Friday, September 29, 2006

October 4, 2006 - Sims Market in Hardin Valley

Brian's Blog was the first to report about the Knox County School System sending a letter on August 4, 2006 telling the Hardin Valley landmark, Sims Market that October 4, 2006 they must close.

Commissioners Greg Lambert and Mark Cawood organized a Community rally and the next thing you know Bill Connor a local Contractor stepped forward and offered to connect the building to sewer free of charge.

The story is that during site prep on the high school being constructed next door, the heavy equipment got into the septic tank and drain field. The School district maintained it was to costly to connect the business to sewer. Brian's Blog took the position that the company that got off of the school property should have fixed it, but we digress.

Bill Connor made his offer and one person stepped up and took it to the school district. This person persuaded the school district to accept Mr. Connor's offer. Brian's Blog wishes to thank Thomas Deakins. School Board Member Thomas Deakins has been on the school board for 29 days. He has saved Sims Market, he attended the two and a half hour County Commission meeting about the Hardin Valley High School. The day after his first school board meeting, Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog had the opportunity to talk with Thomas at the Farragut High School Open School about his first meeting and pending matters before the school board.

Good job, Thomas.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vote For Traditional Marriage on November 7, 2006

Check out the Real Marriage website. This is a single measure ballot committee of Family Action of Tennessee, Inc. The website is an information point in support of traditional marriage in Tennessee. This ballot initiative will be on the Tennessee ballot on November 7, 2006.

Knox County School Board Chair's Husband Refutes Metro Pulse

A Letter to the Editor of the Metro Pulse this week was pinned by the spouse of the Knox County School Board Chair. The letter can be located here.

The letter is taking the Metro Pulse to task for a recent Editorial. The Editorial of the Metro Pulse was critical of Knoxville's daily newspaper (the News-Sentinel) and its lack of coverage of a local story. The letter's author suggest that Metro Pulse "has no basis to criticize the professional ethics of anyone else in the profession."

Just curious. What ethical violation is the Metro Pulse guilty of?

County Commissioner Explains Vote on HVHS

UPDATE: I have talked with a couple of different County Commissioners today. Two Commissioners that represent a bulk of the students that will benefit from the new Hardin Valley High School, but represent different districts have received many phone calls from district parents since the Monday meeting. The phone calls have thanked the Commissioners for their vote and leadership in fully funding the school for 2100 students. No phone calls have been received from Knox County School Board Members or from the Knox County Schools Central Office. But, then again Commissioners never received any phone calls the 30-60 days, when the School Board first requested the funding. The Commisisoners are thinking that some things never change.

Brian's Blog had several conversations with County Commissioners today about yesterday's vote on approving $6.0 million dollars out of Schools undesignated/other projects account in FY '08.

The belief is that schools (School Board and Superintendent) did not ask for a Revised Capital Improvement Plan, they asked for $6.0 million dollars in funding for Hardin Valley High School.

A Revised Capital Improvement Plan requesting an additional $6.0 million dollars would have been a different request.

I guess you live and learn.

Democrat candidate for Governor TV Commercial

UPDATE: Gene Patterson over at his WATE blog apparantly contacted the campaign staff of the Demo candidate for Governor. Amber McDowell is quoted as saying people may be confused over the camera angle. So, Amber is the camera upside down? Gene apparantly concurs with the TN Demo's position that this is a non story. Look for a major expose on Corker and Bryson using the same media consultant.

Brian's Blog received an email pointing out an error in the Phil Bredesen commercial. At the end of the commercial is a shot of our Tennessee flag waving. The only problem is it is flying upside down. The email sender has contacted the campaign and they acknowledged they had received several phone calls.

Maybe Gene Patterson over at WATE and/or WBIR with their Heart of the Matter will run a story about it.

Brian's Blog agrees with the email, someone with the Demo campaign should apologize.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Introducing a New Brian's Blog Daily Read - Mountain 'publican

There is a new Daily Read link over to the right. Check out Mountain 'publican. It is a Great blog. Here is Mike's descriptor from his blogger profile.

I was taught to work harder because there's always somebody smarter, take personal responsibility because it may really be your fault, know what you believe and why, put back more than you take, dare to stick your neck out, be kind to widows, orphans and dogs, and never forget there is a reason God gave you two ears and only one mouth.

Read Mountain 'publican and tell him Brian's Blog sent ya.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Knox County School Board Members Respond

Brian's Blog contacted 6 of the 9 Knox County School Board Members for comment on the allegation that Commissioner John Mills made at yesterday's meeting about some school board members being real close, but refusing to go to Carter Elementary. Brian's Blog also asked about their reaction to the Commission approving the $6.0 million dollars coming from the Schools current FY '08 Capital Improvement Plan.

Several responded back off the record (Brian's Blog indicated if they wish to not be quoted, we would honor their request). The belief of the members responding off the record is it will be difficult to pass this action at the School Board with other projects in jeopardy.
Second District School Board Member Indya Kincannon provided an indepth response and indicated that she was fine with her comments being reported. As a service to the Brian's Blog readers, we are providing the comments verbatim. Thank you to Ms. Kincannon for availing herself of the Brian's Blog forum.

Personal note to Ms. Kincannon and other readers of Brian's Blog, in the future Brian Hornback responds to Brian, his friends simply refer to him as Hornback or BH.
Mr. Hornback is Brian's father, who also lives in Knox County.

Dear Mr. Hornback,

Thanks for contacting me. I have personally visited Carter Elementary school. I got a tour of the school from the principal and asked her to highlight their needs due to facility deterioration or over-crowding. I think I was there last Spring, but I can't recall the exact date. I make a point of visiting all schools on our proposed capital plan, whether they are in my district or not. I do not know how many other School Board members have visited the school.

As for the Hardin Valley High School issue, I would have preferred if County Commission had given us additional funds to build a school for 2100 students. I feel strongly that we should build the school for 2100 students since the main reason we are building a new high school is to relieve over-crowding, and since MPC's projections indicate continued growth in that part of the county. At this point I would consider adding $3.5m to our capital plan in FY08 for FFE (furniture, furnishings and equipment) for the additional classrooms, but would postpone funding for a field house, softball and baseball field and student parking. With scarce resources we have to focus the money on classroom items first and foremost. HVHS would not be the only high school lacking those amenities. Fulton is one of several high schools that manages to educate its students without a softball field, baseball field, or field house and only limited student parking.

Of course without additional funds from Commission any additional expenditures will result in delays in other needed projects. Inskip and Belle Morris are two schools in my district that are in need of renovation and additions. Shannondale is growing out of its space and has a rapidly growing enrollment too. I will work with my colleagues on the Board to strike a balance among our various needs and also our fiscal constraints. We need to keep our debt service under control so it doesn't eat up our operating budget. The operating budget is where the lion's share of our school dollars are spent. Facilities are essential to education, but the people educating our children are our most valuable resource and I want to keep them in mind as we set our budget priorities.

Indya Kincannon

Monday, September 25, 2006

Knox County Commission Votes on Hardin Valley High School

You read it first, here, here, here, here,here and finally here. Brian's Blog in the first post on Friday August 4, 2006 concerning the Hardin Valley High School and the cost overruns of $6.0 million dollars. It was Brian's Blog position that precedent was set and that the $6.0 million dollars would be taken from Powell Middle School (the next Knox County School project) or a future project. Brian's Blog was Correct again and that is exactly was the prevailing vote today at the Knox County Commission meeting.

