Friday, November 23, 2007

What A Party!

Yesterday morning I finished reading Terry McAuliffe's book, What a party. It was a great read. While nearly every liberal will be shocked that I would read the book. It exposed the problems within the Democrat party. Terry does a good job of showing the Clinton's in a real world, real people kind of way.

It is interesting to see what Terry McAuliffe did for the party. He took it from a organization in debt, to a party with the infrastructure to compete. The only problem is he could not change the morons within the party. During the 2004 campaign, the Kerry campaign did not involve its Chairman in any discussion or decisions after the Convention. While the Republicans involved their Chairman in constant meetings.

Terry McAuliffe while personal friends of Bill and Hill also states that Clinton's last minute pardon of Mark Rich was wrong.

I would recommend this book to political junkies and bleeding heart liberal (i.e. Democrats) I plan to give the book as a Christmas gift to a true bleeding heart liberal.

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