Friday, October 30, 2009

News Sentinel Politicizing for Burchett's Benefit

This story is interesting in that it pops up the day of and will appear in the print edition of the death penalty for Davidson. The News Sentinel places Burchett's name in the headline and Burchett himself takes credit for Cobbins move. If the Sate Corrections officials do not know the nature of what Cobbins was convicted of then they should be replaced for their failure to read the history of it's inmate.

Praise Be to God, Justice Served

The Death Penalty is returned. Channon and Chris can now rest.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ken Knight's Opponent and Taxpayer Dollars

Ken Knight's opponent has served as a member of the Broadway-Fifth Task Force, Mayor's Task Force on Facade Improvement, 5th Ave./Central Avenue Corridor. The minutes from the July 21, 2006 Fifth Broadway Committee state. At the end of the meeting, there was more discussion on feeding the homeless. Duane Greive asked if we could get beyond that, and move on to other things to improve the area's appearance mentioning the city's facade grant program along with TDOT funding that is available. (source: City of Knoxville website)

On May 19, 2007 the Knoxville News Sentinel reported, Duane Greive is one of a handful of property owners near the Broadway - Central Street intersection using facade grants available now because the area is part of a revitalization area. Greive received two grants totaling $55,981 for his building.

In the City of Knoxville's 2008 Annual Report we find Duane Greive received $195,000 cash in Non EZ/EC Grant funds. In addition, a five year forgivable loan (up to $50,000) to business owners for facade improvements in the Broadway/Central area.

Ken Knight's opponent in campaign material and website credits him as an Urban Pioneer. He cites "Architect - Miller's Building Restoration on Gay Street. Cornerstone of downtown revival." What he failed to disclose is that he received $700,000 for this project.

If the last thing you want is someone on City Council that will not be open and transparent about their past financial dealings with the City and KUB (all taxpayer dollars) then do not cast a Vote for Ken Knight's opponent. Vote for Ken Knight.

If you would like a copy of the supporting documents that detail this information, please email us here and we will be happy to furnish you with the supporting documentation.

Justice Reached in Verdict. Let's Pray Jury Sentences Him To Die

This Lemarcius Davidson jury didn't see through the antics of the Defense Attorneys. Defense Attorneys that are activist DEMOCRATS. Let's pray for the jury to finish the job.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ken Knight's Opponent Lies About The Little Things

A mailer went out recently by Ken Knight's opponent that stipulated that Ken Knight is distorting his opponents voting record. Well, here at Brian's Blog we are about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Because we believe that the truth will set you free. So, we obtained a copy of Ken Knight's opponents voting record and guess what Ken Knight was not wrong. Ken Knight's opponent did not vote in the City of Knoxville 2007 election. He didn't vote in the primary election in September 2007 of the general election in November 2007. So, Ken Knight's opponent didn't care about the Mayor's Race, the three At Large Council positions or the district race where current Vice Mayor Bob Becker was re-elected. So, the question is if Ken Knight's opponent will lie about the little things then will he surely will lie about the BIG things? Is that what you want? Brian's Blog didn't think so, Vote for Ken Knight.

If you would like a cleaner copy of Greive's voting record email us here and we will forward you a cleaner copy.

Shuttin Detroit Down

With the current leaders at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC there is an arrogance that is squeezing the little guy out. When large fuel retailer conglomerates want to make up more dollars to fed their fat cat pockets they just raise the retail price on a gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel. Here is the John Rich social conscience song/video of Shuttin Detroit Down, starring Kris Kristofferson

Barbara Pelot Seeking a Third Term on Council?

Brian's Blog heard a radio commercial for Duane Greive this afternoon. The commercial featured two term Council member Barbara Pelot endorsing the candidate of her choice to replace her. So, if her candidate wins the election Barbara Pelot will continue a third term as Council member through a rubber stamp advocate?

A vote for Ken Knight will honor the term limit provision that the City of Knoxville voters have approved.

Yep, We Are Still Iritating The Liberal Whackos

This reaction to our post about last night from a member of the granola crowd over at the local liberal blog. While it is fun to see them get so bent out of shape that they post this stuff on their insignificant blog, print it in their Metro Pulse paper. As always, we encourage them to say what they will but as long as they are talking about the Brian's Blog brand and our brands topic of the day. We are doing our job and doing it well. The organization of Brian's Blog has the best ground troops, the greatest foxhole partners that will cover each others back. We are committed to the cause. So, sit back and enjoy this ride.

He's Not Daddy's Boy, He's Tennessee's Son

Last evening a long impressive host list from around the area held a reception at Gettysvue Country Club for the Gubernatorial campaign of Congressman Zach Wamp. Brian Debusk introduced the Congressman. Wamp, his lovely wife Kim, their awesome children Coty and Weston were as always spectacular hosts. Also present for the reception was Country Music Superstar John Rich.

Rich in honor of the Congressman first sang the Johnny Cash song "Walk The Line". He then sang The Good Lord and The Man, Shutting Detroit Down, Son of a Preacher Man, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy and his final song was of course Rocky Top.

Rich talked about why he is committed to the Congressman over the Mayor. He got a loud response from the large crowd when he talked about how he has traveled all over the country in these buses and they have 18 wheelers traveling behind them. He said they have stopped at a few Pilot's and they have the worst hamburgers. He also said the diesel fuel is always 8 - 9 cents higher per gallon. The crowd loved it.

Rich said he was gonna have to write a song for Wamp. A gentleman in the crowd suggested He's not a daddy's boy, He's Tennessee's Son. Writing and recording campaign songs are not anything new to Rich as he wrote, recorded and offered free downloads of Raising McCain.

Rich said a few of his friends asked him, do you really want to support Wamp? He asked do you really need to ask?

