Thursday, January 29, 2009

Haslam Family Get Together

UPDATE: Political Leverage has a couple of unique points concerning the News Sentinel story, read their take here. The BIGGEST one is that tomorrow is Free Friday News Sentinel's at Pilot.

Original Post: The News Sentinel's Tom Humphrey is reporting that the Knoxville Mayor raised $1.4 million tonight at The Foundry.

It is interesting that the Sentinel would report this so quickly tonight, because Brian's Blog was informed of at least two main stream media entities that contacted the campaign and the two reporters were told that NO media would be admitted to the event.

Brian's Blog received an invitation, however we decided to leave the Knoxville Mayor and his family alone this evening.

"Finally Home" Mercy Me's World Priemere Video

Blagojevich is OUT

The Illinois State Senate in a vote of 59-0 removed Governor Rod Blagojevich as Governor of Illinois. In a second separate 59-0 vote Rod Blagojevich is not eligible to run for or be elected to any elected position in the State of Illinois.

I would say that Blagojevich will exit stage left or stage right. However, I believe that he will exit right down center political stage.

Did NS Writer Alapo Fabricate Story with Mis-Information?

The News Sentinel published this story written by one of their reporters, Lola Alapo yesterday. The story is about "stimulus money for school districts". The knoxnews Related link is a document or a set of documents from the U.S. House Committee on Education and Labor. At the top of the document it states, Notice: These are estimated grants only. These estimates are provided solely to assist in making comparisons of the relative impact of alternative formulas and funding levels as part of the legislative process. They are not intended to predict specific amounts LEAs will receive. In addition to other limitations, much of the data that may be used to calculate final grants are not yet available.

Now with the facts noted nearly every person reading this story is under the false impression that Knox County Schools and other school districts in Tennessee will receive this financial support. It attracted 116 comments online.

This is a newspaper article of irresponsible reporting
. When will Bruce Hartmann take responsibility and stop the shenanigans of McElroy and crew at "The Big Metal Shed on the Hill" ?

The 411 on Tonight's Fundraiser's Fundraiser.

Political leverage has the skinny or maybe the fat on the organizer for the Haslam kick-off reception to be held at the Foundry tonight. You read it here first. Then WIVK, WNOX did a story on it. Now the staff of Political Leverage has been researching the organizer.

Why would the Knoxville Mayor need to hire a fundraiser and pay a large sum for fundraising. Couldn't he just go eat breakfast at all the Haslam kitchen tables and raise all he needs?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is Silence Lobbying for a Job For His Wife with Haslam?

On Michael Silence blog over at knoxnews he is defending the Knoxville Mayor's participation in the Mayor Bloomberg anti gun group. Why would Silence do this? His wife is a campaign consultant. Could he be lobbying for a job for his wife? Could he recognize what business unit in Knoxville purchases 50,000 plus newspapers and gives them away on Friday's. So, he could be sucking up to them?

Of course, now Haslam says in hind sight he shouldn't have joined the Bloomberg group. But he wouldn't commit to resigning the group saying that would appear to be pandering to pro-gun folk. But, Haslam did tell Silence that he bought his son a shotgun for Christmas. That would be pandering.

Why would he refer to us as pro-gun folk? If he were one of us Second Amendment people then he wouldn't have to refer to us in the third person. If he were truly a Second Amendment person. He would say pro-gun persons like myself.

As for his first signature with the Bloomberg group, sources within the NRA inform me that a letter was sent to him by the NRA asking him to resign the group and Haslam did NO such thing. So he can can now write the pro Second Amendment people off his list of potential voters.

R. Larry Smith Continues to Operate in the Good 'Ole Boy Way

So, the perjurer R. Larry Smith conspired with GOP Chair Irene McCrary to violate the Sunshine Law to appoint her daughter Michelle Carringer to the 7th district seat. In December Smith confronted Commissioner Lambert and said you need to support Michelle, Irene told me to remind you that she protected you from being ousted from the Powell Republican Club by Bruce and Lillian Williams. Lillian Williams was the second highest vote getter for the appointment. Smith replied the discussion was held during an open meeting. Lambert reminded him it happened in the corner away from the microphone.

Lambert disclosed this at the Commission meeting on Monday afternoon. You can watch the video of the meeting here.

So, McCrary used her position as the County Party's Head to advance and enrich her daughter, personally. Smith has profited from the Knox County Republican Party paying the electric utility bill at the 640 North Building, a commercial building owned by Smith. So in exchange for McCrary continuing to pay the electrical bill he appointed her daughter to Commissioner.

Smith said in nominating McCrary's daughter that she has no county connection. Lambert reminded the Commission that her resume reflected a part-time job with the Knox County General Sessions Court Clerk's office.

Lockett Changes Opinion

As the Commission met on Monday night during the first vote for the appointment for Commissioner Seventh District several nominees received 2 votes. Bill Lockett, Knox County Law Director opined that all the 2 vote nominees must be dropped. Commissioner Mark Harmon and Craig Leuthold raised a point of inquiry that the rules of Commission said that one nominee would drop and a simple re-do vote would have to be conducted.

Bill Lockett reconsidered and Commission Chairman Tank Strickland announced that the Law Director had changed his opinion. How long does the learning curve last?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Candidate For Governor is Part of the Silver Spoon of the Month Club?

