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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Carter Elementary Renovation and Expansion Funding is Delayed

A large, vocal and energetic crowd from the Carter community attended the Knox County Commission meeting on Monday evening. All emotions were experienced, early in the meeting the crowd enthusiastically applauded and celebrated comments that were made to support building a new school instead of the school board's $5.0 million dollar renovation/expansion.

A reminder was brought to the Knox County Commission that the school board and county commission entered into a court approved agreement in 2002 that stipulated that the county commission can not micro manage the decisions of the school board. The renovation/expansion of the Carter Elementary School will create a building of 68,200 square feet. The current facility is 35,000 square feet. The gained square footage includes the new Carter Middle School gymnasium which is included in the renovation and expansion.

A substitute motion was made by Commissioners Mike Hammond and Craig Leuthold to approve the Knox County Schools Capital Plan with the exception of the $5.0 million dollars slated for Carter Elementary / Middle School renovation expansion project. Commissioner Paul Pinkston said the school board asked for $5.0 million and said that they can fix Carter. We could give them $100 million dollars but the school board doesn't have to spend one more dollar on Carter. The substitute motion passed with 10 commissioners in favor, 6 in opposition and 3 absent.

So, the resulting action of the Knox County Commission approved the school boards plans to renovate Chilhowee Intermediate School; Phase 1 upgrades to Gresham Middle School; asphalting of the drive and parking at Ritta Elementary School; system wide facility assessments; a NEW Southwest Elementary School; system wide foundation stabilization's; roof and hvac upgrades and some physical plant upgrades.

The $5.0 million dollars for Carter campus renovations and additions may be brought back to County Commission, next month. But the decision for spending those dollars rest solely with Dr. McIntyre and the Knox County School Board.

Haslam Supports a Tax Increase for the Town of Farragut

At the June Concord/Farragut Republican Club Bill Haslam representative Phyllis Severance was asked by me about the request by Knoxville Vice Mayor Bob Becker to take $500,000.00 out of the city of Knoxville's $53 million dollar rainy day fund to help the Knox County School Board's $1.2 million dollar shortage THIS year. I asked why Mayor Haslam did not support Vice Mayor Becker's request. Especially since 1) he is running for Governor 2) he is touting education and 3) the city has $53 million in rainy day reserve.

She responded on 6/9/2010 at 10:35 a.m. with the campaigns response through a city of Knoxville employee. Note how the city employee dismisses it as the Town of Farragut fault and how they should pay more. Here is the email that was sent to me.


I have spoken to Sam Anderson concerning your question you ask me at the Concord/Farragut Republican Club. Here is what he said about your question. Here is what he said.

Bill Haslam is not opposed to funding schools. The City of Knoxville as will as Knox County, contribute 72 cents of every sales tax dollar to the schools. Far more than the 50 cents that is required. They also provide all police protection to the city schools as well as crossing guards. Given the present tight budget situation in the city it would not be responsible to take the money from fund balance.

The Town of Farragut only give 50% of their local option sales tax. If they would contribute 72 cents there would not be a short fall in the City School BUdget.


Note: Sam Anderson the city employee is a 20 year Knox County School Board Member and a city employee under Mayor William Edward Haslam.

Haslam Steals a Piece of Pie?

I watched this when it first aired. I know Dave Wright, I like Dave Wright, he has a great cafeteria. But a friend just text messaged me and said does Dave Wright say at the end that Haslam sneaks (aka steals) a piece of pie. I said yep, that is what he says.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

TN Gubernatorial Debate - Bill Baxter Rocks & Puts 3 Haslam Supporters on the Ropes

Here is the link to last Sunday's, June 20, 2010 Knoxville's WBIR aired a Gubernatorial debate on it's Inside Tennessee weekly program. Congressman Zach Wamp was represented by Knoxville successful businessman Bill Baxter, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey was represented by Matt King, Knoxville Mayor William Edward Haslam was represented by Raja J. Jubran, Past Chairman of the Knoxville Chamber. Bill Baxter kicked butt taking on three Haslam supporters, Jubran, Panelists Susan Richardson Williams and Don Bosch. A funny note is that WBIR spelled Jubran's last name incorrectly for the entire 24:09 minute program.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am a few days behind on this one, because I was in Louisville, KY for three days on business this week. But according to this story in the Knoxville News-Sentinel, the District Attorney General has cleared former Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore in his involvement with a land deal in Halls. I am sure this is not the last we will read about it, it seems that Jack McElroy enjoys writing about Scott Moore early and often.

