Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rupert Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal

In an announcement today, Rupert Murdoch owner of Fox News "Fair and Balanced" has acquired the Wall Street Journal.

This is a good news, while mass paranoia exist amongst the liberal global whiners about news being biased or unbiased. Fox and Rupert Murdoch are fair and balanced, not biased.

After all on a global scene, you have "Hanoi Jane" running the other National Cable News. Now, that my friends is biased news coverage.

Fair and Balanced. You have got to love it!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Knox County Confidential Part III

Have you seen this photo on the front page of today's News-Sentinel. It was taken by J. Miles Cary and was taken at the Commission meeting on 1/31/2007. If you will look in the left hand corner of the photograph. Hubert Smith is sitting at the media table and looking at him from behind his back is the former Juvenile Court Clerk Supervisor Sharon Cawood.

Sharon was the Supervisor and Hubert was an employee of the Juvenile Court Clerk's office at the time. Hubert always ensured that he took time off to cover such events. Making sure the taxpayers were not funding his task of covering local politics for his radio talk show.

This would have been just before she became the Commissioner to replace her husband, the Commissioner at the time. Who was at the time and is currently the bailiff.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cedar Bluff Is Short Sheeted..No Surprise. Brian's Blog Has Covered This Issue For Nearly 3 Years

Tomorrow the tabloid reports a "new" revelation. While we see where they log onto Brian's Blog daily. Obviously, their memory is short and their disdain for the County Mayor is so heated that the tabloid is trying to re-write history.

Here is the tabloid's false report. "Ragsdale disrupted the school system’s capital plan so that Knox County is building a $15 million elementary school at Cedar Bluff that will open with 200 more kids than spaces, as Karen Carson pointed out last week."

Sunday February 11, 2007 Have You Driven Down Cedar Bluff Road Recently?

Now, how can Brian's Blog claim to have predicted this would happen. Here are our past reports, dates and links.

August 10, 2006 Commissioner - Elect Lambert Contacts Brian's Blog.

February 10, 2006 Overcrowded Classrooms and Dependence on Portables.

January 31, 2006 West Knox County Schools Overcrowded Schools and Not Getting Any Relief.

January 31, 2006 West Knox County Schools Overcrowded and NOT Getting "THE" Needed Relief

November 2, 2005 Cedar Bluff School Family Gets Screwed Finds An Advocate In Cindy Buttry.

September 9, 2004 Gibbs Elementary Whines About No Cafeteria.

Does Brian's Blog have the Spiritual gift of prophecy? We just report the facts as they occur and leave the Lies, Distortions and Hidden Personal Agenda's to the tabloid.

First Baptist Church Concord Grows Addendum II

First this post. Then this post.

I was out of town this week when the Farragut Community Information Meeting was held. It would appear that members of the community surrounding First Baptist Church, Concord believe that they can influence the Church's decision on the growth and on the design of the new buildings.

That will NOT be the case.

First Baptist Church, Concord currently owns all the property it needs for Phase I and II of its expansion. First Baptist Church, Concord will abide by the regulations for construction of new buildings and renovations of existing buildings (we have in the past, as well).

There is such a thing as Private Property Owner Rights. As members of First Baptist Church, Concord we are the private property owners of this property and we have a right in the Town of Farragut and Knox County to build and expand our facilities as long as we comply with all the rules and regulations that are in place at the time of our permit request.

We the members of First Baptist Church, Concord pay property taxes on our homes and property and have a right to be represented by our Town Mayor, Town Aldermen and Alderwoman. By our County Commissioners and County Mayor.

First Baptist Church, Concord receives no special treatment from our community leaders. Our church pays for Fire and Ambulance service, we pay for trash collection, we pay for the police officers to direct traffic (in order to protect our church members and the non church members, traveling by our church.) The church pays its way in this society.

So, while the church is bending over backwards to inform the community of our plans. Do not expect that we will change the plans just because you do not like a "mega-church" . As a church we have rights and protection and are living within the rules and regulations established.

Please understand that my comments are the views and expressions of Brian's Blog and primarily Brian Hornback. They are not the comments of First Baptist Church, Concord or the leadership of the church.

You are free to make any comments that you wish to make. However, unlike WBIR your comments will only be published if your comments adhere to the Rules of Engagement for Commenting that are posted on the front page of Brian's Blog.

Knox County Confidential Part II

Last week found me out of town attending to business meetings. One morning I received a voicemail from the producer of the Hallerin Hilton Hill Morning Show. Unfortunately, I received the message after the show had concluded.

Hubert Smith was a guest on the Hallerin Hill show and the topic of my blog and specfically the blog post concerning County Commissioner and former Juvenile Court Clerk Supervisor Sharon Cawood became part of the story.

It is true that within 24 hours of the blog post, Sharon Cawood was removed as the Supervisor of the Juvenile Court Clerk's operation and transferred to the General Sessions Court Clerk operation. This move puts her within the direct supervision of Cathy Quist. It also places her in the same building with her husband, former Commissioner Mark Cawood. Mark is currently employed as a bailiff. Nepotism is alive and well.

Within 48 hours of her move to General Sessions Court Clerk operation. Hubert Smith was notified that his position had been eliminated by the County. The County Commission in voting on the Clerk's budget eliminated Hubert's position is what his lay-off notice states.

It took Quist's office about 4 weeks to figure out that Hubert's position wasn't funded. The budget year starts on July 1 and Hubert was notified on July 20. So, now the Clerk's office is off budget 4 weeks. So much for competent, professional, effective service.

Nearly everyone believes and rightly so that Hubert was laid off because Ms. Quist believes that he was my source or the source for the Cawood post.

Let me state this as clear and concise as I can. Hubert Smith was NOT the source or a source for the blog post.

I find it interesting that if Ms. Quist had reason to believe that Hubert was the source or a source. Why did she NOT contact me? I would have informed her that he was NOT the source or a source.

When Quist was considering whether to run for General Sessions Court Judge and she had became aware of something I said in a conversation, not posted on the blog but said in a conversation with one other person. She quickly called me. Why not the same this time?

If you read a comment from an anonymous poster to the original post and if you read the line in last week's Shopper. It is obvious that Hubert was laid off because of the post and if that is the case they laid him off without cause. In addition, it means they have falsified his lay-off because the reason stated is that the County eliminated the funds for his position.

Both Commission Chair Scott Moore and Commission Vice Chair Tank Strickland said at the Commission meeting that they did NOT eliminate the funds for his position. Granted this lay-off could be a clerical error and if so Hubert deserves a public apology and re-instatement to his position.

There are many different people that have contacted me Republicans, Democrats, Elected Officials, Everyday Citizens, Members of the Media in Knox County, Employees of the Circuit Court Clerk's operation. They all support Hubert.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hubert Smith Addresses County Commission Regarding Ms. Cathy Quist Decision To Lay-Off His Position Of 6 Years

Part I

Part II

Credit to and Thank You to Publius9 for publishing this on youtube. By doing so it allows Brian's Blog to provide it to you, the readers of Brian's Blog and continues to expose Knox County Confidential.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lillian Bean's Recipes. Where Can You Find Them?

Lillian Bean, former Knox County Circuit Court Clerk in addition to having served Knox County with exceptional service knows how to cook. Whether you were a recipient of a can of Lillian's beans or just happened to wonder by.

In my life of politics. Lillian and Richard Bean compliment one another exceptionally well. Richard is always one of the guys that I seek advice from and Lillian often sends a quick note of encouragement.

Well, the weekly newspaper that I love from North Knoxville is the Fountain City Focus and Lillian has started a weekly Recipe column called Little goodies from Lillian's BEAN POT.

