Friday, March 31, 2006

Term Limits

Today, What a day. Herb Moncier appeared in Chancery Court attempting to take the Deselm case and linking the Term Limits to Sheriff Tim Hutchison, it was announced that the Deselm case has been consolidated with Gray. Gray being Jim Gray, head of the Knox County Democrat Party. I don't know if his involvement is as an individual Jim Gray or if the KDP is the party. I expect that will come out eventually.

The Knox County Election Commission met to leave the ballot as is. The can not by state law effect the ballot with the 40 day election day window. It now appears that the local parties will meet individually to select nominees for those seats where the 6 are unopposed in their primaries and the other 6 are re-elected.

Selection of candidates in a district convention is not unprecedented. In the early 1990's the Eighth District Republican Executive Committee held a convention to select Mike McMillian to be the party's nominee to be placed on the general election ballot due to the untimely death of Commissioner Joe McMillian, Mike's father. Two years ago the Ninth Commission district Republican Executive committee met to select their nominee due to the untimely death of Commissioner Howard Pinkston, the chose Commissioner Paul Pinkston.

This type of convention has been held county-wide, in the '90's when the Criminal Court Judge Jimmy Duncan went to take his fathers place in the U.S. Congress. The Knox County Republican Party held a county convention at Bearden Middle School to select our Republican nominee Randy Reagan. The Democrats chose the current Knox County Attorney General Randy Nichols to be their nominee for Criminal Court Judge.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nixon's Ten Commandments Of Statecraft, His Guiding Principles of Leadership and Negotiation

Nixon's Ten Commandments Of Statecraft, His Guiding Principles of Leadership and Negotiation with Commentary and Lessons from history by James C. Humes

This was an interesting book. James Humes has performed exceptionally well in putting this book together. Each of Nixon's Ten Commandments are in a chapter and then Humes takes one historical character and ties each to one of Nixon's commandments.

I. Always be prepared to Negotiate, but Never negotiate without being prepared. Nixon and Winston Churchill

II. Never be Belligerent, but always be firm. Nixon and General Santa Anna

III. Always remember that Covenants should be openly agreed to but privately negotiated Nixon and Prince Metternich

IV. Never seek publicity that would destroy the ability to get results. Nixon and Neville Chamberlain

V. Never give up unilaterally what could be used as a bargaining chip. Make your adversaries give something for everything they get. Nixon and Benjamin Franklin

VI. Never let your adversary underestimate what you would do in response to a challenge. Never tell him what you would not do. Nixon and Benjamin Disraeli

VII. Always leave your adversary a Face-Saving line of retreat. Nixon and Douglas McArthur

VIII. Always carefully distinguish between friend who provide some human rights and enemies who deny all human rights. Nixon and Sir Anthony Eden

IX. Always do at least as much for our friends as our adversaries do for our enemies. Nixon and Pericules

X. Never lose faith. In just case faith can move mountains, Faith without strength is futile, but strength without faith is sterile. Nixon and Napoleon III

I now move to another book......Oh what will it be?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

BREAKING NEWS Out of Shelby County, TN - Unanimous decision by TN Supreme Court...Term Limits are Legal

This from a local television station less than 20 minutes ago, the TN Supreme Court has upheld with a unanimous decision that term limits on the Shelby County Commissioners are legal.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Crabb family....blur the lines - In Stores Today

The Crabb family's latest project is in the stores today. Blur The Lines is another excellent chapter in the Crabb family's portfolio. Shout To The Lord, My Redeemer are unlike any previous versions by other artist, I have heard. I Go To The Rock is classic Crabb style.

Here is the Crabb Family's website. Here is the New album.

The Crabb's appeared in Knoxville, last night at the Walmart on Chapman Highway for their CD release. They appeared with Praise 96.3 FM. Here is the Praise 96.3 website. I had just returned from Spring Break and did not know about their appearance beforehand, so I missed them last night.

Go out and get your new praise and worship music, Crabb style.

The "Political Smear Attack" on Chuck James

First and Foremost, Remember the rules of this, my PERSONAL blog. I began blogging in August of 2004. I became Republican Party Chairman in March of 2005, that term and that role will end one day. My thoughts and my blogging, on my time, in my own words are mine and mine alone. I plan to continue long after any role that I am serving in is over. If you are here for Knox County Republican Party News and Information, you are in the wrong place. Go to Thank You.

Update: Steve Mule had commented on this on Saturday. Steve and I disagree on my blog without being totally disagreeable. He pointed out to me that he has previously commented on this story at his blog. Steve's post on this issue is located here, Steve's blog is located here. In my catching up from my vacation, I hadn't made it over to Steve's blog. Here I say, ain't it wonderful when two individuals can find common ground and agreement. It's a wonderful life.

I left town for Spring Break on Friday March 17th. On Monday March 20th I began to hear (numerous cellphone calls) about something that appeared in the Halls Shopper News. I asked, Do I need to go to the public library and pull it up on the internet. It isn't on the internet, I was told.

Here is a personal disclaimer, before commenting any further on this unfortunate story. Chuck James is my friend, one of my closest friends, he is like a second brother to me. Our immediate families are close, his wife, my wife, his children, my children, etc.etc..

So, I get home today March 27th and find two stories on WATE TV 6 website, here from Friday March 24th and here from today.

You will recall, I have criticized WATE over the City Council Election morning proclamation that an incumbent running for reelection had dropped out of the race and I have in the past posted some comments about Gene Patterson's blog where he attempted to counterpoint Knox County Sheriffs Department Spokesperson Martha Dooley on his blog on the stations website.

So, needless to say I am no big fan of WATE, but when you knock one out of the ballpark like the Pittsburgh Pirates 3rd baseman Jose Bautista, I will stand up and cheer.

Here is the apolgy by the editor of the aforementioned weekly community publication. Not very sincere at first glance, maybe I will change my mind over time.

He didn't deserve the "political smear" that he received, last week. His wife and children didn't deserve the smear that was equally delivered on them. His campaign should not have had to spend one second of one minute of one day, unfortunately, politics of personal destruction has become the norm and this paper has resorted to it.

I first met Chuck James in 2002 when he was elected to the Knox County School Board representing the sixth district which he is still in that position, today. I at the time was representing the fifth district, I am no longer in that position. The picture in question, was taken in the main ballroom at the then Radisson Summitt Hill (now Tennessee's only Crowne Plaza) Chuck had just arrived in the ballroom after winning the biggest upset in Knox County election history. I had met Chuck at a few events during his campaign, however, at that time I didn't know Chuck personally, as I do today.