Gee, Thanks

I received a notice in my P.O. Box that I had an item with postage due. So, I go into the post office and pay 44 cents for a letter that I received. It was an anonymous letter about the recent actions of my opponent for Republican State Executive Committeeman District Six. While it was good to know information. Do you really have to send it to where I pay the postage?

Friday, June 25, 2010

All CLOSED Businesses Agree

Two closed businesses located within 300 feet of one another. One on the North bound lane of Alcoa Highway in Knox County. The other one on the South bound lane of Alcoa Highway. They both agree the anti jobs Governor will be William Haslam. So, if you want to see this type situation statewide, vote for him. If you want a vibrant economy with businesses that employ its citizens than vote for Zach Wamp.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is AWESOME!

An Anderson County, TN Commission candidate that has the Bible and Proverbs 22:1 on his campaign sign. I wish I could support this candidate with a vote, (can't because I am not a resident of Anderson County) I have never met this person. But he is strong in my book. Proverbs 22:1 reads "A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold." NIV

So the Haslam's Want Republican Votes on August 5. So Why Are They?

It is interesting to note that where there is a William Haslam for Governor sign there is a Finbarr Saunders sign. Sanders is the Democrat candidate facing Republican Jeff Ownby for the Fourth District County Commission. The Fourth District is the district where the Haslam families reside. William's older brother has a Finbarr Saunders sign in his yard.

So, it appears that they want you to do as they say, not as they do. It would appear that in the County General Election they like Democrats. All good Republicans take note.

What If

a grass roots movement began where everyone that receives a red light camera ticket did NOT pay the fine, I mean robbery by government. How would the City enforce the robbery by government? For the record, knock on wood, I have not received an invitation to pay for the city services by way of a red light camera ticket.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Joe Jarrett Appointed Law Director - Knox County's Finest Moment

Interim Law Director Joe Jarrett presenting his qualifications and submitting himself to the Knox County Commission for questions.
Knoxville Attorney David Buuck, who came in second with two votes from his former clients Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith and Commissioner David Wright listens to Interim Law Director Joe Jarrett and prepares to present himself.
Law Director Joe Jarrett is all smiles after receiving 14 votes from Knox County Commission to be Knox County's Law Director. He is standing here with Knox County General Sessions Judge Tony Stansberry getting ready to take the Law Director's Oath of Office.

Knox County General Sessions Judge Tony Stansberry administers the Oath of Office to Knox County Law Director Joe Jarrett.

The Behind The Scenes Talk of The Appointment of Law Director

Here Knox County Republican Party Chairman Ray Jenkins confers with Commissioners Robert Lawrence Smith and David Wright after they were the only two Commissioners to vote for David Buuck over newly appointed Law Director Joe Jarrett. Several Commissioners informed Brian's Blog that a lot of pressure was allegedly being applied by Jenkins, Weekly Community Newspaper Publisher Steve Hunley and Black Wednesday Commissioner Jack Huddleston to support Knoxville Attorney David Buuck. A source close to the appointment process indicated that Hunley had boasted over the weekend that Buuck had lined up two thirds of the votes needed for appointment. This pressure is believed to have been the spark that caused Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert to discuss during the deliberations that political machinery was at work and that the machinery was nothing more than "minnows that think they are whales"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Knox County Commission to Appoint Interim Law Director Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, Monday June 21, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. or at the conclusion of the Knox County Commission Finance Committee meeting the Knox County Commission will meet to interview and conduct a public forum for the purpose of then selecting the interim Knox County law director. At this point the interim will serve until the next election which is slated for 2012.

At the deadline there were three candidates that applied. Current Interim Knox County Law Director and the Chief Deputy Knox County Law Director from September 2008 until April 2010 Joe Jarrett, Knoxville Attorney David L. Buuck, Attorney James C. Shastid. A late filing by former Democrat candidate for Law Director and Knoxville Attorney George T. Underwood, Jr.

Let's examine the late filing first. If the Knox County Commission chooses to consider him, here is his background. He ran as the Democrat nominee for Knox County Law Director in 2000, he states that he is still interested. He cites that he was preparing for a jury trial and missed the Commission's June 11, 2010 deadline. He filed his resume on Monday June 14, 2010 the next business day. He encourages Commissioners to go to his website located here and to then (click Attorney Profile tab on the top menu bar); then, (click George T. Underwood, Jr.) Underwood has served as an Attorney with Spicer, Rudstrom, PLLC since 2004. He was an Assistant City of Knoxville Attorney for 8 years. He has also served as Assistant District Attorney General in Hamilton County, TN. His 1st year of law school was at Howard University in Washington, DC. He obtained his J.D., from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 1986 and was admitted to the Bar in 1988.

