Sunday, February 28, 2010

Haslam's TV Ad Buy

Here is an article that details the TV ad producer for Haslam's ad. Also, revealed in the article is that Haslam has spent $997,000.00 plus on this first TV ad buy. Here is the question, why is it necessary for him to flood the Knoxville market with ads introducing himself? Surely, if having been Mayor of Knoxville since 2003 he doesn't need to offer laced kool-aid to everyone to re-write history.

Can the News-Sentinel Editorial Staff Ever Get It Right?

In this editorial from today's Knoxville News-Sentinel it has at least one error, what do you expect when Jack McElroy is in charge? With regard to the Eighth District School Board race, McElroy identifies that there are three candidates in the field. On Friday the Knox County Election Commission certified a fourth candidate, Harvey Boles. Come on Jack, read your own paper and adjust the editorials accordingly.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Knox County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner Goodie Bag

The bag was provided by and is printed Elect Richard "Bud" Armstrong Knox County Commission Seat 11 At-Large "For A Balanced Approach" and then in the bag were:

an Ed Shouse County Commission post it note pad
an ink pen that says Elect Jeff Ownby 4th district County Commission 2010
an ink pen that says Phil Ballard Property Assessor "Winning with Teamwork'
a band aid dispenser with band aids that says Joy R. McCroskey Knox County Criminal Court Clerk.
a blue chip clip in the shape of a house that says Sherry Witt Register of Deeds Thank You for Your Support
a 2010 TN Football schedule from Steve Hill State Senate
a memo pad from Lillian Williams for County Commission District 7 A True Conservative for Open & Honest Government
a brochure Meet Bill Haslam
a card from Tim Burchett Knox County Mayor
a business card from Ron Ramsey for Governor
a business card from Gary Loe for State Representative District 18
a business card from Michele Carringer
a 2010 wallet calendar card from Tim Hutchison Mayor Time for Leadership
a 2010 wallet calendar card from Jimmy "J.J." Jones Sheriff
a business card from Lillian Williams for County Commission 7th dsitrict
a card from Ron Leadbetter State Senator
an informational piece from Bill Gibbons for Governor
a Bill Haslam bumper sticker
a color brochure from Stacey Campfield State Senate
the nicest gift is a Debbie Cole for Knox County Clerk Dining Pass. You present the credit card sized card to over 50,000 participating restaurants and receive 50% of your food bill.
a bumper sticker from Brian Hornback Republican State Executive Committeeman District 6

What is Going On With The D.A. Employees?

First it was Jubran at the Northshore and Rocky Hill Weigels and now this one. What is going on with the employees in the D.A.'s office?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jim Rohn Is Missed Today and Forevermore, Until We Meet Again

Knox County Election Commission: Boles is on the Ballot, Davis Appeal May Move to Chancery Court

The Knox County Election Commission met today and Harvey Boles will become the fourth candidate on the ballot for the Eighth District Knox County School Board. He joins Ralph Tommy Everett, Michael McMillan and Roy Mullins as candidates for County Commission. In the appeal of Elaine Davis they ruled that they do not have jurisdiction. Davis can move her appeal to Chancery Court.

Must Read: TN Republican Governor's Race

Here is the American Spectator article from this week that details who the Republican Conservative with Vision is in the TN Governors race. Hint: he is a Congressman that represents TN's 3rd Congressional district and he lives in Chattanooga, TN. It also details who is the suit that is simply spending Daddy's money.

Oh No!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Road for Team Haslam is Not So Smooth, a Pot Hole Here and There

Nashville Scene opines here on the road that Team Haslam is traveling.

Brian Strong Withdraws from County Commission Race

Brian Strong, candidate for Knox County Commission District Six withdrew from the race this morning. Strong's withdrawal now leaves Brad Anders, Knox County Commissioner District Six unopposed in this years election.

Strong issued a statement that read, "I have a passion for public service and I want to contribute to Knox County's future. A motivator for my decision to enter the race this year is the continuing uncertainty about the number of commissioners who will serve our community. However, as I've reflected on the campaign I've concluded that while public service is a goal to which I'm going to dedicate myself, now is not the time for me to make this run. As a result, I am withdrawing my candidacy. My focus will be on the future. In the meantime I will contribute in whatever way I can to help build a prosperous future of the 6th District and of Knox County.

