Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Breaking News: Knox County Schools Closed tomorrow

From the Knox County Schools website, located here. Knox County Schools will be closed Thursday, February 1, due to anticipated inclement weather and dangerous traveling conditions.

Channel 6 Apolgizes and the Apology was Accepted

During the 5 o'clock newscast Channel 6 played a "teaser" saying that there were some backroom deals going on and the deals got canceled when their cameras showed up. The problem with their "tease" is they showed camera footage of me talking to a new County Commissioner.

I objected for many different reasons a few of which include 1) I am not a Commissioner and my conversations with ONE Commissioner is NO backroom deal. 2) It appeared to me to be a slap at the Knox County Republican Party and myself (the Parties leader) 3) I wasn't given an opportunity to respond prior to such allegation and video being used.

A Channel 6 News Director viewed the 5 o'clock telecast and the "teasers" they called me back and said they understand where my concern came from, they mistakenly used video footage they should not have and have apologized. They assured me that there is and will never be an effort or attempt to single out one political party or individual for criticism that is not warranted.

I thanked them and all is well tonight.

Tabloid Writer is at it again

A source directed me to the local blog forum to a comment where the tabloid writer uses a portion of my name in a way that only a tabloidish entity could do.

It did not go unnoticed that the tabloid writer did not put in a full day effort today as the tabloid writer did not cover the oath and installation of the new officeholders.

I am not surprised tabloid is as tabloid does.

By the way, it was a pleasure seeing R.Neal today at the selection proceedings and I appreciate him saying Hello. R. Neal is a good guy from what I can tell, it just seems that some odd birds participate on his blog forum. I removed myself as a user and eliminated the ability to post, so that accusations can not be made that I am posting when I am not. That apparantly does not stop the tabloid types.

Knox County Commissioner 4A Richard Cate

Commissioner Mark Harmon nominated Elaine Davis and then withdrew it and reserved the right to bring it back on 4B. Commissioner John Schmid was asked by his original intended nominee not to due to possible violation of the Sunshine Law, this forcing Schmid to nominate former County Commissioner Scott Davis. Commissioner John Griess nominated Richard Cate. Commissioner Greg Lumpy Lambert nominated Lee Tramel.

On the roll call vote. Cate received 9 Davis 4 and Tramel 4. Commissioner Jordan changed her vote from Davis to Cate giving Cate 10 Tramel 4 and Davis 3. Thus selecting Richard Cate.

After reviewing this information. I asked Greg Lumpy Lambert about his nomination for Tramel but his vote for Cate. He said he felt better about Tramel on the other ballot.

Richard Cate will be an excellent Commissioner. He has the experience of following County Government, a business background and some common sense and will serve as a voice of the people.

First District County Commisioner Selection Stopped

Commissioner Phil Guthe from the fourth district stopped the proceedings and requested that since both Fourth District seats were being replaced to proceed with the two Fourth Districts first. That was honored and the First District County Commissioner selection was stopped.

New Trustee Fred Sisk

Commissioner Craig Leuthold nominated the Chief Deputy of the Trustee's office Fred Sisk for appointment as Trustee. No other candidates were nominated and Sisk was elected to the position.

The only issue is Leuthold jumping to nominate Sisk. Leuthold a full time employee (running the Farragut branch office) of the Trustee's office nominating his future boss is a potential problematic issue for Leuthold.

Certainly it would have been more advantagous for Leuthold to have not nominated his employer and not to expose himself to unneccesary criticism and potential allegations of unethical behavior.

Fred Sisk is not only the best qualified candidate for Trustee, he is also my friend and I look forward to working with his 2008 campaign.

New Register of Deeds Sherry Witt

Commissioner Phil Ballard nominated Republican Chief Deputy of the Knox County Register of Deeds office Sherry Witt. Commissioner Mark Harmon nominated former Democrat candidate for Register of Deeds Scott Emge. With Emge receiving 1 vote and Witt receiving 17. Witt was elected.

The citizens of Knox County will not see any disruption of service as they conduct their deed transactions. That my friends is a little good news.

Second District Commission Seat Declared Vacant

Commissioner Mike Hammond asked for clarification of Commissioner Tindell's status as a Commissioner. the Law Director opined that according to the Charter of Knox County the Second District seat presently held by Commissioner Tindell is NOW vacant due to his election as County Clerk. This will cause some minimal heartburn later in the meeting.

New Knox County Clerk Billy Tindell

Today Commissioner Mark Harmon nominated George Stooksbury. Commissioner John Griess nominated Billy Tindell. Knox County resident C.B. Howell nominated Jeffrey Lawhorn, CPA.

The Commission overwhelmingly selected Billy Tindell (a good Commissioner) over a good long serving employee of the Clerk's office. Stooksbury would have gained a few more votes had anyone other than Mark Harmon nominated him.

However, Tindell will not run in 2008 and Stoksbury will. Republican Carolyn Jensen attended the forums and offered a Republican alternative. She is to be commended for offering a choice.

New Sheriff J.J. Jones

It didn't take long once Lumpy showed up to select a new Sheriff. As Commissioners names were called and everyone passed until R. Larry Smith. Smith in a rude display of behavior questioned "what are we doing here?" acting as if he didn't know what was up. He then placed the name of J.J. Jones for Sheriff.

It is custom for all Commissioners to pass until a Commissioner places the name in nomination. From my observation, I believe (and have not confirmed this) that Scott Moore intended to nominate Sheriff Jones and Commissioner R. Larry Smith in essence jumped in front of Chairman Moore to nominate J.J. Jones. Chairman Moore as always presented himself as a class act. There were no other nominations and J.J. Jones was elected Sheriff and they proceeded to administer the oath of office.

J.J. Jones will be as good as Sheriff Hutchison. I am just not sure that anyone can be better than Sheriff Hutchison but Sheriff Jones will be as good.

We can all sleep well, tonight. Our businesses will be protected during the evenings and our neighborhoods will be protected during the day time.

Lumpy delays County Government

The Commission meeting had started fine. The prayer, pledge to the flag and then they had to take a break. They took a break due to Commissioner Greg Lambert aka "Lumpy" failure to make the meeting at the scheduled hour. Lumpy delayed the operation of County government.

The rumor circulating in the back of the room was that one of the cars at Advantage was not starting. (These comments were made in a joking manner)

Good Day in Knox County Government for the REPUBLICANS?

Well, I will be posting later this evening about today's proceedings. I have been home from work for about 45 minutes and will spend time with the greatest kids in the world. As a matter of fact my youngest son and I are headed to Weigel's an Icee for him and a Cappuccino for me.

The first thing that I want to say is that the Republican Party snagged one from the Demo's! The Second district seat previously held by Billy Tindell went to REPUBLICAN Chuck Bolus. Why? Because the Demo's were participating in some in-fighting over Broyles (Harmon) and Wimmer (Tindell) so we snagged it. Is it right? Well, if Harmon and 4 other Demo's can't keep it together. Than maybe Harmon and 3 other Demo's can keep it together. The 4 Demo's are Josh Jordan (a pleasant guy), Tank Strickland (always a GREAT guy), Mark Harmon and Sharon Cawood.