There were less than a handful of citizens present at the meeting advocating for the $6.0 million dollars. Only one citizen spoke at the meeting. Vic Jernigan spoke about a piece of valuable property that the School Board owns. If they issued an RFP the School district could generate a large amount of money for the additional cost of this High School.

Here is a run down of the discussion involving the Hardin Valley High School.

18 Knox County Commissioners were Present - Commissioner John Schmid was absent

Commissioner John Griess began the discussion by informing the Commission that last month, he and the Commission had asked the School Board for a priority list - they (School Board) sent a 1 page document entitled Current Capital Improvement Plan. This document revealed that in FY 08 (Fiscal Year 2008) is $5.0 million for roofs and $31.5 million for other projects / undesignated. Commissioner Griess placed forward a motion to move $6.0 million out of undesignated/other projects and reduce this line item to $25.5 million. Craig Luethold seconded the motion.

Karen Carson, School Board Chair said that it isn't undesignated, that the Knox County Mayor requested that it be undesignated until a countywide needs feasibility study were conducted.

Commissioner Griess asked if she was for or against the proposal. Carson did not answer. Commissioner Griess asked again are you for or against. The non answer came back, like this. I don't want to hear that $6.0 million dollars is in next years budget, but Schools don't want to fund it. John Griess said that is why we are leaving it up to you. Are you for it or against it. Karen Carson did not answer with a yes or no.

County Commissioner Greg Lambert made a substitute motion to authorize up to $6.0 million dollars in new money and bring in a consultant Construction Plus, Inc. Sandy Loy, President of CPI has a reputation and record of being on time and under budget with large commercial buildings and schools. Commissioner Lambert said that we need accountability into the process.

Commissioner John Mills said he didn't want to delay other projects. He said that recently there were several school board members that were real close to and refused to go see Carter Elementary, which is in dire need of replacement. County Mayor Ragsdale agreed with Commissioner Mills that Carter Elementary needs to be replaced.

The comment was made that this is a $50.0 million dollar High School with this $6.0 million dollar request. The question was asked where will this $6.0 million in new money come from in the budget, if the substitute motion passes. It was stated that natural growth in 2008 may provide for the additional $6.0 million dollars, as well as savings.

Commissioner Mike Hammond asked Dale Smith, the Head of the PBA about Dick Bigler. Dick Bigler was brought in during early discussions what happened to Bigler? Smith replied that Dr. Lindsey had requested Dick Bigler and then realized that Jeff Galyon was as qualified if not more qualified than Bigler, during his involvement with the Convention Center.

Dale Smith in response to possible involvement of Construction Plus, Inc said: "The project can not afford anymore talent." "The project isn't perfect." A Commissioner asked who makes the ultimate decision on value engineering. Dale Smith said "PBA makes the ultimate decision, we hold the contracts"

Karen Carson was asked is this high school the #1 priority of the School Board? Carson said "building it for 2100 is a priority, Is it the #1 priority? I can not say."

County Commission Chairman Scott Moore asked Dale Smith is this project far enough along to say it is a $50.0 million dollar project? Dale Smith in response said "Can we bring it under $50.0 million? If we can we will." Dale Smith went on to say that "PBA already figured out how to spend out July 1, 2007. We don't need the money until then."

Commissioner Lambert went on to say CPI was suggested by City Councilman Steve Hall. Sandy Loy, President of CPI happens to be Mayor Ragsdale's brother in law. Commissioner Lambert made the comment that no company should be barred from county work, because they are related by marriage or blood. They should be disqualified because they are not qualified or unable to do the work.

Commissioner Billy Tindell asked Carson about a letter he received from School Board Member Indya Kincannon, second district about the fact that the school board could make it with only $3.1 million in FY 07/08 for FFE (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment)

Carson asked Jeff Galyon if the FFE was $3.5 million. Galyon apparently agreed with the $3.5 million dollar figure and disagreed with Kincannon's $3.1 million dollar figure. Commissioner Tindell said that Mayor Ragsdale had previously said that he could do FFE in next years budget. Mayor Ragsdale said Yes, that was true. $3.5 million is better than $6.0 million, it is better for it to be less.

Dale Smith was asked Is it best to do it in phases or at once? Dale Smith said it would be more costly to do in phases. Those Commissioners voting for the $6.0 million and CPI were M. Harmon, B. Tindell, M. Cawood, G. Lambert, S. Moore. Billy Tindell changed his vote.

Commissioner Tindell and Hammond offered a substitute motion for $3.5 million in new money FY 07/08 for FFE. This would come out of Capital or Operations cost. This would be new money. The substitute motion failed Pinkston, Clark, Mills, Ballard, Smith, Cawood, Griess, Hammond, Guthe, I. Harmon, Norman, Strickland, Jordan voting NO.
Commissioners Moore, Lambert, Luethold, Tindell and M. Harmon voting Yes.

Commissioner Guthe asked if it were a $40.0 million dollar High School plus $4.0 million from Schools for Geo thermal heating source. $44.0 million dollar High School. Does it matter who pays the debt?

Mayor Ragsdale said that a couple of years ago School Board Chairmen Anderson and then Murphy suggested that debt be paid for by the county. Knox County is now paying the note on capital debt for the High School and the county is balancing it out. KCS in the past was having to pay debt out of operational, now they are not.

Dale Smith said that currently there is $500,000.00 or half a million in contingency.

The original motion made by Commissioner Griess passed moving the $6.0 million out of FY 08 other projects for the Hardin Valley High School. The motion passed 15-3. With Commissioners Smith, Lambert and M. Harmon voting No.

Campfield's Democrat Opponent

Georgiana Vines has an interesting column in today's New-Sentinel. Here is the entire column. Here are a few excerpts with Brian's Blog Commentary:

McWherter urged a crowd of about 60 to elect Pettigrew to be "part of a team." McWherter, who said he didn't like negative campaigning, did not criticize Pettigrew's opponent. But Naifeh didn't hesitate.

Only 60 people attended? The Republicans can get more than that for any fundraiser, for any Republican candidate. In the past, the Dems had these type events to shield campaign contributions.

"I can go on and on. He's not for anything but against everything," Naifeh said.

The Democrat Speaker is mad. Is that a bad thing?

Contacted after the event, Campfield first joked about his "friend" Naifeh being in Knoxville.

Stacey always the gentleman, calling his opposition a friend.

As for Pettigrew being part of a Democratic team, Campfield said if the team is fighting against all reforms for immigration, against removing the sales tax on food and against working to control eminent domain, "I guess that's the team she wants to stand with."

"Jimmy Naifeh, he's the father of the income tax. She can stand with him, too," Campfield said

Remember, as the Metro Pulse reported, the team recruited her to move into the district. In addition the team located her husband a job. The Democrat owes everything to the team.

Pettigrew has been endorsed by TEAM, the political action arm of the Tennessee State Employees Association, some of whose members attended the luncheon on her behalf Friday.

State employees attending a political fundraiser during the work day? Hmm. What did the Governor know and when did he know it. Could it have been the same state employees that were required to contribute to the Governor's campaign in order to get their jobs or their job promotions.

