Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bredesen Appoints "Republicans" to Board of Regents

The Tennessean is reporting here that Governor Phil Bredesen is appointing three "Republicans" to the Board of Regents to diffuse criticism by State House and Senate committee. He is appointing Chattanoogan Tom Griscom, Knoxville Danni Varlan and Emily Reynolds of Nashville.

Griscom formerly with a Chattanooga newspaper, Varlan wife of federal judge and former Victor Ashe Law Director Tom Varlan. Danni Varlan has not spent anytime within the Knox County Republican Party's grassroots network, so the "Republican" status could be questioned. As for Griscom, in 2006 immediately following a Chattanooga debate between US Senate candidates Harold Ford, Jr and Bob Corker. Griscom appeared on WBIR's talking head post wrap up supposedly as the Republican, but as cameras rolled live, he declared himself to be politically independent. The more time rolls on, nothing ever changes just the faces. Good ole boy/girl/ cronies appointment processes for political purposes, all in an effort to save an unqualified John Morgan as TBR Chancellor. Here's a letter to the editor concerning the Board's "arrogant" actions. Here is another letter to the editor concerning his appointment.

Actor Tony Curtis Dies

The Tennessean is reporting here that Actor Tony Curtis has passed away overnight.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hurley Gains Momentum

Julia Hurley, candidate for State House District 32 has momentum on her side over the 18 year incumbent liberal Democrat. Here is the latest hand out cards. With an assist from Republican candidate for Governor, Bill Haslam and State Representative Tony Shipley.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Julia Hurley Bringing Conservative Principles to State House District 32

Here is a story from the Roane County News that details last weeks debate between Julia Hurley and the incumbent Democrat for State Representative District 32 that represents Roane County and Lenoir City. It seems that the incumbent keeps harping on he is from Roane County. The district includes Lenoir City as well. In addition, the incumbent in trying to shield his liberal Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid ways bragged that he obtained dollars for meals on wheels, the sad part is that he secured over $1700.00 for only 147 citizens for meals on wheels. So, he used our tax dollars for only a few citizens and not the program as a whole. The Hurley website is located, here. Hurley is photographed here with Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett.

Underage Beer Sales Should NOT be Tolerated on Third Offense

A local Northeast Knox County business appeared before the Knox County Commission Beer Board. They are guilty of the third violation of under age beer sales. The Beer Board on motion of David Wright, (who disclosed that he is a friend of one of the owners and a shopper of the store) that the establishment be fined $1,500 or a 90 day beer license suspension. The business chose the $1,500 fine. A third strike should take you out of the ballgame.

Commissioners Brad Anders and Sam McKenzie publicly stated that a fourth incident will result in revocation or longtime suspension. It is good that two commissioners have a backbone, too bad David Wright can not make a decision separate his personal connections and loyalty.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stacey Campfield's Opponents Supporters, Where Are They?

Stacey Campfield's opponent has these elusive Republicans For yard signs, which is really just a sign extender. Kinda like them hair extensions that some ladies use. Anyway, the one "Republicans For" sign discovered today is in a ditch of a county right of way on a rural county road. So, are Campfield's opponents Republican supporters the type that live in the ditch?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pastors Have the Right to Free Speech Too

This from the Tennessean, several Pastor's will endorse political candidates from the pulpit. If the Supreme Court lifted the ban on corporate contributions, then the ban silencing Pastors should be lifted. By the way, I agree individuals in Tennessee's Fifth Congressional District should vote for and elect David Hall. Check the David Hall campaign out, here.

We Don't Have To Take It! No, We Aint Gonna Take It

My buddy Moderately Marvelous took it straight to National GOP Chair Michael Steele yesterday. Read her blog post detailing his trip to Jackson, TN and their meeting here.

