Monday, September 13, 2010

Tindell's Appointment and Public Statement - Coincidence or a Ploy?

On June 26, 2010 this guest editorial was published in the News Sentinel by local political perennial candidate, Chad Tindell. He is considered by many as perennial because there isn't a Knox County elected job that he hasn't sought and every time he has been unsuccessful. In 1998, Phil Guthe handily defeated Tindell in the Republican primary for Fourth District Knox County Commission. In 2006, he garnered only about 25% of the Knox County Republican primary voters for the Republican nomination for Knox County General Sessions Judge, he was bested by former State Representative Jimmy Kyle Davis and the ultimate winner Knox County General Sessions Judge Andy Jackson. In 2008, he sought the appointment of Knox County General Sessions Judge for the remaining term of office for Criminal Court Judge Bob McGhee's term. He dropped out at the last minute when not 1 of the 19 Knox County Commissioners would nominate him.

But here on August 19 and here on August 20 was the announcement that Knox County Trustee John Duncan III would be appointing Tindell as the in house tax attorney. Is it a coincidence that Tindell's guest editorial was concerning the DUNCAN law school in June and is then selected as the in house delinquent tax attorney within 6 weeks? or was it an orchestrated ploy by Tindell and his public relations friends to bolster a lack luster record of accomplishments? Either way it is interesting. Sources close to Duncan indicate that Tindell and Tindell cronies began contacting Duncan III shortly after the May primary election asking for the appointment.

Of course, Tindell has a history of speaking ill (publicly and privately) of fellow Republicans. Time will tell if Tindell can be muzzled as Duncan has promised he will be.

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