Friday, June 30, 2006

If it’s not close they can’t Cheat – Hugh Hewitt

I have just completed this book by Hugh Hewitt. It was primarily written for the 2004 presidential election; however, throughout the book it makes statements about the 2006 and 2008 election.

If you are a Conservative Republican or as Hewitt puts it a Center Right Republican, if you classify yourself as an Independent or as an open minded Democrat, you must read this book. If you are one of the hundreds of people that I talk to every year that says “I vote for the best person”. You MUST read this book.

This book has caused me to quit using the term Deaniac’s for those left fringe that supported Howard Dean, the term now will be the one Hewitt uses, I am borrowing it. Dean Dongs.

Within the political party there are three sub parties. You need to read the book to see where you fall.

The bottom line is you must vote Republican, your life depends on it and to vote for Democrats will get you killed.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The World Is Flat

I have just concluded the book, The World is Flat. I would encourage anyone in business to read this book. I have been a successful businessman since 1986, working with local, regional and for the past 14 plus years with an international company.

This book gives an excellent history of business, it chronicles some specfic businesses and at the end really goes into indepth on the history of the terriorist that have been in Americans minds since 9/11/2001.

I was serving on the school board during 9/11 and the Knox County School Board passed a policy that did not allow any of our students to travel and forbade any travel outside the landmass. Thomas Friedman touches on this in the book, as his daughter was not allowed to travel to New Orleans for an Orchestra competition. Friedman is correct in that a knee jerk reaction was had by all and the terriorist won again in our banning trips. That would be my regret, in that I did not convince my colleagues that we were doing the wrong thing at the time, however, as a father, I was also clinging to my own children.

You live and learn.

While traveling on business (headed to St. Louis) in May, I saw an updated and expanded version of this book in a bookstore at the Charlotte, NC airport. It is well worth the effort and time.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Local and State Democrat Party Strategy

It has appeared to many in Knoxville that the local Democrat strategy will be to ignore that they are Democrats, never mention it. Instead act like the writers of the Contract with America (Newt Gingrich and the Republicans) and embrace term limits as their own.

I personally have always endorsed and supported term limits and glad to see the KnoxDem Chairman and his band of merry men embrace it, I say to them Welcome to the Republican Party and Conservative ideals.

It is interesting that they are not talking about their party. The Democrat Party.

Then we have This, from todays KnoxNews website. Ford, Junior is calling all three of his opponents names along with the TNDem Chairman. Political strategy is to let others call the names, not the candidate (Ford, Junior or the state party chairman), those two should stay above the fray.

This action by the candidate and TNDem Chair would indicate that their own polling is showing that TN Waltz and his liberal voting record are damaging Ford, Junior and that any of the three will beat him statewide.

Thanks for the confirmation, Demos.

Shaggy Dog - The Movie

This weekend, I went with two of the Brian's Blog Kids to see Shaggy Dog, The Movie. Tim Allen did an excellent job. The scene toward the end of the movie with the rear ending of the car was very real. The story is the same. It had a lot of comical interludes. Worth the price of admission, if you can find it or wait for the DVD/Video and rent it.

Ice Age 2 The Meltdown

Went with my kids this weekend to see Ice Age 2 The Meltdown. It was an enjoyable feature and a great time with the Brian's Blog Kids.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Knox News Coverage of Teenager Death is Irresponsible

I will not link to the coverage of the breaking news on KnoxNews website due to my belief that the online version of the News-Sentinel is irresponsible in posting photographs taken by photographer Cathy Clarke.

The photographer presented pictures of students in grief of their friends death. The photographer should be ashamed of herself for submitting the photos and the online web staff should be ashamed of themselves for publishing them.

I hope they do not print them in the paper.

Sorry for the gaps in coverage

I apologize for the gaps in coverage this week. I was in Chicago, Il on business and without any computer. I will post on my Chicago trip later. For those of you that have followed Brian's Blog, there are always gaps during this time of the year, as the job that provides the money is more important this time of the year.

Stay Tuned

Audio A Concert Last Night

Two nights in a row, on Market Square Mall. Last night I attended SONFEST 2006 the Audio A concert on Market Square Mall. For those of you that do not know, Audio A is a Christian Rock Group that has traveled for 16 years. They have earned numerous awards, many #1's and on and on. They were on Market Square. Thanks to spiritual Heritage a local group that believes in spreading the message of Jesus. Bo Shafer was the spokesman for Spiritual Heritage last night, they in conjunction with Love 89 and other sponsors brought Audio A to Knoxville.

