Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rob Huddleston Has an Ax To Grind..and It Appears That I Am The Collateral Damage

Rob Huddleston, another blogger that lives and practices law in these parts. Has taken an opportunity to attack the Republican nominee for President. Saying that he ain't supporting McCain. So, Rob is evidently supporting Obama or Hillary. Don't know which one, but that is where he is leading. If he ain't supporting McCain.

In the same post. He says that I am supporting two Democrats and actively opposing two Republican candidates. He asks the question if it is a Republican on Republican crime. This is the farthest thing from fact. It is a work of fiction on Rob and his sources part.

I have posted this at least twice. So here is the third time. Hopefully lawyer, Rob will understand it a third time. Because he didn't get it the first two times.

The Republican on Republican crime is from one Ruthie Kulhman. Kulhman a Republican candidate for County Commission in the fourth district has contributed enough money to a Democrat candidate in August to make it on the financial disclosure of Republican candidate Brad Anders opponent's disclosure. If a Republican on Republican crime has occurred it is Kulhman supporting Anders general election opponent.

As for Arnett. I have sent word through at least 10 of Foster's people that if he has questions of me. Than he needs to call or email me. It appears that Arnett is skeered (that is scared in Knox County, Rob) to contact me. Arnett is an old protege of Victor Ashe and we all know how that Republican story goes. They ain't many Republicans in that there group.

It appears that Rob, probably not aware of it has become a close ally to the last remaining remnant of Tyler Harber. That appears to be his source for this erroneous information.

Moncier* Wins

A little good news from federal court today. The federal court will be a Herb Moncier free zone for the next five or so years.

If you were listening to The Phil Show on the Big Talker FM 100.3 this afternoon. I was the Brian that called in and asked that with the five year ban imposed on Herb, than should all of Herb's wins (local, state and federal) the past couple of years need to be *. Just like the baseball players that are alleged to be have been on steroids. Because obviously if Herb is guilty than he has likely been "juiced" for sometime building up to this court ruling.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Knox County Clerk's Office is Out of Service

A resolution is before the Knox County Commission this evening. The County Commission requested that interim Clerk George Stooksbury or County Clerk employee Carolyn Heiskell appear at the Commission meeting this evening.

When asked if she would call and ask for George or Carolyn to come over to the meeting. County Clerk employee Martha Beeler said "NO. George went home sick today and Carolyn has health issues also." So, why doesn't Martha Beeler speak on behalf of the Clerk's office.

It is unbelievable that the very office that purports to be "bringing government to the people." is the very office that runs and hides because they are skeered (for those of you that ain't from around here, that is Knox County for scared) of Commission.

Carolyn Heiskell is an active campaigner for Foster Arnett, Junior and is pictured standing with Foster on his website via videos and still photographs. So, will electing Foster just be more of the same?

Fortunately, the resolution was postponed for thirty days in hopes that George and Carolyn will be well next month.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Harvest Cafe' Opening Today in Five Points

The Harvest Cafe opened today in Five Points Shopping Center. The Shopping Center formerly the Metro Village Market IGA is now home to Harvest Cafe' an outreach of Pastor James and Jackie Davis's Eternal Life Harvest Church.

I attended the opening which began at 3:00 p.m. with a brief worship service. Elected officials Vice Mayor Mark Brown and Commission Chairman Tank Strickland along with former County Commissioner Diane Jordan and Therea Cox of the Partnership of Neighborhood Improvement attended and spoke during the service.

The Cafe' offers hot plate meals from its state of the art kitchen, convenience store items and gasoline. There are no beer, cigarettes or lottery tickets.

When you are in the neighborhood. Stop by and invest in East Knoxville, Harvest Cafe' and the Eternal Life Harvest Church.

Another Republican "Has Been" Behaving Badly

We reported last week about the Fourth District, Seat A Republican candidate behaving badly. It seems that on Saturday night at Regas Restaurant, former Republican Commissioner Mary Lou Horner, termed a "has been" by some local Republicans had a behaving badly streak herself. According to Democrat sources she attended the dinner for the Democrat candidate for Property Assessor. Our source says that the dinner expected 80 attendees. Actually, Horner, her chauffeur and at least 13 of her friends attended.

Loudon County School Board Leads The Way

Did you see this yesterday online or in today's News-Sentinel? See what happens when a School Board has a Chairman that is working for the good of the kids, not for their own personal agenda. See what happens when a business community and a Mayor's family that does not try and manipulate the selection of the next Director of Schools. Loudon County even allowed the public involved in the entire process.

Loudon County's new Director of Schools has a unanimous mandate from the board. While Dr. McIntyre must work on his divided board from day one.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Bearden High School To Be Led By New Principal Next Year

According to sources from within Bearden High School. Longtime Bearden High School Assistant Principal and Current Interim Bearden High School Principal Lynn Hill will become the Principal of Gibbs High School next school year. Opening Bearden High School to its fourth principal in the last five years.

Bearden has just experienced the best year in its modern era. The loss of Lynn Hill to the Bearden community will be tragic and will be felt for many years to come. It is unfortunate that Bearden has been neglected the last three years prior to Lynn being named the Interim Principal last year. The only thing that could make this news any worse is for the school system to name the current Karns High School principal as Bearden High Schools new principal.

Personally for Lynn Hill, Gibbs High School takes him back home to the community where he has resided for many years. So, Congratulations to Lynn personally. But what a tragedy for the Bearden High School community.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fourth District Republicans Behaving Badly?

