Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rules Of Engagement for Commenting And Explanation Revisited

These Rules Of Engagement for Commenting and Rules and Regulations Of The Blog have been placed for many months and continue to be located in the bottom right corner, below the Links section.

It has become necessary to establish the Rules of Engagement due to individuals in the words of my neighbor that are “ill-bred and half raised.” Any obscene, racist or sexually explicit language will not be published. Any personal attacks will not be published. Comments that are abusive, hateful, that defame or insult will not be published. Comments that are off-topic or not in English will not be published. Any posting for the sake of attention will not be published. Comments that might be construed as threats, harassment and stalking will not be published and will be made available to the proper law enforcement officials. Any posting the same comment more than once will result in your original post being deleted. You take responsibility for the comments that you provide here and participate at your own risk. I take no responsibility for your comments or actions. When comments are not published, it’s usually because they violate one or more of the rules.

Any Anonymous post will be carefully reviewed by our team. It will be rare that an anonymous post is published as Brian Hornback puts his name on the posts found on his blog and he believes that you should put your name on your comments, as well.

For example, You can not write a letter to the Knoxville News-Sentinel or any other reputable newspaper and hide behind a shield of cowardice. (HatTip to Vol Con for the newspaper analogy.)

I began my personal blog in August of 2004 for the purpose of providing information and thoughts on a multitude of issues and any news of the day for the benefit of family, friends and supporters. I realize that of the hundreds and thousands of people that read this blog, many of you do not fall in any of the three categories. That is Ok, your welcome to partake of my personal thoughts and beliefs. If you are here for the purpose of information related to the Knox County Republican Party, you are in the wrong place. Visit the KnoxBlog of the KnoxGOP. The link for the Knox County Republican Party is located below for your use.

Any reuse or rebroadcast of the contents on this blog outside the blogging community is granted by PERMISSION ONLY. Request may be submitted to the email address on the profile. When permission is obtained the blog address must be credited in the rebroadcast or reuse. This requirement does not apply to the blogging community.

HB 1114

This morning, I posted this. I am not retracting my post, I am updating it. My sources in Nashville have informed me that the "buzz" (or talk for those of you that do not use slang words) is that the Republican leadership are planning to have some candidates in specific house districts run as write-ins and qualify as Republican candidates to catch the Demo incumbent off-guard and knock them out of office in November. The Democrat leadership are planning to have some candidates in specific senate districts run as write-ins and qualify as Democrat candidates to catch the Republican incumbent off-guard and knock them out of office in November.

Now, the question for me is this. Is this what the political system has resorted to? The idea to take your guy by surprise and club him or her over the head. Instead, you can go to your local or state election commission office, pick up a petition, have 25 of your neighbors sign it and get on the ballot the right way. During, the campaign debate your ideas, position and record. Instead candidates chose to attack their opponents family, their friends, their place of worship etc..

Now, I believe in cases of term limits, public corruption charges or other unusual scenarios like that the Legislature should address those possibilities and provide guidance and direction. As for Knox County, if the Demos had to reach the 5% of its Registered Voters in a district or countywide, it would have reached the comparable amount of Republican voters in a district or countywide.

Thus, Kelvin Moxley reaching 5% of Republican Voters while Jim Andrews reaching 5% of The Democrat Registered would have been close to the same threshold. I know that this will be too complicated for some of you to consider, so go back to your Nintendo game.

I am not positioning myself that the passage of HB 1114 is Right or Wrong. I am giving you what my sources have told me the discussion was on and near the floor on Saturday.

I report. You decide. Fair and Balanced. Wait that's the Fox line.

The TN Keep The Little Guy Down Bill

UPDATE: Terry Frank over at Frankly Speaking covered this early yesterday. Everybody in the TN blogosphere needs to send a message to Bredesen and together we will make a difference. We need bloggers in middle and west Tennessee on this one. First, it is Kelvin and Knox County. Next, it is a middle and west TN community. Do not stay silent on this one, or it will be too late.

I received the following email from Kelvin Moxley, last evening. I appreciate Kelvin bringing this to my attention. You may received his email as well, I appreciate the fact that he apparantly has sent it out to hundreds to thousands of email addresses. As you may know, Kelvin stepped up and ran as a write-in candidate for Knox County Clerk, he came close to qualifying to be a county-wide candidate against an entrenched Democrat officeholder.

Now, the legislature has passed a law to make it IMPOSSIBLE to run successfully as a write-in candidate. Contact the Governor, as Kelvin ask us to do. Remember, however the guy that Kelvin almost qualified against, Mike Padgett. Padgett's son was Bredesen's Knox County campaign coordinator.

Here is Kelvin's email in its entirity.

Over the weekend, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a change to the law governing write-in campaigns. No longer will a write-in candidate be required to get 5% of the votes cast in the district primary. He now has to get 5% of the REGISTERED VOTERS in the district primary!

This incumbent protection act (HB1114) effectively guts any write-in campaign. In my recent campaign the threshold for getting on the August ballot was 1290 votes. This change in the law RAISES the threshold to 12,000 votes!

The lag time between the candidate filing deadline and the election can be as much as 90 days. Just think of what happened in the world of politics during the past 90 days. Write-in campaigns are the public's failsafe against a corrupt incumbent politician running unopposed to re-election. Don't let the Legislature take your voter safety net away!

Call Governor Bredesen and ask him to veto this assault upon grassroots political campaigns!


Governor's OfficeTennessee State Capitol Nashville, TN 37243-0001
Phone: 615.741.2001
Fax: 615.532.9711
Key Departments :
Constituent Services

Tennessee's Open Meetings Law

This from Adam Groves over at TnPolitics Blog. The legislature on Saturday has finally called it quits for the regular session. They created a special committee to examine the Open Meetings Law and will make recommendations for the next session. As the old saying goes "if it aint broke, don't fix it." I will be watching this one.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Brian's Blog Sought Clarification On Concern About The Term Limit Lawsuit

I have been concerned since filing this post on Monday May 22, 2006 about the comments made by Sam Anderson at the workshop of the same evening.

He also said that "I am not going to be used like Diane Jordan has been used on this."

After my intial concern for Mr. Anderson's comments and reviewing the re-broadcast. The purpose in reviewing a re-broadcast of the workshop, was to gain a total comprehension of the concern of Mr. Anderson. It appears Mr. Anderson's concern is that Mrs. Jordan's name appears on the response, thus becoming "The Jordan case"

My initial question was, the same as Mr. Anderson's; Is her name listed first because she is a woman or because she is African - American?

In checking with one of my sources, very close to the case. The answer is that the order of the five are listed in the district order that they represent.

District 1 Commissioner Diane Jordan
District 2 Commissioner David Collins
District 2 Commissioner Billy Tindell
District 4 Commissioner Phil Guthe
District 5 Commissioner John Griess

Thus, in the response the first name listed is the case title. No intended foul, No intended harm. Certainly, had Commissioner Jordan not been a party to the lawsuit and Commissioner Collins were the first district and name listed, his name would have appeared on the responses.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Farragut High School Science Labs

From previous post on Brian's Blog, I have written about the Knox County School Board's reaction to County Mayor Mike Ragsdale's proposed budget and his proposed pro active approach to correcting the un-healthy and un-safe science labs at Farragut High School.

School Board Member Robert Bratton has said that No board member knew that Farragut was in need and that other schools were in greater need. Let's examine the time line. The County Mayor gave his budget presentation on Wednesday May 17, 2006. The Thursday May 18, 2006 edition of the Farragut Press had the following cover story. Now with a weekly newspaper that hits the newsstand on Thursday and the internet on Wednesday, the deadline would be Monday or Tuesday, which means that at the latest this story was probably written and photo shot several days before the Mayor's budget address. Which means that many parents, teachers, administrators and Farragut High School supporters were working to obtain this partnership many days, weeks and months in advance of the announcement of May 18, 2006.

On Monday May 22, 2006 several board members including one that lives in the distribution area of The Farragut Press and has a Senior at Farragut High School takes to the sport of beating up on the County Mayor with code words like "unethical", "micro-manger", "line-item controller". It should be of No surprise to any board member that represents any portion of West Knox County, that there is a crisis with the science labs at Farragut High School.

The School Board has a Ethics Policy in their Policy and Procedure Manual. For any board member to criticize without complete knowledge of the conditions at Farragut High School Science Labs and allege "unethical" behavior, they may need to look in the mirror.

Here is the Farragut Press Article, without having to click on the Link.

A $10,000 donation from UT-Battelle will help purchase cordless microscopes, stereoscopes and other equipment as part of a major renovation of Farragut High SchoolÂ’s science lab.

UT-Battelle, which manages the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has made donations of more than $300,000 to pay for microscopes, cabinets and other science equipment at some 30 schools throughout Tennessee. Playing a key role in coordinating the effort at Farragut High School were Michael Reynolds, principal, John Ayala, science department chairman, and Lee Riedinger, associate lab director for ORNLÂ’s University Partnerships Directorate.

