Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bill Lockett to Challenge Law Director John Owings

Local Knoxville Attorney Bill Lockett will challenge Knox County Law Director John Owings in the Republican Primary in February 2008.

Lockett officially announced on the Hubert Smith Radio Show last Sunday. However this week he filed the paperwork in naming a Treasurer for a possible run.

Lockett was nominated by a couple of County Commissioners in September 2006 and received three votes to replace Law Director Mike Moyers when Moyers became one of Knox County's Chancellor's.

John Owings was selected by a majority of the Commissioner's and has performed the duties of Law Director in an professional manner since his selection. Owings has extensive experience in the Law Director's office.

Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman

This is my third summer reading the Farragut High School summer book selection. I will be reading the summer book selection for about the next 7 summers (8 including this year). The first year it was Death's Acre by Dr. Bill Bass, Last Summer it was 2 of Elie Wiesel's trilogy Dawn, Day and Night. I read the complete trilogy and required my son to read all three.

This year was the 173 plus page Einstein's Dreams written by Alan Lightman. It is a quick read. It is Lightman's first work of fiction and is very thought provoking. This will be a book that will maintain a permanent home in my office for those times when I need to contemplate thoughts, wonders and the American Way. LOL.

By far this was the most enjoyable of the three thus far. Elie Weisel was a first hand account of the holocaust and was troublesome. Death's Acre was the worst thus far. If you want to go back that far in the archives of Brian's Blog you can read my review of Death's Acre.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Anonymous Allegations?

For those of you following or have seen the recent Wednesday & Thursday editions of the Knoxville News--Sentinel about School Board Member Robert Bratton and an unnamed Custodian at South Doyle Middle School.

My question is if Robert's identity is revealed. Why are the news media in Knoxville allowing the female's identity to be anonymous?

At first glance it would appear that the News-Sentinel, WBIR and WATE (WVLT did not run the story on Tuesday night) are participating in a "political hit" to bring down a public official.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Knox County Commission Takes The Right Action on Approving an Eighth District Plan and Rezoning

The Plan and Rezoning for a GREAT development in the Eighth Commission District passed this afternoon at Knox County Commission. Commissioner Greg Lambert and Lee Tramel made a Substitute Motion to Approve.

The motion passed with 10 votes in favor, 7 against and 2 Commissioners absent.

Two point five (2.5) dwelling units per acre and sewer service is connected to the development. This is a GOOD development for North Knox County and the Eighth Commission District.

As a side bar: There was some speculation as to why there were no negative stories about the County Commission in the various Shopper publications this week. Some Commissioner's informed me that Betty Bean of the Shopper staff was aggressively working to have this plan and rezoning defeated.



Knox County School Officials and School Board Visit China

This article appeared in today's Knoxville News-Sentinel. I contacted Russ Oaks of Knox County Schools and he affirmed that the cost for this trip is being funded by the Chinese Government.

However, the salaries of these officials Donna Wright, Ed Hedgepeth and School Board Chairman Karen Carson are being paid and no work product is being produced to the benefit of the school district.

Post September 11, 2001 all out of country trips were canceled to my knowledge that ban has not been lifted. Families of band students at Bearden High School lost significant amount of money due to the Superintendent canceling out of country trips.

But now the ban does not apply to Senior staff and School Board Members. Just like a parent that says "do as I say, not as I do." This is evidence that a double standard does exist within the "School Family" leadership.

E.W. Scripps To Purchase Local Reputable Publications

E.W. Scripps in an attempt to own some additional publications in Knoxville that are NOT tabloidish has announced the purchase of Metro Pulse and Knoxville Magazine.

Good purchases on the part of E.W. Scripps .

Unconfirmed speculation about the future of the tabloid continues to spread without an official word for Scripps.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Has Public Education Changed Since the 1970's?

In my Harry Chapin tribute. Here is one of my favorite Harry songs "Flowers Are Red". The youtube user doesn't allow the video to be embedded. So click on the link to view the introduction and song.