When he came in the room, I congratulated him by shaking his hand and the hands of those of his family that were with him. He was being congratulated by nearly everyone in the room. It was a great night for Republicans, Mayor Ragsdale had been elected along with many other countywide officials. Many County Commissioners were elected and re-elected. It was a night of handshakes, hugs and high fives.

A Knoxville News-Sentinel reporter asked me, Do you know who Chuck James is? I said Yes, he is right there. She motioned for a photographer to take his picture. When the photographer got clear to take a picture he was being congratulated by Tyler Harber. That's the photo. It was an congratulatory hug, not what Clark would like to think it was or is. I was a witness to the incident as it was captured on film. I guess the next attack will be focused on me.

It was the front page picture of the Knoxville News Sentinel(a Scripps Howard publication)the next morning. 2006 is a diffrent time, nearly 4 years later. Chuck James is running for County Commissioner after nearly 4 successful years on the School Board. He has delivered a new Amherst Elementary School, a new Hardin Valley High School for his district. He has helped to return tax dollars to the classroom through the consolidation of telecommunications and lawn mowing services with the county.

Chuck is now running for the Republican nomination to take on an entrenched career Democrat politician that has been in office for over 20 years, an entrenched career Democrat politician that has made attempts to climb the political ladder and just can not get it done. He ran for a legislative seat and was unsuccessful, he ran for Knox County Property Assessor and was unsuccessful. But I digress.

Why in 2006 would a local newspaper outside of Mr. James district re-print a picture from another newspaper and entitle it what she did? I believe Gary Englin, got it right in the WATE story on Friday, "it was a political smear...based on homophobia"

The community that this paper continues to be located in and "serves" really doesn't deserve the damage that this paper has given it. Several years ago a local african american family had a rude awaking one morning when a cross had been burned in their front yard. The Halls community stepped up and supported that family and beat back the negative attention.

It is time for the Halls community and Scripps Howard to step up and beat back the negative attention brought by the actions of this tabloid journal.

After having served 4 years on the local school board, I understand that when you are in an elected position comments are made and printed that are not complimentary of you personally and professionally. You learn who your real friends are, and you find out who your "friends" are. I have in the past had comments made about me, printed about me, letters written by people with the courage to sign their name and cowards that had no backbone to sign their names. Courage is like krypotonite when you are anonymous. In my own case there are examples of things that are close to being over the line toward me personally. This attack on Chuck was over the line.

Clark's paper is owned by media conglomerate Scripps Howard, the same owner of the Knoxville News-Sentinel, surely Scripps Howard has some diversity training classes that she could attend. A Human Resources Department that can effectively deal with the issue and with her individually. However, the damage to Chuck and the James family cannot be repaired by a half hearted apology, ("surely he has been called worst than gay"), a Scripps Howard Diversity training class, or attending Gary Elgin's May 18th class. The damage has been done.

Several years ago, Phil Hamby was the editor/publisher of the Knoxville Journal. Most everyone in this town would talk about the Journal as tabloid journalism (ie. National Enquirer) and talk about Phil, however when people were running for office or wanted to get the word out they would get it in the Journal.

Does it now appear that since Phil isn't running the Journal anymore that Clark has become the 2006 equivalent? I think it just might.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Brian's Blog - Where Has He Been?

You have probably wondered where is the constant daily post on something / anything? I experienced a wonderful spring break with the immediate Brian's Blog family. We had a great time in the white sandy beaches, wonderful warm sun and no internet connection except for the one wi-fi hot spot that I wandered to on Friday morning.

We would like to complain that you all kept the thermostat here in K-town to cold. Could you all do better next time. We did our part we turned it up today, the warmest it has been here since we left on March 17th. We will let you off with a simple warning, this time. lol

I attempted to get caught up on alot of reading, a few good movies, a marvelous time with my three great kids and wonderful wife. Took in a spring training game between the Pittsburg Pirates and the Philadelphia Philly's (I am about to give away my location) Got to love, those Pirates.

I am now back, alot has happened locally, regionally and nationally and I will get caught up.

There is only one maybe two of you that I would trust to guest blog for me and I just don't know that I am ready for prime time, yet.

Thanks to you, my loyal readers for your patience.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Center of the Storm Practicing Principled Leadership in Times of Crisis

I have just completed the 2002 published book by my favorite public
servant. If you have an opinion of her without knowing her background,
you really need to read the book. I had no idea that Wes King, Christian
songwriter and performer is her brother-in-law, her grandfather is Ben Hill

This book written as her carrear was ending as Secretary of State and details
how she survived the barrage of negative press and late night comedians and their constant mocking of her simply applying the letter to the law.

This book is filled with historical figures and events, quotations (which I love) and her own Christian ideals and principles. You will come away with a positive view of Congresswoman Harris.

Here 12 principles are:

Know What You Believe,
Remember Your Raising,
Stick To Your Guns,
Finish What You Start,
Do What Is Right – And The Future Will Take Care Of Itself,
Feed Your Mind,
It Is Amazing What you Can Accomplish If You Don’t Care Who Receives The Credit,
Embrace The Differences,
Resist The Tyranny of the Urgent,
Be Broken, Be Bitter or Be Better,
Act and Risk Enmity; To Remain Popular, Do Nothing and
Unstring Your Bow

This is an excellent book to put beside John Maxwell, Stephen Covey. It falls into the leadership/management category. It was definitely well worth my time and will help you.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Nanny McPhee

This is a movie that I knew very little about; except for the fact that my kids had decided they wanted to see. It is a good movie. The story is of a single father that has children that are out of control. The kids run off every nanny they had. The nanny agency has no one to assign to him. But he is told that he needs Nanny McPhee.

Nanny McPhee appears and teaches the children the 5 lessons, which the children need to know. He out of desperation for financial assistance from his departed wives aunt must marry. He finds the only single woman that will put up with the kids; her desire is the money that she will be able to spend.

As the wedding comes the one that has been under his nose all the time is the one that he marries, the kids are taught the 5 lessons they needed to know and they all live happily ever after.

Nanny McPhee then takes her supernatural talents to another assignment; her task here with this family is done. Even tough the story is fairly is to determine what will happen, there can still be questions of could Nanny McPhee have been _____? or this scenario?