This week there were three recipes Deviled Eggs, Fruit Salad with Honey Orange Dressing and Summer Fruits with Peanut Butter-Honey Dip. She also included some great advice on packing a picnic.

Now the third recipe I can't try as I have an individual in my home that is allergic to Peanut Butter. Deviled Eggs are always superb. But now the Fruit Salad with Honey Orange Dressing that would be something special to try.

Check out the Fountain City Focus each week, here in order to see what Lillian will recommend for us all.
Other newspapers run recipe columns, but no body is a better cook than Lillian Bean. So if you want the best, then you consult with the best.

Fountain City Focus and Lillian Bean truly the best.

Here is the recipe.

Fruit Salad with Honey - Orange Dressing

½ cup low-fat plain yogurt
¼ cup nonfat mayonnaise
¼ cup honey
¾ teaspoon grated orange peel
¼ teaspoon dry mustard
3 tablespoons orange juice
½ teaspoons vinegar
4 cups assorted fruit

Instructions: Whisk together yogurt, mayonnaise, honey, orange peel and mustard in small bowl until blended. Gradually mix in orange juice and vinegar. Toss fruit gently with dressing.
Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Makes 4 servings.

A Question. Is It Nepotism or Cronyism?

O.k., if you can believe something/anything that is printed in the E.W. Scripps weekly newspaper. You know the publication. The one that prides itself on printing lies.

So, if this is correct. "Cathy Quist confirmed that Smith’s position had been cut. She also said Cawood will be transferred to the General Sessions Court downtown."

Let's assume that it is.

Then when Cathy Quist moved Sharon Cawood the day after our blog post. She moved Sharon to General Sessions Court downtown. Sharon's husband former Commissioner Mark Cawood is a bailiff at the City County Building downtown.

That puts Sharon and Mark in the same building during the day.

So the question. Is Cathy's move of Sharon being closer to Mark a move of nepotism or cronyism?

With the move of Sharon to another office in the Clerk's operation. Thanks for the confirmation.

This post is intended as Humor. If you can not find humor in it. Then read another post or maybe another blog.

The Family Spends Leisure Time In Blount County

Last evening the family left the comfort of our West Knoxville home. We headed out for an adventure that was a first for the kids and brought back fond memories from my childhood.

The first stop in Blount County was not a first for us, it was probably the first for Saturday 7/21/2007. We stopped at the Wal Mart in Alcoa, TN. We bought some snacks and drinks and headed toward Foothills Mall and turned left onto Lamar Alexander Parkway.

We headed toward Townsend. When we arrived near Maryville College we veered right and headed toward the Blount County Correctional Facility and Blount Memorial Hospital. We were still headed toward Townsend. After a few miles we turned left into the Parkway Drive In.

We enjoyed a beautiful evening and at 9:30 pm we began watching the latest Harry Potter movie. Shortly after midnight, the second feature started and it was Delta Farce. That movie was watched by the adults as the kids had crashed.

We arrived back home at 2:00 am and went to bed. It was a fun evening and a first for the kids.

Although we are avid Regal Cinema fans, watching movies at the Drive-In was still a blast.

Knox County Lay-Off's

UPDATE Sunday 7/22/2007 7:33 pm The E.W. Scripps weekly newspaper evidently reads Brian's Blog. As we broke this story yesterday. We were able to speak with Mike Arms of the Mayor's office. We were unable to reach Cathy Quist or a representative of her office.

However, the E.W. Scripps weekly newspaper is reporting that they reached her.

Here is what the paper that prides itself on printing lies has to say. "Hubert Smith is no longer an employee of Knox County. He had clerked in the Juvenile Court under Cathy Quist until her budget was cut by one position. Word on the street is that Smith also kept busy documenting the work habits of his supervisor, Sharon Cawood." They have an additional item that is related. "Cathy Quist confirmed that Smith’s position had been cut. She also said Cawood will be transferred to the General Sessions Court downtown."

Of course, we are happy to be of assistance to all of the Brian's Blog readership. Even at times when we can assist the E. W. Scripps weekly newspaper.

I always cite them when I am talking about their stories. They could have at least credited me with breaking this story. Let's see I broke the story that led to Jack McElroy stepping down from the Urban League Board, he credited me with it. I broke this story and Cawood is moved. Hmm. Some people like McElroy are real journalist and real people and well the others just ain't.

UPDATE: Saturday 7/21/2007 1:18 pm - I spoke with Mike Arms the Chief of Staff of the Knox County Mayor's Office today. Mr. Arms told me that the Mayor's office did not and has not requested that any officeholder lay off any employee.

The County Mayor's office did request and implement a hiring freeze for all county offices. The only way that a fee officeholder can have a position approved is to make the request to the Knox County Commission and the Commission must approve the position. An example of this occurring is when Knox County Juvenile Court Judge Tim Irwin during the budget process requested and was approved an additional position.

Cathy Quist office did not request an additional position during the budget process.

The County Mayor's office also seized all vacancies. Hubert Smith's position was not vacant until he was laid off at 4:30 pm, yesterday Friday 7/20/07.

Mike Arms said "No where did we ask anyone to lay employees off."

I attended at least one of the two budget hearings this year. In the budget hearings each officeholder or their representative appeared before the County Commission and was asked if their budget was satisfactory. In every case the fee officeholders or their representatives said they were fine and would be o.k. For example Property Assessor John Whitehead said "I don't have everything I want, but I have everything I need."

In the case of Cathy Quist. She was represented at the budget hearings by Assistant's Tim Wheeler and Wendy Norris. At no time in their presentation to Commission did Tim Wheeler (who did a majority of the talking) indicate that one position would be eliminated or laid off even momentarily.

As for the process of fee officeholders and the Mayor approving each position. The fee officeholder's are required to submit something called a "salary suit" in this salary suit it list each person, their position and salary. If the Mayor disagrees with the salary suit. The officeholder must then file the salary suit with a Judge. Mr. Arms has informed me today that the Mayor has approved each and every salary suit submitted to him as of this date.

So, the reasons given to Mr. Smith for his position being laid off or eliminated appears not to be accurate.

Original Post: Saturday 7/21/2007 6:16 am - On Friday July 20, 2007 at 4:30 pm Catherine F. Quist the Knox County Circuit, Civil Sessions and Juvenile Court Clerk laid off at least one employee. The reason? Because Knox County did not fully fund the budget request of her office and because the County Commission/Mayor eliminated funds for his position.

Because notice was given to him at 4:30 pm (the conclusion of the work day) he was not allowed to gather his personal items and was escorted from the building by security. He was informed that he would receive his personal items by mail.

Longtime Deputy Clerk Hubert Smith received notice in a letter from Catherine F. Quist that read. "I regret to inform you that effective immediately you are hereby laid off until further notice. The County not only failed to fully fund our salary request but eliminated funds for your position."

A few questions.

If the Clerk's office must implement lay offs in what order are the lay offs considered and implemented? Certainly Hubert is not the newest member of the office, having been employed in the position since 2001. In December 2006, the County Commission voted on and approved a Supervisor position at the request of the Clerk and that position was given to Sharon Cawood, now County Commissioner Sharon Cawood. Within the last 3 weeks there have been at least 3 part time positions hired within the Court Clerk's office.

Where in the budget has the Court Clerk listed specific jobs? Hubert is a Deputy Clerk as are a majority of the employees of the office. You are either Deputy Clerk or a Supervisor. Where does it list a specific Deputy Clerk? That would be necessary in order for the County Commission/Mayor to have eliminated Mr. Smith's position.

What did the County Commission/Mayor know and when did they know it in regards to eliminating funds for Hubert Smith or any other persons position?

If the County Commission/Mayor eliminated funds for any position in the Court Clerk's office. Why was an employee allowed to work 20 days past the first day of the budget year? The budget year began on 7/1/2007. Hubert was laid off on 7/20/2007.