First, in financial disclosures filed with the Knox County Election Commission it is revealed that the Republican candidate for County Commission Fourth District, Seat A has contributed to the Democrat opponent of Republican Candidate for County Commission Sixth District Brad Anders.

During the primary campaign. Walt Wojnar had the best campaign slogan. It went "Wojnar is spelt W-O-J-N-A-R. The J is silent, I won't be." It appears that the campaign slogan still rings true. While the Republican candidate for Fourth District Seat A is funding the Democrat opposition for other Republicans on the August 7 ballot.

Walt Wojnar has gathered Republican support and has made an in-kind contribution to the campaign of Finbarr Saunders. He has contributed more than 2000 "Republicans 4 FINBARR" stickers.

If you would like one, I am sure that you can email Finbarr, here or Walt here and find out when and where you can get your sticker. These stickers will be the hottest commodity in Knox County this year. You can place a "Republicans 4 FINBARR" sticker on your car, in your office or at your home.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blount County Commissioners are "Fellow Travelers"

Did you see this Breaking News story on the Sentinel's website about our neighbors in Blount County. It seems that three Commissioners decided to rendezvous in Nashville with a citizen and met with a state level bureaucrat about the county business.

Congratulations and a big "Way To Go" to Mayor Cunningham for his strong comments in the paper condemning their actions.

The bureaucrat confirmed that the meeting occurred. Wendy Pitts Reeves is a Democrat. Republicans David Graham and Monika Murrell are termed "fellow travelers" in a small clique of Commissioners. The other two commissioners in the clique were smart enough to stay home from the Nashville trip.

Wendy Pitts-Reeves has yet to pass a single resolution in her career as a Commissioner. She rarely even gets a second. Murrell is a "rookie" Commissioner in her first term and according to Blount County sources is easily influenced. There is a chance that she could have a Damascus Road experience and become a viable public servant. Graham has served 2-3 terms and apparently has an agenda against the Blount County Sheriff. In Knox County, we call that the Wanda Moody/Herb Moncier syndrome.

Wendy Pitts Reeves has been featured on the Jim Gray/Mark Harmon Knoxville "Deaniacs" CTV show in the past. The show is entitled "DTV" for Deaniac Television. As the show is not officially endorsed by Knox County's minority political party.

Pitts-Reeves represents the fourth district which includes the voting precincts of Blount County Board of Education-City, Blount County Board of Education-County, Chilhowee View, Fairview-City, Fairview-County, Montvale. You can email your thoughts about her actions to Pitts-Reeves, here.

Graham represents the seventh district which includes the voting precincts of Big Springs, Carpenter's, Friendsville-City, Friendsville-County, Happy Valley, Lanier

Murrell represents the ninth district which includes the voting precincts of Porter, Rockford-Alcoa, Rockford - City, Rockford-County, Rockford 20th-Alcoa and Shooks Gap

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The News-Sentiel's Bias Agenda

Aren't we lucky that we can surf the Internet and find out the truth, rather than rely on the heavily biased and factually inaccurate coverage of the News-Sentinel?

In today's paper, we have this line in an editorial on world food prices: While biofuels are only a part of the problem, News-Sentinel link here.

Really? Part of the problem? Could it be that it's described as part of the problem because of one of the paper's main advertisers is receiving subsidies for ethanol based fuel?

Could it be that the paper does not want to criticize the cause of its favorite political celebrity, Al Gore?

Here's the truth:

A combination of high fuel costs, bad weather and land allocated to biofuels is constraining food supply. At the same time, producer countries are seeking to conserve food for their own people by curtailing exports. Link here.

Oxfam's Phil Bloomer welcomed the news, saying biofuels pushed up food prices and led to "land grabs" from the poor.

There are concerns that agricultural land is being used to produce biofuels despite a shortage of food production.

Mr Bloomer said: "Setting mandatory targets for biofuels before we are aware of their full impact is madness.

Not only are biofuels pushing up food prices, but they are also linked to human rights abuses and land-grabs from the poor."

Friends of the Earth's food campaigner, Vicky Hird added: "UK and European targets for increasing bio fuel use by adding it to our petrol must be scrapped." Link here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Traveling Back 23 Years Ago Via YouTube

As all of my close friends know, I have a very diverse taste in music. I can be listening to Guns & Roses, skip to Hank, Junior, skip to Kenny Chesney and then to the Southern Gospel favorite of The Kingsmen.

In 1985, I had been out of high school one year and had volunteered in the Reagan/Bush 1984 General election campaign. I was attending school and working, it was such a simpler time.

However, in 1985 I went to the Civic Coliseum and the opening act was Til' Tuesday. I have been in love with the sound of Aimee Mann from that day. I have the entire Aimee Mann collection on my ipod and she is today the Queen of the indie singer/songwriter.

Here she still is today. The lady has staying power.

Monday, April 21, 2008

School Board Votes For a Capital Budget for FY 2009 ONLY

In a substitute motion Board Member Cindy Buttry proposed that the School Board approve a capital plan for FY 09 only. That is Fiscal Year 2009, which would be July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009. The substitute motion passed after Robert Bratton's 8 cent property tax increase substitute motion failed.

Buttry's motion made perfect sense, in that the board has NEVER followed a five year plan in the first place. And it will allow the NEW School Board Member Bill Phillips to be involved with the next capital plan that the NEW Superintendent Dr. James McIntyre will assist in building.