I would like to publicly acknowledge and Thank Spiritual Heritage. After this year, Audio A is no more, they will not travel and they will not sing as Audio A.

The concert was awesome. The sound was unbelievable. The sound was better than the Sundown sound the night before. The beer trucks were not there, which actually meant that the crowd was larger for Audio A then Sundown the night before, because the mall was packed and didn't have the beer trucks in the center of the mall.

It was an awesome praise and worship experience and the focus remained on JESUS. During a speaking portion, they shared something that I hadn't thought about.

Here it is. One day every knee will bow and proclaim him as Lord of Lords. Audio A said that means that Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Bill Clinton all the Bushes, Prince _____and Shiek _____ will bow down. Man, that is awesome. Think about that. What an awesome and great God we serve.

Last evening has opened my eyes and heart to an unbelievable opportunity we have, here in Knoxville and in this world.

Audio A's website is here. MidAmerica was the opening act and was Awesome. MidAmerica website is located here.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

What A Way To Spend Father's Day Weekend!

This photo is from the Promise Keepers website, located here. I am assuming this photo was captured at the Raleigh, NC conference that began on Friday and concluded this afternoon. The link for PK is in the links section. My oldest son and I have attended conferences in the past. One year we traveled to Indianapolis, IN.

The Atlanta, GA conference for Unleashed 2006 is July 28-29, 2006. Register online or visit the nearest Lifeway store.

Karns H.S. Student Free Speech Censored and Destruction of Hundreds of Personal Property By The Principal

Numerous sources indicate that Karns High School Principal Clifford Davis decided to censure a students free speech and in addition instruct a faculty member and their student club to destruct personal property of hundreds of student at Karns High School.

Here's the story.

In this years Karns High School yearbook, every Senior gets to say anything they like and it is approved and printed in the annual. A Senior (according to my sources, a female) wrote something like Mr. Davis I never liked you or something to that effect. It was published in the annual because of course, students do have free speech.

The yearbook are printed and began to be distributed and Mr. Davis catches the message. He gets very upset, has the yearbook staff take up the yearbook and apply a Sharpie marker to the offensive remark. Thus resulting in destruction of personal property. If this happened and I have no reason to believe that it didn't, it should not have happened.

Now, every kid at Karns High School that purchased a yearbook has a mark in their book. Because the "adult" could not live with a difference of opinion from a student.

This is a photo of Mr. Davis and I a few years ago, when he was Principal at Cedar Bluff Middle and I served as a School Board Member. The photo can be found on my website, located, here.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sundown In The City, last night

I haven't attended Sundown in the City in quite awhile. I attended last night at the invitation of the Brian's Blog brother and sister in law. The crowd was excellent, the music was superior.

The greatest thing about the experience last night is that I saw many people that didn't recognize me. Many of them I stopped and we talked it was great.

My good friend Grant, remarked you blend in well. That was the intent. I was dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a collared short, sunglasses (always a pre-requisite) different pair than my regular pair and a fitted baseball hat.

Jackie Greene and Marc Broussard, Great Concert, Great Experience.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Knox County Charter Review Committee

I have requested Bio's on all the nominees, I am basing the information presented here on my recollection, if there is anything that needs to be added, the nominees or their friends are welcomed to send an email to the Brian's Blog email address and I will be happy to add to or subtract from the current information.

District 1: Commissioner Diane Jordan and Doug Minter (Owner of Brooke Insurance & Financial Services)

District 2: Commissioner David Collins and Nancy Young (Former head of the Knoxville, TN Ingram Group office)

District 3: Commissioner Ivan Harmon and David Duncan (owner of Catering Company)

District 4: Commissioner Phil Guthe and Bruce Anderson (Attorney, KUB Commissioner, Treasurer for Dan Murphy's political campaign)

District 5: Commissioner Mike Hammond, Linda Ford (wife of Farragut Mayor Eddie Ford) and Ken Dunlap (Knox County teacher at Northwest Middle School)

District 6: Commissioner Larry Stephens and Laura Bailey (Realtor and Powell Community Activist)

District 7: Commissioner Mary Lou Horner and Alice Loy (former Administrative assistant to County Executive Tommy Schumpert)

District 8: Commissioner John Mills and Suzanne Sanders (Carter and Thorngrove Community Activist)

District 9: Commissioner Larry Clark and Carol Troyer

The Blame Game has Begun

Correction: June 15, 2006. I used a media source WATE TV 6 for this post. Thankfully, I credited them with it in the original post. Because they got it wrong, which made me get it wrong. Richard Beeler was NOT the Law Director at the time, Current Circuit Court Judge Dale Workman was the law director. The BIG ole bottom line of my post remains the same. It was the Democrats fault. Either the Election Commission or Mike Padgett all Democrats.