My sources indicate that Harmon was warned by a fellow Democrat Commissioner that if you keep fighting within the party on the Commission then the Republicans will kick our butt.

Sorry. But Thanks.

A Bigger Issue than Term limits, Tyler Harber or Anything else

Scott Barker over at the News-Sentinel has a story that is bigger than the term limits issue, Tyler Harber or anything else. The story located here, indicates and confirms that several Commissioners have had conversations in violation of Tennessee's Open Meeting laws (Sunshine law).

This story could open each individual Commissioner to legal issues and potentially to removal from office. It also cast a shadow on the appointees. What did they know and When did they know it? Did they participate with the Commissioners in avoiding Tennessee law?

The nominee in South Knox County from his bio is owner of the Knoxville Floral Delivery Pool. His resume was not public until his was named. (I do commend Pinkston/Clark for the process of a citizen panel) Are other Commisisoners involved in a business that participates with the Knoxville Floral Delivery Pool?

These are questions, not accusations. Questions are what citizen journalist are supposed to ask. I am believing that Scott Barker will continue to ask the questions.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Commissioner Frank Leuthold

The word on the street (and has been confirmed by numerous sources in the City County Building, no sources on the sixth floor were used in gathering this information) is that the Fifth District Commissioner's (Mike Hammond, Craig Leuthold and John Griess) have selected former County Commissioner and Father of current Fifth District County Commissioner Craig Leuthold as the care taker of the Fifth District Seat C currently occupied by John Griess.

That Fifth District nominee is Frank Leuthold.

Thank You

I would like to Thank all my friends, church members and community activists that asked and encouraged me to submit my name, letter and resume for the position to be vacated by Commissioner John Griess tomorrow.

I considered it but never felt perfect about it. In an article published mid week last week I indicated that I was "leaning that way". I assured the Knoxville News-Sentinel reporter that when my letter was sent that she would be copied on it. She never received it because I never submitted it.

I am blessed to have many friends through out Knox County, some of them currently serve on Commission and many that will serve on the NEW Commission. To them I say Thank you for your words of encouragement and your phone calls.

I was amazed that my name was on the ballot last night at the Whittle Springs forum as I had not submitted a letter or resume. I was even more amazed that I had received the second highest number of votes (I did not cast a vote myself) and was the top Republican vote getter.

I encourage the Commission to make a selection from all of the qualified applicants. I will attend the meeting to see who all the new REPUBLICANS are. Best Wishes and God speed.

Thank You

On the blog of County Commissioner Mark Harmon. He posted the results of the preference poll that was conducted at the forum last night. I had a previous commitment and was unable to stay for the entire evening, which included the Fifth District portion of the meeting.

In the polling, I came in second overall and first in possible Republican Replacements. To all the good people at Whittle Springs last evening. Thank You.

Check out Commissioner Harmon's blog for the vote tally on all races. Here is how the Fifth District fared.

Tom Salter, 35
Brian Hornback, 6
Robin Butler, 3
Tamara Boyer, Kyle Philips, and Gregory Harrison, two each
Teresa Shupp, one
Marilyn Cobble, Ken Gross, or Pamela Treacy,no votes.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Forum this evening at Whittle Springs

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog attended the forum held at Whittle Springs Middle School this evening. In a partisan move Deborah Porter and Charles Bolus make excellent Republican candidates. In a bi-partisan move there were two Democrat candidates that are head and shoulders above the competition in qualifications and experience to best serve Knox County and the Second District. Cortney Piper and Jonathan Wimmer. Too bad there are not more Second District seats available.

Sheriff Moncier

The Knoxville News-Sentinel has an interesting article from the excellent interview that Sheriff Hutchison participated in and aired on WBIR on Sunday January 28, 2007. Here is the article. It is interesting that the News-Sentinel has to write a story based on a television interview, instead of requesting and being granted an interview themselves. But I digress.

Here is what I thought was bizarre about what lawyer Moncier had to say in response to the Sheriff's interview. Moncier wrote. "I believe in a government of the people, for the people, elected by the people. Not a government of professional politicians who horde power; who peddle government jobs and contracts to their friends and supporters; who punish those who disagree with them; who abuse the powerless; and who become multi-millionaires while in office peddling their influence."

I have some news for the readers of Brian's Blog. Sheriff Hutchison has been elected by the people. The election in August 2006 in particular was historic. The Sheriff was re-elected to a fifth term. No Sheriff in Knox County history has been elected by the people to more terms than Sheriff Hutchison.

No Sheriff in Knox County history has quickly solved more crimes. Locked up more bad guys. Protected more neighborhoods and businesses and has the resources to respond to businesses when customers have assaulted employees of the business even when the business is in the city limits (it is still in Knox County, when it is in the city)

No matter what Harry Moskos (former Editor of the Sentinel had written), no matter what Herbert's lawsuits said or alleged. The PEOPLE of Knox County have elected and re-elected OUR Republican Sheriff in 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002 and again in 2006.

To the News-Sentinel and lawyer Moncier. Thanks for the memories. Now let's all go to McDonald's and up size the value meal.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Week from Today

The Knoxville News-Sentinel website has a link to preview some potential Super Bowl ads for next Sunday.

One week from today, GO COLTS!


FIDO - Forget It Drive On. - Lt. Clebe McClary

An Awesome Sunday

Last week, I posted the announcements about the Bailey Smith Real Evangelism Conference that was held at my church. Last Sunday morning the Conference concluded with Bailey Smith preaching the sermon "Wheat and Tares." Nearly 150 people accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior at the conclusion of the Bailey Smith sermon.

This morning in the first service nearly 20 people were baptised. During the second service more than 20 were baptised. Tonight during the evening service more than 60 people will be baptised. The service tonight will require the use of 2 baptistery.

What a Great day at First Baptist Concord.

The following worship course was a part of the service today.

I'm trading my sorrow
I'm trading my shame
I'm laying it down for the joy of the Lord
I'm trading my sickness
I'm trading my pain
I'm laying it down for the joy of the Lord

Chorus:And we say yes Lord yes Lord yes yes Lord Yes Lord yes Lord yes yes Lord Yes Lord yes Lord yes yes Lord Amen

I'm pressed but not crushed persecuted not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed
I'm blessed beyond the curse for his promise will endure
And his joy's gonna be my strength
Though the sorrow may last for the night
His joy comes with the morning

Fifth District County Commission Forum held today in Cedar Bluff Part II

Replacement Candidates appeared at the Fifth District County Commission Forum and spoke briefly about their desire to serve and the qualifications they possess for serving.

Several County Commissioners that will be making the selections attended. They are to be commended for attending this forum in order to make an informed decision. The County Commissioners attending were:

Commissioner Mike Hammond 5A
Commissioner Craig Leuthold 5B
Commissioner Tony Norman 3A
Commissioner R. Larry Smith 7A
Commissioner Greg Lambert 6B
Commissioner Mark Harmon 2A

Two other Elected officials attended the forum as well. They are:

School Board Member Rex Stooksbury
Farragut Alderman Joel Garber

Here is a link of all the candidates that have made themselves available as of this date. The candidates that appeared at the Saturday forum were.

