Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rules Of Engagement for Commenting And Explanation Revisited

These Rules Of Engagement for Commenting and Rules and Regulations Of The Blog have been placed for many months and continue to be located in the bottom right corner, below the Links section.

It has become necessary to establish the Rules of Engagement due to individuals in the words of my neighbor that are “ill-bred and half raised.” Any obscene, racist or sexually explicit language will not be published. Any personal attacks will not be published. Comments that are abusive, hateful, that defame or insult will not be published. Comments that are off-topic or not in English will not be published. Any posting for the sake of attention will not be published. Comments that might be construed as threats, harassment and stalking will not be published and will be made available to the proper law enforcement officials. Any posting the same comment more than once will result in your original post being deleted. You take responsibility for the comments that you provide here and participate at your own risk. I take no responsibility for your comments or actions. When comments are not published, it’s usually because they violate one or more of the rules.

Any Anonymous post will be carefully reviewed by our team. It will be rare that an anonymous post is published as Brian Hornback puts his name on the posts found on his blog and he believes that you should put your name on your comments, as well.

For example, You can not write a letter to the Knoxville News-Sentinel or any other reputable newspaper and hide behind a shield of cowardice. (HatTip to Vol Con for the newspaper analogy.)

I began my personal blog in August of 2004 for the purpose of providing information and thoughts on a multitude of issues and any news of the day for the benefit of family, friends and supporters. I realize that of the hundreds and thousands of people that read this blog, many of you do not fall in any of the three categories. That is Ok, your welcome to partake of my personal thoughts and beliefs. If you are here for the purpose of information related to the Knox County Republican Party, you are in the wrong place. Visit the KnoxBlog of the KnoxGOP. The link for the Knox County Republican Party is located below for your use.

Any reuse or rebroadcast of the contents on this blog outside the blogging community is granted by PERMISSION ONLY. Request may be submitted to the email address on the profile. When permission is obtained the blog address must be credited in the rebroadcast or reuse. This requirement does not apply to the blogging community.


Stushie said...

Hey Brian, you're obviously making an impact, so don't back down.

"May God give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed." Psalm 20v4

Brian Hornback said...

Thank You.

I don't and won't back down, your encouragement is heart warming.