The state employees moved the attendance numbers up to 60, Wow. I wonder what the attendance numbers were before the strong arm tactics of the TN Dems reached into the state offices and grabbed state employees.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bryson First Television ad passes the Test

Hat Tip to Bill Hobbs for this post. Bill Hobbs reported here two days ago that Fact Checker examined the first television ad of Republican candidate for Governor Jim Bryson. The examination reveal that the statements in the Bryson ad are accurate.

In regards to High School Graduation rates the Annie E. Conley report dropped Tennessee from 30th in 2005 to 45th in 2006. Even the Tennessee Department of Education cannot cover up their shortcomings reporting Graduation rate of 76% in 2003 to 75.5% in 2004. All of this within Governor Phillip's term of service.

Led a Corrupt Administration: 3 Safety Directors were forced to resign and the head of DOC had to step down after it was discovered that there were shredding of documents related to a sexual harrassment claim was ordered and shred.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Kentucky Gets the Finger at the Conclusion of the first half

Tennessee looked good today, as Brian's Blog watched the weather delayed game in the dry, near the kitchen, with family and a good round of friends as we consumed the PPV.

Now, Brian's Blog is watching the Kentucky -v- Florida game.

Kentucky has just completed the first half of the Florida contest. Two seconds on the clock, the quarterback spikes the ball, one second is on the clock. However, the referee crew led by a former Tennessee player and current Knoxville resident decide they have more pressing matters to deal with.

Kentucky Coach Rich Brooks ran out and confronted the head referee as he is trying to get to the halftime destination and is left talking to the Line Judge. As the ESPN Commentators go to break, even they acknowledge the officiating crew acting like a PAC-10 crew officiating an Oregon -v- Oklahoma game as they say "In Lexington, Rich Brooks gets that call, but not in the swamp"

Refs should never determine the game. A good game is when you can't blame the old guys in zebra suits.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Knox County's New Republican Official

I am 21 days late on this post and Brian's Blog apologizes for the delay. As Republican Party Chairman, Brian Hornback and Brian's Blog would like to formally boast of a NEW Knox County Republican Official.

John Owings was selected by 16 County Commissioners on September 1, 2006 to serve as Knox County Law Director. John has served as the Senior Deputy Law Director since 2000, when Mike Moyers was elected by the Knox County voters as Law Director. Joh Owings had served as a deputy law director before that.

Mike Moyers was overwhelmingly elected to the post of Chancellor for retiring Sharon Bell on August 3, 2006. With all due respect to Dale Workman, Richard Beeler and Mike Moyers. The three men who served as Knox County's Law Director, two of whom have moved to Judicial positions and Beeler to a successful law practice, due to term limits. John Owings is head and shoulders the best, most qualified choice County Commision could select.

The law director position will be back on the ballot in 2008. John Owings deserves the confidence and support of the Knox County voters.

The photo is from the News-Sentinel as Law Director Owings defends the Knox County Charter to the Supreme Court.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's A "Ford" Family Tradition

Do you remember the country music song, it's a family tradition. The Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate was carrying on the family tradition, yesterday. He voted AGAINST a bill that would prevent illegal aliens from voting in federal elections. Check the Roll Call, here.

H R 4844 YEA-AND-NAY 20-Sep-2006 4:00 PM QUESTION: On Passage
BILL TITLE: Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006
Ford Voted Nay

Is this amazing? Not really. Remember his Auntie Ophelia. It would appear to be part of his strategy, get the illegals to vote for one more Ford and make it a family tradition.

Jim Bryson for Governor TV Commercial

Here is the first TV Commercial for Republican candidate for Governor Jim Bryson. It's fresh new approach delivers the first BIG message of this Gubernatorial campaign.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Times Free Press Editorial - Must Read

Times Free Press Editorial

From ‘stooges’ to ‘good men’?

Democrat U.S. Rep. Harold Ford, a candidate for the Senate, is trying to have it both ways. Back in June, he insultingly called the Republican contenders for their party’s nomination "the three stooges."

Now, he is running a TV ad in which he calls two of those contenders — former U.S. Reps. Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary — "good men" about whom the ultimate winner of the nomination, former Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker, supposedly told falsehoods during the primary campaign.

We agree that Reps. Bryant and Hilleary are — and were — very good men, as is Mr. Corker.

But no one should view Rep. Ford’s magical turnaround in his opinion of Mr. Bryant and Mr. Hilleary as anything other than raw political calculation. It has one purpose only: to anger and discourage Republicans who voted for Mr. Bryant or Mr. Hilleary in the primary so that they will stay home on Election Day rather than cast a ballot for Mr. Corker.

The ad certainly is no sincere attempt by Rep. Ford to uphold the honor of the two former members of Congress — both of whom showed their good character by promptly endorsing fellow conservative Mr. Corker’s candidacy after he won the primary.

Voters should see through liberal Rep. Ford’s smokescreen and select soundly conservative Bob Corker.

Bob Corker on talk radio

This morning Bob Corker, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate appeared on a local talk radio show. He talked about his campaign, Ed and Cyndi Bryant, Van and Meredith Hilleary's involvement in his general election campaign. He took phone calls from individuals that were supportive, not supportive and those that are neutral.

The difference in Corker and his Democrat opponent. Is that when those individuals not supportive of Corker would ask a question. Corker would calmly discuss the issue annd would be respectful to a difference of opinion. Unlike the Democrat opponent that when confronted by a question by someone that isn't supportive, he resorts to imploding, screaming or talking over the person, throwing out accusations, being arguementative and claiming that he is a victim. I have been treated this way from the Democrat opponent. This is a page out of the DNC playbook that the Demos always resort to.

The Democrat candidate did this on the floor of the U.S. House within the past couple of years. Raising his voice, pointing his finger, running over to the other side of the House over the Murtha issue. It was as if he were trying to start a street fight on the House floor.

Actions like this are not limited to the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate from Tennessee. Yesterday, I called in to this same talk radio station to make a point after the Democrat candidate was on. At least 7 times, I had to calmly ask a guest host to allow me to answer the question that he had asked me to respond to.

Immaturity is common with Democrats and those that support them.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If You Respect Women, Spread the Word

If you respect and love the women in your lives. Warn them about the candidate running for the United States Senate as a Democrat. He first accepted and cashed a check from the pornography industry, if that were not bad enough, he then wrote a check to the pornography industry. (he says he returned their money)

If you believe that pornography is demoralizing and demeaning to women, if you believe that respect for women and traditional moral values is important. Spread the word about the Democrat candidate for the United States Senate.

Monday, September 18, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: School Board is Over Budget Again

You have read here at Brian's Blog about the $6.0 million dollar cost overruns at Hardin Valley High School . You have read here at Brian's Blog about how the County Commission and Mayor have fully funded the past 4 years of Capital Plan Budgets, in addition, they gave $40.0 million dollars for a new high school. You have read here at Brian's Blog how the County Commission and County Mayor have fully funded this years General Purpose School Budget.

Now, you are reading it here first at Brian's Blog that the School Board's proposed Powell Middle School project has cost overruns. How much? $6.0 million dollars. Amazing. Isn't it?

The Public Building Authority at this evenings School Board workshop informed the School Board that the plans for the Powell Middle School is $6.0 million dollars over budget.

Brian's Blog doesn't quite know what to say about this train wreck.

