Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kelvin Moxley - Write-In

Kelvin stepped forward to run as a write-in for County Clerk. The state legislature created this 5% threshold. For a Republican going countywide it appeared impossible. Kelvin obtained 974 write-in votes or 3.77% with only a three week campaign.

Kelvin had to receive 5% of 25,819 votes in write-ins, while the two Democrats running countywide as write-ins needed 5% of 6,932. This is NOT an even playing field.

The two Democrats are one that has served several terms as Mayor and ran unsuccessfully for Governor and Mayor. The other got trounced 4 years ago in his bid to defeat Sheriff Hutchison. Kelvin didn't have the name recognition these two had, and his hands were tied with a 5% of nearly 2.5 times their amount.

Good job Kelvin.


Steve Mule said...

Mr. Hornback,
PLEASE!! You're blaming your candidates failure on the opposition??? Your candidate should have known the uphill battle he faced and either addressed it or decided not make the attempt. You had more than 25K folks vote in the Republican Primary, that is a fantastic amount! This failure was a failure of leadership and organization - you and the Knox GOP failed to get out the write-in vote. We Dems faced the same challenge and were successful. From the moment the term limit decision was made we kicked into high gear recruiting candidates and literally howling to the moon about having our people vote write-in. And we were successful with slightly less than 7K votes. Your failure as Knox GOP leader and the Knox GOP in general failed to take advantage of the oppertunity this confusing situation presented.
See you in August!


Brian Hornback said...


It is NOT failure when I have multiple choices for each district to choose from,
1) the incumbent
2) several write-in cnadidates.

I don't just have one token write-in per district like you democrats.

What a great job your friend Stacey Diamond did, herself and 11 friends.

We will see you in August, you with your 7K and us with our 25K.

Interested said...

Over 2,500 Republicans completed write-in ballots. There was an ample amount of Republican write-ins for Mr. Moxley to receive 5% of the votes. A list of write-in candidates was available in case the voter did not know the candidate(s) running. Mr. Moxley did not receive half of the Republican write-ins. There could be a reason for that.

Mr. Moxley is on the radio weekday mornings for four hours each morning. He had free airtime to announce his candidacy. I believe he did have name recognition.

Have you taken in the notion that Mr. Padgett has been a good, fair County Clerk? He is a friend to Democrats and Republicans alike. He has made great changes for the county.

Brian Hornback said...


No. I haven't and don't believe it. Everyone, but, specfically Mr. Padgett should have a challenge to make Knox County Better, Everyday.

Mr. Padgett employs the Democrat dead with the Seventh District School Board member and the Demo deaniac Knox County Chairman.

He successfully implemented a sweetheart deal for his son with Knox County taxpayers money without seeking QUALIFIED proposals.

If he is succesful in his re-election bid, I will congratulate him and ask him that for the next four years to work hard Making Our Knox County Government Better, Everyday.