Second District for the position held by Commissioner Billy Tindell

Amy Broyles

Fourth District for the positions held by Commissioner John Schmid and Commissioner Phil Guthe.

Elaine Davis
Ed Shouse
William Daniels
Richard Cate

Sixth District for the position held by Commissioner Mark Cawood.

Sharon Cawood
Charles Smith (Smitty) Giles, II

Eighth District for the position held by Commissioner John Mills.

Jim Eubanks

County Clerk - The position currently held by Mike Padgett

Carolyn Jensen
George Stooksbury

Register of Deeds - The position currently held by Register of Deeds Steve Hall.

Scott Emge

Trustee - The position currently held by Mike Lowe.

Fred Sisk

Sheriff - The position currently held by Sheriff Tim Hutchison.

Randy Tyree

Smitty Giles announced that he had requested of his two Commissioners to have a similar forum in the Sixth District and was informed there wasn't enough time. There will be another forum hosted by Commissioner Mark Harmon at Whittle Springs Middle School tomorrow, Monday January 29, 2007 at 6:00 pm. The forum will be held in the school's auditorium. The school is located at 2700 White Oak Lane (the corner of Whittle Springs and White Oak) All candidates seeking appointment are asked to give a three-minute statement, followed by audience questions.

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm District Two County Commission candidates.
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm County-wide candidates (Sheriff, County Clerk, Trustee and Register of Deeds)
8:00 pm - 8:30pm Any County Commission candidates from other districts.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fifth District County Commission Forum held today in Cedar Bluff

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog and several Brian's Blog reporters attended the Fifth District Replacements Forum. We are filing a report only about the candidates that spoke for the Fifth District Seat C position currently held by Commissioner John Griess. In another post we will identify the other candidates that spoke.

Commissioner Craig Leuthold established the rules. Each candidate will speak for 3 minutes.

Terry Shupp spoke for 2 minutes 18 seconds. She is an Architect/City Planner with a Masters from UT. She has worked with MPC and Community groups. She has directed a non profit and has served on no profit boards. She has been appointed to the TN Technology Corridor. She will look out for the long term direction. She stated that she is qualified, willing and welcomes the opportunity. She will NOT be a candidate in 2008.

Tom Salter spoke for 4 minutes and 4 seconds. He has a Masters in Education. He ran for the position in August. He has desired a process and feels that the voters have spoken. In August he received 3458 votes as the Democrat nominee against term limited Commissioner John Griess. His wife Joyce and he visited over 3500 homes. During these visits he said that the citizens of the fifth district want strong, safe neighborhoods. He will have an open door. He will pay more attention to the desires of the constituents than the wind on Commission. He believes there is a disconnect with what we as a community want and the Commission wants in Education. In the summer he asked for and received a briefing from school administrators on school finance. Knox County Schools has received less money over the years and Tom would like to get into the issue and find out why this is happening. He has been involved in community organizations. He is Director of Keep Knoxville Beautiful and in the past worked with a large family shelter.

Kyle Phillips spoke for 3 minutes and 31 seconds. He works in Market Research. Previously with John Deere and currently with Whirlpool in Marketing/Sales and Research. He currently serves as President of his neighborhood association the past 4 years. He ran unsuccessfully this past year in the Republican Primary against Commissioner Craig Leuthold. Mr. Phillips indicated that he received 30% of the vote in the Republican Primary. His goals as County Commissioner will be 1) Better fiscal responsibility 2) long term planning and 3) Education - putting the right dollars and right resources to improve our education system.

Greg Harrison spoke for 4 minutes and 46 seconds. He indicated that all candidates bring different aspects to the job and it appears there is a good cross section of our community represented in the replacement candidates. This is his first time for him to step forward as a candidate. He is a life long resident of the 5th district. He and his wife Jane have been married for 21 years. they have 2 children (1 attends Farragut Intermediate School) in 1975-1976 he was a member of the Cedar Bluff Middle School basketball team that won the Knox County middle school basketball tournament. He is an Attorney, he owns his own law firm . He obtained his undergraduate degree from University of Georgia at Athens in 1984. He Graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 1987. He worked in the Knox County District Attorney Office for 5 years with Attorney General Ed Dossett. He worked in the Knox County District Attorney Office for 5 years with Attorney General Randy Nichols. During this time he worked as a trial Attorney with the sex offense and homicide unit. In 1996, he was appointed by Governor Sundquist as Executive Director TN Alcohol Beverage Commission and served for 4 years. In 2000 he began a private practice in Criminal defense work. His law firm Valliant, Harrison & Schwartz filed Knox County's first term limit lawsuit Jordon -vs- Knox County.

Pamela Treacy spoke for 4 minutes 21 seconds. She stated that it is not popular to appoint the Commissioners but they are following the law. She said that she was prompted by someone last week to step up "people like you need to step up" She believes in standing for the needs of the Government. She said that she is a Tennessean by choice having moved here in 1994 to work with HGTV. She said I am a team player. Her goals will be 1) Communication: siting the high school as an example. I have supported things without the complete knowledge. She said that she is technology oriented (email). She has been meeting with a group of parents discussing ways to improve our community. 2) Commission needs to work with the school board. 3) Senior Citizens: When you go into a nursing home, do you want someone highly educated or someone that just barely got through high school? Today she is employed in Commercial Real Estate.

Marilyn Cobble spoke for 1 minute 51 seconds . She indicated that she is passionate about quality of life. She introduced her mother Lorainne. Her mother attends the Strang Senior Center. Marilyn believes in fiscal responsibility. The voters spoke in 1994 and she believes that there is a desire to move away from career politicians. She will have an open door policy and she believes that Government should reflect the communities diversity.

Robin Butler spoke for 4 minutes and 25 seconds. She first said that she did not know that she was speaking today and was very nervous. She said that she has two children at Farragut Middle School. When she discovered that more schools were getting more money than us that makes me very sad. She said that she is a Developer/Home Builder. When we moved to Halls it was because of the overgrowth in the West Knox Area. (She corrected herself and said that her company is building in Halls due to the overgrowth in the West Knox area. We did not build here because we built where we believed the growth was needed.) She said that she has been a business owner since she was 20 years old. She said that she took a company in bankruptcy, cut the fat out it and made it work. She attended Draughons Business College and UT. She obtained a certificate in landscape. She has two children and is a Sunday School teacher at Cokesbury United Methodist Church. She indicates that she has worked with the federal Government and the public.

Tamara Boyer spoke for 1 minute and 35 seconds. She said that she is a mom and a wife. She indicates that she is a hard worker and volunteer . She said that she is at a crossroads. She attended law school and is married and has a child. She is a Corporate Attorney and is ready and able to serve Knoxville.

Can it be both ways?

UPDATE: I have received an email that the former Chairman has posted over at the local blog forum a response to this post. He says "that I am attempting to criticize him". First of all the post title ends with a question mark. It is asking a question not being accusatory. Secondly, the label on the post is Human Interest Humor. It is meant to be funny. If the former Chairman takes offense. I apologize.