Dr. McIntyre attended the board meeting this evening and made a very positive impression with the multiple Brian's Blog sources that interacted with the new Superintendent.

A couple of our sources also witnessed several board members and Dr. McIntyre following the board meeting at a popular downtown establishment.

School Board Member Advocates an 8 cent Property Tax Increase

Has this Democrat not seen the reality of our economy. The greatest food inflation in 17 years. Gas prices at $3.36 a gallon. I have seen more people running out of gas on the side of the road than I have in my lifetime. Two people were out of gas this afternoon near the Walker Springs Road Pilot. One was a motorcycle and he was rolling it into the Pilot and the other at the red light and they were filling the tank with a gas can.

Bratton is obviously so Democrat leaning that he is out of touch with the rest of our community.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Award Winning Committee

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I received a phone call from the President of the A.L. Lotts Elementary School PTA. The Legislative Committee received the award for being first in the State of Tennessee.

My wife and I co-chaired the committee this year. This is our last year for involvement at A.L. Lotts as our youngest is in the fifth grade. We have been involved since our oldest of three walked into A.L. Lotts in the mid 1990's.

I previously chaired the committee twice and the Lotts PTA won first place consecutively. My wife chaired the committee for two years and was awarded third and then first place. We took last school year off. This year we agreed to do it and our committee was recognized as the best in the State.

It is a total team effort. The President, Marca Hance did an awesome job and the Board of Managers were so helpful and instrumental in the total success.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Scripps, News Sentinel, No Silence Here and Michael Silence...Need Some Common Decency?

One would hope you could let kids and students use the KnoxNews website to learn the (biased) news without having to worry about common decency.

To the contrary, the News-Sentinel continues to lower its standards, led by none other than the News-Sentinel's standard bearer of working with on the Internet, Michael Silence.

Three obscenities in one sentence! Just when you think the News-Sentinel can't go any lower, they continue to stoop lower and lower.

I hope the KnoxNews website is not used in any classrooms in Knox County as a "learning tool." It should be banned.

Be warned, here is the link.

Brad Hill....A Solo Act?

In yesterday's Metro Pulse (April 17), Brad Hill has another letter-to-the-editor criticizing Frank Cagle and advocating for the Knoxville Charter Petition amendments.

I'm no fan of Frank, but two letters, two weeks in a row from Hill.

Do you know if they're (Knox Charter Petition Group) paying Hill?

Even if they aren't, it seems like he's the only one who's willing to write letters to the newspapers (all owned by Scripps) in support of KCP.

Guess that speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Jack McElroy Hearts Mickey Mouse

One of our Brian's Blog correspondents attended the Bearden -v- West High School soccer game this past week. Jack McElroy was in the crowd, watching his son. His son plays on the West High School soccer team.

The air got a tad bit chilly and Mr. McElroy was seen leaving the game, after a brief trip to his vehicle. He returned with a blanket in order to remain warm from the colder than usual air temperature. His blanket of choice? A Mickey Mouse blanket.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Please Pray for Bryanna Reveiz

Fellow First Baptist Church, Concord members Fuad and Gayle Reveiz daughter, Bryanna was seriously injured this morning in an automobile accident.

Please pray for this family and for Bryanna's healing.

I got the phone call traveling back from Nashville this morning. I apologize for being out of pocket on the blog the last day or two.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Typical Liberals

Brian's Blog has discovered a video of what a typical gathering of the regular posters of the local liberal blog would be like, if they were able to gather together. Check the interview with one of the likely regulars.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Today's News-Sentinel with Georgiana and an Interesting Twist To The TIF's

First, it is Georgiana Vines column. She decided to inform you of what Brian's Blog reported two weeks ago about Mike Lowe and his ultimate departure from the Trustee's Office. Way to keep up Georgiana.

She then proceeds to inform you of the campaign financial situation of Mike Lowe, Scott Moore. She then informs you of how much cash Foster Arnett, Junior, Sherry Witt. She then decides to publicize identity of three private citizens that have contributed to Sherry Witt. So, Georgiana Vines is now attempting to dry up the campaign contributions for Republican candidates. But, she NEVER mentioned the financial contributions for her Democrat friends that are challenging Sherry Witt or Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones.

Why is this Georgiana? Have you resorted back to anti-Republican bashing again. First it was Mayor Kyle Testerman and then Knox County Republican Chairman Brian Hornback and just last week it was Former Knox County Republican Chairman Brian Hornback.

So, now it is the contributors to the Republicans that you do not like? It is after all your standard M.O.

And then the Hayes Hickman TIF story located here. They link to the Knox County TIF application and they link to the City of Knoxville's TIF application. The News-Sentinel is well aware of the City of Knoxville TIF process as they are recipient of a TIF/PILOT for their new location and they are trying to get one for the next owners of their old property.

Tonight the West Knox Republican Club

The West Knox Republican Club will meet tonight at the Cedar Bluff Middle School Library at 7:00 p.m. There will be no dining, so eat before you come.

The program will our Knox County Commissioners discussing the Charter Amedments.

Republicans believe in our right to keep and bear and you never know who may have a hand carry permit. But, then again we are meeting at a school and I believe they are illegal at schools. So, maybe they will be checked at the door.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Funny That's Message Still Has Relevance

This was posted on YouTube nearly a year ago, who would have thought that this is exactly as the Democrat primary would be playing out even in April 2008. The Republican at the end, didn't play out so well. But enjoy this as a Sunday Funny.

If You Are From Around Here....Do You Remember This?

