Friday, December 31, 2010

2011, Will Be Interesting

A week or so ago 5 RV's were traveling I-40 East near the Midway Road exit all headed east. They all looked alike. Here are the pics. Now, the Bible I read says no man knows the day, hour when Christ returns. That would lead me to believe that one thing is certain, it will not be May 21, 2011.

Hunley and Clark Are Not As Predictable

The two weekly newspaper publishers from North Knox County are not as predictable as some have thought they are. You see it seems they are working jointly on several initiatives, most recently the opposition of the Midway Business Park.

It was anticipated that they would criticize Mayor Burchett's RFP development committee. You see they believe that a resident of the Midway Road / Thorngrove Pike ares be placed on the committee. However, Mayor Burchett went in a professional direction, selecting individuals that bring experience and expertise to the committee that will develop the RFP for the build/lease/purchase of a new Carter Elementary School.

So, while Hunley and Clark are predictable, it appears they are not as predictable as some thought.

We Will See How This Hamilton County Mayor Post Will Be Filled

This from Chattanooga Times Free Press

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chattanoogans Picking Sides in Interim County Mayor Post

This story from Chattanooga Times Free Press detail the selection process for Hamilton County Mayor. The Hamilton County Commission met last week and deadlocked 4-4. So now former Mayor and Chattanooga Developer supports one candidate. While current embattled Mayor Ron Littlefield supports the other. What politicians need to understand that while you may get the support of one politico and some of his friends/supporters, you are sure to get 100% of their enemies.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Is Going On At The County Clerk's Offices?

First it was reported that Foster Arnett the Knox County Clerk reported a stolen bank deposit from the Knoxville Centre satellite office. Then the Sevier County Clerk after being investigated returns money and resigns. Then last week we posted a story about the TBI looking into the Morgan County Clerks Office. Now here today on knoxnews it is reported that $5,000 has been taken at the Anderson County Clerk's office, it has been returned. Come on what is going on at the County Clerk's offices?

Chattanooga Keeps Kicking Our Butt

This from Chattanooga Times Free Press detail how Southeast Tennessee has gotten three big job producers the past three years. All three located in industrial parks right off I-75. So, it looks like all the new good jobs will be 85 miles south of Knox County.

County Officials Possibly Acting Badly

This from the Commercial Appeal

Ballard Under Investigation

The News Sentinel discloses here an investigation into Phil Ballard, Knox County Property Assessor and his dealings with an employee. Multiple sources have either informed or confirmed that the rumor mongering of this situation has been fueled by former Property Assessor employees that are now employed in another Knox County fee office. Employees that until September of this year were supposedly loyal to Ballard.

How about these employees just doing the job that Knox County taxpayers are paying them to do and not being rumor mongers. Just let Knox County Human Resources do their job.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We Should Thank Our Law Enforcement Professionals and Military Personnel Daily

We should appreciate those individuals that risk their lives to keep ours safe and secure. This news from the Chattanooga Times Free Press is a terrible tragedy, especially tragic during the holidays.

Nashville's 2010 Memorable Quotes Quiz

Here is the 25 question test from the Tennessean. I got 20 out of 25 correct, that is pretty good for a guy that has never lived in Nashville.

Sandra Clark Supports Spending More Than $15 Million on Land For Carter

In this weeks Scripps owned Shopper News, Scripps employee Sandra Clark is advocating here to build the Carter Elementary School on the Knox County taxpayers $10 million plus investment at the proposed Midway Business Park. The last line of her story states, "Just build an elementary school at Midway and let's all move on."

That is twice the cost of the Board approved renovation cost and at least 25% greater than Sandy Loy of Construction Plus indicates that he can build a new school for. What Sandra Clark may or may not have forgotten is that the school board in 2003 purchased property on Strawplains Pike for a new school. So, she is advocating a $14-$16 million land cost. That is before $8-$10 million is spent on actually constructing the building. That is so absurd, that the good people of Carter would reject this type of wasteful spending that Sandra Clark proposes.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Loss of Local Influence at Love 89.1 FM Will Hurt

The direction of Love 89.1 FM going with nationally syndicated programming will hurt the local Christian community for many years to come. Today the ownership of Love 89.1 and Life 88.3 announced that Air 1 will be broadcast on Love 89.1 and K Love will air on Life 88.3, the effects of losing local on air talent will hurt the loyal audience that has included these broadcasters as part of our own families. The jobs will hurt, losing the voices will hurt.

But what our community is really losing is the link to the community. Ministries like Water Angels and Lost Sheep will not have a venue to promote it's events and it's needs. For me on Sunday nights listening to Kris Love introduce local musicians and bands will be lost. How will we ever know about local groups and musicians? How about all the concerts? Without a local presence will we ever host another Winter Jam after this year? This decision is hurtful to those of us that consider Love 89 as a member of our family, however, the loss of a bully pulpit for the Christian community is a greater loss.

