissioner Amy Broyles and several of her supporters campaigned on Federal government property, a violation of use of federal property. Check out the coverage here from the Metro Pulse, an E.W. Scripps owned weekly publication.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sign Me Up With The Governor Christie's of the World

I get tired of hearing how I make people mad. How I am combative, New Jersey Governor Christie was asked a similar question. He answered it as only I wished I had. So, sign me up for the Governor Christie's of the world.

I Took The Road Less Traveled by Most Until NOW

Over three years ago I decided to support Third District Congressman Zach Wamp for Governor, if he would run. After Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist announced he would NOT be a candidate for Governor. Zach was the first to announce. The Mayor of the city in my home county had only been sworn back into a second four year term about 13 months before he announced for Governor.

I have witnessed the Zach Wamp campaign and had some volunteer part in it for all 19 months. When we are together and when Zach has met members of my family, he speaks value for me into my family members.

As I have been attacked personally and in social media venues, I have let it go because I have been active for 28 years as a VOLUNTEER in the grassroots Republican politics. There is one friendship that has been severed and will likely not be salvaged, that is sad. But I defend Zach, Kim, Weston and Coty as if they are my family because they have become part of my extended family. I have created so many friendships because of this campaign. Friendships that stretch from Mountain City to Jackson. For some reason, I haven't picked up new friends west of Jackson, that's odd.

As a former elected official in Knox County, as a former Knox County Republican Party Chairman, I coulda taken the road that all the traffic traveled. I could have endorsed Bill, but I couldn't and wouldn't. I coulda sat quietly by while this Governor's race got into full swing. I didn't. It ain't my style. I chose my road, I feel good about our team. This is a campaign that in 28 years, I will look back and say "that is the one" That is the one campaign where I believed in my candidate and he believed in me. This campaign for me is the same as the first campaign that got a 16 year old kid up off the couch in 1982 and put him out putting up signs and distributing bumper stickers. That man in 1982 was Robin Beard, running for the U.S. Senate against Jim Sasser. I didn't get to know Robin Beard, I was just another kid in the crowd.

As for this campaign, I know Zach, Kim, Weston, Coty, Bonnie, Rick Tucker, Brad, Adria and Holland, Justin, Linda, Brad, Darrell and Deb, Jenci, Christy, Tracy, Big Poppa, Anthony, Susie and Kevin, Lisa and Dave, Diane, John and Christy, Ken and Nancy, Elaine, Bubba. There are a couple of young guys, Dale and Raleigh. Of course my three kids along with Andy and Ryan. These are new family members. I know that I have left some people off and it wasn't intentional, so I apologize now. This is not just another political campaign, it has been a life journey, it has been the dance that Garth Brooks sang about. There are 10 days left before the polls close at 8 p.m. EST on Thursday August 5, 2010, it is a life journey and I can't wait to take these friendships to the next step.

So, to conclude this blog post, I could have taken the road most traveled in Knoxville and Knox County. But I sure am glad that I didn't.

Ed Shouse Is a Good One

Tonight at Knox County Commission meeting, Union County Superintendent Wayne Goforth spoke about how Union County is building an elementary school for less than $6.0 million dollars. Ed Shouse asked at the end how is it that Union County receives 70% of it's budget dollars from the State of Tennessee while Knox County only receives less than a third of it's dollars from the State of Tennessee. It was dismissed as that is BEP money. I would like to see the Commission dig deeper on that issue. Knox County has more special education and special needs students than a rural district. The State is not living up to it's committment.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Campaign Continues

I am a Republican Independent. I have voted Republican in every primary election since I registered to vote one day after I turned 18. I have NEVER missed an election. If you want someone that is Independent, I ask for your vote. I will work to bring every Republican and Conservative to the table.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Newt Speaks for Me

Here is a good story from today's Tennessean. Newt Gingrich, the 1994 architect of the Republican Revolution is saying that the mood in 2010 is similar. Newt is a guy that folks like me, a Republican Independent can work with. Newt is not the kind of establishment guy that believes everyone has to drink the same kool-aid and that because you are a Republican that you should sit quietly until the establishment grants you permission to speak. Former Democrat Ronald Reagan said not to speak "PERSONALLY" against a fellow Republican . I have been a Newt fan before 1994. Here is a pre-1994 bumper sticker that I still have

Tom Ingram and I Can Find Something To Agree On in the GOP Governors Race

This story from today's Tennessean, I have discovered something that Tom Ingram and I can agree on. It is the last line of the last Tom Ingram quote near the end of story. Tom said, "When it comes to managing a budget, Bill's in a league of his own." Now, Tom's definition and mine may differ. Because I see that when Bill was at Sak's Direct his budgeting acumen wasn't very good because the business didn't fare so well. Then with Bill's first City of Knoxville budget in 2003, he raised taxes on every city taxpayer. So, I agree Bill is in a league of his own.

So, as my friend Senator Lamar Alexander and Tom Ingram's old boss quotes Alex Haley, "find the good and praise it." I did that in finding a quote that Tom and I can agree on and praising it.