In the post comment that was forwarded to me it states that "Brian Hornback does apparently read" this forum. Let me address that statement from the former Chairman. Yes, I do on occasion read the forum. However, I made the decision to unsubscribe which does not allow me to post comments. If there is ever a post purporting to be from me. It isn't true. The only website/forum that I do not log onto is the website of AM 1180 and AM 1120. I have publicly stated that I have not logged onto their site since August of 2006 and that is the truth. Certain person(s) in July and August of 2006 were posting things on the radio stations website that were not from me and I ended it, by informing the station and its listeners that I would NEVER log onto the website. Similarly, I removed myself from the blog forum that the former Chairman participates in to avoid someone doing the same thing on a different website in a different setting.

Over at a local blog forum last evening there was a post about the story in today's Sentinel concerning the Sheriff's release of the documentation and findings into the investigation of the personal emails of the former Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party.

The former Chairman said on the forum comment section that the Sentinel story is misleading. Within 464 minutes or almost 8 hours later he says the Sentinel report is Good, very Good.

The former Chairman appears to be confused.

1) Channel 6 just called me.
Submitted by CBT on Fri, 2007/01/26 - 10:58pm.

Channel 6 just called me. The KNS article is misleading. They lay all the of the reason Tyler Harber won't be charged on me. I don't think that's accurate. I've explained this before, including on this blog I think.

I was told by Randy Nichols that the taking of emails from my personal home computer was a misdemeanor. He would not take out the warrant, but would leave that to me. It had been a year. Tyler had resigned and moved to Florida. It seemed to me to be a waste of time and money to haul Tyler back up here to get a 30 day probation and dismissed charge.

I don't know what else is in the report. I don't know what else the KCSO reported to Randy Nichols office. It was not up to me to press charges for anything other than the taking of my emails. That was up to others. What they did or didn't do, why they did or didn't do it, that wasn't up to me.

Throughout these events, the KNS has simply done a terrible job of accurately reporting this confusing story.

2) The print story in the KNS
Submitted by CBT on Sat, 2007/01/27 - 6:42am.

The print story in the KNS today is much different than last night's online version. The story changed substantially. Scott Barker seems to have done a good job of reporting.

Knox County Replacements

Brian's Blog contacted the Knox County Commission office to request the exact time on Monday January 29, 2007 to submit letters of intent for the positions.

David Keim of E.W. Scripps has reported on Michael Silence's blog that Monday is the deadline.

The Commission office has indicated that there is NO deadline. Thus resulting in a false community perception that there is a Monday deadline.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Saturday Fifth District County Commission "REPLACEMENT" Forum

From today's Knoxville News Sentinel this announcement:

Commissioners Craig Leuthold and Mike Hammond announced a public event Saturday at the Cedar Bluff library branch to "meet and greet" candidates for the 5th District seat now held by John Griess. "It's a chance to talk to them face to face," Leuthold said of the 10 a.m.-noon event. "It's open to the public."

Commissioner John Griess is NOT a host to this Fifth District event. Brian's Blog confirmed today that Commissioner Griess is not scheduled to attend. Brian Hornback and other Brian's Blog reporters are expected to attend.

The idea of REPLACEMENTS bring several things to mind like this.

Pros on strike. Everyday guys get to play. & Pain heals, Chicks dig scars,... Glory lasts forever.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brian's Blog Poses the Question and Results Happen

Brian's Blog poses a question about our Knoxville News-Sentinel Editor. The Editor asks for input and then Results happen.

It is all part of our effort at Brian's Blog to improve the public discussion and community service.

This Week

What a hectic week, thus far. On Monday, I had to travel to Johnson City, TN for a HUGE business event. It was a HUGE success. Yesterday and today, I was occupied all day with business meetings.

I did have the opportunity to view the State of The (Our) Union delivered by our President George W. Bush. I feel like was the best delivery that W has delivered.

I have believed that he will be a better President with a Democrat C0ngress. While heserved as Governor of Texas, he had to work with both parties and was better Governor for it.

When he became President he was given the gift of a Republican Congress and Senate and he didn't quite handle it as many people expected, imho (in my humble opinion).

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Peyton Won A Big One and He is leading the Colts to the Super Bowl

Largest Comeback in Playoff history the Colts beat the Patriots and are going to the Super Bowl to play the Chicago Bears. The story line is Great. Tony Dungy faced personal struggle with the death of his son a couple of years ago. Peyton always haunted with people saying he couldn't win a BIG game. If you are/were one of them. You are WRONG.

The Greatest part of tonight's victory came when the Colts owner and Coach Dungy acknowledged the power of God in the lives of mortal men.

ConGrats to Da Bears and to Voluntarily Conservative

Congrats to da Bears and my friend Voluntarily Conservative. I grew up in a home where my brother, mother and father were Bears fans. I was not. Mom and Dad do not really pull for a team anymore, they watch the Vols and a few other teams. Remember I have been out of mom and dad's house for over 20 years. I talked to them regularily and dad still watches games and Nascar. My Big (Older) Brother is still a Bears fan.

The only team that I am pulling for today is the Colts. If the Patriots pull off a win tonight. Then I will pull for da Bears in the Super Bowl.
Have a good one.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Great Announcement Today at 1:00 p.m.

U.S. Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas will announce in Topeka, Kansas at 1:00 p.m. his Presidential Campaign bid for 2008.

More to Come.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Real Evangelism Conference Begins Tonight

My home church First Baptist Concord located in Farragut, TN begins a three night Bailey Smith Real Evangelism Conference. Here is the schedule.

Wednesday 6:30 p.m. (est) Bill Stafford, Bailey Smith and Music by Mike Speck Trio
Thursday 6:30 p.m. (est) Bob Pittman, Johnny Hunt and Music with Greater Vision
Friday 6:30 p.m. (est) Fred Luter and Music with The Booth Brothers and The Pfeifers.

The Church is located at 11704 Kingston Pike in Farragut, TN. The Phone Number is 865-966-9791. We are located on the web here.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

TN Supreme Court Opines Part II

One of my previous post located here has generated some comments. Scott Emge left a comment and then according to a source posted same on a local blog forum. I withdrew from the forum a couple of months ago due to numerous posters posing as persons they are not.

I approved the comment from Emge as every comment that adheres to Brian's Blog Rules of Engagement for Commenting are approved and published.

In previous conversations and chance encounters with Scott Emge. He has always appeared to be a pleasant person. We have always had cordial conversations.

Scott asked the following:

Brian, I may not always agree with everything you say but I've always admired the hard work you always do for your candidates and your party. I do need to pose this question to you though...If you are and have been such a strong advocate for term limits as you claim, why did you aggressively campaign for most of these soon to be ousted office holders when they were obviously term limited? The recent Supreme Court decision didn't suddenly enact term limits; it just shot down all the flimsy excuses that had been offered so far to avoid term limits. Thanks, Scott Emge

My response to Scott was simply:

Because it was/is my job.

I was in fact (not my claim) involved in the 1994 campaign, we had several organizational meetings at the former Deane Hill Country Club.

What the Democrats of 2006 do not understand is that as Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party, I first understood what my oath of office meant when I took it. I understood what my role and duties as Chairman are when elected.