I do. But then I remember the Cas Walker Farm & Home Hour and of course the early years of The Mull Singing Convention on Sunday mornings, Mrs. Mull and Charlotte are still on Sunday mornings from 7:00 - 8:00 a.m. on Volunteer TV WVLT.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

School Board Member-Elect Bill Phillips Working Before Day One

In this upcoming Monday edition on page 2 of the Knoxville / Knox County Focus, School Board Member - Elect Bill Phillips details a plan that he presented as a citizen (he doesn't take office until 9/1/2008) this past Wednesday during the School Board's Public Forum. Interesting sidebar, sources have informed Brian's Blog that Phillips asked to speak to an item on the agenda and he was informed that because he was scheduled to speak on public forum that he would not be permitted to speak to more than one item. This is contrary to the actual board policy.

This item is worthy of the board's discussion and consideration, Brian's Blog will predict today that it will likely be ignored. Sources indicate that Russ Oaks, the school systems PR guy was "spinning" the three members of the media immediately following Phillips remarks, why this proposal will be DOA - Dead On Arrival. Oaks said it has been considered before and the contractors didn't like it.

The problem is that Oaks is assuming the contractors have not been briefed already on this proposal. That assumption could cause someone to have egg on their face.

What could the savings be?

8th District School Board Elect Bill Phillips poses questions

Knox County School Board Elect Representative Bill Phillips recently posed questions at workshop meeting. Could Knox County Schools create a win/win situation with the school bus contractors by applying for tax exempt status? By thinking out side of the box, the school board has the potential to save the school system hundreds of thousands of dollars. It would be uncharted water as no other school board in the country has applied for the status.

Phillips believes that the county could apply for the status and then issue fuel cards based on the amount of fuel needed for each bus. This would eliminate the contractor from having to cash flow these unknown fuel prices. The way things are being done currently, it is almost impossible for the contractor to forecast fuel prices & then they have to pass the high cost of fuel to the county and this would take this burden off them and the county would be responsible for the the fuel purchase only.

Phillips said, “Presently school buses use 3,800 gallons of fuel per school day. We know the routes and the miles each day. It should just be a matter of issuing a card (voyager fleet cards) with a limit based on the current fuel & the number of gallons needed and the amount of miles that bus will be traveling.” (Voyager already has a system in place & 92% of all
locations accept that card.)

Phillips continued, “With fuel prices being what they are today and the likelihood that they will raise even higher, we also need to rethink our busing children for long distances. We have some children who are on a school bus for 2 to 2.5 hours a day. In my district where there is not a middle school in the Gibbs community, students are bussed to Holston and that takes a significant amount of fuel each day.”

You can contact Bill Phillips with questions or concerns at
bill@phillips4schools. org or call 680-1557.

CSPAN, Youtube and the PA Democrat Primary

CSPAN has launched a campaign asking people to post videos on YouTube building up to the April 22 PA Democrat primary.

There are about 9 videos so far. While I am not a fan of Obama or Hillary. I like my good neighbor, like Hillary the least. But that ain't saying much. I dislike both, it is just Hillary is lower than pond scum. (I have heard the reference somewhere, maybe 1994 TN U.S. Senate Republican primary)

This video gets the Brian's Blog thumbs up for most creative and best memorable message. Hope all you liberal Democrats enjoy it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

NC 11th Congressional District Republican Primary

Two years ago, Democrat Heath Shuler defeated incumbent Republican Congressman Charles Taylor. Shuler promised to be a new democrat, as soon as he got there, he climbed in with the Latte Liberal from the San Francisco bay.

This is the year, to return the 11th Congressional district of North Carolina back to Republican values. While either of the three candidates will do a better job for Western North Carolina than the current occupant of the seat. I am impressed with Dr. Carl Mumpower, he is an Independent Republican and one that has a record of standing on principle and not wavering from what he says from one venue to another. Col. Spence Campbell can provide some real leadership in regards to our military, No Retreat, No Defeat. and then there is John Armor, Esquire a candidate that appears to bring a constitutional approach.

It will be great to see who the Republicans of the 11th Congressional district of North Carolina send to the fall election. Because which ever candidate we have. They will sack the quarterback. His campaign debt from two years ago has not been paid off and his fundraising efforts to date have not been successful.

Mumpower's first television ad is below.

Mumpower takes a principled stand in the face of a hostile crowd.

Appointed Interim County Commissioner Robert "Milo" Rountree Desires To "Chill Constituent Communication"

Appointed interim County Commissioner Robert "Milo" Rountree has an item on this months County Commission agenda. His item is to ban the use of "telephonic" devices during Commission meetings.

His proposal would not only ban the use of cellphones for Commissioners, but the way the resolution is written it would ban the use of cellphones by those in attendance in the Large Assembly Room. It would even ban the use of the phones at the media table that are provided by Knox County and the Public Building Authority.

Rountree's proposal is on the heels of Commissioner Victoria DeFreese response to the County Mayor's request for the identity of constituents that have contacted her. In response DeFreese said that this action would "chill constituent communication" This Rountree proposal certainly would "chill constituent communication".

Within the last two months, a constituent contacted Commissioner DeFreese via cellphone to inform her that the initial workshop on the charter amendments was not being televised. She moved to recess the meeting. CTV immediately went on the air.

I brought this Rountree resolution up on "The Voice" (AM 1040 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon Monday - Friday) I stated that there are times when it is necessary for a Commissioners family to contact them and when there are times when it is neccesary for constituents to contact them.