Arnett Waste Taxpayer Money and Disregards the Five Points Community

This news today is nothing new from Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett. It seems that Arnett's post election decision to close the Five Points satellite office was a knee jerk decision that will cost us the taxpayers $500,000.00. It seems that two weeks following the primary election when Arnett pulled the plug on the Five Points satellite office, he did not bother to read the lease that his predecessor had signed. So, now Reverend James Davis and the Eternal Life Harvest Center are forced to recoup the funds through litigation. I know Pastor Davis, Pastor Davis is a man of God that if Arnett had bothered to call him and talk with him, Pastor Davis would have been able to work out an appropriate exit strategy that would have been helpful to the county, would not have hurt the economic condition of Eternal Life Harvest or the Five Points community. I was fortunate to attend the first worship service ever held at the Five Points location of the Eternal Life Harvest Center. Pastor Davis and the good people of Eternal Life Harvest are doing good work in the five points community and do not deserve this treatment.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rusty Tells It Like It Is

Bill Haslam Says One Thing Yesterday, Does the Opposite Today

Read this story in today's News Sentinel. Bill and Chrissy said here that long ago when they decided to run for Governor they wouldn't resort to attacks. But, that was before Zach Wamp started making this a race. But today here Bill does the opposite of what he and Chrissy said they wouldn't do. Come on Bill, your supporters say you are better than this. Saying one thing but doing something else. Then some of us knew what would happen, say something one day, do something else another. It is politics, unfortunate as it is.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Must See YouTube Video

Fact checks are important. Haslam campaign spokesman didn't check the information before mis-leading WVLT.

Get Motivated Seminar in Knoxville Today

Today was my second Get Motivated seminar, I attended the one two years ago and this one like the last one did not disappoint. So much good, so many takeaways. I am a blessed man that I can experience a great day of getting motivated.
Dr. Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral began the day.

University of Tennessee Mens Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl was very entertaining and motivational.

Mayor Rudy was exceptional and demonstrated statesmanlike quality. The story of his campaign for Mayor and the man telling him that he would have a Republican as Mayor when Hell froze over was funny.

Mayor Rudy from another view.

My Hero, Zig Ziglar. He was accompanied by "the redhead" his wife and their daughter Julie. His presentation was classic Zig. I have read and listened to Zig for over 25 years.

Coach Lou Holtz had some excellent takeaway points to ponder. His story about all the criticism he received when he referred to the University of Auburn and all the complaints he received and he said on camera that he knew it was Auburn University....but, he didn't know that many people from Auburn could write brought the house down.

General Colin Powell taking the stage. Wow, what a magnificent presence and a total well rounded presentation. He has a humorous side.

A view that I liked of the General.

Happy Birthday Congressman Duncan

Today is Congressman Duncan's Birthday so a BIG Happy Birthday Congressman Duncan from Brian's Blog.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Wamp over Haslam or Ramsey?

Why do I support Wamp over Haslam or Ramsey? First all three are Republicans so by supporting one over the other two, I am like a supporter of Ronald Reagan in 1980 that choose Reagan instead of George H.W. Bush or Howard H. Baker, Jr.

First, as KnoxGOP Chairman from 2005-2007. The Supreme Court ruling came down after the primary filing deadline in 2006 that the voters term limit decision was in effect. The decision was made to ask supposedly Republican Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and one of our non contested Republican office holders to serve as Chairs of the 2006 Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner. So, I contacted Haslam and his response was that he had better not as he is a non partisan Mayor and did not want to offend the Democrats. So, the view that the party needed him but he declined to assist the party was set into motion. The party went on to be successful at the Lincoln Day Dinner and at the ballot box in spite of the non partisan "Orange Ballot Initiative". Haslam did not begin attending Lincoln Day Dinners until he announced for Governor, last year.

Secondly, in 2006 as KnoxGOP Chairman I supported BIG Jim Bryson for Governor and the Republican nominee Bob Corker for United States Senate. We beat Harold Ford, Jr. but was not successful with electing Bryson. Having been on the inside of the Bryson campaign it was obvious that the Republicans needed a strong candidate, like Bryson not someone that would cower from a position and someone that possesses a firm set of beliefs and principles.

In May 2007, six months following the November 2006 after looking at candidates with statewide appeal. I declared that if Third District United States Congressman Zach Wamp would run then I would support him for election as Governor. This was before Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam was even reelected to a second four year term as Mayor of Knoxville.

Thirdly, as I look at a Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam he still has a year and a half in his current term as Knoxville Mayor to complete. Knoxville is on the verge of taking a turn that could undo all that Haslam has begun and that would be devastating. Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey still has two years remaining on his four year term as State Senator. He should be able to complete his term, as the legislature is hanging on by a Republican majority thread. As a Republican, I believe we should be servant leaders of our word and that means completing the terms of office that we told the citizens we would serve.

As I look at Congressman Wamp, I see a servant leader like I strive to be. A man of conviction that does not cower from his world view.

I see a servant leader that has a 100% pro-life position. I see a servant leader that has a second amendment record far superior to a Mayor that would punish handgun carry permit holders from protecting themselves in city parks. The only thing that a Wamp opponent can point to is the TARP vote. He was informed (wrongly I might add) that the citizens he represents would be without access to their cash, checking accounts and credit. But, don't take my word for it, let the Congressman explain the TARP vote to you. The question and subsequent answer is asked at 4:39 of this video.