Riedinger, whose two daughters are graduates of Farragut High School, noted UT-Battelle’s commitment to supporting math and science education, saying, “UT-Battelle has made a priority of helping schools refurbish their science labs, and I am pleased that we can do this for Farragut High School.”

Reynolds, Ayala and other Farragut science teachers are working with Riedinger as part of a new science advisory council that has made recommendations to the Knox County Board of Education for upgrades to the science laboratories. “As the manager of one of the world’s premier science laboratories, UT-Battelle is committed to being the leading supporter of science education in East Tennessee.

Since April two thousand, we have donated more than a million dollars to help ensure that our young people have the resources needed to pursue careers in science, math and engineering,” Riedinger said. The $10,000 will be set up in a purchase plan arrangement wherein Farragut High School will purchase needed equsubmitt, submt receipts to UT-Battelle and then be reimbursed. Oak Ridge National Laboratory is managed by UT-Battelle for the Department of Energy.

Brian's Blog wishes to Thank UT-Battelle, Farragut High School Administrators and Science teachers, Farragut High School Supporters, Parents and Volunteers and especially the Knox County Mayor and Knox County Commission for assisting Farragut High School by replacing a dangerous and un-healthy environment for the Farragut students.

Keep in mind, The current Knox County School Board NEVER requested a New West Knox County High School in it's Capital Plan prior to the Mayor proposing it. The current Knox County School Board NEVER requested the upgrade for the dangerous Science labs prior to the Mayor proposing it. Thankfully, we have a County Mayor that recognizes the need to improve the educational settings in our schools. It may have never happened without the County Mayor.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Obama and the KnoxDems?

This from an article written by Jeff Zeleny of the Washington Bureau of the Chicago Tribune and published in today's edition. The article about Obama in '08.

"He brings a level of excitement to the political debate, which is the envy of every elected official," said Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate. "There is a need for Barack Obama's leadership in America. I have talked to him informally about this. I hope that he will seriously consider it."

As I was traveling through East Tennessee this afternoon, I was listening to FoxNews on my satellite radio and Senator Dick Durbin was questioned about the above quote about Obama entering the 2008 Presidential run. Durbin the Number 2 Demo in the U.S. Senate said that "Obama is the most sought out Democrat speaker across America" I do not disagree with Senator Durbin that Obama may be the most sought out Democrat speaker.

I just wonder where the KnoxDems rank with a canceled Senator Joe Biden and the what was that other guys name? The one from Ohio that they had last week at the Chicken Truman Day Dinner. Chicken because that was the meat of choice. That had to kill the PETA crowd from buying tickets and showing up.

Oh yea. Paul Hackett. I wonder where Paul Hackett ranks on speaking invitation list for Demo events?

Bible Verse And Thought Of The Day

1 Samuel 4:21 She named the boy Ichabod, saying, "The glory has departed from Israel"-because of the capture of the ark of God and the deaths of her father-in-law and her husband. 22 She said, "The glory has departed from Israel, for the ark of God has been captured."

The Modern day Church of today has become a complacent body of believers. If the Church does not or if a generation of the Church does not rise up and take a stand. The name Ichabod may be written on the door of the Church signifying that the Glory Of The Lord Has Departed.

Check out todays sermon by Dr. Doug Sager of First Baptist, Concord.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Have You Checked On Your State Legislator Today....I Have Checked On Mine.

Early this afternoon about 1:00 p.m., as I was in route to the hardware store to get a paint roll brush. I called to see if my State Representative had been released from Legislative jail. He was on the house floor and at that time estimated they would adjourn around 6:00 p.m. I came back home and proceeded to paint. It is a GREAT feeling, to know that I can go about my routine chores without having to worry about the legislature. But, we should check on them from time to time and show our appreciation to them for all that they endure for our greater good.

I am thankful that I have a State Representative that I am proud is doing the work that our district needs. My previous State Representative H.E. Bittle was as dedicated to our district as my current State Representative Park. M. "Parkey" Strader is.

Thanks for serving us in Nashville, Parkey.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Hill in Saint Louis, MO

I have been off the blog a few days and won't return to normal until probably Saturday. I am in Saint Louis, MO on business on Wednesday night we traveled in a suburban community dating back into the early part of the last century.

An Italian community named The Hill. The Hill is a beautiful suburban community where the Great Yogi Berea grew up. Surely, you all know who Yogi is? We had dinner at a fabulous little Italian restaurant. I will add to this post later about the restaurant.

Brian's Blog in the Heartland, is a good thing. I found one radical extremist liberal. She was part of our 9 person dinner entourage. It was great food, excellent conversation and having the others listen and then chime in concluded a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Superintendent Of Schools - The School Budget Is Not A Priority

The following memo was received in the Knox County Commission yesterday.

For: All Members of the Knox County Commission

From: Charles Lindsey, Superintendent of Knox County Schools

Date: May 22, 2006

Subject: County Commission Budget Hearings

I am extremely pleased that the County Commission has opted to conduct a budget hearing as part of this year's budget process, and I want to do all that I can to support the process.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the May 24 meeting to represent the school system's budget needs. About a year ago, I committed to conduct a training seminar in Jackson, Tennessee for the Tennessee School Boards Association on that date. Due to the large number of superintendents and school board members who have registered to attend this training, I cannot change it at this late date.

Deputy Superintendent Roy Mullins and Finance Director Ron MacPherson will represent me and the school system and present our budget request. They will be able to answer your questions, and will brief me on your concerns or comments.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter, and I look forward to meeting with you in the future.

This is an exact copy of what was sent to the Commission office.

A couple of thoughts. 1) Lindsey misspelled one of his employees names. Does he not know the correct spelling of their names? 2) He has spent a considerable amount of time, interviewing and applying for at least three other superintendent jobs and now the school budget is not his priority. It would be different, if the School Board had Mr. Mullins or Mr. McPherson as their employees. They are the Superintendent's employees. The Superintendent is the only employee of the school board. 3) The failure of the Superintendent to attend the school districts budget hearing and failure to make the school budget request a priority with the County Commission demonstrates a lack of keeping the main thing, The Main Thing. His absence speaks volumes.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Democrats Are Disingenuous

This from the Charlotte Observer. North Carolina Coach Dean Smith was printed in an advertisement for a Democrat candidate. When confronted with reality, they acknowledge it may not be a legitimate ad and endorsement.

Just like a Demo, led by Howard Dean. The facts shall set you free.

It had the makings of quite the endorsement: Former North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith cheering lawyer Rachel Lea Hunter on to victory in her race for a seat on the state Supreme Court.

"As a loyal Democrat to another loyal Democrat. Win Rachel! Win!'" read the quote from Smith on Hunter's Web site, posted above a picture of the pair at last week's North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame banquet there's a problem: Smith doesn't remember saying it. "I never really met her," he said Monday. "They just took our picture."And Hunter's husband and campaign manager said he's not willing to argue with Smith's recollection."If he doesn't (remember), that's fine. We're not going to sit here and argue with the greatest legend in college basketball," said Connie Mack Berry Jr.An endorsement from Smith could carry weight.

He won 879 games in his 36 seasons at North Carolina, the most in NCAA Division I history, and won two national championships. He has supported a few political causes in recent years, speaking out against the state lottery and advocating for a moratorium on executions. He has occasionally endorsed political candidates, including University of North Carolina system president Erskine Bowles, who ran two losing campaigns for Senate.

But in this race, Smith said he's made no decisions about who to support."I assume I'll vote, but I don't know who I'll vote for," he said.Smith's assistant, Ruth Kirkendall, said she was told Sunday night the quote from Smith would be removed, but it remained online Monday evening. "I think it's just a big error," Kirkendall said, adding she received an apology from Hunter's campaign, who has never been a judge, is challenging incumbent Associate Justice Mark Martin in a nonpartisan race for an eight-year term.

She was a registered Republican when she ran for state Supreme Court in 2004, but switched parties after a falling out with the GOP a statement, Hunter pointed out the Web site didn't specifically say Smith endorsed her."The statement said that I had met Dean Smith. I did. He told me a story about Andy Griffith and politics and we took the picture and moved on. I did not say that he endorsed me," Hunter said.

The state Board of Elections in February ruled against huntress request to appear on the ballot with the nickname "Madame Justice," a moniker Hunter has said she adopted in 1998.Elections director Gary Bartlett wrote to Hunter saying that the name would mislead voters. Sitting and former justices often use such a title, Bartlett said.

Bill Hobbs Home Run #715

Hat Tip to my friend Voluntarily Conservative aka Rob Huddleston for pointing out Bill Hobbs aka Bill Hobbs most excellent post about the op ed piece by South Knox Bubba aka R. Neal aka Randy Neal in Sundays Knoxville News Sentinel.