My Republican candidates were selected in the May 2006 Republican Primary (just as Scott Emge was chosen in the May 2006 Democrat Primary) it was my duty to elect and re-elect everyone of them. Thanks to the hard work of my party members and candidates we were victorious and the Democrats lost.

I thank Scott for his comment that "I've always admired the hard work you always do for your candidates and your party." I am blessed to have been given through my family with a work ethic and hope that you will take note of Scott's recognition of my ability to be committed to the task. When committed to a task and submit to hard work, you will be successful.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby Recovered

What an awesome story at the end of this week and weekend. The first time I heard that Shawn Hornbeck had been recovered I was sitting in my living room reading some material and Fox News was on in the background and I thought that I heard my last name. I looked up and began to see the first report about the recovery of Shawn Hornbeck.

Is Shawn Hornbeck related? I don't know. The spelling is obviously different. My Grandfather did came to Knox County from Joplin, MO. Joplin is located in the southwest corner of Missouri. The Hornback and Hornbeck name are common throughout Missouri and north into Canada. There is also a pocket of Hornback's in the Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky area and for the most part the rest of us are spread out across the globe. I have received an email from one in Georgia. There are at least three different sets of Hornback's in East Tennessee that we know of.

Jack "Conflicted" McElroy on Knox County Government

Why would I refer to Jack McElroy, the E.W. Scripps Editor of the daily newspaper aka Knoxville News Sentinel? Because he serves on all kinds of boards of non-profits but of course he has no conflict. Yeah Right. Jack needs to do what the E.W. Scripps publisher (Bruce Hartmann) did with his board position at South College. Resign. Resign from everyone and then you will not have a conflict.

From what I understand Jack "Conflicted" McElroy appeared on Inside Tennessee and said that the replacement of term-limited incumbents isn't about party building.

It depends on what side of the fence you are looking from. In every race where a Republican serves today the runner-up is a Democrat. In every race where there is a Democrat a Republican was the runner-up.

Of the 8 Commissioners 5 are Republican and 3 are Democrats.
Of the 4 Countywide Officeholders 3 are Republican and 1 is a Democrat.

So, if you are Jack "Conflicted" McElroy it is about party building. Party building the Democrat Party and tearing down the Republican Party.

The question for Editor McElroy is: How is that position on the Democrat Board going for you?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

TN Supreme Court Opines

Yesterday, was historic. The opinion is in and the successful term limits refrendum campaign that I worked on in 1994 are in effect.

I am a tad late in posting for a few reasons. 1) I have finally moved all of the Brian's Blog Blogs to the new Blogger. The old "original" Blogger was slowing down as Blogger was moving over. This blog being a larger blog was not allowed to transition until yesterday and the switch was made. 2) I had vacationed for the last week of 2006 and the first week of 2007 in my second home of Florida. I arrived back to the frozen tundra of Knoxville a week ago today. Life has been hectic this week and today I had a couple of home projects and my youth basketball team had a successful start to the season this afternoon. WBIR and Volunteer TV caught me just prior to coaching and it was good to see Gary Loe and Kay Watson, two excellent reporters.

There is really nothing to say about the Supreme Court decision. I have always been a proponent of term limits. Unfortunately, it causes us to lose excellent public servants like Sheriff Tim Hutchison, a Sheriff that brought our department from caveman status (no intended insult to cavemen everywhere) to a 21st century department. The loss of Sheriff Hutchison will be felt for many years to come.

We lose a great public servant like Trustee Mike Lowe. Trustee Lowe from the time he became our Trustee has looked for ways to streamline the operations. He proposed cost saving efficiencies like combining county and city tax statements. Something the city continues to fight.

We lose a great public servant like Register of Deeds Steve Hall. Register Hall has always dedicated himself to working for the citizens of Knox County. He is always in the office and is always insisting on treating the customers (taxpayers) with respect and a helpful attitude.

We lose some good public servant County Commissioners like John Griess, Phil Guthe, Billy Tindell, Diane Jordan, John Mills and Larry Clark.

But at the end of the day the citizens will get to select good quality replacements. The citizens selected these and the citizens will again select replacements. In the interim the Charter is valid and the legislative body (County Commission) may select some replacements until the 2008 election.

That is what the citizens voted on when they selected this Home Rule form of Government and the citizenry are NEVER wrong.
Stay Tuned more post will come on this issue.

Greg "Lumpy" Lambert will be the Biggest Loser

If you thought there would not be a Republican -vs- Liberal Democrat Loser contest for the off season. (2007) You were just wishful thinking.

Knox County Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert is facing his district mate "Liberal Democrat" in a weight loss challenge. Here is betting that in the end the Republican will beat the Liberal Democrat.

When they weighed in Greg was at 286 while his taller Liberal Democrat opponent was 303. After some days of work the weighed in Greg was at 280 (-6) while the Liberal Democrat weighed in at 290 (-13)

While the Liberal Democrat is using a starvation diet. Greg is using a more conservative deliberate approach that will prevail for him at the end of the contest and will prove to be a life changing approach to a healthy lifestyle.

It is just like Liberal Democrats, they want the fast quick fix while Conservatives approach a sustained long term solution.

Go Greg Go.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Video of Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey

I have posted the you tube video of the election of Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey. I watched it live Tuesday on streaming video at the time of the election. After watching the video, I now understand why the left wing loonies are/were so upset.

How dare someone that has just been sworn in as Lt. Governor first Thank God and then Thank Cindy, his wife (a traditional marriage life partner).

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Does Metro Pulse Know Who the Knox County Officials Are?

This from the Ear to the Ground of Metro Pulse.

But Is It on Cable?

Knox County Commissioner Mike Hamilton, the new chair of the cable television committee, has called a meeting with interested parties for Wednesday (Jan. 17) at 8:30 a.m. at the City County Building.

Cable companies in Knox County have been operating on a month-to-month basis without long term contracts. Hamilton drew the assignment to chair the committee after the November election. Cable operators have argued a major bill may pass this legislative session affecting the regulation and operation of cable systems and have stalled contract talks.

There is not a Knox County Commissioner Mike Hamilton. There is our University of Tennessee Mens Athletic Director Mike Hamilton. The last time I checked he has his hands too full to be a County Commissioner.

Check it out the Metro Pulse staff typed the name twice, so they knew what they were writing about or at least they thought they did.

Could it be the folks at the Metro Pulse have been having too many festive Holiday parties up in their lush offices or are they clueless as to the subjects that they write about?

Questions for Metro Pulse staff. Is County Commissioner Mike Hamilton a Republican or a Democrat? If he is a Republican I need to add him to the list. If he is a Democrat, I need to target him in the next election. What area of town does Mike Hamilton represent? Oh, I bet he is John Schmid's replacement as Schmid shows up to very few committee meetings and didn't make it to like three monthly meetings in a row. Schmid also said during the summer, when he was suing to be taken off the ballot, that if elected he would not serve. What happened to that? Obviously. Mike Hamilton is now serving and is Chairing the Cable tv committee. Good for Mike Hamilton.