Invitations were received this week for the Thursday kick-off reception for a certain candidate for Governor. The kick-off will be held in Knoxville at The Foundry. The cost will prohibit those everyday Republican volunteers/activists from attending and being a part of the kick-off. Because the cost is $1,000.00 per person. Also, you can write a check or better yet you can put it on your VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Oh, and by the way the money isn't going to be deposited into a Knoxville bank as the address for your contribution is located in Franklin, TN even though the Treasurer and the Candidate both reside in Knoxville, TN.

A Sunday Thought From A Team Member

It looks like Regal Cinemas is freezing executive pay at 2008 levels.

It would be nice if the school board had the guts to terminate or suspend contract negotiations with Dr. McIntyre, and that both could agree to this move, until the economy improves.

Instead when Dr. McIntyre stated that positions might have to be cut, he also stated there would be cuts in Central Office, but he didn't indicate that his own salary or compensation package might be decreased.

Is this "the next level" of leadership? Wouldn't the salary increase that Carson and her cohorts gave to the new superintendent have covered a couple of teachers' salaries?

Didn't Dr.Murphy, who led and pushed for the dramatic increase in salary and is a business professor, see a possible economic slowdown coming?

We need to quit hiring "professionals" to do "public service" at prices that, let's face it, even private industry won't pay them for doing. That's why these "professional" bureaucrats end up working for the government. Private industry won't have them.

Columnist Changes Tune in Tomorrow's Column in the Focus

Yesterday our Brian's Blog Team posted here some commentary about one of the op-ed pieces that is in today's News-Sentinel. It is interesting that in reading the team's commentary and then reading Joe Rector's column this morning that I then went to the Knoxville Knox County Focus website to read a preview of the newspaper that they will hit the streets with in the morning. And lo, and behold Rector is writing a different story in his column "It's Not Fair." While he doesn't address the situation directly from his Sentinel column. He acknowledges that in life mistakes happen. This is comforting because from his column in today's News Sentinel the team thought that Rector was portraying himself to be a perfect individual. Now, it appears that he simply writes one thing before he writes something totally different.

You can read Rector's column by going to the Focus website or read the column in it's entirity below.

Fair is defined as being marked by impartiality and honesty: free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism. It’s something most folks learn about throughout their lives. However, most often the fair is used with two other words in “It’s not fair.”

When we are children, the concept of “fair” is drilled into our little heads. Parents insist that we be fair in our play with brothers and sister and that we don’t allow self-interest to do something wrong when we must split a treat. Little by little, kids grasp the meaning of the word fair. Some learn it when they hear the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

As the years go on, the phrase “It’s not fair” enters our vocabularies. In school, kids are forever squawking about how unfair tests are. Teachers are blamed with their failure because they have given unfair tests, unfairly made accusations of misbehavior, or moved unruly students to isolation. The whining goes on forever.

Kids also begin to think that home is an unfair place. They can’t understand how it’s fair for parents to expect them to help out around the house. They claim adults treat them like slaves. When a child misbehaves and is punished, he cries “foul” and complains to the powers of heaven that being grounded for sneaking out last night or losing his car because he received a speeding ticket is not at all fair. Demanding that a teen stay home to study for exams can lead to temper tantrums that declare the whole world is against the youth. One thing’s for sure: kids don’t think moms and dads have a fair bone in their bodies.

Unfairness continues in the work place. Some bosses actually set expectations of their employees. Those new to the workforce are shocked that they are to be at work on time every day. Tell them a dress code is in place and they become apoplectic. A few are dismayed that they aren’t starting work in a management position or that their salaries are equal to veteran workers. To the amazement of employers, parents sometimes call to demand that their “babies” be treated better.

Unfortunate things occur in all our lives. We wouldn’t wish them on anyone else. But if we lose a loved one, one of the first thing we say is “It’s not fair.” I’ve said it before. Then I thought to myself, would it have been fair for another’s loved one to have died in place of mine? I didn’t want to have my parents and my brother die; they were too dear to me, but their passing had less to do with fairness and more to do with a larger plan. That seems put life a bit more in perspective.

Here’s a news flash: life isn’t fair. Bad things some time happen. Some folks don’t treat others well or play by the rules. Parents do the best they can to rear children who are good, loving, and caring individuals. In the course of parenting, they sometimes make mistakes, but they are rarely unfair. Work isn’t a place for fairness; it’s every man for himself. It’s Darwin in that the fittest survive. No, fun isn’t a constant ingredient; that’s why it’s called “work.” All would do well to get a bit tougher and begin providing their own fairness. The next time you hear the line, “It’s not fair,” I dare you to ask the speaker why it’s not. The answer might be shocking.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Will You Read in Tomorrow's News Sentinel?

Sources close to Community Columnist Joe Rector indicate that in tomorrow’s Knoxville News Sentinel you will read his reason for calling for the resignation of Bill Phillips the Eighth District Knox County School Board Member.

Rector’s reasoning is that the Knox County School District has a zero tolerance policy that has the school board expelling students for weapons charges and for that reason he contends that Phillips MUST resign.

First, of all Knox County had a zero tolerance policy. During the time that Brian Hornback of Brian’s Blog served on the Knox County board the policy was weakened that they simply move a student to an alternative setting. Hornback objected.

Now let us explain why this knee jerk, idiotic reasoning of Rector and the News Sentinel is flawed. Yes, Rector wrote it, but when Jack McElroy publishes it then it becomes his and Scripps position as well.

When a student is found guilty of a zero tolerance offense and is placed in an alternative educational setting it is after a hearing at the student’s zoned school. It also after a Knox County disciplinary hearing authority has conducted a second hearing and presented a recommendation to the entire school board for expulsion or for placement in an alternative educational setting. The board could or could not after they examine the facts expel or place the student in an alternative educational setting. So, there are three incidents to have their case heard along with the evidence and their defense presented.