The question is Has Public Education Changed Since the late 70's and early 80's?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why Did He Have To Leave So Soon and Why Was There Only One

I was a Sophomore in high school when the car accident took Harry Chapin from us. I was a Chapin fan then and today as well. I have the entire Harry Chapin library and it is all loaded on the ipod.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Could We and Would He (Fred) Make This Part Of His 2008 Platform

I am believing in a Fred / Mike ticket. Huckabee has established himself as a top tier candidate. He is a solid V-P choice.

With Romney at the top. Huckabee is a Southerner and a Southern Baptist while Mitt is from the Northeast and a Mormon.

With Rudy a Yankee with a liberal mindset and Huckabee a Southerner and a Southern Baptist.

With McCain a Westerner with a liberal bent and Huckabee a Southerner and a Southern Baptist.

With Fred a Southerner and a member of the Church of Christ and Huckabee a Southerner and a Southern Baptist. Fred is a little more serious. Mike has a funny side to break the ice.

Governor Mike Huckabee a solid V-P and a top tier Presidential candidate.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brian Free and Assurance Tonight at Tennessee RV

Tonight began a 3 day Grand Opening celebration for the new Tennessee RV Sales and Service dealership in Knox County. It has re-located into Knox County from Sevier County. The dealership located at the I-40 / Strawberry Plains Pike exit on Huckleberry Springs Road.

This evening Brian Free and Assurance appeared in concert on the parking lot under the big tent. As always Brian Free and Assurance led the large crowd in Praise and Worship, lifting high our Lord and Savior.

I began following the career of Brian Free nearly 25 years ago. He was the tenor for Gold City. He is the most awarded singer in Gospel music today. Over the years he formed Brian Free and Assurance, he also has led worship with a brief solo career.

Tonight's event highlighted the entire group. However, during the song, "Long As I Got King Jesus". The newest member of the group, Jeremy Lile (a Maryville, TN resident) who sings Bass nearly shut down the sound system with one of the lowest bass voices in Southern Gospel music. Also, Jerry Lee Lewis has nothing on Scott "Pepper" McDowell the 22 year old keyboard player.

Ricky Free, 23 year old percussion player (drums) led the group through the entire set tonight and is the best in the industry.

As always Bill Shivers on Lead and Derrick Selph as Baritone are the core of the group.

Other highlights included the songs "If It Takes A Valley", "When the Lord Says Go", "It's About The Blood" and "For God So Loved"

In September 2007 Brian Free and Assurance will release a CD project entitled "Real Faith" all 10 songs are Great but the song "Praying Man" is worth the purchase.

Check out Brian Free and Assurance on the Web here.

Tomorrow night at Tennessee RV is Bluegrass night and Saturday night is Oldies night. Go check it out. Tonight I found a RV Motor Home that will serve my needs in Retirement.

It's Finally Here....Time To Celebrate

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Congressman Robin Beard...RIP

Yesterday's Knoxville News Sentinel had the obituary for former Congressman Robin Beard. Congressman Beard served five terms in the United States Congress from Tennessee. He passed away Saturday at the age of 67.

Congressman Beard was born in Knoxville. He grew up in the Nashville area and attended Montgomery Bell Academy and Vanderbilt University. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

In 1970 he became personnel commissioner for then Governor Winfield Dunn. In 1972 he defeated a four term Democrat Congressman in Tennessee's 6th Congressional District. In 1982 he ran against Senator Jim Sasser a race that he lost. He went on to serve as the assistant secretary general for Defense of NATO.

He vacationed regularly in South Carolina and eventually made the Palmetto State his home. In 2006 he ran unsuccessfully for a position on the Charleston County School Board. He learned of his malignant brain tumor after filing for the school board seat and underwent surgery and chemotherapy during the school board campaign.

Former Congressman and State Senator Arthur Ravenel, Jr said. "He leaves behind a legacy of great admiration for the United States Marine Corps, for love of family and of church, and for the community."

His daughter Bettina Beard said, "He was the life of the party." "He was just a personable, gregarious, outgoing man. He had an amazing sense of humor and an incredibly huge heart."

He is survived by his wife Catherine, and three children, Robin John, Lisa Boland and Bettina.

