Saturday, May 06, 2006

Knox County Commission Fifth District

Seat A - Republican incumbent Mike Hammond faced no opposition on Tuesday. He is the Republican nominee and faces an independent candidate on the August 3, 3006 ballot. Vote Mike Hammond.

Seat B - Republican incumbent Craig Leuthold faced a challenge on the Republican ballot. Craig received nearly 73% of the vote. He does not face a Democrat or Independent in August. However, Vote Craig on August 3, 2006.

Seat C - Republican incumbent John Griess faced 4 write-ins. Commissioner Griess was successful in obtaining the Republican nomination. The write-ins varied from a doctor that has been active in Republican campaigns for a number of years, the local middle school band director, a community activist that organized a citizen group a couple of years ago and then Alexander Cain, a concerned citizen, Alex worked hard the weekend before the election and election day and with little name recognition had a good showing. The Democrats were successful in getting a candidate on the ballot to oppose the Republican nominee. On the August 3, 2006 ballot, Vote Republican!

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