When County Commissioner Sharon Cawood voted for the budget and read into the record that she had a conflict of interest. What did she know and when did she know that she was eliminating one of the positions within the office where she is employed?

Hubert Smith has been a good employee garnering all exemplary evaluations. In addition, Hubert Smith is an employee that qualifies for protection under the age discrimination laws and was the sole black full time employee of the Clerk's Juvenile Court operation.

An interesting twist. Hubert Smith is also the host of the public affairs radio talk show called The Hubert Smith Radio Show which airs every Sunday from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm ET on The Horne Radio Network's WKVL - AM 850. The Show is also simulcast on WLOD - AM 1140 (Loudon County) WATO - AM 1290 (Oak Ridge) and WGAP - AM 1400 (Maryville)

Tomorrow Hubert has scheduled for his show. Joe Hultquist, Knoxville city councilman, District 1, to talk about the great things happening in South Knoxville. There will be a surprise celebrity co-host! Angela McGlowan, FOX News commentator and author of "Bamboozled," will be the guest in hour two.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter

Just got back from WalMart in Turkey Creek. I am estimating 200 -275 people. When the book prior to this one came out (#6), my oldest son and I went to the same store about 11:15 pm, we were about 15th in line. They rolled a pallet of books to the front of the store at 12:00 am they took the top off you got your book and proceeded to the checkout.

This year they began at 8:00 pm giving out red armbands, then green armbands, then blue armbands, then yellow armbands. The instructions were given that at 11:30 pm they would announce that all red armbands line up, then after they bought the books. Then it would be green's turn until all bands and purchasers purchased their books. BTW, the line would be in the old layaway department in the back of the store which is now the site to store department.

As 11:30 pm rolled around no announcement. 12:00 am it appeared from the cheers that the books were out. The books had to be purchased in the rear of the store. And by the way, there is only one cash register in the rear of the store.

So, as 12:45 am approached we were getting closer and one of the ladies went up to find out what they were doing. They were not separating the arm bands. But she was told that if you didn't have an arm band then you were told to go to the back of the line.

Shortly, after 1:00 am we had our copy and they gave us a poster, a bookmark and something else. Oh, and the neat colored armbands each one had a separate character's name on it. They had a gentleman (that was actually leaning on each and every book take your armband from you and cut it in half with scissors) this was presumably so that you couldn't hand it off to someone in the back of the line. Which would have been difficult since the crowd wouldn't let you cut in line anyway. There were young kids and adults that felt that the armbands should have been a keepsake that didn't get cut in half. But the kids were most upset.

The bottom line is my oldest son has the book and has begun reading it and it must pass through his siblings. I will be the last of the line to read it.

It would probably be a good idea for me to start on the first book first. You think?

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Next County Investigation?

UPDATE: There are some new developments in regards to this story that will be posted within the next 12 - 24 hours. However, I would like to share with you the hypocrisy of Commissioner Sharon Cawood. This KNS story in the Tuesday 7/17/07 edition reports discussion about Commissioners taking issue with former Mayor employee Bone being the only person named in an upcoming County Commission resolution. Commissioner Sharon Cawood said “Others that have resigned need to be named,” Commissioner Sharon Cawood said.

With this original blog post it reveals the hypocrisy of Commissioner Sharon Cawood and that she should have learned some time ago that those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Every county employee is expected and does attend to their duties 37.5 - 40 hours or more a week, refrains from two - three hour lunches and extended afternoon shopping trips unless they are a Supervisor and an appointed County Commissioner to the seat that the Tennessee Supreme Court picked up and dumped your husband out of.

Original Post 7/17/07 4:52 PM - My sources tell me that the next Knox County Investigation will involve County employees and the time they spend on their job.

My sources tell me that a review of time sheets and entry/exit swipes at all county facilities has already been launched. Most all doors entering and exiting county owned facilities have a card swipe system. It will say that X employee entered the building at X time and how many times they entered the building during the day.

Multiple sources have indicated that one example is Commissioner Sharon Cawood a Supervisor at the Juvenile Court Clerk's office. She has rarely worked an entire day since she was hired in December 2006 (less than 30 days before she was appointed to her husband's County Commission seat) According to the sources, Cawood also takes extended lunch breaks. Cawood was not promoted to this position within the Clerk's office, she was hired off the street as a Supervisor.

Questions are arising as to how much comp time or vacation time could she have accumulated during her brief stint with the clerk's office. My sources also indicate that there are Knox County employees drawing a check that have not checked in to the office they are assigned to in several years.

Phillip Norman Bredesen Awards The InCompetent One In His Adminstration

A day behind on this story. But here goes.

Well, there was much laughing when Mayor Ragsdale indicated that his Director's and Executive Staff were making under private sector salaries. I would agree that it is the private sector's business to reward based on their profits and I would agree that when you work in the government that you should not expect to get rich and should not expect BIG raises.

But, no hue and cry when the liberals favorite Governor, Prince Phillip of Nashville makes the same argument. Prince Phillip justified the raises by saying "the new rates make their compensation “a little more reasonable.” But instead of a few thousand dollars Prince Phillip of Nashville shells out millions in recurring taxpayer dollars.

The biggest joke is the 62.63% increase for Lana "Schools are Worse on My Watch" Seivers. Seivers should donate the additional $69,336 per year that she obtained from you and me to fund a teacher or two. The Public Education System in Tennessee has gotten worse since she became Tennessee Commissioner of Education.

If anybody thinks that Lana Seivers can make $180,000.00 a year in the private sector. Then Lakeshore has a bed for you tonight.

Prince Phillip of Nashville should have campaigned on raising the salaries on the incompetent ones during the campaign.

This is NO different than when Governor Don Sundquist kept quiet about a State Income Tax until he was back in office.

All of you liberals made fun of our Jim Bryson campaign talking about our BIG vision and a BIG Heart. Well, now we know that the only thing that Prince Phillip of Nashville does is reward incompetence in a BIG, BIG way.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Knoxville News-Sentinel Gets It Wrong. Are You Surprised?

This Knoxville News-Sentinel's editorial today got a minor detail wrong. Are you surprised? I think the Gossip and Lies from its recently acquired tabloid is rubbing off on the flagship paper.

Here is the error. "Lowe now is considering running in 2008 for county clerk, a post currently held by Billy Tindell, who was term limited as a county commissioner. Scott Moore, commission chairman, also is seeking the clerk’s position. And on and on."

I know that Mike Lowe has been encouraged to run for Knox County Property Assessor, not County Clerk. Nothing is final until Mike Lowe announces his intentions. However, Mike is getting tremendous support from all over Knox County to run for Property Assessor.

It would really help for the News-Sentinel to make sure that even when the reporting Rumor and Gossip that it not become a lie. With that said. Twenty- four hours is a life time in politics, so Lowe could decide to run for Assessor, Clerk, Register or in 2010 Mayor.

Before the News-Sentinel prints something it attempts to pass off as fact it should ask the subject of the paragraph.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Judge Leibowitz - Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Volunteer TV has this report.

Apparently, Judge Leibowitz was the first to impose a rule about cigarettes. It worked building wide and now you must be properly attired to enter her courtroom. I thought the courts were the people's court. I thought Judges were elected and served us the citizens.

What is Judge Leibowitz going to do when a citizen can not afford the proper attire that she demands.
Oh and By the way, You can not have any drinks in the courtroom that you paid for, by the Judge and staff that you pay their salaries. But guess what. Judge Leibowitz can have a cup of coffee. "Do as I say, not as I do"
Here are the Rules before entering Judge Leibowitz court.