As I have indicated here before Robin Beard's 1982 campaign was my first. His legacy of empowering young people will keep his legacy going on for many years. My friend and former Knox County Republican Party Chairman Mike Prince served on Robin Beard's staff for several years.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Beard family (the immediate family and the extended family)

Rest in Peace Congressman. You did well.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Halls Republican Club Tonight

Wow. A Big crowd come out to the Halls Republican Club to hear a legislative update from State Representative Bill Dunn. He did an exceptional job. Many officials and Representatives of Officials were present. Trustee Fred Sisk, several Representive's of Register of Deeds Sherry Witt, Irene McCrary, GOP Party Chair, County Commissioner Scott Moore and R. Larry Smith, a Representative of Property Assessor John Whitehead and myself.

I thanked the club for their support during my term as Chairman and encouraged them to support Irene in the same manner.

Sandra Clark of E.W. Scripps Shopper arrived 42 minutes late and unlike the budget hearing after the meeting concluded when I spoke she said Hello and was extremely friendly and didn't give the same greeting that she gave Steve Hunley less than a year ago.

I believe she is beginning to respect the influence of the blogosphere.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Democrat "Boss Hogg" Still Running The State House

Thanks to Oatney World for this story and video this past Tuesday. Although some things have changed in the State Senate with a Republican Lt. Governor. Some things NEVER change in the State House.

The Democrat "Boss Hogg" doesn't like to be questioned from the floor by an elected Republican Representative. When he doesn't like the response he informs his minions to cut off the Republican Representative's microphone. No free speech on the State House floor as long as the Democrat "Boss Hogg" is in control.

When the voters of his district vote him out or the State House changes hands and votes him out as Speaker, maybe he could go into some tabloid newspaper work.

A Shopper Example

A Brian's Blog reader has emailed an example of the Shopper's tabloidish methods. This appeared in the January 7, 1998 Shopper.

The text under the photo reads "Mike Prince and Chad Tindell, candidates for GOP Party Chair. Any resemblance to Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum is purely unavoidable."

Mike Prince was elected and served one term. Sue Methvin, First Vice Chair during Prince's term was elected and served two terms as GOP Party Chair. Methvin was the first female Chair in the Party's history. Chad Tindell was elected and served one term as GOP Party Chair. Brian Hornback was elected in 2005 and served one term. The Current GOP Party Chair is Irene McCrary, the First Vice Chair during Hornback's term and now the second female in the Party's history to serve as GOP Party Chair.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ruth Bell Graham Funeral on Television Now

I am watching the Funeral of Ruth Bell Graham, the wife of Evangelist Billy Graham. What a beautiful service. Her sister's stories of Ruth as a girl and a young woman. Franklin Graham's stories of his mom in a humorous sense. He reiterated of her belief that the Bible is inerrant but she was a fun mom and then Anne Graham Lotz read from her mother's Bible, her mother's life passage Romans 8. Evangelist Graham then thanked the audience and now the Rev. Dr. Richard White is sharing a message. George Beverly Shea, the Soloist for the Billy Graham Crusades has shared a mesaage in song.

It is being carried on INSP. Inspiration Television. Comcast Channel 26.

Brian Hornback and The Shopper Part II

I began working in political campaigns in 1982 when I was 16 years old. I distributed bumper stickers, yard signs, knocked on doors for candidates that I liked. Robin Beard was the Republican candiadte running against Senator Jim Sasser. This was one of the first candidate campaigns that I volunteered in.

From 1981-1983 I delivered the Knoxville News-Sentinel (then an afternoon daily paper) on my bicycle after school. Delivering to about 100 homes. Oh my gosh, I am a retired employee of a subsidary of the E.W. Scripps Company. LOL.

In 1984 a Senior in high school, I supported the School Board candidacy of a local man named Ron McPherson. Ron was a Republican. As part of my efforts for Ron, his daughter (who was a teacher in Knox County Schools) and I knocked on every door of my paper route and I introduced her to my customers and told them that Ron was running for School Board and needed their vote. It obviously worked Ron was elected and defeated the incumbent.