The question would arise, How did the KNS editorial staff identify this small business owner for this op-ed? Doesn't really matter. State Representative Paul Stanley set the record straight.

I would have gotten to Hobbs, tonight without my friend Rob, but it would have been a little later than normal as I was consumed with the Knox County School Board's Called meeting and have blogged about it, in my effort to inform and educate you the avid readers of Brian's Blog.

Term Limits Discussion at School Board Meeting - Knox County Superintendent Makes Point That Is Contrary To Bailey -vs- Shelby

The Superintendent of Knox County Schools made a point tonight in recommending the hiring of a lawyer to represent the school board in the term limit case that is facing its board member Sam Anderson. The Knox County School Board took NO action on the term limit case or on the Superintendent's recommendation. Lame duck School Board Member Diane Dozier has been un-suited from the case due to the Seventh districts primary election of Rex Stooksbury to advance as their candidate for the General election ballot.

The Superintendent said that Federal law supersedes State Law supersedes local law, always. Had the Superintendent bothered to read and study the TN Supreme Court decision on Bailey -vs- Shelby. The TN Supreme Court said that the local Charter (Shelby County Charter) trumps State Law(thus, term limits apply to Shelby County Commission and Shelby County Mayor. The only positions in the Shelby County refrendum in 1994). That is why the only positions addressed in the Knox County Charter are County Commission, School Board, Law Director and County Mayor. They are the only positions that have their qualifications and duties written and established in the Knox County Charter.

The Fifth District School Board Member said that Board Member Anderson's position was elected in the primary. A primary is NOT the election. The election is August 3, 2006, Board Member Anderson must win the election on August 3, 2006 in order to serve from September 1, 2006 - August 31, 2010. The Fifth District School Board Member should check the facts before making pronouncements about Board Member Anderson being elected in May. It is an assumption that someone is elected simply because they are on the ballot un opposed in the general election and will win the General election.

Assumptions are dangerous, as they create a democrat icon out of you and the other involved.

Board Member Anderson said had "he known he would be term limited, he would have gone out and selected someone to run as a write-in." He also said that "I am not going to be used like Diane Jordan has been used on this." He also said that he "wishes he had known this before hand and let the district chose someone to replace him."

Board Member Anderson also said that he wasn't forewarned and referred to the law departments representation as negligent. The facts are that Board Member Anderson knew that in 1994, the term limits passed with 80% of the voters approval. He has served 18 years on the school board. Board Member Anderson also knew that he just completed 8 years since January 1, 1995, he was forewarned or he has been sleeping under a rock since 1994.

Board Member Anderson also said he wasn't aware that this could or would apply to the School Board until he was served on May 2, 2006. This is not correct, either.

Brian's Blog was the first to report here on Thursday April 13, 2006 at 4:23 p.m. that this could and would apply to school board and that any vacancy would be filled with an appointment by Knox County Commission.

Brian's Blog, First again with the facts and First in the hearts of its avid readers.

Thank You. Thank You, Very Much.

Knox County Fifth District School Board Member - Made Some Interesting Comments At The Meeting, Tonight

The Knox County School Board is meeting in a Called Meeting this afternoon Monday May 22, 2006, it began at 5:00 p.m.
The Fifth District School Board Member in referring to the County Commission and School Board law suit settlement that was reached in 2003 referred to a "Judge Bell" and the agreement that "he" approved.

I am sure that had Chancellor Sharon Bell, been viewing the meeting, watching a re-play or is provided a video or audio tape of this meeting would be shocked in the descriptor of Judge. A Chancellor is normally referred to as a Chancellor and being referred to as a "he" would probably be a greater shock. As an elected official, the School Board Member should know the other elected officials by title and gender.

The Fifth District School Board Member also indicated that she communicated with the County Mayor about her opposition to his proposed capital plan. She said she questioned him about the county's intent that after the $600,000. study. He indicated his intent to recommend the debt retirement for the entire capital plan. She asked if that were in writing. He told her, it was clear in his presentation. The Fifth District School Board Member said that she questioned him about it being clear in his presentation.

Brian's Blog question is How would the Fifth District School Board Member know what was in the Mayor's presentation? She No-Showed for the budget presentation as was reported here on the day of the budget presentation.

Brian's Blog question is did the Fifth District School Board Member explain to the County Mayor in her conversation that she was planning and intending to refer to him in the meeting tonight as "unethical" "a micro manager" "attempting to line item control" "illegal"?

The Fifth District School Board Member also announced that discussions are ongoing with the Town of Farragut to use land that they have to build a school in conjunction with a Town of Farragut park. The Board Member stated that "the deal" must be done within the year for the Town of Farragut to participate. Have there been any public meetings on this? Has individuals been notified that their land values or land use is about to be affected? Where is this proposed park and proposed school site location?

The Board Member said a one year delay for an assessment study will kill the deal.

UPDATE: 6:45 p.m. The Fifth District School Board Member referred to Chancellor Weaver as Chancellor Weaver. So, The Board Member understands the difference between a Judge and a Chancellor.

Budget Rhetoric

You may have heard the rhetoric last week that $20.0 million dollars had been found in Knox County. This seemed absurd to me. It was as if it was found in a show box inside the City-County Building. Whoever started this, I have my thoughts on who started it and the reason why is to attempt to make the County and in particular the county Mayor look bad. It will not work. Here is what I found out over the weekend and by the way I haven't talked to Mayor Ragsdale.

1) The County knew where this $20.0 million dollars was, it wasn't lost money that was discovered.

2) This money falls into a category unreserved / un restricted Fund balance. It builds up over time.

3) It would appear that now is an appropriate time to begin drawing it down.

4) This practice has gone on Forever with this county government and others.

5) This money grows because the County manages their accounts well, they manage their projects well, they bond at the appropriate time, they use the money to get better returns.

6) I have a friend in the mid-state area (of Tennessee) that was an elected official and is now finance director for a county. In that county they do not build schools, parks anything until the have the fund balance to pay cash for it.

I am glad that in Knox County does not work that way, if they did only school at a time would get built and it would take three times longer to build it. The new Hardin Valley High School would never get built.

This is a positive practice and one that produces positive results for Knox County and in particular positive results for the tax payers of Knox County. Great job by the County Mayors Finance Department.

Now, understand a few things, I am not an accountant nor a finance director. I am attempting to give you the best information that I can get. I am simply attempting to respond to what seemed like political rhetoric when I heard it.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Website Has Been Updated and Expanded

Go the Website link and check it out the expanded and updated website. The Directory of Government Officials has been updated.

The letter will be replaced soon and all of the links from Brian's Blog will be over there, as well.

Here is the link for Do you know what the name of the website is? It is Check the website early and often.

A lot Of Things Are Written....That May Not Be Factual

I enjoy blogging and have since August 2004. I enjoy giving back to the community through my public service on the school board and now through my position as the Republican Party Chairman.

However, there are many times that you may read something in the papers or on the internet, it may not be factual. If you have a question of what you may read, send me an email and ask me. Many of you already do this, I am always happy to correct the false stories and false posts that are written with an agenda of personal destruction.

This morning at church, I was reminded of Philippians 1:18 in Paul's letter to the Philippians, he is responding to the preachers that were using false and self serving teaching. Paul's response is

But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. Philippians 1:18

Now, Don't get confused. I am not comparing myself to Christ. I am a carnal human being. A sinner saved by Grace.

However, if people talk of Christian Republican ideals whether from false motives or true. My work isn't in vain.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Da Vinci Code - A Fraud.

The Da Vinci Code is a good work of fiction. Don't allow the book or the movie to question your faith. Check the links section for some breaking the Da Vinci Code website links. One of the best websites thus far is located here. Check out the video on truelife, here.

Check out Brian's Blog friend Jake Mabe's post located on Musings From Mabe on attending the midnight showing of this "summer blockbuster film".

UPDATE: Biden Out For TONIGHT Original Post: Biden Out For Tomorrow Night


The Brian's Blog correspondents are already busy at work, they have informed me that many invitations went out and were returned with No, Thank you following Senator Biden's withdrawl. An invitation was extended to State Representative leader Kim McMillian and she declined. The KnoxDem leaders were so desperate they extended an invitation to an unelected Knox County Democrat female. My how they must have panicked.

An invitation has been extended to me, in jest, I assumed, asking if I would serve as Chairman of both parties, since the leadership of the KnoxDems is left wanting of a real leader. I will consider any serious request.

UPDATE: This from todays Knoxville News-Sentinel. The bold is either emphasis added, which I note or my commentary on the dialogue in the story.

Reasons for Biden's cancellation vary from local Democrats being unable to raise $50,000 for the senator to being unable to work out travel arrangements for his tight schedule.