Mr. Phillips has appeared at one scheduled appearance and those orders have been dismissed. Mr. Phillips must still make an additional appearance and Brian’s Blog anticipates that he will appears and present his defense. So to use the newspaper to disperse and advocate a penalty without his right to appear is inconceivable and a reckless disregard for the law of the land. Innocent until proven guilty, Mr. Rector and Mr. McElroy.

Everything in his column up to this point although idiotic and filled with bias is somewhat harmless because Mr. Phillips is a public figure and malice is difficult to prove. However our source indicates that Rector in tomorrow’s paper calls Mr. Phillips wife out by name and details his belief in what she has done since this unfortunate incident occurred.

We do not believe that Rector has discussed this incident with Mrs. Phillips and for him to assume what she has or is doing makes him what the three letters of assume spell. He and the News Sentinel should have been very careful prior to presenting and now publishing his column in that Mrs. Phillips can and in our opinion should file suit against him, Jack McElroy, Bruce Hartmann, the News-Sentinel and E.W. Scripps for slander and defamation of character. If any one on our staff were trained and licensed as an attorney we would take the case pro-bono (FREE).

Why would the News Sentinel use a community columnist to launch this attack? Because Phillips has not been fearful to call the News sentinel a product of tabloid journalism. He has established himself as an independent on the school board. He is not an elected public servant that kowtows to the school bureaucracy or to the powers that be order in Knoxville and Knox County.

Mr. and Mrs. Phillips were contacted by the Brian's Blog team concerning this post and they had no comment.

News Sentinel Hearts Campfield

What is the motive of the News Sentinel and the City of Knoxville into the disagreement between a landlord (that happens to be a State Representative) and his tenants? Is it that the News Sentinel doesn't have Tim Hutchison, Scott Moore or Brian Hornback to beat up on? Is Representative Stacey Campfield the NEW Tim Scobby Hornback? Or maybe the Knoxville Mayor is not counting on an election to be elected Governor of Tennessee and so he is using his paid public relations rag (the News Sentinel) to damage the State Representative so that he is NOT a State Representative that the NEW Governor has to worry about? How could anyone assume that the News Sentinel is the paid public relations rag for the Knoxville Mayor? It could have something to do with the thousands of newspapers sold to one business unit in Knoxville every Friday.

For whatever reason this attack was launched. State Representative get it fixed. There is no reason to give them this kind of ammunition to shoot you with. As for the tenants, did you like the place when you signed a lease? After all it appears that you signed a lease. I don't think the Representative forced you to sign the lease.

Here are the numbers of attacks on the Representative over two days. Thursday January 22, 2009 a story here. A photo gallery by News Sentinel staff posted on their website on Thursday January 22, 2009, here. A video tour recorded by Ben Fish/a Special to the News Sentinel and posted to their website on Friday January 23, 2009, here. Another story on Friday January 23, 2009, here.

A little over blown there, Jack! So, what is your bias, Jack? What is your motive, Jack?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

R. Larry Smith Will Likely Face Ethics Charge

R. Larry Smith always asks potential appointees if they have a conflict. However, he never looks at himself in the mirror. On Monday County Commission will vote for a warm body to fill Commissioner Scott Moore's seat until his ouster appeal is successful. If Smith cast a vote for one of the candidates he will face an ethics complaint by at least one maybe more Knox County citizens.

Here is the conflict. Smith owns the 640 North office building. On the top floor of that building the Knox County Republican Party occupies office space. The Knox County Republican Party on a monthly basis pays KUB, the Knoxville Utilities Board for the electricity that it uses in that portion of Smith's commercial property.

Irene McCrary, Knox County Republican Party Chair and the mother of appointee hopeful Michelle Carringer authorizes the payment to KUB from the Knox County Republican Party. It is the same scenario where a $5,000.00 contribution was made to Save our Right to Vote without the authorization of the Knox County Republican Executive Committee. In McCrary's opinion and her past actions she operates as if it is he sole decision and authority.

So, if and when Smith cast a vote for Michelle Carringer. It will appear to be a pay back for his utility bill payment for the past two years while Carringer's mother has been the GOP Chair.

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog anticipates filing an ethics complaint against Smith in the likely event that he votes for the GOP Chair's daughter. Hornback has been approached by several citizens that are interested in joining him in his complaint.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Haslam Underwelms

The Nashville Post filed a story about Bill Haslam and the media tour that he hosted around the state following his announcement that he would be running for Governor. You can read the complete story, here.

Some snipits from the story are.

After saying Gov. Phil Bredesen "has done a lot of great things," ..
Haslam sees education as a top priority. He does not see a correlation between the dollars spent on education and outcomes.

Haslam would not commit to taking any kind of anti-tax pledge, noting that there are several examples of politicians who took such pledges only to recognize later they "weren't such a good idea."

Haslam demurred from offering specific areas of the state budget that needed trimming.

He noted that state officials continue to raise the tax rate while increasing areas that are exempt. Haslam would not commit to eliminating any exemption, nor did he offer up any potential eliminations.

Haslam was non-committal on other issues, too. While he was familiar with the Tennessee plan on judicial selection, Haslam told reporters he needs to study the issue more before he can offer a detailed position on how to deal with the sunsetting plan.

As for the controversial abortion resolution SJR 127, which would give the legislature the ability to outlaw abortion were the federal government to overturn Roe v. Wade, Haslam expressed sympathy with the pro-life cause but did not explicitly say he supported the measure.