Maybe I should open a Courtroom clothing store near the City County Building.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tonight's Dateline NBC on The Deadly Love Triangle

Tonight Dateline NBC spent one hour 10 pm - 11 pm on WBIR with an in depth story on the Erin McLean/Sean Powell/Eric McLean Deadly Triangle.

Erin was represented by a Nashville Attorney with the last name Blackburn. She did not appear in the story at all.

Eric McLean's previous interview with Matt Lauer and an additional interview appeared in tonight's story.

The McLean's was a complicated marriage and many questions were answered during this prime time hour news program.
Eric in talking about Erin and their marriage said. "Seems like I have been in love with someone that didn't even exist anyway"

The truly sad part is that a father that all interviewed for the story said that he loved and cared for his sons. He has since lost constant time with his two son's.
Truly a sad story.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shopper Reporter Jake Mabe Exposes The Truth

In this week's Halls Shopper News Reporter Jake Mabe publicly exposes what many in Knox County have seen for years. However, Jake has the intestinal fortitude to publically expose it.

Jake was covering a community meeting where Former Superintendent of Schools Earl Hoffmeister was promoting the Biography of his life. The book written by a former employee of Hoffmeister is loaded with inaccurate information.

The most glaring is Hoffmeister's recollection that he beat Former Superintendent of Schools Mildred Doyle in 95 of 96 precincts. The author of the book recorded it as fact in her book. Jake simply called the Reference desk of the Knox County Public Library to verify the information. Jake discovered that Hoffmeister and the author of the book simply got it wrong. Come to find out Hoffmeister could not carry Mildred Doyle's home base of South Knoxville or even West Knoxville.

In Hoffmeister's talk he trashed the years of service of Ms. Doyle. The kind lady is not here to defend herself against his lies and distortions of her record. One thing that we all now know is that the author of the Biography and good old Earl are not honorable or honest individuals.

All of the politicians and community members that have aligned themselves with this dishonorable and dishonest person (Earl Hoffmeister) should immediately demand that he publicly apologize and retract his comments and that a revision be provided to correct every copy of the book and to forever censure himself from his dishonorable and dishonest talk about Ms. Doyle.

Many of us that have been in Knox County all of our lives have known the real Earl. Now Jake Mabe has publicly exposed it.

Good job Jake.

Check out Jake's column about the Lies and Distortions of Earl Hoffmeister and the author of his biography, here.

Herb Moncier PR Machine In Full Speed

Today's Knoxville News - Sentinel has a feature story on none other than Knoxville Attorney Herb Moncier. It is a story written by Georginia Vines. It is the best advertorial (that is a news piece that is paid for by the subject of the story) that I have seen. It is promoted on the front page of the Sunday edition.

Now, I am not saying that Moncier actually paid for the advertorial, I am saying that it can be listed as an in-kind contribution from the News-Sentinel and E.W. Scripps. The Knoxville News-Sentinel has certainly profited from their "reporting" of the multiple Wanda Moody/Herb lawsuits.

The reason for the advertorial showing a softer side of Herbert is that Moncier has crossed the line up in Greene County and faces a Contempt judgement that could place him in confinement for 1 year, forfeiture of his law license and significant fines.

So, the News Sentinel and E.W. Scripps is trying to protect the one guy that has helped them to sell papers over the years. Nice.

Friday, July 13, 2007

E.W. Scripps Harry Moskos Back In Knoxville

There have been Harry Moskos sightings in Knoxville. With his return to Knoxville does that mean that Jack McElroy has stepped on a banana peel and is on his way out of Knoxville? Or will Moskos become the Editor of the new E.W. Scripps publications? You know the publications Shopper, Metro Pulse and Knoxville Magazine. Or is Moskos just back in town?

E.W. Scripps Owned Knoxville News-Sentinel Blast Bush Pardon Of Libby Ignores The Clinton Pardon's

Well, E.W. Scripps owned Knoxville News-Sentinel has an editorial on President Bush's pardon of Libby. Where was E.W. Scripps owned Knoxville News-Sentinel on the Clinton pardons? They were missing in action.

Here is the Department of Justice link to Clinton pardons. For those of you not into clicking on links, here they are posted before.

There is no explanation for Clinton appointee Henry G. Cisneros. No explanation for Clinton's brother Roger Clinton. No explanation for Susan McDougal. No explanation for Mark Rich. No explanation for Stephen A. Smith, John Fife Symington, III and Christopher V. Wade

January 20, 2001
Pardon Grants January 2001

ALLEN, Verla Jean Everton, Arkansas False statements to agency of United States

ALTIERE, Nicholas M. Las Vegas, Nevada Importation of cocaine

ALTSCHUL, Bernice Ruth Sherman Village, California Conspiracy to commit money laundering

ANDERSON, Joe, Jr. Grove Hill, Alabama Income tax evasion

ANDERSON, William Sterling Spartanburg, South Carolina Conspiracy to defraud a federally insured financial institution, false statements to a federally insured financial institution, wire fraud

AZIZKHANI, Mansour T. Huntsville, Alabama Conspiracy and making false statements in bank loan applications

BABIN, Cleveland Victor, Jr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Conspiracy to commit offense against the United States by utilizing the U.S. mail in furtherance of a scheme to defraud

BAGLEY, Chris Harmon Harrah, Oklahoma Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine

BANE, Scott Lynn Mahomet, Illinois Unlawful distribution of marijuana

BARBER, Thomas Cleveland Hampton, Florida Issuing worthless checks

BARGON, Peggy Ann Monticello, Illinois Violation of the Lacey Act, violation of the Bald Eagle Protection Act

BHATKA, Tansukhlal Income tax evasion

BLAMPIED, David Roscoe Ketchum, Idaho Conspiracy to distribute cocaine

BORDERS, William Arthur, Jr. Washington, D.C. Conspiracy to corruptly solicit and accept money in return for influencing the official acts of a federal district court judge (Alcee L. Hastings), and to defraud the United States in connection with the performance of lawful government functions; corruptly influencing, obstructing, impeding and endeavoring to influence, obstruct and impede the due administration of justice, and aiding and abetting therein; traveling interstate with intent to commit bribery

BOREL, Arthur David Little Rock, Arkansas Odometer rollback

BOREL, Douglas Charles Conway, Arkansas Odometer rollback

BRABHAM, George Thomas Austin, Texas Making a false statement or report to a federally insured bank

BRASWELL, Almon Glenn Doravilla, Georgia Conspiracy to defraud government with respect to claims; perjury

BROWDER, Leonard Aiken, South Carolina Illegal dispensing of controlled substance and Medicaid fraud

BROWN, David Steven New York, New York Securities fraud and mail fraud

BURLESON, Delores Caroylene, aka Delores Cox Burleson Hanna, Oklahoma Possession of marijuana

BUSTAMANTE, John H. Cleveland, Ohio Wire fraud

CAMPBELL, Mary Louise Ruleville, Mississippi Aiding and abetting the unauthorized use and transfer of food stamps

CANDELARIA, Eloida False information in registering to vote

CAPILI, Dennis Sobrevinas Glendale, California Filing false statements in alien registration

CHAMBERS, Donna Denise Memphis, Tennessee Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute cocaine, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, use of a telephone to facilitate cocaine conspiracy

CHAPMAN, Douglas Eugene Scott, Arkansas Bank fraud

CHAPMAN, Ronald Keith Scott, Arkansas Bank fraud

CHAVEZ, Francisco Larios Santa Ana, California Aiding and abetting illegal entry of aliens



COHN, Stuart Harris New Haven, Connecticut 1. Illegal sale of gold options 2. Illegal sale of silver options

COOPER, David Marc Wapakoneta, Ohio Conspiracy to defraud the government

COX, Ernest Harley, Jr. Pine Bluff, Arkansas Conspiracy to defraud a federally insured savings and loan, misapplication of bank funds, false statements