Don Daugherty, an independent legal writer who has an office with lawyer Gordon Ball, said $15,000 had been raised for Biden. In addition, Ball's plane, which was to transport Biden, has to have an engine replaced after metal chips were found in the oil. "We can't use the airplane," Ball said.

Emily Singer, a member of the Knox County Board of Governors who helped line up Biden and was assisting with fund-raising, said $50,000 was not promised but had been cited (emphasis added) (it wasn't promised but was cited,Ms. Singer's words and now he doesn't show, hmm, interesting words from the local Demos) as an amount that had been raised locally for former presidential candidate John Edwards.

"He did not cancel just because of that (fund-raising). (So, he did cancel in part because of the fundraising? Or didn't he) There were plane issues, a tight schedule, too many things were not going to work well," Singer said.

Jim Gray, local Democratic chairman, said other speakers have been secured. They include Rep. Harold Ford Jr. Of Memphis, leading Democratic candidate for the U Senate (Hey, Jimmy, I thought when Kurita backed out that he was the only Democrat candidate) ; Paul Hackett, an Iraqi war veteran who narrowly lost a special election to Congress in a usually solidly Republican district in Cincinnati last year; state Commerce and Insurance Commissioner Paula Flowers; and state party officials. Where is Governor Bready?

Some 850 Democrats from throughout East Tennessee - fewer than in recent years (this should be a big year, since the Demos had no Truman Day Dinner last year and more in attendance, and if the Demos are correct in what they have been saying that the Republicans are slipping in the polls and all) - are expected at the $50-per-person dinner at the Knoxville Convention Center.

This was forwarded to me from the internet , yesterday (after the initial post) by an avid reader of Brian's Blog. This is a statement that Hackett made on February 14, 2006.

Cincinnati, OH - Paul Hackett released the following statement today to his friends and supporters regarding his withdrawal from the campaign for U.S. Senate in Ohio.

Today I am announcing that I am withdrawing from the race for United States Senate. I made this decision reluctantly, only after repeated requests by party leaders, as well as behind the scenes machinations, that were intended to hurt my campaign.

But there was no quid pro quo. I will not be running in the Second Congressional District nor for any other elective office. This decision is final, and not subject to reconsideration.

I told the voters from the beginning that I am not a career politician and never aspired to be--that I was about leadership, service and commitment.
Similarly, I told party officials that I had given my word to other good Democrats, who will take the fight to the Second District, that I would not run. In reliance on my word they entered the race. I said it. I meant it. I stand by it. At the end of the day, my word is my bond and I will take it to my grave.

Thus ends my 11 month political career. Although it is an overused political clichй, I really will be spending more time with my family, something I wasn't able to do because my service to country in the political realm continued after my return from Iraq. Perhaps my wonderful wife Suzi said it best after we made this decision when she said "Honey, welcome home." I really did marry up.

To my friends and supporters, I pledge that I will continue to fight and to speak out on the issues I believe in. As long as I have the microphone, I will serve as your voice.
It is with my deepest respect and humility that I thank each and every one of you for the support you extended to our campaign to take back America, and personally to me and my family. Together we made a difference. We changed the debate on the Iraq War, we inspired countless veterans to continue their service by running for office as Democrats and we made people believe again. We must continue to believe.

Remember, we must retool our party. We must do more than simply aspire to deliver greatness; we must have the commitment and will to fight for what is great about our party and our country; Peace, prosperity and the freedoms that define our democracy.
Rock on.
Paul Hackett

So, Hackett said "I will not be running in the Second Congressional District nor for any other elective office. This decision is final, and not subject to reconsideration." Interesting that the KnoxDems could NOT profile their incumbent that is running for re-election to statewide office. But, have selected a virtual no body as their main speaker.

Maybe Junior and Bredesen will not campaign together, so the locals selected Junior instead of Bredesen.

ORIGINAL POST: If you can believe everything you read on other blogs. It is being reported that U.S. Senator Joe Biden has backed out of his commitment to speak to the Knox County Democrat faithful tomorrow night at the Chicken Truman Day Dinner. Chicken because that's what their serving.

It was announced Paul Hackett has replaced Biden as the featured speaker. A review of Paul Hackett on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, that is internet web based has a lot of information but specifically, the most recent information is the following:

On February 13, 2006, Hackett announced that he was withdrawing from the race and ending his political career. Hackett told the New York Times that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and New York Senator Chuck Schumer recently had asked him to withdraw. He further contends that Schumer sabotaged his fundraising efforts and actively worked against his campaign [3]. Hackett said, "For me, this is a second betrayal...first, my government misused and mismanaged the military in Iraq, and now my own party is afraid to support candidates like me." [4] On March 14th, 2006, he appeared on an episode of The Daily Show on a segment which satirized the mainstream Democratic Party's criticism of Hackett.

You can check out all the Paul Hackett Wikipedia information, here.

Will Brian's Blog Cover The Hackett Appearance?

$50.00 to watch a anti-war rally, that can be witnessed on the corner of Kingston Pike and Morell Road for free.

Tonight, there will be some Brian's Blog correspondants on the ground.

I have two things on my personal agenda, tonight:

1) I will spend quality time with the family on this Saturday evening.
2) Continue reading the book that I am currently enjoying; The Earth Is Flat.

I do not believe that the Brian's Blog correspondants are the type to go to the post brawl in the Old City, however, there may be one or two, just not the whole correspondant crew.

If what they report back from the field is interesting, you will read it here first.

School Board May Waste Your Money...You Read It Here, First.....Two Days Ago

In this mornings Knoxville News-Sentinel Ericka Mellon writes about a story that was posted here at Brian's Blog two days ago. Here is the post from Brian's Blog two days ago and Here is the Knoxville News-Sentinel story.

Here are the problems with what the school district is likely to do on this issue.

1) They are likely to hire a lawyer and spend funds for a lawsuit that does NOT name the school board. John Owings the Senior Deputy Law Director for Knox County informed the board last Monday evening, this litigation has been filed on an individual, not on the school board. The school board has no interest and is not a party to it.

2) When board members like Indya Kincannon have already complained "that it will be hard" to make the proposed School budget work with the $7.1 million in additional NEW local revenue. How can board members then justify spending our tax dollars on a lawsuit where the school district isn't named?

3) This is a use of Knox County taxpayer dollars to protect a politician's self interest. If the school board hires a lawyer, they are spending our money to keep one of their own in office This is an abuse of power.

Do you remember what the citizens of Knox County said in 1994? They spoke loud and clear. Over 74% of the people in Knox County said that Sam Anderson and all other positions in the Charter should be term-limited to no more than two terms. School Board member Diane Dozier was included in the counter suit, but her district on May 2, 2006 term-limited her to two terms.
4) Good luck to the school district getting the county to cut the check. My sources tell me there already exist a memo stating that NO public funds will be authorized or spent for the benefit of representing the personal self interest of anyone with this lawsuit. The five County Commissioner's (Diane Jordan, David Collins, Billy Tindell, Phil Guthe and John Griess) have their own personal lawyers, The remaining County Commissioners have been instructed to obtain their own legal counsel (Wanda Moody, John Schmid, Mark Cawood, Mary Lou Horner, Michael M. McMillan, John R. Mills, Larry Clark) The county-wide officeholders have been informed to get their own legal counsel (Trustee Mike Lowe, Sheriff Tim Hutchison, Clerk Mike Padgett, Register of Deeds Steve Hall, Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Quist, by the way lawyer Greg Shanks represented Ms. Quist, yesterday, Criminal Court Clerk Martha Phillips, and then Sam Anderson and Diane Dozier)

I will post more on this later. Stay Tuned.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Harold Ford, Junior - A Hypocrite or a Fraud? Part II

This from the Tennessee Republican Party. The TRP can be located here on the world wide web.

Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. Further distanced himself from Tennesseans today by announcing a Washington, D.C. fundraiser in his honor sponsored by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"Again, Congressman Ford goes out-of-state to collect money from Hillary Clinton and their liberal buddies. Tennesseans should ask themselves why else Hillary Clinton would raise money for Harold Ford beyond the fact that they share an agenda. If elected, Ford will continue to promote these liberal ideals that differ greatly from that of the people of this state," said Bob Davis, chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party.

"One day Ford will wake up and realize that he's not running in New York but in Tennessee, where his voting record doesn't represent the values of the people of this state," said Davis.

This is the second time in recent months that Ford has aligned himself with Clinton. In December of 2005, Ford's campaign accepted $10,000 from Senator Clinton political action committee.

Junior likes to say, "Don't judge me by my family" "I am a New Generation of leadership" but the little man hangs out with his buds that are the Clintonista's. He is nothing more than a younger AlGore. He professes to be a Tennessean with Tennessee values but, he hangs out with the pro-gay, pro-abortion, anti-family, pro tax and spenders.
I could go on and on, I won't.