In other election news, Chuck Ward withdrew his candidacy from the County Commission Ninth District Republican Primary. His departure leaves Commissioner Paul Pinkston and Mike Brown as the only candidates in the Republican Primary in the Ninth District. Also, Elaine Davis filed and appeal of the decision that disqualified her as a candidate for the County Commission Fourth District Republican Primary. Should Davis appeal be successful she will face Republican candidate Jeff Ownby.

Knox County Sheriff Race 2010

The incumbent Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones is seeking re election. He is being challenged by Knox County Sheriffs Department Corrections Officer Steve Hart. Hart appeared at a recent Eighth District Republican Club. Sheriff Jones continues the professional operation and image of the department that was created during the 1990 - 2008 tenure of Sheriff Tim Hutchison.

There is no reason not to elect Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones to a full four year term. It is necessary that Knox County continue the professional operation of our Knox County Sheriffs Office. The following photograph of Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones and Brian's Blog Founder Brian Hornback was taken at a West Knox Republican Club meeting by Brian Hornback friend Martha Woodward.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Knox County Commission August 5, 2010 Contested Election

In Knox County's Second district Democrat County Commissioner Democrat Amy Broyles faces Independent Don Daugherty. This will be interesting race. Locally the relatively small Knox County Democrat Party is split 500 ways to Sunday and if the Hillary Clinton Democrats in the Second district and all the Republicans vote for Don Daugherty. Then Amy Broyles is done. A political Independent serving on Knox County Commission would be a first in Knox County history.

In Knox County's Fourth district Democrat County Commissioner Finbarr Saunders faces well connected Republican Jeff Ownby. The fourth district is a fairly strong Republican district. Ownby has been very active in the Knox County Republican Party's grassroots organization for many years. Saunders will have to account for his very liberal leanings. We like Ownby in this one.

In Knox County's Seventh district the winner of the Carringer, Smith & Williams May 4 Republican primary will face Independent Steve Rogers. Rogers a local business owner could be the winner of picking up the discontent from the two unsuccessful challengers and may very well join Don Daugherty as the second Independent on the County Commission. A political Independent serving on Knox County would be a first in Knox County history.

Knox County Commission At Large Seat 10 Republican County Commissioner Mike Hammond faces Democrat Eddie Evans. Evans is a 41 year career educator, currently serving at Holston Middle School as a Social Studies teacher. He formerly coached at Seymour, Christenberry and the old Holston High School. He is a native of Knoxville, a graduate of Fulton High School and the University of Tennessee. He and his wife have three children. They are active members of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Ftn. City. He is more of a populist Democrat than one of the traditional national model of Democrats. His social policies are fairly Conservative while he looks for fairness and ability in Republicans and Independents. We will post more from our interview with Evans as the campaign progresses. Hammond of course is the General Operations Manager of Citadel Broadcasting Knoxville operation.

Knox County Commission At Large Seat 11 the winner of the Armstrong/Shouse Republican contest will face Independent Franklyn Moneyhun. At this point we do not have information on Moneyhun.

Knox County Commission May 4, 2010 Contested Elections

In Knox County's Sixth District County Commissioner Brad Anders (pictured to the right) faces political newcomer Brian Strong in the May 4 Republican Primary. Anders is the most reasoned member of Knox County Commission, he doesn't talk just to hear himself talk. He doesn't grandstand on issues where he agrees or disagrees with a person or an issue. But, when he does have a position on an issue, he is able to articulate his point to an actionable result.

In Knox County's Seventh District County Commissioner Michele Carringer, County Commissioner Larry Smith and successful Powell businesswoman Lillian Williams face off in the May 4 Republican Primary. This race has already gotten heated. Sources witnessed at a recent County Commission meeting, Smith got in the door of the City County Building just before Carringer and slammed the door right before Carringer got to the door. Williams had a successful kickoff this past weekend. So, this one is going to be an interesting contest.

In Knox County's Eighth District County Commissioner Dave Wright faces Gibbs High School Band Booster Duane Bias in the May 4 Republican Primary. At a recent Eighth District Republican Club meeting, Bias who has a construction background detailed his involvement over the last several years. When Ritta Elementary was under going renovation Bias and Commissioner John Mills toured the building and there was no plan to install Internet connections. Bias explained to Mills how important Internet is for elementary students. That change order was implemented. Bias also states that the Eighth district which touches five counties only has one middle school. A Gibbs Middle School is long overdue. Knox County has land on Tazewell Pike for the Gibbs Middle School but no new school is in the Schools Capital Plan.

In Knox County's Ninth District County Commissioner Paul Pinkston, County Commissioner Mike Brown and Realtor Chuck Ward face off in the May 4 Republican Primary. This race pits Pinkston and Ward, both who are well known, liked and have great name identification in the district. Brown has two years of experience on the Commission, unlike Pinkston Brown is often forgotten and hasn't really accomplished anything in his two year term.

For the County Commission At Large seat #11 County Commissioner Bud Armstrong faces County Commissioner Ed Shouse in the May 4 Republican Primary. Armsrong at a recent Halls Republican Club meeting stated that if the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth districts would stick together and elect him then they would continue to have a balanced representation on the County Commission. Both of these guys are really good guys, they are solid Commissioners that in the past two years have performed exceptionally well. The name identification for Shouse throughout the entire county is an advantage. In addition, with a hotly contested County Commission race in the Seventh and potentially in the Ninth, we are not sure that the plan for the districts to solidly stay together is very likely. Either way, with Armstrong or Shouse Knox County wins. We can't say that for some of the other races.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Knox County Clerk Race in 2010

Two year Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett faces Former Knox County Deputy Clerk Debbie Cole in the Republican primary. Cole is a serious candidate with a website that features her experience in the office of Knox County Clerk, photographs with her and other Republican officeholders. Arnett as of today has NOT updated his website since the day after he was elected two years ago.

Since taking office Arnett replaced several tenured employees and hired in employees with no experience at much higher salaries. He forced out several other employees through retirement. Two years ago, Arnett campaigned on throwing the door open, and doing the right thing. Several citizens have complained that they have not received renewal notices since he has been Clerk.

This race will be interesting with Cole having years of experience and both candidates running in the Republican primary.

Knox County Mayor's Race 2010

It is gonna be interesting, first we have two Independents in the race. We will not hear from them until after the May Republican and Democrat primary elections. The Independents automatically appear on the August 2010 ballot. The Independents are Robert Bedwell, local businessman and also Lewis Cosby, well known critic of the current Mayor. Cosby is currently a Republican delegate of the Concord precinct. His move to run as an Independent could make for some interesting Republican conversations.

In the Democrat primary, we have newcomer and youthful Michael McBath and former Knoxville President of the NAACP Ezra Maize. This one is difficult to handicap because the Democrat party is split 500 ways to Sunday. But, if the Democrats had a brain, they need a young image for their aging liberal organization. So, McBath would be the best one to re image their party.

In the Republican primary is the barn burner. The winner of this primary has a 98.9% chance of moving into the 6th floor corner suite on September 1, 2010. You ask, "Why a 98.9% chance in Republican Red Knox County?" To quote Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, somebody "getting caught in bed with a 'dead girl' or a 'live boy' ". But we digress.

This race pits Seventh district State Senator Tim Burchett and Former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison. There is no way to handicap this race today. Burchett has been running longer and according to sources close to the Burchett campaign has a nice advantage in early polling. According to sources close to the Hutchison campaign the last two weeks has increased in dollars to the campaign and the talk is turning in the right direction. Debates and opportunities for the voters to contrast and compare the candidates will decide the ultimate outcome.

Stay tuned, we are confident this race will cause our blog team to wear out a couple of laptop computers.

Knox County Uncontested Races in 2010

The following elective offices are uncontested in 2010. So, baring a successful write-in campaign these individuals will take the oath of office on September 1, 2010.

Knox County Trustee: John Duncan III (R)

Knox County General Sessions Judge Div. III: Judge Patricia Long (R)

Circuit, Civil Sessions & Juvenile Court Clerk: Clerk Cathy Quist (R)

Criminal & Fourth Circuit Court Clerk: Clerk Joy McCroskey (R)

Register of Deeds: Register Sherry Witt (R)

County Commission District One: Sam McKenzie (D)

County Commission District Three: Tony Norman (R)

County Commission District 5: Richard Briggs (R)

We have already discussed the School Board races of 2010, here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lillian Williams Kickoff a BIG Success

Lillian Williams, candidate for Seventh District County Commission had a kickoff reception at Sterchi Mansion today. Over 175 people attended. Notable guest seen at the event was Knox County Mayor candidate Tim Hutchison and his wife Jan. County Commissioner Paul Pinkston, Knox County Clerk candidate Debbie Cole and Seventh district School Board candidate Kim Sepesi.

The photo to the right is a Brian's Blog file photo. This was taken when Mrs. Williams was President of the Powell Republican Club. She resigned as President due to the ethical obligation as a candidate for public office not to use her position with the Republican party to personally benefit herself.

Bill Haslam TV Ad Critique III

Our first critique was about the use of the umbrella, our second critique was about the gas4less and the 2008 gas gouging fines. Now, our third critique centers on a boast in the TV ad. It states that the Knoxville Mayor as President of Pilot created 11,000 new jobs. Now it doesn't state where those jobs were. Since he is running for Governor of TN, he is surely stating that he created 11,000 new jobs in TN. We do not believe that number to be accurate. In addition, what kind of jobs were they? We assume they were minimum wage or slightly better than minimum wage positions as cashier, stock clerk or coffee bar clerk. Is that the type of jobs we want in TN?

At Brian's Blog we believe that the leadership experience of Zach Wamp in bringing Volkswagen to TN where the jobs are real sustaining jobs are better than the jobs that Haslam boasts of.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tim Hutchison for Mayor Kickoff is a Success

Tim Hutchison kicked off his campaign for Knox County Mayor last night with a $250 per person reception at Calhoun's on the River. Over 400 individuals attended the kickoff reception. Tom Ingram, former Chief of Staff to United Stated Senator Lamar Alexander, Former Knoxville Mayor Kyle Testerman and many present and past Knoxville and Knox County officeholders were present to support the former Sheriff of Knox County in his bid to be the Countys next Mayor.

Bill Haslam TV Ad Critique II

Our first critique of Bill Haslam's first TV ad that we offered, we focused on the use of the umbrella. This critique focuses on his employment at Pilot. Pilot is a large corporation that sells gasoline and diesel fuel for trucks. They sell decent coffee, bad hot dogs and hamburgers. But any way it didn't go unnoticed to us at Brian's Blog that the old Pilot sign was used in the ad. The sign that said "Gas for Less." That may have been true before 2008. But in 2008 Pilot Travel Centers LLC (corporate paper filings in Delaware) led the nation in gas price gouging. An activity that led them to pay large fines to states in which they operate fueling centers.

Let's review, in the State of Georgia it is reported that Pilot paid $280,00 in restitution and fines for gas gouging. In the State of Kentucky the Knoxville News Sentinel reported on 1/22/2009 that Pilot paid $107,500.00 in restitution and fines. In the State of Tennessee (where Bill wants to be the State CEO) it was reported in the Knoxville News-Sentinel that Pilot paid $113,400.00 in restitution and fines. In further research we discovered that in the State of California Pilot was fined $7.5 million dollars for failure to adequately store hazardous material. $1.0 million of the fine was suspended and $1.5 million was credited. Additionally, we have discovered a $125,000.00 fine to Pilot in the State of Texas by the FCC for "non certified CB transceivers being displayed and offered for sale"

This also leads to the question is Bill Haslam refusing to release his income to shield the bonus and/or increase in his salary during the 2008 year? Come on Bill, you can do what's right.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

WBIR - What Is Going On?

Thanks to Political Leverage for this tidbit. It seems that WBIR had some off camera excitement causing Beth Haynes to say "Holy Cr.." between the 1:10 - 1:20 mark. Anybody at WBIR wanna be anonymous and tell us what happened. Email us here.

Bill "Mary Poppins" Haslam TV Ad

Have you seen the first Bill Haslam TV commercial that began airing on Friday. We at Brian's Blog have termed it the "Mary Poppins" ad. You see Bill Haslam is out of touch with everyday TN citizens.

Let us review TN's elective history. Our United States Senator Lamar Alexander in running for Governor in 1978, set out walking across our state. He walked over 1,000 miles. In his walk he encountered rain, sleet, snow and all weather conditions and not one time did Lamar Alexander use an umbrella. Let us fast forward to 1994, Fred Thompson climbed in a red pickup truck and drove across our state and ultimately drove that red truck to Washington, DC not one time did he use an umbrella.

But now the Country Club, Blue Blood Haslam he can't walk down a wet street with the sunshine without his umbrella. So, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 2010 TN Governors race and meet the first ad, the "Mary Poppins" ad.

Elaine Davis Comes Up Short and Will NOT be on the Ballot

Former Appointed County Commissioner Elaine Davis turned in a petition with 31 signatures. Of the 31 signatures only 21 were valid. In order to be a qualified candidate you must have 25 valid signatures. Meaning that Davis is an unqualified candidate and will not appear on the ballot. That leaves Republican Jeff Ownby unopposed in the Republican primary and Democrat Finbarr Saunders unopposed in the Democrat primary. So in August the district will chose between Conservative Republican Ownby or Liberal Democrat Saunders.

Knox County School Board Races 2010

Sixth District School Board Member Thomas Deakins seeks re -election with no opponent. Hard work has paid off for the Vice-Chairman of the Knox County School Board.

Gloria Deathridge and Lynne Fugate face no opposition in their First and Fourth district school board seats.

In the Seventh district, previously announced candidate Diane Dozier did not keep her word. She did not return her petition. The following candidates will run to represent the Powell and Halls communities on the school board. Former Knox County School employee Charlotte Dorsey, Matthew Jones, Kim Sepesi and former Knoxville Fire Department union leader Bill Warwick.

In the Ninth district, incumbent Robert Bratton faces perennial candidate J. Max Houser, neophyte Tammy Sommers and Ms. 31% Pam Trainor. Trainor challenged Paul Pinkston in 2004 and captured 31 % of the vote.

In the Eighth district where Bill Phillips resigned last month. Former Karns High School Principal Ralph Tommy Everett, former County Commissioner Mike McMillan and former Assistant Superintendent Roy Mullins.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It is Official Zach is IN

The Wamp family (Congressman Wamp, his wife, Kim along with their son Weston and daughter Coty) were present at the University of Tennessee Knoxville Student Center for the official Knoxville announcement of his candidacy for Governor of TN. Weston Wamp introduces his dad and our Next Governor Zach Wamp.

Congressman Wamp delivering his announcement and detailing his 20/20 vision for Tennessee. He even did a shout out to BRIAN HORNBACK in the middle of his Knoxville announcement. I am truly honored.

Congressman Wamp listening to the reporters question.

And our next Governor explaining what real servant leadership as Governor of TN will look like in January 2011 and beyond.

Congressman Wamp sitting down and doing a interview with Harlow Summerford of WATE. It was all about bright lights when discussing the 20/20 vision for Tennessee. It was a great event and a great day for the people of Tennessee. Congressman Wamp then attended the TN -v- Georgia basketball game and the good guys won.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Debbie Cole, Candidate for Knox County Clerk Makes Appearance at Powell Republican Club

Debbie Cole a candidate for Knox County Clerk attended the Powell Republican Club tonight. She spoke and was warmly received. The other candidate Foster Arnett, Jr. was not present.

Monday, February 15, 2010

John Duncan III Releases Statement about Sisk departure

Here is the link to John Duncan III statement about Fred Sisk withdrawal from campaign for Trustee.

WVLT - Thank You for the Credit

Here is a link to the story crediting Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog with the twitter report on the unexpected announcement of Fred Sisk. The story is alo below.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- Knox County Trustee Fred Sisk has announced his withdrawal as candidate for reelection, according to a Twitter post from political consultant Brian Hornback.

John Duncan III is also running for the same seat.

According to Hornback's tweet, Sisk announced he would withdraw his candidacy at the Halls Republican Club meeting at Mandarin House in Halls.

Hornback says Sisk received a standing ovation.

Stay tuned to VolunteerTV and for more on this developing story.

Breaking News: Fred Sisk Withdraws from Trustee Race

Tonight at the Halls Republican Club meeting, the members were waiting to hear from Trustee Fred Sisk, Trustee candidate John Duncan and County Commissioner Bud Armstrong. Bud Armstrong went first. Then, Fred Sisk got up to speak. He told a golfing joke and then he announced that he had been waging this campaign and he had encouragement to get in the race and get his head in it. He said I am announcing first here that I will not run for election for Trustee. My heart just is not in it. He then discussed the office. When he concluded the 100 or so members present gave him a standing ovation. John Duncan then spoke and the meeting adjourned. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog used his twitter account to break the news. The only media present tonight was Brian's Blog represented by Brian Hornback and Dan Andrews blogger of Political Leverage. Even the Halls Slopper News was not in attendance.

Presidents Day 2010 - Abraham Lincoln

Today is Presidents Day. Of all the Presidents let's review Abraham Lincoln. He was born February 12, 1809 and was the first President to be assassinated. He died at the age of 65 on April 15, 1865. His home state is Illinois. His political party is Republican, he served as President from 1861-1865. His Vice Presidents were Hannibal Hamlin and Andrew Johnson. He was preceded by James Buchanan and succeeded by Andrew Johnson. His wife was Mary Todd Lincoln, she came from a very wealthy family. He proposed to Mary Todd one year after they (1839) met in Springfield. Her family opposed the marriage because Abraham came from a poor background. They had four children, Robert Todd, Edward, Willie and Tad. Only Robert Todd survived into adulthood. Abraham was an unaffiliated Christian as he never obtained church membership in a denomination. He created the national banking system with the National Banking Act in 1863 which created a standardized currency. He suffered with deep depression even though he would tell stories and jokes to family and friends. He was the tallest President, standing 6 ft 4 inches. His mother died of milk sickness. His father remarried a widow, Abraham was very close to his stepmother. He ran a store in New Salem. Even though has was strong, a talented wrestler and proficient with an ax he disliked harming and killing animals, even for food. Lincoln was the first President to have a beard. One week before his assassination Lincoln had a dream that someone was crying in the White House. When he found the person he asked who had died they said him. He looked in the casket and saw himself. Lincoln owned horses, cats, dogs and a turkey.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

This 2010 Valentines Day brings back Memories

The 2010 Valentines day brings back memories for me today. First, today is the Daytona 500. In 1994, the Daytona 500 was on February 18. Early in the Sunday morning hours my wife gave birth to our youngest son. I watched the Daytona 500 with our youngest son in my arms. Each of my children bring fond memories of when they were born. The oldest born in October and came home on Halloween. The middle was born in August always the hottest time of summer.

But also for as long as I could remember on Valentines day about mid to late day I always called by buddy, Former Knox County Property Assessor and MY Former State Representative Park M. "Parkey" Strader and wished him a Happy Birthday. This year Parkey is not with us. He is home in heaven enjoying his eternal reward. So, as Parkey enjoys his new home in heaven, I am reminded of all the good things Parkey did here on earth and hope that one day I will be remembered for a small contribution, because no body can measure up to Parkey's level.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

KNS Reports Mike Hammond is a Democrat

So, why is he running as a Republican? Here is the link to the Knoxville News-Sentinel report.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

West Valley Middle School Wins

West Valley Middle School Boys Basketball team won the Knox County Middle School tournament tonight. They beat Karns Middle School 40-38.
Here they are collecting the hardware.

Here Coach Comer finishes the cutting of the net down. He was the first t snip it and the one to take it down. Well deserved. Gotta love Coach Comer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

John Emison is Being Recruited to be the Next State Representative District 18

With the position of State Representative District 18 being an open position due to the current State Rep running for the State Senate District 7 position being vacated by Tim Burchett, candidate for Knox County Mayor.

