Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Governor Mitt Romney is coming to K-Town (well, Aloca) You are Invited

You are cordially invited to a meet and greet with Governor Mitt Romney Tuesday March 6, 2007 at the Knoxville Airport Hilton located at 2001 Alcoa Highway at 12:30 p.m. Light refreshments will be provided.

For further information, please contact Rachel Barrett at 615-969-0696 or email here.

Sad news for some. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog will not be in attendance due to previously scheduled business commitments.

Monday, February 26, 2007

County Commissioner Mark Harmon is a Disrespectful Guy

Today was the customary Honorary Resolutions for those that have left County Government. Sheriff Tim Hutchison, Trustee Mike Lowe, Register of Deeds Steve Hall and others. When the Sheriff was presented with his Resolution. He received a standing ovation except for Commissioner Mark Harmon. This was the worst display of childish, disrespectful lack of manners ever displayed by an elected official.

Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale participated in the standing ovation. It was obviously only the Sheriff that Mark Harmon decided to disrespect. As he stood for Mike Lowe and Steve Hall. As a citizen or an elected official you are not standing for the person necessarily. You are not standing for his record breaking fifth term that he was elected to in 2006. You are standing out of respect for the position of Sheriff. Harmon demonstrated that he has no respect for the position of Sheriff.

Obviously he is upset that his effort as Jim Andrews Campaign Manager in 2002 was unsuccessful and that allowed his personal attitude to kick in.

Some have questioned why he is only an Associate Professor at UT. Nearly all Associate Professors become Professors after two years, but not Mark Harmon.

Being a Christian

I started this blog in August 2004 at that time I was stepping down from the Knox County School Board (August 31, 2004) and felt that a blog was a way for me to remain in contact and contribute to the public dialogue within the Knox County community.

When I created my Profile on Blogger, I said. "I am a husband and father to three children. Active in my church, First Baptist Church Concord. Very active in community affairs." I am a husband to one wife. We married in March of 1988 and we have been married for 19 years this March. She is the only lady that I have been married to, which is unusual for marriages in this day and age that last, but it is by the Grace of God and lot's of patience and forgiveness on her part. We have three wonderful children. I am active in my church, First Baptist Church, Concord. I am very active in Community affairs. In August 2004, I had no idea that I would be the KnoxGOP Chairman from March 2005 - March 2007. So, the statement very active in Community affairs has been intensified since being written in August 2004.

What I did not consider at the time is that when people are critical of positions that I take or my successful record of beating Democrats or people that have a personal distaste of me. They will launch into negative tirade attacks mocking my Christian faith. It then escalates into attacks on my church and my Senior Pastor.

I have refused to post comments from posters that want to question my faith, my church or my Senior Pastor. One such notorious poster that has attempted this more than most is a local pastor. I refuse to post the comments because it is off topic and that is in the Rules of Engagement for Commenting and I refuse to allow my faith, my Church or my Senior Pastor to be victims of individuals that have an agenda to mock mine or anyone’s Christian faith.

I have participated in local Republican politics since 1982, fours years before I met my wife and six years before we were married. I have volunteered in every known position within hundreds of campaigns. I have managed district races and a few Countywide races. I became a local elected official in 2000. In 2004, I went away from my known campaign strategies and was unsuccessful in my re-election.

In 2006, I went back to my strategies and with the help of hundreds of volunteers led a Republican Countywide sweep. We also won every district race with the exception of the seat held by David Collins. However, today Republican Chuck Bolus holds the other Second District seat that was previously held by Democrat Billy Tindell.

In my campaign strategies, I have never violated my Christian faith. Politics is different and at times a bloody sport and part of my known strategies involve being aggressive and in the face of the opposition. I refuse to reveal my strategies, because on March 11, 2007, when I am no longer Party Chairman I will return to campaign involvement and management.

There are times when individuals (former opponents, political enemies, and local National Enquirer type writers and Editors) have an agenda to individually make me look bad, make my Christian faith, my Southern Baptist denomination or my Senior Pastor look bad.

I feel personally sorry for the individuals that are threatened by my work ethic, my Christian faith and me personally that they have to resort to such attacks and tactics.

I have spent sometime thinking about why I included my Church so prominently on my blog and I considered taking it down in response to criticism that has been leveled at my Church and my Senior Pastor and then I am reminded of the instruction that when you confess/acknowledge Christ in you, Christ is faithful and just to speak to the Father on our behalf. I have reconsidered that decision and will not remove it.

As a Christian those individuals that mock me, my church or my Senior Pastor are angry at themselves. They are angry for the life we have in Christ. As a Christian the road is harder because people are always looking at us to never make mistakes and never mess up. I make mistakes. I mess up. But, I have a Heavenly Father that is faithful and just to forgive me.

In the early 1980's Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill recorded a song entitled "I’m Not Perfect, Just Forgiven" So, I will say to you that I’m not perfect, just forgiven.

When I do mess up, as I will. I will do my best to make it right. All that I can do for those people that personally dislike me or my actions is pray for them. I will treat them kindly when I come in contact with them and will try with all my mind, soul and strength to show them the love of Jesus.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Susan Richardson Williams Makes Mistake on Inside Tennessee

Susan Richardson Williams aka SRW appeared on the weekly Inside Tennessee as she is a regular panelist. However, she stated on the air today that the County Commission had turned down the County Mayor's appointee's to serve on the Ethics Commission.

In fact the County Commission did NOT vote them down, they deferred action until tomorrow, Monday February 26, 2007.

Jack McElroy, Editor of E.W. Scripps locally owned paper appeared on the panel with SRW and should have realized the error and corrected it as it can be assumed that Editor McElroy is following the Commission's actions or inaction's as it may be.

You would think that WBIR would have caught the error, as well.

Facing The Giants

I rented the DVD Facing The Giants at Blockbuster Video this weekend. I just finished watching it. What an AWESOME movie. The story line is accurate. Stay committed to God and the rest will take care of itself.

Winter Jam 2007

I attended Winter Jam 2007 last night at Thompson Boling Arena. What a great experience. I arrived around 6:00 p.m., just in time for New Song. After New Song, Nate Sallie came out and played during the love offering. The cost for Winter Jam is only $10.00 and to attend a secular or Christian concert with two acts is $50.00 or more. So, Winter Jam is an opportunity for people to attend a multi-act concert at a minimal cost. Hawk Nelson then came out and rocked the house.

Pastor Tony Nolan then came out and delivered the Gospel message. 941 individuals committed themselves to Jesus Christ, over 700 of those prayed the Believers prayer for the very first time.

Steven Curtis Chapman came out and led the worship. Chapman's son has a band called The Following. They led in one song. There was an entertainer and the Jeremy Camp came out and rocked and I mean rocked Thompson Boling Arena.

At the conclusion, before the final prayer. All of us in attendance sang Amazing Grace. The sound of 10,000 people singing Amazing Grace a capella was touching.

The attendance of Winter Jam was in the 15,000 range. If you haven't attended before, you need to go next year. It is AWESOME.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

High Level Meeting / Campaign Stop at Craig's Firearms

Back during the campaign, there was a campaign stop at Craig's Firearms out in South Knox County. Then State Senator Ron Ramsey, Now Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey along with State Senator Jim Tracy (Senator Tracy served on his local School Board during the time that I served on the Board of Director's for TSBA - Tennessee School Boards Association), State Representative Frank Niceley (one of my favorites, behind Parkey Strader of course) and former Congressman Van Hilleary were in attendance as well as media and great crowd of supporters. Here are a few photos from the event.

Thanks to Suzanne Dewar for providing these photos.

Knox GOP Volunteer Terri Snider, Brian Hornback, Suzanne Dewar, Knox GOP Office Manager and former Congressman Van Hilleary.

TN. Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and Brian Hornback.