Commissioner Greg Lambert when he first began his term in September 2006, began using "The Voice" message board with his laptop. Commissioner Mark Harmon then began imitating Lambert by communicating through a local liberal blog during Commission meetings. Rountree doesn't address the communication devices of Harmon and Lambert.

After I voiced my concern on The Voice radio talk show, Commissioner Elaine Davis called in and said that Rountree had mentioned that he intended to present this resolution. Commissioner Davis said that she has a son with Type II diabetes, and that she must be in contact with her family, his school and his caregivers.

Now, what is Rountree doing telling a fellow Commissioner about his resolution? What part of Chancellor Fansler's order does he NOT understand. Rountree was forbidden to vote on the Charter Review Committee because he violated the judges order and now it appears that he will be unable to vote for his own resolution because he initiated a sidebar with Commissioner Davis. Thankfully, Commissioner Davis made it public that Rountree approached her and talked to her about his resolution.

Disunity Within the KCRP Under CBT

Overnight, in response to this our post setting the record straight. The previous Republican Chairman to my term challenged the disunity statement by me. He said his record speaks for itself. I am thankful that he said this because now I will explain his record of disunity.

In watching the actions or I should say inaction's of the County Chairman during CBT's term is the reason that I had frank conversations with Mary Lou Horner, James McMillian and R. Larry Smith in trying to stop the slander postcards.

When CBT was Chairman he allowed the campaign for State Senator to become the most vicious and nasty in Knox County history. Then Sate Representative Jamie "Hagood" Woodson was a candidate for the seat being vacated by Ben Atchley. Her opponent former Republican Chairman Billy Stokes was challenging her. There were so many mean, nasty, vicious comments being made on the News-Sentinel website and on Cas Walker.com (a website that we now know, belonged to Stokes campaign manager) As Chairman CBT NEVER had a conversation with the two candidates and he sat by allowing the gutter politics to become the political sewage treatment plant.

That my friends was the disunity created by the previous Chairman to my term.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sandra "Tabloid Bully Editor Girl" Clark Lies and Lies Again

I was notified yesterday that the local liberal blog had a post entitled Missing Hornback? A portion of Rob Huddleston's blog Voluntarily Conservative was the subject of the post. In Rob's post, he is discussing the state of the local Republican Party. The Chair is Ms. Irene McCrary and 1st Vice Chair is Corey Johns. They have been leading the Knox County Republican Party since March 2007, over a year ago.

In a comment the "tabloid bully editor girl" proceeds to spew her hate speech for me. So, in response, I will post why she and Betty Bean are always cyber stalking me with their hate speech.

In 2006, when I was Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party, the incumbent Commissioner from the Seventh district Mary Lou Horner was running for re-election. Sandra was at the time and had been for Mary Lou's entire political career performed the role of Mary Lou's campaign manager. Their opponents in 2006 were James McMillian and R. Larry Smith. There were some nasty postcards being mailed to super female voters in the district. As Chairman, I had frank discussions with all three candidates, informing them that if I discovered that a candidates campaign was behind them. Then I would hold a press conference publicly exposing the candidate. We were never able to determine if one of the three candidates were behind the cards. The cards did stop for a couple of weeks after I talked to all three candidates.

In response to the TN Supreme Court decision, they convinced Mary Lou to issue a press release saying that she was suspending her campaign. Shortly afterword Mary Lou contacted me requesting that as Chairman that I conduct a press conference informing the public that they could still vote for the incumbent and that the party would select the nominee if the elected incumbent is removed from office.

Within three weeks of R. Larry Smith winning the Republican nomination, I was the primary figure in one of the three parts of Betty Bean's "County Confidential". All of the information pertaining to me was a work of fiction that violated three different journalistic code of ethics. I met with Sandra and her publisher in November 2006 and was assured that this breach of journalistic ethics will not occur in the future.

So since November 2006, Betty and Sandra have resorted to doing so on the local liberal blog. However, in March of 2007, though I was asked to run for Chairman again. I declined. I am and have been a private citizen for over a year.

During my term as Chairman, we held multiple fundraisers. We re-located the office to a high traffic area that was handicapped accessible, the office that I inherited as Chairman had a huge overhead cost and anyone in a wheelchair or walker was unable to enter the office. We held many different unity events in bringing the party back together. The previous Chairman had the party in throws of disunity. Immediately following my unanimous election as Chairman, he and Sandra began a furious media campaign effort to undo my election. In May and August 2006, the party was unified with a campaign ticket that resulted in every incumbent Republican winning re-election with the exception of Commissioner David Collins. We battled and beat the Democrats "Orange Ballot" It was a great time in bringing the party together. All of the fabrications, gossip and lies that Sandra posts or writes can not undo the facts.

Additionally for the record, as Chairman I am not the treasurer, I am Chairmab. Had I been informed that the parties account needed additional funds, I would have held a meeting and together we would have developed a plan. Immediately following my departure, Chair McCrary asked the 12 Republican Clubs and Republican elected officials to kick in dollars. The Chair also requested that all Republican candidates to pay $100 for the February 5, 2008 election night party. Having been Chairman for at least 4 election night victory parties. That money from every Republican candidate should have the party far from bankruptcy. The overhead at the 640 building is considerably less than the non-ADA compliant offices that the previous Chairman had secured.

I did not post this on the local liberal blog, because it would have been removed by the site administrator. And before Sandra can remove her lies about me, I am copying and pasting them here below. The link to the local liberal blog post and comments is located here.