For all of these reasons, I have been backing Zach Wamp since he announced for Governor nearly 19 months ago. Yes, I have passionately defended my candidate and his family. Yes, I have passionately pointed out the differences and inconsistencies of his opponents. So, until August 5, 2010 I will continue passionately supporting and backing Zach. I believe that when you hitch your truck to a wagon you do not change.

As a disclosure, Wamp, Bill Gibbons and Ron Ramsey all contacted me about their candidacies and asked for my assistance. I informed Gibbons and Ramsey that my decision for Wamp was firm, my commitment rock solid. Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam nor any of "his" people contacted me about supporting him in his run for Governor. Although, he has mailed me many invitations to fund raisers and receptions.

I ask all my family, friends, loyal Brian's Blog readers to Vote for Zach Wamp in the upcoming Republican primary. Early Voting is underway until July 31, 2010 or on Election Day August 5, 2010.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Monday Motivator

This is a good story to start the week. Hard work and determination pays off. Congratulations to Dick Pohlmann

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is Distrurbing News

This story is disturbing, especially since WVLT is reporting here that the identity is Monroe County Election Commission Official Jim Miller.

Thank You, E.W. Scripps & Sandra Clark

This evening, Sandra Clark, employee of E.W. Scripps will go online and in tomorrow's print edition with another column about me and my race for Republican State Executive Committeeman. I really appreciate Sandra and Scripps reprinting many of my blog posts, although being published in Sandra's Scripps column could cause me to lose credibility. Patrick J. Birmingham and Bruce Hartmann have inquired about the invoice that they are expecting because 90 % of the content of the column is a result of a free lance blog writer, myself.

Big Red and the Pilot Coca Cola Wagon Meet

Thanks to one of our hundreds of Brian's Blog team members for capturing this yesterday at the Clarksville Montgomery County GOP picnic, Big Red met the Pilot Coca-Cola wagon. August 3, 2009, the Wamp campaign began riding around on "Big Red" the Wamp bus. Big Red is driven by 6 different VOLUNTEER campaign drivers. It has logged over 50,000 miles since August 3, 2009. During the same time Shelby County District Attorney General was riding in a vehicle (prior to his withdrawal from the race) Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey was at the state capitol doing his job and Bill Haslam was flying around on the Pilot plane.

This week, 11 months after Big Red was commissioned and put to work, the Haslam campaign began leasing a bus and as copy cat as it is began traveling their paid campaign staffers on the leased bus. Don't you bet that the Pilot Coca-Cola Wagon lease includes a paid driver with the little chauffeur attire.

Note how the sun is shining on Big Red brighter than it is on the Coca-Cola Wagon.

News-Sentinel Published Bill Baxter's Letter

Thursday, Knoxvillian Brad Hill's letter to the editor was printed in the News-Sentinel. It was later discovered that the letter had been edited as we provided the letter in it's entirety (here). Today, the News-Sentinel has printed a guest column of Knoxvillian Bill Baxter. Baxter is former Commissioner of Economic Development, former Board Member of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Baxter served as the last full time Chairman of TVA. Most importantly to all of that Baxter has been and continues to be a successful businessman with running Holston Gases. So, Baxter contributes greatly to the Knoxville economy, not only in providing revenue through taxes but in providing "real" jobs to hundreds of citizens. Read Bill Baxter's guest column (here) and see why Brad Hill, Bill Baxter along with myself and thousands of others have been and continue to support Zach Wamp for Governor.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Want The Fred Thompson Show

I was in Nashville on Friday and was able to listen to the Fred Thompson Show. I really want a Knoxville station to pick his radio talk show for airing. As you may have heard WNOX is moving from 100.3 FM to 98.7 FM. They are currently broadcasting on both frequencies.

In the near future Johnny Pirkle (owner of the 100.3 FM signal) and Ed Brantley (former legendary Knoxville radio broadcaster and Former Citadel Broadcasting Executive) are expected to begin a station that will begin broadcasting on the 100.3 FM airwaves. The word on the street is that 100.3 FM under Pirkle and Brantley will either be country music or a talk station format. It has been reported to Brian's Blog that office space has been secured by them in the Downtown West area. I am pulling for Pirkle and Brantley and if they can secure the Fred Thompson Show, that would be the icing on the cake.

The Message of 2010 - Kerry Roberts Nails It

Debt is the Message of 2010 - Robin Smith Nails It

Friday, July 16, 2010

KNS Cuts Brad Hill's Letter to the Editor

The Knoxville News Sentinel ran this letter to the editor yesterday from Brad Hill. It looks great, until it was discovered that the News Sentinel staff took a knife to Brad's letter. Also, is it possible that the News Sentinel butchered up the letter to the editor because every Friday, Zach Wamp's opponent's family business buys 50,000 copies of the News Sentinel and gives them away?

Here is Brad's letter in it's entirety.

