Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Commissioner Scott Moore at the UTK College Republicans

Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore was the Special guest speaker at the College Republicans last night. The crowd was a little off because "Torch Night 2007" was at the same time as the CR meeting. However, a good crowd was present.

Chairman Moore talked about his background, the reason that he ran for County Commission in 2002, he talked the term limit issue, the January 31 appointment process, the News-Sentinel's lawsuit and then he answered questions. The questions were excellent. One question was why were the term limited people still on the ballot in 2006? Chairman Moore explained that they were on the ballot, because the State Attorney General had opined earlier that the state constituted officers could not be term limited and that Brooks Thompson, the states Coordinator of Elections said in 2006 that they could not be taken off the 2006 ballot. One question was asked about all the write-in candidates in 2006, wasn't that supposed to correct the problem? It would have had they been elected. However, the write-ins were unsuccessful.

Chairman Moore introduced his wife, who was in attendance and the meeting concluded after a discussion was held about a couple of new movies coming out at the theaters.

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