GOP politics
Submitted by Sandra Clark on Thu, 2008/04/10 - 10:53am.

Interesting discussion. For my two cents, Hornback spent the money Chad Tindell raised for the GOP and didn't replenish the larder. He failed at the most basic task of a party chair -- did he leave the job better or worse than he found it?

Brian left $312 in the party treasury.

Those like myself, who have been around forever, recall that the Lincoln Day Dinner previously was the major fund-raiser for the county party. During R. Larry Smith's one-term tenure as party chair, the LDD was taken away by the county officeholders because they wanted the proceeds to benefit candidates, not the sign-printing, banner-making, letterhead producing p.r. type stuff that Smith was buying.

Ironically, I supported Larry over his then-foe Tim Burchett. Larry won the party chair's race and Burchett went on to win election as state representative and then state senator.

Gosh, had Tim beaten Larry, we might have seen Burchett selling insurance and Smith in the State Senate. Be careful what you wish for! -- s.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thoughts from the Knox County School Board Meeting By one of Our Source

Have you been watching the school board meeting? Compliments go to Cindy Buttry for voting on principle. I noticed Sam Anderson called Dr. McIntyre "Bob." It's interesting that they're on a first name basis already.

I wonder if Dr. McIntyre is also on a first name basis with Sam's brother who works in Central Office.

A few other notes from the real world.

While Thomas Deakins opined cleverly and deceptively about how he doesn't believe in job protection for Central Office administrators, he did vote to require a 2/3 majority vote on the school board to fire Dr. McIntyre, which is, of course, job protection for his and Coach Anderson's man "Bob."

Deakins also used the words "matrix" and "mission statements," a requirement for the professional classes to let us know that they are different from us the common people.

Now if only Deakins and his comrades can explain where that 57% graduation rate falls into the "matrix."

Dr. Murphy also claimed that Dr. McIntyre is becoming our superintendent because he's "ready." He's ready for us, because Madison, Wisconsin apparently wasn't ready for him.

Robert Bratton also made several good points concerning, Dr. McIntyre's contract, not that they were listened to by the Gang of Five.

What we did learn from the leader of the Gang of Five is that those who might oppose Dr. McIntyre's employment in the future would be making "knee jerk" reactions, an insult to the board members who actually listened to, and heeded, the preferences of their hard working and over taxed constituents.

Clearly, the Gang of Five chose a superintendent who has no political and cultural connections to anyone in the area, making him solely dependent on the board members who voted for him. I'm sure he will be following their "recommendations" quite closely.

He has already shown his political astuteness by calling each board member to talk about the contract. But isn't that not only inappropriate, but now, entirely illegal in violation of the Sunshine Act? Is it not a "third person" deliberating with each board member, one at a time?

Knox County School Board Approves Superintendent Contract

The Knox County School Board on a 5-4 vote approved the contract for Superintendent Dr. James McIntyre. The base salary was originally proposed to be $210,000.00 the contract approved tonight was $222,800.00

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Knox County School Superintendent "Proposed" Contract

Less than 10 years ago, the Knox County School Superintendent was hired with a contract paying $132,000.00 in base salary. The contract that the board is scheduled to vote on tomorrow pays a base salary of $210,000.00 What other positions in the county government have seen this type of salary increase?

In the proposed contract the Superintendent will receive a $800 a month automobile allowance. A $1,200.00 allowance to be used for his IRA/Annuity. He receives 24 days of annual leave, with a cash payment equal to 10 additional days of annual leave. That equals 34 days of leave. He will only be on the job 11 months a year? The board is paying for not only his medical and dental insurance, but his wife and dependents as well. Is there a Knox County teacher or staff member that has their family medical coverage paid for by the taxpayers?

There has been much "spin" by the News-Sentinel and a board member or two about how this contract will be a performance based contract. However, the board will not amend his contract until October or November with the performance benchmarks. By October / November 2008, when the contract is opened back up for the performance benchmarks, School Board Member-Elect Bill Phillips will be at the table helping the board to make those decisions.

Also there is a paragraph in the proposed contract that would allow the Superintendent to gain additional employment as a "consultant".

What the Sentinel "spin" machine failed "to shed the light on so that the people could see the way" is that the same performance benchmark language was in former Superintendent Lindsey's contract. However, the board NEVER put the performance benchmarks in. Is the board simply trying to sell the community on a $210,000.00 base salary and never place the performance benchmarks in the contract?

Where is the "promissory note" from the Chamber Partnership for the difference in the former Superintendent's last contract and the $210,000.00 base salary. After all, the Chamber Partnership said that they would help because money shouldn't be an issue in hiring a Superintendent of Schools.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fourth District Forum on Charter Ammendments

Tonight at the fourth district forum, Gene Patterson of WATE was introduced. Only one person clapped, prompting Gene to remark "that is my mother."

The only problem is the one woman is Ruthie Kulhman. The one thing that Gene and Ruthie share is that they are both former employees of Victor H. Ashe, former Mayor of Knoxville. So, Gene and Ruthie must certainly share a kinship.

My friend Logan Brummitt introduced me to Brandon Clarke of Knoxify and YPK. It was great meeting Brandon. My friend, Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "J.J" Jones was in attendance and as always it was a pleasure seeing and talking to him. My friend Tammy White was there and I spent a considerable amount of time catching up with what is new with her.