Weekend talking-heads, reporters, and editors seem to be casual Haslam for Gov campaign volunteers as dismissive stonewalling continues. "Trust us. Move along. Nothing to see here." is the reply to any question of transparency. We know little to nothing about certain conflicts-of-interest ahead for the Haslam family, which could control this state. In addition to Mayor Bill's "conservative" conflicts like raising taxes before cutting them, joining the Bloomberg gun-control campaign for 3 years prior to running for Gov., documented gambling license ownership, and allowing for insulting treatment of property owners (former owner of Transit Center property, TYP targeted communities, Midway residents, etc.)...he and his family has been given a virtual free pass by almost all local media.

This campaign for Gov is a Haslam family affair, so the non-disclosure responses fall flat. With considerable connections, intimidating calls for support (2 that I know of), and endless cash potential, this is a family mission. However, refusing to be transparent about financial relationships, income tax returns, business partnerships, and the depth of conflicts-of-interests is unacceptable. You don't need to be a CPA to understand that most of Pilot Oil sales revenues and profits are generated from multiple state-regulated products (fuel, booze, and smokes), state-advertised "for the kids" lottery gaming, AND negotiable state and national us, move along, nothing to see here. Hiding business and state-regulated financial interests is an unbelievable insult to our collective intelligence and should disqualify any candidate for any state office.

Moreover, in a community where legitimate journalists and editors broke their backs for full-disclosure and transparency, pressed for the truth, and exposed corruption scandals of just a few years ago...a yawn of indifference is given daily to the most powerful family and their lack of full transparency. Every single media outlet must be paralyzed by the remarkable influence of Pilot Oil family interests and the many related businesses and business partners they have created and continue to bankroll. Most assuredly, the Pulitzer and Edward R. Murrow award folks probably won't be looking at Knoxville's coverage of this year's campaign for Governor for honors and recognition.

I just cannot shake the words of the wise, old Haslam PR sage and weekend talking head, who was extremely prophetic with me when she said, "Brad, remember the Golden Rule...he, who has the gold, makes the rules". In this media market, it seems that she was spot-on. However, I hope and pray that the lock for a distant 3rd place finish in gold and votes, Ron Ramsey, will see what is unfolding here and allow for a 2-man race that is decided by a majority of Tennessee Republicans. Then, Lt. Gov Ramsey can enjoy his renewed place as Lt. Gov of an innovative, fiscally conservative, leaner, and completely transparent state government next year.

Brad Hill

Zach Votes and a Zach Early Vote Rally in Chattanooga

Zach talking and interacting with all the folks that attended the early vote rally.
Zach appreciates all his supporters, no matter the age.

I Ask For Your Vote

Today begins early voting. If you live in State Senate District 6, (which means that if State Senator Jamie Woodson is your State Senator) I ask for your vote. On the Republican Primary Ballot, I am a candidate for Republican State Executive Committeeman. This is a volunteer position. I have 28 years of ACTIVE Republican involvement. I have served as a Knox County School Board Member. Also, in 2005 I was selected to lead the Knox County Republican Party as it's Chairman.

Due to the economy, I have not sought or accepted any campaign contributions. In fact I have returned contributions encouraging folks to send them to contested Republican candidates. My opponent has accepted contributions and has spent considerable dollars to manufacture name identification. His contributions have come from individuals that have a special interest in having a spokesperson to advance their agenda.

I am a REPUBLICAN Independent, I registered t vote the day after I turned 18, in 1984.I have voted in EVERY election since 1984 and I have voted in the REPUBLICAN primary in EVERY election since 1984.

Check the campaigns facebook page, here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bill Baxter Makes A Compelling Case for Zach Wamp

Bill Baxter, successful Knoxville businessman and Former TVA Board Member sums it up in his letter to the editor that appeared in the Oak Ridger. "In the critical area of economic development, during his six years as Mayor, Bill Haslam's record is anemic. His "crown jewel" is a taxpayer subsidized movie theater downtown -- a movie theater." Read Baxter's entire letter at this link

September 1, 2010 Knox County Will Miss Richard "Bud" Armstrong

The new Knox County Commission on Sepmber 1, 2010 will look like this.

District 1 Sam McKenzie (D)
District 2 Don Daugherty (I) or Amy Broyles (D)
District 3 Tony Norman (R)
District 4 Finbarr Saunders (D) or Jeff Ownby (R)
District 5 Dr. Richard Briggs (R)
District 6 Brad Anders (R)
District 7 R. Larry Smith (R) or Steve Rogers (I)
District 8 David Wright(R)
District 9 Mike Brown (R)
District 10 Mike Hammond (R)
District 11 Ed Shouse (R) or Bryan Moneyhun (I)

Knox County Commission will surely miss Richard "Bud" Armstrong from District 8. He is an advocate for his district. While the School Board and Superintendent are upset with his recent actions regarding the Carter Elementary School renovation / new school construction. Armstrong is simply doing what he promised the eighth district that he would do. He promised to be an advocate for the eighth district first and he has kept that promise. When Bud Armstrong sought the Republican nomination at a district convention, we saw real promise in him. On August 19, 2008 we declared here that he was "The Right Choice for the Eighth District." On September 2, 2008 here we Congratulated him on being selected as the nominee as we covered the nomination convention. On March 16, 2009 we reported here the humorous side of Richard "Bud" Armstrong. On October 20, 2009 we reported here the thoughtful analysis that Bud Armstrong often brought to County Commission discussions. On February 15, 2010 Bud Armstrong here spoke just before the BIGGEST Breaking News in Knox County Republican politics ever. On April 10, 2010 here we covered Bud Armstrong on the campaign trail. On May 18, 2010 here we covered how Bud Armstrong handled his election results the right way.