State Senator Jim Tracy, Cullen Spelling - a Corker campaign staff member, Brian Hornback and State Senator Ron Ramsey.

State Senator Jim Tracy, Brian Hornback, State Senator Ron Ramsey, State Representative Frank Niceley and former Congressman Van Hilleary.

Brian Hornback, former Congressman Van Hilleary and State Representative Frank Niceley during Jim Bryson's talk at Craig's Firearms.

Former Knox County Demo Chair Jim Gray is Out

Georgiana Vines is reporting today that County Clerk Billy Tindell has eliminated the position previously held by Jim Gray. Gray is the former Chairman of the Knox County Democrat Party.

Gray managed computer access labs that were operated by the County Clerk. Certainly, Tindell's decision makes logical sense as the Clerk's office was providing a duplicate service. Computers and computer access is available at any Knox County library branch.

Brian's Blog wishes Jim Gray the best in his future endeavors and in his search for a new position.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just When You Thought There Was A Political Break, 2008 Begins By Desperate Demo's

This from Liz Mair over at GOP Progress.com. It appears that the ultra liberals are promoting some trial balloons of possible candidates against our Lamar!

Early prediction from Brian's Blog. Lamar! in a landslide.

Farragut Community Meeting Part II

Here is today's Farragut Press article by Farragut Press writer Jerry Dean covering the Farragut community meeting.

Here is the post/article generated from the Brian's Blog coverage of the meeting.

Many people have asked if Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog will be endorsing this plan. What editorializing Brian's Blog has submitted to date is to say the plan should be studied and considered on its merits. We believe that Pamela Treacy, Fiona Hill, Sue Edwards and all others have their hearts in the right place.

Brian's Blog was quick to criticize and pontificate during the former Superintendent's zoning proposal and the Farragut community's first response. The School Board did the right thing to delay and go into further study on possible zoning matters/scenario's and to replace the Superintendent. This group of citizens have done the right thing in engaging themselves in a solution finding process.

If Brian's Blog and/or Brian Hornback were to endorse or criticize the proposal it would cause either half to take the opposite position. Brian's Blog has reported from the meeting as a citizen journalist. Brian's Blog will continue to study the proposal and will report on it from an objective perspective.

By the way, Brian Hornback had to leave the meeting early due to a cold. A cold that he is still living with this evening, the doctor was visited today, help is on the way.

Senator Alexander Provides Leadership on Immigration

During the 2007 Gubernatorial election, Governor Bredesen said that Tennessee didn't have an immigration problem. Here is a recent press release where Senator Alexander did what Bredesen has refused to do. Provide leadership to address Tennessee's immigration crisis.

Immigration pact signed; training to begin in March. Senator Alexander hosts meeting to seal the deal

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall on Wednesday praised Nashville's representatives in Congress for delivering on their promise to make Nashville's participation in a federal immigration enforcement program a reality.

At a meeting hosted by Sen. Lamar Alexander in Washington, D.C., Hall was presented with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Julie Myers.

Myers' signature on the document was needed before federal immigration officials could begin training a dozen sheriff's deputies in using a federal database to screen every foreign-born person arrested in Nashville for immigration violations.

Hall said that in addition to the signed MOU – which still must be agreed to by the Metro Council before 287(g) screening can officially begin – Myers also told the sheriff that his department's training will begin Saturday, March 3.

"I was impressed," Hall said of Myers. "She came to the meeting with a date certain for training. She came with information. And she personally has been very responsive."

But Hall said he has been most impressed with the Nashville congressional delegation, which he said was responsible for coordinating with Myers to turn his desire for immigration powers into a reality.

"Congressman [Jim] Cooper's office, for sure, and Sen. Alexander's office really helped," Hall said.

In an interview following the meeting, Alexander praised both Hall and Myers for working toward the goal of making sure immigration laws are fully enforced.

"Nashville is now the wrong place for an illegal immigrant to break the law," Alexander said.

- Jared Allen February 01, 2007

WBIR: Knox County School Employee Arrested for DUI

WBIR is reporting that William Anderson, III a Knox County School employee was arrested for DUI while driving a Knox County vehicle. Mr. Anderson, a former Principal has been one of the three top positions in the School facilities department for several years.

The last Knox County employee driving under the influence had an accident. Thanks to the intervention of the authorities Mr. Anderson and no one else was injured.

Fred Thompson Feels Push To Enter Presidential Race.

Brian's Blog received the following exclusive bulletin from U.S. News. This is promising and a little Good News.

Fred Thompson, the former Tennessee Republican senator who’s now a Law & Order prosecutor and regular replacement for radio host Paul Harvey, is being urged by supporters to consider entering the presidential race, according to associates. “The draft Fred movement is growing,” says one ally.

They say that Thompson is flattered by the suggestions, but it is unclear if he is turning away their appeals. The effort is growing among conservative blogs, where several boards are pushing the folksy straight-talker to get in. One associate who has worked for the administration and on previous presidential campaigns said that while the GOP field is crowded, it is still dominated by candidates like Sen. John McCain and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani who are viewed skeptically by conservatives, opening up a potential avenue for Thompson to join.

The associate also said that Thompson, long a Hollywood star who has played the White House chief of staff and military officers, has such large name recognition that he could stay out for a while and still make waves if he entered late -- or as a vice presidential candidate next year. In the blogs, he’s huge.
Elephantbiz.com, a blog for business leaders and conservatives, has noted Thompson’s fill-in work for Harvey where he often makes conservative appeals.

Reformedchicksblabbing.blogspot.com has called on readers to vote for Thompson in online polls to show the former senator “that he has support.”

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Brian's Blog does not normally post the various story emails that we receive. However, this one was to priceless not to pass on to the Brian's Blog readers.

One sunny day in 2008, an old man approached the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue, where he'd been sitting on a park bench.

He spoke to the Marine standing guard and said, "I would like to go in and meet with President Hillary Clinton."

The Marine replied, "Sir, Mrs. Clinton is not President and doesn't reside here." The old man said, "Okay," and walked away.

The following day, the same man approached the White House and said to the same Marine, "I would like to go in and meet with President Hillary Clinton".

The Marine again told the man, "Sir, as I said yesterday, Mrs. Clinton is not President and doesn't reside here." The man thanked him and again walked away . . .

The third day, the same man approached the White House and spoke to the very same Marine, saying "I would like to go in and meet with President Hillary Clinton."

The Marine, understandably agitated at this point, looked at the man and said, "Sir, this is the third day in a row you have been here asking to speak to Mrs. Clinton. I've told you already several times that Mrs. Clinton is not the President and doesn't reside here. Don't you understand?"

The old man answered, "Oh, I understand you just fine. I just like hearing your answer.”

The Marine snapped to attention, saluted, and said, "See you tomorrow, Sir!."

Blount County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner

Thursday April 12, 2007 6:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria of William Blount High School. The Speaker is Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale. Tickets are $25.00 each. For more information, please call 865-237-5702.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Have You Heard the Good News

Amillia Taylor was born in South Florida last October after just 21 weeks and 6 days in the womb. ABC Anchor Charles Gibson teased the story: “A tiny miracle that raises big questions in the debate over abortion."

Today, Amillia is 4 pounds and will be heading home in a few days. This could spell doom for those of you of the pro-death advocate type. This is a Victory for the pro-life crowd. As life can flourish outside the womb then death becomes a real tangible measure.

In the past those of us on the pro-life side say that conception is the start of life. Pro-death advocates say it is a mass of tissue until it can survive on its own. Well, young Amillia has proven at 21 weeks and 6 days a baby can survive outside the womb.

Rep. Campfield, Get those certificates ready.

Thanks to the local blog forum

Brian's Blog made the decision this evening to shed itself of a few dormant blogs that it intended in a juvenile fashion to rankle the tabloid media of this town. The juvenile sport is over and the blogs are free to obtain their rightful owner on their own blogspot.