This movie is a good break from the mundane.

Yours, Mine, Ours

The movie Yours, Mine, Ours is an excellent story. The story revolves around a father of 8 that has found himself as a single father, a mother of 10 that finds herself as a single mother. They met after the father has relocated his children for their many different moves. His is a naval officer.

He then runs into the mother of 10, a former high school sweetheart. They combine the families, the 8 military kids are used to an orderly life, the 10 are used to a free for all style of life. They mixture is comical.

The kid’s team together to separate the parents so the families can return to their normal life. They succeed to realize that they erred, and then set out to correct their mistake.

The family is put back together. The setting of the movie is a lighthouse home and is a beautiful setting. The story itself is a feel good story but the message can have a deeper meaning about how to bring about diverse personalities and merge them into one workable team.

Regular readers of Brian’s Blog will recognize that I am always looking for management/leadership stories, teamwork analogies to share in the many different opportunities that I have to share with the many different groups and presentations that I make. This is one that will be incorporated into my portfolio.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Our Endangered Values, America’s Moral Crisis By Jimmy Carter

My mother in law, a self described liberal, for Christmas gave me this book. I just completed reading this book within the past 24 hours.

This book is a 2005 attack on the Southern Baptist Church; Carter has publicly and in the book has disavowed the church of his youth and adult life.

In the book on pg. 67 he states “One of my Christian heroes is Dr. Jimmy Allen, the last moderate president of the Southern Baptist Convention.”
This explains his assault on fundamentalism, conservatives, Christian Conservatives and the like.

His book details, in his mind, all his successes from 1980-1984 as President and how the present occupants in Congress and the White House have ruined all he established as President. Carter is proud to point that not one individual’s blood was shed during war while he was President. He conveniently forgets to mention that we had hostages held in Iran while he cowered in the White House. His only attempt to rescue the hostages was a botched helicopter crash in a sand storm.

Carter is concerned about the energy crisis and what he perceives as a deficit with Republicans on energy. He forgets about the long gas lines and his failed attempt to led through the energy crisis during his term as President.

In the book he says that the Iraq war was not necessary, that Saddam Hussein was not a threat and Carter is attempting to become the voice for the anti war.

If you’re a liberal and need a source to confirm your thoughts, then this is the book for you. If you’re not a liberal don’t waste your time or money, unless you want to know how bad the liberals twist truth or reality.

I am glad that I read it, I am also thankful that I didn't purchase it. Thanks to Brian'sBlog Mother in Law.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant,Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom By Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter, C.P.A.

I have just completed reading this the second of a series of books. The first book, Rich Dad Poor Dad was posted about a few weeks ago, here at Brian’s Blog. These is a series of financial books that I recommend, the number one problem in America and with people and families is consumer and long term debt.

In the past I have been as guilty as anyone else with building unnecessary consumer debt, within the past year, I have begun to eliminate the debt and have been immersing myself with good financial books. This series, I believe is the best.

In the Cashflow Quadrant, you earn your money from one or more of the quadrants E for employee, S for self-employed B for business owner or I for Investor.

Your financial future is secure when you can move from the left side to the right side of the quadrant. The key is are you happy and living a debt free life as an employee, than that is ok. The key is recognizing where you are and where you want to be and be happy and debt free.

Read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, first, read this one, second. There are several more in the series and when I get around to reading the next one, I will profile it.

Friday, March 17, 2006

A Little Good News Today

A little good news today, from the Knoxnews website located here. But utlimately the good news came from the black robes of justice, that couldn't find a way to stop it. That my friends is a little good news.

Stephen Covey Quote

I receive quotes from Vic Conant from this website.

This afternoon I received this Stephen Covey quote and I wanted to share it with you.

"Once you have a clear picture of your priorities- that is values, goals, and high leverage activities- organize around them." - Stephen Covey

I feel it is important to read and study quotes. It helps to keep my focus on making the main thing, the main thing.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am so thrilled - Katherine Harris Is In The Race And Will Win

Yesterday, I received an email stating that Congresswoman Katherine Harris would be making an announcement at 9:00 p.m. on Hannity and Colmes about her decision on the U.S. Senate race.

Check out the Hannity and Colmes website here, to watch her exclusive video.

When Harris interrupted Sean and said just a few seconds into the interview "Sean, let me answer the question." She turns to the camera and says "I am in this race and will win it." I was thrilled. Never (I have been involved in campaigns since 1982) have I seen a candidate with the determination and confidence, like I saw in Katherine Harris last night.

As regular reader's of Brian's Blog will note, Katherine Harris has had a permanent spot here since I began my blog in August 2004 with a link. As regular readers will note I speak of spending most of my Vacation and off time in Florida, mostly around Sarasota (district of Katherine Harris)

Katherine Harris has been under fire with lies and distortions of her record and personal life. Individuals that should have loyalty to her are turning their backs on her. This unfortunate and just wrong. It is unfortunate that people do not share the same loyalty. It is unfortunate that politicians simply use people to advance their own agenda with no regard for the individuals they are using as a commodity.

Katherine Harris is Fresh, Bold, and will turn the establishment upside down.

As a former elected official I found (and continue to find) it difficult to live with people that flat out lie about my record and about me personally. I was fortunate in my short term not to owe anyone for my position.

As I watch with a different perspective now, people when they are elected with the assistance of a person, organization or a group of people have to tow the company line and they have no real personal belief, no real values and are simply yes votes.

It is great and refreshing to see that Katherine Harris is going to stand up and say to those that continue to lie and distort her record, those that have turned their back on her, that she will win.

I am one that believes it will be refreshing to have Katherine Harris in the U.S. Senate, She will not owe one person but herself for her win and she will represent the citizens of Florida well.

Florida will be well served with Senator Katherine Harris. Katherine Harris website is located, here.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

News Anchor Gene Patterson's Blog

Update: The next morning after my post Metro Pulse weighs in. Here is the link to Metro Pulse "Ear To The Ground"

Until this afternoon, I had no idea that News Anchor Gene Patterson of WATE TV 6 had a blog. But I was informed that there is some interesting commenting between Patterson about his station having to work a story and Martha Dooley pointing out "The Real World" to Gene. Here is the blog post with the comments, for your review in its entirety.

Interesting little tidbits for you are these.