KPD is Spinning for the Knoxville Mayor

Here, KPD is spinning for the Knoxville Mayor. Why? Because he is running for Governor and with nightly criminal activity it doesn't look good that two nights in a row, Knoxville has had 5 robberies. Is that what we can expect for the state if/when the Knoxville Mayor is Governor?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The GOP Keeps Losing the Good People

Here Moderately Marvelous makes the cases for how the GOP in Tennessee keeps imploding.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Joe Armstrong Just Needs To Accept He Is a Loner On The State Senate District Seven Race

Joe Armstrong while a good man is a good man that is desperate. Desperate to maintain close ties to Haslam but also not tick off the extremist that are the Democrat Party. He wants to appear to support McWherter. So, while he squirms his way into explaining his name being on the host list for Haslam, which has obviously irked the 4.5% of extremist that are the Democrat Party. Armstrong tries in this article in today's News Sentinel to throw Senator Jamie Woodson under the bus. That bus ain't moving. Senator Woodson stated to the paper's reporter "if asked I would have signed up to be on the host list." I know Senator Woodson, She is MY Senator. Ain't nobody in the State Senate better than her. She is rock solid. Don't make me correct you.

By the way, is this accident (that Armstrong discusses) just like the accident that Bruce Pearl made in intentionally lying to the NCAA to attempt for a cover up.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Every Vote Counts Ask The People Of Lakewood

This from the Tennessean reports that the recount is complete from the Lakewood referendum. Shall Lakewood disband and join Metro. After the recount 400 citizens voted YES, 399 voted NO. So, Lakewood will cease to exist. So, Yes every vote counts.

Opryland Hotel On Schedule for November 15 Re-Opening

This news from the Tennessean concerning the Opryland Resort and Conference Center in Nashville that has been closed since the 100 year flood consumed the property earlier this year. The re-opening is on track for November 15.

Nashville Is Getting the Full Body Scanners

This from the Tennessean, Nashville International Airport (BNA) is receiving the full body scanners.

Jeri Thompson - The Truth Slayer

Here in American Spectator Jeri Thompson slays the Republican establishment with the truth. The facts are the Republican establishment good ole boys will not support a woman (or man, but we are talking about O'Donnell in this example) that is independent and does not kow tow to their order. It is true in every facet of Republican politics. The women that they support are women who will do what their told, when they are told to do it. It is time for members of the tea parties to turn the boat over or the Obama agenda will NEVER be stopped.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The only way to beat Obama and his agenda is to continually drive a stake in the heart of the establishment RINO's that have taken over the Republican Party. It is time to re-build the party with fresh new blood. Tennessee will be slower to re-build, but the move is taking shape in the grassroots.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Night for Conservatives

The win of Christine O'Donnell in Delaware to be the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate seat that Joe Biden vacated is a GREAT win for Conservatives and especially the Tea Party. The stake in the heart to the establishment RINO's. (Republican In Name Only)

What is the Future of Carter Elementary School? Renovate or New School

The Knox County School Board and Knox County Commission had a touring session this afternoon at Carter Elementary School. The Superintendent & School Board have proposed a $5.0 million dollar renovation and minor expansion. The community is requesting a new school built on the Strawberry Plains Pike property that was purchased in 2003. The tour helped to give the Commissioners and School Board Members an idea of what the renovations and expansion will look like, now real consensus was shown by those in attendance. Mr. Conley Underwood aka "Mr. Carter" served as the community representative on the tour. Five of the Eleven Commissioners attended; Commission Chairman Mike Hammond, David Wright, Mike Brown, Jeff Ownby and Tony Norman. Four of the Nine School Board Members attended; School Board Chairwoman Indya Kincannon, Cindy Buttry, Pam Trainor and Mike McMillan. Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre, School Facilities Director Doug Dillingham, Schools Communication Director Melissa Copelan and Administrative Assistant Mary Martin were all part of the delegation.
Here is the front entrance for Carter Elementary School. However, it is as far away from the office as it could possibly be.
Here David Collins of McCarty Holsaple McCarty (the architect) is showing where the new office space is planned to be located. Yes, it appears I am standing in the office, probably sent there for something I did.

Here is a better shot of the group of County Commissioners and School Board Members that attended.
Mr. Conley Underwood, the PTO leader at Carter has been a magnificent leader in making the communities views known. Mr. Underwood should be named "Mr. Carter"
Here David Collins answers questions from County Commission Chairman Mike Hammond.
Here School Board Chairwoman Indya Kincannon listens to questions and answers and was an excellent host for the short tour.
Here School Board Member Cindy Buttry asks questions about the portable classrooms and the proposed new classrooms.