Tim Hutchison is BACK

At the Halls Republican Club on Monday January 19, 2009. The candidates and officeholders went around the room and introduced themselves. Seventh district County Commission appointee candidate Lillian Williams gave some inspiring remarks. Ray H. Jenkins announced his candidacy for Knox County Republican Chairman. State Representative Bill Dunn was introduced. Perjurer Commissioner R. Larry Smith was introduced. Several employees of Register of Deeds Sherry Witt were present and represented their boss. Former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison was present and he spoke. He said that he had been away for a while. He has spent a considerable amount of time in South Carolina. But he announced that He is BACK. He was warmly received.

Tim Burchett Speaks at Halls

State Senator Tim Burchett and expected 2010 Knox County Mayoral candidate was the featured speaker at the Halls Republican Club meeting on Monday January 19, 2009. The Halls club meets at the Mandarin House Restaurant in Halls.

Burchett spoke at length about the election of House Speaker Kent Williams. He also discussed the workings of the State Senate and the upcoming legislative session. As he concluded his remarks, he said that he would open it up for questions and discuss the Mayor’s race.

Brian Hornback of Brian’s Blog asked two questions. The first was his position on merging the operations and the employees of the fee offices with Knox County Government. He said that he favors the election of the fee officeholders as well as the election of the School Superintendent. Hornback followed up with so what you are saying is that you would leave it as it is and the elected officeholders and that they should be allowed to run the offices as they see fit as they have always done. Burchett concurred.

Hornback then asked what is the most pressing issue facing the position of Knox County Mayor in 2010? Burchett said “Trust”. He went on to tell the story of witnessing a county employee that was at Wright’s Cafeteria. As he was checking out someone asked if he were going to put that on his p-card? The employee just put their head down. The county workers don’t deserve that. And the ship must be righted.

Burchett then out lined his three points in his upcoming campaign for Mayor.

Education – Burchett said that we can not pay big fat salaries and increase bureaucracy. Burchett’s degree from the University of Tennessee is in Education. His father and mother were lifetime career educators. Burchett said the key component to and in education are moms and dads.

Law Enforcement – We must continue to keep world class law enforcement.

Keep Taxes Low - We can not tax ourselves into prosperity.

He then stated that he is opposed to eminent domain – the taking of personal property for large corporations and government.

A lady then asked him about the homeless. She stated that we have a Veterans Home. Why do we not house the homeless there? Burchett explained that the VA home was built for individuals like his father to be there for the time prior to their death or those with lost limbs. There are not enough beds.

Burchett explained that the problem that continues to plaque the homeless is mental illness. Burchett asked if everyone knew what institution houses the greatest number of mentally ill. Several individuals said the jail. Burchett said that was correct. The lady asked. Why does the State not open up the mental institutions? He said the lawyers will never allow that. Deregulation is what has caused the shift of homeless out of the mental institutions to the private sector and the jails.

Monday, January 19, 2009

R. Larry Smith - Chief Hypocrite II

Tonight at the Halls Republican Club the first order of business was to swear in the 2009 officers of the club. Commissioner R. Larry Smith had the job of swearing in the officers. He announced that he obtained the oath from Judge Tony Stansberry but added language to the oath.

His additional language was an oath NOT to show support or endorse a Democrat in any way. That was odd. As Smith himself can NOT live by this standard. As he voted for a Democrat over three Republicans, Mike Alford, Logan Brummitt and Walter Wojnar for the Commission appointment in District Four.

It has also been discovered that Knox GOP Chair Irene McCrary can not abide by this standard as she and Knox County Election Commission Administrator years ago cut a deal that appointed her as an Officer that was to served by a Democrat. So, McCrary served in a Democrat Officer position. Also, one of her siblings recently endorsed a countywide Democrat.

This will also be problematic for McCrary's daughter Michelle Carringer that is attempting to gain the Seventh District Commission Seat appointment.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Call Me Ted

One of the books that I received for Christmas was Call Me Ted by Ted Turner. It is his life story as written by Ted. Throughout the book are many Ted Stories written by others. The book is a great read because Ted himself has had an awesome life. Only because he has worked continually to do build business after business. His father built a billboard company and was an influence sometimes not always a positive influence. But his father's workaholic attitude created the drive in Ted.

There is a Knoxville connection to Ted. As he began working and running his father's billboard business in the late 1960's. Knoxville was a two billboard company and one of the company's would be up for sale at auction. It was assumed that the one other company would wait and low ball price the bid and get the sale. Ted came to Knoxville, rented a car under an alias. He drove around and located the billboard spots and drove no where near the office to keep from being spotted. His Atlanta lawyer located a low key Knoxville lawyer. Ted informed him to drop the bid at the last minute for $50,300.00 and sure enough the two bids were opened and the low ball competitor in Knoxville bid $50,000.00 so Ted bought the Knoxville billboard company for $50,300.00.

His building of WTBS, CNN and all the other channels that they have is a remarkable story. I recommend this read to you. For those of you like me, read about Jane Fonda but don't base your belief on Ted because of Jane.

Zach Wamp - He is One of Us.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Next Governor...Zach Wamp

Why am I supporting Zach Wamp for Governor of Tennessee over the guy that is Mayor of Knoxville. Zach is one of us. Zach was raised like we were. Zach and Kim began their family like all of us. Zach worked real jobs and raised his two kids the way we have and do.

We didn't and Zach wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The other guy can't help that. But, Zach is one of us.

