Monday, December 31, 2007

No Retreat No Surrender by Tom Delay

In addition to my daily activities today I read my autographed copy of No Retreat No Surrender by Congressman Tom Delay. His life is an interesting one. He was raised by his mother and father along with a brother they moved from location to location, including some significant time in the tropical rain forest of Venezuela. His father became a self made successful businessman and at the same time an alcoholic.

Delay himself desired to make his father proud by attending medical school, however, his wife Christine convinced him that he didn’t have to do something that he did not want to do. He utilized his biology degree and entered the pest control business. He ultimately began his own pest control business. He became a successful businessman and then became a Republican candidate for the Texas legislature in a portion of Texas that hadn’t elected a Republican since Reconstruction.

In the Texas legislature he immediately began to witness how the majority operated and how they passed laws. He then began to implement their strategies with his conservative agenda. In 1984, he ran for and was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. There he worked with a few people but wound up on the opposite side of Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey. He ultimately worked with Gingrich and helped orchestrate the Republican Revolution or better known as the Contract with America that turned control of the U.S. House over to Republicans. The liberal left seeing that Delay was the mastermind of the Republican Revolution and in their only way to help the Democrats take back control was to take Delay out. They utilized a liberal left political hack by the name of Ronnie Earle to make presentations to 10 grand juries and were finally able to get an indictment on Delay after 10 attempts.

With the indictment, Delay stepped down because of a Republican rule that members will step down following an indictment. A rule that the Democrats themselves have not and will not impose on themselves. The liberal left will NEVER allow Delay to enter a courtroom to defend him because Ronnie Earle and the liberal left will be exposed as the liars they are, get their rear ends kicked and Ronnie Earle will become the Michael Nifong of Texas.

What occurred to Delay is that the liberal left began to attack he and his family personally because they could not compete with his ideas and his work orchestrating the Republican domination.

While my own history is not on the stage or at the level of Delay’s. I have certainly lived with the attacks of the liberal left from the time I became a candidate for elected office in 1990 and witnessed how it accelerated when I was elected in 2000 to the school board and hit full throttle when I became Knox County Republican Party Chairman in 2005. In my orchestration of a countywide Republican sweep in 2006 in spite of the Tennessee Supreme Court term limit decision of 2006. The liberal left in recent years has utilized members of my own party and since 1990 has utilized the use of a community weekly newspaper that is now owned by E.W. Scripps. The lies about me have even resorted to the community weekly newspaper reporting erroneously in 2005 where I vacation with my family.

Delay is a Christian and a Conservative that loves his country. Many personal attacks are made of Delay saying that he uses his faith in God as a political tool, while the liberal left will say what they will. The best he can do is continuing to carry on. The liberal left will regret forcing him out of the Congress because they can’t keep him in the fishbowl anymore. He will prove more dangerous to the Democrats and the liberal left outside the halls of Congress than inside.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Grandfathers Son by Clarence Thomas

In addition to my regular daily activities today, I read “My Grandfathers Son” a memoir of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I remember following the confirmation hearing for Justice Thomas. I remember the outrage I felt in witnessing the United States Senate led by rogue Senator Joseph Biden smear and slime a man of Clarence Thomas character and integrity.

Knowing the history that Clarence Thomas was confirmed only months earlier to the D.C. Court of Appeals on a unanimous voice vote of the Senate. Not one allegation of wrongdoing was ever mentioned or brought forward. But here he was being slimmed by a group that included Senator Ted Kennedy. The same Ted Kennedy that was driving intoxicated and drove off a bridge leaving a woman companion in the car as she and the car sank in the water.

The liberal left was able to get a young woman to come forward to allege incidents that were never proven, even with her supposed witnesses. Recently, while going through some files. I letters from our own Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr and that liberal bastion known as the former Tennessee Democrat Senator Jim Sasser in response to my letter supporting Clarence Thomas appointment to the United States Supreme Court. The record should reflect that the liberal Senator was defeated in his next election.

The book itself is a great read, revealing the real Clarence Thomas. It exposes the lies of the liberal left about his motive and his rise to the Supreme Court. He was raised by his grandfather and his grandfather’s wife known as Aunt Tina. His grandfather kept him and his brother busy, thus keeping them out of trouble so that they would not wind up as the “others” had. His mother was always nearby but he saw his father only a few times in his life.He still lives with the guilt of “letting his grandfather down” on two incidents in his life.

His grandfather was not able to witness his grandsons rise to the Supreme Court, but most assuredly his grandfather would have been proud.

I am so thankful that Justice Thomas wrote this book as it will be the counter and the correction to the lies of the liberal left and that young, immature lady that the liberal left used to slim and slander Clarence Thomas during the confirmation process.

It's Official....Brian Hornback Is On The Ballot

I am running as an uncommitted delegate from Tennessee's Second Congressional District in the Republican Presidential Preference Primary.

One thing about me. I am committed to the Republican Party. While I currently like two of our Republican candidates better than the rest of our pack. I know that any of our candidates are better than anything the other side has.

It is imperative that after the primary that we come together and support the party nominee. I have always been a person that can work with different sides and different personalities of our party. As Chairman, I worked with many different personalities and in the end. We WON!

Here is the list of delegate candidates. This list is from the State of Tennessee Division of Elections website.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

When Democrats Are In Control....The Public Is Not Safe

This story from today's Knoxville News-Sentinel details the Davidson County Election Commission and the theft of 337,000 names, addresses and social security numbers of Nashville city voters.

The Election Commissions in Tennessee are controlled by the party that controls the legislature. So, in Tennessee the Democrats hold a razor thin margin in the House so there are three Democrat election commission members and two Republican election commission members.

So, in Davidson County with the Democrats in control.....the public is not safe.

So if you are represented by a Democrat Legislator. This year, Vote Republican. Your identity and well being demand it.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Term Limits

I read quite a bit, however with the exception of novels by John Grisham everything I read is non-fiction. However, I have found another author that is in the fiction genre that I like. Vince Flynn. I have purchased every title (8 of them) that he has written except the latest, Protect and Defend. Protect and Defend is his ninth title.

When Protect and Defend comes out in paperback, I will purchase it. However, his first title is Term Limits. It is a page turner. His books are political thrillers.

Check Vince Flynn out, here. If you enjoy reading as much as I do then Vince Flynn may be just for you.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Randy Tyree Endorses Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones?

The most recent issue of The Knoxville Journal has a story about the election of Knox County Sheriff. On February 5, 2008 Jimmy "J.J." Jones will be unchallenged in the Republican primary. The same day Randy Tyree will be unchallenged in the Democrat primary. This will set up an August 7, 2008 election for Sheriff between Republican Jones and Democrat Tyree.

Eighth District School Board Member - Elect William "Bill" Phillips sent me the most recent Knoxville Journal article about the race for Sheriff and asked if I had read it. Obviously sensing that my friend, Bill Phillips had seen something that would intrigue me. I read the article and discovered what Bill had seen on first read. I have confirmed with Bill that this is what we both discovered, well actually Bill first.

This is why JJ Jones says that you should not vote for Randy Tyree: Randy is too old to be Sheriff. This job requires an incredible amount of physical effort. An individual needs to be able to keep up with the fast paced, daily agenda.

Randy is not just out of the loop, he is way out. He has no experience in modern day law enforcement. Most of the technology we use every day was not even invented when he was a police officer.

JJ Jones says: This is why you should vote for me.

"I have the highest level of leadership, skills, and abilities. Everything I have done for the last 28 years has trained me and prepared me for this office."

Randy Tyree says this is why you should vote for JJ Jones:

"Our citizens are tired of the way the government has been functioning, it is time for a change. The Hutchison reign is over, and needs to be put to an end."

The line before the last paragraph in this snippet has Tyree endorsing Jones. That is an interesting campaign strategy.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Luke 2

The Birth of Jesus

1In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2(This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) 3And everyone went to his own town to register.

4So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. 5He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. 6While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, 7and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

The Shepherds and the Angels

8And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 9An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. 11Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ[a] the Lord. 12This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger."

13Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, 14"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."

15When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, "Let's go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about."