Ron McPherson took me to several Republican events and that is when I met the man that I credit as being my political mentor. At that time it was my State Representative Loy Smith. Loy has since passed on, but I was involved in every campaign that Loy was involved in. His own races, the campaigns of Jimmy Kyle Davis who succeeded Loy in the legislature. Loy appointed me to serve as the 19 th Legislative District Chair for the Governor Winfield Dunn campaign. When Governor Dunn challenged Governor Ned McWherter. I was involved in the campaign to elect Loy as Knox County Republican Party Chairman in the late 80's. Several individuals still in office today credit Chairman Loy Smith with the 1990 Republican tide that resulted in the GOP picking up more seats and being more unified than ever. It happened again in 2006 with all Republicans getting elected (*except Mark Harmon) and was more unified than ever in spite of the Supreme Court, Orange ballot and everything else that happened.

In late 1988 - 1992, I became a columnist for the local East Knox Area News (a competitor of the Shopper) During that time, I wrote about the mass burn incinerator that was proposed for East Knox County. I was a volunteer within the anti - incinerator movement and through this campaign met some individuals like Greg Mackay, who would one day in the next decade go on to become Knox County's Election Administrator.

I wrote about the efforts of then Knox County administrator Melissa Zeigler and the failed East Bridge Industrial Park. I wrote that it was built in the wrong place at the wrong time. The park still has vacancies.

In 1990, as a 23 year old political novice I ran for County Commission against a 23 year incumbent and there was a third candidate in the race. It wasn't until several years later that I would learn that Sandra, Bee Deselm and others had recruited a slate of candidates to run as their ticket. The only seat they picked up to my knowledge was the Second District seat where Madeline Rogero defeated Jesse Cawood.

I did not know how to run for office at that point but of all the Republican primary races in 1990. Our race was the last one declared and Joe was re-elected with 112 more votes than I received. That night I got phone calls from many local political experts amazed at our efforts.

I am thankful that our effort was not victorious and that it was close because I established myself as a successful campaigner and political strategist. Within a couple of years we would be moving to the community that we would call home and the community where we would want to raise a family. A community where successful public education, church and community were all rolled into one.

During that campaign, I went to the Shopper office and bought an ad or two and dealt with Mary Lou Horner. Their coverage wasn't that broad into the district, but they were covering portions of Gibbs. To my recollection, the only time that I saw Sandra Clark during that campaign was at the only candidate debate that Joe McMillian ever participated in. The candidates were on the stage of Gibbs High School, Sandra was down front snapping pictures.

Interesting tidbit about this event at Gibbs High School is that this event is the first time that I met Steve Hunley. Steve ran six years later and served on the Knox County School Board from 1996-2000 and is the owner of the Fountain City Focus. The Fountain City Focus is a reputable weekly community newspaper in North Knox County.

Is there any coincidence that of the two individuals that Sandra hates the most that all three of us were under the same roof the first time that I met them. Actually Sandra and I never talked at this event. But that was the first time that I had ever seen her. Because I had to ask my campaign leader from Gibbs "who was sitting on the front row snapping pictures" and she said "Oh, that was Sandra Clark." I said "Oh, really I just met Mary Lou Horner two days ago and have some ads coming up in their paper."

At the debate the candidates were sitting in alphabetical order, so I was between Paul Hoehne (who was challenging Commissioner Billy Walker) and Commissioner McMillian. I did well enough for Commissioner McMillian to lean over to me at some point in the debate and say "Now, I know why I don't do these things"

After the election Commissioner McMillian asked me to go to lunch with him which I did. (Bob Evans on Merchants Road, it is now IHOP - International House of Pancakes) I went to lunch with him primarily out of respect for his service and out of respect for the fact that he was my Commissioner for the next four years.

We had never talked one on one before that lunch and it was a good conversation. We ended the lunch with me telling him that I didn't know what my political future would be, but that if I decided to run in 1994, I would call him first. We would speak socially after that and I grew to respect his service. In early 1992, Commissioner McMillian passed away. I attended his receiving of friends.

The Knox County Republican Party had to select a candidate to run in a special election. Former South Knox Commissioner John Mills had moved to the district in 1990. So the newspaper called and asked if I would be a candidate. I said that I had not made that decision. So, the three candidates that immediately were reported were former Commissioner John Mills, myself and Connie Whitehead the other former candidate opposing Commissioner McMillian in 1990.