Knox County Commission and the Sheriff Department Deputy Pension

This morning the NEW Knox County Commission had its first voting session. They were meeting on the issue of the Sheriffs Department Deputies Pension Plan. The new Commissioners joined right in with Mark Harmon, Phil Ballard, R. Larry Smith and Greg Lambert all asking very thoughtful, intellectual questions.

The primary question remains, how does Knox County pay for this Defined benefits Plan. The cost is in the neighborhood of $57.1 million or $135.0 million if amortized over 30 years. It could cost anywhere from $1.7 - $6.1 million per year. No decision was reached today on if the start-up money would begin immediately or if it would be stretched over 30 years.

The first vote after an hour and 37 minutes was an amendment offered by Commissioner's Luethold and Hammond changed the language included in the ballot referendum. The language would indicate that passage of this Charter amendment would have a .08 property tax impact. That is not to say that our taxes will rise .08 cents as the County Commission could identify the .08 in the current budget and pass any cost savings toward the funding of this much needed pension plan for our deputies.

The 10 Commissioners voting for the amendment were; Jordan, M. Harmon, J. Schmid, Hammond, Leuthold, Griess, Cawood, Smith, Pinkston and Clark.

Those Commissioners voting for the referendum as amended were; Jordan, Strickland, Tindell, Norman, I. Harmon, Hammond, Luethold, Griess, Cawood, Lambert, Smith, Moore, Mills, Ballard, Pinkston and Clark.

Those Commissioners voting against the referendum as amended; M. Harmon, Schmid, Guthe.

Mark Harmon and John Schmid voted to include the .08 amendment to the referendum, but then voted against the referendum or the publics right to decide. John Schmid made comments during the meeting that we should not rely on the "uninformed voting public" to make these decisions. This is the reason that we have a representative government. Schmid said.

Commissioner Schmid is this the same uninformed voting public that on August 3rd re-elected you? The same uniformed voting public that were told by you that you would not serve this term, until after the election when you said that you would not step down. Hmm.

Mark Harmon asked an interesting question. He said that he had read where some Commissioners have family and or potential conflicts. Would any Commissioner like to make a statement or recuse themselves? M. Harmon asked. The answer to his question was met with complete silence.

Brian's Blog is in support of the pension plan change, more information will be forthcoming. Brian Moran of the FOP made an excellent point at today's meeting. "If it is good enough for the people that teach our children, it should be good enough for the people that protect our children."

Sunday, September 17, 2006


This from the Knox County website.

The website and press release state that this is a "free" program. How is it free? The money is from a grant to administer the flumist to every child in public and private school in Knox County. The flumist is a LIVE virus. The picture that is on the Knox County website is quite disturbing as a live virus is being placed in the child's nostril.

This "free" program has actually created a mini government bureaucracy. For over the past four - eight weeks and throughout the winter, the "free" grant money is being used to employ individuals to administer and implement the program. There is a rumor that Brian's Blog is working to confirm concerning one of the Big Brother tactics being used by this mini bureaucracy. We will report it later when it is confirmed.

Some flumist is being administered this week and too early to have lasting effects, requiring a second dose of free flumist, later in the winter. The flu shot will not be available at most doctors offices until early - mid October, exposing the families that wait for the flu shot to the live virus in the nostrils of students.

In the section of the FluMist package insert labeled "PRECAUTIONS," the manufacturer states the following warning:

"FluMist® recipients should avoid close contact with immunocompromised individuals for at least 21 days."

The number of immunocompromised people in the United States is enormous:
It is estimated that at least 10 percent, or more than 28 million people have eczema. [11]
More than 8.5 million people have cancer. [12]
There are reported to be 850,000 individuals with diagnosed and undiagnosed HIV infection or AIDS [13]
Based on 2001 data, there were 184,000 organ recipients [14]

Some individuals are immunocompromised and not able to take a flu shot or flumist due to their condition and with classrooms of 20 - 30 students breathing the live virus because of a grant program is not on face value or with study a wise decision. This grant program should not have been readily accepted without extensive study. It would appear that one of the primary benefits is a 8 month employment opportunity for several individuals.

What is most troubling is that at a recent Knox County area High School PTSO meeting, a presentation was made by a non-school employee about the administration of the flumist. Any risk were brushed aside and in essence were said that were none. This "representative" used the motivation and encouraged everyone to have the flumist administered to your child, so that this particular school would be first in the county in participation of the administration of flumist to it's students.

As responsible parents of school aged students, Brian's Blog is hoping that you will communicate with your primary physician to determine if this is appropriate for your child before allowing anything in your child's nose.

Food can drives are fun to win. But do not risk exposing your child to potential harm, just to win the school pride award. The lady that made the presentation, NEVER said that you should communicate with your primary physician. She simply said go get your school spirit and get a flumist in the nose.

The following excerpted information is from this informative website.

Each 0.5 ml of the formula contains 10 6.5-7.5 particles of live, attenuated influenza virus. That means that between 10 million and 100 million viral particles will be forcefully injected into the nostrils when administered. The viral strain was developed by serial passage through "specific pathogen-free primary chick kidney cells" and then grown in "specific pathogen-free eggs." That means that the culture media was free of pathogens that were specifically tested for, but not a culture that was necessarily "pathogen-free." The risk that the vaccine may contain contaminant avian retroviruses still remains. In addition, a stabilizing buffer containing potassium phosphate, sucrose (table sugar) and nearly 0.5 mg of monosodium glutamate (MSG) is added to each dose. [18]

One of the most troubling concerns over the injection of this "chemical soup" is the potential for the viruses to enter directly into the brain. At the top of the nasal passages is a paper-thin bone called the cribriform plate. The olfactory nerves pass through this bone and line the nasal passages, carrying messenger molecules to the brain that are identified as "smells" familiar to us. The olfactory tract has long been recognized as a direct pathway to the brain. Intranasal injection of certain viruses has resulted in a serious brain infection called encephalitis, presumably by direct infection of the olfactory neurons that carried the viruses to the brain. [19] Time will tell whether the live viruses in FluMist will become linked to cases of encephalitis.

The pharmaceutical companies do not necessarily always do a reasonable job of considering the "down side" when they are pushing new drugs or new vaccines. FluMist has the potential for causing the worst, most severe flu epidemic seen in years. Parents tell their young children not to put things up their noses because they might cause them harm. It would be wise to consider that advice for adults. With all the risks involved, one should be extremely cautious about what one allows to be sprayed in one's nose.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Bob Corker on Illegal Immigration

You will see a television commercial soon about Bob Corker's response to illegal immigration.

Bob Corker believes that to get immigration under control, we must:

Do what it takes to secure the border.

Allow people to work here, but only if they are legal.

No amnesty—those who are here illegally must leave and come back through legal channels if they wish to work here or eventually become citizens.

Create a system that allows employers to instantly and electronically verify worker status.

Insist that those who want to become American citizens learn the English language.

Bob Corker and the NRA

This is real Breaking News from the News-Sentinel. Republican candidate Bob Corker let his hunting license expire in February 2006. Only 7 months ago. Let's see he has been a candidate for the U.S. Senate for 28 months. He hunted for the first 21 months of the campaign.

While little Junior allowed his license to expire in 2005. Little Junior has been a resident of Washington D.C. since his Daddy enrolled him in school there at the age of 9. Little Junior, You got to feel sorry for him, he doesn't understand why people like the NRA, NRTL, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the NFIB, National Federation of Independent Business do not support him. He voted with the NRA the past year. Yes, Junior you did that past year. But you scored an F in 2000 and 2002.