Here Commission Chairman Mike Hammond and School Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre listen to Collins answers to Buttry's question.
Here the group were leaving after viewing a portable classroom that will be removed with the proposed renovation. They also examined the exterior of the building.
Here Commissioners Norman and Wright along with Knox County Schools Facilities Director Doug Dillingham examine the Kindergarten and First Grade playground. Kim Trent of Knox Heritage was along the tour. She is the one in the red skirt.

Wal-Mart Enters the Cell Phone Business

This report from the Commercial Appeal has Wal-Mart entering the cell phone business as early as next week.

Joe Biddle States The Obvious: Mike Hamilton's Job is in the Balance

Joe Biddle here in the Tennessean states it like no one else has, "Tennessee is in the NCAA crosshairs now, and Hamilton's job hangs in the balance." Why does this straightforward approach never appear in a Knoxville publication? Oh yeah! We know.

Good News for 2013 - GM and Spring Hill, TN

The Tennessean is reporting here that GM may begin production of the four cylinder Ecotec engines at Spring Hill in 2013. Here's hoping those laid off workers can last that long. But it is good news.

James Haswell?, the Latest Dishonesty Case

It seems that the dishonesty thing is going around not just the collegiate ranks but in political circles as well. Read here what Moderately Marvelous has discovered about the latest round of dishonest reporting.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around Eventually

Here is a report from Nashville's Tennessean about the history of Bruce Pearl. Not surprised that Pearl did not return the phone call.

Put a Fork in Randy Walker, He is DONE

State Representative Stacey Campfield will have a fundraiser for his Seventh District State Senate bid on September 21, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at Club LeConte.

Host for the event include TN Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, TN Republican nominee for Governor Bill Haslam, Knox County Trustee John Duncan III, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, Knox County Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones and more.

Tindell's Appointment and Public Statement - Coincidence or a Ploy?

On June 26, 2010 this guest editorial was published in the News Sentinel by local political perennial candidate, Chad Tindell. He is considered by many as perennial because there isn't a Knox County elected job that he hasn't sought and every time he has been unsuccessful. In 1998, Phil Guthe handily defeated Tindell in the Republican primary for Fourth District Knox County Commission. In 2006, he garnered only about 25% of the Knox County Republican primary voters for the Republican nomination for Knox County General Sessions Judge, he was bested by former State Representative Jimmy Kyle Davis and the ultimate winner Knox County General Sessions Judge Andy Jackson. In 2008, he sought the appointment of Knox County General Sessions Judge for the remaining term of office for Criminal Court Judge Bob McGhee's term. He dropped out at the last minute when not 1 of the 19 Knox County Commissioners would nominate him.

But here on August 19 and here on August 20 was the announcement that Knox County Trustee John Duncan III would be appointing Tindell as the in house tax attorney. Is it a coincidence that Tindell's guest editorial was concerning the DUNCAN law school in June and is then selected as the in house delinquent tax attorney within 6 weeks? or was it an orchestrated ploy by Tindell and his public relations friends to bolster a lack luster record of accomplishments? Either way it is interesting. Sources close to Duncan indicate that Tindell and Tindell cronies began contacting Duncan III shortly after the May primary election asking for the appointment.

Of course, Tindell has a history of speaking ill (publicly and privately) of fellow Republicans. Time will tell if Tindell can be muzzled as Duncan has promised he will be.

Campfield Gains Support of Haslam and Ramsey

Sources close to State Representative Stacey Campfield inform us that Tennessee's Lt Governor Ron Ramsey and the Republican nominee for Governor are hosting a fundraiser for The Representative's bid to be the next State Senator from District Seven, half of Knox County's population.

So, our previous report that mentioned today's Georgiana Vines column where David Wright the one that starred in a television commercial for the Republican nominee for Governor has met with Campfied's opponent but stated that he wanted to stay in the middle and now the nominee is endorsing and raising money for Campfield.

Will Vines take this information from our blog and write her next column with it? If she does you can bet she will not credit her source, Brian's Blog.