16So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. 17When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, 18and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. 19But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. 20The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

KNS Coverage On Charlie Wilson's War From Brian's Blog Correspondent

You would think that local media, specifically KNS reporters, would have a hard time outdoing themselves these days when it comes to saying and writing inaccurate and humiliating junk, as your earlier posts on Sandra Clark describes, but you and I would be wrong.

In today's KNS review of the movie Charlie Wilson's War, Betsy Pickle makes the following outrageous comment:

"Charlie Wilson's War" tells how a Texas congressman ended the Cold War and inadvertently opened the door to an even bigger mess.

I guess Betsy never paid attention in social studies or world history class. Perhaps she wasn't old enough to see and understand why East Berliners were dancing on the Berlin Wall nearly twenty years ago. Maybe she can't do the math and know how many people lived under repressive regimes in the former Soviet Union, the East Bloc countries, and their international allies like Vietnam.

I guarantee she's never read The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression, written by European and French scholars who estimate the number of deaths caused by Communist governments during the Cold War to be at or near 100 million.

If ignorance is bliss, too many people in the media must be really, really happy.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lloyd Daugherty Chickens Out

Lloyd Daugherty chickened out today as a candidate for Knox County Commission Sixth District. Word among politico's is that the TCU financial records and legal contests involving TCU and Lloyd would have been exposed to the media and non-Lloyd fans.

When Lloyd realized the scrutiny that he would expose himself and his organization to, he chickened out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This Christmas

Saturday night the wife and I, along with our good friends Brad and Cathy ventured over to Regal Cinemas The Pinnacle 18 at Turkey Creek. We had just finished dinner at Calhoun's in Turkey Creek with some other friends.

But we went to see This Christmas. What a great movie and the two featured performances of Chris Brown in the movie are awesome. Christmas seems to come around so quickly and it is great when a movie can remind us about Christmas is all about.

I encourage you to check it out.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

E.W. Scripps and Sandra Clark

UPDATE: We have received several emails this morning asking why in less than two years has she resorted to drawing four individuals into same sex insinuations?

Almost two years ago, Sandra Clark editor employee of E.W. Scripps came under scrutiny for a picture that she published in the little community paper where she is employed. The picture was a photograph that she lifted from the News~Sentinel of former Knox County School Board Member Chuck James and their new informant Tyler Harber. She published the photograph with a very derogatory headline. She came under fire from citizen activist groups and from other media outlets. She refused to exit her little office building to comment while WATE was sit up outside the office building.

She published an apology and after some internal conversations with E.W. Scripps she went on her way and about her business. So we were shocked to see a similar tactic used by Clark again less than two years since the last time, but she did it again. This time she inserted two new characters. This time again using two men and both are public officials.

Ragsdale lovefest: At Friday’s breakfast meeting with the Knoxville Chamber, Ragsdale remarked to Mike Hammond: “I don’t know if you’re the mayor’s guy, but I’m glad to be one of your guys.” No word on whether they kissed after the meeting.

This appeared on page A-4 of the December 10, 2007 edition of the paper where she is employed as editor. How long with E.W. Scripps continue to tolerate such a rogue employee?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tonights BOE Meeting

There is much to report with the Board of Education and County Commission meeting simultaneously. However, one of our think tank team members submitted this report while covering the Board of Education meeting.

It's clear that Kincannon and the speaker at the podium have already labeled those parents who want to Save Our Summers as just a "very vocal minority."

In other words, the leaders of the Board and the administrators believe that schools are basically a babysitting, social welfare system, and that those parents who want to spend more time with their children during the summer are upsetting their grand scheme to socialize the country, or at least the county.

Except for Ms. Buttry, the BOE seems deaf.

E.W. Scripps Reporters?

This is a contribution from one of our think tank team member. When an E.W. Scripps employee post a comment or comments on a on-line blog. Should their comment be so derogatory and slanderous?

Submitted by Bbeanster on Mon, 2007/12/17 - 6:10pm.

What's up with Larry Smith?

Wellllll,First thing that comes to mind is the full-page ad denouncing R. LArry's opponent (James McMillan) that Victor Jernigan bought just before the last county elections.Second thing probably shows up on R. Larry's financial disclosures. Or maybe not.As an MPC commissioner, Smith was a development whore. No reason to expect him to be any different as a commissioner. The people who elected him also elected Scoobie. (emphasis mine)

Can the KNS's "objective, professional" reporters not present themselves in a manner that is not obscene and outside the boundaries of this culture's lax standards in public discourse?

Apparently not.

Liberal Local Blog and The Local Liberal Bloggers

This is submitted by one of our think tank team members, this afternoon.

I won't wait for the liberals on KnoxViews to comment on this .

They're too busy slandering the US military and American contractors. Where's Carole (It's ALL about the children) Borges now?

And it also seems like our only daily, the KNS, has trouble...well, thinking. This headline is on their website today "Break in Motive Unclear."

First, if you're defending your home or self, motive of the perpetrator doesn't matter.

Second, since it's a week before Santa's visit, and the burglar wasn't wearing a white beard, red hat, or red suit, it's pretty clear why the criminal was breaking in the house, or at least it should be even on the KNS's grade level.

That's The Night That Lights Went Out In West Knoxville

O.k. it was 4:00 a.m. this morning and I woke up to find that there was no electrical power. Even though it was 4:00 a.m. I could tell by looking out the windows that the whole blessed neighborhood was out. The neighbors porch light that is always on was off.

So I locate my cellphone and I call LCUB (Lenior City Utilities Board) to inquire. I have the utility company programmed in for exactly times like this. Why oh why are we the great people of West Knox County without power? Is this an attempt to silence Brian's Blog? The phone rang, I punched the correct number to report a problem with my service. Because I assume that no power on one of the coldest mornings of the year would qualify as a problem. The gentleman answers and I say "Our power is out in _____beep_______ subdivision." He then informs me that a car had hit a utility pole on the main road that our subdivision is located off of. I said o.k. and then proceeded to set my cellphone alarm for 5:30. At 5:33 a.m. the power returned. Thank you!

This morning as people are getting up late, irritated because they are late because the power was out for at least an hour and a half. Or this morning as people get up a little colder than normal because the power was out for at least and hour and a half. Let's be mindful that at least someone had an accident early this morning and I don't not how bad of an accident it was. But as bad as our situation may be to us at the time always be mindful that someone, somewhere has it a little bit worse than us. I have said a prayer for whoever the accident victim is and hope that they recover in order to have a Merry Christmas.

Just a little dose of reality from Brian's Blog this morning. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Don Bosch Double Speak

Don "criminals are my friends" Bosch was a panelist on Inside Tennessee this morning. Bosch a criminal defense attorney did what criminal defense attorneys do best. Double speak.

In talking about County Commission Chairman Scott Moore he said Moore doesn't have a chance of winning this race and that Moore is running for his last political office. O.k. maybe Bosch was right. But wait here comes Bosch double speak.

In talking about Fifth District School Board candidate Karen Carson, he said "after all she was elected Chair, that means something."


You can use the Chair position to prop up the candidate for a non partisan position that you like. But you use it to beat Chairman Moore over the head.

We shouldn't expect anymore from a guy that represents the worse of the worse of our society. Plus, he needs to keep friends on the school board especially because when he has in the past and will likely in the future represent students that get kicked out of school for weapons and zero tolerance offenses.

That endorsement, my friends, will be one that Carson will regret receiving.

McElroy Talks The Talk, But Comes Up Short On The Walk

Jack "Mister it's all about open and transparent" McElroy came up short today. Well it was probably on Thursday night but it aired today on WBIR. The program was Inside Tennessee. McElroy is a regular panelist on the Inside Tennessee morning talking head show.

This morning they John Becker, host; Don "criminals are my friends" Bosch; Susan Richardson Williams; Dennis Francis; Frank Cagle and McElroy appeared and in the words of Becker, "handicapped the upcoming races".

Now how can McElroy sit on a panel and talk about candidates saying that this one has been working hard and not even mention another candidate. He will then sit with a couple of his employees and force these candidates to sit through candidate interviews and then they will vote for the News~Sentinel endorsements.

First, of all after today no candidate need to show up because McElroy has already "handicapped" the races without giving every candidate a legitimate shot. Secondly, the employees that work for McElroy are not free to go against their boss. After all he determines who gets a paycheck and who gets a pink slip.