Patterson saying:

"I think its healthy when people communicate and certainly that's our goal."

Was that Channel 6's goal and was that healthy the morning of the City of Knoxville election when the report that an incumbent member of council had withdrawn from the race, without communicating with the candidate. City Councilman Steve Hall.

Patterson continues.

But we got nothing, no return calls, nothing.

Finally, frustrated with the lack of response, our reporter went to the Sheriff's office seeking information. She was forced to sit and wait. After a couple of hours you did speak with her. According to our reporter you said you had been busy and missed her calls and then forgot that she was waiting in the Sheriff's outer office.

Could it be that a tax paying Knox County citizen needed Mrs. Dooley's assistance or that Mrs. Dooley was in the middle of something, important. What is with this media elite mentality believing that public service employees should drop what they are doing for the department they are assigned to or the citizens they are assisting to immediately respond to a request from the local abc affiliate.

Patterson continues.

So you were busy, fine, but while you didn't have time to return our calls, someone must've been returning the other stations calls. By the time, you allowed us to talk to Chief Sexton, everyone else had already interviewed the Sheriff.

Maybe the other two stations worked harder on that day to locate the Sheriff and didn't sit in an outer office for two hours.

Patterson continues

About my comment on its your job to keep media under control - I'm surprised you would even question that statement, because of course it is. It's every PIO or spokesperson's job to control information. I did as best I could when I worked for Mayor Ashe as his deputy

Just because you did, Gene doesn't mean that "EVERYBODY" does.

Patterson continues

You mentioned your response to "countless" requests from us for mug shots, reports, or interviews. We make those requests because we are constantly told in the field by officers that you're the only one who can release information.

How many officers carry reports and mug shots in their cruisers or in their possession? None and they shouldn't. The reason to maintain a Records Department is to ensure the law is followed on permitting someone or some organization on obtaining public information. Officers are trained to keep our communities safe and maintain law and order, not to professionally answer questions from the media or to distribute mug shots and reports..

Patterson in conclusion continued.

Frankly we weren't sure how you might react. For all we knew you might call the officer and try to stop the interview or worse, call the other stations and tell them where Officer Johnson lived so they could get the interview.

It is obvious that WATE was being sneaky and contemplated a negative reaction. Paranoia is alive and well in the circles of influence at WATE.

Hamilton County Superintendent Search

There are two candidates still standing for the Superintendent of Schools position for Hamilton County, TN. Yesterday was Dr. Jim Scales day in the district. Here are some interesting insights into Dr. Scales from the timesfreepress website.

Dr. Scales said

"The first thing I would do is talk with stakeholders, community leaders, civic groups, business and political leaders," he said. "And I wouldn’t leave out students, teachers and administrative staff to find out what they see are the basic needs and what we need to being doing and what are some things we need to discard."

Dallas Independent School Board member Jerome Garza commenting on Scales leadership style.

"He does not believe in a parent going straight to the superintendent," he said. "But once it gets to his level, he is the kind of person who says, ‘We are not going to leave until we work this out.’ "

Hamilton County School Board and County Commission have had conflicts, Dr. Scales said about his approach toward this constant conflict.

"One of the keys is relationship building," he said. "I would want to work on a healing process to overcome what seem to be some sticking points of the (1997 county and city schools) merger."

Today is Bruce Harter's opportunity in Chattanooga.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Hubert Smith

My friend Hubert Smith is celebrating a birthday today. Hubert is a great guy, that has been involved in community issues for a number of years. I first met Hubert in about 1996 or 1997 when I was serving as Chairman of the Knox County Jail Inspection Committee and he was selected as a committee member.

Hubert is host of a weekly public affairs radio talk show that is aired on Sundays from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. on WKVL AM 850. The show is entitled "The Hubert Smith Show" You can find the details of each show here.

Hubert, Happy Birthday and Best Wishes for many more.

Monday, March 13, 2006

TSBA Legislation That Warrants A YES Vote This Year

Here are two great pieces of legislation that need to be passed this year. If you have been following the stories about the TSBA Tennessee School Boards Association and the trouble over there, then we should all support these two pieces of legislation. The House sponsor is Representative Dewayne Bunch (R-Cleveland).

Abstract: Education - Requires Tennessee School Board Association to appear annually before fiscal review committee and to appoint comptroller and commissioner of education or their designees as voting members of the association's board of directors. - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 2, Part 20.

Abstract: Education - Requires Tennessee School Board Association to appear annually before fiscal review committee and to appoint comptroller and commissioner of education or their designees as voting members of the association's board of directors. - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 2, Part 20.

Jake Mabe 28 years old

Today, my friend Jake Mabe turns 28 years old. Jake is a great guy. He is a professional journalist (uck) with a weekly community publication called the Halls Shopper News.

We share several common interest, President Richard M.Nixon, Conservative Politics, Southern Gospel Music, Country Music, really all music with the exception of his interest in Barry Mannilow.

Jake has a terrific blog here.

Happy Birthday Jake.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Frist Wins Straw Poll - What Is The GOP's Future

The 2006 SRLC has just concluded in Memphis, TN at the famous Peabody Hotel. The big story coming out of it, is that Tennessee's Senior Senator and the United States Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist won the straw poll, conducted by Hotline.

Here is the story out of today's Tennessean.

1427 votes cast. Frist garnered 37%, Mass. Governor Mitt Romney 14%, U.S. Senator George Allen 10%, a George W. Bush write-in effort 10% with Arizona Senator John McCain and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee finshing up with respectable numbers.

Kudo's to David and Nancy French for their efforts on behalf of Governor Romney. Nancy is a blogger and they have this website. Congratulations, Guys. I look forward to meeting you both someday down the road.

I am too busy to give much thought about 2008, however, I have seen polling with Condi, Giuliani and McCain. McCain is the only one beating Hilleary head to head.

In no order here is who I like.

I like Huckabee for many reasons, one he took over from Bill Clinton in Arkansas and improved it, he is a Southern Baptist Pastor, I like Senator Frist, I like John McCain, I like Mitt Romney, I Like Senator Allen, Senator Sam Brownback, NY Governor Pataki, NY Mayor Giuliani.

Ok, I like everybody, except the Democrats.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gays Are Arrested At Liberty University

This from World Net Daily. With this story from World Net, the other 19 need to do exactly what Liberty did and Equality Ride will not make it to the other 18 stops.