Campfield Has Democrat Support, What You Will Not Read In Georgiana Vines Column

This Georgiana Vines column today is the Stacey Campfield's opponent has Republican support, although she was unable to confirm one definite Republican supporter. She quotes David Wright of Wright's Cafeteria and former Knox GOP Chairman Mike Prince as confirming they have talked with Campfield's opponent. Although Wright is quoted as saying he wants to stay in the middle of it. and Prince stated he will vote for Campfield.

While Campfield's opponent has produced a yard sign extension that read Republicans for, sources close to the Campfield campaign indicate that they have a demand for and will be producing a yard sign extension that reads, Democrats for Campfield.

Of course, you will not be able to read any of this in Georgiana Vines column, cause that is not shining light so that the people can find their way.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Remember The Fairview Apples from the Fair

This from today's News Sentinel brought back memories. Fairview United Methodist sells candied apples at the Tennessee Valley Fair. While I would love one or two, I likely am not gonna spend $9 to get into the fair to buy one apple for $1. Fairview should offer sales separate from the fair as well. So, if anyone is going to the fair this year and wants to be kind and feed your best local blogger, yes I would take a candied apple or two.

Never Forget

Friday, September 10, 2010

If You Lie About The BIG Things, You Surely Lie About The Little Things

When my kids were younger and they would get caught with a dishonest statement. I would say "if you lie about the little things, you will surely lie about the BIG things" So, now Bruce Pearl has admitted to lying to the governing body of collegiate basketball, which is a BIG thing. So, if he lied about a BIG thing, what little things has he lied about? What about that political endorsement for a certain candidate for Governor? If you compromise yourself in one area of your life, would you comprise in another? Not honorable actions.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Mistake? or Arrogance Abounds?

At what point does a 29 year old son to a District Attorney General NOT realize that this is wrong? Really! And we should all adhere to longtime Democrat Good Ole Boy Mike Turner, "a young man made a mistake, it has been addressed." Nothing to see here, CLEARED. Randy Nichols deserves better than this.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The 11 Month Knoxville Mayor Should Be Brenda Palmer

If Knoxville's current Mayor is successful in his effort to be the state's Governor. He will step down in early to mid January 2011. The current Vice Mayor will serve as Mayor for 10 days until the current Knoxville City Council selects one of it's own to serve until the city elects it's next Mayor.

With today's announcement and contribution by Former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe and his wife Joan contributing $50,000 for the purchase of property adjoining the current Victor Ashe Park. The leadership of City Councilwoman Brenda Palmer in her 10 months of service in securing this contribution demonstrates that she would be an excellent 11 month Mayor of the City of Knoxville. The Council could not any better and they could sure do a lot worse.

Betty Bean Always Looking for an Odd Angle

At today's presentation by Victor Ashe to present a check to Knoxville Councilwoman Brenda Palmer and the current Knoxville Mayor for the purchase of adjacent property to expand Victor Ashe Park. Betty Bean was there looking to make news, not report it. She was overheard mumbling about all these city employees being at the event. How does she think the chairs, podium and sound system gets into a city park parking lot? Do they just sit there or do they get up and move on their own? We probably don't want to know what goes through the mental capacity of Bean. All we can say is, well Betty was at it again, looking for an odd angle.

Expansion of Victor Ashe Park, Thanks to Former Mayor Victor Ashe

Several dignitaries appeared at today's event, Here Knoxville City Councilmen Joe Bailey, Daniel Brown and Knoxville City Councilwoman Brenda Palmer before the event began.
Here Councilwoman Palmer informs Joe Walsh, the City Parks Director that she is Brenda Palmer, not her sister Barbara Palmer, whom Walsh introduced. Palmer demonstrated that she is a good sport.
Palmer discusses how the contribution from former Knoxville Mayor / Former Ambassador Victor Ashe came to be. Palmer in less than 9 months of service demonstrated real leadership in obtaining this property in a unique fashion, before developers purchased it and developed it.
Victor Ashe speaking as his wife Joan waits for the check presentation. Ashe donated $50,000 to purchase property adjacent to Victor Ashe Park for expansion. The money is coming from the Ashe's to the East TN Foundation to the City of Knoxville for the expressed purpose of purchasing the property.
Here Victor and Joan Ashe present an oversize check to Knoxville City Councilwoman Brenda Palmer and the current Knoxville Mayor.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Big Republican Turnout at Hooray for Harriman

The Republican nominee for Governor speaking at Hooray for Harriman today is joined by Roane County Commissioner Randy Ellis, State Senator Ken Yager and candidate for State Representative Julia Hurley. All were recognized and spoke. Roane County Republicans Unite!

