Sunday, May 28, 2006

Obama and the KnoxDems?

This from an article written by Jeff Zeleny of the Washington Bureau of the Chicago Tribune and published in today's edition. The article about Obama in '08.

"He brings a level of excitement to the political debate, which is the envy of every elected official," said Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate. "There is a need for Barack Obama's leadership in America. I have talked to him informally about this. I hope that he will seriously consider it."

As I was traveling through East Tennessee this afternoon, I was listening to FoxNews on my satellite radio and Senator Dick Durbin was questioned about the above quote about Obama entering the 2008 Presidential run. Durbin the Number 2 Demo in the U.S. Senate said that "Obama is the most sought out Democrat speaker across America" I do not disagree with Senator Durbin that Obama may be the most sought out Democrat speaker.

I just wonder where the KnoxDems rank with a canceled Senator Joe Biden and the what was that other guys name? The one from Ohio that they had last week at the Chicken Truman Day Dinner. Chicken because that was the meat of choice. That had to kill the PETA crowd from buying tickets and showing up.

Oh yea. Paul Hackett. I wonder where Paul Hackett ranks on speaking invitation list for Demo events?


Dave Oatney said...

That was Paul Hackett

Brian Hornback said...

Oh yeah. I remember, now.