Brian's Blog was surprised when they hadn't already registered them 3 months ago and for the record Brian's Blog did not publish anything on them, only on the one that Brian's Blog is retaining. These 4 blogs are now out of our hands and this moment are in the hands of the blogosphere.

Farewell and Godspeed.

Mark Cawood and Diane Jordan Continue to Serve

This morning following the special called meeting. The County Commission re-organized . That means that the 8 new Commissioners were appointed to each respective Committee (Intergovernmental and Finance) Also the elections were held to appoint Commissioner Paul Pinkston, Commission Chairman Scott Moore and Commission Vice-Chairman Tank Strickland to the Pension Board.

Each committee met to elect its Chairman and Vice-Chairman. the Intergovernmental Committee elected Craig Leuthold, Chairman and Tony Norman, Vice Chairman. The Finance Committee elected Paul Pinkston, Chairman and Ivan Harmon, Vice Chairman.

In a shocking revelation, Commissioner Mark Harmon asked why Commissioner Mark Cawood was listed as Chairman of BZA (Board of Zoning Appeals) "that must be a typo". Commission Chairman Moore called on the Law Director to explain.

The Law Director said the BZA is a different creature. When appointments are made they are for a term of four years. There is NOT a requirement that it be a Commissioner. Of the 8 term limited Commissioners three served on the BZA. Mark Cawood, Diane Jordan and Phil Guthe. Phil Guthe has advised the Commission office through a phone conversation that he will be resigning the BZA. The Commission has appointed Lee Tramel contingent on Phil Guthe's resignation.

Mark Cawood and Diane Jordan will continue to serve. Will this headache ever go away?

New Knox County Commission Committee Members

Josh Jordan
Mark Harmon
Tony Norman, Vice Chair
Richard Cate
Craig Leuthold, Chair
Greg Lambert
Scott Moore
Phil Ballard
Tim Greene

Thomas Strickland
Chuck Bolus
Ivan harmon, Vice Chair
Lee Tramel
Frank Leuthold
Mike Hammond
Sharon Cawood
Larry Smith
Jack Huddleston
Paul Pinkston, Chair

Thomas Strickland
Chuck Bolus
Tony Norman
Richard Cate
Mike Hammond
Greg Lambert
Larry Smith
Jack Huddleston
Tim Greene

Mike Hammond, Chair
Mark Harmon, Vice Chair
Josh Jordan
Ivan Harmon
Lee Tramel
Sharon Cawood
Larry Smith
Phil Ballard
Paul Pinkston

Scott Moore
Thomas Strickland

Larry Smith, Chair
Phil Ballard, Vice Chair
Mark Harmon
Paul Pinkston

Josh Jordan
Lee Tramel, Vice Chair
Sharon Cawood
Greg Lambert
Paul Pinkston, Chair

Craig Leuthold, Chair
Tim Greene, Vice Chair

Tony Norman
Scott Moore
Lee Tramel, Chair
Paul Pinkston
Craig Leuthold, Vice Chair

Thomas Strickland
Scott Moore
Greg Lambert

Craig Leuthold, Chair
Mike Hammond
Greg Lambert
Jack Huddleston, Vice Chair
Sharon Cawood

Thomas Strickland
Chuck Bolus
Ivan Harmon, Chair
Sharon Cawood, Vice Chair
Larry Smith

Ivan Harmon
Paul Pinkston
Scott Moore
Thomas Strickland

Mark Cawood, Chair
Paul Pinkston, Vice Chair
Diane Jordan
Mark Harmon
Ivan Harmon
Lee Tramel
Mike Hammond
Scott Moore
Phil Ballard

News-Sentinel's Counter Offer

The News-Sentinel has offered that if the Commission will conduct a do-over, they will drop their suit. How can the County Commission seat the old 8 County Commissioners, when the New 8 Commissioners have been appointed and sworn into office?

Does the News-Sentinel believe that the appointments would be different in a do-over?

As for the threat that County Commissioners may have to turn over email and phone records. Yes, they should hand over county owned telephone records and emails on a Knox County computer. But, if they have personal cell phones and personal computers, then they should not be required to turn them over.

By the way. What is the News-Sentinel's fascination with other peoples emails? First, the former Knox County Republican Party Chairman's emails and now the world.

Lindsey Down and Out!

This evening, Knox County Superintendent of Schools was taken to a month to month employee and removed as the system's chief. Former Fifth District School Board Member Tommy Prince in 1999 when casting the lone No vote on the Lindsey employment said. "Why vote for Jeff Blauser when you can have Ken Griffey, Jr."

The Superintendent lasted about 4 years longer than he has at any other system. At a later date and in future posts Brian's Blog will examine in greater detail the effect on the system from this Superintendent than any of his predecessors .

Being a D.J. does qualify you to be a respected journalist

The folks over at the local blog forum have asked a question about a Brian's Blog post. Why they are so cowardly to not it post here, is a good question. We guess they like their own little group of 5 men/women.

Yes, Walker Johnson does qualify as a journalist. For those of you that ain't from around here. CP and Walker were the most well known radio broadcasters of the time. Walker's voice is still recognized by a large majority of listeners in East Tennessee. Republican and Democrat alike.

As for Brian's Blog or Brian Hornback having an enemies list. One doesn't exist. Brian Hornback has defended himself to E.W. Scripps management when a story was written one sided without allowing him to respond prior to publication. This is a serious violation of journalistic standards and ethics. The story only had comments from the previous GOP Chairman that has made it known that Brian Hornback is on his enemies list.

As for other members of the media. (IE. the Editor of the tabloid) Brian's Blog tries to keep her accurate and within the confine of the journalistic standards and ethics . She in the past has proudly stated that she supported Brian Hornback for elective office in 1990. She made this statement in front of her boss and was corrected by Brian Hornback, reminding her of whom she supported, she just put her head down. Having a good memory isn't a trait of a tabloid.

As for Gene Patterson. Brian Hornback likes Gene. Brian just felt that he should have been better prepared for the Ragsdale interview. Brian is sure that Gene took the helpful advice as constructive criticism, the way it was intended. .

As for the question of why the Brian's Blog team has a blog entitled Halls Newz. It is because someone out of state has the Halls News that they post about their family. It is that simple. We would encourage the 3 -5 that like the little circle of friends at the local blog forum to branch out and post all you want here at Brian's Blog. You can generate an anonymous name on blogspot and post away.

As for why the Brian's Blog team or Brian Hornback do not post over at the local blog forum. If you will remember Brian Hornback removed himself many months ago. He is true to his word.

Thanks and Keep reading. In addition, Check out Walker's response to the local blog forum here.

The Brian's Blog team have several different blogs. Some we have not started posting, yet. Check them out by clicking on the View Complete Profile on the main page of Brian's Blog. One Brian's Blog team blog that we partner with other bloggers, that you will NOT find under our list is Harold Fraud, Jr.

Thanks and Happy Reading.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sloppy News

A friend of mine has been calling the E.W. Scripps tabloid the Sloppy News. I didn't know why he did this. Until now, the tabloid editor's column that appears in today's printed edition. Here is a link to the column and and at the end of the post it will reveal to you what is wrong with the column making it sloppy.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Halls "Tabloid" News and the Tabloid writer is at it Again

Brian's Blog has followed the last two weeks of a series written by the tabloid writer employed by E.W. Scripps owned Halls Shopper "Tabloid" News. The first part was entitled The rapid rise of Scoobbie Moore. The second part was entitled The rapid rise of Scoobbie Moore - Part II.

If you check the home page of the tabloid's website the name Scoobbie is identified as Scoobby on the home page. The right hand never pays attention to the left hand at the operation of a tabloid. But we digress.