Original Post June 13, 2006 9:25 p.m. : This from WATE TV 6. The Blame game has begun, on who is at fault for not sending the certified results and the Charter of Knox County to the State of Tennessee. Here are the suspects.

Irene Lovely, former Knox County Administrator of Elections
Democrat Election Commissioner #1
Democrat Election Commissioner #2
Democrat Election Commissioner #3
Republican Election Commissioner #1
Republican Election Commissioner #2

Mike Padgett, Democrat Knox County Clerk - He blames Irene Lovely (who no longer lives in Knoxville or Tennessee)

Richard Beeler, Knox County Law Director (unlikely that he is to blame)

I will fill in the names of the Election Commissoner's, when I can research and identify them - they should share the responibility.

So, the suspect pool is 5 Democrats and 3 Republicans.

So, you question why the Republicans are the majority party? The answer is obvious.

The Charter of Knox County

UPDATE: June 15, 2006; I have received a phone call from Mike Hammond this morning. He indicated that he had been directed to my blog (by an avid reader and fan I presume) and that he did not make the comment that has been attributed to him.

Two things, we have done to make all happy. 1) I have removed the quotations "" from the original post. 2) I have apologized to him personally and indicated that it would be corrected. (That's what I am doing, now)

I had three sources that were near him at the City-County Building that attributed those remarks to him. Can I confirm that the remarks were made as stated and broadcast? No. Can I stand by my sources? Absolutely. I take Commissioner Hammond at his word. We were wrong to report a quote that wasn't a "quote" and we believe all is right with the world, now.

It is rare that we have to correct a post, but when it is pointed out that we are wrong. We are happy to do so.

Original Post June 14, 2006 6:37 a.m. : The Brian's Blog team will be doing some research to determine what if any advantage there is for Knox County having a Charter. A review of pros and cons. County Commissioner Mike Hammond of Friday remarked in an interview. I'm not sure we need a Charter.

These sentiments have been shared by public officials and citizens to Brian throughout the weekend and week. Keep in mind that before Friday only 2 out of 95 counties in the state had a Charter form of government. There has been a decline throughout the country in local governments having a Charter form of government.

A proper first step would be to have a refrendum with a simple question of Shall, Knox County have a Charter form of Government? If it passes then pursue a Charter Commission, if it fails than begin prepartion to revert to the normal structure.

It is possible that the Charter could be an instrument or fad, who's time has come and gone. Similar to the schools that were built with open style classrooms that were designed in California in the 1970's, they were then bulldozed and replaced while Knox County is still living with at least 3 of these schools, today.

You are welcomed to leave your comments and thoughts.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Governor Winfield Dunn Chairs Senator Jim Bryson's Campaign

From this mornings Knoxville News-Sentinel, it is officially announced that Governor Winfield Dunn will be the campaign Chairman of State Senator Jim Bryson's campaign to take back our state government by electing Senator Bryson as our next Governor.

Governor Dunn built the modern day Republican party in Tennessee being the first Republican elected Governor in more than 50 years. Governor Dunn was in Knoxville last week and I had an opportunity to speak with him.

I told him that when I first ran for public office in 1990, again in 200 and 2004 and throughout many of my speeches over the past several years, I have used the quote that Governor Dunn made when announcing his candidacy for Governor in 1970. "Support me if you can, Oppose me if you must, But above all participate." Governor Dunn was then elected and served as our Governor from 1971-1975. He is the Governor that produced the Kindergarten program.

It is refreshing to see Governor Dunn is out supporting Senator Bryson. I do not believe this is the only high profile Republican that will endorse or be a part of Bryson's campaign. Governor Dunn is simply the first and a great start it is.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New SBC President

Frank Page, Newly Elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention

I am a Southern Baptist. Frank Page of First Baptist Church in Taylors, S.C. was elected today to lead the Southern Baptist Convention. There is an unknown future for the denomination in that in 1979 a Conservative resurgence began to elect Conservative leaders of the denomination, electing leaders that believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. Ronnie Floyd of First Baptist Church in Springdale, Ark. had the backing of Paige Patterson, a well known Conservative movement figure within the denomination. Jerry Sutton of Two Rivers Church in Nashville, TN was a contender as well.

Page, 53 years old is somewhat of an unknown commodity in that he is and was supported by some younger pastors, who, as bloggers have pointed out Page's church's commitment to Missionary support. That is a good thing. The unknown commodity is his public statements advocating more openness and inclusion.