CROSS, John F., Jr. Little Rock, Arkansas Embezzlement by a bank employee

CUNNINGHAM, Rickey Lee Amarillo, Texas Possession with intent to distribute marijuana

DE LABIO, Richard Anthony Baltimore, Maryland Mail fraud, aiding and abetting

DEUTCH, John Described in January 19, 2001 information

DOUGLAS, Richard False statements

DOWNE, Edward Reynolds Conspiracy to commit wire fraud and tax evasion; securities fraud

DUDLEY, Marvin Dean Omaha, Nebraska False statements

DUNCAN, Larry Lee Branson, Missouri Altering an automobile odometer

FAIN, Robert Clinton Aiding and assisting in the preparation of a false corporate tax return

FERNANDEZ, Marcos Arcenio Miami, Florida Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana

FERROUILLET, Alvarez Interstate transport of stolen property, money laundering, false statements

FUGAZY, William Denis Harrison, New York Perjury in a bankruptcy proceeding

GEORGE, Lloyd Reid Mail fraud

GOLDSTEIN, Louis Las Vegas, Nevada Possession of goods stolen from interstate shipment

GORDON, Rubye Lee Tampa, Florida Forgery of U.S. Treasury checks

GREEN, Pincus Switzerland

HAMNER, Robert Ivey Searcy, Arkansas Conspiracy to distribute marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute

HANDLEY, Samuel Price Hodgenville, Kentucky Conspiracy to steal government property

HANDLEY, Woodie Randolph Hodgenville, Kentucky Conspiracy to steal government property

HARMON, Jay Houston Jonesboro, Arkansas 1. Conspiracy to import marijuana, conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute, importation of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute 2. Conspiracy to import cocaine

HEMMINGSON, John Interstate transport of stolen property, money laundering

HERDLINGER, David S. St. Simons Island, Georgia Mail fraud

HUCKLEBERRY, Debi Rae Ogden, Utah Distribution of methamphetamine

JAMES, Donald Ray Fairfield Bay, Arkansas Mail fraud, wire fraud, and false statement to a bank to influence credit approval

JOBE, Stanley Pruet El Paso, Texas Conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and bank fraud

JOHNSON, Ruben H. Austin, Texas Theft and misapplication of bank funds by a bank officer or director

JONES, Linda Conspiracy to commit bank fraud and other offenses against the United States

LAKE, James Howard Illegal corporate campaign contributions, wire fraud

LEWIS, June Louise Lowellville, Ohio Embezzlement by a bank employee

LEWIS, Salim Bonnor Short Hills, New Jersey Securities fraud, record keeping violations, margin violations

LODWICK, John Leighton Excelsior Springs, Missouri Income tax evasion

LOPEZ, Hildebrando San Isidro, Texas Distribution of cocaine

LUACES, Jose Julio Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Possession of an unregistered firearm

MANESS, James Timothy Conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance

MANNING, James Lowell Little Rock, Arkansas Aiding and assisting in the preparation of a false corporate tax return

MARTIN, John Robert Gulf Breeze, Florida Income tax evasion

MARTINEZ, Frank Ayala Elgin, Texas Conspiracy to supply false documents to the Immigration and Naturalization Service

MARTINEZ, Silvia Leticia Beltran Elgin, Texas Conspiracy to supply false documents to the Immigration and Naturalization Service

McCORMICK, John Francis Dedham, Massachusetts Racketeering conspiracy, racketeering, and violation of the Hobbs act

McDOUGAL, Susan H.

MECHANIC, Howard Lawrence 1. Violating the Civil Disobedience Act of 1968 2. Failure to appear 3. Making false statement in acquiring a passport

MITCHELL, Brook K., Sr. Conspiracy to illegally obtain USDA subsidy payments, false statements to USDA, and false entries on USDA forms

MORGAN, Charles Wilfred, III Little Rock, Arkansas Conspiracy to distribute cocaine

MORISON, Samuel Loring Crofton, Maryland Willful transmission of defense information, unauthorized possession and retention of defense information, theft of government property

NAZZARO, Richard Anthony Winchester, Massachusetts Perjury and conspiracy to commit mail fraud

NOSENKO, Charlene Ann Phoenix, Arizona Conspiracy to defraud the United States, and influencing or injuring an officer or juror generally

OBERMEIER, Vernon Raymond Belleville, Illinois Conspiracy to distribute cocaine, distribution of cocaine, and using a communications facility to facilitate distribution of cocaine

OGALDE, Miguelina Glendale, California Conspiracy to import cocaine

OWEN, David C. Olathe, Kansas Filing a false tax return

PALMER, Robert W. Little Rock, Arkansas Conspiracy to make false statements

PERHOSKY, Kelli Anne Bridgeville, Pennsylvania Conspiracy to commit mail fraud

PEZZOPANE, Richard H. Palo Heights, Illinois Conspiracy to commit racketeering, and mail fraud

PHILLIPS, Orville Rex Waco, Texas Unlawful structure of a financial transaction

POLING, Vinson Stewart, Jr. Baldwin, Maryland Making a false bank entry, and aiding and abetting

PROUSE, Norman Lyle Conyers, Georgia Operating or directing the operation of a common carrier while under the influence of alcohol

PRUITT, Willie H. H., Jr. Port Richey, Florida Absent without official leave

PURSLEY, Danny Martin, Sr. Goodlettsville, Tennessee Aiding and abetting the conduct of an illegal gambling business, and obstruction of state laws to facilitate illegal gambling

RAVENEL, Charles D. Charleston, South Carolina Conspiracy to defraud the United States

RAY, William Clyde Altus, Oklahoma Fraud using a telephone

REGALADO, Alfredo Luna Pharr, Texas Failure to report the transportation of currency in excess of $10,000 into the United States

RICAFORT, Ildefonso Reynes Houston, Texas Submission of false claims to Veterans Administration

RICH, Marc Switzerland

RIDDLE, Howard Winfield Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado Violation of the Lacey Act (receipt of illegally imported animal skins)

RILEY, Richard Wilson, Jr. Possession of cocaine with intent to distribute

ROBBINS, Samuel Lee Cedar Park, Texas Misprision of a felony

RODRIGUEZ, Joel Gonzales Houston, Texas Theft of mail by a postal employee

ROGERS, Michael James McAllen, Texas Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana

ROSS, Anna Louise Lubbock, Texas Distribution of cocaine

RUST, Gerald Glen Avery, Texas False declarations before grand jury

RUST, Jerri Ann Avery, Texas False declarations before grand jury

RUTHERFORD, Bettye June Albuquerque, New Mexico Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute

SANDS, Gregory Lee Sioux Falls, South Dakota Conspiracy to distribute cocaine

SCHWIMMER, Adolph Conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, conspiracy to export arms and ammunition to a foreign country and related charges

SERETTI, Albert A., Jr. McKees Rocks, PennyslvaniaConspiracy and wire fraud

SHAW, Patricia Campbell Hearst Wilton, Connecticut Armed bank robbery and using a firearm during a felony

SMITH, Dennis Joseph Redby, Minnesota 1. Unauthorized absence 2. Failure to obey off-limits instructions 3. Unauthorized absence

SMITH, Gerald Owen Florence, Mississippi Armed bank robbery

SMITH, Stephen A.