1 March 10 Liberty University Lynchburg, VA
2 March 13-14 Regent University Virginia Beach, VA
3 March 16-17 Lee University Cleveland, TN
4 March 18 Union University Jackson, TN
5 March 20-21 Oral Roberts University Tulsa, OK
6 March 23-24 Oklahoma Baptist University Shawnee, OK
7 March 27 Abilene Christian University Abilene, TX
8 March 29 Texas A&M University College Station, TX
9 March 31 CCCU Conference Dallas, TX
10 April 4 Biola University La Mirada, CA
11 April 4 California Baptist University Riverside, CA
12 April 5 Azusa Pacific University Azusa, CA
13 April 10 Brigham Young University Provo, UT
14 April 13 Colorado Christian University Lakewood, CO
15 April 14 U.S. Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, CO
16 April 17 North Central University Minneapolis, MN
17 April 18 Bethel University St. Paul, MN
18 April 20-21 Wheaton College Chicago, IL
19 April 24 Eastern University St. Davids, PA
20 April 26 U.S. Military Academy West Point, NY

Liberty University is a private institution, these thugs have no right to force themselves on a private institution. It is time for the Christian community to stand up and be counted and quit letting individuals with a worldly culture define us.

On the first stop of a 51-day "gay-rights" bus tour aimed at bringing media attention to the non-admission policies for gays at 20 Christian colleges and military schools, 24 members of the Soulforce Equality Ride found themselves sitting in the Lynchburg, Virginia, jail, arrested for trespassing at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University and facing possible $2,500 fines and a year in jail.

The group of 35 gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and straight 18- to 28-year-olds had been warned ahead of their arrival they would not be welcome on campus.
"It is now our firm belief that Soulforce is not acting in good faith and is simply trying to use such encounters on Christian college campuses as a media attraction and for their ultimate purpose of fundraising," Chancellor Falwell said in a written statement.

Liberty had been targeted by an earlier version of the Equality Ride last year and has a long history of dealings with Soulforce, the homosexual group started by Mel White, a writer who once worked for Falwell.

Equality Ride is modeled after the "freedom rides" of the 1960's civil rights movement and the group, many wearing buttons reading "Learn from history," says its cause is the same as ending racial discrimination was a generation ago.
"It just so happens that now the other and the outcast are [gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered] people," Monica Carmean, 20, a self-described Christian, straight ally from Northwestern University told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. "We want to come to the school today to say, 'Learn from history,'" Equality Ride's co-director, Jacob Reitan, 23, of Eden Prairie, Minn., told the crowd. "We have a right to be here, because this school teaches that being gay is being sick and sinful. We have a right to question and to show how we are children of God."

Their ranks swelled by local supporters, the 80 homosexual-rights demonstrators were met by a wall of campus police as they walked onto campus in single file, each reading from written statements. When they ignored Liberty campus police warnings to leave private property, 24 were handcuffed and arrested without incident. Two face additional charges of inciting to trespass.

Soulforce members told the Advocate, a homosexual newspaper, they had not intended to be arrested and had simply hoped to talk to Liberty students.

With 19 schools yet to go, Equality Ride may find the cost of putting up bail and paying fines a strain on the project's budget. Equality Ride's founder, Reitan expressed pride over those who confronted Liberty University and were arrested, but says he's hoping for "productive dialogue" at the remaining stops.

"I hope that schools down the road won't make the same choice that Liberty made," Reitan said.

Madea's Family Reunion

Last night my wife, our best friends Cathy and Brad and I went to dinner at the Chop House in Franklin Square, always excellent.

We then went to Pinnacle, the Reagal Cinema multi-plex in Turkey Creek to see Madea's Family Reunion. We attended The Diary of a Mad Black Woman on the opening weekend, it took us about two weeks to make it to Madea's Family Reunion. The theater was full, there may have been a few empty seats, but not many.

Tyler Perry has knocked it out of the ballpark again. As you can see from previous post on my blog. I admire the work of Tyler Perry, his theater productions are first class and his two movies are fantastic.

The story behind the movie is a touching, Lisa and Carlos are in a relationship that is not what it seems on the surface, The mother is manipulating the circumstances and the sister is able to deal with the devils of the past.

Cicely Tyson delivers a remarkable performance with a message that is made to her african-american family, but we all should hear it and take the message to heart and change our ways.

I don't want to give the story away, so go see it. It is well worth it. You laugh, cry and walk away with a life affirming message.

Tyler Perry, you are the man.

"It's not what people call you, it's what you answer to." - Madea

"The best revenge is to prove them wrong." - Madea

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Democrat U.S. Senate Race In Tennessee

UPDATE: My sources in Nashville inform me that Kurita's actions on the floor of the Senate, yesterday were about political showmanship. It was her intent to generate attention to bolster her failing campaign, with this show Kurita's advisors have told her that money will flood in from NOW, Planned Parenthood and every other whacko, extremist liberal organization. You thought she was just an advocate, volunteer, grandmother, wife and nurse. Sources in Nashville say that Rosalind Kurita is a politician in every sense.

All of the liberal Democrats that I talk to, like Ford, Jr. as a person, he is likeable, however, they say he runs to far to the right. I believe his running to the right is a ploy to win the election.

He is looking past Rosalind Kurita, "the nurse" from the mid-state. I have now concluded why he is looking past "the nurse". He realizes how out of the mainstream she is and is of no threat to him.

This from the Knoxville News-Sentinel this morning. The abortion restriction bill passed the State Senate and here is the leftist comments made by her on the floor of the Senate.

On one hand, Sen. Rosalind Kurita, D-Clarksville, suggested legislators could be "condemning to death" women who need an abortion to save their lives because of a medical condition.

"We have no right to pass a death sentence on these people," she said.

First of all the final passage of this bill can and should have the exception of rape, incest and life of the mother. Kurita's intent yesterday was to throw out scare tactics and red-meat bait to fire up the liberal extremist in Hollywood and elsewhere.

"The Nurse" has demonstrated how out of touch with Tennesse she is, how in touch with the liberal extremist, she is. The infants that are murdered everyday have no voice and Kurita by her actions in the Senate has taken the position to silence the voiceless.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

State Representative Frank Niceley

Republican State Representative Frank Niceley from Knox and Jefferson County is and has been serving on the Fiscal Review Committee, this legislative session. He was selected unaniomusly.