Let us also not forget that Marshall and Marisa are the reigning East TN's BEST Morning Drive Team as awarded by the voters in the Knoxville News Sentinel East TN Best Poll.

What Is Up With Missing Money at County Clerk's Offices

First it was Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett and a bank deposit that went missing from the Knoxville Center satellite office. Arnett reported that it was stolen from the counter however no word on the investigation, no arrests and no suspects. Even though there are cameras recording the Clerk's office activities. Then the Sevier County Clerk resigned when it was discovered that thousands of dollars were taken. Now, the News Sentinel is reporting here that the TBI is investigating the Morgan County Clerk's office for missing money. What is going on?

Changes at Love 89.1

Beginning January 1, 2011 Love 89.1 FM will begin airing Air 1. Their sister station 88.3 FM will begin airing K-Love. While I have heard great things about K Love, and a review of Air 1's website appear to have similar music to Love 89.1. The big question that hasn't been answered yet, what happens to Marisa, Marshall and Kris and any other local Love 89 on air talent?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Campfield Earns Man of the Year Award from Focus Staff Writer

As we approach the last week of 2010, there will be lots of recaps of what coulda, woulda, shoulda or did happen this year. State Senator Stacey Campfield has earned the 2010 Person of the Year honor by Dan Andrews, Staff Writer of the weekly Focus publication. Here is the link to this weeks edition. It is believed that Shopper rivals Betty Bean and Sandra Clark may need some blood pressure reducing medication, due to their mutual admiration for Senator Campfield.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hamilton County Board of Education Makes Excellent Decision

The Chattanooga Times Free Press details (here) that the Hamilton County Board of Education has contracted with a third party provider to utilize a pre-employment online screening process for teachers, Principal applicants and support staff applicants. This is a great move, the more you know the least likely you will be surprised later.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Real Meaning of Christmas Put To Work

We talk and know about the real meaning of Christmas. But this story in today's Tennessean details how the real meaning of Christmas was put to work.

To all the readers of Brian's Blog, Have a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Remembering that God became flesh in the form of a baby born in a manager. His purpose in coming to earth was to do something for us that we can not do for ourselves. Providing a Savior to save us from our sins.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Memphis Desires To Leave ALL The Children Behind

Memphis City School Board has sent notice to Shelby County Election Commission submitting (details here) to the the voters a referendum to surrender their charter, like Knoxville did in the 1990's. By law Knox County Schools had to take over the city school system. Which caused the county schools to suffer because all the dollars for the next 12-15 years were spent bringing the city schools up to county standards. Shelby County Schools appear to be preparing (details here) for that eventual referendum and are taking necessary action to protect themselves.

Ruh Roh!

This from the Chattanooga Times Free Press

Scripps Employee Sandra Clark Disagrees With Editorial Position of Employer

The Knoxville News Sentinel Editorial Board feels this way about the County Commission vote on the Midway Rd Business Park. However, Scripps employee Sandra Clark disagrees with the Editorial Board position. Metro Pulse, one of the other Scripps owned publications details here in it's Ear to the Ground column Clark's renegade reaction with her employers position.

Jim Henry is a Great Choice by Governor - Elect Bill Haslam

This announcement from the Tennessean.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oops, Hammond Loses An Old Friend

In this weekly community newspaper the publisher attacks Commission Chairman Mike Hammond over his vote on the Midway Business Park. Using the words "dismal failure". The publisher has always stated that he and Hammond go back to the early days of WIVK and it's parent company, Dick Broadcasting. Obviously one vote can turn one old friend into a name calling enemy to the other friend. It is sad that one issue has to do this to someone that publishes a weekly newspaper. We should all use the advice of Alex Haley and Senator Lamar Alexander, "Find the Good and Praise it". It is equally sad that publications become such purveyors of name calling and negativity.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

TVA Should Restore the Swan Pond Community

In this story from today's News Sentinel, my friend and Roane County Commissioner Randy Ellis makes the point that TVA should restore the Swan Pond community to what the citizens desire. Commissioner Ellis grandmother lived in Swan Pond.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Foster Arnett: A Liar or A Political Opportunist?

In 2008, Foster Arnett offered himself as a candidate for County Clerk with the promise of "throwing the door of the clerk's office open" and "to always do the right thing" He was elected and served the remaining two years. In 2010, Arnett ran for a full four year term as County Clerk as a continuation of his first partial term. Then within 60 days of taking office on September 1, 2010 he appoints his brother as Treasurer of an exploratory committee to run for the position of City of Knoxville Mayor. Sources close to Arnett indicate that not only is he definitely running, he is planning his Mayoral administration. Obviously, Arnett never participated in little league sports as a child. Because when young kids want to quit the team when the going gets tough, dad's always say "you have to finish the season." So, either Arnett is a political opportunist running for Mayor or he is a liar after having said he would "always do the right thing." The right thing is to complete what you said you wanted to do and what the public gave you the honor of doing.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Harmon -v- Tindell

Sources in the fractured and splintered Knox County Democrat Party are talking about a primary challenge for State Representative. It seems that Mark Harmon (the university twit, as labeled by Lumpy Lambert) is strongly considering a primary challenge to State Representative Harry Tindell in 2012. There is no love or even mutual admiration for the Tindell's by Harmon. First, when former Second District Commissioner Billy Tindell supported Commissioner David Collins instead of Harmon and then when Tindell rarely took the stance that Harmon expected. Could be interesting especially after redistricting.

