Monday, December 27, 2010

The Loss of Local Influence at Love 89.1 FM Will Hurt

The direction of Love 89.1 FM going with nationally syndicated programming will hurt the local Christian community for many years to come. Today the ownership of Love 89.1 and Life 88.3 announced that Air 1 will be broadcast on Love 89.1 and K Love will air on Life 88.3, the effects of losing local on air talent will hurt the loyal audience that has included these broadcasters as part of our own families. The jobs will hurt, losing the voices will hurt.

But what our community is really losing is the link to the community. Ministries like Water Angels and Lost Sheep will not have a venue to promote it's events and it's needs. For me on Sunday nights listening to Kris Love introduce local musicians and bands will be lost. How will we ever know about local groups and musicians? How about all the concerts? Without a local presence will we ever host another Winter Jam after this year? This decision is hurtful to those of us that consider Love 89 as a member of our family, however, the loss of a bully pulpit for the Christian community is a greater loss.

Let us also not forget that Marshall and Marisa are the reigning East TN's BEST Morning Drive Team as awarded by the voters in the Knoxville News Sentinel East TN Best Poll.


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Also do not forget people like our family who listen from another country. Many missionaries from East Tennessee have lost their connection as well. Sad days for Christian radio in Knoxville!!!!