Hey Junior, a value that we learn over here in East Tennessee. The one that you haven't learned yet, but you will in November 2006.

You are known by the company you keep.

Knox County Schools Extends a Thank You To Brian's Blog

I received the following email, nearly 24 hours after the first request was made.

Thanks for calling that technical glitch to our attention. We have corrected the link and the agenda is available on the website. I have also attached a copy of the advisory. R/ Russ

Brian's Blog is happy to be of service to the school district and to the citizens of Knox County. Brian's Blog appreciates the school districts Thanks.
With the new school year and the additional revenue, maybe the web team can expand its expertise, in order to avoid this type of glitch in the future.

Knox County Schools Budget 2006 - 2007 Part II

Now, back to the School System budget. When we last left our story, Indya Kincannon and Kim Waller (the leader of the teachers labor union) were wringing their hands over the school budget being $6.5 million dollars short of what they asked for. Dr. Dan Murphy the Chair of the Kox County School Board was reluctant to say they were short, a smart move on Dr. Murphy's part.
Here's why.

In Mayor Ragsdale's proposed budget, the assumption is that the state revenue is flat. In other words, it is built on NO growth from the state. You ask, Why was it written that way? It can only be assumed that the states finance people were not forthcoming with good projections for growth from the state.

It would stand to reason that there will be some growth from the state due to a couple of factors.

1) There has always been growth in the past, some years better growth than expected and anticipated.
2) You have read the media reports, there is a state surplus (in other words the state government took more money from you, than they needed, thus, there is a pot of gold at the end of Bredesen's rainbow)

So, if there has always been growth from the state and there is a surplus, never mind the FACT that Bredesen is running for re-election and he needs Knox County. Never mind the FACT of the unfairness of the BEP. The issue of the BEP was started here at home with the leadership of our County Mayor bringing the other county mayors together, to lead the way on this disparity issue.

Lets say that the state growth comes in at a minimum of $4.0 million, in new state revenue, which is a totally conservative number. The school district is only $2.5 million from the 10 oreo cookies that it asked for. It is likely the County Mayor took the Schools request close what a reasonable analyst would think the state would send in new state revenue growth. If the state were to send $6.5 million in growth, then the Schools budget request is FULLY FUNDED.

Guess what, The sky isn't falling and Ms. Kincannon's job is not hard after all. Golly, Gee. What a wonderful life.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Knox County Schools And Their 2006-2007 Budget

UPDATE: Two request by Brian's Blog were made to the Knox County School District Central Office for the Agenda for the Monday meeting. A Freedom Of Information request was made by Brian's Blog at 3:52 p.m. No response has been received from the Central Office, as of 6:18 p.m. Brian's Blog has received the agenda, through an alternative method and source.

Called Meeting
of the
Knox County Board of Education
Monday May 22, 2006 - 5:00 p.m.
First Floor Board Room
Andrew Johnson Building


1. Discussion of Mayor Ragsdale's proposed Knox County Schools' budget - Ron McPherson

2. Follow-up discussion and possible action regarding Knox County Term limits.

I will post more on these items in future post.

UPDATE: As of 1:22 p.m. Thursday May 18, 2006 the Knox County School System website still does not want you to know what is on the agenda Monday May 22, 2006 at 5:00 p.m. This is all they want you to know

Media Advisory Number: 06-038, 05/17/2006
The Knox County Board Of Education will conduct a called meeting beginning at 5:00 p.m. Monday, May 22, in the first floor Board Room of the Andrew . . .

What is there to hide?

UPDATE: You read it here first last night. The Knox County School Board will have a special called meeting Monday May 22, 2006. They have finally posted it on the Knox County Schools website, not under Meeting Agendas but under Media Advisory, located here.

As of 9:26 a.m. Thursday May 18, 2006 the problem is the individual Media Advisory is not complete, to where you can open it and see what is on the agenda. I am sure they will fix it shortly. I don't think they are intentionally shielding the information from the citizens. It is probably just careless work from the web team.

Original Post: This from the KnoxNews website concerning the School Board reaction to Mayor Mike Ragsdale's budget proposal that was presented yesterday at The Mayor's State Of The Community address. Sixth district member Chuck James had a previous business commitment. He has full knowledge about the Mayors budget proposal. All other board members were present, except Fifth district Karen Carson and Seventh district Diane Dozier.

Some points to ponder from this story.

Ragsdale recommended increasing the school system's operating budget from $320 million to $327.1 million for 2006-07.

The school board had requested $333.6 million, which means the board now must slash $6.5 million from its original plan.

What is the writer of this story thinking? Her comment "the school district must slash $6.5 million" is factually inaccurate. There isn't $6.5 million to slash, The School Board asked for $6.5 million more than the Mayor has proposed. The County Commission has not approved any budget for schools, let alone the $333.6 million. The School Board must start with their budget from last year and now they have $7.1 million dollars in additional local revenue. Since Mayor Ragsdale has been the Mayor, the schools have received more than $36.0 million doallars in New local revenue.

In addition to the $7.1 million in additional income, Mayor Ragsdale is proposing to give an additional $4.0 million in new revenue to the Great Schools Partnership, which affects the classroom, directly.

On the schools proposed capital plan, the Mayor is proposing paying the schools debt retirement for the $16.0 million Powell Middle renovation and expansion. Mayor Ragsdale is also proposing $600,000 for a independent review of the school district's capital needs, before approving any additional capital projects. This is a smart, business approach that should have been proposed from across the street at the A.J. Building.

The Mayor's budget also includes $5 million for building maintenance and upgrades, including $250,000 for the Farragut High School science lab. Farragut High School and Oak Ridge National Lab have recently completed a partnership agreement and the county's additional contribution is appreciated.

Indya Kincannon said to the Knoxville News-Sentinel reporter:

"We had a very modest budget request this year," she said. "We asked for a 4 percent increase. It sounds like we got more like a 2 percent, and I'm not sure where we're going to be able to cut $6 million from our proposed budget. It's not going to be easy."

Ms. Kincannon, you never had $6.0 million in your budget. Yes, the school district asked for a 4% increase, but you do not get always get what you ask for. Ms. Kincannon, Do you give your children everything they ask for? If your children ask for 10 Oreo cookies, do you give them 10 or do only give them 2? The second school board district should take note, that Ms. Kincannon wants a school district job that is easy because in her words, "It's not going to be easy."

Dr. Dan Murphy, Chairman of the board said to the Knoxville New-Sentinel reporter:

"If the money - I'm saying if - if the money proposed is not sufficient," Murphy said, "then it's incumbent upon us to make the case to the commission that, folks, at this level we're coming out short here. We need more than that."

Look for the school district as early as a formal special called meeting action on Monday afternoon to take a vote that this isn't enough money. (A special called emergency meeting at 5:00 p.m. Monday May 22, 2006 in the first floor board room of the Andrew Johnson Building located at 900 So. Gay Street in downtown Knoxville, this is 3 hours after the County Commission begins their meeting,)

Kim Waller, President of the teachers labor union said:

"I have concerns that we talk a lot about our test scores being up, schools getting accredited, but I also know we're still 53rd in starting pay (in Tennessee) if you have a master's degree in Knox County," Waller said. "So I think I would like to see an emphasis on teachers' salaries similar to the emphasis that's been placed on sheriff deputies' salaries."

The Sheriffs deputies as well as all general county employees are getting a 3% raise, not a 4% raise (there are alot fewer general county employees) the state is tentatively suggesting a 2% raise for teachers. With $7.0 million in new LOCAL revenue there is no reason that the school district can not give all of its employees certified and non-certified a 2% or even a 3% raise. The school board has awarded the Superintendent a 2.5% raise for next year and should work its budget to ensure that EVERY employee receive a 2.5% raise. For the school board to do anything less than a 2.5% raise for every Knox County School employee makes the board members all hypocrites.

Also, look for the school board, at this special called meeting on Monday afternoon, to engage a lawyer to represent the school board and specifically Sam Anderson in the term limits lawsuit that is currently pending. Sam Anderson has been sued individually, not the school board. (Go back and view the school board workshop discussion from this past Monday May 15, 2006) The five county commisisoners that brought the original suit and the remaining commissioners that were countered sued have all obtained their own individual lawyers, because they were sued individually. While, Sam Anderson was and is lobbying his colleagues for the board to be represented. This is incumbent protection at its worst sense.

The Knox County Law Department represents Knox County and in the 25 page response that it filed is standing up for the Charter, thus Sam's agrguement is void and baseless. The School Board and the Charter are being defended. Sam's attempt to have the board represented by legal counsel is self-serving and an incumbent protection plan funded for by the taxpayers. Any dollars paid out of the school district funds for legal fees to protect Sam Anderson's position proves the board members do not have the interest of the students first. They would rather spend dollars on legal counsel to protect their own, than spend money on teachers and students and imporoving test scores.