After the first part appeared last week, the Brian's Blog team contacted sources close to Knox County Commission Chairman Scott Moore. Our question was had the tabloid writer contacted Chairman Moore for comment. Our sources reported back that he had received a message from the tabloid saying that they would give him an opportunity to respond in Part II.

After this evening's Part II appeared and Chairman Moore had no comment printed in the article. The Brian's Blog team contacted our source again and our source reported back that Chairman Moore was NOT contacted by the tabloid or the tabloid writer for comment on this two part series.

Brian's Blog team was looking at this closely, because Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog was the victim of similar dirty tricks by the same tabloid writer and tabloid in which the writer and publication violated journalistic ethics and standards in writing a two part series about Brian Hornback and not seeking comments from him in response. His ultimate response to the tabloid after E.W. Scripps management was involved is linked on the tabloid website under the County Confidential series with the link Hornback Responds.

It is obvious that the tabloid writer, editor and publication owned by E.W. Scripps does not adhere to common journalistic ethics and standards from individuals that they personally dislike.

Walker Johnson's take on Ragsdale -vs- Gene "The Babbling Buffoon" Patterson

Here is the take from longtime, respected Knoxville journalist Walker Johnson on the much hyped Patterson slam down on Mayor Ragsdale. I read the blogs on Friday and viewed the Internet version and said what?

Patterson tried to be a BIG boy and attempted to get the County Mayor. Instead Patterson 1) didn't do his homework, he should have read the d_____ report before the show and have the report handy if he were going to slam the County Mayor. 2) When the Mayor pushed Gene'o back, Gene'o immediately backed off by saying. "Uh. Uh. I didn't say that." So, the fact is Gene ain't ready for prime time.

As for the Mayor he did what he needed to do, he defended himself. His defense was better than the host performance. The Mayor demonstrated that he was dealing with someone so ill prepared for the taping.

WATE management should re-evaluate the current host ability to handle this type of show. WATE management should be embarrassed to have had Gene promo this thing on the blogs and when everyone tunes in he (Gene'o) appears to be a babbling buffoon.

Compared to Gene Jack McElroy, Don Bosch, SRW and Robin Whilhoit had a National round table show compared to Gene's basement teenager type show.

Spring is on the way

The Daytona 500 just started. That means Spring is just around the corner. I like Spring, Summer and Fall. I do not care for the cold weather of Winter. I would prefer that if it is going to be cold that it turn cold, stay cold for a while (kill off all the insects, viruses etc) and then warm up. Oh well.

As a Nascar fan, I was always a Rusty Wallace #2 car fan. Last year was Rusty's first year in retirement. I was a Jimmy Johnson Lowes car fan last year. He didn't perform to a level that embarrassed me. So this year it will be Jimmy Johnson again. Check out Lowe's Racing here. Check out Jimmy Johnson's page on Nascar.com here.

Nascar = Spring. Life is Good.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Statement of U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN)

regarding the Saturday vote. “I voted no and will continue to do so until the Democratic leadership decides to allow a full debate on the most important issue facing our country.”

Georgiana Vines Column

Georgiana Vines was brought out of retirement for one column. She had called me and I returned her call to discuss her column. She told me that she was going to report who was running for Chairman and when the Convention would be. I guess she accomplished her task she and E.W. Scripps did take a spin and a ride on the Merry - Go - Round. Nothing wrong with that, everybody enjoys a ride on the Merry - Go - Round.

For the record, Adam Groves was the webmaster for the previous Chairman and did an exemplary job. He also served the previous Chairman as the second in command of the Communication Committee. Tyler Harber worked with the previous Chairman for the two years of the previous Chairman's term. Tyler was responsible for the Roster book the red spiral bound with a "few" mistakes. Primarily not Tyler's fault but because the previous Chairman refused to be involved and the Roster book only had one set of eyes and not the consistent proof reading it needed. In the roster book that my team completed, there is only one error. Adam Groves at my request worke dwith a team to create a first class website that was up and running shortly after the Convention. I hope the next Chairman will identify and improve on the products that we have created during my term. However, as Georgiana reports Adam and Tyler were gone within about 45 days of my term beginning. We assembled another team and have accomplished much in the last two years.

We elected or re-elected every position where the Republicans held the seat. This was the term (every eight years) where nearly every seat was up for grabs. We even picked up the Second District Commission seat that we lost in August 2006. We elected U.S. Senator Bob Corker by an overwhelming margin. We have gained a Republican Law Director, John Owings for the position that Mike Moyers left when he was elected Chancellor to replace retiring Republican Chancellor Sharon Bell. Andrew Jackson VI was elected to replace Republican General Sessions Judge Div. IV Brenda Waggoner. It was a crowded field with three candidates and Judge Jackson and Judge Jimmy Kyle Davis had a close contest.

In regards to the relocation of the GOP office. The one I inherited as Chairman was not handicapped accessible. It is important to me that individuals with disabilities be able to access their Republican headquarters. This is not meant as a slam or insult to anyone, but individuals with disabilities are just not in the front of every ones mind. The location that I relocated the office to has plenty of parking (we had a great open house with hundreds in attendance) Great visibility, accessible (I-640 and Broadway) and handicapped accessible.

I am proud of my complete term as Chairman for two years. I have fielded hundreds of phone calls, emails from Republican activists and Officeholders asking me to reconsider my decision to step down, however, I must honor my family and I have assured the Republican activists and Ofiiceholders that I will assist efforts in electing Republicans in the future.

We have been successful in spite of media bias, term limits and everything else that could happen to us. Hopefully the next two years will be easier on the next Chairman then they have been on me. And hopefully the bias and tabloid media will not be as rough on the next Chairman.

President Bush will be in Tennessee on Wednesday

It was announced this morning in the Chattanooga Times free Press that President George W. Bush will be in Chattanooga on Wednesday in a health care round table discussion of some sort. A few years ago he was in Knoxville for an education round table. I was fortunate enough to attend the education round table.

The last and only time that he scheduled to visit East Tennessee while I have been Chairman. I went to Cades Cove for a great backdrop for a Presidential visit. The only problem between my arrival and the Presidential arrival to Cades Cove came a huge rain and lighting storm. The storm made it impossible for the Presidential helicopter from coming to Cades Cove so he made his remarks at the Knoxville airport to an empty airport hanger.

It is great for Tennessee to have the President visit early and often.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Interesting post about the Hardin Valley High School Principal

This morning, I discovered a Knoxville blog that I hadn't visited before. I discovered it off of WATE TV 6 Anchor Gene Patterson's blog. The blog author is Phyllis Patterson, the wife of Gene Patterson. I do not know if this post is accurate, it seems logical to me.

According to the post Tuesday's school board meeting could be interesting.

UPDATE: 4:45 pm Then there could be this at play.

Ethics Commission Changes?

The Commercial Appeal out of Shelby County/Memphis has this story in today's paper. It appears that Senator Bill Ketron R-Murfreesboro and House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada of College Grove have introduced a bill to abolish the enforcement agency of the four and a half month old Tennessee Ethics Commission.

Instead they want the Registry of Election Finance to take over all of the investigative, enforcement and record keeping functions. They are saying this is to consolidate and remove duplication.

My only issue is that 1) This should have been proposed at the same time of the legislation creating the Ethics Commission. (Maybe it was, in that case try it for longer than 4 months) 2) If the Registry had a proven track record of being effective it would be different.

It appears that Ketron had some bogus claims made against him prior to the November election and that this maybe in response to that. I am disappointed with Casada when asked about the 30 day blackout period, proposed in the bill, he was unaware of that provision in the legislation. Didn't you read it before you signed on to carry it in the house.

The BIG bottom line is that the Ethics Commission will not be effective, but it makes us Republicans look bad when try to scrap the darn thing 4 months out.

The TSBA Tennessee School Boards Association has had an Ethics Commission, it's operation and effectiveness is about as effective as Tennessee's Vote No on Homosexual Marriage initiative. The Vote NO campaign garnered 20% of the statewide vote .