So for all McElroy's talk about open and transparent process. He comes up short.

Knoxville News~Sentinel Has No Shame. Is KNS Disrespectful To Veterans?

This post is from a Brian's Blog think tank team member. When the team member submitted it this afternoon. We couldn't disagree with a word they submitted, so we present it to you, our loyal and avid readers.

I don't know if you've seen the latest garbage being published by the KNS, but I thought I'd email it to you.

It's the most disrespectful and inaccurate piece of opinion journalism I've seen in a long time.

It's disrespectful because it uses a sad, heartbreaking event from our history that should be only memorialized, but is instead used to send a political message.

It's also disrespectful because Mayor Ragsdale has done more to honor and help military veterans in Knox County than any other elected official that I know of has done.

It's inaccurate, because although Jack McElroy and Betty Bean think their alliance with the admitted liar Tyler Harber has Mayor Ragsdale's administration shaking in its shoes, nothing could be further from the truth.

Mayor Ragsdale continues to look out for the interests and the future of Knox County, despite the ongoing efforts of those playing politics.

Here is what our think tank team member is referring to, a political cartoon by R. Daniel Proctor.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

We Interrupt Our Regular Posting For This Flashback

Is it time for another public awareness campaign? All that needs to change is the names. Instead of Harry Moskos, change it to read Jack McElroy. The news story that accompanied this published picture on Saturday March 30, 1996 by David Keim revealed that Keim was unable to discover the identity of the person (s) that paid for the billboard.

Gary Douglas of Douglas Outdoor Advertising, Inc in response to David Keim's inquiry said "I'm not going to divulge anything about the sponsors or anything like that." "I see it as a statement which reflects an opinion about the growing frustration of Knoxvillians with the editorial department."

Douglas reiterated "I don't disagree with the message," "Harry's hammered a lot of folks, and he does it on a regular basis and a lot of times it's not correct."

The more things and people change, the more they stay the same. Again, instead of Harry Moskos it is now Jack McElroy and Keim is still writing stories.

County Commission Fifth District Seat C

This election will select the individual to replace John Griess. There are no blue candidate (s) and no female candidate (s). What's up blue Chairman Don Daugherty? There are some good blue residents in the fifth. Where are the female candidate (s)?

Here are the red candidates Thomas S. Baer, Richard Briggs, Jim McEvers, Kyle Phillips and John Schoonmaker. There is an independent candidate that will face the red candidate on August 7, 2008. That candidate is Don Sproles.

Baer, I know nothing about him. We will discover and report back to you later.

Briggs is a heart surgeon and military veteran having served in Afghanistan. His candidacy would be considered as a long shot as he has been minimally active within the fifth district community and never active within the Knox County Republican Party.

McEvers is an active candidate that has made himself visible since September. He has attended County Commission meetings, never shying from giving his opinion from the public podium. He has the courage to stand for his convictions and make his voice known. He is a promising candidate.

Phillips is a young energetic guy. I first met Kyle while he was running against my friend Parkey Strader for State Representative. We all felt that he had a real potential and promise as a public servant. Kyle ran as an independent in that race and he has reminded me that I encouraged him to become a Republican and get active. In 2006, he did exactly that and ran as a Republican against Craig Leuthold for Commission. He has been active in Republican functions and clubs having attended the West Knox, Concord-Farragut and Young Republicans since 2004. This very well could be Kyle's time.

Schoonmaker is the leader of the Council of West Knox County Homeowners. He is certainly well known among homeowner groups but is considered not to be a friend of developers and progressive community members. Schoonmaker and his group stopped the George Williams Rd site for a new West Knox County high school, forcing the school board to build the Hardin Valley High School in the remote Hardin Valley community.

Brian's Blog is uncommitted on this race at this point. However, if the election were held today. I would predict a close three way race with Phillips, Schoonmaker and McEvers.

The independent candidate is Don Sproles.

Sproles is the owner /operator of The Lunch Box. He is an Attorney and will make a formidable candidate for County Commission. You could see Sproles pick up significant Red support depending on who the red candidate is. We will see in late February 2008.

Friday, December 14, 2007

School Board - Eighth, Third and Second Districts

There are three School Board races on the February 5, 2008 ballot where there are no challengers. Two are known red candidates William Bill Phillips in the Eighth district and Cindy Buttry of the Third district. The blue candidate is Indya Kincannon of the Second district. These positions are non partisan, however most candidates proudly embrace the parties of their choice.

First up is William Bill Phillips of the Eighth district. Phillips will be replacing Jim Williams. Williams on August 31, 2008 will complete 8 years on the board. Phillips is a successful businessman with his own East Knox County company Heartland Transportation, Inc. Phillips is married with three sons in Knox County Schools. His company has always been available to assist with initiatives that involve Knox County. Whether it is assisting former Sheriff Tim Hutchison with the efforts in New York during the 9/11 tragedy or assisting Sheriff Hutchison with rescue and disaster relief efforts in Louisiana immediately following Hurricane Katrina. Whether it is his efforts to assist Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and Knox County with housing and caring for the refugees from Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina. Bill Phillips has been a friend of Knox County Schools donating the batons for the School System Security Officers. Bill Phillips has a great sense of humor and is a fun guy to be around. I certainly expect the ratings of the television broadcast for the School Board meetings to spike beginning September 1, 2008. Brian's Blog is wishing Bill well, he is the type of go to guy that can actually get something done. If Bill can't do it, no body can.

Cindy Buttry the star of the Knox County School Board. Cindy has been involved in Knox County Republican party politics for a while. She currently serves as Vice - Treasurer of the organization and served in that capacity while I served as Chairman. She was an invaluable asset and assistance to me. Cindy cast votes that reflect the sentiment of her district that is why she is unopposed. Whether it is the right side of a rezoning, a decision on a Superintendent Search firm or casting a vote against building a school facility for 1000 students when their are 1200 students currently enrolled at Cedar Bluff, Cindy always does what is right. Here's to Cindy, Steve and Zach. Great family and down right good people.

Kincannon is a liberal and a blue candidate. It was exposed this fall with her open support of Demorat and blue candidate for City Council Ray Abbas. Kincannon is supported by a district that is profoundly liberal. Kincannon may not be facing a candidate on the ballot. However, she did have two candidates that were interested in giving the district a choice. Former Knox County School Supervisor Robert "Bobby" Gratz and a mother of two Shawn Wise contemplated placing their names on the ballot. Congratulations to Kincannon for being rewarded without a challenger on the ballot.

School Board - Fifth District

UPDATE: Here is a profile for Laurie Alford that appeared in the News-Sentinel on Saturday December 15, 2007.

The Fifth district School Board race is the only contested school board race of the four school board positions on the ballot in 2008. Laurie Alford a known red candidate and Karen Carson a known blue candidate are competing for this non partisan position.

Alford a working mom is running to become an advocate for the citizens of the fifth district. A controller for the Tennessee Press Association. She oversees the financial condition of the organization so the school budget will not be a problem for Alford. Obviously the school district needs a set of competent eyes on the school budget and a person that views the decisions through a competent business approach. Alford is a native of Knox County and the district. Alford is a wife to Mike and mother to Patrick, a student at Rocky Hill Elementary. She has always been a active advocate for parental involvement and has always been active and involved herself. Her concern will be to see that responsible decisions are made and the voice of the constituents are represented.

Carson a former PTA leader that back during the Clinton presidential era wrote and published in a PTA newsletter "that it takes a village to raise a child" repeating a mantra of Hillary Clinton. The word in the district is that Carson has been non responsive to concerns within the district that she does not agree with. The word in the district is that Carson does not attend to school concerns within her district and is rarely seen on school campuses within the district.

The Fifth district is home to Brian's Blog so this race and the Fifth District County Commission Seat C race will be a focus of Brian's Blog throughout the election.


The Red candidates Steve Hill, Roger Kane, Hobart Lumpkin, Steve Rogers, Sr., Fred Sisk and L.B. Steele. The Blue candidate running is School Board Member Robert Bratton.

Hill is a governmental relations representative with St. Marys Health System. He served on the Knox County School Board several years ago. As Chairman of the School Board he led the board and school system through some difficult and dark days.

Kane is in the financial services field in the Karns community. He has been active as President of the Karns Business and Professional Association.

Lumpkin is a former Farragut High School teacher. He built a convenience store business on Westland Drive and has since sold the successful business that he started from the ground up. He is currently in the automobile industry. He ran for County Commission several years ago challenging John Griess.

Rogers is a convenience store owner / operator in the Washington Pike area.

Sisk is Chief Deputy of the Trustee's office. He has served as Chief Deputy since Mike Lowe was elected Trustee several years ago. Sisk has a knowledge of the operations of the office and the tasks required. However, Sisk was appointed on January 31 and removed by blue Chancellor Darryl Fansler in October 2007. Can Sisk overcome the cloud of January 31 and his competition with the same dedicated volunteers that Lowe is using in his Property Assessor campaign.

Steele is a retired Sargent with the Knoxville Police Department. He has been a dedicated volunteer for the Knox County Republican Party. Always cooking BBQ and other main entrees with his large cooker and his volunteers. Steele is a good guy that makes friends with everyone he meets.

Brian's Blog is uncommitted to any red candidate at this time.

The blue candidate is Robert Bratton, a school board member from the Ninth district serving South Knox County. Bratton was elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2006 to the school board. Brian Hornback served with Bratton from 2002-2004 while both served on the school board. Bratton was elected to the County Commission in 1990. He ran unsuccessfully for the State House of Representatives getting beat by new upstart Jamie Hagood now State Senator Jamie Woodson. He then was elected to School Board and is now running for Trustee. This summer the school district launched an investigation on an employee complaint involving Bratton. That investigation has not been completed.

Criminal Court Judge Div. II

The red candidate is General Sessions Judge Bob McGee. The blue candidate is Ken Irvine, the recently appointed by Prince Phillip of Nashville.

This race will be decided on August 7, 2008. Brian's Blog will visit this one many, many times between now and August. This race pits two guys that are too nice for the job. General Sessions Judge Bob McGee has more than 20 years of experience as jurist, a judge.

Irvine has the experience of being appointed by Prince Phillip of Nashville in August of this year. Irvine was rejected by the voters of Knox County for this very position in August 2006. Judge Ray Lee Jenkins was re-elected to an eight year term in August of 2006 over the best effort of Ken Irivine. But unfortunately Judge Jenkins untimely passing away in August 2007, opened up an opportunity for the blue party led by Prince Phillip of Nashville to attempt to politicize the office and force a power grab for the blue party.

The only way that a blue candidate that has been rejected by all the voters of Knox County is eligible to serve is for the blue Prince Phillip of Nashville to come over here and knight him. On August 7, 2008 we will correct another one of the many errors that Prince Phillip of Nashville has made.

In examining Knox County's three Criminal Court Judge positions we find that prior to his untimely death Judge Jenkins was the red balance with the other two jurist being blue. So with Prince Phillip's appointment the administration of justice for the Criminal Court is in the hands of three members of the blue party. As you know the members of the blue party that drink the blue kool-aid are soft on crime.

It only takes Knox County having one red Criminal Court Judge to balance the two Criminal Court blue judges. Judge Bob McGee will balance the scales of criminal justice in Knox County on September 1, 2008.

Property Assessor

The two Red candidates are Commissioner Phil Ballard and former and Current Interim Trustee Mike Lowe. The blue candidate is Andrew Graybeal and there is an independent Robert Bedwell.

On the February 5, 2008 primary ballot it is Ballard -vs- Lowe.

Ballard was elected to the Knox County Commission in 2006. He began serving his term on September 1, 2006, a little more than 15 months ago. He is now running for countywide office. If he is successful and is sworn into office on September 1, 2008, the County Commission will have to appoint a replacement to fill the remaining two years of his Commission term. For complete disclosure, Phil Ballard's wife of 33 years, I am told is my 5th cousin. She is my cousin. I am just going on the word of others that she is a 5th cousin. I am not into researching the whole family tree thing. Ballard was supported by current Property Assessor John Whitehead and current State Representative and former Property Assessor Park M. "Parkey" Strader. Whitehead has withdrawn his support. Strader has not.

Lowe was elected and served as Trustee since 1994. He is currently serving as the interim Trustee, due to the appointed Trustee being removed by Chancellor Darryl Fansler. Lowe has implemented many improvements in the office since being elected in 1994. He has attempted to merge the mailing of tax notices with the City of Knoxville, the city has not been fully cooperative. He has faced criticism for not using the Knox County Law Director's office for delinquent tax notices and collection. He has faced criticism for the number of employees and salaries that are spent in the Trustees office. He is reported to have and operate a "political machine". However, his record of election and re-election to the Trustee position speaks for itself.

At this point, Brian's Blog is uncommitted to any red candidate for Property Assessor.

Graybeal, I know nothing about him. I will after the February 5, 2008 primary and we will re-visit this race again.

Bedwell, I know nothing about him. I will after the February 5, 2008 primary and we will re-visit this race again.


This race will be decided in August. The Red candidate is Jimmy "J.J." Jones and the Blue candidate is Randy Tyree.

Jones has been with the Sheriff's Department and KPD. He hasn't bounced back and forth, in and out of law enforcement. He has stayed in the profession. No one can say that he is "the Tim Hutchison" man. While if he was that would not be a problem for me, I have and do support Sheriff Tim. However, we are talking about "J.J." not Tim and after all "J.J." ran against Tim several years ago. "J.J" is the only candidate with the experience continue the long legacy of improving our Sheriff's department.

Let's not take a step backwards to the 1980's when the department was run by a blue Sheriff, Joe Fowler. Fowler did not advance the department with improvements in technology and tools to assist the department. Say what you will about Tim Hutchison. But you can not minimize the improvements that he brought to this department. When a crime is committed in Knox County we have the officers, technology and we have criminals behind bars.

Tyree, former Mayor of Knoxville. He brought Knoxville the 1982 Worlds Fair. He was safety director before being Mayor. He has achieved many great things for our community. He challenged Victor Ashe several times. I like Randy and Mary Pat. They are great people. I consider Randy one of my favorite blue people. But the fact remains that Randy is older now and the job of Sheriff is fast paced and kind of willy. We need someone with experience within the last couple of decades. Randy Tyree, I like you, I respect you.

However, Brian's Blog is with "J.J."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Register of Deeds

This race will be decided on August 7, 2008. With the Red candidate Sherry Witt facing the blue candidate Scott Emge.

Emge ran in 2006 against former Register Steve Hall. There were a lot of wild accusations against Hall but in the end Knox County voters re-elected Hall.

Witt is qualified, educated and has extensive experience in the operations of the Register's office. Brian's Blog is with Sherry.
This race will not be close. Witt will be elected with 61% of the vote.

Law Director

There are only Red candidates in this race. They are Bill Lockett and John Owings. This position is on the ballot because it is time for the election/re-election of Law Director. It is not a term limited position on this ballot.

Lockett is a local attorney. Like democrat Jim Andrews during the Chancellor race in 2006, Lockett this year had his law license suspended for a short time due to an untimely filing of his annual continuing education certification. Lockett had three votes from County Commissioners (Lambert, Guthe and M. Harmon) in September 2006 for the appointed position when former Law Director Mike Moyer had to vacate the position for his elected position of Chancellor. He does not have county government law experience certainly a negative when voting for experience.

Owings is a great guy. He has extensive experience in the county law director's office. He only has experience as Law Director since 9/1/2006. It is important to have some experience around to advise the new elected officials. He is an active Republican having served as precinct chairman of one of the Farragut wards for several years. That is important since the Knox County Blue Chairman did not field a blue candidate for Law Director. This one is up to the Red party to fill.

I think this could be a close race with Owings edging out Lockett in the end.

County Clerk Race

The Red candidates are Foster Arnett, Jr, Bryan Bates, Mike McMillan and Commission Chairman Scott Moore.

Arnett while a decent guy has the "Victor Ashe" machine cloud surrounding him. Arnett served as public information officer for KPD. He had issues while in that position. Primarily, was when Andre Stinson died at the hands of the KPD. Arnett came out and announced that Stinson had drugs in his body. The toxicology report that this was an erroneous report and Arnett was reprimanded.