As I began to think about this decision. Several things came back to me. One, my comment and commitment to Commissioner McMillian that the district elected him for four years. Two, I had just started my career with my present employer.

I was the first candidate to announce that I would not be a candidate. I stated that the district elected Commissioner McMillian and the best candidate to carry out his agenda through 1994 would be his son, Mike McMillian. Connie Whitehead never announced any intentions and did not attend the district convention. Former Commissioner John Mills announced after being nominated at the convention that he withdrew his name from consideration and that he would not be a candidate in 1992. He then ran against Commisioner Billy Walker in 1994 and was elected.

The two candidates were Mike McMillian and a local Realtor Jean Underwood. Mike was selected over whelming and went on to win the election.
In December 1992 our family (only three of us at that time) moved to South West Knox County. I quickly met one of my two County Commissioner's at the time, Commissioner Mike Ragsdale. The district picked up the third seat in 1994 from South Knox County due to the population shifts.

The story will continue. Stay Tuned.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Brian Hornback and The Shopper Part I

November 2006 (Actually the week of Thanksgiving) Sandra Clark, Bruce Hartmann and I met in a conference room at the Knoxville News-Sentinel to discuss the numerous factual errors and the violation of journalistic standards and ethics of one part (the part about me) of the trilogy County Confidential written by Betty Bean in August 2006.

At the conclusion of our one hour plus meeting, we came to two concessions. One that I would submit an accurate account of the numerous nonfactual statements reported by Betty Bean. This statement was posted on the HallsNews website the first of January 2007 and the Shopper informed the readers in the print edition that my response was on the website. Second, in response to the lapse of journalistic ethics and standards of reporter Betty Bean the Shopper in the future would contact me for reaction in any future story involving my name, position or person.

A couple of weeks ago Larry Van Guilder wrote a column that referred to Brian's Blog and myself. I honestly believe that Larry is unaware of the E.W. Scripps agreement. (until he reads this post) However, Sandra as Editor previewed the column and allowed it to go to print without adhering to the agreement.

If you are running a simple fax machine community newspaper organization it is not necessary to keep your word. However for the past year and a half she is an employee of a media conglomerate and had agreed to these concessions.

In that meeting, she accused me of being an operative for another politician and I was quick to point out that I have friends on both sides and on every floor of the courthouse and gave examples of my friendships. She then stated that she really likes me and supported me in my first campaign. I pointed out to Mr. Hartmann and to Ms. Clark that again Sandra is inaccurate that she had recruited a slate of candidates for County Commission in 1990 and I told her "Sandra, you supported Connie Whitehead." She agreed that I was accurate.

In February 2005, Sandra, Jake Mabe and I met at Litton's Market to discuss my candidacy for KnoxGOP Chairman. She said "bygones are passed. We (Shopper) are supporting you for Chairman." The comment bygones is her reference to the numerous attacks that she had printed about me while I served as an elected Representative on the school board from 2000-2004. By the way it took her less than two days to go back on her word that she was supporting me for Chairman.

So, there is a pattern of the Editor saying one thing but the actions of the Editor being the opposite.

This the beginning of a series detailing the history of the Shopper and I. The next post will begin detailing shortly before 1990 when I was a 23 year old Republican candidate running for County Commission. I ran against a 23 year incumbent (Joe McMillian) and a Sandra Clark supported candidate (Connie Whitehead). The 23 year incumbent was re-elected with 112 more votes than I received, the Sandra Clark candidate finished a distant third.

Stay Tuned

Brian Hornback and The Shopper

There has been much talk recently about Brian Hornback, Brian's Blog and the Shopper (the dirty little secret that E.W. Scripps Company bought a year or two ago)

Last evening during the Commission meeting, I said Good evening to Larry Van Guilder and to Sandra Clark the Editor of the Shopper. Larry was hospitable and said Hello. Sandra gave me a look with no audible response. However, it was probably the same look that she gave my friend Steve Hunley at the Mandarin House in Halls immediately following the Halls Republican Club meeting about a year ago, when she proceeded to tell Steve (a competitor of the Shopper's by the way) that he should do something to himself that should be physically impossible for him to do. I digress.