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hardin Valley High School Principal Announced

Today Knox County Schools announced the appointment of West High School Principal Sallee Reynolds as the Principal of Hardin Valley High School. It is interesting to note that applications were taken for the position. The assumption is that interviews were conducted. We probably should not assume anything. However, Mrs. Reynolds did not apply, leaving one to conclude that she was satisfied with her position at West High School.

It is a disservice to interested applicants for them to apply for a position especially as public as the process turned out to be. The five applicants letters and resumes were posted on the Knoxville News-Sentinel website.

It is similar to the 70 plus persons applying for the 8 positions on County Commission and then individuals that became Appointed Commissioners were appointed without submitting themselves through a public process.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day at Knox County Schools? NOT!

Well, in about twenty minutes it will be February 14, 2007. The Day for Lovers. The Day when in schools all over America kids have labored over boxes of Valentines to ensure they have one for each classmate. They have labored over a valentine box or bag to receive their Valentines in. It is a time that even an old 40 year old father of three has memories of.

This year in Knox County Schools don't dare bring a treat for your classmates. A small pack of candy as has been the custom for the long history of Valentines. Oh. No. Mrs. Sarah Simpson is not in charge at Knox County Schools. It is now Dr. Donna Wright's turn and bringing small packets of candy for your friends on Valentines is a kin to given the keys of the car to a guy/woman that has had to much to drink.

Students are allowed and even encouraged to bring candy and treats for their teachers. But not for their friends, that according to school officials is in violation of a new policy that Dr. Wright and her Gestapo leader Mary Lou Henry passed to reduce sugar consumption by children. Children are the little subjects that Dr. Wright and former Morgan County Food Service Director Henry are trying to protect.

Food Service Director Henry the one that allowed some food commodities to expire in a freezer because she had such a good reign on her department. I am not talking about a box here or there, I am talking about a truckload here and a truckload there.

At first the policy prohibited you from any outside food, unless you packed in a lunchbox that morning. Like getting your child a Subway sandwich and bringing it or sending it to school for lunch was a NO NO. A Subway sandwich is far more healthy than Salisbury steak cooked in a school lunchroom. By September, they lifted that ban and if you go and purchase your child a lunch and bring it to school, like for a special day (Birthday) than that is O.k.

The only problem is this no/less sugar policy only applies to Elementary and Middle Schools. Why is that? Because the High Schools make a ton of money off their vending machines/school stores. Dr. Wright was not too long ago Principal of where? West High School. We are not going to rain on the petty cash funds of the high schools. Plus, try telling a kid two times the size of you as a teacher or administrator that they can not purchase something. It will be a lawsuit. And the school system is afraid of lawsuits, unless they file them against County Commission to ensure the great political debate continues to occur.

So, the Knox County School System decides to ruin a fun day a day when every kid can feel special by all their peers and take an opportunity to allow mom and dad to teach their children to eat treats in moderation.

But instead as the leaders of the Knox County School System they are just banning it, because we need our cafeterias to make a profit. How this affects the profit of a lousy operation is beyond me. But only the cafeterias of Elementary and Middle schools.

Brian's Blog contacted School Board member Robert Bratton. He said "This is the worst public policy ever imposed on the public school system." "This is the greatest threat to keeping parents involved and active in their Knox County School System."

If you think that the policy banning treats on Valentines Day is ridiculous. Call Dr. Donna Wright at 865-594-1750 or email for Food Service Director Mary Lou Henry at 865-594-3640 or email

Farragut Community Meeting

Nearly 75 people attended the meeting at First Farragut United Methodist Church. I am still battling a winter cold and right before a major coughing episode broke out, I hit the door. In addition, I wanted to see the second half of the Tennessee basketball game.

I am unaware of all the brainstorm input that was ultimately shared with the Big group. I hope some of the organizers can forward those to me.

I am impressed with the proposal that was thrown out for discussion. I am going to report that proposal here, because WATE has tonight at 11:00 pm reported the numbers of persons attending and I will assume they will be reporting the discussion in the near future. The Farragut Press was also in attendance and I am sure they will be reporting the discussion as well.

The proposal is to make the proposed Hardin Valley High School the Farragut Middle School. Take the current Farragut Middle School and create a Ninth and Tenth grade Farragut High School. The current Farragut High School would become the Eleventh and Twelfth grade Farragut High School.

There was some discussion that breaking it by grades may not be as logical as breaking it by subject matters. Maybe English and Math in one building and the other subject matters in the other building. There would have to be some logistics worked out in that the commute would be similar to changing from the A concourse to the E concourse at Harts field International Airport in Atlanta. Some shuttling maybe required.

Before this proposal is laughed at, made fun of or tossed out some thought and study should be given to it.

Karns High School is being expanded and will accommodate nearly 2500. Bearden High School according to the MPC study is not expected to be overcrowded and the school board hasn't planned any new students at Bearden High.

When A.L. Lotts was built the Charter class of kindergartners were the 1999 Charter class of West Valley Middle School. Thus, making the case that a Middle school beside Hardin Valley Elementary School makes sense.
Thanks to Pamela Treacy, Fiona Hill, Sue Edwards and all others for spending the time in looking at other options. Examining some out of the box concepts and especially tonight in welcoming a blogger and former elected official that at times was not too complimentary of your proposals during the fall and for not taring and feathering him at the door.

Brian's Blog is still studying the community proposal and will be posting again on this soon.

Tennessee Beats #20 Kentucky 89-85

Tonight at Thompson Boling Arena in Knoxville Tennessee Mens Basketball team beat #20 Kentucky 89-85.

Also, tonight a first in Tennessee Mens Basketball the retiring of a jersey. The #53 worn between 1975-1977 of one Bernard King. Ernie Grunfield of the Ernie and Bernie Show were present as was their coach the legendary Ray Mears and the former Voice of the Vols John Ward.

Community Meeting on Citizen Proposed High School Zone Lines Tonight

UPDATE: 5:33 pm I will attend the meeting briefly. Why they are having this meeting at the same time as tip off of the Tennessee - Kentucky basketball game is bizarre. Some have speculated this afternoon it is an attempt to manipulate attendance numbers. I will give them the beenefit of the doubt.

A group of concerned citizens from the Greater Farragut Community are holding a community meeting tonight Tuesday, February 13, at First Farragut United Methodist Church (11915 Kingston Pike) at 7:00 p.m. to discuss ideas to offer the Knox County School Board and Knox County Commission regarding the creation of new high school zones.

The community forum is held for families, students and community members who reside in the current FHS zone. At the meeting, a proposal will be recommended and followed by smaller group discussion.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Volunteer Republican Women and West Knox Republican Club Meetings

Monday was a busy day for Republicans. The Volunteer Republican Women met at 12:00 at the University Club. I am still a bit under the weather. Still trying to recover from a cold that kept me down for most of the weekend (except for coaching the 4th and 5th grade boys team that I am helping coach)

So, I stopped into the Volunteer Republican Women's club meeting for about 15 minutes to make a few announcements. There were about 75 in attendance and they were scheduled to have a very nice meeting with entertainment by a Barber Shop Quartet and a presentation by Karin Coulter with Saving Little Hearts Foundation.

This evening the West Knox Republican Club met at the Copper Cellar. I attended to make the same announcements and to support a fellow First Baptist Concord church member. Fuad Reveiz the Tennessee All-American and Minnesota Vikings star kicker, real estate developer and host of three shows on the DIY Network was the speaker.

I didn't count heads like I am notorious for doing, however, sitting beside me was a fellow blogger, unknown to me at the time (hopefully, I was on my best behavior in the back of the room)

Fuad as always had some insightful, motivational type remarks. This evening was the first time that I had heard Fuad talk about how his family had migrated to the states. He is from Columbia, South America and his mother worked at the American Embassy. They had an opportunity because of her work there to come to the states and they came with $400.00 and 3 suitcases. His father started at a job in Miami working with forklifts and became Vice-President of the company. His mother worked at a Reservation center and then became a full time mom. Which as Fuad said was a harder job. His parents always talked about this is our opportunity, we are going to make the most of it.