In 2000, Brian's Blog supported?

Thanks to Jake Mabe over at Musings from Mabe, I can't do this for 1988. In his guess, he identified that I supported Bob Dole in the '88 primary. In 1984, I turned 18 in August, so my first vote was in November 1984 and I worked at the cabin headquarters on Bearden Hill (now Kimballs Jewelers) and voted with the rest of the United States in re-electing Reagan/Bush. Mondale only won his home state. Reagan captured all the other 49 states.

O.K, If you're up for another one, here are the Republican candidates for President in 2000. You can guess/vote on who you think I supported in 2000.

Lamar Alexander
Gary Bauer
George W. Bush
Elizabeth Dole
Steve Forbes
John Kasich
Orrin Hatch
Alan Keyes
John McCain
John McGarth
Dan Quayle
John Schriner (write-in)
Chuck See
Robert C. Smith
James Zanon

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In 1996, I supported

Thank You to all that participated in this fun exercise. We may also do the 2000 race.

In February 1995 I attended the announcement of the candidate that I supported for the Republican nomination for President. Here a a few "sound bites" from that speech.

His mother reminded him of his childhood: "You had a library card from the day you were three, and music lessons from the day you were four. You had everything you needed that was important."

His grandfather told him to "Aim for the Top. There's more room there."

During his public education: "My teachers taught me more than Algebra and music. I learned the importance of the pledge of allegiance, of telling the truth, of the greatness of this country and of our civilization, of the value of working and being on time, and of the difference between right and wrong."

On his life as a child, he said: "Across from the school is the Presbyterian Church. If the church doors were open, we were there. Sunday morning, Sunday night fellowship, Monday night scouts, Wednesday prayer meeting, Thursday choir practice."

One of his ancestors, when someone asked about his politics, said, "I am a Presbyterian and a Republican. I fought to save the Union and I vote like I shot."

His reasons for running "It is first, because of the arrogance of Washington, D.C. and, second, because of a collapse those institutions --the family, the neighborhood, the church and the schools -- that gave to me and to most of you -- the privileges that made us believe in my grandfather's advice, "Aim for the Top."

"This anger at the arrogance of Washington, D.C., and this deep worry about what has been happening to our most basic institutions, produced a Republican Congress in November and gave birth to the opportunity for a new American revolution -- and the opportunity to turn that anger into hope. The place to start is Washington, D.C."

"Where I come from has everything to do with where I stand. Because I believe that parents and teachers know more about their children than anyone in Washington, I would abolish the U.S. Department of Education and move the responsibility back home. We know what to do."

"There is a federal crime bill that would require the state to adopt certain prison sentences in order to receive federal money. This sounds like Democrats giving orders from Washington, D.C.! If they want to set state prison sentences, they should resign and come home and run for governor or for the legislature or for sheriff. We are not too stupid to know what to do."

"I learned long time ago that it makes no sense for the government in Washington to spend $600 million more each day than it takes in. I am the only Republican candidate for President who has ever balanced a government budget. In eight years I balanced eight budgets, lowered the state debt and reduced the number of state employees. Because I helped to start a business, I would cut the capital gains tax in a minute. That taught me that nothing else would better provide dollars to help growing companies create new jobs."

"You and I know that it is dangerous for our country to reduce defense spending as a percentage of our wealth to its lowest level since 1940 when, in many ways, the world has never been more uncertain. We know that for the last two years a "focus group Presidency" guided by overnight polling has been especially damaging to our foreign policy. The President's zigging and zagging has perplexed our allies and encouraged our enemies. When the United States is not strong and certain, the rest of the world becomes more unsettled and more dangerous."

"I believe that we know what to do -- that in Maryville and Concord and Des Moines and Austin and Tampa we are not too stupid to make decisions for ourselves about how to educate our children, to help the unfortunate, to build roads, to fight crime, to create jobs, to plan our own lives."

"Our schools will be good when we decide they will be. We can have the power to choose the right one for our own child when we demand it. Welfare reform will happen when citizens, not the government, penalize irresponsibility, encourage independence and offer a hand to the truly needy. Streets will be safe when we decide that no wrong deed goes unpunished. Families will become strong when we turn off the TV and spend more time with our children."

"Thirty years ago Ronald Reagan, before he was elected to any public office, made an address called "A Time For Choosing." He said that in America freedom is our greatest value, and that then there were two great threats: communism abroad and big government at home. Looking back over those last 30 years, I suppose we could say, one down and one to go. Communism, the evil empire, has virtually disappeared. But big government at home has become an arrogant empire, obnoxious and increasingly irrelevant in a telecommunications age. In every neighborhood in America, the government in Washington is stepping on the promise of American Life. The New American Revolution is about lifting that yoke from the backs of American teachers, farmers, business men and women, college presidents, and homeless shelter directors and giving us the freedom to make decisions for ourselves."

"Ronald Reagan put it this way in 1964: "This is the issue of the election. Whether we believe in our capacity for self government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan ourselves. " That was also the issue of the election in 1994. It will be the issue of 1996, and for years to come. It took 30 years of unfashionable principled leadership by the last Republican Washington outsider who became President to help collapse the evil empire. Now is a good time to give another Republican Washington outsider the opportunity to help put some humility into the arrogant empire in Washington, D.C."

"When I was five, that grandfather I told you about was a switch engineer on the Santa Fe railroad in Newton, Kansas. His job was to push each big engine into the roundhouse, put it on the turntable and head it in the right direction. Last year the people pushed America's engine into the roundhouse. The new Republican Congress is trying --but we need a new President to help turn it around and head it off in the right direction."

"We need a President who is part of the people's revolution. We need a President with the vision to paint a picture of America's future and lead us into the next millennium. We don't need a President of Washington, D.C. We need a President of the entire United States of America."

"Because I am absolutely committed to moving responsibility out of Washington, D.C. and giving us the freedom to make decisions for ourselves, because deep down in my heart I believe that we know what to do, and because I am determined to help renew the American spirit the old fashioned way, neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block and family by family -- I am announcing today that I am a candidate for the office of President of the United States."

"If you agree that the problem is the arrogance of Washington, D.C. and the answer is the character of our people, then this campaign is for you. My friends, I invite you to Come On Along!"

"Thank you. God Bless You. God Bless the United States of America."

So, In 1996, I supported Tennessee native, Lamar Alexander.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Here Is Your Shot...The Closest You Will Get To A Lottery On Brian's Blog

In a recent comment exchange, I made the following comment to a liberal regular commenter here on Brian's Blog. The comment was "You would be surprised who I supported for the Republican nomination for President in 1996 and 2000" He tried to guess with some obscure name.

Here is the list of candidates as I remember them from 1996 in the Republican primary for President. Leave a comment with your vote for who you think that I supported. The winners "will receive a mighty fine prize" my admiration and respect.

We will probably do this with the 2000 race as well.

In alphabetical order, that's the only fair way to do it. The candidates were:

Lamar Alexander
Pat Buchanan
Bob Dole
Bob Dornan
Steve Forbes
Phil Gramm
Alan Keyes
Dick Lugar
Arlen Specter
Morry Taylor
Pete Wilson

I liked some things from each one, however, I did support only one in the primary. You shouldn't be surprised to know that I supported the Republican ticket of Dole/Kemp in the General election.

Congressman Zach Wamp Is The Only Elected Official In Tennessee To Sign The Marriage Protection Pledge As Of Today

The following pledge, is part of The Family Research Council's efforts to secure the support of elected officials. According to their website U.S. Congressman Zach Wamp is the only elected official in Tennessee to sign the pledge. Check out the pledge and the list of elected officials, here. Check out the list, if your member of Congress or Senate isn't on here, then contact them and ask them to take a stand for Marriage.

Here is the pledge:

I, ______________________ , pledge to the families of the state of ___________________ , and to all the American people that I will protect the inviolable definition of marriage. I firmly believe this definition is as follows:

Marriage, whether entered into within or outside of the United States, shall consist of the legal union of one man and one woman. Every person has the right to marry a person of the opposite sex, subject to state laws based on age and consanguinity. The uniting of persons of the same or opposite sex in a civil union, domestic partnership or other similar relationship shall not be valid or recognized with any legal benefits or privileges in the United States.

Is This An Attempt To Silence Conservative Speech?

The Supreme Court refused Monday to speed up an appeal by a conservative organization seeking to air a radio ad on same sex marriage around election time.

The proposed ad by the Christian Civic League would refer to the two U.S. senators from the state of Maine, a format the Federal Election Commission says would violate the ban on “electioneering communications” in the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002.

The reform law bars corporations or labor unions from paying for any broadcast referring to a candidate for federal office within 30 days of a federal primary election or 60 days of a general election. On May 9, a three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., rejected the civic league's request for a preliminary injunction to fund the ad, saying that it represents “the sort of veiled attack that the Supreme Court has warned may improperly influence an election.”