Bates is the son of Jim Bates. Jim is a nice guy that ran for Sessions Court Clerk against former Clerk Lillian Bean several years dgo. Jim is employed in the Knox County Trustees office and Bates is employed with KPD. Bates at this point is considered a long shot.

McMillan a former Knox County Commissioner from East Knox County's Eighth District is a great guy and will compete for the same county votes as Moore. A high school history teacher at Northeast Knox County's Gibbs High School. McMillan is a conservative with a real public service approach.

Moore a great guy and a dedicated public servant. Moore is in the second year of his final four years of his second term on County Commission. Moore is married to a lovely wife Lorie and father of two wonderful, awesome children. Of the field Moore will work the hardest for every vote he gets. During campaigns Moore works 24/7 365, just ask Jim Boyer and Leo Cooper. He has concrete real plans to bring the Clerk's office into the 21st century. An office that is currently operating in the early 20th century.

If the election were held today Brian's Blog would predict a close three way race with the finishing order Moore, McMillan and Arnett with Bates as a distant fourth. Remember, this is a countywide race with heavy voting in the county.

The Blue candidates are George Stooksbury and
Amy Henley Vandegriff.

Stooksbury has been a longtime assistant to former Clerk Mike Padgett. His time as a leader in the office gave him many opportunities to improve the public service aspect of the Clerk's operation. Little progress has been made to bring the system into the 21st century. However, they have just started taking Mastercard and Visa. Unfortunately, they are not taking Discover and American Express.

Vandegriff is a young energetic lady that has experience in the Clerk's office before she was demoted and ultimately laid off at the Clerk's office. Her input and dialogue during this campaign with provide a starting point for moving beyond the Padgett days.

The First Set of Candidates are In For February 5, 2008

The withdrawal deadline for Knox County offices is one week from today, December 20, 2008 at 12:00 noon. Candidates names in RED indicate that they are running or have a history of supporting Republicans. Candidates names in BLUE is a representative or a history of supporting the other party. Candidates names in BLACK are either neutral or they are without a candidate.

County Clerk

Foster Arnett, Jr.
Bryan Bates
Mike McMillan
County Commission Chairman Scott Moore

George Stooksbury
Amy Henley Vandergriff

Knox County Law Director

John Owings
Bill Lockett

Register of Deeds

Sherry Witt

Scott Emge


Jimmy "J.J" Jones

Randall Tyree

Property Assessor

Phil Ballard
Mike Lowe

Andrew Graybeal

Robert H. Bedwell

Criminal Court Judge Div. II

Bob McGee

Ken Irvine


Steve Hill
Roger Kane
Hobart Lumpkin
Steve Rogers, Sr.
Fred Sisk
L.B. Steele

Robert Bratton

School Board

Fifth District

Laurie Alford
Karen Carson

Second District

Indya Kincannon

Third District

Cindy Buttry

Eighth District

William "Bill" Phillips

County Commission

Fifth District Seat C

Thomas S. Baer
Richard Briggs
Jim McEvers
Kyle Phillips
John Schoonmaker

Don Sproles

First District Seat A

Albert O. Baah

Therea A. Cox
Pete Drew
Evelyn Gill
Lewis C. Logan, Jr
Samuel P. McKenzie
Cynthia Stancil

Second District Seat B

Charles D. Chuck Bolus

Amy Broyles
Cortney Piper
Chuck Williams

Fourth District Seat A

Richard T. Cate
William Daniels
Ruthie Kulhman
Walter S. Wojnar

Elaine Davis
Finbarr Sanders

Fourth District Seat B

Logan Brummitt
Ed Shouse
Jim Smelcher
Lee Tramel

Steve Drevick

Sixth District Seat A

Brad Anders
Matthew Jones
Walter S. McDaniel
Jimmie Shelton

Lloyd Daugherty

Kathy Bryant
Charles Connatser

Eighth District Seat B

James C. Eubanks
Kay Frazier
Maurice D. Freed
Gailen Porter
Dave C. Wright

Ninth District Seat A

Tim Greene
Michael Brown

C. Vernon Rose

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Children of the Knoxville News~Sentinel Can Sleep Easy Tonight

The children of the employees of the Knoxville News~Sentinel can rest easy knowing that there will be at least one present under the Christmas tree with milk and bread on the kitchen table for at least the next six or eight weeks.


The circulation will be up, papers will sell because Jack McElroy and his little reporters will have a lot of fiction to write as Commission Chairman Scott Moore picked up his petition today and will return it tomorrow as the Republican candidate for Knox County Clerk.

The paper once deemed as anti-Hutchison. Is now anti-Moore with a anti-Republican bias.

WATE is Issued a Red Warning Label

McAfee Site Advisor has awarded WATE's website a Red warning label. When you read the details. It states that McAfee submitted their email address and WATE issued 15 emails in one week. Giving WATE the "very spammy" label. Take note citizens of Knoxville that are computer savvy.

Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones Says to Tyree.. Bring It On

In a report this evening about the candidacy of Randy Tyree for Sheriff. Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones issued the following statement.

"Randy Tyree is a nice guy, but it is a direct slap in the face to the citizens of Knox County for him to run for sheriff of the third largest county in the state of Tennessee when he has had no involvement in law enforcement in over 30 years.

He has shown his inability to manage money, with large unpaid campaign debts, not to mention that only five months ago he was sued by First Tennessee Bank for an unpaid debt of $28,000.

It would be a travesty to have him responsible for the $60 million operating budget of the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

The voters have a clear choice, either to continue the career minded professionalism of one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the state of Tennessee or succumb to the political whims of a career politician."

In an interview with Brian's Blog this evening, Sheriff Jones is prepared for a spirited campaign. Brian's Blog believes the spirit of "Bring It On" is alive and well with the Jones campaign.

Huckabee Gains Another Endorsement

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minutemen Project endorsed Mike Huckabee yesterday. In response to the endorsement Huckabee said.“No one can question Jim’s commitment to this country and the immigration problem. He has mobilized a group of volunteers to go to the border and draw attention to the issue of immigration. All of us want a policy where people come to this country through the front door, not the back door,”

Gilchrist praised Huckabee’s immigration plan. The plan calls for fencing the border, eliminating some categories of legal immigration and other security measures.

Of all the Republican candidates for President, former Arkansas Governor Huckabee is the toughest on illegal immigration.

Monday, December 10, 2007

West Knox Republican Club Christmas Dinner

Republican Elected Officials and Candidates were plentiful tonight at the West Knox Republican Club Christmas Dinner at Rothchilds on Kingston Pike.

I took the opportunity to get my petition filled up and I thank all of the individuals that signed my qualifying petiton.

Congressman John J. "Jimmy" Duncan, Jr and Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale were both speakers this evening. Congressman Duncan installed the new officers of the West Knox Republican Club for 2008. Sarah Holloway and Anne Allen were the musical entertainment and did an AWESOME job.

Candidate for Fifth District School Board Laurie Alford was present and warmly received by those in attendance.

Candidates for County Clerk present were Commission Chairman Scott Moore, Foster Arnett, Jr and Bryan Bates.

Candidates for Fifth District County Commission present were Jim McEvers and John Schoonmaker.

Candidates for Trustee present were Fred Sisk, L.B. Steele, Steve Hill and Roger Kane.

Candidates for Property Assessor present were Trustee Mike Lowe and County Commissioner Phil Ballard. Current Knox County Property Assessor John Whitehead attended as well.

Candidates for Law Director present were Knox County Law Director John Owings and local Attorney Bill Lockett.

Candidate for Register of Deeds Sherry Witt.

Candidate for Criminal Court Judge Div. II General Sessions Court Judge Bob R. McGee.

Candidate for Knox County Sheriff J.J. Jones.

Candidate for County Commission Ninth District Mike Brown.

Candidates for County Commission Eighth District Dave C. Wright and Gailen Porter.

Candidates for County Commission Sixth District Brad Anders and Jimmie Shelton.

Candidates for County Commission Fourth District Seat B Lee Tramel, Ed Shouse and Jim Smelcher.

Candidates for County Commission Fourth District Seat A Richard Cate, Ruthie Kulhman and Walt Wojnar.

Candidate for County Commission Second District Charles "Chuck" Bolus.

Candidate for County Commission First District Albert Baah.