In today's edition of the USA Today was published story about other denominations and their struggle with ordination and acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. Keep in mind that Satan continues to seek and devour those he can destroy across the land.

To the Brian's Blog Prayer Warriors; Pray for President Page and the Southern Baptist Convention, also, thank God for the leadership of Dr. Bobby Welch and his vision and implementation of the Everyone Can campaign.

Dr. Bobby Welch of First Baptist, Daytona Beach, Florida

Brian's Blog Was The First To Report Karl Rove Cleared

256 days ago, Brian's Blog reported here that Karl Rove, Cleared. So, you read at Brian's Blog, first.

Thank you. Thank you. Brian's Blog will be here for you.

Monday, June 12, 2006

TN's Democrat Governor Acknowledges Success of Republicans

This from this mornings Knoxville News-Sentinel. The incumbent Democrat Governor of Tennessee at his first campaign stop in Johnson City was bragging about taking excess tax from you the citizens, he took more than he needed to run state government. He has taken $500 million more than he needed to run state government.

The governor later switched approaches, instead comparing the state's budgeting process with managing a checkbook or credit card.

Also in Knoxville when he later switched approaches and said he was opposed to an income tax. That is good, even tough I believe that Phil Loves Taxes. He went on to say that he favored a gas tax increase. WHAT?

He acknowledges that he says whatever it takes to get elected and then change after he wins. "I just try to borrow from those individuals who have positive ideas," he said.

He is a reluctant Democrat "I very much believe that the Democratic Party needs to modernize itself and think about what it stands for other than just not being Republican," he said. He acknowledges the success of the Republican Party "Republicans have a six- to eight-point advantage in Tennessee, and that hill keeps getting a little steeper to climb," Bredesen said.

This now explains why he wasn't welcomed as a speaker at the Knoxville Truman Day Dinner. He believes that the Democrat Party is not modern and has no core beliefs or values other than being a Republican hater club.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Knox County Charter and Term Limits Ruled Invalid

Here is the Chancery Court opinion that has the Knox County Charter and 1994 Term Limits Ammendment ruled ineffective and invalid.

Pending an appeal and any stay, Knox County will now abide by the Tennessee state law method of governace.

The state law provides for a level of compensation for County Commissioners. The Home Rule Charter provides that School Board members be compensated at the identical level of County Commissioners. The state law does not provide that School Board members be compensated. My sources indicate that it would be reasonable to assume that monthly compensation for school board members may cease.

There will be many questions that arise about any Ordiance that has been passed since the "implementation" of the Home Rule Charter.

Brian's Blog hopes for a smooth and orderly clearing of any disputable issue(s).

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Great Leadership From a Young Adult

The following Letter To The Editor appeared in todays Farragut Press, located here. Eric and two of his classmates appeared at the Knox County School Board last night and spoke on public forum. They presented petitions, where they collected signatures in support of retaining their teachers. Eric and his friends, give me hope for America's future. Hang in there, Eric. You will make a difference.

Where have all the teachers gone? reader asks

I am a student at Farragut Middle School and am writing to you, hoping that you can help us get some answers. We, I and a lot of the other students at the school, would like to know why we are losing our technology teacher and the technology position that he has been teaching at the middle school for the last six years as well as another teacher (who they have not named yet) and why a growing community like Farragut is losing six teaching positions over the next 3 years in the first place. We need as many subjects as possible in order to meet the needs of our diverse community and get an adequate education. Instead of cutting classes we need to be adding classes like foreign languages. The school system seems to have decided that it is okay to cut back and crowd us into even a tighter area and give us fewer choices. Farragut had one of the highest rates of harassment in the county. Studies show that when animals are crowded they often become dull or fight. (See reports by Calhoun, Skinner, Hock, Cohen, & Audrey — Google Feedback and Crowd-ing) Is this what our community has chosen for us?

The Carl D. Perkin’s Act supports the technology position that is being destroyed. Technology is needed in this day and age to run many programs and machines in all types of positions such as teaching how to use grading programs, electronics, keyboarding, digital art, banking, automotive analysis and many more. I would like to know why we are losing teachers when we are increasing Knox County’s size. Tennessee is No. 48 in the United States in education. I fear that if we keep letting positions and teachers like this go, that we shall soon become number fifty. I am beginning to understand why I hear my older friends say that they want to move away as soon as they can and why they want to go to school in places far from here. The Carl Perkin’s Funds are still available. Why are we not trying to get these funds? Why are we not writing grant proposals and trying to make [our] schools the best that they can be?