Your total GPA of a voting record the past 10 years, kind sir.

Get over it, you are a liberal.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Phil Bredesen doesn't want to protect TN's Kids.

This from Bill O'Reilly over at Town in March 2006.

-- Tennessee: No minimum prison terms for child sex crimes. Democrat Governor Phil Bredesen doesn't seem to care.

O'Reilly has named Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen as the "villain" for making Tennessee 1 of 10 "Predator Friendly" states who refuse to implement Jessica's Law.

“Ten states flat out refuse [to get tough on child molesters]”, said O'Reilly. "No minimum prison terms for child sex crimes. Democrat Governor Phil Bredesen doesn't seem to care."

Shame on you, Bredesen, this is another accomplishment for you Phillip. Add this one to your inflation of graduating rates. Your increase in unemployment rates. Your failure to address and fix TNCare. Your habit of shredding sexual harrassment compliant files in your office to cover up for high ranking Tennessee officials. Your habit of punishing state employees for supporting Republicans. Your habit of allowing your high level employees to endanger the lives of Tennesseans by driving a warp spped on the interstate.

Jim Bryson values our children and will protect them. Unlike Bredesen.

2006 Singing News Fan Awards

The 2006 Singing News Fan Awards were held earlier this evening at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY.

And the winners are . . .

Favorite Trio - Greater Vision

Favorite Large Market DJ - Wayne Wallace, WXJC

Favorite Medium Market DJ - Carol Davis, WFGW

Favorite Small Market DJ - John Whisnant, WCIS

Favorite Baritone - Rodney Griffin (Greater Vision)

Favorite Alto - Libbi Stuffle (Perrys)

Favorite Soprano - Kim Hopper (Hoppers)

Favorite Artist Web Site - Greater Vision

Favorite Young Artist - Jason Waldroup (Greater Vision)

Favorite Song - He Saw It All (Booth Brothers)

Favorite Pianist - Roger Bennett (Legacy Five)

Horizon Individual - Wes Hampton (Gaither Vocal Band)

Horizon Group - LeFevre Quartet

Favorite Bass - Tim Duncan (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)

Favorite Lead Singer - Gerald Wolfe (Greater Vision)

Favorite First Tenor - Ernie Haase (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)

Favorite Band - Kingdom Heirs

Favorite Album - Remembering the Happy Goodmans - The Perrys (Daywind Records)

Favorite Soloist - Ivan Parker

Favorite Mixed Quartet - Perrys

Favorite Musician - John Pfeifer (Pfeifers)

Favorite Female Singer - Kim Hopper (Hoppers)

Favorite Male Singer - Ivan Parker

Favorite Songwriter - Rodney Griffin

Favorite Traditional Male Quartet (tie) - Inspirations/Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Super Fan: Wayne & Judy Rhear, Jackson, TN

Ford, Junior and his latest Commercial

UPDATE: I received an anonymous comment asking if the DNA question in my post was a reference to black people or a code? The reference has absolutely nothing to do with skin color. It has to do with the many family members and close associates of Junior's that have been involved questionable activities. Harold Ford, Senior when in Congress, Aunt Ophelia for winning a Senate seat on the backs of 12 dead people and felons. And of course, let's not leave out the under federal indictment Uncle John.

Brian's Blog saw the latest anti-Corker commercial last evening. Junior is in a church saying that everybody is lying about him. Obviously, he has issues with telling the truth, or he wouldn't be so consumed with alleging that anyone that disagrees with him is lying. Remember, where Junior's DNA comes from and the Junior family legacy.

Let's look at the latest DNC commercial about the allegation that Bob Corker allowed 31,000 911 calls to go unanswered in Chattanooga. The DNC is stretching the truth. Junior will say that the DNC commercial is not his. WBIR TV 10 in Knoxville did a story on the commercial and reported that Junior's campaign is distributing the information on it. So, now Junior is lying on Bob Corker, no surprise there.

Bob Corker is the candidate in this race that has had a real job. A job where he had to rely on hard work to provide the income. Being in Congress is hard work, I am sure. But, Junior never had to worry about whether he was going to miss a paycheck or not, they just raise taxes or cut the benefits on the rich, middle class or low income. Junior was getting his check, one way or the other.

Bob Corker has been endorsed by
NRA - National Rifle Association
NRTL - National Right to Life
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
NFIB - National Federation of Independent Business

There are many more endorsements to come, these are just a few. If you believe in protecting your second amendment rights to keep and bear arms. If you believe in the sanctity of human life and that the wholesale slaughter of entire generation is wrong. If you believe that our country and Tennessee needs a Senator that has a been a successful businessman and someone that recognizes that the business community continues moving this country everyday. You have one candidate. Bob Corker.

If on the other hand, You desire to drink the kool-aid that Ford is selling. Just remember that a vote for Ford is in essence a vote for Kennedy, John Kerrey, Shumer, Hillary Clinton, to take over the Senate and that these types would control every committee and sub-committee of the U.S. Senate. Remember, Junior was the TN Chairman for Kerrey and Junior has Kerrey advisors working on this campaign and Junior is now using the infamous words of Kerrey. I voted for it, before I voted against it, before I voted for it, before I voted against it. Junior just keeps going around and around and around. Where he stops no body knows.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ford, Junior on Character.. Yeah Right!

Update: There are two comment post that will not been published. One is totally off topic the other makes a personal attack, which violates this part of the Rules of Engagement for Commenting.

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A threat is a part of the second post, indicating that if the comment were not posted it would posted on another web source. Had the person provided an email address, Brian's Blog would have followed up with them to explain why both post will not be published. They have a blogger account without an email on their profile. Which would indicate they are anonymous.

Here are the complete Rules of Engagement, Explanation & Requirements of Brian's Blog in their entirity. They are located forever below the Links. If you wish to participate, you must adhere to the Rules.

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I began my personal blog in August of 2004 for the purpose of providing information and thoughts on a multitude of issues and any news of the day for the benefit of family, friends and supporters. I realize that of the hundreds and thousands of people that read this blog, many of you do not fall in any of the three categories. That is Ok, your welcome to partake of my personal thoughts and beliefs. If you are here for the purpose of information related to the Knox County Republican Party, you are in the wrong place. Visit the KnoxBlog of the KnoxGOP. The link for the Knox County Republican Party is located below for your use.

Any reuse or rebroadcast of the contents on this blog outside the blogging community is granted by PERMISSION ONLY. Request may be submitted to the email address on the profile. When permission is obtained the blog address must be credited in the rebroadcast or reuse. This requirement does not apply to the blogging community.

Ford, Junior was on WNOX NewsTalk 100.3 yesterday from 7:00 - 8:00 a.m. on the Triple H show (Hallerin Hilton Hill). Someone called in and asked Junior about his faith and his postion on Character and the role it plays in life.

Junior said he is a Christian. I am not refuting that. He did not inform the listener what church in Memphis or Washington that he attends or is a member of.

The biggest problem is that when he talks of character in life. He is leaving out his father who got caught up in the Congressional bank controversy. His uncle that is under indictment for taking over $50,000.00 in bribe money from undercover federal agents in exchange for favorable legislation. His aunt who was elected with votes cast by dead people. He is Junior. They say that apples don't fall far from the tree.