Rep. Niceley is in his first term in the state house, however, he served in the legislature several years before and became the subject of partisian gerrymandering. When the Democrat controlled legislature combined Representative Niceley's district with another representative's district.

I have personally known the Niceley family for many years, they are rare. They are hospitable to everyone they meet and they treat you with kindness and respect at all times.

Here's to my friend Republican State Representative Frank Niceley for his leadership in Nashville. Keep up the Good work.

He can be found on the legisaltive website, here or on the Frank Niceley website, here.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Superintendent Only Looking To Promotions or Challenges

UPDATE: This from the Chattanooga Times- Free Press, the Application of the Knox County Schools Superintendent to become the Hamilton County Schools Superintendent

This from this mornings Knoxville News-Sentinel. (free registration required)

Interesting that the Superintendent of Knox County Schools states "I've only responded to two opportunities, and I think that's the message I want to portray," during a Saturday evening interview.

The next morning on Sound-Off, a local public affairs radio talk show the Fifth District Knox County School Board Member said when asked about the issue by talk show host Dave Foulk. "I know he has applied for several different positions, because he has told me in the past to expect phone calls."

So we go from two to several? Not sure how that happened.

Then on March 4, 2006 in a story by Ericka Mellon a reporter with the Knoxville News-Sentinel there are a couple of Knox County School Superintendent quotes, during his interview to become the Superintendent of Hamilton County Schools.

These quotes can have multiple meanings and can be interpreted in a number of ways.

"I'm really interested in a board and a community that has a passion, a desire, a will, to take on an internationally competitive school district," the Knox County School Superintendent said.

"Hamilton County and Chattanooga has a community with the real resources, the legitimate resources, to pull something like this off," the Knox County School Superintendent said.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bredesen Could Be Out Of Campaign Cash Soon

This from KnoxNews website (free registration required). Bredesen is returning another contribution, previously given to his campaign. If he continues giving back campaign contributions to all "his friends" he is either 1) acknowleding that he has a real lack of judgement in character, because his contributers keep getting in trouble or 2) Bredesen is a new form of a bank, unregulated, I might add. You deposit $300 or more to the Bredesn campaign in 2002 and you get to withdraw it in 2006. No interest earned tough. If Bredesen is earning interest on his campaign account, shouldn't he return the interest earned because he was able to multiply his cash on dollars that he admits were dirty.

Remember in 2004, when the Democrats were screaming that the Gregory money was dirty money, but their man (Bredesen, the one that his wife doesn't like his last name) was holding thousands of dollars in dirty money for 2 years before and 2 years after.

Democrats are so hypocritical and such ________________. Fill in the blank.

Monday, March 06, 2006

S.D. Governor Mike Rounds - A Profile In Courage

I am sure you have heard the news, S.D. Governor Mike Rounds signed into law a bill that will virtually outlaw any and all abortions. Thank You, Lord, for locating just one, maybe the modern day version of Sodom and Gomorrah, America may and can be saved.

Here are the remarks that Governor Rounds made after signing the bill into law.

Abortion: March 06, 2006
Statement of Gov. Mike Rounds on the Signing Of House Bill 1215

“I have signed House Bill 1215 into law. It is An Act to establish certain legislative findings, to reinstate the prohibition against certain acts causing the termination of an unborn human life, to prescribe a penalty therefore, and to provide for the implementation of such provisions under certain circumstances.

HB 1215 passed South Dakota’s legislature with bi-partisan sponsorship and strong bi-partisan support in both houses. Its purpose is to eliminate most abortions in South Dakota. It does allow doctors to perform abortions in order to save the life of the mother. It does not prohibit the taking of contraceptive drugs before a pregnancy is determined, such as in the case of rape or incest.

In the history of the world, the true test of a civilization is how well people treat the most vulnerable and most helpless in their society. The sponsors and supporters of this bill believe that abortion is wrong because unborn children are the most vulnerable and most helpless persons in our society. I agree with them.

Because this new law is a direct challenge to the Roe versus Wade interpretation of the Constitution, I expect this law will be taken to court and prevented from going into effect this July. That challenge will likely take years to be settled and it may ultimately be decided by the United States Supreme Court. Our existing laws regulating abortions will remain in effect.

The reversal of a Supreme Court opinion is possible. For example, in 1896, the United States Supreme Court ruled in the Plessy versus Fergusoncase that a state could require racial segregation in public facilities if the facilities offered to different races were equal. However, fifty-eight years later, the Supreme Court reconsidered that opinion and reversed itself in Brown versus Board of Education. It proclaimed that separate could not produce equal. The 1954 Court realized that the earlier interpretation of our Constitution was wrong.

HB 1215 will give the United States Supreme Court a similar opportunity to reconsider an earlier opinion.

While this is a state and national issue, I want to emphasize that whatever the courts decide, South Dakotans will continue to care about both the unborn child and mother. If we are pro-life, we must recognize the need to take care of women who are faced with a difficult pregnancy. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, we cannot protect the innocent child, unless we protect and care for the mother. We must help each mother to see the value of the gift that is a child, and nurture the mother for her own sake and for the sake of her child.

Our state is committed to helping greater numbers of pregnant woman who will allow their babies to grow inside them and be born. In both the private and public sector in South Dakota, we have healthcare options, economic assistance before and after birth, adoption services, and, most importantly, people who want to help pregnant women, young mothers and their children.

There are also many people in South Dakota who will continue to help those women who have had abortions in the past. We want those women to know that we care about them, too.”

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Carson, Knox County School Board Member Doesn't Walk The Talk

Karen Carson Knox County School Board Member appeared on Sound-Off this morning. Sound-Off is a local public affairs talk radio show. A caller asked about the $20.0 million dollars that Governor Phillip Bredesen has budgeted to educate the illegal immigrant's living here in Tennessee.

Carson non-answered the callers concern. Why, you ask is the title of the post "Carson Doesn't Walk The Talk"? Good question. This week letters went to every parent of students in Knox County Schools (from the Board of Education which Carson is a member of) encouraging parents to contact the legislators and the Governor about the need for more money. So, you would think that Carson would say on the radio what the letter said, which is we need more money and contact those people in Nashville (the state capital) for more money to be used at the locals discretion.