Fuad talked about some of things he is experiencing in raising young men, Nick is at UT and Shane is at Farragut High School. He answered some questions about his HGTV/DIY television shows.

One of the funniest stories was during the introduction of Fuad by Haywood Harris. Haywood told a story about someone asking Nick or Shane about why their dad was a placekicker and they were not. The response was "we play football."

Fuad is a very successful businessman as partner in Blue Ridge Development based in Knoxville. They have developments throughout East Tennessee. It is good to see a great role model like Fuad give back to our community in the ways he has and how he continues with his involvement in supporting youth recreation organizations throughout Knox County.

Sherry Witt, Knox County Register of Deeds attended both meetings. Fred Sisk, Knox County Trustee attended the West Knox Club and will attend the next Volunteer Republican Women meeting. Sheriff Jimmy Jones is a bit under the weather and will attend both next month. Sheriff Jones had a representative at the Volunteer Republican Women meeting and two representatives at the West Knox meeting.

David Leaverton, Senator Bob Corker's East Tennessee field Representative attended the West Knox Club meeting while Rhonda Smithson also a staff member of Senator Bob Corker's Knoxville office attended the Volunteer Republican Womens Club meeting.

Trey Lefler with Senator Alexander's campaign staff attended the West Knox meeting and Elizabeth Howell with Senator Alexander's Knoxville office attended the luncheon. Trey is working out of the Nashville campaign office. He is a native of Loudon County, TN and I enjoyed meeting both he and his father after the meeting.

Appointed County Commissioner Frank Leuthold attended the meeting as well as my longtime friend, former Knoxville City Councilman Ed Shouse.

Commissioner Sharon Cawood Does Not Believe in Protecting Crime Victims

In today's Knoxville News Sentinel article Commissioner Sharon Cawood says. "What he does for the sheriff is nothing crucial."

So Commissioner Sharon Cawood does not believe that crime victims that must face the perpetrators of their crimes should have security when they face one another in a courtroom.

Commissioner Sharon Cawood in her statement is advocating that county taxpayers fund non crucial positions. After all her husband was a term limited Commissioner in her and her husbands minds the taxpayers are supposed to pay him $25,000.00 a year to be non-crucial.

As a Supervisor at Juvenile Court, I guess the court security there is "nothing crucial." She can feel that way since her office is in the back of the building behind the locked doors of the courtrooms.

Commissioner Sharon Cawood Conflicts herself

From today's News-Sentinel article she says "It may take some cuts in other areas to fund it," Cawood said. "I think the pension plan is a great one. We're going to have to fund it somehow."

Hate to break this to you, Sharon. The man you married is an employee of the Sheriff's Department (According to the Sheriff he was hired two weeks prior to the meeting where you were selected in violation of Tennessee's Open Meeting Laws) meaning you can't vote legally for anything with the Sheriff's Department. But then you probably will vote illegally, it's a family tradition.

BTW, Brian's Blog endorsed the Sheriff's Department pension when it was on the ballot. It makes us mad that someone has been appointed that now due to her husbands need to stay in the City County Building could bring the funding of the Sheriff's Department pension to a tie 9-9 with 1 pass due to Conflict of Interest/Ethics.

Nepotism, Conflicts of Interest, Corruption, Democrats, Senator John Ford those are just words with no real meaning to Mark and Sharon Cawood.

Was the voters intent in 1994 in passing term limits to make the Cawoods rich. Was the voters intent in 1994 to give Mark Cawood $90,000.00 plus per year. Probably not because Mark and Sharon Cawood were not married in 1994. They just figured out a way to game the system.

Brian's Blog was the first to break the story of the Cawood's fleecing of the taxpayers

Brian's Blog in December broke the story about the Supervisory position that County Commission had voted for in Committee and said watch Commissioner Cawood vote for his wife's new position at the full Commission, which he did. Less than 40 days later, he orchestrates his wife's appointment to his seat without nominating or voting for her.

Rebecca Ferrar has this excellent piece in today's Knoxville News-Sentinel about the Cawood's fleecing of the taxpayers.

When Brian's Blog broke this story in December according to sources it was a topic on the low watt radio talk show that has since gone of the air (for the time being, their trying to find a new home. Brian Hornback believes in freedom of speech and hopes they make it back) However, Lloyd Daugherty said on the air that he had looked into the issue of Cawood voting for Cawood and found nothing there.

The problem with Lloyd is that when it comes to Mark and Sharon. Lloyd doesn't see the same corruption and deceit that he finds with others. What is the Cawood, Daugherty connection? Enquiring minds want to know.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Have You driven down Cedar Bluff Road recently?

If you have you should have noticed the new Cedar Bluff Elementary School is really coming along. When I was elected to serve the Fifth District in 2000, my first priority was to see that the portable villages were replaced with a permanent state of the art facility. I am proud to see that what the community and I started is coming true.

I just hope that the new building with house all the students and that portables won't remain when the construction is completed. This picture ran in the Farragut Press while the school system looked at some additional property options. I am pictured looking at a topography map with former Cedar Bluff Primary School Principal Joyce Core.

The community ultimately decided they wanted the school to remain on the current campus. I feel that the community should ultimately make decisions that outlive public servants or politicians. I viewed my role as a public servant. During my term I hosted community meetings at each school every year 2000 - 2004 in order to get citizen input. It was always a free flow never scripted event. Sometimes the media would show up and sometimes they did not. It always made me aware of what the citizens in District Five desired in their school system.

What's Up or Down?

Brian's Blog has taken the weekend off as Brian Hornback has been under the weather. Please be assured it is only a cold. So the reports of his demise are greatly exaggerated.

Brian's Blog will be up and running by Monday evening.

Thanks and God speed.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Knox County Home Rule Charter

One of the primary reasons to have a Home Rule form of Government (Charter) is that it is too burdensome to go to Nashville to request permission for every little item that a County needs to do.

In talking with a Brian's Blog source it was asked. If Knox County has Home Rule Charter then why is the County Mayor running to Nashville to ask for permission to have a special election? This is a question that Brian's Blog had not considered.

By the way it was noted at the Karns Republican Club on Tuesday evening that the TN Supreme Court held that the Charter was invalid, but that it determined that Knox County Officials ran a De-facto Government and that the citizens believed the Charter was intact, thus upholding the De-facto Government.

For a layman like me it is a splitting hairs thing.

Knox County Commissioner Mike Hammond

County Commissioner Mike Hammond announced on the radio station that he manages that he "was concerned with the politics of personal destruction" and because of such he would not be a candidate for re-election in 2010, tough he is eligible for re-election in 2010.

At the time and even now it seems to be a noble position. Brian's Blog has been reminded that in 2004 while running for the remainder of former Commissioner Mike Arms position that Hammond continued to deliver the statement and pledge that "he would not take disagreement or conflict, personally."

It would appear that with his stated position of "politics of personal destruction" that he may be taking the accusation that he and Commissioner Griess may have violated the TN Open Meeting Law personally or maybe there is something more.

This afternoon a Brian's Blog source directed the Brian's Blog team to the KGIS website to locate property owned by Michael Lee Hammond and his wife.

It reveals that he and his wife own the property in a Cedar Bluff community that allows him to satisfy the property qualifications to serve as the Fifth District County Commissioner. It also reveals that within one year (6-27-2005) of being elected to the unexpired term of former Commissioner Mike Arms that Commissioner Hammond and his wife purchased a home and property in South Knox County. The property is located in the Ninth Commission District. The voting location for this property is Hopewell School located at 757 Kimberlin Heights Road. The Commissioners that serve this property are Commissioner Paul Pinkston and the newly appointed Commissioner Tim Greene.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Go Rest High On That Mountain

Sad News this evening. "Poor Boy" has left our earth and has made his way to his heavenly reward. Knoxville and Knox County will be left with a void while heaven will be sweeter.