McIntyre's Decision Will Cause a Targeted Status on NCLB

Within NCLB (No Child Left Behind) a school must maintain a percentage of average daily attendance. Some schools are so close that a fourth of their students being absent one day with cause them to be targeted with the year-end NCLB.

One of our sources reported to us that one of the Farragut lower schools had 236 children out today. The heat was rare in some classrooms and the gym. Several classrooms had no heat. School staff called early this morning to report the heat issues. When the staff tried to call again downtown was not answering the phones.

At Farragut High School the early block class had 3 students, the first block had 2 students, the second block class had 8 students and the third block class had 6 students. The faculty were complaining that this could have been one of the days they don't get paid for. The list of absences for Farragut High School is rumored to be 20 pages long.

McIntyre has done really well to have his first blunder after 7 months on the job. But this one has cost him some serious credibility.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Two BEST Candidates from Tonight's Forum

Not in any order, the two best candidates for the Seventh District County Commission Appointment based on tonight's forum are Steven Ross and Lillian Williams.

The two candidates that will be problematic appointments during this new day in Knox County are Knox County employee Michelle Carringer and son of former Knox County HR Department appointee Chuck Severance.

Public Forum

A retired teacher that has known Michelle Carringer for 30 plus years and spoke on her behalf.

The most moving public comment came from Steven Ross daughter, Ashley Carter. I am a father of three and what a testament to have your child speak about you in the way that she talked about her father.

Seventh District County Commission Appointee Candidate Steven Ross

Works with Premiere Surgical. Served three to four years in the military. Has extensive law enforcement career. He has spent time in health care. He has no ties, allies or enemies in the area. I stand here to serve. The appearance of wrong doing is as the wrong doing itself.

His primary goal is to serve the citizens of Knox County.

He will step aside if Scott Moore is successful in his appeal.

There is a lot of waste in Knox County today and until we cut that, I will not cut it. If a tax increase is what is needed and all avenues have been exhausted then he will support a tax increase.

At what point did you make a decision. It was when people wanted to talk and he wanted people to be heard. He talked about being a servant. He discussed how Paul was a bond servant, a slave. Everything he has done has been to make somebody else's way a little better.

Hammond asked where is the waste? Ross talked about the county take home cars, He commented about Commissioner Lambert had an excellent idea of unplugging the fax machines. He talked about employees wasting time.

What issues are for the seventh district? People are worried about their jobs, if their going to have food on the table. We need to think globally and plan locally. He serves as a Deacon for First Baptist Church of Powell. He has provided transportation, housing and employment for an Iraqi family. He has fed the homeless downtown. He assisted in starting a neighborhood watch for his community. He has coached little league.

He was born in Los Angeles, raised in Northern California and worked in Central California. California is a beautiful place, but it wasn't a place for me or a place to raise my family. Everybody was driving for the all mighty dollar. They parked their cars in the garage and never knew their neighbors. They vacationed here every two years. He fell in love with the people of East Tennessee.

Seventh District County Commission Appointee Candidate Jennifer Weaver

She is married to Chris Weaver and they have two boys and she is having her first year as a soccer mom.

She wants to see Schumpert park completed. We Knox County had exhausted all options, she would support a vote of the citizens to raise taxes.
She will step aside if Scott Moore is successful in his appeal. She will serve on the BZA. She is NOT intending to run in 2010.

She worked with Knox Charter Petition.

Seventh District County Commission Appointee Candidate Charles Severance

He has been in sales his entire life. He has managed a multi - million dollar mill work budget. He is not so entrenched that he can't take no for an answer. You know my parents, but you don't know me.

Serves on the board of Heiskell Fire Dept and Foster Care Review Department. He has served on the Greens Committee for
He will step aside if Scott Moore is successful.
He would be less reluctant to raise taxes. He would be willing to serve on Board of Zoning Appeals.

He has managed a 130 million dollar budget. Smith asked if he would take his fellow Commissioner to lunch.

Seventh District County Commission Appointee Candidate Steve Rogers

He operates a mom and pop store on Washington Pike. He believes in strong government. He is a Vietnam veteran. He obtained a degree in business. He has a varied business background. It is a small business.

He willingly step aside if Scott Moore is successful in his appeal.

Would like to work with the school board. He is a people person. He is a money man, he squeezes money tight.

If all other avenues closed, he would vote to raise taxes.

His experience is handling a $500,000.00 - $1,000,000.00 budget.

Seventh District County Commission Appointee Candidate Jeff Stooksbury

He was born and raised in the Seventh district. He felt a sense of duty to apply for this job. He would like to help restore confidence in Knox County. This would be a care taker position for him. He is in the construction business. He live in Fountain City and works in Powell. He would stay in contact with the citizens of Knox County.

He would work to lower our bonded indebtedness. He has no relatives working for Knox County. He has NEVER applied for a position in Knox County.

He has a wife and two young children.

He will gladly step aside if Scott Moore is successful in his appeal of the ouster suit.

He would not be in favor of raising taxes. He would have no problem serving on Board of Zoning Appeals.

His greatest quality is he is an honest person. His budget experience is $40 million dollar range.

Seventh District County Commission Appointee Candidate Andrew Graybeal

Education - As Commissioner I would focus on spending education dollars wisely. He is a graduate of Fulton High School.

Land owners should have option of selling property for future commercial growth.
Funding decisions by Knox County Commission should be conservative and based on our economy be performed wisely.

He will be accessible to citizens at all times. He will always proudly honestly serve the citizens of the seventh district.

He will turn his light off and go home if Scott Moore is successful in his appeal of the ouster suit.
His primary goal is a budget that works for all the citizens of Knox County.