I met Kathy Bryant tonight and had a good conversation with Amy Broyles and Finbarr Saunders.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Changes @ Brian's Blog

Beginning today, you will notice that there is a post with the by line at the bottom of the post entitled Brian's Blog Team.

This is a new way for Brian's Blog readers to determine that a post was authored by one of our many correspondents.

As their reports and thoughts are emailed into the Brian's Blog offices, they will be posted under the teams name.

Today's Letter To The Editor

Have you noticed the letter-to-the-editor today from a concerned citizen. I guess full disclosure and openness does not apply to the daily paper in town.

I guess people may have read Hill's letter with just too much skepticism if the News-Sentinel had told that Hill is a member (a paid member, do you know?) of the Knox Charter Petition group.

I guess that just wouldn't have served the News-Sentinel's purpose in presenting Hill as just another "concerned citizen" whose only desire is to do what's best for Knox County.

But the News-Sentinel's actions of distortion speak volumes for the lack of popular support for the proposed amendments.

The few letters of support for the Knox Charter Petition group's amendments come from members of the group itself. That's what the story behind the story tells us.

The News-Sentinel's attempt at deception failed. It's time that Scripps removes the Sentinel's editor for disinformation and dishonesty.

The real concerned citizens of Knox County deserve better.

Yesterday's Top Fold Front Page of the News-Sentinel

Did you see this story on the top fold of yesterday's News-Sentinel. It is a story about KAT ridership increasing. The story references Halls, a community in North Knox County outside the City of Knoxville limits.

However, the photo that runs on the top fold, just so happens to have a Pilot Travel Center in the background. Is it just a coincidence that the Pilot Travel Center happened to be in the photo? Is it just a coincidence that Mayor Bill Haslam's family owns Pilot? It probably is just a coincidence.

Here is the photo.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

IdleAire, the TPO and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam

You have read in the News-Sentinel about County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, the TPO (Transportation Planning Organization) and IdleAire. You have read about the fact that Mayor Ragsdale is a member of the TPO. An entity that awards federal grant money out to certain entities, IdleAire being one of them. You have read that Mayor Ragsdale owns some stock in IdleAire.

What you will not read in the News-Sentinel is that Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam sits on the TPO board. His employee Thomas "Tank" Strickland also sits on the TPO board.

Brian's Blog has made a media information request to Jeff Welch of Knoxville / Knox County MPC. Mr. Welch oversees the actions of the TPO. In that request we are seeking the identity of the recipient's of the three federal CMAC grants that passed through the TPO. When we receive that information, we will post it on Brian's Blog.

A Brian's Blog source has alerted us that the last CMAC grant, a large portion went to IdleAire for infrastructure at a Pilot Travel Center in Jefferson County, TN. We have requested that Jeff Welch confirm this.

We believe that IdleAire is a great idea. There are a lot of individuals that have invested in IdleAire. The question remains. Should Mayor Haslam sit on a board that awards money to a company that invests infrastructure enhancements to his family's company and the entire media remain quiet?

Why are the Knoxville media so vocal on public officials that they dislike. Like former Sheriff Tim Hutchison, the former Knox County School Superintendent, Commissioners Scott Moore, Greg Lambert and Paul Pinkston and Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale.

However, when it comes to questions of Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and potential violation(s) of conflicts of interest that media remain quiet. Is it in preparation for a future statewide election?

Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner and Foster Arnett, Junior

Last evening, the Knox County Republican Party held its annual Lincoln Day Dinner. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog was unable to attend due to a previously scheduled family and friend commitment. However, several Brian's Blog sources and correspondents attended.

The one thing that all sources and correspondents agreed on was that Foster Arnett, Junior the Republican candidate for County Clerk appeared uncomfortable and irritated to be at the event. One source even overheard him say, I really do not like these events.

Camp Wesley Woods Needs YOU!

This story in today's News-Sentinel details how Camp Wesley Woods is embarking on its first capital campaign in it's 50 year history.

I remember as a high school youth spending weekend youth retreats at Camp Wesley Woods and Lake Junaluska, NC. All were very good experiences.

The Camp Wesley Woods website is currently down. When it is up, we will post the link here. However the Wesley Woods Camp website is currently up. So check it out here. The link for Lake Junalska is located here.

Yes. For those of you now thinking "I thought Brian Hornback is a Southern Baptist. Is an ordained Deacon and Elder in the Presbyterian Church, USA. Why did he attend two United Methodist Church owned facilities as a youth?" Because when I was a youth, we were members of a United Methodist Church.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Hardin Valley Academy High School is being Constructed With an Illegal Delivery System

The State Comptroller’s office has recently clarified the previously vague parameters under which Local Education Agencies (LEA) in Tennessee may contract with construction management firms to build schools. Brian's Blog is highlighting the difference between the two methods, called CM Agency and CM at risk; you will see which one conforms to the state statute and which one does not.

In summary, it should be clear that the CM Agency method complies with the State law while the CM at risk method (the method currently being used for Hardin Valley Academy) does not. The significant difference is that a “CM at risk” both handles the money and holds the contracts with the contractors, which is in violation of TCA 49-2-203 as clarified by the State Comptroller.

The clarification clearly states that invoices “should be paid by the LEA” and “the construction manager should only be paid their fee.” This clearly indicates the intent of the law is for the money to flow directly from the LEA to the contractors and not through the construction manager. The CM method which clearly meets ALL the requirements of TCA 49-2-203 is CM Agency.