There is a School Board Meeting June 7 at 5 p.m. and we are hoping that we can get answers at that meeting and I hope that a lot of students, teachers, parents, and business people will be there to support us.


Eric Summitt

Karns High School Football Coach John Fulkerson

This morning, the Knoxville News-Sentinel has this follow-up to the story from June 1, 2006 about football coach John Fulkerson. I have received numerous phone calls and emails asking me to weigh in on this case, to report what I know. I have refrained, as it is an ongoing case. When the case is concluded, you can expect me to post again.

Students and persons close to the case have communicated to me their version of what happened. Out of respect and protection for them. I am not reporting, what I know.

However, let's go back to to the early 1980's at Carter High School in Knox County, there was a young guy that had attended Carson Newman College and was at Carter. He assisted the track team and was on staff. He was part of the FCA program and even spoke at several churches in the community, including St. Paul East United Methodist Church. The guy is a committed Christian and an excellent coach and super teacher. His name is John Fulkerson.

Fast forward a few years ago, he left Farragut High School as a teacher and assistant football coach to be a teacher and Head football coach at Karns. I asked him why? He said, I am really excited about it. I said, well. o.k. If you remember, Karns beat A.E. (Austin East) last year and I posted my congratulations on this my blog. They had an excellent year, John Fulkerson's stamp is on the team and it's success. Athletic success is not always shared by administrator's that focus solely on "academics". Athletics is not for everybody, but for some it creates the well rounded student that they become.

Cathy Torrence, a mother of a Karns High School football player, came to the Knox County school board meeting Wednesday evening to lobby for Coach John Fulkerson's return to the field.

Cathy Torrence summed it up in her remarks to the board last night that were not reported in the article. "Before John Fulkerson, Karns had a football team so that the band could perform."

Keep Coach in your thoughts and prayers. It is difficult to know that your fate is not in your hands, but in the hands of people that do not know you.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Knox County School Board and Religious Expression

Tonight the Knox County School Board passed a Religious Expression Policy. The policy basically says that the school district will do nothing to encourage or discourage religious actions or activities and the school district will follow the law. It encourages students and parents to file complaints with the principal and ultimately with the Superintendent. The policy charges the Superintendent with the ultimate authority.

Nothing to complain about with this policy. The first two public speakers; Maya Ayesh and Arnold Cohen, I have no significant issue with what they said. Maya Ayesh indicated that only those students that are part of the religious minority are discriminated or taunted. That is not the case and I will deal with that later.

The third speaker, Carol Silver Alford of the Cedar Bluff community took the opportunity to spread some of the most vile anti-Christian rhetoric that I have heard in some time. She proceeded to tell a story about her daughter attending a Y.O.K.E meeting after school. She indicated that she (the mother) knew what Y.O.K.E was but her daughter insisted that it was an after school activity and the mother let her daughter attend. Her daughter was then upset about the after school Christian activity. Well, hello, who is running the house and the religious beliefs you or your minor child? Ms. Alford stated that NO religious organization should be able to use the schools, this is based on her anti-Christian views, I assume.

Here are the problems with her position.

1) The school buildings were built with the citizens tax dollars, they should be available for any group that is a legitimate group that can possess the insurance, provide compensation for a school employee to open and close the school and doesn't damage the structure, after hours and on weekends. They must follow the school district rules and be respectful of any othe rgroups meeting at the same time.

2) Many schools do not have adequate furniture and infrastructure, this type of arrangement assists those schools. A.L. Lotts for several years was home of Westlake Church, the church provided chairs (adult), risers and many other items that are still being used today, even tough West lake is gone. West Valley Middle School was home to Northstar Church and has chairs (adult), public address system in the gymnasium and many other items that the school district couldn't afford.

I don't have a problem if if it is a Christian Church, a Muslim community, a Jewish group. But, to adhere to Ms. Alford position is irresponsible and single minded.

Now, the position that only believers in a religious minority group suffer from taunts, discrimination etc. Is not the case. There are many times within the past 10 years that I have had young high school students (many who are ministers, today) that have come to me and said that because they wore a Christian shirt, carried their Bible, attended a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting, Young life meeting or a particular church that other students and faculty members have told them they were members of a cult. My advice to them is to turn the other cheek, ignore the comment (for they know not what they say), pray for the person and carry on.

At the end of the school board meeting, a lady spoke on public forum and indicated that this policy was because of actions of some at Farragut Intermediate School. It is unfortunate that the school district couldn't ensure that one school complied, so they pass one policy for all 85 + school buildings. But that's where we are as a society. Sigh.