SPEAKE, Jimmie Lee Breckenridge, Texas Conspiracy to possess and utter counterfeit $20 Federal Reserve notes

STEWART, Charles Bernard Sparta, Georgia Illegally destroying U.S. Mail

STEWART-ROLLINS, Marlena Francisca Euclid, Ohio Conspiracy to distribute cocaine


TANNEHILL, Richard Lee Reno, Nevada Conspiracy and restraint of trade

TENAGLIA, Nicholas C. Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania Receipt of illegal payments under the Medicare program

THOMAS, Gary Allen Lancaster, Texas Theft of mail by postal employee

TODD, Larry Weldon Gardendale, Texas Conspiracy to commit an offense against the U.S. in violation of the Lacey Act and the Airborne Hunting Act

TREVINO, Olga C. Converse, Texas Misapplication by a bank employee

VAMVOUKLIS, Ignatious Exeter, New Hampshire Possession of cocaine

VAN DE WEERD, Patricia A. Tomahawk, Wisconsin Theft by a U.S. Postal employee

WADE, Christopher V.

WARMATH, Bill Wayne Walls, Mississippi Obstruction of correspondence

WATSON, Jack Kenneth Oakridge, Oregon Making false statements of material facts to the U.S. Forest Service

WEBB, Donna Lynn Panama City, Florida False entry in savings and loan record by employee

WELLS, Donald William Phenix City, Alabama Possession of an unregistered firearm

WENDT, Robert H. Kirkwood, MissouriConspiracy to effectuate the escape of a federal prisoner

WILLIAMS, Jack L. Making false statements to federal agents

WILLIAMS, Kevin Arthur Omaha, Nebraska Conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute crack cocaine

WILLIAMS, Robert Michael Davison, Michigan Conspiracy to transport in foreign commerce securities obtained by fraud

WILSON, Jimmie Lee Helena, Arkansas Converting property mortgaged or pledged to a farm credit agency, and converting public money to personal use

WINGATE, Thelma Louise Sale City, Georgia Mail fraud

WOOD, Mitchell Couey Sherwood, Arkansas Conspiracy to possess and to distribute cocaine

WOOD, Warren Stannard Las Vegas, Nevada Conspiracy to defraud the United States by filing a false document with the Securities and Exchange Commission

WORTHEY, Dewey Conway, Arkansas Medicaid fraud

YALE, Rick Allen Belleville, Illinois Bank fraud

YASAK, Joseph A. Chicago, Illinois Knowingly making under oath a false declaration regarding a material fact before a grand jury

YINGLING, William Stanley Interstate transportation of stolen vehicle

YOUNG, Phillip David Little Rock, Arkansas Interstate transportation and sale of fish and wildlife

Thursday, July 12, 2007

There Is At Least One or Two To Be Found In America

The U.S. Senate under Democrat control allowed the first ever non Christian prayer. Thankfully there was at least one or two believers to be found in America that took a stand.

Thank to BreitBart for the video.

Senator Ward Crutchfield - An Admitted Felon

State Senator Ward Crutchfield plead Guilty today for his involvement in Tennessee Waltz. The kicker is he held out, maintained his seat in the State Senate and cast votes in Senate this past year knowing that he is a Felon.

Being a Democrat, it is a terrible thing to be.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First Baptist Church Concord Grows Addendum I

First a major concern at tonight's meeting is declining property values because their homes or property are beside a Church or Church recreational facilities.

Let us first look at Cedar Bluff Subdivision. Homes in the Cedar Bluff Subdivision are next door, directly next door to the recreational fields and to Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church and those property values have not declined.

Let us look at developments along Northshore Drive. Montgomery Cove is within a stone's throw of The Cove at Concord Park, Farragut Baseball, Inc ball fields and Cherokee Park. There are residential developments being constructed closer to The Cove at Concord Park than Montgomery Cove.

Then the subdivision's Eagle Glen, Westshore and Northshore Cove are located in close proximity to the Junior Golf Course and The Concord Point Park.

Then the subdivisions of River Sound, The Cove at River Sound, River Crest, Wexford at Lake Loudon, Bunker Hill, Windermere, Lake Ridge all are located in close proximity to the Carl Cowan Park which was constructed in the 1950's during the days of segregation. It was built as a park for the black citizens. Today, it has some of the highest citizen usage of any Knox County park.

Then in the Town of Farragut how about the subdivisions that have been built in the last few years along Turkey Creek Road with the Farragut Anchor Park.

All of the properties in the Subdivisions that we have identified have not had property value declines. The properties in these subdivisions have had the exact opposite results their property value has increased significantly.

There will be additional addendum's addressing more of the questions / issues that were raised tonight.

Please understand that my responses are the responses of Brian's Blog and primarily Brian Hornback. They are not the comments of First Baptist Church, Concord or the leadership of the church.

You are free to make any comments that you wish to make. However, unlike WBIR your comments will only be published if your comments adhere to the Rules of Engagement for Commenting that are posted on the front page of Brian's Blog.

First Baptist Church Concord Grows

WBIR reported last night that there would be a community meeting in Farragut for the First Baptist Church Concord Master Plan to be discussed with the citizens of Farragut. I attended the meeting as a member of Knoxville's media (blogger) and asked a question or two and responded to one question that was directed at me personally by Jeanne Brykalski.

For additional clarification, I am a member of First Baptist Church, Concord. My family and I have been members since 1993. My family and I have been residents of Southwest Knox County since 1992. I am a native Knox Countian (I attended Knox County Schools from second grade until graduation from high school and my children attend the Knox County public schools) and my extended family are native Knox County residents as well. Over the years I have become tired of the unrelenting trash talking in the media and community about the church. The recent trash talking generated by the church neighbors can be found here. It is disgraceful, unprofessional and not Christ like. But I digress and will now get back on the story.

When I arrived it was obvious that this was not the kind of meeting that WBIR reported it to be. The sign greeting those attending said Derby Chase HOA meeting. Derby Chase is a subdivision in Farragut. Everyone signed in, including myself.

Many in attendance that spoke were not residents of Derby Chase. All of the citizens that are not resident's of Derby Chase probably should have been excused from the meeting. However, the President of the Derby Chase Home Owners Association was kind enough not to kick the BelleAire Drive residents and others out.

I will be posting many different posts on this issue over the next few days and potentially weeks.

But first let's discuss the History of First Baptist Church, Concord.

The church started in the historic community of Old Concord. Old Concord is on the lake off of Concord Road near the intersection of Northshore Drive and Concord Road.

The church in about 1958 purchased the property that is now at the corner of Kingston Pike and BelleAire Drive. The original "First" church was built and occupied by the church in about 1962. That building is still standing on the current church property.

The Town of Farragut was incorporated in 1980. Needless to say the government of Farragut and many if not all of the neighboring residences and homes were not constructed prior to 1958. So, any homes or homeowners that built or purchased homes after 1958 were aware that they purchased or built homes near a growing and thriving church.

Granted the church growth was slower in some years than others but just in the time that I have been a member the growth experienced has been faster within the past 5 years than previous years.

Two immediate examples of churches in West Knox County that are growing without the neighbor trash talking are Cokesbury United Methodist Church that has doubled or tripled their size in recent years. Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church that has doubled or tripled their size over the years.

I will be posting additional posts addressing some of the questions / issues that were raised tonight.

Please understand that my responses are the responses of Brian's Blog and primarily Brian Hornback. They are not the comments of First Baptist Church, Concord or the leadership of the church.

You are free to make any comments that you wish to make. However, unlike WBIR your comments will only be published if your comments adhere to the Rules of Engagement for Commenting that are posted on the front page of Brian's Blog.

Don't You Just Love It When The Liberals Consume Themselves

A news report aired this afternoon that Cindy Sheehan will oppose Nancy "Latte Liberal" Pelosi because Pelosi hasn't attempted impeachment proceedings on the President.

Sheehan -vs- Pelosi in an election war in San Fransico. Don't you just love it when the liberals consume themselves.

And you folks think the Republicans are in trouble. Ha!