James C. Shastid obtained his J.D. in 1973 from the University of Tennessee School of Law. He served in the US Air Force in the European theater from 1955-1959; he served on the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC from 1960-1966; he served as an Accountant, CPA with Ernst & Ernst in Knoxville from 1969-1970; He has been involved in the General practice of law from 1973-2005 in Association with Waggoner, Brasfield and Shastid. He has owned S&G Rents and AJS, Inc. a Rug Doctor licensee in East Tennessee from 1988-2008.

David L. Buuck states in his letter to the Commissioners that he is applying "at the urging of many members of the public and of the local legal community" He completed his degree at the College of Law at the University of Tennessee in 1980. He cites that he began practicing law in 1980 with the firm that included W. Zane Daniel, Glen R. Claiborne, W. Buford Lewallen and John J. Duncan, Jr. (now the Second District of Tennessee Congressman) He helped incorporate the Town of Louisville and served as it's Town Attorney for 20 years. He cites his victories of battling the City of Knoxville on annexations, on defeating the attempts by municipalities to usurp the 15 year sales tax moratorium on annexed property. He cites his success in the lawsuit against Knox County regarding the Midway Road rezoning and his success in declaratory lawsuit involving Knox County Charter amendment that resulted in preserving rights of county employees to run for office. He cites his list of References as Honorable John J. Duncan, Jr.; Debbie Poplin, City of Knoxville Law Director; Pete Debusk, CEO DeRoyal Industries and Sam Furrow, Furrow Auction Company.

Joe Jarrett who has been serving as Interim Law Director since April 8, 2010 when then Knox County Law Director Bill Lockett resigned. Jarrett served as Chief Deputy Law Director since September 1, 2008 before that. He served as County Law Director in Polk County, Florida from December 2001-October 2007 (serving as Deputy Law Director from 12/2001-April 2003) Polk County was a Charter form of county government. Jarrett served as Assistant County Law Director in Manatee County Florida from May 1989-August 1993. He received his Juris Doctor from Stetson University College of Law in St. Petersburg, Florida in Ma 1989. Jarrett received his Master of Public Administration from Central Michigan University in August 1983. Jarrett received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from State University in Troy, Alabama in December 1981. Jarrett received a Graduate Certificate in Public Management from the University of South Florida in May 1996. He has been published in at least 12 different times. He has served as an Adjunct Professor of Law and Public Policy at the University of Tennessee, Graduate School of Public Administration and an Adjunct Lecturer to at least 12 different entities. Jarrett received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Army for his service from August 1983- June 1986 He served as a Commissioned Combat Officer. He also received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force for his service from August 1975-August 1981. He served as a Special Investigator. He has and is currently serving in at least 11 related
organization. In addition, he is actively involved in 7 other community service organizations. Jarrett provided the Commissioners with a letter of recommendation from Bob English, the Chairman of the Polk County, Fl Board of County Commission.

Now, the political side of tomorrow's appointment. Brian's Blog contacted Knox County Republican Party Chairman Ray H. Jenkins about persistent rumors that he desired to be the next Knox County Law Director. His response indicated that he desired to run for the position during an election. Read the blog post that included his response, here. Several County Commissioners have informed Brian's Blog that several members of the Knox County Republican Party Executive Committee are lobbying for David Buuck. The Commissioners said they are perplexed as to what the current Republican leaders objection to Jarrett is. So, tomorrow morning we will know who the interim Knox County Law Director will be until the 2012 election.

Most people do not realize that the Knox County Law Director's office is a working law firm. It is not simply a position where the Law Director walks around so that everyone kisses his or her ring. The Knox County Commission can not go wrong with Joe Jarrett as the Interim Knox County Law Director. After all he has been doing the job for nearly 18 months anyway.

Happy Fathers Day

I used this song in a high school pyschology class in 1981 or 1982. Now that my kids are 19, 15 and 14. I may be the one that Sandy and Harry Chapin wrote and sang about. God Bless Harry! He was taken from us too soon, but his music still guides us.

What A Fathers Day Message.

In todays Knoxville News-Sentinel this intimate look into Burt Rosen's life. Thank you for sharing Burt.