Fellow Knoxvillian Bill Baxter who serves as Finance Chairman of the Wamp campaign spoke at the conclusion of Rich's set. Baxter said, that he along with those of us in Knoxville know both candidates. We know the Congressman and we know the Mayor. We recognize that there is no question who is prepared to lead Tennessee. The decision is not even close.

It was a great event that served as a great benchmark on this the tenth month of a nineteen month campaign.

I hope you recognize where Brian's Blog is on this campaign. We will continue covering this campaign all the way to live blogging the inauguration of our next Governor Zach Wamp.

Monday, October 26, 2009

"The Voters Are Watching"...Amy Broyles

In a bizarre twist today as County Commissioners and Elected Officials entered the Large Assembly Room for the County Commission. Amy Broyles of the Second District approached each Commissioner and handed a plastic eye ball. On the back of the eyeball, Broyles had written with a magic marker "The Voters are watching...." The magic marker didn't last long as it markings rubbed off quickly.

At least one County Commissioner and one Countywide Elected Official gave me their eyeball. I have photographed one of the eyeballs for you to see.

So, since Amy has reminded us that the voters are watching. Here is what the voters have seen. The voters have discovered that the reason that Amy Broyles is campaigning for Gerry Holman, the Republican for City Council instead of Brenda Palmer, the Democrat for City Council is because Palmer's husband Don Palmer was an active supporter of Broyles 2008 opponent Cortney Piper. Talk about being a sore loser.

The voters also discovered that today while the Commission was conducting it's business. Broyles and her colleague Commissioner Mark Harmon were talking and referring to Harmon's computer. Clearly they were deliberating to a conclusion. Brian's Blog is working on additional information that the voters have discovered on Broyles. So, yes the voters are watching you, Broyles.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Monday Will Bring The Governor's Race to East TN

Tomorrow the Blount Education Initiative will hold a community forum for the gubernatorial candidates to explore and discuss the topic of “Making Education Tennessee’s Top Priority: The Roles of State Government, Local Governments, and all Tennessee Citizens.”

The event begins at 6:50 p.m. in the auditorium of William Blount High School at 219 County Farm Road in Maryville, Tenn. The public is invited to attend the forum and will be encouraged to participate in an open dialogue with the candidates.

The following gubernatorial candidates have committed to participate in the forum:

U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp (Republican)
Mayor Bill Haslam (Republican)
Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (Republican)
Former Tennessee House of Representatives Majority Leader Kim McMillan (Democrat)

The BEI website is located here.

Is Knoxville Still the Scruffy Litte City?

Before Knoxville hosted the 1982 World"s Fair, a National publication referred to Knoxville as the scruffy little city. Obviously, we haven't grown up from that status. WBIR's Inside Tennessee has Susan Richardson Williams of SRW and Associates as a panelist. WATE's Tennessee This Week has Cortney Piper Armstrong of SRW and Associates as a panelist. So, there is only one firm that can provide political analyst? No, there's Moxley Carmichael, Ackermann PR and many individuals that can provide more thought provoking analyst than just one firm saying the same things on both broadcast. You would think that two television stations competing for broadcast points would not use the same firm that their competitor uses.

Is John Becker Really Thet Clueless?

In introducing former Sheriff Tim Hutchison on the Inside TN show that aired this morning WBIR News Anchor John Becker said "while you haven't officially entered the race of County Mayor, you have hired a treasurer". Hired a treasurer? Where is that document at the Knox County Election Commission? Hutchison appointed a treasurer. Hutchison filed an appointment of treasurer form with the Knox County Election Commission. Does Jeff Lee and Bill Shory really have to wonder why their ratings are slipping away? With hair brained, careless banter like that by their News Anchor any credibility they had is lost.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama -v- E*Trade Baby


Are all of these facts coincidence? Attorney Doug Trant, Knox County Democrat Party Chairman 1989-1991. Attorney David Eldridge, Knox County Democrat Election Commission Member 1998-2003. Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner, first appointed by Democrat Governor Ned Ray McWherter to the Criminal Court bench in 1993. He was appointed because Randy Nichols moved from Criminal Court Judge to District Attorney General. Baumgartner was then elected as a Democrat in 1998 and 2006.

On August 6, 2009 the Election Commission posted Baumgartner's July 15, 2009 financial disclosure, his political organization has $11,956.99 on hand. Should Baumgartner accept the challenge of running for re-election, it will occur in 2014.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baumgartner Needs to Lighten UP

Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner (D) jumped on the Christian/Newsom families this week and has silenced them because one family member is rumored to have called Doug Trant, one of the defense Attorneys "a jerk".

Now, as they are leaving for lunch. He has noticed that there are more buttons than usual in the courtroom. The buttons are the ones with Channon or Chris picture on them. He reminded the court that the "agreement" is that only immediate family are allowed to wear the buttons. Give em a break! If I obtain a button with Channon or Chris picture on them. You Judge Baumgartner can NOT take my First Amendment Right to Free Speech away from me. So, here's to you, Judge. Lighten Up!

Brian's Blog is the Sentinel's Truth Squad, Fact Checker

After our early morning post, here. has updated the story that was posted at midnight last night. The update is here, and the disclosure says Editor's note: An earlier version of this story was incorrect. Pavlis is not the first former city council member to seek a third term. Go out and grad a print copy and you can archive the error.

So, now it is established Brian's Blog is more reliable and 100% more accurate than the E. W. Scripps owned News Sentinel. How long will E.W. Scripps allow Jack McElroy to ruin a good entity that will adversely affect good people and good people's livelihood?

Will Jack McElroy and crew recognize the entity that pointed out their careless error. Just a little research back 6 years would have proven the information was wrong. What did the writer do, take the opponents word for it? