Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Letter to the Editor in today's Knoxville News-Sentinel

The following letter is in today's Knoxville News-Sentinel and can be located on the web, here.

This letter brings up some interesting points that are likely to be raised when four School Board seats are up for election in 2008. The positions on the ballot on February 5, 2008 are the 2 nd District, 3 rd District, 5 th District and 8 th District.

Lindsey buyout terms an incredible story

Sam Venable opined in his March 2 column that School Board Chairman Karen Carson's explanation of Charles Lindsey's ouster as school superintendent was "the most ridiculous statement in the history of personnel management."

He was referring to her statement that there was no hidden reason for Lindsey's contract buyout, that the school board was just "being proactive instead of waiting 'until something bad happens.' "

What I find even more incredible is that the same school board that has never seen a tax dollar it did not like - and wants and claims to desperately need - would buy out Lindsey's contract at a potential cost to taxpayers of $404,301.33 on the basis of such unlikely reasoning.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hardin Valley High School Zone Line Community Forum

UPDATE: An email was received last evening 4/11/2007 from a reader that does not have a blogger account. If you would like to email a comment on any post you can do so by sending an email to the email address listed on the profile page. Here is Mike's comments.

I am a parent that will have a child in three separate schools next year. One in Hardin Valley Elementary, one in Farragutt Middle School, and one in Karns High School that most likely will be going to Hardin Valley High. So, I am very interested in this matter. However, I am concerned of the comments made by Karen Carson, the Fifth District and Knox County School Board Chair, that I have read from this blog. I realize that it may have been a quick, canned answer for BEP and other revenue enhancing questions. It was stated that you should begin contacting your legislator's and becoming a proponent for the increase in the cigarette tax and asking that the dollars go to education. I am not a smoker, but to express her opinion in this manor is very irresponsible and judgmental. As an elected official please inform us of the option but keep personal and political opinions to your self. Then, to insult the parents by saying, “you, do not vote” is not winning my vote anytime soon. I hope that the future of our children’s education is not limited to just taxing another luxury. Spend some time and try to find some real answers. I hope this is not another wheel tax that I didn’t vote on.

A Community forum about the Hardin Valley High School Zoning was held this evening at 6:30 pm in the West Valley Middle School Lecture Hall. Nearly 80 citizens attended. Debbie Monroe, President of WVMS PTSA began the meeting by introducing Sallie Reynolds, current West High Principal and future Hardin Valley Principal and Karen Carson, the Fifth District and Knox County School Board Chair

Principal Reynolds first mentioned her 25 plus years in education. The past 3.5 at West and 2.5 at Central. Most of her time was spent at Catholic.

Reynolds believes in High Schools becoming small learning communities. She indicated that she would like to build a school that could be 2100 students into small learning communities. It takes getting to know the families and building partnerships. She also said that it takes all of us to raise kids and for us all to be truly engaged. She concluded her remarks by saying that she knows 3 things for certain. 1) It will be named Hardin Valley High School 2) It will open in 2008 and 3) They say that I am the Principal.

A parent asked How can it be a community school when you are pulling kids from Northshore Drive area?

Reynolds said that West High School is the most diverse community school in Knox County and she would work to make Hardin Valley just as diverse.

The parent said: Not for the current 8th graders, they attend a high school for one year 2007-2008 and then they are pulled into Hardin Valley.

Karen Carson then said that in two - three weeks everyone will know and the Board will vote on the proposal May 2, 2007. She said that everyone is living with the false assumption that the school system officials are working on and revising the old plan. She said they have wiped the slate clean and started completely over. She said that "it was absurd to take a peninsula of homes 12 miles away and move it into Hardin Valley High School."

She said that the County Mayor’s study revealed that there are enough seats for bodies just that the bodies are not all living in the right area. They (school board) then realized that they are impacting 4 schools Hardin Valley High School, Karns High School, Farragut High School and Bearden High School.

Carson is advocating three positions. She indicated that she is 1 of 9 votes. But feels confident of two of the three having adequate support. 1) Look at natural borders like Pellissippi Parkway and the Interstate. There are 4 high schools in each quadrant and while doing this also look at middle schools. Like how West Valley Middle School is going three different high schools. If all of Cedar Bluff students were to all go to Hardin Valley High School that makes sense, then let's do it. 2) Don’t move any kid currently at a school, grandfather them at that school. Assumptions are that Freshmen/Sophomores. will not be grandfathered, she is asking the staff to tell the board why and examples of why it would not work. 3) Sibling's will be grandfathered.

She indicated that the Board is looking at all 12 high school zones for rezoning this year but the system wide rezoning will not be implemented until 2008. Next year the board will do a system wide rezoning of the elementary schools zone lines. The total march for the system wide rezoning of every school is three years.

The time line is that parents will receive letters with zone maps on or about April 9, 2007. The School Board Workshop will be held on April 18 for the plan to be presented to the School Board. On April 30 the School Board will have a School Board Workshop for Board Discussion and Public Forum and then on May 2, 2007 the School Board will meet and vote on the proposed plan.

A parent asked about the status of funding for the new school. She mentioned that it would have everything except a Softball field, baseball field and a field house. The School Board will be discussing their Capital funding plan on April 2 2007 with discussion and vote on April 4 2007. The Operational funds are those dollars that follow the students. She indicated that the School Board are putting off any other major buildings for a year. And that she could not support anything else until structural problems at Dogwood are fixed and Hardin Valley High School is complete.

A parent asked What are the percentage splits for West Valley Middle School with natural boundaries that she proposed and what will the population be for Farragut High School and Bearden High School. There was not an answer for that question.

A Parent asked about the idea of an open enrollment zone for Hardin Valley High School. Carson indicated that she is still pushing for that. She indicated that her 6th grader wants to go to Hardin Valley, however, she (Karen) will have to drive her there. Also, one of her older children that attends West High School will be driving next year and that will help.

Reynolds has indicated that she wants Hardin Valley to be a showcase high school.

A parent asked about the curriculum programming. Reynolds that will be my job when my contract expires at West High School this year. When visiting schools like one in Portland, Oregon it has small neighborhood learning communities but makes up one school. She said that she will have to meet with Central office staff, community and others to develop the programming.

A parent asked if Block scheduling will be utilized or not. Reynolds and Carson said that what every other school is doing in Knox County is what Hardin Valley High School will do. There are options with Block Scheduling that include combining studies in one class within a block for a 1 year program at West the classes of Foundations Math and Science are combined.

A parent indicated that she selected West Valley Middle School for the student clientele. She has a problem with Bearden High School because of the student clientele of Bearden Middle and Northwest Middle student clientele feeding into Bearden High School.

A parent asked about in a situation where you are zoned for Lotts, Farragut Middle School and Farragut High School but then are rezoned to Hardin Valley High School. Then there is a problem with going to Farragut Middle School. Carson said that she has talked with them about it and if they are being rezoned to Hardin Valley, then an available option will be to move them to West Valley Middle School.

Carson said in response to Farragut resident's concerns about school buses traveling Watt Road near the truck stops that an available route is Everett Road that travels under the interstate and avoids the truck stops.

A parent asked if the proposal that will be presented will change much or be as fluid as the previous proposal. Carson indicated that she didn't believe that the proposal will change much after it is presented, we (school board) had more input than ever before.

A parent asked about AP classes. Reynolds said that the college's look at what was available at that school.

A parent said that we need to look at what we want to do instead of what we can do. There was discussion of ways to draw students to Hardin Valley with courses that are not offered elsewhere. But that was met with opposition by School Board Members Bratton and Anderson saying that we have to offer the same courses every where else. We need to get dollar issues on the table. Carson said there is a huge prejudice toward schools in West Knoxville. The bottom line is that it cost more to educate kids in lower economic conditions.

A question was asked about the way of selecting the teachers to go to Hardin Valley. Say that Bearden High School is losing 3 Math teachers but have 10 on staff. Will Principal Reynolds get to interview all 10 and select the 3 or would she be stuck with the notorious public education standard of "passing the trash" where the school will send her the three they want her to have. Reynolds indicated that she would like to believe that she can fill the vacancies with individuals that ask for transfers that she wants teachers there who want to be there.

A parent mentioned that a class her child takes at Bearden another student comes from West High School to take that one class. Will that be an option? Reynolds said that if there’s room, a student can transfer to a class that isn't offered at their school to another school for a period each day. That will be an option.

A parent asked that with the zoning in place and open enrollment at Hardin Valley High School. Will open enrollment be available at other high schools? Carson said No. Reynolds said that as a Principal she looks at projected enrollment. Then the Principal will say that their school will take a certain number of student per grade Those transfers are then awarded by the date and time requested.

A parent asked about funding improvements. What can we do with BEP and other revenue enhancements. Carson said that you should begin contacting your legislator's and becoming a proponent for the increase in the cigarette tax and asking that the dollars go to education.

Carson ended by saying the problem is that "You, Do Not Vote." Special interest like Senior Citizens Vote, but not parents of students.

Knoxville / Knox County Unified Government

I am not opposed to the community having a discussion on unified government. I am not opposed to have a panel of citizens and stakeholders assemble a unified government document.

I will be opposed to any position becoming an appointed position instead of an elected position. I was a vocal opponent to the last unification effort due to the concept of the appointed Sheriff supervising the officers that patrol my neighborhood while the elected Sheriff would be the caretaker of the inmates. IE. Chief Jailer.

Any position removed from the will of the voter to a handful of community elitist, will NOT pass on election day. Leave the positions as elected and unification may have a chance to pass and remove the cost to the taxpayers for duplicated services.

John Schmid and new found civic involvement

John Schmid, former County Commissioner according to the Knoxville News-Sentinel has plans to begin a community based public awareness / discussion organization.

This is real interesting in that John Schmid as County Commissioner had the worst attendance record of any Knox County Commissioner in attending Knox County Commission Committee and Commission meetings while serving as an elected member of the body.

It has been speculated by some individuals within the community that Schmid may have the distinction of worst attendance record in the state.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ed Bailey - A Great Man that will be missed

Friday Knoxville lost one of its own. Former City Councilman and Professional baseball player Ed Bailey passed away.

Ed was a colorful guy, he would always make you smile. I remember fondly the Duncan family BBQ just this past October. There was a lot of talk on the floor about all these Democrat candidates crashing our Republican Congressman's event.

While Ed and I were talking, the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate (you know State Senator John Ford's nephew) walks up and Ed asks him what he is doing there. He says that the Congressman invited him. Ed let him know that was bunk. The Democrat turns to me and says Hello, Mr. Chairman to witch he and I had words. He walked off and left shortly there after.

I tell that story to say it was an honor to have Ed Bailey's back that night and to know that he had mine.

Ed Bailey will be missed. He is a Knoxville treasure. He went off and made it big in professional baseball. He came back and committed his life to doing what was right. He always did what he believed was right and figured the rest would take care of itself.

I love the stories of when he would cast a controversial vote and get booed that he would say that he had gotten booed louder and worse than that before.

Ed will be missed. To Ed's wife Betty; his sons and daughters-in-law, Jeff and Rebecca Bailey, Knoxville City Councilman Joe and Miechelle Bailey, Jack Bailey, Jim and Virginia Bailey thank you for sharing Ed with all of us for the past many years.

Jack McElroy, John Becker, WBIR and the Governor on Inside Tennessee

Sources indicate that yesterday on Inside Tennessee a major gaffe went unnoticed by one veteran Knoxville news guy, one rookie and the television station. The veteran, Jack McElroy of the E.W. Scripps owned Knoxville News-Sentinel, the rookie WBIR John Becker as they interviewed Governor Phil Bredesen on WBIR.

Inside Tennessee is taped on Thursday evenings and broadcast on Sunday mornings, which makes sense, because the Governor was in Fountain City on Thursday for a pep rally event for CoverTN.

The gaffe was when a question was asked by the panel about the County Mayor visiting Nashville and the Governor about the special election for the County Commission appointed replacements. In response Bredesen makes the comment that he has always had a lot of respect for Mayor Haslam. The City of Knoxville Mayor is Bill Haslam. The Mayor that Bredesen met with was Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale.

Neither news guy corrected the Governor. Obviously, the station didn't catch it and correct it before or after the taping and/or before the airing.

Makes you wonder if McElroy, Becker or the producers were even listening to the Governor's answers.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tabloid Interview that led to Tabloid story

Many of you may have read a story in the North Knox or the new West Side tabloids last week concerning the change of Knox County Republican Party leadership change. The week before it was on the tabloid's website as a website exclusive. As many of Brian Hornback's comments were not included in the stories. Brian's Blog is sharing the interview in its entirety for the good of the people.

On 3/11/2007 at 1:25 pm the question came

Brian: The first big challenge facing Irene is to replenish the GOP treasury. Do you care to comment on why it fell from $17,600 when you came into office to $309 as you leave? -- s

On 3/11/2007 at 2:11 pm the following response was sent, copying the Supervisor of tabloid editor girl.

USE These quotes as presented, no editing, no spin:

"During my two years, you have left out of your question, that we raised $16,009.94 totaling $33,953.66. So, your question is Where did the expenditures go?"

"The cost of an office, the cost of a media campaign over the past summer that included aggressive radio buys and print ads (even a full page ad in your publication and in the other community papers like the Fountain City Focus) Winning those campaigns were important and more costly due in part to the E.W. Scripps Companies editorial position on "term limit turmoil" and the Democrats "colored ballot"

"The Lincoln Day Dinner will be held within the next couple of months and as former Chairman my position maintains a seat on the Executive Committee for the next two years and I will work with the entire group to ensure that we have the adequate resources to continue with our current responsibilities."

"Had we maintained the high cost, non handicapped accessible location in West Knoxville we would have fallen short of being able to have an aggressive unity campaign this past summer and had the potential to lose races. I focused like a laser beam on winning races. That we did."

Brian Hornback

On 3/11/2007 at 5:19 pm a follow-up question came addressed to a former Chairman and Brian Hornback the current former Chairman

Chad: I've copied this to Brian for his comment if he desires.

According to the treasurer's report handed out yesterday, the balance when you left office (March 11, 2005) was $17,925.72.

During Brian's tenure, the party raised some $16,000 but spent some $33,600, leaving a balance of $309.35.

He says the money was used for campaigns and a future Lincoln Day Dinner will replenish the treasury.

I have these questions:

1. Did you spend money for campaigns when you were party chair? Do you recall the total income and outgo?

2. Doesn't the Lincoln Day Dinner normally fall in February -- on or about Lincoln's birthday?

In other words, did you hold TWO Lincoln Day Dinners plus a Ben Atchley fund-raiser during your tenure compared to Brian holding only one Lincoln Day Dinner during his?

Thanks for your response. -- Sandra

On 3/11/2007 at 5:43 pm I answered this series of questions with the following.

With all due respect my local North Knoxville tabloid Editor.

Chad had a campaign it was the 2004 Presidential election where he was able to sell merchandise for a profit. He did not have an election where it was necessary to run advertisements in reputable publications and yours.

He did have the Ben Atchley dinner and two Lincoln Day Dinners. Congressman Duncan has and continues to be working on a speaker for the 2007 dinner. That is the delay in this years. In previous years it has been held in March, April and May. We scheduled last year close to Lincoln's birth and had to reschedule it due to inclement weather that prohibited Senator Chambliss from making it.

Have a Blessed day.

Brian Hornback

As a conclusion of the interview a follow-up email was sent to the tabloid editor girl's supervisor about the interview and an error in her question.


Here is a point, your editor says in an email to Chadwick B. Tindell and I that she has a copy of the treasurer's report and says that during my term we raised $16,000.00

The Treasurer's report states that we raised $16,009.94 and you wonder why no one trust the information from your tabloid publication.

Brian Hornback

As another follow-up on Tuesday 3/20/2007 the tabloid editor girl reported that during Chairman Hornback's term there was no fundraisers and the party did not take bids for the directories. Both of these comments were not factual and a phone call was made to the tabloid editor girl correcting her misinformation. There were at least three fundraisers, not including the 2006 Lincoln Day Dinner and the upcoming 2007 Lincoln Day Dinner.

Bids were solicited for the directories. Three local companies responded and the low bid was awarded. This directory was the first to be paid for solely with advertisement dollars.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm Baaaaccck!!

I have just returned from a Spring Break trip with the family. It was a great time. On Friday, the boys and I watched the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the New York Yankees., a great 9 innings of baseball. Witnessing at least one or more of the Grapefruit league Spring training games is always a highlight of time in the sun, sand and water.

In returning this evening, I am reminded that two years ago the tabloid editor girl reported in the tabloid that I was vacationing in Key Biscayne, Florida. I have visited the island once for a business meeting. This island was once President Richard Nixon's vacation spot. However, two years ago the tabloid editor girl got it wrong and never corrected it when she was told that she got it wrong. It made her feel better to try and make me look bad and attempt to tie me and Nixon together. I was honored but sad for her, that she didn't have the courage to admit that she was sensationalising the story.

Anyway, I am back and half way through my third book of the trip So Help Me God by former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore. I completed the two books previously mentioned here at Brian's Blog.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The one 2007 Lincoln Day Dinner – Brian’s Blog would like to attend

When the Charlotte County, Florida Republican Party has their annual Lincoln Day Dinner in six weeks on Saturday May 5, 2007 at the Best Western Hotel in Punta Gorda they will have a guest speaker unlike any other Lincoln Day Dinner speaker in the country.

Last year, Charlotte County Republican Chairman Bob Starr had State Senator Mike Bennett, R – Bradenton as the big draw.

This year the speaker is none other than President George W. Bush’s political director Karl Rove.

Tickets are $100.00 a piece. The ticket price will not keep Brian Hornback and Brian’s Blog away. However, the 24 hour round trip drive probably will.

Arrogance: Rescuing America from the Media Elite by Bernard Goldberg

I have just finished reading the 2003 follow-up book from Bernard Goldberg. The first book was Bias. It was an Insider’s look into Bias in the newsrooms and in particular CBS. Goldberg spent nearly his entire career as a journalist at CBS.

Arrogance is an insider look at many other incidents. Goldberg interviews Tim Russert and Bob Costas. He details many different instances where Bias was and continues to be used against those of Conservative view.

Goldberg details a twelve step program for the Big 3 to follow to rid itself of the Bias and expose itself to the Real America.

Here is an interesting thought from the book John McWhorter, the scholar and author came up with a great idea in an op-ed he wrote about a hit piece that he exposed from the bias used on a piece written about Judge Clarence Thomas. “I wish a foundation would dedicate a grant to writing profiles of profile writers themselves,” he said in his op-ed “especially of anyone who has written about race. For some…it would be a hit job, reveling in minor inconsistencies in their writing and low moments in their lives, mentioning a few strengths for ‘balance’ but matching each with an acrid quote from an ex-lover or childhood friend. Maybe, just maybe, such writers would then understand the difference between ‘balance’ and fun house mirror distortion – and think twice before contributing to the swill that passes for coverage of some of our most important black thinkers today.”

Bernard Goldberg goes on to say: “It’s a lovely thought, isn’t it letting these people occasionally know exactly how it feels to be savaged in print? If all journalists actually faced a realistic prospect of being exposed themselves – of seeing their biases and petty natures revealed before the world, of knowing before hand there are those out there ready to call them to account – I’m betting most would actually be more careful before taking irresponsible potshots at someone the next time.”

Brian’s Blog may just become this source beginning locally and moving regionally exposing the Bias writing of “journalists” At least three “journalists” come to mind at this posting and interviews could begin within the next week. Stay Tuned.

Remember this book is written and targeted toward the media. I have never taken the shots fired at me personally. I correct “journalists” when they get it wrong, but don’t take it personally. My family may take it personally, but not me. With that said, here is an interesting quote from Benjamin Franklin more than 200 years ago. It is found in the 12th and Final Step. Step 12: Stop taking it personally. “Our critics are our friends, they show us our faults” So, as Brian’s Blog begins to expose Bias and the people that perpetrate bias. To the taloids and those tabloid girls remember, Brian’s Blog is your friend just showing you your faults.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Turnaround by Governor Mitt Romney

I have just finished reading the book Turnaround by Mass. Governor Mitt Romney. Turnaround details how Mitt Romney took over the reins of Salt Lake City Olympic Committee (SLOC) and how as the Chairman of SLOC turned the Games around.

What I am most impressed with Romney is how he covered every detail of putting the games together. He was inclusive of all dimensions of the total Salt Lake community. Reaching out to the Latter Day Saints church (LDS), all minorities and even the Gay and Lesbian Alliance. He is an inclusive leader.

The many time he had to appear before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) instead of taking an entourage of 10-15 people to make requests on behalf of SLOC. Only he appeared before the IOC. He is a take charge, the buck stops here kind of leader.

Romney was also unfairly criticized by some in the media and by a vocal minority of the public for his membership in the LDS church and his approach to the games. His approach to dealing with the parasites of negative, tabloid type media and the citizens that feed of of it was insightful.

Obviously, Brian Hornback and the Brian's Blog team are supporting the Draft Fred movement. However, I have walked away with an insight into Mitt Romney that indicates he would be a President that has the wherewith all to get it done. It is probably a bit premature to begin a Thompson/Romney campaign. I need to wait until Fred jumps in the water.

For those of you thinking a Southern Baptist like Brian Hornback is speaking favorably about a Mormon. That is not a prerequisite for me. In reading this book, I have walked away with far more favorable views of his leadership abilities and an insight with how he deals with issues. That is more important to me than his membership in the LDS church.

For President in 2008 Fred is the Number 1 choice and I will continue to examine all the other candidates and will make an endorsement at the right time for me.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Breaking News: Zach Wamp and Jimmy Duncan Give Draft Fred Steam

The Right Leadership for America

Congressmen Wamp and Duncan Announce the Launch of the Official Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee

For Immediate Release Contact: Dean Rice
March 19, 2007

(Knoxville, TN) -- Two prominent members of the Tennessee Congressional delegation today announced the formation of a committee designed to encourage former Senator Fred D. Thompson to seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Congressmen Zach Wamp and John J. Duncan, Jr. will serve as co-chairmen of the "Draft Fred Thompson 2008" committee. The committee's goal is to recruit and organize citizens from both the public and private sectors into a leadership group that will serve as a clearinghouse for Thompson supporters from across the country.

"It is becoming increasingly obvious that a growing number of Americans want Fred Thompson to join the 2008 presidential campaign," said Wamp. "Senator Thompson's ability to communicate an optimistic vision for America, coupled with his strong conservative credentials, makes him an ideal choice for thousands of our fellow citizens."

Duncan said he was "proud to lend my name and energy to this important draft effort." "I have known Fred Thompson for many years," the Congressman continued, "and I believe he is an exceptional national leader who has the character and integrity to be an outstanding president."

A third Congressman from Tennessee, freshman David Davis, a well known conservative leader, has also agreed to become a member of the committee, according to Wamp and Duncan.

The co-chairmen said they believed that scores of other prominent leaders from Tennessee and across the country will be joining the draft movement in the next several weeks.

"I believe that thousands of Americans from every walk of life will join this grass-roots effort" Duncan said. "They will help us send a clear message to Senator Thompson that he should take the next step and announce his candidacy."

Wamp said Thompson "personifies strength and trust. His charisma, eloquence, and exemplary public service have inspired Tennesseans and Americans alike. When I ask my conservative colleagues in Congress if Fred should run, it’s like setting off fireworks above the Capitol."
"America needs Fred Thompson to answer this call," said Congressman Wamp.

Dean Rice of Knoxville, a former aide to Thompson and now a government relations executive, is the treasurer of the Draft Fred Thompson 2008 committee. He urged those interested in the campaign to visit the committee's web site, or e-mail

Paid for by Draft Fred Thompson 2008. Not Paid for by any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Brian's Blog Trivia/Opinion Question

Here is a Brian's Blog trivia/opinion poll question for you. Why do the tabloid girls of the North Knox County E.W. Scripps publication have a Bias against Brian Hornback?

A. They feel guilt for having given Chad Tindell's personal emails to their E.W. Scripps Supervisor and then the emails were published for all the world to see on the world wide web.

B. They are envious of the success of Good Republicans while their Republicans are not as successful.

C. They recognize the name Brian Hornback and know that by using the name over and over it will generate more traffic to their website and cause more persons to keep the newsprint out of the landfills and cat litter boxes.

D. They are conspiracy theorist and believe that the establishment (everybody in a position of authority) is out to get them.

E. All of the Above.

F. Fill in the blank or email your answer if one or all of these do not match your theory.

It has been a hectic week

Sorry to all the faithful readers of Brian's Blog it has been a hectic week and next week more than likely will be as sparse of posting.

But the week got off to a Great start with the meeting of the West Knox Republican Club. I appreciated Harold Byrd the club President recognizing me and allowing me to Thank the West Knox club for their support the last couple of years. I appreciated the clubs show of appreciation to me for serving as the County Party Chairman the past two years.

Tennessee Party Chairman Bob Davis spoke and appreciated his kind words about my leadership the past two years.

Other than that, it has been a busy business week. Successful, but busy. Hang in there with me and the blog will be back soon. We are not going anywhere, just some potential sparse posting until the last week of March 2007.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Run Fred Run!

This from this mornings Knoxville News Sentinel. This from this mornings Tennessean. This is a Draft Fred Thompson blog, which is a Brian's Blog blog.

On the issues of the day, Fred;

Is "pro-life," and believes federal judges should overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion-rights decision as "bad law and bad medical science."

Opposes gay marriage but would let states decide whether to allow civil unions. "Marriage is between a man and a woman, and I don't believe judges ought to come along and change that."

Opposes gun control, and praised last week's 2-1 federal appeals decision overturning a long-standing handgun ban. "The court basically said the Constitution means what it says, and I agree with that," he said.

Supports President Bush's decision to increase troops in Iraq. "Wars are full of mistakes. You rectify things. I think we're doing that now," he said. "Why would we not take any chance, even though there's certainly no guarantees, to not be run out of that place? I mean, we've got to take that opportunity and give it a chance to work."

Would pardon former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice now, rather than waiting until all his appeals are exhausted. Thompson is a fundraiser for Libby's defense.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Tabloid Girls Are Working Today

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog has received a couple of emails from one of the tabloid girls seeking comments about the Knox County Republican Party. One of the emails was a spin question to which the former Chairman responded with factual information and a factual explanation.

The second email was sent to the former, former Chairman aka. Chadwick B. Tindell and copied to former Chairman Hornback again attempting to spin her tabloid tale. Former Chairman Hornback again replied with factual information and a factual explanation.

Tabloid = National Enquirer. Good Luck to the tabloid girls.

Have a Blessed Day.

Brian's Blog has a New Brother Blog

Brian's Blog is encouraged by the new information following our post last Saturday March 3, 2007 about former Senator Fred Thompson as a potential Republican Presidential candidate.

So, we have a new brother blog. Draft Fred Thompson for President in 2008. Check it out here.

All comments with out profanity and vulgar language are appreciated.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Former GOP Chairman Brian Hornback's speech to the Knox County Republican Party Convention, Today

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Knox County Republican Party, Thank You.

Thank You for electing me two years ago to serve as Your Chairman. Thank You for working with our leadership team the past two years in building and growing our party.

I want to Thank my family. My wife and three children for sacrificing time away from her husband and their father in allowing me to serve. I want to Thank my parents and my brother and his wife, it is not easy or nice seeing your husband, father, brother or son’s name associated with negative attacks in local papers and renegade talk radio shows with information that is not factual. To my family, thank you and hopefully now all will return to normal.

I must acknowledge the late Loy Smith. My former State Representative and former Knox County Republican Chairman, also my friend and former State Representative Jimmy Kyle Davis. Both of these men invested time and energy into a young kid and I will be forever grateful.

Today, I must acknowledge my friend and State Representative Parkey Strader. I have learned so much from Parkey over the years, but especially within the past several months. Parkey, Thank You.

Two Years ago. The first item of business was to secure an office operation that was fiscally responsible, highly visible, provided adequate parking and one that ensures that all citizens regardless of disabilities has access to our office operation. That location was found and we have been operating at 2606 Greenway Drive in the 640 North Building for nearly two years. Thank you to the office volunteers Suzanne Dewar and Jo Catlett. I and the party couldn't have been as successful without them.

As Chairman one of my desires was to have some unity events, like we had in the past. Events where every Republican could be included. Thanks to the generosity of some of our supporters and officeholders we had a successful Open House at the new office in the summer of 2005 and Thanks to Jane Chedester we had another successful unity event at her farm this past summer.

With last Winter’s Supreme Court decision in a Shelby County case we had to deal with a term limits controversy, the minority party fielded candidates as write-in’s and running them not as Democrats but as a colored ballot. In spite of that we elected a General Sessions Judge in Andy Jackson VI, a Chancellor in Mike Moyers, we re-elected a Register of Deeds in Steve Hall, a Sheriff in Tim Hutchison and Criminal Court Judge in Ray Lee Jenkins. We elected and/or re-elected14 of the 19 members of the Knox County Commission.