Connections - They Help

Here is a story that aired on WBIR newscast on Friday evening. Is it a coincidence that this is the same hometown as William Haslam's Honorary Campaign Chairman Howard Baker? I don't think so. Can this story just be dismissed as "these fire - boys are just driving by and helped me" I don't think so. First of all, as the Huntsville Mayor why was he putting up campaign signs for a Gubernatorial candidate in the middle of the day when the taxpayers are paying his salary anyway? He shouldn't.

To bring this issue closer to home. City of Knoxville crews have been enforcing the city ordinance that prohibits signs in the right of ways for all gubernatorial candidates except William E. Haslam. Is that a result of a direct order from the City's sixth floor? or is that just these good ole city - boys just jumping in to help in everything?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Bruce Pearl Has NEVER Voted in TN?

Brian's Blog received an UNCONFIRMED report from a reliable source this morning that Bruce Pearl, TN basketball coach has never voted while living in TN. While there was much ado about his endorsement of William E. Haslam for Governor, he apparently has never exercised his civic duty.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mr. Mayor, Is that Your Final Answer?

So, we established here that Pilot Corporation Tennessee applied for the permits for the video gaming devices with the Louisiana Gaming Board for the two Pilot casinos in Louisiana. We here along with Moderately Marvelous here established that the Pilot website states that the locations in Nevada are Pilot Casinos.

Mr. Mayor came forward and said that they lease the space to entities that have video poker machines. Well, our sources have produced a photograph of a one dollar gaming token for the Pilot Casino & Truck Stop at Exit 46 in Fernley, Nevada. On the front it states One Dollar Gaming Token with the Pilot Casino logo.

So, Mr. Mayor is your first answer your final answer? What is your answer, now?

The Education Governor

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

McWherter Booed, That Is Appropriate Response For Any Democrat in Tennessee

Tom Humphrey's blog Humphrey on the Hill reported, here that Democrat candidate for Governor received the only appropriate response for a Democrat in Tennessee. He was booed.

Robin Smith for Congress, Best Congressional Campaign Commercial this Year

Seventh District Republican Senate Candidates Face Off

There are four Republican State Senate candidates on the August 5, 2010 Republican ballot. Nicholas Ciparro is a candidate and he did not attend a forum at the West Knox Republican Club last night. The other three candidates did attend. The order of speakers was determined by alphabetical order.

State Representative Stacey Campfield spoke first. He discussed this years legislative session. He said that he has served in the minority and the majority and it is much better serving in the majority. The income tax was defeated again, it didn't even come out of committee. The legislature stopped $120 million in tax increases. The legislature cut $450 million in proposed spending. 853 positions in state government were eliminated. Campfield stated that we are in a great time to be cutting government. The legislature was not able to get tort reform. They were not able to ban foreign owned red light camera operations. He discussed the TEA party activist. He said they are "our" people. They believe what we believe. We do not need to scare them away.

Steve Hill spoke second. He opened up with a reference that Campfield made about guns. Hill said "I'm from Carter, I didn't know we couldn't carry guns until I read it in the paper." The crowd laughed. Hill is retired from Mercy Health, where he spent 17 years as Director of Economic Development. He stated that the engine that drives our economy is created by small business. Hill stated that he has visited over 60 small businesses and said that the message from those small businesses is "leave us alone". He said that there is no position in the State Department of Economic Development for small business. He discussed his idea for reforming public education by stating that our (state's) focus is wrong, we have thrown millions of dollars at education and we are still 42nd in the country.

Ron Leadbetter went last. He stated that he is a Ronald Reagan Republican. I believe that most all of us believe in what is on that card. (referring to his campaign card) He said that the question is not what you will do but what have you done in the past. He said that he is involved in the deacon ministry of his church and is a Sunday school teacher. He states that a leaders should desire to be a role model. He spent 36 years in the University of Tennessee's General Counsel office. He stated that he was a go to person at UT. He stated that he led the way to create the UT licensing office. He said that he has knocked on 6,000 doors.

The evening was a good event, as the Red Lobster on Kingston Pike's meeting room was standing room only.

Sad Day for the Wig Shop

Thanks to Carly Harrington's knoxnews blog, here is the official announcement that Bob Sukenik, owner of Southern Graces has closed the Sunsphere operations. While the developer Kinsey Probasco Hays are associates of Mayor William Haslam, we will not blame Haslam. As it will cause his campaign to allege that Brian's Blog has some vendetta against Haslam. So, we will blame Bill Lyons. Read the entire Sukenik, press release at Harrington's blog.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Have Your Say, NOW on Haslam's Ten Year Plan

Go to this website, now. The Knoxville News-Sentinel won't write about it, the News-Sentinel's brother publication Shopper News or it's sister publication Metro Pulse won't write about it. But, we at Brian's Blog will do our best to keep you informed on letting your voice be heard.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Must See

Bill Haslam Arrogance Is Front Page Farragut Press

This story from the front page of today's Farragut Press exposes the arrogance that is Bill Haslam. You see his family business goes to their location on Campbell Station Road, they tear down the building and build a new one. They go through the motions and apply for a Town of Farragut compliant road sign. The Town of Farragut blindly accepts Bill's family business at their word, after all they had an application which all intents and purposes serves as a contract between Bill's family business and the Town of Farragut. But, guess what? Bill's family business has never complied with the application, instead they arrogantly replaced the facade on the sign. The Town of Farragut has filed litigation in 2006, does that compel Bill's family business to be a good neighbor? Heck NO! After all the Town of Farragut is in the same county as the headquarter of Bill's family business.

For the purpose of disclosure, I do not live in Farragut. I do worship in Farragut, I also spend dollars in Farragut. Say what you will of the Town of Farragut rules, but McDonalds has not remodeled its Farragut location do to the sign ordinance that would cause them to reduce their sign. WalMart left Farragut due to a Town of Farragut ordinance that controlled a lawn and garden center. So, if the rules should apply to the largest retailer in the world and to a local franchise of a fast food restaurant, then by golly a small little fueling center should comply as well.

If Daddy's boy is elected Governor how many rules, laws and ordinances will they ignore statewide? We can not risk the chance.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Haslam Corrected, That Is What Happens to an Establishment Status Quo Mayor

On June 5, 2010 this post has a video from the June 1, 2010 Knoxville City Council meeting where Bill Haslam maintains that citizen Ron Peabody is wrong, let's watch it again

Well, guess what turned up in the comment section of the local liberal blog? Look it is an email from Ronald Mills of the City of Knoxville Law Department dated May 21, 2010 pointing out exactly what Mr. Peabody says at the June 1, 2010 council meeting. So, I am reminded of a saying that I heard growing up, "If you lie about the little things, you'll lie about the big things." But, I am sure Haslam was going by what his staff told him. That is the difference in an effective leader and an "establishment status quo mayor". Peabody cleared. Haslam not so much.

Let The People Vote, Let The People Speak

Finally, Ron Peabody couldn't be denied by the roadblocks of the City of Knoxville powers that be. Now, let the people vote, let the people speak.

Arnett's Brain Washing Session and Back Room Dealings

This story from today's News-Sentinel informs the public that Foster Arnett, Knox County Clerk is closing our government offices to have a brain washing session and to close the doors so that he can spend our tax dollars on a days worth of back room dealings. So, when Arnett talked about throwing the doors wide open, that was simple not true. So, on Thursday he will close the doors on five satellite offices, they will likely dine on their own version of lobster lunches. All on our taxpayer dollars.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Fountain City is now Culvert City East?

Brian Hornback's opponent for Republican State Executive Committeeman District 6 in speaking before the Fountain City Republican Club this evening was discussing how he and Robert Lawrence Smith were observing the scouts placing flags on the soldiers grave in preparation for Memorial day. He concluded his remarks by saying, "so you should feel really good about living in Culvert City" Everyone looked at each other, like do what? Then in examining his bio sheet he list as having served as a Culvert City, (California) commissioner 1995-1998. So, he is either trying to bring California to us natives or is being held here against his will and really wants to get back home.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Concord-Farragut Republican Club Approves Resolution Supporting Arizona

Thursday evening the Concord-Farragut Republican club held their June meeting. One of the items that the club considered was a Resolution supporting the State of Arizona. One of the officers of the club read the Resolution into the record and it passed unanimously. The Resolution reads.

Title: In Support of the State of Arizona's Position on Immigration
Submitted by: The Concord-Farragut Republican Club

WHEREAS, The United States of America has conservatively over 10 Million ILLEGAL Immigrants; and

WHEREAS, the Southwest United States which borders Mexico has a serious illegal immigration challenge, and

WHEREAS, Arizona's violent crime rate ranks 13th highest in the United States, Phoenix has the 2nd highest kidnapping rate in the world behind Mexico City; 83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens; 40% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally, the total education, medical, and incarceration costs in Arizona due to illegal immigration are over $2 billion a year; and

WHEREAS, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy has designated Arizona as a "High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area", and

WHEREAS, S.B. 1070 was crafted in response to the lack of federal government enforcement of existing federal immigration laws; and

WHEREAS, 70% of Arizona voters support S.B. 1070; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Concord-Farragut Republican Club encourages its membership to support Arizona's stance on immigration and support for S.B. 1070; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Concord-Farragut Republican Club encourages its membership to contact its state representatives to request them to enact similar legislation; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Concord-Farragut Republican Club encourages its membership to contact its federal representatives to enforce existing immigration laws, to protect the borders of the United States of America, and withdraw all its scrutiny of the State of Arizona taking the lead where they have failed.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Some Pilot Employees Want Bill Back At Pilot

KCSO is Professional and Unbiased

As I have blogged before the death of Henry Granju was senseless and unnecessary. However, in today's Knoxville News Sentinel this story appears. Sheriff Jones has stated publicly that the investigation has been completed up to this point and no weapon was used. It was simple assault. Sheriff Jones stated "It doesn't matter if you live under a bridge or in the Hamptons, you still get the same professionalism from our department. No matter if you blog or don't blog or if you complain on us or don't complain on us, you will still get the same professional investigation."

I agree with Sheriff Jones on this. I have seen the Sheriff's Department from the outside - in. I served at the pleasure of the Knox County Commission on the Knox County Jail Inspection Committee. I have seen the correctional facilities in surprise visits and planned scheduled visits. For a couple of years, I served at the pleasure of the Knox County Commission on the Sheriff's Department Merit System Council. I have had to deny an applicant to be approved as an officer because they forgot to fully disclose their past. Since September 1, 1990 and through our current day, our Knox County Sheriff's Department is the most dedicated, professional and fair law enforcement organization in the state.

Bill Haslam Law - It Is What He Says, So He Thinks

Ron Peabody needs to awarded the backbone award for this Public Forum on Tuesday at City Council. Peabody has his facts, Haslam has his words. Bottom line is this was changed by the voters in 2003 and 2006. Haslam's law department did the work on both voter referendums. Watch the entire video and watch close the very end with his arrogant, smirk of a smile. Nothing open and transparent here.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Check Out Moderately Marvelous

Here is a GREAT blog that speaks the truth. You know in the blogosphere it is rare to find blogs that are true to their convictions. Moderately Marvelous is one of the rare exceptional ones. Check it out, here.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My Heart Breaks!

As a blogger that will celebrate 6 years of blogging in August, my heart breaks tonight. There are a lot of bloggers that have a different voice. I use to read every blogger that I could. I realize that my blog voice is different that a majority of bloggers. I am conservative and at times can be considered controversial. The comments that my blog receives are mostly negative toward me and my style. For that reason I have stayed in a silo for well over a year and have simply accomplished what I desire to put out there.

One of the persons that I have watched over the years is Katie Granju. Back when she was at a television station then knoxnews and now with Ackermann PR. I know of her, I do not think that I have ever talked to her and certainly to my knowledge have never met her. I have watched the father (Chris Granju) of their three children at County Commission meetings when he would answer questions about storm water, runoff issues. Again, I never introduced myself to Mr. Granju. So, I am an observer.

Today, I began seeing some discussions on twitter and facebook about Henry Granju. As I began to read some blog entries, facebook and other entities, I discovered that Henry Granju passed away yesterday. I discovered this evening that Henry was assaulted a month or so ago, there were some other complications that resulted in a month long struggle for life. I have now read most of Katie's blog entries for the past month at her blog, Mamapundit. Early this evening, I joined the Rest In Peace We Love You Henry Granju Facebook page.

My wife and I have three teenage children (19, almost 16 and 14). I chose not blog about my family. It is my decision in an effort to shield and protect my family from the attacks that I suffer for my opinion.

Henry's attack was senseless. I pray that the ones guilty of assaulting Henry are brought to justice. My heart breaks for Katie, Chris, the brother and sister and the extended family that Henry leaves behind.

Henry, as I have never met your parents. I certainly never met you. But, my desire is for you to Go Rest High on that Mountain. You deserve rest and peace.

Haslam Spokesman Lies to WVLT and Tennesseans

This WVLT - Volunteer TV news story today. Haslam Spokesman David Smith flat out lied in response. Smith said "Pilot does not own or operate casinos in any state." We documented here about the Pilot Casinos located at Pilot #147 in at Wendover, NV . Here we documented through the meeting notices and minutes of the Pilot Corporation Tennessee applying for and gaining license for casino operations at Pilot #199 Haughton, LA and Pilot #274 Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. I don't know David Smith, but is it really worth it to lie just for some salary dollars? So, there are the facts, Bill Haslam is in the casino operations business.