It appears that the tabloid writer is back at Metro Pulse writing Ear to the Ground

This earlier post from me concerning last weeks Ear to the Ground and then a Metro Pulse Letter to the Editor this week from another target of the same Ear to the Ground demonstrates that the whole thing was untruthful and as for me maybe Metro Pulse can invest in some better spy gear, something better than the dollar store stuff they have been using.


[In response to the Jan. 4 Ear-to-the-Ground speculation that Knox County Democratic Party Chair Jim Gray, who resigned in protest during the last election over the issue of term limits, may make a bid to return as chair]: I don’t know much about the Ear’s sources, but I do know how I spell relief: “e-x-C-h-a-i-r.” ’Nuf said.

Jim Gray
Democratic Party of Knox County, Chair (ret.)

Thanks for clearing the air Immediate Past Chair Gray.
God Bless and GodSpeed

Knox County Receives its first Charter School

Knox County has its first Charter school.

The Knox County School Board for many years talked a good game about at risk students. Attempting an evening school at all the area high schools for those students expelled, the problem is that the Board hasn't walked the walk with regards to at risk kids.

So the good news is that the Florence Crittenton Agency who have been advocates for helping at risk young ladies now have a Charter school. The school will be the Knoxville Academy for Young Women and will open this August. The school will offer an education, psychological and social services for adolescent and teenage girls in grades 6-12.

This should have been welcome news to the school board, unfortunately it was approved because the application sat on someone's desk at the Schools Central Office. In December Assitant Superintendent Donna Wright took the blame for the application not being brought to the board in a timely manner.

All applications must be reviewed and acted on by the local school board within 30 days of submitting the application. If the board does not take action within 30 days, then it has approved the Charter by its inaction.

The Board should consider that the Superintendent has employed someone that clearly doesn't understand the law and potentially has exposed the taxpayers for hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of taxpayer dollars.

The good news is that this is the Florence Crittenton Agency and I have every bit of confidence that they will do it right.

The question begging to be asked is. Was the inaction because there were coaches and principals that needed to be placed on administrative leave for some reason?

The latest on the South Grove Annexation

This morning the Knoxville News-Sentinel has a story written by Rebecca Ferrar updating the South Grove Annexation in South Knox County. This story follows an editorial written by Jack McElroy two or three Sundays ago. It certainly seems like the News-Sentinel is pushing this story because on face value it is a sensational story because to conspiraracy theorists this sells alot of .50 papers.

In the story today Rebecca Ferrar is reporting what the state AG's office says is the status of the investigation. It appears that there is a question of whether the state Attorney General is an appropriate investigator in this matter. Secondly, the News-Sentinel reports on campaign contributions to County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, County Commissioners and City Council members from Tim Graham and his partner in this project. It would appear from the story that the News-Sentinel is looking for a smoking gun where there is no smoking gun.

The News-Sentinel appears to be desperate to keep a story alive that just is about to die. But, then again the real side of this story (that everyone is missing) is that this invstigation is a BIG anti-property owner rights issue.

A certain group of individuals and a newspaper want to tell the Graham Corporation and Tim Graham the legitimate property owners what they can or can not do with property they own. This was a VOLUNTARY annexation.

Don't tread on a private property owners rights.

The question needs to be asked of the appropriateness of an E.W. Scripps employee (Sandra Clark, Editor of Halls News) serving on the board of Citizens for Home Rule (the organization leading the request for the investigation) and E.W. Scripps two Knoxville area publications pushing the issue for an investigation by the state Attorney General. Editorials written by both E.W. Scripps papers and numerous articles written with a given slant.

It certainly appears to be a conflict that E.W. Scripps have gotten themselves involved in.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wilder is Out as Lt. Governor...Bredesen is Not Concerned. Yeah Right.

Bredesen has made his bed and now he will have to either sleep in it and get run over in the process. Or step and be a real leader and work with the Senate. Don't you know that the Democrats are praying Bredesen doesn't go into the woods this spring where the ticks live. The last four years Bredesen has not had to account for a corrupt Democrat leadership in the legislature. (In fairness, some of them were corrupt when he got there. But, he is the head Big man of Democrats)

The days of a Lt. Governor sleeping in the chamber. The days of a Lt. Governor telling an indicted State Senator caught on videotape taking bribes, you're a good man. The days of a Lt. Governor pushing through legislation just because Bredesen proposed it are over.

Bredesen better take a look at his cabinet tomorrow. He had better decide if he want's to work with a Senate led by Republicans focused on making Tennessee children successful with a competitve education system or continuing with a state education department that has allowed our high school drop out rate to rise to all time times.

Is he still going to allow a Safety department, where people are/were promoted based on the campaign contribution given to himself and Democrats. Is he still going to allow shredding of sexual harrassment complaint documents in his office.

This story of Ramsey being elected Lt. Governor is somewhat of a shock to most Knoxvillians, because the E.W. Scripps owned Knoxville News-Sentinel never run stories that show the Governor in an unfavorable light. You have to read the newspapers and watch media from middle Tennessee to learn the facts. Most citizens do not have the time for that. It is up to the blogosphere to expose the truth.
There will still be those that will attempt to defend Wilder, because he is a Democrat like a local tabloid reporter did this evening on a local blog forum.

Submitted by Bbeanster on Tue, 2007/01/09 - 6:42pm.
I like John Wilder.A conservative Democrat who did not turn Republican a la Strom Thurman and Trent Lott, and unlike them, he has never been a bigot. In a bitterly partisan era, he imposed a remarkable degree of comity on the body over which he presided."The Senate," he famously said, "Is the Senate."
Sure, it was to his benefit to do so, and he is a canny operator who for years managed to stay a step ahead of those who would do him in. He enjoyed support from such disparate members as Ben"Mr. Ethics" Atchley and the oft-indicted John Ford (who, btw, despite his general craziness and frequent legal issues, was a pretty reliable champion of the poor).I enjoyed Governor Wilder because he is a character the like of which we won't see anymore. He was a thinker of big thoughts who loved to speculate about "the Cosmos." At age 85, he's still piloting his own plane, "the Jaybird," to and from Nashville, and he has a trenchant wit and a sense of honor.
Yeah, he's guilty of not knowing when it was time to let go, but once he is gone, Tennesseans will be poorer for it. People will be telling stories about him as long as they live. I know I will.
I doubt that this fast-talking huxter who is taking his place will make one tenth the mark that John Wilder has.

I will be willing to bet that this poster has NEVER met Senator Ron Ramsey personally or if the reporter has that the reporter has never spent ten minutes talking to him. Name calling "fast-talking huxter" is real easy when the primary motivation for the reporter is that he fair and square bet a Democrat.

Tennessee is a RED state...Lt. Governor Ramsey!

Senator Ron Ramsey is the Lt. Governor of Tennessee. I watched it live on Video streaming. Thanks to all the Senate Republicans and Democrat Senator Rosalind Kurita.

Kurita would have been a better candidate for U.S. Senator than Ford, Junior.

The Democrats loss is Tennesse's gain.
It is a beautiful day in Tennessee today.

Congratulations Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.