So, it is always good to know that the first impression you have of someone plays out exactly as you saw that person. Bud Armstrong was a joy to follow. Bud Armstrong may not be on Commission after September 1. But you can beat he will still be advocating for the eighth district until August 31, 2010 at 11:59:59 p.m. and if I were a betting man I beat he will still be advocating for the eighth district after September 1, 2010. Here I wish Bud well and say Bud you will be missed on Knox County Commission.

So What Democrat will Carville Support For President in 2012?

Here is the report.

Burchett Marks One Year Anniversary.

Today, Knox County mayoral candidate Tim Burchett marked one year of campaigning.

Burchett said, "For the past 12 months I have had the privilege of meeting with citizens from all 94 precincts of this county. I have heard their concerns and their goals for Knox County and am more confident than ever that working together we can move our county in a new and better direction."

During this time, Senator Burchett has knocked on over 5,000 doors, participated in four county-wide forums with opponents, met with numerous citizen groups and organizations and led an extensive grassroots volunteer effort to carry his vision for Knox County's future. The key issues Senator Burchett has emphasized over the past year are restoring trust to county government, supporting job growth, fiscal responsibility and helping to ensure that education dollars are prioritized to the classroom.

Burchett added, "I have walked door-to-door on days when the temperature was almost 100 degrees and when there were 3 inches of snow on the ground. I believe voters deserve to know a candidate is committed to meeting with them personally and the best way to do that is going to them and having a conversation."

With early voting beginning on Friday, July 16th, Senator Burchett looks forward to continuing to agressively reach out to voters throughout Knox County. This will include continued door-to-door campaigning, multiple GOTV events and media forums sponsored by WATE, WNOX and WBIR.

Early voting runs from July 16 - July 31 and Election Day is August 5, 2010.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Political Leverage is Right ON...

This post by political leverage is spot on. In addition to Sandra Clark's name calling column. Below her story is a story by Larry Van Guilder blasting a budget that has passed. He is looking back negatively, instead of looking forward with relevant news.

Bill Haslam Campaign Ad Parody

This is all in fun.


What about this news item from New Braunfels, Texas?

A Blast From The Past

This Brian's Blog post from September 14, 2008. What was going on in September 2008? Hmm.

A Great Team Working for Republicans

My buddy Ken Gross, Candidate for Republican State Executive Committeeman District 7 and myself at the West Knox GOP picnic. Ken is unopposed. But when he and I are elected on August 5, 2010 the Knox County GOP will be well represented on the State Executive Committee.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sights from the West Knox GOP Picnic Tonight

Husband and Wife team John and Christy Gabriel lead the West Knox Republican Club. They did a great job tonight with the picnic.

Photographers S. Daniel Carter and Dan Andrews capturing photos of the Gubernatorial candidates representatives.

Knox County Circuit Court Judge Dale Workman auctioning off the donated desserts. I donated a large Chocolate Chip Cookie cake that had red icing "VOTE GOP" on the cookie. I bought it and donated it to the club, it was sold for $15, the money going directly to the club.

Haslam Wamp too Close To Call In West Knox

The West Knox Republican Club had their annual picnic. Present were members of the Volunteer Republican Women's Club, South Knox Republican Club, Halls Republican Club, Fountain City Republican Club. So a majority of Republican activists were present. A straw poll was conducted. Kirk Huddleston representing Mayor Bill Haslam spoke, Daryl Luna representing Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey spoke and Coty Wamp spoke on behalf of her father Congressman Zach Wamp. The results were Bill Haslam 99, Zach Wamp 85, Ron Ramsey 17 and 5 Undecided.

Kirk Huddleston representing and speaking on behalf of Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam.

Daryl Luna representing and speaking for Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.

Coty Wamp, daughter of Congressman Zach and Kim Wamp representing her father Third District United States Congressman Zach Wamp.

Ashe Sworn In Today - Brian's Blog Is First With Photos

Former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe was sworn in today at 11:30 a.m. as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The swearing in occurred at the Howard Baker, Jr Courthouse. Judge Thomas Varlan was the Oath giver. See the first pictures, here at Brian's Blog.

A Wise Monday Morning Quote

A friend sent me a quote overnight. "A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him." Yep that made my morning. Now I am going out and continue building my firm foundation.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Like It

This is a good read.

Great Letter to the Editor in the Chattanoogan Today

I am pleased that this letter to the editor was published. Too bad the News Sentinel doesn't give equal time to the letters to the editor. I know of someone here in Knoxville (not me) that has made several attempts to have a letter/op-ed published and they never respond.

The Reason Sandra Clark Attacks

To begin this blog post, I am and have been a free lance writer since 1989. I have been published in the East Knox Area News from 1989-1991, I have been published in the Knoxville Focus in 2008. I have been published in the Knoxville Journal this year, 2010. All competitors of Sandra Clark's paper and now competitor's of the Scripps owned paper that Sandra writes for.

