Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Couple of Funnies from Fridays High School Ballgame

Knox County Commissioner Mike Hammond also serves as the public address announcer for Bearden High School. All night long he butchered the name of a Farragut player. In all fairness, I did tell a few people that were complaining that they should go up and tell him how to pronounce the name. Alex Encarnacion was the player.

Standing near a Farragut High School female student just before the game when Bearden got in the circle and started swaying back and forth and then came into the circle together. She said. "That is so gay. They are not the Titans." I looked at her and she said "your with Farragut right?" I said yes. I was wearing blue boots, blue jeans, a blue UA (Under Armour) sweatshirt, a Farragut pull over jacket and a UA (Under Armour) toboggan. Surely, I wouldn't have been a Bearden fan.

An adult man, who appeared to be intoxicated came up in the Farragut fans and started running his mouth that all Farragut has is a running back. We all ignored him, though I was tempted to turn around and say and all Bearden has is an old man running his mouth. At about that time, the Bearden quarterback threw an interception and the man walked away. Never to be heard from again.

Football is a game. It is a sport. It is fun for the time as a player and as spectator.

However, life is real. A loss isn't going to take your life, in other words it won't kill us. A loss is painful but it can't do anything physical to you.

I tell the little league teams that I have coached that it shows more about you as a person and a team when you can lose with your head held up. Farragut had a good run this year. There was no reason for Farragut to walk off the field with their head down. Both teams did well.


Anonymous said...

Football is just a game but destruction of school property is a crime. What's the deal with these kids painting the school property... Didn't this also happen a couple of years ago?

Brian Hornback said...

yes. It is destruction of school property. Just like the evening before the Farragut / Bearden game that was hosted at Farragut and Bearden came to the Farragut campus and painted the Farragut anchor that ugly Alabama red.

This would be no different than the Army / Navy games when Navy stole the Army mule.

Jay Kersting said...

Having dealt with HS football as a player, reporter, writer and broadcaster....never mis-spell nor mis-pronounce a name. When in doubt, ask someone to get it right. Had that issue this year with a couple players her in Mid-Missouri.

Anyhow, saw that my name popped up in the comments section of your blog, Brian. Thought I'd say Hi! Hope you and your family have a great holiday season (you know, Christmas, New Years, Super Bowl Sunday, Ground Hog Day, etc.).