We sent a large enough vote out of Knox County to elect the only new Republican Senator in the United States of America. United States Senator Bob Corker. We re-elected Congressman Jimmy Duncan in an overwhelming fashion. We re-elected every Republican member of the Knox County Legislative delegation.

Just 5 weeks ago, our party gained a new Sheriff in Jimmy J.J. Jones, a new Trustee in Fred Sisk, a new Register of Deeds in Sherry Witt.

We gained some new Commissioners in the Fourth district Richard Cate, Lee Tramel, in the Fifth district Frank Leuthold, in the Eighth District Jack Huddleston, in the Ninth District Tim Greene. I saved one for last. The minority party had gained a seat on County Commission in the 2006 election. The two members of that district (they serve in the minority party) couldn't agree on a candidate. So, we picked up a seat with Republican Chuck Bolus. This is the proudest accomplishment of my term as your Chairman. Electing and Re-Electing Republicans.

Let us know look to the next term.

In February 2008, less than one year away. We must continue to hold these seats within the Republican party. We can not. We must not give an inch. If we give an inch they will attempt to become a ruler.

Within our party we can have debate. We can have Republicans challenging Republicans because in Knox County we are a BIG tent. We have members that are Conservative, liberal and moderate. We are a family and families are going to have discussions and debate. But when the other party attempts to step into to our family discussion. We must not let that happen.

But when we exit the primaries. We MUST ABSOLUTELY MUST support the Republican nominee because if we do not Knox County citizens and taxpayers are not served with the best representation.

As I move from Chairman back to a regular member of our party. I will be available. I will continue working with Republicans as I have done since 1982.

Today our party stands in good shape.

We are on ready to defend our county in February and August 2008. We are prepared and ready to re-elect our State Representatives and Senator Woodson. We are prepared and ready to re-elect Senator Lamar Alexander and Congressman Duncan and on January 20, 2009 we will watching a Republican take the oath of office while Hillary and Obama are watching from the spectator stands.

Again, Thank You. And May God Bless You and our Great Knox County Republican Party.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Our Scoop is Confirmed by E.W. Scripps Today

The Brian's Blog team posted this last Saturday. The E.W. Scripps owned Knoxville daily newspaper worked tirelessly all week and this afternoon confirmed our story with this story online.

We are so proud. Now the Brian's Blog chant is RUN FRED RUN!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Gift The 12 Greatest Tools of Personal Growth

I have just finished reading an excellent book entitled The Gift The 12 Greatest Tools of Personal Growth - and How to Put Them into Practice. This book written by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. is a book that I highly recommend.

The book was given to me as a gift by my friend Hubert Smith of the famed Hubert Smith Radio Show.

The most important take aways for me are The Gift of Helping Other People Grow. The Gift of Believing in Yourself. The Gift of Changing Your Self-Talk. The Gift of Exceptional Attitude. The Gift of Finding Your Focus. The Gift of Setting Great Goals. The Gift of Taking Control of Your time and Your Life. and The Gift of Never Giving Up.

I believe that this writer has encapsulated more direction and motivation in this 200 page book than any focus, business book that I have read in recent memory.

Shad Helmstetter has written two other books. What To Say When You Talk To Your Self and Who Are You Really And What Do You Want. I really intend to try and secure these books in the near future and consume them as well.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Friends of the Public Library Used Book Sale

Today began the Knox County Friends of the Public Library Used Book Sale. This year's event is being held in the old or the original Knoxville Convention Center. The one located below the Frank Haney Holiday Inn on Henley Street.

I attended the sale this afternoon and found one jewel. "Howard Baker's Washington" Howard Baker's Washington is one of several picture books assembled by former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker. I had checked recently on to purchase a copy as it is out of print. However, I snagged an excellent copy today for $2.00.

I also purchased a hard copy of a John Grisham book that I only had the paperback of, I am a John Grisham fan and this completes my John Grisham library. I also purchased a copy of the book So Help Me God written by Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama Roy Moore. Finally, I purchased a copy of the 1962 book Why Not Victory? A Fresh Look at American Foreign Policy by Barry Goldwater. Inside the book was a very old political bumper sticker James for Congress. When talking to my friend and fellow blogger Jake Mabe. He suggested the sticker could have been for Fob James.

All this for $8.00 and 1 hour of time. I am well pleased. Check out the book sale that continues through this week.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Inside Tennessee and Has Susan Richardson Williams (SRW) violated the Sunshine Law

After watching Inside Tennessee this afternoon. I had an interesting thought. First, Susan Richardson Williams (SRW) said "we should have left the camera running during the breaks" That is true, the cameras should have been rolling.