A great time was had by all. In addition Congressman Duncan wished all in attendance a "Merry Christmas!"

Knoxville News~Sentinel Has an Agenda and a Bias

O.k. check out this online story submitted today by Rebecca Ferrar and Ansley Haman. Their report states what Tood Cook said. But they do not detail Commission Chairman Scott Moore and Attorney General Randy Nichols had to say in response to Todd Cook.

Come on Scripps writers, report the whole story. Your bias is showing and showing badly.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

At Least Knox County Government Hasn't Developed Into The Alabama State Senate This Past Summer

Georgiana Vines Missed The Mark

On Saturday, Georgiana Vines published a story about County Commission Chairman Scott Moore not picking up a petition for the Republican nomination for Knox County Clerk.

Why, did Georgiana miss former County Commissioner Mike McMillan? He has been attending functions this entire fall season and had not picked up a petition by the time, Georgiana faced her deadline. McMillan did pick a petition late Friday, but I am certain that Georgiana already had her story turned in by then.

The KNS and its other publications have an angle. The angle or bias, if you will is against anyone or anything..........................................................................REPUBLICAN!

Commission Chairman Scott Moore Faces The Voice of the Voter

Knox County Commission Chairman and Republican candidate for Knox County Clerk Scott Moore was on the George Korda Show on Citadel Broadcasting this evening.

For all the "outraged" voters that keep posting on blogs, they obviously do not have real voices. Because all the calls were not as "outrageous" as the anonymous posting on blogs.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Brian Hornback's Campaign Theme Song Released

If I were going to run for public office again. This is one of two campaign theme songs that will be utitlized. Toby Keith has been beat up by the liberals, primarily led by the former country group The Dixie Hicks. opps, I accidently left off a letter off their name. Oh well.

It hasn't hurt Toby to stand for what is right and just. It has only hurt the liberals.

So, to you liberal, it takes a village crap people. This is a song for you from Toby Keith and it sums up my views as well.

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Liberals on the Local Liberal Blog Forum Suffer From The Double Standard and Are Awarded

One of the team members of Brian's Blog came to the think tank discussion today and said those liberals on the local liberal blog forum have a double standard.

How so?

"After all the posts about Larry Craig and Mark Foley, how many posts about Carl Scarbrough have we seen? Where is Carole, and all the other "it's all (always) about the kids" seekers of truth and justice? Where's the outrage for the light sentence? Could it be Scarbrough is a fellow liberal? I guess in that regard, for him, it really was all about the kids."

With that we have awarded all the liberals on the local Liberal blog the Hypocrites of the Year award. Congratulations you liberals you.

With a phone call over to the Johnson team think tank, the Hypocrites of the year received a "bless their little hearts."

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Congratulations to My Republican Senator Lamar Alexander

Congratulations to my Republican United States Senator Lamar Alexander for being selected by his colleagues as a Republican leader in the United States Senate.

Now we know why the liberals of the Democrat party are skeered (East Tennessee slang for scared) of Lamar! After all the little boy of Ned McWherter, Mikey and the former TN Democrat Chairman Bobby have chickened out of challenging Lamar! They have discovered what all of us have know for years. That Lamar! is a national leader.

Senator Lamar! unveiled his plan after his selection is "to help craft a message that would shore up the party’s base and appeal to independent voters."

He also said “I thank my colleagues for giving me this opportunity and will work hard to make both the Senate and the Republican Conference as effective as possible,” said Sen. Alexander. “I look forward to working with Sen. McConnell and the entire Republican leadership team as we work to solidify our party’s base while attracting more independents.”

My other Republican United States Senator Bob Corker said, “Lamar has a unique skill set that will make him an outstanding Conference chairman. He can take a complex message and distill it into terms that are easy for the American people to understand. I believe that his leadership will be good for the Senate and for our country."

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Brian's Blog Receives Liberal Award

The local liberal blog forum has recognized and awarded Brian's Blog for its mission work (truth telling) of exposing the liberal tabloid media, made up primarily of tabloid girls.

We would like to thank all the crappy story writing and the liars that print the lies every week that give us something else to blog about.

On Sunday evening, the tabloid bully editor girl even admitted on the local liberal blog that she was/is a liar and acknowledged that she lied in the Monday edition of the tabloid that she is employed by. The lie that is in this weeks edition is about Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale.

Christmas for the Liberals

Well, if I were buying Christmas gifts for the liberals on my list, this is probably what I would do. However, I really think that R. Neal, Sandra Clark, Betty Bean, Jack McElroy and Georgiana Vines probably have to much stuff anyway and will not miss be excluded from our Christmas gift list.

However, maybe the Brian's Blog team and the Johnson team over at the Walker Johnson Media Report, Southern Looks and Tennessee Writer could go together and purchase gifts for the liberals.

No, we have been paying taxes all year for liberal hand outs, we better just do the conservative thing and keep our capital.

But here is what I would buy them, if I were going to buy them anything.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jack McElroy Responds

Immediately after posting this story. I emailed Jack McElroy my thoughts. Here is what I said.

"Mr. McElroy:

I was shocked at the front page picture last week of the dead juvenile in the casket and opined on my blog about it. I didn't feel that I should contact you about it.

However, your editorial decision to publish in the Don Jacobs online story today the identity of the juvenile male that attempted suicide this morning. Revealing his mother's identity and their home address is unbelievable and unconscionable.

If you care I have opined about this at my blog. I hope that you will have Jack Lail edit the online story immediately and certainly not print it all in tomorrow's print edition."

Within 127 minutes of my email. Mr. McElroy responded. Here is his response.

"We don't know that this young man attempted suicide. We do know that a child was found shot in his room. We (and most other newspapers, I believe) regularly publish the identities of children killed by accident. We've removed the specific street address online, however. Thanks for the note."

I do appreciate that they have removed the home address. I just wonder what the News~Sentinel will say when this case is solved. I understand that it may not have been a suicide. However, I would hope that "real journalist" would err on the side of caution. This story isn't going away and when you are the only daily paper in town. It ain't like somebody is going to scoop you.

See even a blogger like me can have some impact. Why don't you jump into blogging? The water is fine.

Hillary's Cookies

The Knoxville News~Sentinel Should Officially Change its Name TODAY

Jack McElroy is single handily turning the Knoxville News~Sentinel into a Knoxville daily version of Weekly World News. This occuring, shortly after their parent company bought the Knox County version of the National Enquirer, the Shopper News.

Last week it was the News~Sentinel printing a photograph of a dead juvenile male body laying in a casket on the front page. Today it is running the name of a 12 year old juvenile male that is in critical condition at UT Medical Center from an alleged self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The story is online at their website.

Not only have the listed his identity, but his mother's identity and his home address. Not very responsible. But that is what our community receives for having a one shot newspaper town. This is their response to our community for declining subscriptions and reduced advertisers.

Knoxville deserves better than Jack and his tabloid shock journalism. McElroy is the guy that said that his editorial coverage of Columbine High School was "his best journalistic work."

Monday, December 03, 2007

Huckabee Takes Lead in Iowa

One month from today, Iowa will hold its caucus. This morning, Mike Huckabee takes the Republican lead in Iowa polling.

God Bless Evel Knievel

When I was a kid there wasn't video games and there was no cable television. We only had three television stations. If the President was on, well that was that.

Evel Knievel gave us entertainment and I remember when I was in like the third grade having an evil knievel lunch box.

God Bless Evel.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Sixth District County Commission Race Is Getting Full

The candidates for Sixth District County Commission is getting full. On Monday it will gain at least one additional candidate. Former Sixth district Republican School Board Member Chuck James will appoint a treasurer and pick up a qualifying petition to become a candidate for the Republican nomination.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

John Becker of WBIR Ain't From Around Here and After Tonight Ought To Go Back

Tonight in "anchoring" the story on WBIR about State Representative and former Chief Deputy of Knox County Property Assessor Parkey Strader. Becker called him Parker Strader. Parkey's name is Park M. "Parkey" Strader.

Parkey was first elected as Knox County's Property Assessor in the early 70's and served until 8/31/2000. He was elected as State Representative in 2004. For Becker to butcher the name of Strader is inexcusable.