Following last night's Commission meeting after Larry Van Guilder had the interview opportunities that he was after and I had finished talking to the people that I desired to talk to. Larry asked if I was mad at him. I assured him that I wasn't mad at him, that the things that have been posted are not about him but about the publication and the Editor/Reporter that he works with.

Last night, I came to believe that Larry Van Guilder is a good guy. I believe he his a guy that will do exceptionally well at his current place of employment and would well at a reputable publication and I look forward to watching his success as he outgrows the Shopper.

It is time for me to bring personal closure to my 6 month Shopper campaign.

This weekend I intend to post a series that will detail the history of Brian Hornback and the Shopper. As a preview the history dates back to 1990. I was 23 and a novice political guy. Since about 1994, I have been leading some winning campaigns and I have lost a few. The Shopper has always been a part of the stories, in some aspect.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knox County Young Republicans

Last evening the Knox County Young Republicans met at the Greene Hills Grill. Matthew (Matt) Jones spoke about his candidacy for County Commission Sixth District Seat A.

Matt talked about his background, his current employment as a Probation Officer in the Juvenile Court and he talked about his desire to represent all the families of the Sixth District. Matt is married. He and his wife are raising their two children.

The Fountain City Focus this week wrote about Matt's candidacy in a story about the Fountain City Republican Club. The Focus is an excellent paper that covers the new stories from around Knox County.

Matt's motives for running for Commission is to work in helping families and young people. It is refreshing to see someone with Matt's experience and attitude take on the challenge of running for office. Matt deserves the consideration and vote of the citizens of the Sixth District.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

RIP Coach Mears

Yesterday's news of Coach Mears passing came with a mixture of emotions for me. First, it was sad day because he had died. Secondly, it was a great time to relive some found memories of the past of my limited time with this great man.

Several years ago, when Coach Mears was able to drive himself and would get out, I would run into to him on many different occasions at Kinko's in Farragut. We would always stop and talk sometimes for 5 - 10 minutes and sometimes we would talk for 30 minutes or more. What an interesting man. An always enjoyable man. He always had time for a story or two. I always had time to listen and time to engage in conversation with him.

Coach Mears, Go rest high on that Mountain. You have earned it. May God Bless and comfort his family.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Brian's Blog has been waiting for our buddy, Voluntarily Conservative to post about this. However, the VolCon wife is expecting. Yes, for those of you in Vonore that means she is with child and VolCon is the happy Daddy. So his time is limited and very busy hitting the Pilot, Krispy Kreme and Wal Mart at odd hours of the night.

The latest Big and Rich Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace is a another blockbuster CD. The title cut must be the life story in song of Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog. Lost in This Moment the latest released single is a fantastic song. Every song on this CD is top quality, even the You Shook Me All Night Long with a little B&R touch is Great.

We encourage you to buy the Wal Mart Exclusive CD because for the same price you get a DVD in the Wal Mart Exclusive package that has a B&R interview and about 6 song performances. The CD is already loaded onto the ipod of Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog.

Knox County Budget Hearing

I attended the Knox County Budget Hearing Thursday night. The one meeting that has generated lots of talk the last few days. The public didn't attend but the media and political junkies were in attendance.

I guess that as a blogger I qualify for media but then that would be a step down from political junkie. (Hmm, think, think). I will just say that I am political media.

The one thing that I agreed with at the hearing and was the sole individual that clapped in affirmation is when Gloria Ray stepped up to the microphone and said that she favored wooden bats -vs- aluminum (metal) bats.

Who came up with College baseball using metal bats? We need a campaign to bring back the wooden bats!

You too can Come on Along and join the wooden bat parade.

UPDATE: I have just been reminded by my friend Hubert Smith how Gloria Ray had come up with her comment. There had been a previous discussion with Marvin Hammond of Hallsdale Powell Utility District about Concrete pipe or PVC pipe (The dreaded Storm water issue) Gloria Ray had to follow that. She said that she doesn't have a preference for Concrete or PVC. She favors Wooden bats over aluminum. Now you know the rest of the story.