On Friday afternoon, I received an email from Sandra Clark, Scripps employed Shopper reporter giving me an advance column that will post to the Scripps Shopper News website today and will be in the print edition tomorrow. Many people have asked about the history of Sandra Clark and Brian's Blog. This is as fine a time as ever to give the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I was elected to the Knox County School Board in March of 2000, I took the oath of office and began my service on September 1, 2000. During that election cycle, she launched and executed a considerable effort in defeating Eighth District school board member Steve Hunley. In her stories and editorials she called him many names. But at that time she owned the paper and it was hers. So Hunley was gone. But Hornback came along. She immediately set her attention toward me and on March 19, 2001 in a news story was her first assault on me. She reported that "I was a amiable young school board member. Perhaps it's just because he pops a Valium before meetings" Here is the news story.

I have never been prescribed or consumed any type of medication like Valium. At the time, Sandra Clark owned the Shopper and members of the management team at the News Sentinel informed me that this was an obvious news story with malicious intent. At that time and even today I accept that I am a public figure and did not challenge her on it. I can only assume that March 2001 being the one year anniversary of my election is what caused her to launch this attack. For the next three and a half years she along with her reporter Betty Bean wrote and published other stories like this one but never crossing the line as she did in the March 2001 story.

In 2004 when I ran for re-election they had spent 3.5 years printing articles that were misleading. With a BIG Democrat Presidential primary bringing the Democrats out to vote and George W. Bush not being challenged seriously for the Republican primary in February 2004. It was obvious that the Democrats voted for the individual that actually cast her Democrat vote that day for the non partisan school board race. So, yes I lost. No big deal. I knew that I was only assured of one term and accomplished the recognition of Memorial Day for school employees, the cell phone policy, the purchase of the Carter school property on Strawplains Pike, the hiring of Barber and McMurry Architects and a design for the new Cedar Bluff Elementary School.

In December 2004, I decided to seek the position of Knox County Republican Party Chairman. The selection would occur in March 2005 and in February 2005 Sandra Clark asked that I meet with her at Litton's restaurant in North Knoxville. I did. Actually it was Sandra, Jake Mabe and myself. At that meeting Sandra stated to me that "they" the paper would support me for Chairman. At that point I was unopposed for the position. But, Sandra said "bygones be bygones, you have my support." On the Monday following my Saturday selection and several weeks after the election she wrote very scathing articles about me and the transition (or lack thereof) due to the former Chairman not assisting in a transition. She even reported the next week after my election as Chairman that I along with my family were vacationing at the Florida vacation town of Former President Richard Nixon. I was with my family in Florida. But I was not at Key Biscaine. This has caused me concern that they would attempt to discover and report my personal whereabouts.

A short time later in a Knoxville News Sentinel story it is revealed that Sandra was sending emails to the former chairman the day of my election calling me "a perfect idiot" along with other names. At this point I had determined not to interact, respond or have any dealings with Sandra. Along about the time of the News Sentinel email story hit the News Sentinel. Sandra had relinquished ownership of the Shopper to Scripps, the News Sentinel's parent company making her an employee of the paper. In August 2006 Betty Bean authored a three part series called County Confidential. In one of the three parts there was numerous false statements written about me. I contacted Sandra's boss and the week of Thanksgiving he, Sandra and I met in a News Sentinel conference room. We discussed County Confidential and I was given the opportunity to respond. Over the holidays I responded and in January 2007 the Shopper made my statement available. Here is the link to the correction (that Clark's Scripps Management forced to be printed and posted online) regarding the August 2006 error filled "County Confidential" series that Betty Bean authored.

Also, coming out of that meeting an agreement was reached that any future articles, editorials etc. would be sent to me prior to publication. That is why Sandra sent me the column on Friday that will appear tonight online and in tomorrows publication. It is nice to see that Sandra has kept that agreement. The funny thing in that meeting, Sandra's boss was asking about our history. I had explained that at the age of 23, I ran against a 23 year incumbent for County Commission and I lost by 112 votes. Sandra quickly said "and I supported you in that race" I said that is not true. I told she and her boss that it was a three way race and that Sandra supported the female that came in a distant third. Sandra put her head down and said "oh yeah."

As for the name calling of "tabloid bully editor girl" for Sandra and "tabloid bully girl" for Betty. I have never referred to Larry Van Guilder as "tabloid bully boy". He picked that moniker up and actually used it as a blog for himself. But why did I do that? Sandra over the years has nicknamed Sheriff Tim Hutchison, County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, former School Board Member Steve Hunley, former School Board Member Chuck James and former Knox County employee Tyler Harber were nicknamed in the Shopper. The James / Harber situaton sent the television stations to the Shopper and Sandra refused to speak to the television news reporters and the next week was forced by Scripps management to apologize. Both Sandra and Betty have called me the "truth squat" from when Brian's Blog was termed "The Truth Squad". I thought it would be funny to turn the tables on her and Betty. Should I have resorted to their tactics? No. Am I sorry that I have resorted to her tactics? Yes. Has it set me apart in the Knoxville blogosphere and kept me at the top in social media? Yes. Do I receive lots of compliments from elected officials, politicos and Scripps employees for the tactic? Yes.