WBIR should have Seth Andrews as the Anchor. Whatever happened to Seth anyway?

You can catch the error every 30 minutes on 10News2 (Comcast Channel 21) until 11:00 p.m. this evening. It is within the first 7-8 minutes of the newscast.

Brian's Blog Was Right About The Cawood Situation

With the announcement that former January 31, 2007 appointed County Commissioner Sharon Cawood will not stand for the voice of the voter, we are reminded that we were right on September 17, 2007. That was four days after qualifying petitions were made available for positions on the February 5, 2008 County election.

We predicted that Sharon would not run for Commission and that she and her husband Mark, a former term limited County Commissioner and current Court bailiff would instead support Mark's brother Frederick Chris Cawood in essence keeping the check in the family.

With her announcement it appears our sources were partially accurate. We had been told that she would run for countywide office. She could go for the appointment to the position of General Sessions Court Clerk. Because when Judge Bob McGehee is elected as Criminal Court Judge and takes the bench on September 1, 2008. Cathy Quist will likely be appointed the General Session Judge position that Judge McGehee will vacate. Leaving Sharon the opportunity to be appointed to the General Sessions Court Clerk position.

Here is our post from September 17, 2007.

Knoxville News-Sentinel Officially Became a Tabloid Yesterday

I walked into a local Weigels yesterday morning. I was in the process of re-fueling my vehicle and went in to get a cup of coffee and a free News-Sentinel. Weigels currently has a special promotion, buy a 16 oz cup of coffee for .99 plus tax and get a paper, Monday - Saturday. I like the promotion because I don't feel like I am paying for the less than desirable Knoxville daily paper.

When I walked up to the newspaper rack the top copy was upside down. I did what I normally do, I grabbed one about six deep in the stack. I put the paper and coffee on the counter to get my $1.08. I was engaged in a telephone conversation with someone on my cellphone. When I looked at the paper, I asked the person on the phone. Have you seen the front page and they said Yes.

I said I don't want to see a viewing of a body in a casket. To which the person on the phone and the two Weigels employees all laughed in agreement. When I got to my vehicle, I realized that the good people at Weigels had turned the papers upside down to refrain from persons being subjected to the offensive picture.

This is not new ground for the News-Sentinel. Several years ago there was an accident on the Civic Coliseum parking garage deck and they published a picture of the deceased man pinned between the equipment and the wall.

So, Knoxville's only daily paper has the official designation of daily tabloid. Jack McElroy should be so proud. From his role covering Columbine to now in Knoxville with pictures of funeral viewings on the front page.

What Does The News-Sentinel Reporter Not Understand

Yesterday, Rebecca Ferrar had a line in a story she authored that Commission Chairman Scott Moore could not be reached for comment. Today, she authors a story that says "Moore hasn't returned calls seeking comment.."

What part on this quote that she attributed to Chairman Moore on Wednesday November 14, 2007 does she and the people in the metal building on the hill not understand. "I'm not talking to the News Sentinel because you all write crappy articles." - Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron Paul is a Moron. Huckabee is Right on Target.

Question is Name three departments that you will eliminate. "Department of Education, Energy and Homeland Security" - Ron Paul.

Huckabee got it right and named the one department that the entire audience agreed with. "I would first eliminate the IRS." - Mike Huckabee

Playing for Pizza

I have just completed the latest work of John Grisham. I am a BIG fan of Grisham, I have the entire Grisham library. His latest is a novel entitled Playing for Pizza. It is a great read. The story is about a guy that loves what he does but needs a break from his current surroundings and current conditions.

He finds more than he bargains for. I especially like Chapter 21 where he gets finally changes the critical reporter that has hounded him. The stories from the reporter changed remarkably.

It is a quick and enjoyable read.

WVLT Loses Their and Our #1

UPDATE: It is Official Kelli Parker just signed off. WVLT had a great video of the memories and then Kelli thanked us for inviting her in our homes. No Kelli it was our honor to have you as our guest, cause none of the others in Knoxville are like family like you were, By the way, Alan, Rick and Scott you all are still invited, in addition to whoever replaces Kelli. WVLT is like family.

Original Monday November 26, 2007 10:40 p.m. It was a matter of time, but was made official tonight at 5:30 p.m. when WVLT and Kelli Parker announced that she is leaving the airwaves. Her last on camera will be this Wednesday.

As the President of the Kelli Parker fan club. Brian Hornback said. "The fan club will still exist, it will just become the Kelli Parker re-run watchers club. Similar to the Andy Griffith Show clubs." Hornback said. "I anticipate having to secure any and all former newscast where Kelli Parker was the anchor, co-anchor, reporter or contributor."

In all seriousness, Kelli has a young family and her commitment to being an integral part of the life of her family is to be commended. Her contribution to Knoxville and East Tennessee for the past six years has not gone unnoticed. Best of Luck, Kelli. You did good.

I am sure that all the BIG brainpower at my favorite Knoxville television news station will place someone beside Alan Williams that will keep Channel 8 as the top Knoxville news station. The question is what color tie will Alan have to wear?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Couple of Funnies from Fridays High School Ballgame

Knox County Commissioner Mike Hammond also serves as the public address announcer for Bearden High School. All night long he butchered the name of a Farragut player. In all fairness, I did tell a few people that were complaining that they should go up and tell him how to pronounce the name. Alex Encarnacion was the player.

Standing near a Farragut High School female student just before the game when Bearden got in the circle and started swaying back and forth and then came into the circle together. She said. "That is so gay. They are not the Titans." I looked at her and she said "your with Farragut right?" I said yes. I was wearing blue boots, blue jeans, a blue UA (Under Armour) sweatshirt, a Farragut pull over jacket and a UA (Under Armour) toboggan. Surely, I wouldn't have been a Bearden fan.

An adult man, who appeared to be intoxicated came up in the Farragut fans and started running his mouth that all Farragut has is a running back. We all ignored him, though I was tempted to turn around and say and all Bearden has is an old man running his mouth. At about that time, the Bearden quarterback threw an interception and the man walked away. Never to be heard from again.

Football is a game. It is a sport. It is fun for the time as a player and as spectator.

However, life is real. A loss isn't going to take your life, in other words it won't kill us. A loss is painful but it can't do anything physical to you.

I tell the little league teams that I have coached that it shows more about you as a person and a team when you can lose with your head held up. Farragut had a good run this year. There was no reason for Farragut to walk off the field with their head down. Both teams did well.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Brian Hornback, Founder and Operator of Brian's Blog has a saying that he uses often. "Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while." Well, tonight Bearden High School found a nut. After 8 straight losses to the school to the west, Bearden pulled out a win tonight, 28-14. Congratulations and Best Wishes for the rest of the year.

Here is an interesting question, these same Bearden players have been coached by three individual head coaches. This year, Brad Taylor. Last year, Bill Wilson and three years ago Coach Paul Maynard. What is the difference? Our guess is that the parents and players didn't have buy-in with Coach Maynard.

If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans

Immediately after finishing Terry McAuliffe's book yesterday morning. I had to cleanse my mind from the excessive liberal printed verbage. So, I began reading Ann Coulter's latest If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans and I finished it this morning.

A most excellent book that will not be gifted as it will have to remain in my office. Both Terry McAuliffe and Ann Coulter both have said, in different ways I might add. That if your opponents are mad, foaming at the mouth and calling you names then you are doing your job.

Now, I understand why the liberal reporters that are earning their paychecks from the owner of the liberal papers print lies about me.

Ann Coulter always good, This book is no exception.

What A Party!

Yesterday morning I finished reading Terry McAuliffe's book, What a party. It was a great read. While nearly every liberal will be shocked that I would read the book. It exposed the problems within the Democrat party. Terry does a good job of showing the Clinton's in a real world, real people kind of way.

It is interesting to see what Terry McAuliffe did for the party. He took it from a organization in debt, to a party with the infrastructure to compete. The only problem is he could not change the morons within the party. During the 2004 campaign, the Kerry campaign did not involve its Chairman in any discussion or decisions after the Convention. While the Republicans involved their Chairman in constant meetings.

Terry McAuliffe while personal friends of Bill and Hill also states that Clinton's last minute pardon of Mark Rich was wrong.