More Davids Than Goliaths - Harold Ford, Jr.

I spent the Labor Day weekend between Sunday bible study and worship service and a few hours taking in Boomsday with the family and two other families. I read the recently released book More Davids Than Goliaths written by former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. An excellently written book detailing his life in the Ford family, being shaped as the son of former Congressman Harold Ford, his own experience as a Congressman and then his 2006 campaign for the United States Senate from Tennessee.

During the 2006 campaign, I was the Knox County Republican Party Chairman. Congressman Ford would be on radio talk shows often. As Chairman I would call in and confront him for his positions. When we would see each other face to face, Ford would also greet me as Mr. Chairman and was cordial. I was hard on the Congressman.

The one incident that I don't regret is when former City Councilman Ed Bailey and I were at the Duncan family BBQ and Knox Courthouse political gadfly Mose Lobetti had convinced Ford to attend the partisan event. Bailey asked me about confronting Ford, I said I will do it. Bailey started, I joined in, Ford defended himself but left shortly thereafter. A New York Times reporter was following Ford and asked Bailey about interviewing him, he in classic Ed Bailey fashion declined. I did speak with the reporter. As best as I can recall that was Ed Bailey last political event before he went home due gain his eternal reward. God Bless the life of Ed Bailey and all of our memories with him. The picture below captured our exchange on the floor of the Civic Coliseum of the Duncan BBQ, Ed Bailey in the ball cap, me with the jacket and the sunglass holder.
The book is a great read. In hindsight, Corker had Tom Ingram as his campaign manager from the Republican primary to the General election, the infamous "Call Me" ad was produced and aired against Ford. Ingram is the campaign manager for the Republican nominee for Governor in 2010, similar distorted campaign tactics in television commercials and mail outs were instigated against the Republican opponent in the recent primary. At some point those tactics must be rejected.

I regret the RNC running the "Call Me" ad, I regret the personal Ford family attacks on Jr. that those in leadership used on him.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Friday Night Lights Admiral Style

This was the Admirals warm-ups at Blaine Stadium on the campus of Knox Catholic High School
Here the Admirals are just at the beginning of the game, the sun is still bright in the western sky.
This is the BEST way to finish off a week, the sun is going down in the western sky, while the Admirals are on the field doing their work.

It is dark, the Friday Night Lights are on, the Admiral Defense is doing what the Admiral Defense does best and that is work. It was a good night!

Knox County School Board Places Taxpayers in Jepoardy and Citizens Without Representation

The Knox County School Board took an unprecedented move two years ago to have their own swearing in for their elected school board members. In all previous years all school board members were sworn in as part of the total Knox County ceremony. Two years ago, Board Member Bill Phillips was the only new addition. Indya Kincannon, Cindy Buttry and Karen Carson were incumbents that were sworn in for another four year term.

This year, Thomas Deakins is the only incumbent to be sworn in for a term that began on September 1. However, there are 5 new members, Gloria Deathridge, Lynn Fugate, Kim Sepesi, Mike McMillan and Pam Trainor that were to begin serving but have not taken the oath of office and will not take the oath of office until Tuesday September 7th. So, a constitutional quorum of the school board are not sworn in. So, if an emergency were to occur, a school become flooded, a school burn to the ground or explode then the board can not convene to take appropriate action. In addition, what kind of co existing relationship can they hope to have with the new County Mayor or County Commission when they say, we do not want to take our oath of office on September 1, 2010 when you take your oath. We would rather wait, 6 days and expose the taxpayers to liability and no representation on the school board. Because if you live in the First, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth or Ninth district your former school board member stopped representing you on August 31, 2010 at 11:59:59 p.m. and your new representative does not begin representing you until taking the oath of office on Tuesday September 7, 2010 after taking the oath of office.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Betty Bean Was At It Again on Wednesday

In the classic fashion of Betty Bean, she snapped again. When will her employer learn that when she does this it is unprofessional and reflects on the Big Metal Shed on the Hill? Read her attack on blogger Political Leverage here. It is the next to last New Topic in the post. Better yet, here is the important portion.

