Friday, May 19, 2006

Knox County Schools Budget 2006 - 2007 Part II

Now, back to the School System budget. When we last left our story, Indya Kincannon and Kim Waller (the leader of the teachers labor union) were wringing their hands over the school budget being $6.5 million dollars short of what they asked for. Dr. Dan Murphy the Chair of the Kox County School Board was reluctant to say they were short, a smart move on Dr. Murphy's part.
Here's why.

In Mayor Ragsdale's proposed budget, the assumption is that the state revenue is flat. In other words, it is built on NO growth from the state. You ask, Why was it written that way? It can only be assumed that the states finance people were not forthcoming with good projections for growth from the state.

It would stand to reason that there will be some growth from the state due to a couple of factors.

1) There has always been growth in the past, some years better growth than expected and anticipated.
2) You have read the media reports, there is a state surplus (in other words the state government took more money from you, than they needed, thus, there is a pot of gold at the end of Bredesen's rainbow)

So, if there has always been growth from the state and there is a surplus, never mind the FACT that Bredesen is running for re-election and he needs Knox County. Never mind the FACT of the unfairness of the BEP. The issue of the BEP was started here at home with the leadership of our County Mayor bringing the other county mayors together, to lead the way on this disparity issue.

Lets say that the state growth comes in at a minimum of $4.0 million, in new state revenue, which is a totally conservative number. The school district is only $2.5 million from the 10 oreo cookies that it asked for. It is likely the County Mayor took the Schools request close what a reasonable analyst would think the state would send in new state revenue growth. If the state were to send $6.5 million in growth, then the Schools budget request is FULLY FUNDED.

Guess what, The sky isn't falling and Ms. Kincannon's job is not hard after all. Golly, Gee. What a wonderful life.

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