College World Series

I have been able to spend some time this weekend watching some Great College Baseball as the Super Regional's have been on. I am pulling for Ole Miss to make it to the College World Series, not because I am an Ole Miss fan anymore. They lost me when they treated Coach Cut the way they did. However, the starting Catcher is a Bearden High Grad, Brett Basham as a Sophomore at Ole Miss he is doing a Great job and he has real potential. It is all because of his mom. (Shh, don't tell his dad)

Anyway, University of Louisville just got their card punched for Omaha. In a convincing game winning 20-2. This is the first time in history that Louisville will go to the College World Series. So, if something happens to Ole Miss, I will be pulling for the Cinderella team of Louisville.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Brian's Blog @ the Metro Pulse

Brian's Blog has received some interesting comments privately about the Metro Pulse Ear to the Ground concerning State Representative Stacey Campfield's Republican opponent. Brian's Blog broke that story last weekend. We had an excellent source and credited Hubert Smith with the information about Campfield's opponent.

Brian's Blog sent an email to various members of the media alerting them that the information was on the blog. Frank Cagle of Metro Pulse was one of the individuals that received the email. So, on Thurdsay when Metro Pulse used the information as its own with out citing Brian's Blog it was bizarre. Brian's Blog didn't think much about it until we began receiving emails, phone calls etc.

Certainly, here at Brian's Blog we will cite Metro Pulse or any other news publication where we receive information. However, with Frank and the gang at Metro Pulse obviously they do not cite their sources. Individuals wonder why some in Knoxville media get the reputation of being lazy. They take a good tip without any work or effort and make it their own.

That is o.k. Brian's Blog is happy to assist Metro Pulse. Maybe Brian's Blog will get a cubicle in the Sunsphere office of the Metro Pulse.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Knox County School Board Changes Leadership Mid-Year

When the Knox County School Board met in workshop session Monday night and again in an "Official" Board Meeting on Wednesday. There was a new School Board Vice-Chair sitting beside the Chair. Instead of Third District School Board Member and the boards current Vice-Chair Cindy Buttry sitting in the Vice-Chair position it was none other than Knox County Law Director John Owings.

Law Director Owings appears to have the distinct honor of being Knox County Law Director and School Board Vice Chair. Brian's Blog is unclear if one or the other is a promotion or a demotion.

Cindy Buttry has been sent to the former Law Director's seat on the other side of the Board's secretary. Far and away from any of the goings on of the meeting. It has been noted by many in attendance at the May meeting of the School Board that the Vice Chair maintained her composure and professionalism during the meeting (which has been rebroadcast the entire month of May and is in the video archive on the School Systems website) and the Chair was not able to do so.

Brian's Blog has contacted the Law Director and a few board members seeking clarification on this change of board leadership. We will continue to follow the issue and will report, again. However, there has not been a new board leadership vote. So, Cindy Buttry is still the Vice Chair. She is just not being allowed to fulfill her duties as perscribed by the boards policy manual. She was elected by a majority of board.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Live Blog Republican N.H. Presidential Debate: Creation or Evolution

"God created heaven and earth." He also quoted Martin Luther. "Here I stand, I can do no other." - Governor Mike Huckabee

"There is a God and he created us." Senator Sam Brownback

"The hand of God was involved in what we are today, leave curricula up to the School Boards." - Senator John McCain. He also said that he believes all theories and creation should be taught.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Commenting Is Allowed

The past couple of months commenting has been allowed and several comments have been published. There have been a couple that we have posted that were close to violating the Brian's Blog Rules of Engagement, however they were published.

This is a reminder that if you desire to comment on what you read, you are welcome to do so. However, this blog was established in August of 2004 by Brian Hornback as he was completing his term of public service on the Knox County School Board. There are established rules for commenting and if you desire to be published as Anonymous or in any other way, you will have to follow the rules.

You are not allowed to run traffic signals or drive 90 miles an hour in a 15 mile per hour school zone. Adhere to the rules and we will have healthy discussion of the issues. Do not follow the rules and you will not be published.

Here are the Rules, as they appear on the front page of Brian's Blog.