Instead, Carson advocated on air that people contact the County Mayor and County Commissioners to fund the 18 new positions in elementary schools for a pilot foreign language instruction program. The callers point was that Bredesen should not fund $20.0 million for educating illegal's. The School Board Member should have encouraged the listeners to contact Bredesen and get that money moved from teaching illegal's to funding elementary foreign language.

The point most "school boarders" (school board members) don't understand is that the county budget is already strained with funding the state's shortfall from the BEP funding and asking the county for more money isn't realistic....While demanding the Governor and Lana Seviers, the Governor's Education Commissioner to get their priorities in order is appropriate.

Could The Bruce Pearl Honeymoon Be Coming To An End

This from the KnoxNews website (free registration required) this afternoon.

Anthony Passley and Jordan Smith were arrested Saturday night in Knoxville on marijuana possession charges. Passley, a redshirt sophomore, transferred to UT from Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Pearl's coaching stint last year. Smith, is a walk-on from West High School in Knoxville.

According to KnoxNews they have been suspended indefinitely from the team. Knox News also reports that UT is expected to issue a press release later this evening.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Knox County School Boards Capital Plan and Carter Elementary School

I was traveling on business the later part of this week, so I am a few days late on posting about the Knox County School Board Capital Plan that was approved, on Wednesday. As I wrote late last week, this approved plan was the Superintendent's recommended plan but now that a majority of the board approved it, it is now the boards plan. As I also wrote last week, it appeared to me then that it was designed to get at least 5 votes and that it did.

Now, let's look at what happened. Pond Gap was pulled out of the capital plan, in my opinion, they will come back in a year or so.

Carter Elementary School, the residents of Carter are furious and they have every right to be mad. That community was used for the benefit of re-electing their school board member, Jim Williams.

When Jim Williams was elected to the board in 2000, there was and still remains a large tract of land that was purchased for the purpose of a Gibbs Middle School. The middle school students at Gibbs are bused 30 - 45 minutes each way to the inner-city Holston Middle School. In 2002 or 2003 the school board voted to renovate and expand Holston Middle School, I said then that the board should be honest with the community and acknowledge there will be no Gibbs Middle School. Diane Dozier the seventh district school board member has been making comments that she wants that land for a new Adrian Burnett Elementary School. That is the wrong thing to do as it puts Adrian Burnett to close to Gibbs Elementary and the bus travel over the ridge to the site would be cost prohibitive.

So then in 2003, the school board purchased land on Strawplains Pike for a new Carter Elementary, Jim Williams was re-elected because Gibbs Elementary was beginning to start construction, he was still saying they would build a middle school on Tazewell Pike and he was saying there would be a Carter Elementary on Strawplains Pike. On March 1, 2006 the Carter Elementary project was pulled and the Carter community now will receive a gymnasium and cafeteria.

It was all a political ploy.

To the people of Carter, I feel for you and hate it for you. This is Jim Williams.

I believe the Knox County Mayor, Knox County Commission and Knox County School Board should acknowledge that the two pieces of land, one at Tazewell Pike and the other at Strawplains Pike will never be used for building any schools and they need to sell the properties to use the proceeds from those sales to purchase land in areas where they intend to build new schools.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Campaign Finace Provisions of TN Ethics Act Affecting Local Government Officials

I have received a summary of the changes to the following sections of the "Comprehensive Governmental Ethics Reform Act of 2006". This act was signed by the Governor and became effective on February 15, 2006.

On Wednesday February 28, 2006, 13 days after this law went into effect, Lloyd Daugherty, a Knoxville radio talk show host informed his listeners that they could contribute $99 without identifying yourself to a campaign. That is not accurate. That was the case on February 14, 2006 and earlier. Check the change below in Section 16 to ensure that you are complying with the state law.

Section 2 - Changes in Campaign Finance Reporting 2-10-105

..candidates for local office will file quarterly statements (within 10 days of 3/31, 6/30, 9/30 and 1/15) in addition to the pre-primary and pre-general election statements. For campaigns that begain prior to January 1 of the year of the election, the candidate files reports semi-anually (January 31 and July 15) instead of anually as required under prior law. Theses provisions also require campaign records to be kept for 2 years instead of 1. In the closing days before an election, candidates must report each person who has donated in excess of $2500. by the end of the next business day following the day of the contribution is received. Prior law required reporting within 72 hours.

Section 3 - Changes in Reporting of Unexpended Campaign Funds 2-10-106

This section requires semi-annual reports (instead of annual reports as under prior law) of unexpended campaign funds until such time as the campaign account is closed.

Section 4 - Content of Campaign Finance Reports 2-10-107

Reports of persons contributing more than $100 to a campaign now MUST include information about the occupation and employer of each contributor. Similar provisions apply to in-kind contributions. These provisions require the treasurer or candidate to use "best efforts" to gather such information. "Best Efforst" is defined to include mailing notice to the contibutor that the information is needed and taaking such other actions as defined by rule of the registry of election finance. The section also requires more detail on reports of expenditures. It provides that "reimbursement," Credit card purchase," "othe" and "campaign expense" are not acceptable descriptions of the purpose of an expenditure. The law also requires more detailed reporting on credit card expenditures.

Section 6 - Penalities abd Enforcement, Election Commission 2-10-110 and 2-10-111

This section deletes language from 2-10-110 that allowed a local administrator of elections to impose a civil penalty for violation of reporting requirements and enacts new language in 2-10-111 to require the county election commission to file a report with the registry of election finance that all campaign finance reports in an election were filed timely or else list all who failed to report timely.

Section 8 - Unexpended Campaign Balances and Prohibted Expenditures 2-10-114

This section adds provisions that allow giving funds to an institution of public or private education for the purpose of supplmenting the funds of existing scholarship trust or program. This section also limits uses of campaign funds to "contributions" and "expenditures" instead of merely prohibting use for personal or non-political purposes as under prior law. This act specificaaly prohibted expenditures, including residential or household expenses, mortgages, rent or utility payments, funeral or burial expenses, clothing, tution, dues to a club, salary to family members, admission to events, personal grooming expenses, and paying fines for campaign or ethics violations.

Section 16 - Limits on Cash Contributions

This section provides that no person shall make cash contributions to any candidate or PAC with respect to any election which, in the aggregate, exceed $50. The act also prohibits PAC"s from making any cash contributions. These provisions apply to both state and local candidates.

Candidates should maintain a list of all contributors, it was explained to me that if the registry request that as a candidate you must on request show your list, thus prohibting a candidate from having an individual give 49 $50 contributions.