The group said the Senate debate on the Marriage Protection Amendment to the Constitution will take place in early June and it asked the Supreme Court to schedule oral arguments in the case sometime this month. The court issued a one-sentence order denying the request.

The amendment declares that marriage is solely between a man and a woman. The Maine primary is June 13 and the proposed ad asks the public to call the state's two senators, Republicans Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, and urge them to vote for the amendment. Snowe is running unopposed. The FEC had urged the Supreme Court not to put the appeal on a fast track, saying it has no obligation to reorder its calendar and issue a decision under the “extraordinary expedited schedule” the civic league proposes. The case is Christian Civic League of Maine v. FEC, 05-1447

Carson and Bratton Leave Workshop Early

UPDATE: Robert Bratton contacted me early this morning to explain that he left the meeting early to attend his daughter's first sports banquet. It was a middle school sports banquet in the Ninth district, where he was with parents, students and constituents in the district he serves.

Brian's Blog commends Mr. Bratton on being with his family for such an occasion even if it wasn't in his district. There are few school board members that take their job as serious as Robert Bratton. Being a husband and father is an added bonus toward his service on the board.

Tonight, the Knox County School Board held their mid-month workshop. Many important items were on the agenda, including the following; Update on Hardin Valley High School, Update on elevator/chairlift installation in Knox County Schools, Update on English as a Second Language Cluster initiative, Discussion of superintendentÂ’s evaluation instrument, timing, and process, Discussion of issues relative to term limits case of County Commission, Superintendent's Report - which included a review of the Charlotte - Mecklenburg School District Evaluation and finally the School Board Forum.

Two School Board members left their respective duties and departed before the meeting adjourned. Karen Carson and Robert Bratton.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Vote On Marriage Protection Amendment - June 6, 2006

On June 6,2006 the United States Senate will vote on the constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. It is critical that you contact your senators and ask them to vote for the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA).

Take time to read Dr. Maggie Gallagher's very detailed and accurate article by clicking here.

The expectation is that the Democratic senators will attempt to vote to kill the MPA. The public is not aware that the Democratic National Committee has given thousands of dollars to homosexual groups to help promote homosexual marriage.

It is anticipated that activist judges are waiting to make homosexual marriage legal. It is expected that the Washington state Supreme Court will rule homosexual marriage legal as soon as the elections are over.

Only a constitutional amendment will stop homosexual marriage from becoming the law of the land. Click here to send an email to your two senators.

Hat Tip to the AFA (American Family Association) for this item.

U.S. Senate Candidate Katherine Harris Receives Endorsement

The Katherine Harris for U.S. Senate campaign welcomed the reiteration of support expressed by U.S. Senator Mel Martinez in comments he made at the National Press Club on Friday May 12, 2006.

"[Katherine Harris] is by far the most serious of those candidates and I think she will be the nominee. I wish her well. And I think that the best thing she can do is to focus her race on the issues and her opponent and their differences and why she would be a great senator from the state of Florida for this country. I wish her well. And I will be endorsing her -- if I have not already done so. I think I already have, but I will be, I am sure, campaigning with her," Martinez said.

"I am grateful for Senator Martinez's friendship, support, and endorsement. I look forward to having him with me on the campaign trail and serving with him in the United States Senate," Congresswoman Harris said.

Earlier on Friday May 12, 2006 the Katherine Harris for U.S. Senate campaign responded to the close of filing of candidates for the U.S. Senate today.

Campaign spokesman Chris Ingram said, "While we would have preferred not to have had a contested Primary, the campaign is confident that it will continue to maintain and expand the support of loyal Republicans and grassroots activists who share Katherine Harris' commitment to fight for Florida's families, small businesses, and senior citizens. With a tremendous base of support, we expect to be victorious in September and November."

"The Primary gives us an opportunity to further demonstrate Katherine's commitment to the people of Florida and remind them she will be an independent voice for their concerns in the United States Senate. Today, more than ever, voters want a senator who has their interests in mind, as opposed to the interest of the political power-elite," he said.

"Ultimately, our focus will be on taking on liberal Bill Nelson in November and demonstrating the distinct differences between Katherine Harris the fighter, and Bill Nelson, the do-nothing senator," Ingram concluded.

Through The Fire....A New Recording By The First Baptist Concord Celebration Choir

Last night, was the CD release concert of Through The Fire. Through The Fire is the latest recorded project by the Celebration Choir of First Baptist Concord. What a fantastic Praise and Worship CD. I would assume it will be made available on the FBC website, located here, soon. You can check out the last two recorded projects, there now.

The project was dedicated to Heather Paul, a member of our choir that 12 weeks ago last night was hit by a drunk driver at the intersection of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road. On the night of her accident, according to the doctors on that night, there appeared to be little hope for much of a recovery. God answers the prayer of his people and on Easter Sunday morning, she was back at church. Last night she was shocked that the choir dedicated this CD to her.

God is Good, All The Time, God Is Good.

Mark Blair and Tim Paul (Heather's husband) do an Great job leading this choir and Orchestra. God has truly blessed our church.

God called us to this church in 1993, when it was a smaller congregation. It is amazing to see God work through a body of believers.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Where's Bobby Casey?

Hat Tip to my friends over at gopbloggers. Here is a fun interactive video about Bobby Casey, Jr. A little help to my liberal deaniacs, turn the lamp off when you get in his office.

Where's The KnoxDemo Chair?

Over the past several weeks, I have gone on The Voice so many times I have lost count. Last Friday, I was on The Voice three times, on Wildfire twice. I have been in studio one hour and called in two additional weeks to The Hubert Smith Radio Show. I spent one hour last Sunday in studio with my friend George Korda on NewsTalk 100.3, always discussing the term limits issue.

I keep asking on air, where's the KnoxDem, The Voice has finally gotten a response that he can only do early mornings, but still he hasn't appeared. JB of TN Confidential was unsuccessful in acquiring him for his show. He didn't return George Korda's calls.

My Democrat sources inform me that at the Saturday morning Democrat Club meeting. He said, "I am getting a lot of request, but I am working almost exclusively on the Chicken Truman Day Dinner" Many in the crowd told him, "You need to do all the request, you get"

He listens to his grassroots well, he is still not showing up. He was able to attend a 4 hour Chancery Court hearing during his work day, to sue the Sheriff.

Whether you like the answers I give or not, NO ONE can say that I have run and hid from the issue. Whether you personally like me or not, I have not run and hid. I am a firm believer that my 24 years of Republican grassroots experience have come to help me serve the party at such a time as this. I could have been Chairman, many other times in the past, but I am here now For Such A Time As This.

Thanks and God Bless.

This is my personal blog, so if your looking for the exclusive Knox County Republican Party info, it's not here, it is here.

Who Was Francis E. Willard....And Why Do The Kids Get A Day Off?

If you were watching the School Board Workshop on Monday night May 1, 2006. (When, Diane Dozier no showed) There arose a discussion and there is still unhappy parents in the community that this school board had an in service day on Friday May 5, 2006, but had school in session during the election 3 day before on Tuesday May 2, 2006. Kids should have been home on Tuesday and in school on Friday. But, I digress.

Donna Wright, the one that runs the school system, especially when the Superintendent is interviewing elsewhere. Dr. Wright's predecessor Ms. Sarah Simpson, (whom I admired and loved) ran the school system for the years before her retirement, she simply let the men (Superintendent's) think they were running it. It was quite funny. I am digressing again.

Dr. Wright when questioned about the inservice dates, made the comment "well, we always take Francis E. Willard day." I started saying who is Francis Willard? The 8 board members present, all got puzzled looks on their faces and moved on to the next item on the agenda. In my 4 years on the school board Francis E. Willard's name never came up, had it been brought up, I would have asked, Who is Francis E. Willard and why are we (Knox County School System) honoring her? I was on the calendar committee for 2 years and her name never came up.

Here is her photo and what my internet search found on her.

Making the journey in a covered wagon, 7 year-old Frances Willard arrived in the Wisconsin Territory in 1846. Her parents established a farmstead along the Rock River near Janesville. As a young girl Willard disliked housework, preferring outdoor activities such as hunting and horseback riding. Many adults at the time considered such activities inappropriate for girls, but Frances refused to conform. She also trimmed her hair short and requested that people call her Frank. Taught at home by her mother, Willard became an avid reader. She moved to northern Illinois at age 18.

In the 1870s Frances Willard emerged as a national leader within the temperance movement, which was an effort to limit the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The temperance movement had been growing stronger in the United States for several decades and, in 1879, Willard was elected president of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). Her leadership quickly made the WCTU an influential organization. A popular speaker, Willard delivered a speech in every state and territory in the United States in 1883.

