Saturday, May 06, 2006

Knox County Commission First District

Seat A Democrat Incumbent Diane Jordan faced many write-ins from her party. In order to be successful they had to beat her. One of the write-ins received nearly 10% of the write-in votes. Diane Jordan is the Democrat nominee.

There were 4 Republican write-ins. Two candidates made the 5% threshold Nick Della Volpe garnered 25.33% while Albert Baah obtained 9.54%. Congratulations to Nick Della Volpe, the Republican candidate for the 1st District Seat A.

Seat B - Democrat incumbent Thomas Tank Strickland did not face a challenge, write-in or ballot.

Republican candidate Ann Dingus did not face a challenge.

Strickland and Dingus to face off August 3, 2006.


Steve Mule said...

Mr. Hornback,
Dianne Jordan is term limited and will not be the Democrat candidate in August.


Brian Hornback said...


You really need to catch up on the latest devolpements.

Don't be so sure. Stacey Diamond the one you endorsed, did well. Didn't she? A dozen?