Currently, former City Councilman Steve Hall and former WVLT news reporter Gary Loe are the only Republican candidates. Our sources indicate that the President of Citizens for Home Rule , John Emison is being encouraged to run. He has been fielding calls of encouragement but imagine his surprise when TN Speaker of the House Kent Williams is one of his chief encourager's. No word yet on what Emison is thinking, yet.

Volunteer Republican Women Hear From Many Candidates

On Monday the Volunteer Republican Women's Club had their monthly lunch meeting. For the program, they had five candidates speak. County Commissioners Michele Carringer, Larry Smith and Candidate Lillian Williams. Also, Trustee Candidates John Duncan III and current Trustee Fred Sisk.
Michele Carringer stated that she is the only candidate for County Commission Seventh District that will devote full time to the job as Commissioner. If the Commission is reduced to one Commissioner per district the work load will require a full time Commissioner. As Commissioner she will ensure schools have support to provide a quality and safe education. She will also ensure that public safety to our neighborhoods. The Knox County Sheriffs Office budget is 11% of the county budget. She will advocate existing parks and green ways are maintained and will advocate expansion when money is available. She will support responsible development. She will support the Senior citizens of Knox County. She finished by stating that she is a life long Conservative, she will work to eliminate waste, she will ensure efficiency in government. Her service and heart will be in it for the citizens of the seventh district.
Smith explained that he is an 8 year member of the Metropolitan Planning Commission and just completing 4 years on Knox County Commission. He took credit for the creation of the Audit committee, Ethics committee, the Storm water Ordinance and kept taxes low. He stated that "he has brought much needed professionalism to the seat." Which was a direct slap at former Commissioner Mary Lou Horner, who Smith replaced in 2006. He said that there has been so much drama in Knox County since he has been on Commission. He advocates combining city and county tax offices. He stated the Solid Waste department is in dire straits of needing reform. He stated that they need to impose stiffer penalties on violators of the Storm water ordinance. He took credit for it's creation earlier. So, he is obviously stating that he failed in creating the best ordinance.
Lillian Williams stated that the BIGGEST issue is the county debt that has piled up in the last 7 years. The county is only paying interest only on it's debt. Williams stated $60 million a year could build 2 new schools. She explained that it is like having 2 credit cards maxed out and you are only paying the minimum payment and you are expecting that it will be paid off. She stated that until Knox County spending habits are controlled we will not be able to provide the services we need or deserve. She is a successful businesswoman of more than 30 years. She indicated that this is her year to retire and she like Carringer will devote full time to do the job of Commissioner. She concluded by saying that "we can not keep electing the same people with the same mindset and expect things to change."
John Duncan III began his comments explaining that he possess an attitude of service. Duncan and his wife Lindsay were present. He explained that he and Lindsay have an attitude of service. They have served as youth group leaders at their church. He discussed the quality of having strong parents in Congressman John Duncan, Jr and his mother Lynn. His mother was also present and he said that his mom has always said, "Tomorrow can always be better than today." He discussed that he is in the banking industry and if you were looking to hire a Trustee in the private sector than you would look for someone in the banking business. He discussed how he will be unveiling a campaign platform. A Road map of Trust. He will advocate all the local banks accepting property tax payments to make it more convenient. He will advocate and upgrade technology. He will continue with the Senior Freeze. He stated that people are paying more today in taxes. He will delete the position of delinquent tax Attorney, a position that cost over $300,000. 00 of tax payer money per year. He said the expenditure of a delinquent tax Attorney "is not just wrong, it is disgusting" He will restore Trust to the Trustee office. Duncan said "Trust can not be earned with words but with actions" Fred Sisk stated that he has reduced the office staff by a third. He stated that he has reduced the office budget by 25%. He stated that he has implemented a system where you can pay from the convenience of home. In response to Duncan's comment of wanting the banks in Knox County to accept payments. "If it is such a good idea, why did the City of Knoxville stop doing it?" Sisk stated that the difference in this race is that he possesses "experience, or someone that comes from a family with a good name."