It has become necessary to establish the Rules of Engagement due to individuals in the words of my neighbor's father that are "ill-bred and half raised." Any obscene, racist or sexually explicit language will not be published. Any personal attacks will not be published. Comments that are abusive, hateful, that defame or insult will not be published. Comments that are off-topic or not in English will not be published. Any posting for the sake of attention will not be published. Comments that might be construed as threats, harassment and stalking will not be published and will be made available to the proper law enforcement officials. Any posting the same comment more than once will result in your original post being deleted. You take responsibility for the comments that you provide here and participate at your own risk. Brian's Blog takes no responsibility for your comments or actions. When comments are not published, it is because they violate one or more of the rules.

Any Anonymous post will be carefully reviewed by the Brian's Blog team. It will be rare that an anonymous post is published as Brian Hornback puts his name on the posts found on this blog and he believes that you should put your name on your comments, as well. For example, You can not write a letter to the Knoxville News-Sentinel or any other reputable newspaper and hide behind a shield of cowardice.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Knox County Campaign Watch 2008

The following candidates have appointed Treasurer's in anticipation of being candidates for the positions listed. Brian's Blog will update the list as often as possible and necessary.


Sheriff James R. Jones (R)

Knox County Clerk

Billy G. Tindell (D)
Foster D. Arnett, Jr. (R)

Knox County Law Director

Law Director John E. Owings (R)

Register of Deeds

Regsiter of Deeds Sherry Witt (R)
Scott Emge (D)

Property Assessor

Phil Ballard (R)


Fred Sisk (R)

County Commission 1-A

County Commission 2-B

Charles D. "Chuck" Bolus (R)
Bruce White (R)
Amy Brolyes (D)

County Commission 4-A

Ruthie Kuhlman (R)
Walter Wojnar (R)

County Commission 4-B

Ed Shouse (R)

County Commission 5-C

County Commission 6-A

Matthew N. Jones (R)
Sharon Cawood (D)

County Commission 8-B

Jack E. Huddleston (R)
Gailen G. Porter (R)
Tom Pressley (D)

County Commission 9-B

School Board

District 2

Indya Kincannon
Robert B. Gratz

District 3

District 5

District 8

Campaign 101: Seeking Public Office

Many different sources have reported that the Campaign 101: Seeking Public Office Workshop hosted by the Howard Baker Center for Public Policy was attended by roughly 100 individuals, yesterday.

Hubert Smith of the Hubert Smith Radio Show has confirmed that former Knox County School Board Member Tommy Prince will be a candidate for the Tennessee House of Representatives 18th District position.

Tommy served on the School Board from 1992-2000 being replaced in his re-election bid by the voters for Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog. Brian served the district from 2000-2004. Brian began Brian's Blog at the conclusion of his term as a School Board member.

Evidently, the Chamber crowd with Gary Drinnen as their candidate and Jimmy Naifeh's crowd with Shree Pettigrew as their candidate haven't spent enough money trying to beat The Rep.

Brian's Blog will go out on a limb right now and say that Representative Stacey Campfield is unbeatable.

Hubert also reports that Matthew Jones a Republican has filed the necessary forms to begin raising money and to support a candidacy for County Commission Sixth District taking on liberal Democrat Sharon Cawood.

Matthew Jones is a Probation Officer at Knox County Juvenile Court.

Ms. Cawood in December 2006 became a employee of the Knox County Juvenile Court Clerk's Office. Ms. Cawood's husband was the County Commissioner and she was appointed on January 31, 2007 to take the position that he had been elected to. Within a few days of her appointment. Her husband become an employee of the Knox County Sheriff's Department as a Baliff. So the immediate Cawood family is at least triple dipping from the taxpayers of Knox County.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Loudon County Schools. Growth and Taxes

In today's Editorial section here is a column written by a Loudon County Commissioner professing how well the Loudon County Schools have fared under the property tax increases of two years ago. Then here is a letter from the PTO President in Loudon.

Loudon County's growth is booming and their schools have real needs that must be funded. At all the meetings the citizens of Loudon County are demanding loudly that the Commissioners fund the new buildings and that they increase the funding for programs and curriculum.

More on this later.............Stay Tuned.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Quote about the Tabloid And The Individuals That Read Them

A great qote about tabloids and the type of people that read them, this would apply to the Knoxville group of tabloids owned by E.W. Scripps.

“People who read the tabloids deserve to be lied to” Jerry Seinfeld