Monday, April 21, 2008

School Board Member Advocates an 8 cent Property Tax Increase

Has this Democrat not seen the reality of our economy. The greatest food inflation in 17 years. Gas prices at $3.36 a gallon. I have seen more people running out of gas on the side of the road than I have in my lifetime. Two people were out of gas this afternoon near the Walker Springs Road Pilot. One was a motorcycle and he was rolling it into the Pilot and the other at the red light and they were filling the tank with a gas can.

Bratton is obviously so Democrat leaning that he is out of touch with the rest of our community.


rayhjenkins said...

And this guy wants to be our County Trustee.

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

I thought Bratton was your friend. Is my memory bad?

Herb King

Brian Hornback said...

Herb King:

Just because Robert and I served on School Board together. Just because he is a friend. Does not mean that I do not cover the school board meetings and call him out when he comes up with a bone headed idea like this one.

I talked to Robert last night and this morning, I told him that he is obviously out of touch with reality and it was the most stupid idea that I had seen in a while. I also informed him that I blogged about it.

I am equal in my coverage of people.