Interesting to note is the recent actions of Betty Bean that I blogged about here in early April this year. It seems that Bean has been checking (ie. stalking) my facebook page where a photo of me was published where I am attempting a fist bump and the ring on my finger is visible. On the day that Karl Rove came to town to autograph his books, she takes a shot on knoxviews saying that she bet "truth squat (which is her nickname for me) and Karl Rove were clinking pinky rings" The picture of me doing the fist bump was taken on February 27, 2010. Her post was on April 6, 2010. So obviously Bean and likely Sandra are continuing to monitor my public and personal activities (even though I had blocked them from the facebook page some time ago)

As for the part of Sandra's column where she discusses former Black Wednesday County Commissioner Jack Huddleston accosting me (the News Sentinel reporters term) (here is the News Sentinel link to the story) at an April 2010 Knox County Election Commission meeting. I have been advised to refrain from making comments on that situation and incident at this time.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Is Why I Back Zach and No One Else

I am honored to have this clip be my first youtube upload. This is why I back Zach Wamp for Governor. This is from Higher Ground Baptist Church in Kingsport, TN this past Sunday July 4, 2010.

Wamp and Guns, Don't Take Mine or Zach's Word On It

Here, is a recommendation from Ronnie Barrett "Whenever Tennessee sports-men or gun owners needed a friend in Congress, Zach Wamp stood strong with us to protect and defend our 2nd Amendment rights, that's why he's always received an A rating from the National Rifle Association," said Barrett. "We need that same strong backbone and consistent support from our next Governor, and I am convinced that Zach Wamp will be that man. I strongly encourage all sportsmen and gun owners to support Zach Wamp for Governor."

WBIR's Fact Check on Haslam and Guns

Some Good Saturday News

This from today's Knoxville News Sentinel.

Friday, July 09, 2010

After All These Years Victor Ashe & I Agree On Something

This from today's Knoxville News Sentinel.

Eighth District School Board Debate Mullins -v- McMillan

Brian's Blog had a correspondent at the Gibbs Ruritan Club Building last night for the School Board Forum between candidates Roy Mullins and Mike McMillan. In opening remarks, Roy Mullins stated he has over 45 years of experience in the school system in various capacities, he also stated that he has grandchildren that currently attend 4 different Knox County Schools. Michael McMillan stated he has 35 years as a high school educator and service on the County Commission.

McMillan attempted to agitate Mullins in very pointedly stating that Mullins is better suited as Superintendent than as a board member. McMillan also stated that Mullins was inconsistent in his position on the Carter school by accepting a plan that supported renovation and not a new school. Mullins stated that the decision was made by the board and not him. Mullins stated that he had concerns during his last stint as Interim Superintendent but was told by the Board Chair, not to worry about it, that they could wait till the new Superintendent is hired and see if he/she had the same concern, since he was just temporary.

McMillan challenged Mullins for a perceived lack of action and asked if it was because he was afraid. Mullins made the bold statement that considering current challenges and economic climate he might support tax increases to fund schools. McMillan stated that he would not support any tax increases.

Both candidates said that they feel the school system as a whole teaches to the test. Both candidates support term limits for school board members. Neither candidate feels that year round school will benefit the budget. Both candidates do not support giving the school board taxing authority.

Cortney Piper was the moderator. Near the conclusion of the debate she stipulated that this would be a lighting round in which a yes or no answer was all that was required and then she asked who represents Holston Middle School. An obvious question that would not be adequately answered with a yes or no. Piper then stated that she would read the questions before reading the instructions for answering them.

While we appreciate our correspondent filing in for Brian's Blog. Shopper News had two reporters present. That is an interesting allocation of an existing snails crew.

Roy Mullins will be the guest this evening on One on One with Hubert Smith on Community Television of Knoxville, Comcast Channel 12 at 7:30 p.m.

Turning The Tide - Dr. Charles Stanley - July 4th Message

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Poor Senator Baker

Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr. sent an email earlier this week asking for $10 to provide 10 more yard signs or 1 4x8 sign for the William Edward Haslam campaign. How the Haslam campaign can resort to using a Statesman like Senator Baker to beg and plead for another $10 is disgraceful. I understand along with a lot of people that are not supporting Haslam that Senator Baker is supporting Haslam and that's OK. But for the campaign to use him like this is tasteless, desperate and uncalled for. Shame on you Bill!

Say Uncle Opines On Haslam and Guns

Yesterday, we posted here about a direct mail piece that we received yesterday from William Edward Haslam about his new found religion in guns. Say Uncle posted on his blog here about the piece and asks some relevant questions. The only image I get in my mind when I think of William Haslam and guns is "Barney Fife" But then that is ruining the reputation of Barney Fife. "Nip It, Nip It, Nip It in the bud."