Senator John Sidney McCain Taking On Water But He Fights To Live Another Day

There were many departures from the McCain campaign today multiplying to the departures from last week. Word on the street this afternoon was it is over. It very well may be, however, the former POW and American Hero responded quickly with an email out to his list this afternoon.

It reads.

Challenges are nothing new to me. Whether political challenges, physical challenges or even personal challenges - how you stand up, face them and move forward defines your character and your strength.

My friends, it's no secret that we have faced many challenges in this campaign. But I continue to do my best to make you proud by standing on principle and doing the tough things necessary to make our nation proud and strong - it's the only way I know how.

I'm honored that you're standing with me and I'm determined to continue to face our challenges head-on and win. The stakes are simply too high to sit on the sidelines during this important crossroad in our nation's history.

I hope you will join me in welcoming back an old friend, Rick Davis, who will be resuming his role from the 2000 campaign as my campaign manager. Though we have a long, hard road ahead of all of us, I know that with your help, we will prevail.

Now is not the time to be timid or to shy away from our challenges - now is the time to stand up and say what we believe. I'm fighting to make our nation stronger, our government more effective and our world a safer place - and I hope you will continue to join me in this important journey.

Together, I have every confidence that we will be successful and I am honored by your continued support and friendship.

Senator John McCain

Greater Del Rio Replaces Vonore

For those of you that have been reading Brian's Blog for awhile. I have normally used Vonore to explain comments that need explanation. Effective immediately, I find it impossible to pick on the good citizens of Vonore (Monroe County) I contemplated Sneedville, but could not bring myself to using them as I know good people in Sneedville. I thought about Cosby, but I finally have selected Greater Del Rio.

Thus, effective with the previous post it is now Greater Del Rio.

Greater Del Rio is located in Cocke County, TN and recently made news as the Federal agents busted up a large cockfighting operation there.

Monday, July 09, 2007

West Knox Republican Club Picnic

A Great time was had by all. This evening from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. the West Knox Republican Club held their annual July picnic at the Deane Hill Recreation / Community Center.

Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr attended (he received a standing ovation) and spoke briefly to those in attendance. He said. "Many people are talking about Fred Thompson. Let me say that I will vote for any of our candidates before I vote for any of theirs." For those of you in Greater Del Rio. He is talking about Democrats.

Church Hill, TN Attorney and potential Republican State Senate candidate (for State Senate District 4) Mike Faulk attended and handed out his whistle/flashlight/compass. Speaking of which I resorted to helping Joy McCroskey's young grandchildren begin using theirs immediately. She may never speak to me again.

Judge Dale Workman began auctioning off the cakes. (all donated by elected officials) Some that I remember. Commission Chairman Scott "Scoobie" Moore bought the cake of Senator Lamar Alexander. Second District Commissioner Chuck Bolus purchased the cake donated by Ken Knight. Lee Tramel purchased a variety of baked goods donated by Judge Tony Stansberry. Commissioner Phil Ballard spent $200 on a cheesecake donated by Commissioner Lee Tramel. Foster Arnett purchased a baked good. A loyal Republican (that is not an elected official, so I will spare her the public notoriety) purchased the prune cake donated by Sheriff Jimmy "J.J" Jones.

There were many others. Oh. Yeah. I purchased one of the cakes donated by Judge Geoff Emery. As Judge Workman handed me the cake, I made some remark that Judge Emery is the only Judge I like at the City - County Building. That was a joke for those of you in Greater Del Rio. I am not sure why I bought a cake as the wife and I are not eating cake. (The wife is doing better than me, but I am refraining) Well, it was a fun night.

City Council members Joe Bailey and Chris Woodhull were in attendance. City Judge John Rossen was there. County Commissioners Scott Moore, Richard Cate, Lee Tramel, Chuck Bolus, R. Larry Smith, Jack Huddleston and Phil Ballard. Law Director John Owings, Trustee Fred Sisk, Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Quist, Nick McBride representing Register of Deeds Sherry Witt, Chief Tom Spangler representing Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones, Judges Tony Stansberry, Andrew Jackson, VI, Tim Irwin, Dale Workman. State Senators Jamie Woodson, Tim Burchett. State Representatives Frank Niceley and Bill Dunn. Sixth District County Commission candidate Matt Jones, Fourth District County Commission candidates Walter Wojnar and Ed Shouse. Foster Arnett, Jr candidate for County Clerk.

I am sure that I have accidentally left one or two off. Send me an email and I will add the ones that I have accidentally left off.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Knoxville Morning Radio Show Recommendations

Knoxville is rich in Great morning radio shows. Brian's Blog would like to recommend three morning radio shows in no particular order. Brian Hornback enjoys each of these shows throughout the mornings.

WJBZ Praise 96.3 FM - Mike in the Morning - Monday - Friday 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

WRJZ 620 AM - The Bob Bell Show - Monday - Friday 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

WYLV Love 89.1 FM - Mike, Mike and Marisa - Monday - Friday 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ministry Mutiny - Greg Stier

One morning driving to work I was listening to the Morning Bob Bell Show on Joy 62. Bob asked a trivia question, I knew the answer and called in and WON. What I won was a Pastor prize pack. A great DVD and a book entitled Ministry Mutiny by Greg Stier.

I have just finished reading it and it is a great book. It begins with a youth pastor prepared and ready to resign. As he is preparing to submit his resignation he meets another youth pastor. One with many years of experience over the next six days he shares with our main character six different principles of committing ministry mutiny.

The principles are presented in a youth ministry perspective. However, you can incorporate these six principles in your work, family and everyday life as well.

There are divine appointments in our everyday life and we should always be looking for them and recognizing them for what they are divine. There is a benefit in seeking out a mentor and a younger person that we can invest our time, energy and insight into.

I am grateful that I was listening to Bob Bell that morning as I listen nearly every morning and that I received this free gift of the book. I will be sharing this book with others.

Check out The Bob Bell Show on AM 620 WRJZ every week day Monday – Friday 7:00 – 8:00 a.m.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Big Brother “Expect the Unexpected” 8

My favorite reality television series is the annual Big Brother shows. Tonight was the beginning of Big Brother 8. The only summer show that I watch regularly.

This years series feature enemies. A father and his estranged daughter, a gay boyfriend couple who broke up and one turned all the mutual friends against the other and two females that were friends in high school and haven’t spoken to one another since.

The Cast of Characters are

Carol - a Student 21 years old
Amber – a Cocktail Waitress 27 years old
Mike - a Painting Contractor
Daniele – a Waitress 20 years old, although she told her house guests that she is 21.
Jameka – a School Counselor
Nick – a Former Pro Football Player
Kail - a Real estate/Business Owner, 38 years old and mother of three teenagers.
Zach – a Graphic Designer
Jen – a Nanny
Eric – a Talent Management Associate 27 years old.
Joe – a Receptionist
The three "Enemy House Guests" are:

Dustin - the former boyfriend of Joe the receptionist.
Jessica - the former high school friend of Carol.
Jake “Evil Dick”- the estranged father of Danielle. She has refused to talk to her father in 2 years.

The first Head of Household competition was held and first eliminated was the team of Carol/Amber. Then the team of Jen/Zach were eliminated. Then the team of Daniele/Mike were eliminated. Then the team of Joe/Jameka were eliminated. Leaving the team of Kail/Eric as winners of HOH contest. Dustin, Jessica and Jake were given the option of choosing the HOH and Kail became the first HOH.

And then to the shock and awe of the house guests the three enemies were brought into the house. Joe would not shake Dustin's hand. Daniele cried and went into the other room as her announced that he was her dad and she hadn't spoke to him in two years and Carol just tried to ignore that Jessica was there.

