Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How Was TennCare Created And Who Is Responsible

TennCare was created by Executive order of Democrat Governor Ned Ray McWherter. The legislatures hands have been tied and because it was created by executive order, the legislature has had little in the way of financial control over it. Now, remember the legislature has been controlled by Democrats, so its hard for me not to blame them.

Then Bredesen ran in 2002 (after failing to be elected in 1994)that TennCare was the states #1 problem (which I disgree that it was the #1 problem) and as a successful Healthcare Manager/Guru, he could save TennCare as we know it. He failed.

So the State of Tennessee's Democrat led experiment of socialized medicine failed. And, Bredesn wants to be re-elected and his wife Andrea Conte wants to spend millions and millions of dollars on the house for her and Bredesen to live in while Tennesseans are struggling this very moment with no health insurance and an in ability to pay for needed prescriptions.

Shame on the Bredesen's.

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Dave Oatney said...

Amen! Sir I could not have said it beter myself-you have left me speechless and as you know, that is extremely hard to do.

The hypocrisy of Bredesen, and those in Nashville who support him is overwhelming. The State GOP needs to be playing on Bredesen's record in the exact same tenor and tone as you just did.