Saturday, September 18, 2010

Joe Armstrong Just Needs To Accept He Is a Loner On The State Senate District Seven Race

Joe Armstrong while a good man is a good man that is desperate. Desperate to maintain close ties to Haslam but also not tick off the extremist that are the Democrat Party. He wants to appear to support McWherter. So, while he squirms his way into explaining his name being on the host list for Haslam, which has obviously irked the 4.5% of extremist that are the Democrat Party. Armstrong tries in this article in today's News Sentinel to throw Senator Jamie Woodson under the bus. That bus ain't moving. Senator Woodson stated to the paper's reporter "if asked I would have signed up to be on the host list." I know Senator Woodson, She is MY Senator. Ain't nobody in the State Senate better than her. She is rock solid. Don't make me correct you.

By the way, is this accident (that Armstrong discusses) just like the accident that Bruce Pearl made in intentionally lying to the NCAA to attempt for a cover up.

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