Post Script: When I ran for re-election, I received many emails asking for my view on the Bible. I gave my view without hesitation, It Is The inerrant Word Of God. God breathed. God's message to his followers and believers. A few anti-Christian bias voters? I don't know. I stand by my position on the Word and about the Word.

A Few Years Back

A friend of mine ran across a photograph they had taken several years ago and they recently sent it to me. I remember this. When I was elected in 2000, West valley Middle School had opened in 1999 and the school district had cut all signs from the project, as part of value engineering.

I asked nicely for several months and finally had to raise immortal which included involving a local television station. West Valley then received letters for the building and two entrance signs which included one of them having a marquee message board and this was the first message, for which I was appreciative. However, I was just doing my job, for the taxpayers.

Bredesen Will Raise Taxes on Gas in Second Term. Bredesen Out of Touch with Tennessee

This from this mornings Knoxville News-Sentinel. Here are a few clips and my commentary on them.

Gov. Phil Bredesen made Knoxville one of his first official stops Tuesday in kicking off his statewide re-election campaign, pledging firmly his opposition to an income tax, but "leaving open" other tax avenues, such as levies on cigarettes and gasoline.

That is just what we need more tax on gasoline. I wonder what the poster boy, Harold Ford, Jr. thinks about raising gas prices, since Jr. is running commercials about gas prices. Bredesen is a tax and spender. This has happened before, no taxes in the first term, get re-elected and then proposing an income tax. Phil Bredesen, out of touch with Tennessee, out of touch with Tennesseans, out of touch, Phil.

He said, "We had to take painful steps with TennCare, but there is no sense kicking that can down the road." Bredesen said he has balanced four consecutive budgets with "no new taxes. Our rainy-day fund is at its highest level."

Bredesen wants to avoid the issue on TennCare, because he promised to "fix" TennCare because he was the Healthcare manager/guru and could and would fix it. His fix was to do nothing for two years and then kick off thousands of enrollees and to gut the benefits. So, of course he believes "there is no sense kicking that can" According to Bredesen we will deplete the rainy day fund, to make him look like a good manager. A rainy day fund is nothing more than the state government taking more of your money for something they didn't need,. Why does Bredesen do that? Because Bredesen can.

He said that in a second administration he wanted to "let every child whose parents want them in a pre-K to be able to go." He said pre-K gives children social skills and allows for early intervention if a child exhibits health difficulties or mental problems.

Bredesen needs to correct the inflated graduation rates, improve test scores and bring accountability to the statewide k-12 programs before creating a program that will be part of the same ole broken statewide education program.

When you look at the 95 counties in regards to public education in this state, There are islands of excellence in a sea of mediocrity.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Voice and "The Guestbook"

Last evening, I received an invitation by email to appear on The Voice due to some comments that were being posted on the guestbook. I have been so busy all of last week and yesterday traveling out of the coverage area of The Voice.

Fortunately, the Chief of Staff of The Voice forwarded me the link to the guestbook. I checked it out. It is comical. It is obvious that the ones that are critical of me are motivated by selfish desires. They are people that have been beaten at the polls, due to my work on behalf of their opponents. It is individuals that have always wanted to be a position like Chairman, but everytime they ran the trial balloon up, it got busted.

Yes, I was unsuccessful in a re-election effort in 2004. It wasn't the end of the world. The past two years, I believe my priorities are in the right place. The past two years, I have realized how much of a contact sport politics is and campaigns that I will be focused on in the future, will be back to the former Hornback style. The style that has elected numerous people and elected me in 2000.

Everything on this website/blog that is reported about public meetings are facts, when a quote from a public meeting is sighted it is in the record. When I give my opinion, well it is an opinion, mine and if you want to give your opinion, get your own blog. You can send a comment and if I want to approve it and post it, I will. If I don't, well it's my blog and I will not approve or post it. This blog is in my name but several people are involved and from time to time several people see a comment and help decide if it should appear or not. It's a team concept that works well. Brian's Blog has over 150 people everyday from every corner of the world checking it out. It has and will continue to be a success.

When I appeared on The Voice for 1 hour, not one of the callers talked about this blog. It demonstrates that those with courage on the internet as anonymous posters, do not have a spine in a public forum.

I talked to Lloyd and Kelvin after the show, I told them that I would be happy to come back on the air and talk about my blog, but, that I hope everyone continues wearing the guestbook out, because when people see my name, others will Google it and the blog and website come up.