More specfically, when Junior is confronted with his own voting record by a caller to a radio talk show, like me, here and here, he resorts to screaming and saying the person is lying. That is real character, Junior. Maybe where Junior is from it is but not in East Tennessee.

Individuals that believe that Junior is someone they can vote for remind me of an incident where people will fall for just about anything. Remember, the so called Evangelist Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid.

The voting record of Junior while in Congress for the past ten years are detailed at this blog. I am a contributor with others at the blog. Thus far the blog is being used as a detail point for Junior's voting record.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bizarre Quote of the Week

Last Tuesday 9/5/06 the bizarre Quote of the Week was delivered by then School Board Chairman Dan Murphy.

"If it's an issue of budget or money, we can deal with that"

This was in regard to the Superintendent and School Board wanting to hire an Attorney to assist the Superintendent with an upcoming termination hearing. The Representative of the Law Department was pointing out the previous agreement that this would violate.

If the board can deal with making up monetary shortfalls for issues they want, then,why are they requesting $6.0 million for the cost overruns on the new Hardin Valley High School?

We Will Never Forget

Visit the Promise Keepers website, here. Take time from your schedule today (one hour, twenty minutes) to view via streaming video the PK Concert of Prayer, here. The Concert of Prayer was held at the PK Conference in San Jose, CA on 9/14/2001. It is still relevant for us today.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Senator Lamar Alexander's Picnic - Tailgate with Tennessee's Next United States Senator Bob Corker

Saturday, Sept. 16th from 4:00 until 6:00 United States Senator Lamar Alexander is hosting a Picnic at the Museum of Appalachia. Everyone is invited and it is free. In order to attend reservations are required. To make your reservation, please call 865-970-1797. United States Senator Mel Martinez of Florida will be Senator Alexander's Invited Guest. The event concludes at 6:00 pm to allow everyone time to get to Neyland Stadium or your television for the TN/FL football game.

Republican United States Senate candidate Bob Corker will host a tailgate at all UT home games. Please stop by Lot 9, across from Gate 21!


This is a Release from the TN GOP. I agree with Chairman Bob Davis, Jr. statement. When I saw the TV Commercial, I said this is a dangerous approach for Phillip to go as it will turn against him.

Governor Won’t Bear the Responsibility of Unethical Actions in his Own Office

(Nashville) - Governor Bredesen’s new self-congratulating television ad has risen to a new level of hypocrisy.


“I believe in taking personal responsibility and state government has to be responsible too.”

The following is a statement from Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Bob Davis regarding the ad.

“The governor talks about “responsibility”, but the reality is he has not taken responsibility for a number of ethical lapses in his administration. These lapses range from the shredding of sexual harassment documents to the campaign cash for promotions scandal in his administration.”

“We agree state government should be responsible. Governor – the problem is you have never accepted responsibility for the ethical lapses in your own administration. Clean-up your own house first before releasing fancy TV ads misleading voters about your so-called accomplishments.”

Ford, Junior and his Voting History

Last week, I confronted Congressman Ford on a local radio talk show about his National Security voting record. You read all about it here. Brian's Blog had an update here where Kelvin Moxley attempted to answer for Junior.

This morning the News-Sentinel has this story written by Tom Humphery discussing an RNC commercial detailing Junior's deplorable voting record on National Security. Junior still wants to call everyone names. He believes everyone is lying.

Being a Ford and the son of a Congressman that got caught up in the Congressional Check scandal. Being a Ford and the nephew of indicted Senator that is the king pin of the Tennessee Waltz scandal. Being a Ford and the nephew of Ophelia Ford that was elected by dead people in the Senate district. I can see why little Junior may feel some paranoia for everyone is lying to me. It's O.k. Junior, just stand up for your record. Either you cast these out of touch with Tennessee votes or someone cast them for you. Come Clean, Junior. There is redemption in coming clean.

I am happy to see that Ben Mitchell of the Corker campaign has used the line that you have read here the other day. I used the infamous line in response to Kelvin Moxley trying to explain away Junior's actions by saying "he voted for the Patriot Act bill, but voted against the Re-Authorization" Now we find out in today's News-Sentinel, He voted for the Patriot Act, voted against the first Re-Authorization and may have voted for a second Re-Authorization. No wonder poor little Junior is confused because, He voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it before he voted for it before he voted against it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yet, Another Bredesen Failure

This from this mornings editorial page of the News- Sentinel.

... and some that did not

A C-MINUS. That's not a good grade in anyone's book, but that's what Tennessee earned in preparing its young people for college. The only good thing we can find in it is that it's a substantial improvement from 10 years ago. However, the state got an F on the financial burden it places on students trying to get a degree. The results are from a biennial study, "Measuring Up 2006: The State Report Card on Higher Education," released by the independent National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education and U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings in Washington. One other good mark: A B for education completion.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Ford, Junior's Record

There is a link in The Focus area of the links for a blog that reports the Ford record. Check it out, here.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Coach Fulkerson Reaction

Quotes from a WVLT Volunteer TV story broadcast last evening

"It's pretty stupid. They keep picking on a coach. We just want to come out here and play some football and try win some games, but we can't even have a coach out here to coach us," Karns center Tim Jacobs said.

"He's our leader out there, but he's not just a coach, he's our friend. I mean, it's just a tough situation," Karns linebacker Doug Miller said.

That brings us to Wednesday night's rally. Those on hand want it known they support their coach. So much so, parents organized a petition wanting some answers from Knox County superintendent Charles Lindsey.

"It's kind of like you suspend a guy, like it's you're guilty before you're proven innocent, and I thought in a court of law, you're innocent until proven guilty. We just feel like our coach and our teacher is not getting a fair deal, and we just want to know what's going on," Lloyd said.

As for this Friday, players and some in the stands will be wearing wristbands to show their support of Fulkerson.

Quotes from a story broadcast on WATE on Wednesday evening.

Starting quarterback Logan Hammontree said he was ticked off by the school system's decision. "We just thought there was another fake allegations but we all don't know what exactly is going on. "

Running back Shaquan Andrews said Fulkerson "Is a great coach, he works with me after practice and makes sure I do my school work."

Parents rallied in support of the coach on the Karns practice field Wednesday night and are demanding a meeting with superintendent Charles Lindsey.

Lloyd Bonner, whose son Spencer is a defensive player on the team, said, "My son's a senior, for example, so I think that's a pretty rough go at it for it to happen right at this time, why right now without giving us any answers to go with it?"

Hammontree predicted the team will play harder at Friday's game.

"Yeah, we'll go out there to win it for him."

Parents are also trying to get a hold of some black wrist bands or arm bands to wear Thursday and Friday in another show of support for coach Fulkerson.

Quotes from a WBIR story broadcast last evening

At Karns High School, an investigator watched the practice while parents organized a petition drive in support of the coach."We need him," Senior Josh Winters said. "He's a great coach."

"We want the coach back, but it's not because he's the football coach," Booster Club President Steve Baker said. "He's a contributor to this community, and we feel like some more explanation needs to come to the forefront."

"I'm concerned about the environment created within that school. As a parent I want to know why," he said.