Everyone on the panel, in their opinion (except Scott Moore and Lumpy Lambert) believe that 2 or more elected officials of the same body is a violation of the Sunshine Law. In this incident WBIR, it's Inside Tennessee panel, Jack McElroy and Frank Gibson of TN Coalition of Open Government violated the Sunshine Law. How did they do this? They invited 2 or more Commissioners and during the commercial breaks they orchestrated a violation of the Sunshine Law, with Chairman Moore and Commissioner Lambert in the same room. The very guy (Jack McElroy) that is suing for a "violation" participated in a "violation".

In addition, SRW has served on the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees for as long as this 40 year old can remember. The Sunshine Law applies to this Board as well. Is SRW innocent of not talking with one other member of the Board of Trustees about any matter coming before the Board of Trustees? Did she talk with any member of the Board of Trustees about any hiring decisions like J.Wade Gilley, John Shoemaker or Dr. John D. Peterson.

As a matter of fact, I remember a news story about a breakfast meeting where the Sunshine Law was reported to have been violated by the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees. Where was SRW on this issue at the time? Where is SRW on this issue now?

One Night with the King

I rented the DVD movie of One Night with the King. I watched it last night. What a Great movie. The story was written by Tommy Tenney and the movie was produced by Matt and Laurie Crouch.

The movie lays out the Biblical story of Esther. This really is a must see.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Republican Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones

In today's Knoxville News-Sentinel is a letter to the editor from our new Republican Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones. On the website it is a small link under letters. Why would E.W. Scripps do that? I believe Sheriff Jones has written an excellent letter. The text is here at Brian's Blog or here at the papers website.

New sheriff urges cooperation by all
March 3, 2007

On Jan. 31, the Knox County Commission unanimously appointed me to the office of Knox County sheriff. The commission on that day was faced with the unprecedented task of replacing by appointment four of the countywide offices and eight of 19 commissioners. No other commission has ever faced such an awesome responsibility.

Much has been written and said about this issue; clearly much more will be written and said before our government completely recovers. I do not write this to attack or defend the appointment process given us by the courts or to discuss politics in any way.

I write this to assure the people of Knox County that throughout this process and whatever the outcome, their Sheriff's Office will continue to provide the professional law enforcement services the people of Knox County have come to expect.

With your support and the support of the Knox County Commission, my predecessor changed the face of the sheriff's office. When he arrived, the patrol division was thinly stretched across this county. There was inadequate training; there were no training facilities, no specially trained teams and the jails were overcrowded and had been successfully sued for overcrowding.

Those obvious problems have been remedied. With your support, this office now is well staffed, well trained and most importantly, well able to respond to any law enforcement need that may arise. On behalf of the men and women of this office, I thank you.

We must now move to resolve the remaining issues in our office. I believe we need better cooperation between law enforcement agencies. I believe law enforcement is a group effort, not a contest. To address that issue, I have drafted new interlocal cooperation agreements with both the Knoxville and the University of Tennessee Police Departments.

Those agreements allow all of our offices to better respond to your needs. People who abuse defenseless children or abuse helpless animals are not concerned with what jurisdiction they are in; law enforcement response to their actions also should be unhampered by jurisdiction.

Many issues I address may not be as obvious to the general public. I have begun an analysis of the patrol zones to ensure we have the most patrol coverage in the locations that need the most coverage. I expect to implement those changes soon. I am finalizing the updating of our General Orders begun by my predecessor. I expect the final draft on my desk in a few weeks.

I believe that the support and trust of the citizens of Knox County is mandatory for effective law enforcement, so I intend to be as open and available to the media and the public as possible. Whether the story is good or bad, I intend to address it honestly and completely.

Some have questioned my retention of former Sheriff Tim Hutchison on my staff. I make no apologies for keeping a five-time-elected, 33-year veteran of this department to help me through my transition into this huge job. His expertise on budgets and his understanding of the ongoing capital projects of this office alone are worth the five months of salary he will receive under my administration.

Legally under Merit Council rules, he is entitled to remain in this office. Ethically, I cannot see the fairness in anyone taking the position that he should be unceremoniously booted out of office five months before he vests in the new pension plan. I wouldn't do that to any veteran of this office, let alone a man who has helped this office achieve as much as he has. Good or bad, I have addressed that issue, and I intend to move on.

Knox County government is too important to stay mired in past controversies. We must all move forward. I have been given a tremendous responsibility but one I have been preparing and training for my entire life. I ask that you work with me so that together we can keep efficient, effective law enforcement for Knox County.

Jimmy 'J.J.' Jones is sheriff of Knox County.

Hail to the Chief for President Fred Thompson?

Brian's Blog have sources that indicate the 2008 Presidential race is getting ready to become interesting. Our Sources indicate that Former United States Senator Fred Thompson is close to entering the race for President.

Brian's Blog will have a party if our former Senator jumps into the campaign. Brian's Blog will be blogging from around the country as Fred Dalton Thompson is campaigning and running for President.

Here are some great photos from around the web of our former Senator and future President of the United States.