His wife is employed in the Knox County Criminal Court Clerk's office and was an employee there four years prior to their marriage.

Seventh District County Commission Appointee Candidate Michelle Carringer

She was raised in the Seventh district, She and her husband have two children. In 2005, she went to work in the Sessions Court Clerk (Cathy Quist) office. In 2007, she became part-time in the Sessions Court Clerk's office. She has submitted her resignation should she be appointed to this seat. This is the same office where Black Wednesday appointee and stationary gate employee Sharon Cawood worked when she was appointed on January 31, 2007.

She has committed to be a caretaker and will NOT run for election in 2010.

She will step aside if Scott Moore is given his seat through a successful appeal case.

She wants money for Adrian Burnett, Heiskell fire department, vacant lots and senior Citizen Center. This equals increased taxes. She WILL vote to take personal property through condemnation by Knox County.

She runs her family budget and fundraising budgets of $15,000.00 - $60,000.00.

Seventh District County Commission Appointee Candidate Lillian Williams

Lillian Williams, a successful businesswoman from the Powell community explains her involvement and with her working with the County Mayor's office secured a grant for beautification of the Powell community. Mrs. Williams worked with the Teen Driving Awareness Campaign in the Powell community.

In 2004 prior to the teen driving awareness campaign there were 13 teen fatalities before the forming of this organization and now only 3 fatalities since it's inception. The organization secured a $60,000 grant to make the organization statewide.

Mike Hammond asked about what projects in the district. She discussed the Halls park that Commissioner Moore and the Smith character. He asked why you

Craig Leuthold asked if Scott Moore's appeal is successful. Will you fight his She said if his appeal is successful, she will gladly step aside to allow him to take his seat.

Richard Briggs, Do you have any idea what you will do in 2010. She will run. Any arrest or unpaid taxes. To her knowledge, None.
Mark Harmon, would you serve on Board of Zoning Appeals. Any board that the commission would like to serve on, I will serve.
Tony Norman, why do you attend so many commission meetings. I knew three years ago that I had an interest in running. But I needed to know how the process works. He asked is there anybody that you have any special relationship with. She said NO.
Commissioner Smith, what personal goals. To continue on the issues that you are working on. What is biggest assets that you bring. My business background. I am very personable person. I just want what is best for the seventh district. What experience with budgets and how big are the budgets. I have always ran the office for all of our businesses. The budgets were 2-5 million dollars. Will you vote on every issue. If I don't know the issue I will not vote on it.

Smith said that he has an issue with her being a part of the ouster lawsuit of Mayor Ragsdale. He tried to impose a standard that if you were applying for a job at TVA or UT and were suing them, they wouldn't hire you. He was reminded that a member of County Commission, Paul Pinkston is on the same ouster suit.

She is NOT employed by Knox County and has NO relatives on the Knox County payroll.

Live Blogging the Seventh District County Commission Appointee Forum

We will be covering the Seventh District County Commission Appointee Forum from 7:00 p.m. until it's conclusion.

Leo Cooper Withdraws from Consideration for Commission Seat

Leo Cooper, two time runner-up (2002 & 2006) for a Seventh District Commission seat has withdrawn from consideration for appointment to the same seat. It seems age has been kind to Mr. Cooper. This is the best decision that he has made in the last 6 years.

Another Embarrasing Moment for the TN GOP

You have to wonder, how does a group continue to shoot itself in the foot multiple times? This wasn't a new ploy that happened on Tuesday. It happened four years ago between Wilder and Ramsey. The TN GOP campaigned against Kent Williams as a challenger to the incumbent State Representative in 2006. Our sources in the tri-cities indicate that they again campaigned against Williams in 2008. They had to see this coming.

Before some blogger(s) begin accusing Brian's Blog of defending Williams. We are not defending Williams actions. Williams is too liberal for our leanings. However, you can't trust somebody that you never reached out to include.

Williams likely in defense of himself, will say that he hasn't left the Republican Party. The Republican Party left him.

As for kicking him out of the Republican party. Wouldn't the Republican Party lose it's House majority? Wouldn't the House then be 49 Republicans, 49 Democrats and 1 Kent Williams?

This week as conversations of Republican and the Republican party. I just shake my head. The party that I have spent 26 years, since I was 16 years old, working in the grassroots trenches.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Smith has NO Conscience.

Commissioner Smith of Knox County's Seventh district said today "my conscience is clear." "Knox County has had enough of this" Well, his conscience is clear because he has no conscience. You have read here at Brian's Blog for the last two or three months about Smith's lying that has been documented in the main stream press today. It is clear that the same question was asked of Smith within a few months of one another and he had two different answers. He clearly lied.

Now, to try and deflect he uses the Bill Clinton line, with a sad hound dog face, Knox County has had enough of this. Smith and Bill Clinton have a lot in common. But that will be a post for another day. Smith knows that his lying days have now caught up with him. He is now caught lying to the court and it is time for him to hit the door.

Now, sources in the City County Building saw that Commissioner Smith was in Law Director Bill Lockett's office and in Attorney General Randy Nichols office. Scott Moore made several attempts to reach both Lockett and Nichols and did not receive returned phone calls.

Scott Moore could exercise the same right that any citizen of Knox County has and that is that he will present the evidence himself to the grand jury.

Is This What the State of Tennessee Has to look Forward To?

The Knoxville Mayor is running for Governor. There were 38 homicides in 2008, an increase of 4 from the previous year. Is this what we can expect if he is successful in his bid to be Governor of Tennessee?