I have already decided that I do not like Joe. Dustin has more class and dignity than Joe and now I know why that relationship didn’t last.

It was announced that Eric is America’s Player he will be recognizing the blogosphere. At the conclusion of every episode America can give give Eric direction and he will have to complete it. For every 5 tasks that he completes he will be awarded $10,000.00 The House guests have no idea.

This will be a fun summer, 3 hours a week. The next installment will be Sunday 8 pm on the CBS affiliate.

Scooter Libby

So, President Bush commuted the jail sentence of Scooter Libby.

Scooter Libby faced his accusers and a jury of his peers at trial. It seems that President Bush didn’t just let Scooter Libby go. He commuted the jail time. Libby must still pay the fines and serve probation.

Based on the precedence of the Co-Presidency of William Jefferson and Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. That leaves W with 140 pardons and 35 more commuted sentences to go.

America, isn’t it great?

The Final Days – Barbara Olson

A gentleman that I had just met asked if I had read the book by the woman that was killed in the airplane crash of 9/11. I knew that Barbara Olson had written two books Hell to Pay and The Final Days. I had not read either book.

The gentleman loaned me “The Final Days. The Last Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House” within one day I had read the book. It is an appropriate time to read this book that was published in late 2001.

First, a little history Barbara Olson had completed the manuscript prior to boarding a plane for Los Angeles on September 11, 2001. She had approved the final draft. However, she never got the chance to see the book in print or autograph one copy. She unfortunately was on one of four airplanes that began America’s Defense on Terror. Her plane crashed into the Pentagon.

The publisher’s wrestled with whether to publish the book or not. However, it is a story that would have never been told had Barbara Olson not told it and the story needed to be recorded for all eternity.

It documents the Clinton administration (Puff Billy and H.Rod – a Gangsta love story) and the final pardons, commuted sentences, executive orders and all around misdeeds. No president (and his co-president as Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton likes to be referred to as) in the history of our nation has issued as many executive orders, pardon’s and commuted sentences. The most egregious was the pardon of a fugitive of justice, a “man” (using the term loosely) that was too cowardly to stand before a jury of his peers. A “man” that while safe on land outside the U.S.A renounced his citizenship. However, “Slick Willy” and as the liberal New York Observer called her “Slick Hillie” pardoned Mark Rich.


Because his ex-wife Denise Rich gave $1.2 million to the DNC (Democrat National Committee), $75,000.00 to Senator Hillary’s first Senate campaign and $45,000.00 to the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here is Chuck Schumer the colleague from New York of “Senator Shoplift” (Newsday) said about the Mark Rich pardon. “To my mind, there can be no justification for pardoning a fugitive from justice. It does not matter that the fugitive believed the case against him was flawed or weak. It does not matter that the fugitive was enormously philanthropic. Pardoning a fugitive stands our justice system on its head and makes a mockery of it. One of the great strengths of our criminal justice system is that it is just that, a system. By allowing someone to choose to opt out of that system by fleeing and then opts into that system to get a pardon perverts the entire system entirely.”

Here is what Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said about it then” I think people are beginning to feel that the bridge to the 21st century is a toll bridge that people have to pay to get across.” Huckabee went on to say “If they [the pardons] look suspicious to James Carville, I think it’s fair to say to say they look suspicious to everybody.”

What three quotes sum up the Co-Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton?

“I experimented with marijuana a time or two. And I didn’t like it, and didn’t inhale, and never tried it again.”

“I am going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

“It depends on what the meaning ‘is’ is. If the – if he – if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not - that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement.”

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

110 People Who Are Screwing Up America (And Al Franken is #37) -Bernard Goldberg

First I read Bias.

Over Christmas/New Years or Spring Break 2007 I read Arrogance.

Someone emailed me and said you really need to read 100 People Who Are Screwing America. I put it on the list.

Fortunately for me the paperback was released and the book title changed to 110 People meaning (for those of you in Vonore) that an additional 10 people were added to the list.

It is a great read and I was shocked about a few people that made the list. However in great Goldberg fashion he makes the case and after reading the reason you can’t dispute the listing.

Now, I now have an idea.

The Brian Hornback list of People Who Are Screwing Up Knox County.


Who would be first?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Bob Davis

In a Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee Conference Call this morning Chairman Bob Davis informed the Party that he would be stepping down as Chairman August 4, 2007.

All bets are on that he will join his old boss Fred Dalton Thompson for the Presidential campaign.

Certainly during Bob's tenure the party has regained it status as a Majority party. During my term as Knox County Chairman Bob and I worked well together. He was always available and willing to assist.

In the interim, I hope the Executive Committee will look to Robin Smith to take control for the next year and a half. In her position as Vice Chair she is aware of the parties efforts to gain further control of the State Senate and its plan to assume control of the State House.

Good Luck to Chairman Davis in his future endeavors.

United States Senator John Sidney McCain, III

Drudge reported yesterday. Brian's Blog confirmed last evening that it appears the McCain wheels are coming off their campaign wagon. With a reported $2.0 million dollars remaining and Fred Dalton Thompson set to announce this summer the McCain candidacy is coming to a close.

This is sad because I supported McCain in 2000 and during the winter had desired to see him as the nominee in 2008. Then he began participating in debates and making some bizarre statements. Then the immigration bill comes along and now the campaign appears to be headed to a conclusion.

If he is unable to recover it is a sad end for a true American Hero.

The photo was taken in November 2006 by R.Neal of KnoxViews as McCain stumped for Senator Bob Corker in Knoxville. Thank you to R. Neal.

Monday, July 02, 2007

NEA Annual Conference / Convention

Today marked the first full day of the NEA (National Education Association) Convention in Philadelphia, PA. You ask. Why would I care?

I do not care for the liberal views of the NEA as an organization. However, I do like several educators that are members and leaders with the Knox County and Sevier County organization.

This morning they heard from the spouse of President Bill Clinton, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. She was warmly received as was expected as she appeared to be the anointed one for the liberal organization. They also have heard from former North Carolina Senator Johnny Reid "John" Edwards. He made an impact that surprised many in attendance as he announced that he and Elizabeth are educating their children in the public education system and he unveiled his University for everybody plan. They will hear from Senator Christopher John Dodd, Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, New Mexico Governor William Blaine "Bill" Richardson III, Congressman Dennis John Kucinich, basically all the Demo candidates. Thursday morning they will hear from Barack Hussein Obama.

The only announced Republican candidate that appears to have the intestinal fortitude to have scheduled an appearance at this point is former Arkansas Governor Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee.

If the Democrats truly desire to give the Republicans a run for our money than Senator Edwards is their best shot. I realize that the Demo’s are not smart enough to recognize that. So, the Democrats will select either President Clinton’s wife, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton or Barrack Hussein Obama thus giving the Republicans the White House again.

Never Again – John Ashcroft

I have just finished reading the book by former Governor of Missouri, former United States Senator from Missouri and most recently former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft.

For those of you that do not remember why we are defending ourselves in this war on terror. This book describes the terrorist attack that hit our country on 9/11/2001 and all the terrorist activity following the attack on our homeland soil.

It discusses the need for the USA Patriot Act that was signed into law in October of 2001. It discusses the infamous 9/11 Commission and the behind the scenes posturing of the Commission members.

The bottom line is that our country is unaware of what a Great patriot and public servant we had serving our country for four years as our Attorney General. John Ashcroft is a man that I had a lot of respect for before but after reading his book a walk away with a more profound respect and admiration for the man.

Read his account of the activities of him and his staff of the morning of September 11, 2001, it will cause you to understand the grit of the man. When you read of his account of the carrying out of the death sentence of Timothy McVeigh, you see the personal side of the man. It is well worth the read.

Let’s us “Be Prepared” and vow Never Again.