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Haslam Supports Congressman Duncan's Former Opponent

Brian's Blog discovered today on the City of Knoxville website that the city directed by Mayor William Edward Haslam is supporting the organization of Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. former opponent in 1996. Here is the link to the website in question. The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is the organization of Stephen Smith. During the election of Stephen Smith and Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. I called in on every talk show that Smith appeared on and asked him about his numerous arrests and other activities. Duncan beat Smith big. But, still Haslam who is running for the Republican nomination for Governor is now promoting an opponent of our Republican Congressman. An individual that has an arrest record.

Here is the link to Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. Here on January 4, 2009 Smith was critical of Congressman Duncan's actions. Here is a May 16, 2010 article from the Chattanooga Times Free Press where Smith was critical of Congressional activity. The author of this article even identifies Smith as a former Democrat candidate for Congress from Knoxville, TN. Why can the City of Knoxville not research this? If Mayor William Edward Haslam has been active in Republican politics as he says he has, why did he not remember Smith's background?

Haslam Desperate Antics of the Day

First, a Haslam direct mail piece hit today proclaiming Haslam as pro-gun. That is laughable. It proclaims that "As Mayor, he kept Knoxville the most gun-friendly big city in Tennessee." Haslam was the first BIG city to deny the guns in parks that was allowed by legislative action. He proclaims that he is a A life member of the NRA. When did he pay the $1,500 to become a lifetime member? In 2002, he was a member of Mayor Bloomberg's anti gun group.

Second, I have received several phone calls from county elected officials informing me that they are receiving requests (even heavy handed requests) to endorse for an ad.

It seems that Tennessee's "Bobby Ewing" is getting desperate. How much money will Tennessee's "Jock" and "J.R." be forced to pay to elect son and brother "Bobby"?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

William Haslam, The Anti-Jobs Mayor Wants to Be Governor

Earlier we posted here how two closed c-stores believed that William Haslam is the best choice for Governor. Now, we locate two more closed businesses that support William Haslam.

A closed First Tennessee bank on Clinton Highway.

The closed Goody's headquarters and distribution center on Parkside Drive in West Knox County.

In addition, This tidbit from the June 30, 2010 of the Knoxville News Sentinel about First Tennessee Bank's move to Blount County and states "45 of the bank's Knoxville employees who work in technology purchasing and remote check capture will be relocated to the Maryville site." So, William Haslam has lost 45 employees from Knoxville in the past week. How about how he lost H.T. Hackney to Roane County,TN.

Evidently, the Knoxville Mayor in addition to having connections to video poker slot machine operations and possessing the honor of being the 4th largest retailer of lottery tickets. He also has support from the palm reading and card reading industry.

South Knox Bubba Tried but Failed With Brian's Blog

Earlier today, a comment went into the comment cue that said "Have you heard?" with this link. We didn't take the bait. It appears that there was some discussion on Post Politics, here. But over at KnoxBlab, there was considerable debate, here.

While I do believe that there will be a lot of Democrats voting for William Edward Haslam in the Republican Primary on August 5, 2010, like this one from this post on Brian's Blog June 8, 2010. There is NO way that South Knox Bubba will vote in the Republican Primary. That would be like me voting in a Democrat Primary, that hasn't happened in any election since I registered to vote right after I turned 18 years old in 1984. I have voted in EVERY election since I registered in 1984 and voted REPUBLICAN in every primary since 1984. So, So. Knox Bubba ain't gonna vote for William Edward Haslam, I didn't take the bait earlier and I ain't buying it now. It was kinda funny, though.

Dean Rice Quickly Gavels Meeting to Adjourn, Sort Of

Last week, Republican Knox County Mayor Candidate Tim Burchett was set to speak at the West Knox Kiwanis club meeting. Due to a family conflict he was represented by campaign staffer Dean Rice. Multiple Kiwanis sources indicate that Northside Kiwanis member Walter Wojnar was the first to ask a question. His question to Rice was if it were true that he would become County Mayor Burchett's Chief of Staff. Rice immediately grabbed the gavel to adjourn the meeting.

Monday, July 05, 2010

A Conversation with Zach Wamp by The Memphis Flyer

Here is the blog post from the Memphis Flyer with the verbiage and videos or you can watch each of the five segments below.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Christian Recording Artists The Bowlings Involved in Wreck

Christian Recording Artists, The Bowlings were involved in a bus accident near Charlotte, NC. Their website identifies it as a "horrible accident" everyone was treated at a hospital. Mike and Kelly are still currently in a Charlotte, NC area hospital. Mike was actually life flighted out of the scene. Please pray for them. Cards and well wishes can be sent to 242 West Main Street PMB 373 Hendersonville, TN 37075. If you would be interested in making a financial donation, go to their website, here and proceed to the Make a Donation page. The Bowlings and Mike (when he was a solo artist) have been a blessing to my life for a long time.

Thank You, Congressman Duncan! Exposing the Fraud of Red Light Cameras

This GREAT news from today's Knoxville News-Sentinel. Congressman Duncan is asking for a Congressional hearing on Red Light Cameras. As Congressman Duncan states in this story, he has learned what we all know. Red Light Cameras are NOT about safety but a simple money grab by the city's.

Friday, July 02, 2010

The Real Bill Haslam

Here is a GREAT new website, I wish the Brian's Blog team could take credit for it. But, we can't because it ain't ours.