The Brian Hornback brand is a good thing.

Congresswoman Katherine Harris on Traditional Marriage - Bill Nelson on being like Teddy

"I believe the majority of Americans strongly support the preservation of traditional marriage. We must never undermine the uniqueness of an institution that continues to serve as an essential thread in the fabric of our society. I support the passage of the Marriage Protection amendment being debated in the Senate," Congresswoman Harris said.

Katherine Harris campaign spokesman Chris Ingram said, "It's time for Nelson to stop making bogus claims of being a moderate in Florida while voting like Ted Kennedy in Washington, D.C. Bill Nelson should stop voting like a liberal and start voting with the values of common-sense Floridians. A good first-start would be by voting in favor of the marriage amendment which simply defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman."

Let's not stop Nelson from being who he is. Nelson will wear out his welcome and then in November 2006 Senator-Elect Katherine Harris.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Katherine Harris Will Beat Bill Nelson

Fresh from the Katherine Harris website, are the 10 reasons why Katherine Harris will beat Bill Nelson. I provide it here for you liberals and naysayers that think Harris can't and won't win. We will see you in November.

1. Katherine Harris has the interest of Floridians at heart. She isn’t afraid of taking on the “beltway boys,” the liberal media or her General Election opponent who shares the values of Washington, DC’s “liberal-elite.”

2. Katherine Harris shares the values of most Floridians, her liberal opponent does not.

3. Katherine Harris has a proven record of accomplishment fighting for taxpayer relief, immigration reform, and standing up for senior citizens.

4. Katherine Harris is tested by fire. She has a strong backbone and will not back down in the face of adversity.

5. Katherine Harris has the grassroots support of Florida voters, high name ID, and Florida is a “red state” that supports Republican candidates.

6. Katherine Harris has a “can do” attitude. Her liberal General Election opponent has a “do nothing” attitude. For example, he says a comprehensive immigration reform bill isn’t likely to pass the Senate this year. Katherine Harris has already voted in favor of an immigration reform bill and believes our U.S. Senator should fight for important legislation as opposed to shrugging it off and saying it can’t be done.

7. Katherine Harris is a strong proponent of 2nd Amendment Rights. She has an “A” rating from the N.R.A. While her liberal General Election opponent likes to call himself a sportsman when he’s talking to voters, back in D.C. liberal Bill Nelson gets an “F” rating from the N.R.A.

8. Katherine Harris has fought to reduce taxes, and cut waste, fraud, and abuse. She has signed the American’s for Tax Reform “no new taxes” pledge. Her liberal General Election opponent never met a tax he didn’t hike and refuses to sign the no new tax pledge.

9. Katherine Harris has never lost an election – ever. And she has defeated two incumbents and two statewide elections.

10. Katherine Harris has common-sense Florida values. Bill Nelson has Washington values led by Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton. In fact, Bill Nelson has been rated as more liberal than Hillary Clinton by the non-partisan National Journal.

Dr. William "Bill" Wilson - Headmaster / Principal @ Concord Christian School

Less than 10 minutes ago, Dr. Doug Sager the pastor of my church First Baptist, Concord has introduced Dr. William "Bill" Wilson as the headmaster of Concord Christian School.

Dr. Wilson recently retired as the Principal of West Valley Middle School. He is head and shoulders above his peers. Concord Christian School and First Baptist Concord are fortunate to have God call this man and his wife Judy to our church and our ministry.

You can watch the live internet broadcast at 10:30 a.m. this morning or the archive after the morning services have concluded, here.

Praise God. He is Good All The Time and All The Time, He is Good.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Hubert Smith Radio Show

Tomorrow Sunday June 4, 2006 at 4:00 p.m. on WKVL AM 850 The Hubert Smith Radio Show will have former Congressman Ed Bryant a Republican candidate for United States Senate as the guest.

Congressman Bryant is in a three way race with former Congressman Van Hilleary and former Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker.

Andy Jackson VI - Kick-Off Breakfast

Andy Jackson, VI - the Republican candidate for Knox County General Sessions Court Judge Div. IV had a kick-off breakfast at Wright's Cafeteria. David Wright and his staff opened up and served Ham biscuits, Sausage biscuits, homemade sweet rolls, eggs and the most delicious apple dumpling. Complimented with Orange juice and coffee. As always David Wright is the Best.