The statute was written to provide the schools with the type of CM service which has been proven to be the most beneficial to clients while protecting the transparency of public work still being bid, not negotiated. The purpose of the statute was to allow construction managers to be selected as a professional service the same as Architects and Engineers. This relationship clearly requires the CM not be a participant in the flowing of funds to avoid a conflict of interest.

This is the exact copy of the clarification by the State’s Comptroller’s office:

Construction manager activities on school construction projects are governed by Section 49-2-203 (a)(3)(C), TCA. This statute provides that construction management services that are provided for a fee and that involve pre-construction and construction administration and management services are deemed to be professional services and are to be procured for each project through a written request for proposals process. A construction manager is prohibited from undertaking actual construction work on a project over which such construction manager coordinates or oversees the planning, bid or construction phases of the project, except in the instances where bids have been solicited twice and no bids have been submitted. If the construction manager can document that a good faith effort was made in each bid solicitation to obtain bids, and no bids were received, then the construction manager may perform the construction work at a price agreed upon by the construction manager, the architect and the owner of the project.

This is the State comptroller’s exact response:

Based upon this statute it is our position that:

1. A Local Education Agency (LEA) should go through a request for proposals to hire a construction manager.

2. The statute makes it clear that construction work which is under the coordination and oversight of a construction manager shall be procured through competitive bids. The construction manager can assist the LEA in preparing bid requests and evaluating the bids, but the bids should be awarded by the LEA, not the construction manager.

3. The construction manager can assist the LEA in determining that invoices are proper and ready for payment. But the invoices should be paid by the LEA.

4. The construction manager should only be paid their fee as construction manager unless as noted in the statute contractors do not respond to bid request on two occasions and the construction manager then provides those services. Unless bidders fail to respond on two occasions the statute states that "A construction manager is prohibited from undertaking actual construction work on a project over which such construction manager coordinates or oversees the planning, bid or construction phases of the project..."


JJ Stambaugh (one of the few good guys) at the News-Sentinel has an excellent piece in today's paper. The story details this weeks SASEF - Southern Appalachian Science & Engineering Fair that was held on the University of Tennessee campus.

There were many great projects submitted this year and the attendance at last nights awards ceremony was overwhelming.

SASEF is a great organization. I first became aware of it shortly after being elected to the school board in 2000 and have continued being a advocate for the fair and the organization.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Brian Bingelli's Ode To Knox County Schools and the Haslam Family

Yesterday, while driving I had my ipod playing through my vehicles stereo and Gary Allan's "Watching Airplanes" came on. I thought about Bingelli sitting on the hood of his truck in Falls Church, Va wondering what happened between the Knox County School Board that scored him a 31 and then never nominated or even cast a vote for him. He was probably wondering what happened between he and the Haslam's, after they spent thousands of dollars to fly him here and now he is still in Va just watching airplanes.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mike Lowe's Final Day Is April 18, 2008

The Scripps owned tag team of McElroy/Hartmann and crew are a lazy bunch. They published a story on February 16, 2008 in which former Trustee Mike Lowe stated that he would be vacating the Trustee office the next week. Mike Lowe has been employed in various different capacities in the Trustee's office for 33 years and counting.

Last Thursday, Brian's Blog posted this item pointing out Rebecca Ferrar and Scripps inability to confirm and verify what they write and publish. This is the article that Ferrar wrote and McElroy/Hartmann published quoting Mike Lowe saying that he would vacate the next week.

I ran into current appointed Trustee Fred Sisk this evening at the Karns Republican Club. He informed me that Mike Lowe's last day will be April 18, 2008. Two months after the News-Sentinel story.

Brian's Blog wishes Mike Lowe well on his retirement. We wish him much success as he enters the real estate and real estate development business. We certainly believe that Mike Lowe will return at some time in the near future to run for elective office again. Brian's Blog looks forward to covering his political endeavors in the future.

It is too bad that McElroy/Hartmann do not spend the time necessary to adequately cover our community. I am sure that if it were Scott Moore or former Sheriff Tim Hutchison, it would have been front page news with Moncier filing at least 12 lawsuits.

Breaking News: WVLT Lays Off Popular On Air and Off Air Talent

Terry Morrow of the Scripps owned News-Sentinel got it wrong yesterday. He said that Jessa Goodard of WVLT "left of her own accord on Friday". According to Brian's Blog sources within the WVLT station staff that is not the case.

WVLT on Friday abruptly laid off Craig Edwards, WVLT weather guy; Kim Bedford, popular Reporter; Jessa Goodard, fill in Co-Anchor; Liz Tedone, former Co-Anchor, current temporary Special Assignments reporter and wife of Craig Edwards and Steve Coy, popular longtime WVLT photographer.

I love WVLT Volunteer TV as Brian's Blog readers will recall. I still love WVLT but you have to wonder, what were they thinking?

So, now Stacey McCloud will co-anchor with Alan Williams. The joke line being that everyday will appear to be "bring your daughter to work day."

I will continue watching WVLT, simply because the other alternatives (WBIR and WATE) in this town just ain't worth it.

Funniest Comment on Knoxnews

Following the story about Commissioner DeFreese Press Conference came the funniest comment that I have seen in a while. It was posted at 4:20 a.m. Who is up at 4:20 a.m.?

I would love to know who this poster really is.

Posted by hot_under_the_collar on April 1, 2008 at 4:20 a.m.

It seems to be the worst maritime accident in Knox County history, two "showboats" colliding in the City/County building. I guess those letters will remain "Victoria's Secret".

This is a great joke to start April Fools Day.