I would recommend this book to political junkies and bleeding heart liberal (i.e. Democrats) I plan to give the book as a Christmas gift to a true bleeding heart liberal.

Another Video for The Right Brothers "The List"

This is another excellent video contribution to The Right Brothers song "The List". Jordan did a great job. There are some local liberals that I might be able to include on my list.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

This Is A Sad, Sad Thanksgiving....My Prayers Are With The Lefler Family

Today, Trey Lefler left this world. A young, hardworking Republican. He passed away from injuries he sustained in an automobile accident on Monday.

Trey has been working on the Lamar Alexander re-election campaign. Before that he worked in washington, D.C. on Senator Alexander's staff. Trey was raised in Loudon County where he was a standout football player for Loudon High School. Trey introduced me to his father one night at a West Knoxville Republican Club meeting. Trey was a family guy, that was proud of his family and where he came from.

Senator Alexander said. “Trey Lefler lived a good and cheerful life but it was far too short,” “We will miss him terribly. Our hearts go out to the Lefler family and the Bowers and Lambert families.”

Trey had a lot to give this world, he made a difference in his time here and would have made a greater difference for this nation. My prayers and sympathy are with the Lefler family.

Trey touched many lives in his 25 years. Trey was taken from us much too soon.

Trey's sister is Laura Lefler, press secretary for Senator Bob Corker.

Senator Corker said today. “Our state has lost an outstanding young man today,” Corker said. “Trey Lefler’s commitment to public service has made Tennessee stronger and his warm smile and genuine care and compassion for others brightened every room he entered. On this Thanksgiving day, we celebrate all that he accomplished in his short life and continue to remember the Lefler family in our thoughts and prayers.”

This is truly a sad ending to a good Thanksgiving day. But I am thankful that I had the opportunity to meet this fine young man from an obviously wonderful family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian's Blog wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for your readership of this our little corner of the world wide web.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

City of Knoxville Needs To Mind Its Own Business On The Town of Farragut

The City of Knoxville because of the political grandstanding of one City Council member (Robert Frost) have opined that the Town of Farragut should give additional sales tax revenue to the Knox County Schools. The mighty Oz, that is the News-Sentinel has opined and agreed with the City of Knoxville in telling the Town of Farragut what to do with its cash.

Now, before I give my opinion and thoughts. I am no stranger to this issue. While serving on the school board, I authored and presented a similar proposal in the Summer of 2004. It passed the board on a 9-0 vote. I was reacting to the Town of Farragut's statement on a zoning issue. It was a knee jerk reaction and I should not have done it. But, now Robert Frost has picked up the mantra.

The Town of Farragut should make one statement (two words) to the City of Knoxville and the News-Sentinel. "Get Lost!"

Here are several reasons.

First, the City of Knoxville abandoned the concept of a school system. They operated until the late 1980's a failed attempt of a school system. When the buildings were beyond inhabitable and the academic rigor was a failure. The City of Knoxville asked its voters and they voted out of the school business. Knox County by state law had to assume control of the failure that was the City of Knoxville school system. The Knox County School system had to spend millions of dollars on renovations at nearly every savable City of Knoxville building. They had to build a new Christenberry and close several small schools that were not savable. Knox County had to assume a costly City of Knoxville pension that had golden parachutes opening for the past twenty plus years.

Second, in addition to giving us their failure of a school system. They also developed and for the past twenty plus years have conducted what is a money grab of the City of Knoxville. They have been annexing County properties making them City properties. Granted the schools get a larger share of sales tax dollars, but the City gets a cut. Instead of the county getting all of the sales tax collections. The County in receiving a reduced percentage of property tax from annexed property is unable to utilize more dollars for school buildings. Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale touched on this issue at last weeks Knox County Commission / Knox County School Board round table lunch discussion on Capital budgeting.

Third, The primary sponsor of this City of Knoxville resolution Robert Frost is a graduate of a private high school, not a public high school in Knox County.

Why the supposed interest now?

It could be to bolster Frost potential candidacy for City of Knoxville Mayor in 2011. It could be an effort to bolster the "news" for his former client. He was the legal counsel for E.W. Scripps owned Halls Shopper News, prior to it being taken over by E.W. Scripps. This item was on the front page of the Shopper on the Monday that they increased their coverage into the Town of Farragut.

While, I am not a resident of the Town of Farragut or the City of Knoxville. I am a resident of Southwest Knox County. I haven't been a fan of the Town of Farragut. But on this issue, I say to the Town of Farragut. "I have your back." To the City of Knoxville for all of its great grandstanding, I say "Get Lost!"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The List of Liberals

The Right Brothers have a song called The List. A video contest was conducted and this is the video that Proud Conservative entered.

It appears that Georgiana Vines finally reported the intent of my comments accurately in Monday's paper. I felt that it was appropriate to post this video. In regards to that entire issue of Georgiana in-accurately reporting my intent. I look forward to contributing and submitting to Jack McElroy my thoughts that will be printed. Mr. McElroy and Mr. Hartmann have been gentlemen through the ordeal of a reporter reporting inaccurately my intent.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Knox County Commission Remains At 11 Members Until February, 2008

Knox County Commission voted 6-5 to withhold the appointments of the 8 former Republican and 4 former Democrat officeholder positions until after the February 5, 2008 Primary election.

The 6 Commissioners voting to wait until February were Democrat Mark Harmon, Republican Tony Norman, Republican Mike Hammond, Republican Craig Leuthold, Republican R. Larry Smith and Republican Phil Ballard.

A Movie Suggestion That Is Playing at Regal Cinemas

Last Tuesday evening I attended the UT Knoxville College Republican meeting with Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore. One of the CR members mentioned this film to the group that is currently playing. I checked the movie trailer posted on youtube and it looks great. The trailer is below.

The movie began its run in late October, so catch it while you can at Regal Cinema's Downtown West location. It has 4 showings a day at 1640 Downtown West Boulevard in Knoxville, TN.

The movie title is Bella.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Georgiana Vines Writes a Work of Fiction. Is Anyone Surprised? I Didn't Think So.

Today's column by Georgiana Vines has a work of fiction in it. Here is the snippet about me that contains the work of fiction. The work of fiction is in bold print for emphasis.

When Brian Hornback, former Knox County GOP chairman, had the floor, he made a pitch for Republicans seeking Knox County offices to come together after the Feb. 5 primary.

"We'll be having a family discussion in February. We want to elect Republicans after that and not Democrats (and) send a message to the News Sentinel and others that they don't control this town," he said.

He was referring to the newspaper's lawsuit over the state Open Meetings Act. A Chancery Court jury found the County Commission violated the act when appointing 12 officials to replace term-limited office holders. Chancellor Daryl Fansler then vacated the 12 positions, most of which were held by Republicans.

You can read a detailed accounting of Georgiana's attack on me, here. However, at NO time did I state that my comment was referring to the newspaper's lawsuit over the state Open Meetings Act. There were at least 6 witnesses that viewed the exchange between Georgiana and myself. She approached me angrily and very combative. I thanked her three times for stopping to talk to me.

It is really no surprise that she would create a work of fiction. Many people felt that all the years of professionalism by Georgiana went out the window in her seeking someone out and verbally attacking them in the manner that she did.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Farragut Rolls Over Kingsport D-B, The Battle of West Knox Is Up Again

It was cool tonight. But the Admirals won round 2 against Kingsport D-B 28 -6. Next up is round 3 at Bearden with the Battle of West Knoxville. How appropriate, the evening after Thanksgiving. To demonstrate how thankful we are to live in the best part of East Tennessee.

Off the field it will be Brian's Blog -vs- The Reality Me / Domestic Psychology. It will be a barn burner. Every potential political candidate countywide needs to be at Bearden. I will be in Big Blue on the Admiral side.

I Thought That I missed The Knox County Election.

My email inbox has been running over today. I received an email that announced "Ballard grabs upset win" I thought oh, wow, I missed the Knox County election. Then I read the rest of the headline, "Ballard grabs upset win in mayoral race" I then realized that it was my weekly email update from the Indiana Republican Party and it detailed Republican Greg Ballard's upset victory over a two term Democrat incumbent Mayor. Here is the story detailing “the biggest upset in Indiana political history” I was relieved that I had not missed my first election since November 1984.