Quotes from today's story in the News-Sentinel

"We are looking for answers as to why the school administration is acting unilaterally in taking actions against this individual without justification," Steve Baker, Karns Booster Club co-president, said Wednesday. "These incidents are not consistent with what he has displayed to the football team."

"We just want to know what is going on inside the school." Baker said.

School Board Elects New Leadership

The Knox County School Board on Wednesday night selected the Fifth District School Board Member as Chairman. In a rare and surprisingly smart selection the School Board elected the Third District School Board Member Cindy Buttry as Vice-Chair.

There were several interesting items on the agenda. One was a controversial lease for a new soccer field at Brickey Elementary School. The lease would have given exclusive use for the field from 6-9:30 p.m. Mon. - Fri. The lease would have given the organization unlimited use of utilities and water. In a time when the School district says it is so close on their budget, why would you so a lease like that. With a lease like that, someone could accidentally leave a water hose running on Friday night at 9:30 p.m. and it could run all weekend and then the taxpayers would have to pay the bill. New School Board Member Rex Stooksbury asked for a 30 day delay. That was a wise decision on School Board Member Stooksbury's part. He is an excellent addition to the School Board representing the communities of Powell and Halls.

The board voted to continue building the Hardin Valley High School for 2100 students. The project currently costing $50.0 million. $40.0 million from Knox County Commission, $4.0 million from Knox County Schools for a geo-thermal heat system. The School Board has requested an additional $6.0 million from the County Commission. The County Commission has requested and is waiting for a priority list of school projects from the School Board.

Brian's Blog has taken the public position that the project needs to be built for 1800-2000 students. However, the board should be required to bring the project within the $44.0 million dollar budget. The County Mayor and Commission said a $40.0 million dollar High School. The County Mayor and Commission have fully funded the past 4 years of the Schools Capital Plan budgets, given a $40.0 million dollar High School over and above the 4 years of Capital Plan budgets. The County Mayor and Commission fully funded this years General Purpose Budget. Several School Board Members and Commissioner's have reported to Brian's Blog that the cut should be made to the multi sport fieldhouse and other non-essential portions of the High School. Today, Bearden High School does not have a sports Field House of any kind. Farragut High School's football boosters built their football field house, two years ago.

In Claiborne County, TN a few years ago the Claiborne County School Board built two high schools at the same time and brought them on line, on time and under budget. So, it can be done in the post 9/11 era.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kelvin Moxley Answers Ford Controversy. Sort Of.

UPDATE: Brian's Blog has received many emails about this post. One email said "Is Kelvin saying that the Congressman Ford voted for the bill, before he voted against it." I guess that is a Democrat answer first used by John Kerry. Congressman Ford was a Tennessee leader in the John Kerry campaign. Brian's Blog has received some comments about this post that do not meet the comment requirements to be approved for publication. Please see the Rules of Engagement for Commenting, below the links. The most recently rejected comment, was not on topic. Keep your comments on the post that you are wishing to comment on and it will be published. Divert from the subject matter and your comment has the probabibility to be rejected. While visiting this forum, if you chose to comment then Follow the Rules of Engagement for Commenting.

Also, Brian's Blog sources indicate that The Voice host Lloyd Daugherty said yesterday that they had a technical glitch and lost my call. What happened is that there was a terrible feedback problem during the call. I was still on the air for a period of time. My call was taken from the on air status, the producer came on the phone apologized to me and said he didn't know what had happened and thanked me for the call and the call ended, not on my part. I was and am prepared to discuss the Congressman's voting record anytime, anywhere. Give me 10 hours notice.

In response to this Brian's Blog post. Kelvin Moxley said on the air that Harold Ford voted for the first Patriot Act, but, not the Re-Authorization. Well, Duh Huh, Kelvin. Listen to the show, Ford is screaming over my statement about the Re-Authorization. I quoted Chapter and Verse exactly what you read. Ford said it was a lie. So, now Kelvin has acknowledged his guest, Congressman Ford has lied about his own voting record.

We are still waiting for Ford to do his research and admit that he doesn't even know how he voted. Was the Congressman even the one that cast the votes or did he let Nancy Pelosi vote on his behalf.

Florida Republicans

Congrats to the successful Republican candidates in my adopted second home of Florida.

Governor Charlie Crist
Florida State Senator District 38 J. Villalobos

Florida State House District 6 Jimmy Patronis
Florida State House District District 11 David Pope
Florida State House District 50 Ed Hooper
Florida State House District 54 James Frishe
Florida State House District 73 Nick Thompson
Florida State House District 107 Frank Carollo
Florida State House District 120 David Rice

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rev. J. Bazzel Mull - Rest In Peace

On August 20th, I turned 40 years old. Nearly all of my life, I grew up right here in Knox County. I have had many different opportunities to move and have made the decision to stay.

During my childhood, I remember spending Saturday nights at my grandmother's house and on Sunday morning the television would be on WBIR and the Rev. J. Bazzel Mull Show. I remember going to the Cas Walker Grocery Store on Magnolia at Cherry Street. Knoxville had two interesting individuals in Cas Walker and Rev. J. Bazzel Mull. Rev. Mull was my favorite. "Hey Neighbor"

In 1988, my wife and I married and every Sunday morning as we have gotten ready and as we have prepared our three children for Church, the television was on WBIR and in recent years on WVLT Volunteer TV for the Rev. J. Bazzel Mull Show. Rev. Mull's radio station, Praise 96.3 has always been a preset on all Brain's Blog vehicles. Here is the web link for Praise 96.3.

This morning at 4:30 a.m. at age 91, the Rev. J. Bazzel Mull obtained his eternal reward as he entered the Gates of Heaven. Rev. Mull now has eye sight, a new body and is with many of the gospel performers that he has promoted over the years.

Thank You Rev. Mull, Now Go Rest high on that Mountain.

Brian's Blog readers and prayer warriors, please rember Mrs. Mull (Elizabeth), daughter, Charlotte and grandson, Doug in your thoughts and prayers.

Harold Ford, Junior - Lost His Temper and Can't Handle His Record

For those listening to The Voice on AM 1180 this morning, you heard me call in and ask Harold Ford, Junior about a couple of recent votes he cast in Congress. Junior, hit the roof. He proceeded to shout over me and referred to me several times as lying. During the conversation I continued to repeat the House Resolution number, the Congressional Quarterly number and dates of the votes. He resorted to name calling, accusations and an attempt to intimidate.

I have followed up with an email to Kelvin Moxley, Co host of the show and to Harold Ford, Junior. I copied the email to Bob Davis, Jr, Chairman of the TN GOP, Chris Devaney and Randy Stamps of the TN GOP, Ms. Smithson, Field Representative of Bob Corker for Senate, Hallerin Hilton Hill of NewsTalk 100, Kelli Parker of Volunteer TV, Gene Patterson of WATE, Hubert Smith of the Hubert Smith Show on AM 850, Frank Cagle of Metro Pulse, Georginana Vines of News-Sentinel, Michael Silence of News-Sentinel, Charmin Froth of the Fountain City Focus, Dan Barille of the Farragut Press, bloggers; Voluntraily Conservative and Oatney World.

Here is the email in it's entirety:

Less than 1.5 hours ago, I called in to The Voice on AM 1180 located in Knoxville and asked their on phone guest, West Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford about the latest Ford television commercial. I will entitle the commercial, The airplane.

I asked the Congressman about two votes that he has cast in the past regarding National Security..