"Poor Boy" was always a pleasure to see at Knoxville City Council and County Commission meetings. If as a Coucilman, Mayor or Commissioner you had done something to cause "Poor Boy" to comment, you knew it.

I enjoyed the conversations that I had with "Poor Boy" in the back of the room. "Poor Boy" Go Rest High on that Mountain. You set the bar very high.

Ethics Commission / Ethics Policy

Brian's Blog has been asked several questions about Mayor Ragsdale's Ethics Commission proposal and the Mayor's nominees for the Ethics Commission. Brian's Blog did not have immediate answers to the questions but secured the information.

Why is the Mayor proposing an Ethics Commission? The Ethics Policy that unanimously was passed by the Knox County Commission on January 22, 2007 calls for the Mayor to nominate members. The Commission must confirm or deny the appointments. If the Commission deny the appointments. The Mayor must submit additional nominations.

The members of the Knox County Commission had until January 31, 2007 to file their personal Ethics statements. The newly appointed Knox County Commissioners have 30 days to file their statements. Brian's Blog was informed that all income including spousal income must be stated. Former financial transactions must be declared.

Why are all the nominees for the Ethics Commission elected officials? The policy requires elected officials. Members of MPC and the Development Corporation are eligible nominees. No private citizen is eligible for service to the Ethics Commission.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Tyler Perry's New Movie to be Released on Valentine's Day

Tyler Perry's new movie Daddy's Little Girls will be released on Valentine's Day. Another GREAT movie with a heart stirring story, appropriate for Valentine's Day.

Check out the website and trailer of the movie, here. In Knoxville, TN the movie will be shown at Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 or Regal Knoxville Center 10 or Carmike Wynnsong 16. I and the Brian's Blog wife along with our Great friends will be at Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18, located at Turkey Creek.

Mark Cawood - Is the truth in him? Part II

The Knoxville News-Sentinel has a follow-up story in today's paper. "Cawood: No hanky-panky for job".

Matt Lakin is a good reporter. (Kind of odd for Brian's Blog to credit a reporter as good, especially one employed by E.W. Scripps. I hope that we are not getting Matt in trouble, by acknowledging the obvious.) However, Matt Lakin didn't ask Mark Cawood why he said on Friday that he hadn't talked about a job before the Wednesday January 31, 2007 Commission meeting and the Sheriff's statement is that Cawood was hired him two weeks ago. Cawood has and is not telling the truth.

Matt Lakin didn't follow-up on Cawood voting for his wife's new county job at the Commission meetings in December of 2006, less than 45 days ago and now with her Appointed County Commission job. Sharon is a double dipper. Something the Cawood's talked about the Republican Choice for the Sixth District. But now it is the Cawood residence that is triple dipping the taxpayers of Knox County. (Sharon as a Supervisor at Juvenile Court Clerk, County Commissioner and Baliff Mark "I can't tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God" Cawood.

Commissioner Greg Lambert said on WBIR over the weekend that he and Mark Cawood examined every applicant and selected the most qualified female, Democrat (Evidently, there is a litmus test for the Sixth district. Female, Democrat. Is race a factor as well?) Mark's fairly new wife Sharon.

The first newspaper article (a few days after the Supreme Court decision 1/12/07) after it was obvious that Commission would be replacing the term limited Commissioners. Lambert is quoted as saying he will nominate Sharon Cawood. Not much time for Cawood and Lambert to study the candidates, not much time for a public process.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Congrats to Peyton and the Colts

The Brian's Blog family had our good friends (if you were not invited or here. Maybe next year.)over to watch the game. We all had a good time, except when I complained loudly at Dungy wasting his Coach's challenge over the more than 11 men on the field.
Overall, it was good to see Peyton get the monkey off his back. Now maybe all the Peyton haters will just shut up.

I hope he gets to select a different color Cadillac for being the MVP. Red? Why Red? The Colts are Blue and White. the Bears are Black and Orange. A Blue or White Cadillac for a possible Colts MVP and a Black one for a possible Chicago MVP would have been more appropriate. Don't you think?

The commercials were lackluster. I was able to explain to my son (a sophomore in high school, that at his age 24 years ago as a sophomore in high school. I was listening to the same music that made up the halftime show.)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mark Cawood - Is the truth in him?

On WBIR today they are running a news story about Mark Cawood's new employment. They are reporting that Cawood said that he hadn't talked to the Sheriff's Department until Wednesday January 31, 2006. Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison through his spokesperson said that they had conversations in the fall, but that Mark Cawood was hired two weeks ago.

Say what you will about the Sheriff. I have personally known the good Sheriff since 1990 while he was running for Sheriff (the first time) and I ran for County Commission in the Eighth District. I know the Sheriff and I know that Sheriff Tim will NOT lie for anybody including Mark Cawood. The News-Sentinel covers the Sheriff's statement as well. However, Mark "I can't tell the truth" Cawood refuses to call the Sentinel repeated times for comment on their story in today's paper.

As I was growing up (some will contend that I still haven't grown up, yet) I had many different older persons pour influence into my life. I remember hearing one of them say about someone that was known to tell a story. "The truth just ain't in 'em" It appears that is the case with Mark Cawood. The truth just ain't in him.

In December of 2006 less than 60 days ago in Commission Committee meeting and the full Commission meeting a week later. Commissioner Mark Cawood voted to create a Supervisor position for his wife (aka the Appointed County Commissioner Sharon Cawood) in the Juvenile Court Clerk's office.

What is most troubling about this Mark Cawood incident is that in his position with the Knox County Sheriffs Office. He must ask individuals before the court. "Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God" Every person that Bailiff Cawood asks, should look at Bailiff Cawood and ask "How about you, Bailiff?"

The Knox County Sheriff's Office doesn't need this type of person representing the department. Someone that "the truth just ain't in them."

Friday, February 02, 2007

Knox County Commissioner Josh Jordan

Brian's Blog sources have it on good authority that new Knox County First District Commissioner Josh Jordan has been asked to resign by some of his fellow Commissioners.

Stay Tuned for this developing story.

Did Commissioner's Cawood and Clark Violate Tennessee's Ethic Laws?

Brian's Blog sources have discovered that Commissioner Larry Clark an employee of the Knox County Sheriff's Department is alleged to have violated the Tennessee Ethics Law that went into effect last year following the Tennessee Waltz scandal in casting a vote for the County Commission position Fourth District Seat B.

Brian's Blog sources have discovered that the paperwork for former County Commissioner Mark Cawood to become a Bailiff Supervisor with the Knox County Sheriffs Department was completed prior to the Wednesday January 31, 2007 meeting. Our sources allege that Commissioner Mark Cawood in casting a vote for County Commissioner Fourth District Seat B has violated the Tennessee Ethics Law as well.

Stay Tuned as this story develops.

Mike Hammond Announces Intention In The Aftermath Of The Commission Appointment Process

Commissioner Mike Hammond announced this morning on NewsTalk 100 that "due to the politics of personal destruction" he will not be a candidate for re-election in 2010. He indicated that he is eligible for re-election in 2010.

He indicated on air that he supported the nomination of Commissioner Frank Leuthold due to his experience, ability and his commitment to not run for election in 2008. I contacted Commissioner Hammond and requested a response to his statement, because at the Cedar Bluff Library forum last Saturday. Frank Leuthold had not applied, did not speak, did not say that he would run or not run for Commission in 2008.