In South Carolina There Is NO Free Ride and NO Free Gas

In Hampton County South Carolina the Mayor was filling up his car with gas and charging the town for it. He didn't have a county issued car, he didn't have a car allowance. Between May 25, 2009 and May 5, 2010 he got less than $2,000 of gas. The town called SLED, which is the TBI equivalent in South Carolina and after an investigation the mayor is arrested and charged. I wonder where he was going? Where he is headed now is in the wrong direction. Here is the link to the story from the website of WLTX in Columbia, S.C.

Monday, December 13, 2010

O'Charley's Closes 16, None in Tennessee

According to this in the Tennessean

"Prince Phillip of Nashville" Bredesen and TN Lottery Get An F

According to this story in the Knoxville News Sentinel, TN's lottery scholarships have increased attendance at post secondary institutes of learning. However, the failure rate is the highest. So, while the high school graduation rates increased. The psychological damage of students failing so quickly may have hurt them more. So, Bill Haslam has another challenge thanks to eight years of "Prince Phillip of Nashville" and a TN lottery that is just about keeping the poor, poor.

Commissioner Smith Changes His Name Again

This summer we learned when Steve Rodgers, the Independent candidate for County Commission Seventh District revealed an old newspaper article that Commissioner Smith was once Robert Lawrence Smith. He was then known as Larry Smith, however sources close to Smith indicate that when he discovered there was another Larry Smith in the Halls community, he began using the name R. Larry Smith. Evidently he has changed his name again. When you check the giveaway Fountain City Focus this week on page 5, he is now Karry Smith. Here is the link to the Fountain City Focus online.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is Obama Just The Front Man? He Wishes

After this from yesterday. Unlike President Clinton, Obama and Biden can not quiet the liberal nuts that are led by Reed and Pelosi.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Businessman Mark Padgett First Out Of The Gate With Media

Knoxville Mayoral Candidate Mark Padgett is the first of the candidates for Mayor to launch a television ad. Also, his website is located, here. In launching his website Padgett said “My campaign is about more easily accessible government, and is a good example of how I will conduct the city’s business,” Padgett said. “It’s an accessible, user-friendly way to learn about me and what my values are.”

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sorry Excuse Of......

This from the Chattanooga Times Free Press

Monday, December 06, 2010

Shelby County and Memphis City Will Not Merge At This Point

This from the Commercial Appeal, Shelby County Commission says No, Thank You.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

TN GOP SEC Will Likely Table Closed Primary Resolution Today

In communication with some TN GOP SEC members, I am confident that the proposal to close Republican primaries will be tabled for 60-90 days and a committee of the SEC will begin investigating this proposal.

I initially supported the concept of closing the primaries. However, after discussing the matter in an open dialogue with Moderately Marvelous on twitter. I am OPPOSED to closing the Republican primaries.

The reason is that when the primaries are closed, you could be excluded by voting if the Republican party determines that you are not a bona fide Republican. For someone like myself where 5 former of the 10 former living Knox County GOP Chairman publicly opposed my election as an SEC member, they could determine that I am not a bona fide Republican. The five are jealous of the success that the party achieved during my term. So, they're opposition was clearly a self serving. This type of activity should not remove my ability to cast a vote.

For the record in my SEC race, my opponent spent in excess of $15,000 while I spent ZERO dollars. I garnered 37.3% of the vote, very good results for the investment.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

You Better Be Ready

whether Jesus returns tomorrow, May 20 or when these folks (as detailed here in the News Sentinel) say it will happen.

Randy Neal Launches Investigation on a Republican Councilman

Here, Randy Neal of the local liberal blog launches an investigation on a Republican Knoxville Councilman. So, he owns a rental property. OK. They landlord / tenant relationship is not always fair, it even has a tendency to lean toward the tenant. The first inspection was in March 2010 and the last inspection was in September 2010. How much damage can be done in six months. I don't have to remind everyone that Senator Stacy Campfield was accused of being a bad landlord. But, when the proof was presented, Campfield won the counter suit. Why can't the local liberal blog try to something productive? Like convincing President Obama and the Democrats to extend our tax cuts so that the 9% unemployed can be employed and the economy rescued. After all, it is the economy!