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery even from The Slopper?

I have always heard that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Well, after tonight I don't know, you see the slopper tabloid bully girl lifted material that was original to Brian's Blog. On this post on January 16, 2010 we said about Chuck Ward candidate for County Commission Ninth District. Plus to those of us that listen to Sports Talk there is that line, "I am Chuck Ward and I want to buy your house."

And now in the Slopper Tabloid Bully Girl's column tomorrow E.W. Scripps published. Mike Brown and Paul Pinkston will face a fight with Chuck "I want to buy your house" Ward in District 9.

Brian's Blog recognizes with the main characters employed by E.W. Scripps for their tabloid "National Enquirer" weekly you have a publisher that is known as the Slopper Tabloid Bully Girl, a reporter that is known to just be a big bag of gas after a meal of Beans and a former accountant that now plays a reporter that never lets facts get in the way of an accurate or balanced story.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Burchett Will Sell the AJ Building and Send Central Office to a Leaking Building

Sources in attendance at the Concord-Farragut Republican Club meeting tonight report that Knox County Mayor candidate Tim Burchett said that Knox County has a valuable piece of property in downtown Knoxville. Burchett pledged that if elected he will sell the building. (Burchett did not name the building) But he went on to say, if they can put kids in leaking building then those bureaucrats can be moved into a leaking old school. I am tired of their wasteful spending.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Knoxville Knows Who To Pull For

Indianaplois, IN is about 9 hours away to the North. New Orleans, LA is about 9 hours away to the South. But we know who to pull for in Sunday's Super Bowl. It is all about the Colts.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Groundhog Day?

Karns Republican Club Tonight

Big crowd tonight at the Karns Republican Club to hear General Sessions Judge Patricia Hall Long. Long explained what the General Sessions Judge does everyday. There is 1 General Sessions Judge for 76,000 Knox County citizens. A very informative talk and she answered every question. Long is a welcome addition to the Knox County judicial system.

The following officials were present. Knox County Republican Party Chairman Ray Jenkins, Knox County Republican First Vice Chair Phyllis Severance, Chancellor John Weaver, General Sessions Clerk Cathy Quist, Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey, Register of Deeds Sherry Witt, Trustee Fred Sisk and Bobby Waggoner representing Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones. John Duncan, III candidate for Trustee was in attendance, Theresa Leadbetter representing her husband Ron Leadbetter, candidate for State Senate District 7 spoke on behalf of her husband. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog spoke for himself as a candidate for Republican State Executive Committeeman District 6.

The best line came from the Sisk and Duncan exchange. Sisk went first said I have an opponent in this fine young man. When Duncan spoke he said as Fred said I am a fine young man. That is what this sport of politics is about, use your opponents words to your advantage. As a candidate don't be caught saying anything good about your opponent that can be quoted back. It doesn't mean you have to talk trash, just don't address your opponent or it will come back.

Planned Parenthood Creates Fake Shield Company to Purchase East Knoxville Property

In today's media roundup, you will see a story where the African American community in concert with ProCET (Pro-life Coalition of East TN) and the Pro-Life community held a press conference at True Vine Baptist Church in East Knoxville to oppose the relocation of Planned Parenthood to East Knoxville.

One of the major issues to come out of this news is that Planned Parenthood created a fake LLC (Limited Liability Company) in order to purchase the property in Knoxville. Leonard Lawson LLC was created, they listed a single family residence in Brentwood as the LLC's location. Is Genie M. McCord at 5740 Sterling Oaks Drive Brentwood, TN 37027 in violation of the Brentwood zoning ordinance by having a business in a residential zoned area?

The owner of the property Ron Watkins was not given the real identity of the purchaser. He was simply informed that it was a medical provider out of Middle Tennessee. Mr. Watkins signed the sales documents in Knoxville. The representatives of Leonard Lawson LLC (Planned Parenthood) signed the documents in Nashville.

What did NAI Knoxville the commercial realtor that handled the transaction know about Leonard Lawson LLC?

These are photos of the property that Planned Parenthood purchased through a shield company.