Section 29 - Modification of Consulting Services Prohibition 2-10-122

This section amends the consulting fee prohibition passed last year to clarify that the consulting prohibition applies to the government represented by the official. Language exempting representation by a licensed attorney is eliminated.

Section 37 - Filing of Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements (effective October 1)

These provisions shift the office where one files conflict of interest disclosure statements from county election commissions to the state ethics commission for local officials.

Section 42 - Forfeiture of Retirement Benefits

This section provides that, as condition of election, an official is deemed to consent to the forfeiture of retirement benefits if convicted of a felony related to malfeasance in office. This section applies to both state and local elected officials.

Section 49 - Mandate of Adoption of Local Government Ethical Standards

This section mandates that governing bodies of counties and municipalities adopt local ethical standards by June 30, 2007. The standards should relate to regulations dealing with disclosure and/or limits on gifts and the disclosure of conflicts of interests. The standards do not include personnel, employment or operational regulations of local government offices. Standards apply broadly to include boards, commissions, authorities, corporations or other instrumentalities of a county. The University of Tennessee County Technicial Assistance Service and Municipal Technicial Advisory Service are directed to draft and distribute model policies to local governments to provide guidance and direction. Policies adopted by a local government are filed with the ethics commission, or, in the alternative, the local government files a statement that it has adopted a CTAS or MTAS model policy. Enforcement of the new standards remains as provided under current law. Failur to adopt standards by a local governing body subject its members to ouster.

State Representative Parkey Strader's Legislative Round-up

UPDATE: Here are the remaining bills that Parkey has introduced, since my intial post. This is a round-up of bills that my friend and our 14th District Republican State Representative Park M. "Parkey" Strader has introduced for this legislative session.

HB 2909 by Strader / SB 3247 by Burchett

Drugs - Creates Class D felony offense of producing or distributing a material intended for human consumption that contains a hallucinogenic plant and the Class E felony of possessing a material intended for human consumption that contains a hallucinogenic plant. Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 4.

HB 3127 by Strader / SB 2741 by Burchett

Sexual Offenses - Creates a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison without the possibility of parole for a sexual offense committed against a child under 13 where not already provided by law. - Amends TCA Title 39

HB 3128 by Strader / SB 2599 by Burchett

Eminent Domain - Requires eminent domain to be used only for public purposes and not for econonmic development. - Amends TCA Title 12 and Title 29

HB 3129 by Strader / SB 2744 by Burchett

Criminal Offenses - Abolishes statute of limitations for sex offenses. - Amends TCA Title 39 and Title 40.

HB 3130 by Strader / SB 2601 by Burchett

Sexual Offenders - Provides that sexual offenders and violent sexual offenders are prohibited from residing or working within 1,000 feet of a park, playground, recreation center or athletic field. - Amends TCA Title 40, Chapter 39, Part 2

HB 3626 by Strader / SB 3748 by Burchett

Gas, Petroleum Products, Volatile Oils - Requires all state entities with state owned motor vehicle fleets of more than 10 motor vehicles to develop and implement plans to improve state's use of alternative fuels and efficient vehicles and report to comptroller by September 1, 2006, and annually thereafter; and requires comptroller to compile plans and report to the general assembly by November 1, 2006, and annually thereafter. - Amends TCA Title 12, Chapter 3.

HB 3627 by Strader / SB 3747 by Burchett

Alcoholic Offenses - Creates Class B misdemeanor for persons selling alcoholic beverages or beer without requiring the purchaser to show identification and proof of age. - Amends TCA Title 57, Chapter 3, Part 4; Title 57, Chapter 4, Part 2 and Title 57, Chapter 5, Part 3.

HB 3628 by Strader / SB 3746 by Burchett

Sexual Offenders - Requires persons convicted of violent sexual offenses to undergo MPA drug therapy (chemical castration) as part of their community supervision for life unless medically or psychologically prevented from receiving such treatment. - Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 13, Part 5.

HB 3629 by Strader / SB 3744 by Burchett

Sexual Offenders - Requires resident sexual offenders and violent sexual offenders to obtain and carry driver license or photo identificationcard and requires department of safety to design such license or card in such a manner that allows law enforcement officers to ascertain if the person is a sexual offender. - Amends TCA Title 40, Chapter 39, Part 2 and Title 55, Chapter 50.

HB 2760 by Strader / SB 2722 by Woodson

Local Education Agency - Requires any person or employee of such person who contracts or subcontracts with a board of education or child care program and who comes into contact with school children or enters the grounds of a school or child care program when cildren are present to supply fingerprint sample and submit to criminal history records check and creates Class A fine only misdemeanor offense for violation. - Amends TCA Section 49-5-413.

HB 2761 by Strader / SB 2748 by Burchett

DUI/DWI Offenses - Restores the mandatory 48 hour imprisonment punishment for all persons convicted of first offense DUI and removes the mandatory 24-hour litter removal punishment established by Chapter 504 of the Public Acts of 2004. Amends TCA Section 55-10-403 and Chapter 505 of the Public Acts of 2005.

HB 2762 by Strader / SB 2749 by Burchett

Guardianship - Gives priority in appointment of conservator of a disabled person to the closest relative willing to continue artificial nutrition and hydration; prevents surrogate decisionmaker from withdrawing artificial nutrition or hydration if a relative is available to assume conservatorship. - Amends TCA Title 34 and Title 68, Chapter 11.

HB 2763 by Strader, Brooks (Knox)/ SB 2763 by Woodson, Burchett

Adoption - Requires grandparents of a child to be given the same rights as legal guardians in adoption proceedings; requires termination of teh guardianship rights of a grandparent before the child can be adopted by any other person; gives a grandparent priority in adoption over everyone other than a parent, legal guardian or putative father of a child - Amends TCA Title 36, Chapter1.

HB 2764 by Strader, Brook (Knox) / SB 2746 by Burchett

Sexual Offenses - Makes ineligible for parole persons who commit aggravated sexual battery against a person under 13. Amends TCA Title 39.

HB 2765 by Strader, Brooks (Knox) / SB 2747 by Burchett

Drugs - Makes ineligible for parole persons who are convicted of making meth or operating meth labs in the presence of children under 18. Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17.

Contact Parkey in Nashville at or call 1-800-449-TENN (8366) and then enter Ext. # 12264