Here is the News-Sentinel's story this a.m.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Phil Ballard Leaves Knox County Without a Certified Appraiser

This morning, John Whitehead was informed that his position in the Knox County Property Assessor's Office has been eliminated. Today, was also the last day for Ralph Watson a longtime employee of the Assessor's office. Watson retired. Both Whitehead and Watson were the only certified assessor employees in the office. Ballard has now left the Knox County Property Assessor's office without a trained certified professional to lead this years countywide re-assessment.

The Haslam Hung The Moon Contest

Welcome to this brand new day. This day has never been lived before. It’s a blank canvas. If you will it so, it can be the Rockefeller Republicans' masterpiece. As you wake up this morning think of three things you want to thank the Haslam's for and then get out there and live this day with all the joy, wonder and enthusiasm you can muster.

County Commissioner Smith Requests a Party Reprimand

Knox County Commissioner Smith of the Seventh district has requested a Republican Party reprimand on himself. Sources have informed us that Monday night at the Fountain City Republican Club that Commissioner Smith asked KnoxGOP Chairman candidate Ray H. Jenkins if he is elected in March 2009, what did he plan to do about Republicans that talk bad about other Republicans.

The crowd was shocked that Commissioner Smith would ask for a party reprimand and possible censure of himself. Commissioner Smith has on two occasions violated Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment, speak no ill of another Republican.

First, Commissioner Smith has perjured himself in court proceedings against fellow district Commissioner Scott Moore. Sources indicate that legal proceedings are in the beginning stages against Commissioner Smith for his perjury.

Second, Commissioner Smith voted to appoint a Democrat for Fourth District County Commissioner instead of the three Fourth District Commission Republican candidate appointees Mike Alford, Logan Brummitt and Walter Wojnar.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Knoxville Mayor Has Taken Stand Against the Second Amendment.

Do you remember this little jewel from October 5, 2006? Mayor Bill Haslam joined with another City Mayor with Wall Street ties to take away our guns. Our guns that are protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Everyone is concerned about President-Elect Obama. See what this state will get if we elect the Knoxville Mayor as Governor.

How will his position on guns play statewide? Men who enjoy hunting and wives that enjoy their husbands hunting. How will that play out at the Tuckahoe Rabbit Hunters Club? How will it play in all 95 counties?

Can you imagine the photo op now with the Knoxville Mayor in camouflage and a hunting rifle over his shoulder? I feel another Romney incident coming. The Knoxville Mayor announcing that he enjoys hunting and fishing and when we search the public records. He has NEVER possessed a hunting or fishing license.

I am confident that Congressman Zach Wamp has a stellar record of defending our right to keep and bear arms. For those photo shop professionals out there, send some photos of the Knoxville Mayor in hunting gear and I will post them.

Again, we need a Governor from Main Street and the weekend recreational hunting fields. Not from Wall Street and the Corporate board room.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Zach Wamp on Knoxville Radio This Morning

Third District United States Congressman was on the Hallerin Hill show on FM 100.3 this morning. As usual he did an exceptional job. One phone call was put on the air and some guy called the Congressman a turn coat and that no veteran would vote for him. The Congressman explained that he has always received a huge veteran support and that the vote on the bailout was the most painful and terrible of all votes. He was keeping the Volkswagen plant in his congressional district.

Hallerin thanked the Congressman and then had the Knoxville Mayor on the air. Most questions were softballs and he even asked what the first lady thought. Never mind that he ignored asking the Congressman what Kim Wamp thought. But he took one phone call for the Knoxville Mayor and lo and behold it was the same guy that attacked Wamp and proceeded to repeat his anti-Wamp speak and form it into a softball question for the Knoxville Mayor.

Now it has been pointed out to me that the major sponsor for Hallerin's Anything is Possible TV show is Pilot, a family owned business of the Knoxville Mayor. Can you say say Conflict of Interest and Bias, Hallerin?

I have been asked why are you currently supporting Zach Wamp over the Knoxville Mayor?

Here are a few.

Wamp has been an excellent Congressman for 12 years. Today he was sworn in for his final term and will leave Congress with 14 years of service when he becomes Tennessee's next Governor.

He is not a raise taxes kind of leader. Remember the Knoxville Mayor proposed and the City Council raised City Of Knoxville property taxes at least once during his term.

Wamp has not advocated or taken individuals private property for the growth of a city that has experienced suburban flight.

Wamp has not advocated or placed red light camera enforcements in order to provide revenue for a city.

Wamp has not advocated the control of what a citizen can do with their own personal property on their property. (parking your cars on your property where you need it to be located)

Wamp has represented his district well, which includes Oak Ridge. He delivered the Spallation Neutron Source project to Oak Ridge.

Wamp has chaired a Committee in Congress that has managed the tax payer dollars that exceeded over 70 billion.

Wamp will conclude his term of service before taking office as Governor. The Knoxville Mayor will be leaving the citizens of Knoxville for an entire year. Leaving the Vice Mayor to serve for a year or better yet cost the city taxpayers another special election for a one year term.

Wamp is a servant leader that the Republican party needs to reach out to the Republican grassroots, democrats and independents. We need someone from Main Street not Wall Street. The Knoxville Mayor and his family are from Wall Street, the very people that have our economy in the shape it is in today.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Haslam Campaign Confirms Brian's Blog Information

Two hours after we reported it. The Haslam campaign confirmed our information through their paid media conglomerate, The Knoxville News Sentinel.