The Innocent Man

During my recent Christmas vacation, I was able to read several books. One of those is the New (2006 release) John Grisham book The Innocent Man. This is the first non-fiction that Grisham has written.

I have always been a pro-death penalty advocate. After reading the book and the fact that the book not only addresses one innocent man but actually reveals that 3 and upwards of 5 are innocent from the same area of the country.

I have determined that I was wrong about the death penalty. One, I feel that the state should not be in the business of taking life. Second, the only exception that I would make is that if DNA evidence proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone had committed the crime. I may make an exception. No one should be put to death that can not have DNA prove they are in fact the guilty one.

I am however ready to oppose any and all death penality sentences. Life without parole. Life behind bars forever is a worst sentence than death.

Stop these good behavior early releases. If someone is sentenced to 11 months and 29 days, then they should serve 11 months and 29 days. If someone is sentenced to 20 years than they should serve 20 years. It is that simple.

Congratulations to the Gator Nation

It was great football last night. The Florida Gators showed just exactly what you do when you are the "underdog" and how to shut up the Big 10, the media and nearly everybody else.

I have always had respect for Florida, from the days of the old ball coach (Steve Spurrier). I think Spurrier is a genious, the only time that I can pull against Florida is when they are playing a Coach David Cutcliffe team. Coach Cut beat Florida while he coached at Ole Miss.

Of course, the State of Florida is fast becoming my second home so that could be coming in to play, as well.

All I can say is Great job Coach Urban Meyers and the Gators. Great job.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Oatney World Must Hear Webcast

My friend, David Oatney of Oatney World has been producing webbased radio talk shows. Must hear is the exclusive interview Oatney hosted with New Republican House Leader Jason Mumpower.

Oatney needs to be on talk radio again soon. He has previous experience in radio broadcasting. I am with my buddy Rob at VoluntarilyConservative (the only claim to fame Rob has is that he is the husband to Angela, my State Republican Executive Committewoman. All decent men are only decent because of our wives. Yes, Rob I am in the same boat as you, Brother.) about trading in the Sirrus radio for Oatney on local radio waves. I would even switch from the Steve Gill show for a live call-in, give and take with Oatney as host.

Check out the post and interview, here.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Metro Pulse Admits to "Dirty Tricks"

This from the Metro Pulse's Ear to the Ground. Metro Pulse is an alternative weekly news publication. Ear to the Ground is a regular feature in the publication.

Musical Chairs

Knox County Democratic Party Chair Jim Gray resigned in protest during the last election over the issue of term limits—and the failure of several incumbents to

recognize them. When the party holds elections this spring for the coming year, Gray is expected to make a bid to return as chair.

Meanwhile, Republican Party chair Brian Hornback has announced he will not be a candidate for another term. Hornback, who spends a lot of time blogging, calling talk shows and arguing with Democrats on community forums, hasn’t been besieged with calls for him to reconsider.

It would appear that the liberal gang over at the Metro Pulse are acknowledging "Watergate" style "Dirty Tricks" in admitting that they have been monitoring the phone lines on/of the Chairman. However, the liberal gang has not quite made it to the 20th or the 21st century as they have obviously not been monitoring my cell phone conversations.

For a little background on Chairman Gray. He said that it was neccesary for him to step down (resign) because he could not honor his oath of office as Chairman. I wonder what has changed for the good Deaniac Gray?

A little background on the Metro Pulse staff, most all are professed liberals with the exception of Frank Cagle and he endorsed the Democrat Congressman and nephew of indicted State Senator John Ford for the U.S. Senate seat which was actually won by Republican Bob Corker. Proving that Cagle has no influence in elections as he failed Van Hilleary as a paid staffer and this year failed Ford, Junior in a Democrat landslide kind of year.

Frank is still a little hot that I exposed him on talk radio and he admitted during my call on talk radio that his endorsement of Junior was a personal slap aimed at Tom Ingram. Evidently, Cagle is a little jealous of someone like Ingram. Ingram can engineer Republican wins in good and bad Republican years. The only thing Cagle has accomplished is a loss in a good Republican year. I guess that is where this line came from "
calling talk shows and arguing with Democrats" I didn't realize that Cagle was now considering himself a Democrat. Maybe he is not. He may not have knowledge of this Ear to the Ground.

This is fun fodder, I can take it. Hopefully, they can too.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Brian Hornback Responds To Bias Reporting By Shopper

The following was submitted today to the Editor and Publisher of the Shopper, it has been previously agreed that it will be posted online under the error filled three part series written by Betty Bean in August 2006.

My name and involvement as I took over as the Knox County Republican Party Chairman were a part of a recently published series entitled County Confidential Part III in the weekly tabloid Halls Shopper News owned by E.W. Scripps Company.

In this statement, I am clearing the air on the erroneous reporting that appeared in Part III. It should be noted that in Part III of the reporter’s article pertaining to me several different people have observed that the reporter violated some common journalistic standards and ethics in her reporting.

The first violation involved the Objectivity portion of the journalistic code. "Persons who are the subject of adverse news stories are allowed a reasonable opportunity to respond to the adverse information before the story is published or broadcast." On the first day that Part I of County Confidential appeared in print the reporter was interviewed on a local radio talk show of a small low watt radio station and a question was asked of the reporter about my involvement in this story as many of the allegations occurred about the same time as my election as Chairman. The reporter responded "that is coming in Part III". It is obvious that the reporter clearly violated the journalistic standard in not allowing me to respond before publication. It is clear that the reporter’s failure to contact me within the two weeks prior to Part III being published that the reporter willfully violated this standard.

The reporter also violated the portion of the journalistic code that says "Reporter must avoid conflicts of interest – incentives to report a story with a given slant. This includes not taking bribes and not reporting on stories that affect the reporter’s personal, economic or political interests." The reporters unwillingness to allow me to respond to the account as printed in the tabloid is a clear indication that she had written and published her story with a given slant and the reporter has a political interest in that she maintains a self named blog on a local blog forum and posts on her blog and in online forums as "bbeanster". In many of her postings she professes her unequivocal support of Democrat candidates and in particular the failed campaign of U.S. Senate candidate and former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.

In Part III of County Confidential several blatant things that are not factual include;

The story indicates that I "became the Ragsdale –approved candidate to Chair the Knox County GOP" I am happy to say that I was supported by Mayor Ragsdale, Sheriff Hutchison and every elected Knox County Republican officeholder. I had overwhelming support from a multitude of interests.

The story indicates that the immediate past Chairman had support from one Republican officeholder in his previous second bid for Chairman. (He had ran for Chairman once before several years ago unsuccessfully.) According to the article the support he received from the officeholder was "We sent out his letters to the executive committee, we got his stickers and his stationery. The deal was, we support him for Chairman, he helps us out when he can, and we support his judgeship" I can not speak to the accuracy of this account of the 2003 contested Chairman’s race. I can speak with authority about my 2005 race for Chairman. I paid for everything that was used stickers, envelopes and postage. I used the telephone and cell phone to contact many different people all across Knox County to personally ask for their support. I campaigned the old fashioned way. I am blessed to have had many different volunteers throughout Knox County that assisted my campaign as well as a group of Young Republicans that passed out stickers for my candidacy at the 2005 Lincoln Day Dinner.