A huge crowd was there to kick-off the campaign. Republicans, Democrats and Independents were in attendance. Elected officials like State Representative Parkey Strader, Frank Niceley, State Senator Tim Burchett, Register of Deeds Steve Hall, County Commissioners Ivan Harmon, Mary Lou Horner and Paul Pinkston, County Commission candidate 6th district Chuck James and 1st district candidate Nick Della Volpe as well as 1st district candidate Ann Dingus, State Representative candidate Gary Drinnen.

There were a lot of grassroots Republicans and Democrats. It was Great to see former KnoxGOP Chairs Mike Prince and Sue Methvin. Also, many supporters of former General Sessions Judge candidates Judge Jimmy Kyle Davis and Chad Tindell were in attendance to lend their support to our Republican nominee. A true spirit of unity was shared and expressed.

I had to leave with 1 hour remaining in the festivities, so I am sure that many more people came after I had to leave.

We are all excited to support Andrew Jackson, VI as our next Knox County General Sessions Judge Div. IV. In my opinion, he is the only qualified and experienced choice on the ballot. Early Voting is July 14 - 29, 2006 and Election day is August 3, 2006. Cast a vote for Andy Jackson, VI.

New Duet ....... New CD

There is a new Christian praise and worship music duo in Knoxville, TN and they have produced their first CD. Cara Hensley Mashburn and Byron Booker are the new duo. They are members of Wallace Memorial Baptist Church and involved with the Choir and Praise singers.

Cara and Byron have a great sound, a sound that hasn't been around in some time. They both come from a legacy of Church music. Cara's father George and Byron's father H.E. have a long history of church music and the CD is dedicated to them.

The CD title is Step by Step. The following tracks make up the CD; We Are The Reason, More Than Wonderful, What is Jesus Doing with Sometimes By Step, Hus Eye is On The Sparrow, The Prayer, God Of All Gods. When I survey teh Wonderous Cross, All We Like Sheep, Be Strong and Take Courage, with the final track, my personal favorite I've Just Seen Jesus.

This CD is a must have for any Christian Praise and Worship Music collection library.

Cara and Byron are available to lead your praise and worship for your congregation. You can contact them about purchasing the CD or to book them for your next event by emailing them at

Friday, June 02, 2006

Knox Dems In The First District

The report from the First District Democrat meeting is this. Around 60 First District Democrats attended, the vote totals were the following.

Lewis Logan - 28
John B. Foster, Jr - 7
Stan Johnson - 6
Helen Diane Lewis - 5
Jim Garland - 4
Charles Frazier - 3
Steve Dupree - 0
Stacey Diamond - 0

All of the candidates were write-ins on May 2 with the exception of the winner Lewis Logan. Now let's examine the write-in's and see how their support gained or lost.

John B. Foster, Jr 54 write-in votes - lost 47 voters since May 2, 2006
Stan Johnson 46 write-in votes - lost 40 voters since May 2, 2006
Helen Diane Lewis 101 write-in votes -lost 96 voters since May 2, 2006
Jim Garland 18 write-in votes - lost 14 voters since May 2, 2006
Charles Frazier 35 write-in votes - lost 32 voters since May 2, 2006
Steve Dupree 42 write-in votes - lost 42 voters or 100% since May 2, 2006
Stacey Diamond 12 write-in votes - lost 12 voters or 100% since May 2, 2006

The Democrats keep inching close to getting it right and following the law. You can not fill a vacancy until a vacancy occurs. You can not caucus until you provide a meeting notice.

I am sure Diane Jordan is feeling the love as the vultures of her own party have come swooping in to take her out.

At least the let the district voters cast their decision instead of group of liberal deaniacs that are out of touch with the district. Lewis Logan is the choice of the district. And if the Democrat Executive Committee listens to anyone, it should be the 60 people in the district that came out to vote for their choice, the districts choice and not from people that can't keep their own supporters together for less than 30 days.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

State Representative Frank Niceley Makes One Giant Leap

State Representative Frank Niceley had some significant accomplishments this legislative session, however, the best accomplishment is when on the last day of session he was able to led a vote on elected school superintendents. This bill has always been locked in committee and the lobbyist on behalf of appointed superintendents always brags that this legislation will never make it to the floor.

This year Rep. Niceley attached an amendment to a bill on the floor. The vote on the amendment was to allow County Commission's with a 2/3 rd vote, place the issue on a public referendum and let the voters decide. The amendment failed with 36 in favor and 51 against. (30 Republicans and 6 Democrats) Had all 46 Republicans stuck together with the 6 Democrats it would have passed.

This is a landmark, next year it will gain steam and may pick up the 16 Republicans and a 2008 referendum could be on your ballot for the following Yes/No question

Shall the Superintendent of ____________ County in Tennessee be elected?