The confirmation is that a Wednesday announcement will be made. Now, for those individuals that get hit up for campaign money from Big Jim or Jimmy, you had better check your caller id's. $3.0 million in 6 weeks. AT&T will be hot for a while.

It is great being us!

Haslam for Governor Plans Revealed

Sources close to the Haslam for Governor regime have informed of us of several items of interest.

First, it is currently planned that Bill Haslam will announce on Wednesday 1/7/2008 that an exploratory committee is being formed to prepare a run for Governor of Tennessee.

Second, the challenge for Big Jim (Daddy) and Jim III (big brother) is to raise $3.0 million dollars over the next 6 weeks. So, by February 20, 2008 it will appear that the Knoxville Mayor has a groundswell of support.

Third, any potential opponent that the Haslam's may face can expect a negative campaign. It will not be obvious that it is coming from the Haslam campaign. But, it will be a muddy war.

A problem that the Haslam's have not considered is that when the exploratory committee is formed. All campaign contributions and expenses will be monitored. He will be prohibited from flying on the Pilot corporate jet and will be prohibited from obtaining free Pilot gasoline to travel the State of Tennessee. Any flights on the Pilot jet or free gasoline from Pilot will become a corporate contribution which is prohibited by state law.

We all know that Bill and the Haslam's would not violate state law to become the Governor of Tennessee.

Wamp Officially Announces for Governor of Tennessee

Matt Wilson of the Chattanooga Times Free Press is the first to break the news of the official announcement of Third District United States Congressman Zach Wamp's to launch his candidacy for Governor.

"One of the highest honors of my life has been to serve the very best people in the world — the citizens of Tennessee’s Third District — in Congress for the last 14 years. I am grateful and humbled that you have again elected me to serve in Congress, and I will be sworn in tomorrow to serve you in the 111th Congress. I will continue to make my service to you my highest priority. Our country faces difficult challenges in the days ahead, and I will do my best to bring reasoned, conservative solutions to the problems we face."

"However, I believe the time is at hand for me to expand my service to help even more people in our great state by pursuing the office of Governor. While so much is good in Tennessee, I know in my heart we can continue to do better. From education, economic development, infrastructure and transportation to safer cities and healthier children, I will lead our state with vision, planning and implementation while setting goals and achieving results for a better Tennessee."

"In the next few days, I will travel the Third District to thank and hear from the people who have been so good to Kim, Weston, Coty and me over the years. I will also file the paperwork necessary to begin raising money as a candidate for Governor of the great State of Tennessee."

"Bolstered by a strong record of public service, a strong faith in God and the support of thousands of people like you who have stood with us through the years, I begin this extraordinary journey with a servant’s heart and a commitment to the common sense values that makes Tennessee the state we all love. Please pray for us and spread the good word."

"Thank you so much."

Third District U.S. Congressman Zach Wamp Announces Candidacy for Governor

An official announcement has yet to be made, however, Third District United States Congressman Zach Wamp will announce his candidacy for Governor of Tennessee. The sooner the better in our opinion.

Bill Gibbons Announces Run for Governor

Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons announced yesterday that he will run for Governor of Tennessee.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Haslam Ain't the Sharpest Tool in the Shed

We just discovered that political leverage has gone public with the fact that they secured at least three Bill Haslam domain names. That ain't real smart, if you are planning to run for statewide office.

It reminds us of the time that Brian's Blog obtained the blogspot addresses of Sandra Clark and Betty Bean. Bean got all in a wad over it. After we had our fun watching Bean stroke out. We deleted them.

In an interesting twist we were notified tonight that Bean still is obsessed with BH. She's over on the liberal community blog still mentioning BH every chance she gets.

Bill Frist is Skeered...Brian's Blog Was Right..

On December 15, 2008 (20 days ago) we said that based on our sources, Dr. Bill Frist is too skeered to run for Governor and we said that he would NOT run. Today's news confirms that we were right.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Do the Right Thing - Inside the Movement that’s Bringing Common Sense Back to America

One of my Christmas gifts is the book Do the Right Thing by former Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee. The book was released in mid November 2008.

The book details his presidential run that resulted in a second place finish in the Republican primary. Huckabee finished second to the eventual Republican nominee, Senator John McCain. The book details the difference in his campaign and the others like Mitt Romney. Romney possessed unlimited money for his failed campaign and an arrogant moral superiority complex. Huckabee flew commercial airline flights while every other candidate flew private charter flights. However, though it was necessary due to limited cash and a shoe string budget. It is also an indication for his appeal to the grassroots. Because he was in constant contact with Bob the Business Traveler, Cindy the Commuter and Joe the Plumber everyday.

In the chapter Welcome to Washington, D.C: The Roach Motel he identifies the problem that is Washington. All of these individuals check in to the Roach Motel. They begin partying and eating at the expense of the taxpayers and they enjoy it in there and they stay. That can be said for local politicians that serve in two or three positions but not for a limited time. They stay for 20 years or more. Or they stay for four terms, sit out for 6 years and then they want back in.

He details his plan for Health care in the Chapter Quit Treating Snakebites and in the chapter The Fairness and Force of the Fair Tax he details why he believes in the Fair Tax today just as he did when he endorsed it in his campaign.

The best chapter for me personally is Faux-Cons: Worse than Liberalism. I have been trying to figure out about some of these Republicans and Huckabee has nailed it and the term that he has developed for this type of Republican is Faux-Cons.

This book confirmed for me that in October 2007, I did the right thing in endorsing, supporting and casting my vote in the 2008 Republican primary for Mike Huckabee. I only hope that we get the chance to do it again.

Thursday, January 01, 2009