Congressman Ford accused me of lying (several times, during the 3-4 minute conversation) I gave the dates, H.R. and CQ vote number. The Congressman still maintained that I was lying.

I understand from past media reports that the Congressman's DNA may cause him to resort to accusations and attempts to intimidate. I will forgive the Congressman for his accusations, when he apologizes for his accusation.

Here are the votes that I was talking about.

In 2005, Ford Voted Against PATRIOT Act Reauthorization. (H.R 3199, CQ vote#414, Passed 257-171: R 214-14 D 43-156; I 0-1, July 21, 2005, Ford Voted Nay; H.R 3199, CQ Vote #627: Adopted 251-174: R 209-18; D 44-155; I 0-1, December 14, 2005, Ford Voted Nay

In 2004, Ford Voted Against Reorganization Of U.S. Intelligence And The Creation Of A National Intelligence Director. (H.R 10, CQ Vote #523: Passed 282-134: R 213-8; D 69-125; I 0-1, October 8, 2004, Ford Voted Nay)

I am formally requesting Congressman Ford to issue an apology to me personally for the Congressman making the public accusation that I am lying about his record. That apology must be sent to ASAP to

Best Regards,

Brian Hornback

Monday, September 04, 2006

Caucus of Corruption

Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan have signed a book deal with World Ahead Publishing for a book entitled Caucus of Corruption. The book will detail corruption in today's Democratic Party. The book will be released early next year. The book's website is located here.

Bias by Bernard Goldberg

One thing that I really enjoy about the News-Sentinel's Voters Guide is when candidates are asked about their favorite books. Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison in July 2006 listed Bias by Bernard Goldberg. I obtained a copy of this book and this Labor Day weekend have read the book. Thanks Sheriff.

Bernard Goldberg was on the inside at CBS and decided after an on camera report about Steve Forbes flat tax to expose the obvious. Goldberg authored a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece that acknowledged what most of America already knew. And that is the media have Bias.

Here are some excerpts from the book. That make the case for the liberal bias that exist today.

The Freedom Forum and The Roper Center conducted a survey that revealed that

89% of the journalist said they voted for Bill Clinton in 1992, compared with just 43% of the non-journalist voters.

7% of the journalists voted for George Bush; 37% of the voters did

2% of the news people voted for Ross Perot while 19%of the electorate did.
What party do journalists identify with?
50% said they were Democrats.
4% said they were Republicans.

On a conference call Roxanne Russell, sitting at a desk in the CBS News Washington bureau referred to Gary Bauer as "Gary Bauer, the little nut from the Christian group". Gary Bauer was the head of a major group of American Christians and a Presidential candidate.
No one on the call challenged Russell.

The book goes on to point out. What if she said?
"Tomorrow we'll be covering that pro-Israel lobby and Sam Schwartz, the little nut from the Jewish group, will be there."
"We'll be covering that gay parade on Saturday and Billy Smith, the little fag from the gay group will be leading it."
"There's a rally at the Washington Monument this weekend and Jesse Jackson, the big nut from that black group, will be there"

Then the Notable Quoteables

Nina Totenberg says, "[I]f there is retribution justice, he'll [Jesse Helms] get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his grandchildren will get it,"

What if a Conservative journalist said

"If there's any justice in this world, Teddy Kennedy will drive off a bridge late at night and kill himself. Or one or two of his kids."

USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux says of Clarence Thomas, "I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease." and she gets invited back on TV talk shows all the time.

If Robert Novak , the conservative columnist and CNN commentator had said, "I hope Jesse Jackson's wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease." he'd rightly be seen as a nasty right-wing nut and compared to the Grand Wizard of the KKK.

Finally in the book, Goldberg and Dan Rather are talking on the phone. Rather is upset because this op-ed was printed in the Wall Street Journal, in Rather's mind the WSJ is conservative or the enemy. Goldberg asked "Well, what do you consider the New York Times?" Rather replies. "middle of the road" enough said.

Is there bias. Absolutely, there is. Does bias only exist on the national media stage? No. Does bias exist at local media outlets? Absolutely. After reading this book, all media reports will be viewed differently.

If I know the reporter or anchor personally, I may not be as questionable.

Congresswoman Katherine Harris Florida Republican Primary Tomorrow

The Republican Primary in Florida will be held tomorrow September 5, 2006. Congresswoman Katherine Harris has garnered the following endorsements.

National Rifle Association
National Right to Life
Florida Right to Life
Unified Sportsmen of Florida
Second Amendment Club of America (Tampa Chapter)
National Association of Black Republicans
Latin Builders Association
National Federation of Republican Assemblies, Florida Chapter

ELECTED OFFICIALS: (partial listing)
U.S. Senator Mel Martinez
LT. Governor Toni Jennings
U.S. Congressman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
U.S. Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart
U.S. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart
U.S. Congressman John Mica
Senate President-Designate Ken Pruitt
House Speaker Designate Marco Rubio
Over 70 State Legislators

Happy Labor Day

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ky -vs- Lou

I am currently watching the KY -vs- Lou game on ESPN. The first half appeared to be a miserable startn for Kentucky. However, late in the second quarter Kentucky scored two fast touchdowns. Taking the 31-0 score to 31-14. Kentucky is still looking good into the third quarter.

Brian's Blog is pulling for the SEC and Kentucky Quarterback Coach Randy Sanders.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

TN Wins Big Against 9th Ranked CA

Tonight was the first time in 7 years that Brian's Blog has been close to 100% Orange Nation, All Vol. Beginning in December 1998 I started acquiring Ole Miss apparel.
Tonight, I was excited that David Cutcliffe was back home, in the Coach's box. David has been through a lot in 7 years, but all the work paid off tonight as the ESPN commentators couldn't say much. Ole Miss AD made the mistake of firing David. Tennessee reaped the reward. The Cutcliffe's came home.

In post game interview Eric Ainge said something to the effect of With all the work we did in practice, the game didn't seem to difficult. What a testimony of the Cutcliffe work ethic. The Vols appear to be back.

I was hoping that a reporter would go up to Fulmer and ask "Is the pressure lifted?" and for Fulmer to look back and say "Kiss my (fill in the blank)"

The Democrat Challenging Campfield

UPDATE: September 3, 2006 01:15:00 I received an explanation from JustJohnny over at RTB, it is in the Comment section. I have also replied to JustJohnny in the Comments. I appreciate his explanation. The RTB is a blogger forum that The Rep and I both belong to. It is a Blogger forum where you do not have to drink the same Kool-Aid from in order to participate. That is rare. I encourage all Brian's Blog readers to make the RTB a Daily read, it is an exceptional source.
If you check the Rocky Top Brigade, which Brian's Blog and Camp4U (The blog of State Representative Stacey Campfield) are happy members of the Brigade. You will see that the Democrat opponent of State Representative Stacey Campfield does not know how to hide her html codes from her post. Rather pathetic for a "professional candidate" owned by every liberal PAC, contributor and the trial lawyers.

Stacey keeping knocking on those doors. It will take her at least four days to figure out, how to hide her html codes. She had the whole Primary to figure this out. She is way behind.

Representative Campfield will be Re-Elected.

If you have missed the four messages with the html codes exposed on the Rocky Top Brigade front page. Email me and I will send them to you for a great laugh and for your support of the State Representative Stacey Campfield.