Mr. Hornback appears to be right about one thing....'Tabloid Bully'. As you know if you read my facebook page I wrote a joke that if I were offered a job as a Playboy photographer that I would turn it down cause of my love for local news photography here in Knox. Well this was in regard to a local columnist stating that if they were offered a position in the Burchett administration they would turn it down.

Well my post appears to have offended that person for that I am truly sorry. A simple email and I would have deleted it. I was in no way wrong, but I do respect other peoples feelings. However, to get in my face and be nasty and threaten me.

Well, in my mind and my opinion your actions confirmed everything Mr. Hornback has written in his blog about you...

So, how does someone respond to a 'Tabloid Bully?'

It is simple. I just continue to write better stronger articles than you...

Hang in there, Political Leverage. Her time has come and gone. Your time is just beginning.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Changes to the Print Media?

Sources at today's Knox County swearing in ceremony were talking about other changes in addition to the Knox County government changes. It seems that word on the street is that Sandra Clark may be leaving Scripps to go to work for the Ftn. City Focus, a paper owned by former School Board Member and Knox County Republican Party Secretary Steve Hunley. The possibility of Clark and Hunley teaming up is a interesting dynamic. Is this an attempt by the Ftn. City Focus to market it's paper to Scripps? Or is this an attempt to bring some credibility to the Ftn. City Focus ?

New Knox County Commission Chairman and Vice Chairman

Knox County Commissioner Amy Broyles nominates Commissioner Mike Hammond no other nominations. Brad Anders made motion nominations cease. Briggs discussed the election of Hammond, Briggs would like to have term limits for persons in leadership. Briggs asked Hammond what he thought as Chairman, he will voluntarily term limit himself to no more than two years as Chairman. Amy Broyles will only support individuals for a one yerm term as Chairman or Vice Chairman. Commissioner Tony Norman discussed that his view is that the Vice Chairman should be the Chairman in waiting. Commissioner Ed Shouse asked Hammond where he resides Commissioner Hammond said beginning today he is a resident of South Knoxville's Kimberlin Heights in County Commission District Nine. Hammond was elected unanimously.

Commissioner Sam McKenzie nominated Brad Anders, Broyles nominates Norman, Ownby nominates Dave Wright. On the first vote Anders received 4 votes with McKenzie, Anders, Mike Brown and Ed Shouse, Tony Norman received 2 votes with Broyles and Briggs. Wright received 3 votes Ownby, Smith and Wright. Norman's name was taken out and the vote came between Anders and Wright. Anders received 5 votes with McKenzie, Broyles, Anders, Brown and Shouse. Wright received 4 votes with Ownby, Briggs, Smith and Wright. Tony Norman and Mike Hammond, Chairman Hammond asked if the passed wished to vote Commissioner Norman voted for Anders giving Anders the 6 votes to be the Vice Chairman.

The politics of Steve Hunley and David Wright lost the Vice Chair position.

Democrats Cleaning Out the Dead Wood

Brian's Blog received an anonymous email tip that the Knox County Democrat Party has some internal strife following the August 5 primary. One of the tips stated that Gregg Lonas "is out" for being a candidate for committeeman. I replied to the email and stated that it is no surprise to me that Lonas is out. But, in my opinion, it would not be because he ran for committeeman. It is likely because of his connection to several individuals that are not democrats and his support for Republican Mike McMillan in the recent Eighth District non partisan School Board race. McMillan served on Knox County Commission as a Republican for several terms. So, while I am no fan of Gloria Johnson or the current leadership regime of the Knox County Democrat Party. On this one Johnson and crew are right to cut out the dead wood and send it on it's way.