Temperance supporters pointed to the financial and family problems often linked to the abuse of alcohol. Frances Willard also viewed temperance as part of a large social reform movement that could improve living conditions for women and make the United States a better place to live. Through her writings she introduced thousands of women to other important social concerns: voting rights for women, safer conditions for American workers, world peace, and methods of improving the nation's schools. Using the slogan "Home Protection" as her rallying cry, Willard showed how these urgent social problems affected women and their children. Willard died before many of the social reforms that she promoted became law, yet she inspired the generation of reformers who followed her.

Wisconsin schools celebrate Frances E. Willard Day on September 28th.

She was the President of the Women's Christian Temperance Union from 1879 - 1898.

I searched the State of Tennessee's website and did not find a Francis E. Willard Day. I searched the National archive and did not locate a recognized Francis E. Willard Day. The State of Wisconsin is the only state that I could find that has an official observance of Francis E. Willard Day.

In my internet search, I did find that her statue is the only female statue in Statuary Hall. So, now you know who Francis E. Willard is and why you have to make special arrangements for your kids on September 28th, if they are enrolled in public education in Knox County, TN.

If You Are Seeing This and Reading This...Thank Your Mother

Today is Mother's Day. I am appreciative of the fact that my Mother chose to give me life. I am thankful that my wife and I have three children.

Today, Pray for all the young ladies that since the Roe -v- Wade decision, listened to the culture and had an abortion. This day is hard on these young ladies. If you survived. Thank your Mom.

Site Meter Is A Good Thing

I installed site meter in December 2005. I have been blogging since August 2004. I wasn't sure it was something that Brian's Blog really needed, however, I have been impressed with all of the overseas locations, as well as where we are being read from here in the U.S. There is a large contingent in California and Washington. A great group of people in Texas and strong support from the heartland and the eastern seaboard.

The latest weekly report from Site Meter indicates that we are averaging more than 80 hits a day, people are staying longer than ever before, hitting many different page views.

I would recommend Site Meter to everyone.

I do not want to know who is visiting Brian's Blog; On the Site Meter website, I like to view the visitors by world map, by the referrals (that tells me who has the most traffic, Rocky Top Brigade, still rocking and rolling at #1, with no other site in close proximity)and I like to examine the Traffic Prediction. I would have probably given up blogging in December 2005 or January 2006, until I saw how many people read this blog. You are my motivation. Keep coming back and I will be here.

Just this morning, the first 8 hours. Brian's Blog has had visitors from Israel, Bahrain, Washington, mid state of Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, Minn., Alabama, New Jersey, eastern Tennessee and Italy. Welcome.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mark Cawood is Opposed

In today's Knoxville News-Sentinel there was a report that Stephen Mark Cawood has no opponent. This was a simple mistake. It will be corrected in the Monday edition.

The democrat incumbent received 700 of 861 of the democrat sixth district votes. This is shocking that for a democrat incumbent of nearly 20 years, running without opposition that the voters in his own party would reject him.

His opponent is Karns native and current Sixth District School Board member Chuck James. Unlike the democrat incumbent Mr. James faced a tough primary battle by Scott Russell. Scott ran a good campaign and will be an asset to the Republican party in the future.

In the Republican primary Chuck James garnered 1469 votes and Russell received 987 votes, either one of these guys obtained more votes than the democrat incumbent.

KnoxViews Down....Is It Out?

UPDATE: It's 9:24 p.m. and is back up. Good work.

KnoxViews is down this evening. Some obscure failure to connect message is there. I am sure R.Neal will be working to correct the errors. (I am currently watching the Darlington Nascar race, with 162 to go, my man Jimmy Johnson is in the lead. Jimmy became my driver after my driver Rusty Wallace retired at the conclusion of last years series. I have been a Nascar fan since 1989)

For those of you that have commented to me about my activity over at KnoxViews the last day or two. I decided to poke a stick in the beehive and see how they would react.

I am sorry their forum broke down today. I hope it comes back, so they can communicate. My primary commenting will be here at home with Brian's Blog, I will post occasionally over there, especially when I post about issues near and dear to the "liberal deaniacs" or defend attacks on my favorite Republicans like the Future United States Senator of the State of Florida Katherine Harris.

Whatever you read about this blog or Republicans, that can not be confirmed, is simply lies, damn lies.

Harold Ford, Junior - A Hypocrite or a Fraud?

Have you witnessed the new Harold Ford, Junior television commercial. Everybody thinks it's great. He is talking about high gas prices. That's important. Right? Absolutely, it is an important issue. Let's look at Junior's commercial

1) He has just filled up with gas at an Exxon station, where he spent at least 10 seconds complaining about the Exxon Executives high salaries and benefits. By, purchasing his fuel there he is a hypocrite and doesn't practice what he preaches.

2) He didn't get gas there and used the station and the stations logo as a prop. Ok, that would make him a fraud, acting in a commercial one way and doing another thing.

I report. You decide.

Friday, May 12, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Leon Houston Captured In Roane County, TN

UPDATE and KudosIt is no wonder that WVLT Volunteer TV has made it up to #2 in the market. They were the first to report the capture/surrender of Houston. They were the first to report the location of the Hyatt's van in Kentucky. You remember the Hyatt's they murdered Cotton Morgan, a prison officer in Roane County. Channel 8 was the first to report the arrest of the Hyatt's in Ohio. Volunteer TV was the first to report the school bus accident about a year ago out in Powell, where the school bus rolled back and hit the tree. Volunteer TV even had their traffic helicopter in the air with live camera shots. Good Job Volunteer TV.

UPDATE: Around 10:50 p.m. he surrendered to THP officers at a home in Roane County, TN. The owner of the home approached THP officers and indicated Houston was at their home and wished to "turn himself in". THP officers then went to the home and Houston turned himself in. I am not sure what to think of the THP being the preferred agency of choice. Sheriff Haggard and local law enforcement have done good on this unfortunate situation.

WVLT Volunteer TV Channel 8 broke the news at 11:04 p.m. tonight that Leon Houston, the brother and co-ambusher of the Roane County Deputy Sheriff and his citizen companion has turned himself into the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The people in Roane County, TN can sleep a little easier tonight. But, don't forget this great county. They need our prayers and help.

I Wish This Was My United States Senator

(CBSNews Photo)

President Bush had better get use to the title Senator Katherine Harris. I love the fact that she has the intestinal fortitude to go up to the President, with her Judas (the President's brother)directly behind his brother. You may have seen the photo of only she and the President but the other photo here is priceless.

Jeb needs to publicly apologize and face the fact that Congresswoman Katherine Harris will be his United States Senator. As a Republican, I am outraged that Jeb discouraged her from running, so that the Democrat would be re-elected. We (Republicans) should challenge every Democrat incumbent and Katherine Harris has it. I am proud that she is a Republican.

Congratulations To Jessica Dillon and To The Karns Softball team

This from the knoxnews website. Congratulations to Jessica Dillon the daughter of my good friends David and Donna Dillon. Jessica has great athletic ability and last night it shined as the Karns Girls Softball team faced Central at Powell.

Dillon's inside-the-park grand slam in the bottom of the third inning helped pace the Lady Beavers to a 10-2 victory. "I just went to bat and I thought about what my coach tells me," said Dillon, a junior. "Focus, slap hard, bunt soft. I just kept my eye on the ball and concentrated and just hit it." Dillon also said: "I felt like we played hard and we came together as a team during the district. We played very good together." This is a great teamwork attitude for this young woman.

Congratulations also to the Karns head coach "As a rookie head coach, it was a dream," Karns coach Shannon Holt said of the win. "It was a goal that we set at the beginning of the season, and each day at practice we would say 'let's get one step closer to the dream.' "One goal down. Three more to go."

Karns High Athletic Director Amy Walker can be credited with putting together a multi-sport successful program, in a very short time. The football team had their best year ever, under the direction of Head Coach John Fulkerson. And now the first year with Shannon Holt the Karns Softball team is looking good. Here's to the rest of the playoffs, for the Karns Softball team.

Congratulations, Karns.

I will always pull for Karns except, if and when they play Farragut.

Duty, Honor, Country

"Duty, Honor, Country — those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying point to build courage when courage seems to fail, to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith, to create hope when hope becomes forlorn." ~ Douglas MacArthur

Thursday, May 11, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Please Pray for Roane County, TN

Roane County has been through so much within the past year or two. Tonight Roane County Sheriffs Deputy Bill Jones and citizen Mike Brown, a ride along companion were ambushed and murdered by Rocky and Leon Houston. Rocky Houston is in custody and at the University of Tennessee Hospital, as he was hit by bullets and has a hip wound.

Roane County suffered with the ambush and murder of prison guard Cotton Morgan. Judge Thomas Austin was indicted and arrested for alleged in appropriate behavior.

Roane County has several excellent government officials and the people of Roane County, TN need our prayers, tonight and for the next several days and weeks.