Qualified applicant Terry Shupp did speak at the forum, she had submitted her resume and followed the requested procedure of Commissioners Hammond and Craig Leuthold and other Commissioners. Knox County citizen Joe Milsaps asked if any applicant for 5C had made a commitment not to run in 2008. Terry Shupp made that position known.

Commissioner Hammond responded to a request by Brian's Blog this morning. Commissioner Hammond prior to contacting Brian's Blog reviewed the tape and in his response said that Frank Leuthold was the only "appointee" appointed to make the pledge. He pointed out that Commissioner Tony Norman nominated Ms. Shupp. Commissioner Hammond believed Commissioner Norman's nomination was based on Ms. Shupp's commitment to serve until 2008. If that is the case good for Commissioner Norman. For Commissioner Hammond, Craig Leuthold and John Griess to ignore all the applicants is hypocritical and disingenuous.

I appreciate Commissioner Hammond calling me back after reviewing the tape and explaining his position and actions.

I do believe that all the applicants in my district of District 5 should have been considered and nominated. I believe that if not running for election in 2008 was a desire of the three Commissioners than one of the three should have nominated Terry Shupp instead of Commissioner Norman having to do what the three Commissioners refused to do.

In order to be the only appointed appointee to make that pledge, the appointee needs to first be the only candidate to make that pledge. Frank Leuthold never announced as a candidate.

Many Commissioners over the course of the past couple of weeks informed me and other Brian's Blog sources they would be taking the lead from the district Commissioners in the affected districts. Obviously, in the appointment of the Fifth District Seat C this was the case. In the appointment of other districts Commissioners didn't necessarily take the direction of the District Commissioners.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Interesting Observation From The Re-Broadcast Of The Commission Appointment Proceeding

This evening Community Television Comcast Channel 12 re-broadcast the County Commission Appointment Proceeding. It was interesting to note that one Commissioner was NEVER heard to cast a vote.

Fifth District County Commissioner Mike Hammond is never heard to actually cast his vote. Clerk Padgett repeats each Commissioner's vote, but you never hear Commisisoner Hammond's voice vote. Commissioner Hammond is the one Commissioner that has a recognizable voice as Operations Director and sometimes on air personality for WIVK, SportsTalk 99 and NewsTalk 100. He has also served as the former Public Address announcer at Thompson Boling Arena.

Just an observation.

Let The Games Begin

Scott Barker has worked harder in the past 24 hours covering Knox County government than previous E.W. Scripps reporters have in years. This new developing story from today's KnoxNews web certainly indicates that those of us that watch Commission meetings will become lively and questions will begin to be asked and answers will be forthcoming.

There were these type of cloakroom conversations that were circulating during the breaks/recesses (recess = when everyone goes outside and plays nice) of the proceedings yesterday.

Knoxville News-Sentinel Incompetence or Mistake?

Less than one hour ago, I called the Knoxville News-Sentinel and spoke with an Editor and asked. "As Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party, can you please tell me who the picture is on the front page that is identified as Richard Cate". The comment back was "that isn't Richard Cate?" I said "not by a long shot." I gave the Editor my phone number.

In the meantime I discovered through my team of sources spread throughout the metropolitan area that the photograph is of Art Cate. It appears that Art Cate is an employee of KCDC. I called the Editor back and informed him of the true identity of the person in the photograph. He said they just discovered that and would try and run a correction tomorrow.

A few things come to mind on this controversy. 1) The E.W. Scripps tabloid is beginning to rub off on the News-Sentinel 2) Editor McElroy really has been spending to much time on non profit boards 3) it is incompetence or 4) It was a simple mistake.

I am believing it is Number 4 and they will do better in the future.

And you thought being Chairman was an easy job.

Kudo's To The Persons That Applied For The Positions

Brian's Blog would like to Thank each and every person that applied, attended the Public forums and offered a choice to the Commissioner's. Of those appointed two did not submit their qualifications publicly before being appointed. Frank Leuthold in District 5 and Tim Greene in District 9.

First Commission District
Jewel Cason
Ann Dingus
Charles E. "Pete" Drew
Janara Frazier
Evelyn C. Gill
Helen Diane Lewis
Robert L. Minter Jr.
Leslie Terry
Nick Della Volpe
Rubye C. Wright
Josh M. Jordan (Appointed)

Second Commission District
Amy Broyles
Cortney Piper
Deborah W. Porter
Bruce White
Joseph L. "Chuck" Williams Jr.
Jonathan Wimmer
Charles D. Bolus (Appointed)

Fourth Commission District
Mike Alford
Debra A. Barton
Lisa Bogaty
William H. Daniels Jr.
Elaine Davis
Scott Davis
John Patrick Deatherage
Robert A. "Archie" Ellis Jr.
Craig Fischer
Ed Shouse
James Smelcher Jr.
Joan Wagner
Richard Cate (Appointed)
Lee Tramel (Appointed)

Fifth Commission District
Robin Butler
Marilyn S. Cobble
Ken Gross
Gregory Harrison
Kyle Phillips
Tom Salter
John Schoonmaker
Terry Shupp
Pamela Treacy
Frank Leuthold (Appointed, did not submit qualifications before the meeting)

Sixth Commission District
Charles S. Giles II
Roger Hyman
Jimmie Shelton
Randy Williams
Sharon Cawood (Appointed)

Eighth Commission District
G. Paul Carney
Teresa Clapp
Doug Dawkins:
James C. Eubanks
Kay Frazier
Maurice David Freed
Tom Pressley
Jack Huddleston (Appointed)

Ninth Commission District
Randy Hinton
Robert Huddleston
Josh Lowe
Matt Myers
Robert E. Norton
Charles D. "Chuck" Ward
Tim Greene (Appointed, did not publicly submit qualifications prior to the meeting)

Knox County Sheriff
D. Eric Beals
Larry Hunter
Isa Infante:
Carl Seider
J.J. Jones (Appointed)

Knox County Clerk
Carolyn Carter Jensen
George Stooksbury
Billy Tindell (Appointed)

Knox County Register of Deeds
Scott Emge
Arrison Kirby
Sherry Witt (Appointed)

Knox County Trustee
Fred Sisk (Appointed)

Who Will Run for Election in 2008?

Brian's Blog is predicting which Commissioner's will run for election in 2008.

Commissioner Josh Jordan (D) - Yes
Commissioner Charles "Chuck" Bolus (R) - Yes
Commissioner Richard Cate (R) - Yes
Commissioner Lee Tramel (R) - Yes
Commissioner Frank Leuthold (R) - No
Appointed Commissioner of the Sixth District (D) - Yes
Commissioner Jack Huddleston (R) - Yes
Commissioner Tim Greene (?) - Yes

Knox County Commissioner 9A Tim Greene

Commissioner Mark Harmon nominated Martin Pleasant. Commissioner Larry Clark nominated Tim Greene. Knox County citizen Matt Myers nominated Josh Lowe. Knox County citizen Josh Lowe nominated Matt Myers. Mike Wyland nominated "The Good Guest" stating that a Good Guest knows when to leave. Knox County citizen Ruby Wright nominated herself. Knox County citizen Anthony McMahan nominated Romalie Tucker. Mr. McMahan began talking about how this process was flawed. Chairman Moore warned him that he couldn't talk, only state a name. McMahan said he would talk until he was told to leave. Chairman Moore thanked him. McMahan left.

Knox County Commissioner's Larry Clark and Paul Pinkston actually formed a citizens group to go through the resumes of all 17 candidates. The panel was to submit three finalists for the Commissioner's to choose from. The three name were not released, but Tim Greene was the selected nominee. The criticism that has come out of South Knox was that Greene had not made his Resume public prior to being selected on Tuesday.

The vote was Greene 17 and Pleasant 1. "The Good Guest" was not on the ballot, as it was perceived to not be an individual.

County Commissioner Tim Greene replaces Larry Clark. Commissioner Clark has been an excellent Commissioner and will be missed.