The story indicates that my candidacy was orchestrated by a political machine to oust the former Chairman. This is simply not true. The former Chairman announced in December of 2004 that he would not seek re-election. I talked to many close advisers and friends during the month of December and announced in January 2005 my candidacy for Chairman. I am proud that every Republican officeholder endorsed my candidacy and I was elected unanimously by the legitimate Republican delegates at the Knox County Republican Party Convention.

The story indicates that "We really set it up so he got elected unanimously" This too is not true. I campaigned for Chairman by making hundreds of phone calls, visiting Republican Club meetings and campaigning. As I stated before, I am fortunate and blessed to have had many volunteers throughout Knox County that assisted my campaign as well as a group of Young Republicans that passed out stickers for my candidacy at the 2005 Lincoln Day Dinner.

The story indicates that I am 100% loyal and very easily-influenced by one officeholder or a specific select group of people. This is not true. My record as a public official (5th District School Board Member 2000-2004) and now as an online blogger ( will demonstrate that I am an independent. That I will criticize any public official when necessary. When my term as Chairman ends, you will see a more determined and dogmatic Republican independent. However, when I differ on policy issues. I go on record with my position and state the reason that I disagree. During my term as Chairman I have tried to honor Ronald Reagan’s 13th commandment "Not to criticize a fellow Republican". This at times has not been easy for me as Chairman from March 2005 until present. As many individuals have never ceased from criticizing me.

The story indicates that the immediate past Chairman said that he "did everything he could to help Hornback" To my knowledge this is not true. I was told during the months and days leading up to the Convention that the past Chairman contacted many different people to ask them oppose me.

The story reports that I "announced some new people would be in charge of the office and were told "You’re not needed anymore" This is not true. I announced several appointments. The same positions that the former Chairman had appointed two years before. Minority Chair, Communications Chair and I announced an Office Director. With the appointment of an Office Director, I desired to take the office staff from a three person staff to four.

The story reports the immediate past Chairman as saying he got a call from "one of the ladies who’s been kicked out" This too is a lie. No one was kicked out. All volunteers were welcomed to stay and my desire was to utilize another person, another set of eyes, hands and feet.

The story reports the immediate past Chairman as saying that when the ladies got to the office "there were these people taking all the computers" The ladies were not there when I moved the two computer unit boxes (CPU) into my vehicle. The monitors, printers and other equipment were left in the office. It was a normal safety procedure to secure the data and the petty cash box. At this point in the transition, I am unaware of who or what had access to the office and the immediate past Chairman was less than cooperative in working with me prior to the Convention and was no where to be found after the Convention. On Monday morning following the Convention money was given to the party’s treasurer to deposit into the party’s checking account from the petty cash box that was in the office. A minimal amount of money should be kept in any office and regular deposits made to protect the financial condition of the office. There appeared to be no checks and balances or safeguards under the immediate past Chairman. It should be noted that I am the first Chairman to be transitioned with an operational office. Through the leadership of the Knox County Republican Party we have re-located the office to a more fiscally responsible, handicapped accessible and a more visible location.

The story reports that someone had "gotten the lists" and "changed the locks". The computer boxes were taken from my vehicle and secured the same evening in an interior room of the office. The locks to the main door were changed on Monday, not on Saturday as the story reports. As for the lists, it was discovered and believed that the lists were already in one or two officeholders hands. The decision was made by the party leaders and I that the Knox County Republican party would make the lists available to every Knox Countywide, Tennessee or Federal Republican officeholder and candidates and in the future would make it available to any Knox Countywide, Tennessee or Federal Republican candidates that asked for it. This has been the practice since March of 2005. Some in the party believed that certain individuals desired to make money from the list. The best way to eliminate that threat was to make it available to every candidate.

The story reports "That afternoon, Republican officials called a meeting to sort things out. They asked Tindell to attend" This is not true. The fact is that I called a meeting with the current office volunteers and they asked about certain individuals to accompany them. I said they could invite anybody they wanted. They invited the immediate past Chairman. I started the meeting. The immediate past Chairman made a comment to the group about his political future and left before the meeting concluded. At that meeting I announced that the 4th person that I wanted to bring in the office had just received a permanent position with a private corporation and had withdrawn from the Office Director position.

It wasn’t until nearly two months after County Confidential Part III was published that I completely understood the motives for the portion of County Confidential Part III that pertained to me.

On October 20, 2006 the website of the E.W. Scripps owned Knoxville News-Sentinel had nearly 25 pages of emails. In the various emails were communications from the E.W. Scripps employed Editor of the Halls Shopper News about me.

On March 12, 2005 at 3:00 pm the Editor says "D---, Chad. I can’t believe this. Or maybe I can. Hornback is a perfect idiot sometimes."

On March 12, 2005 at 5:04 pm the Editor said "Harber is not somebody I’d ever get involved with. That’s for sure.-s. County Confidential is E.W. Scripps Company and the Halls Shopper News interview of Harber.

On March 12, 2005 at 11:24 pm the Editor wrote: "Watch for Brian to close the account and reopen another. How many treasurers do we have? Sandra" Clearly this is a false allegation on the part of the Editor. The bank accounts were never closed. By the way the Editor is not a delegate or a current member in good standing of the Knox County Republican Party.

On March 13, 2005 at 3:52 pm the Editor stated. "He called back (sigh)" This is obviously the Editor’s disappointment in having to correct a false and misleading editorial that had already been written.

On March 13, 2005 at 5:21 pm the Editor in the most obvious revelation of bias, wrote the following in part: Chad – since Brian called me back, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt with the revised story… This issue isn’t going away. There will be more stories. Betty Bean just called to tell me Lloyd Daugherty called her………

In the reporting of this story there are other breaches of common journalistic standards and ethics including but not limited to;


Unequivocal separation between news and opinion. In-house editorials and opinion (Op-Ed) pieces are clearly separated from news pieces. News reporters and editorial staff are distinct.

Competing points of view are balanced and fairly characterized.


Reporters are expected to be as accurate as possible given the time allotted to story preparation and the space available, and to seek reliable sources.

Independent fact-checking by another employee of the publisher is desirable.

Slander and libel considerations

Reporting the truth is never libel, which makes accuracy and attribution very important.

It is interesting to note that the Halls Shopper News has a weekly column entitled Gossip and Lies in which it intentionally reports untruths.

I believe that this portion of County Confidential targeted me by using Bias and in the process made numerous violations of journalistic standards and ethics. I have a record and history of returning every request by members of the main stream media for comments to stories about me. So, the thought by the reporter and editor in writing this story obviously were not to call me so that E.W. Scripps would not be forced to correct their work of fiction at the time of publication and in hopes that I would not desire to correct the story.

Since there are as many errors in the reporting of County Confidential Part III that pertain to me I can not imagine how many other errors are in the story and anything else written by the reporter in question and managed by the editor.

Thank You to E.W. Scripps management and in particular Bruce Hartmann for allowing me to correct the portion of County Confidential that has applied to me.

Brian Hornback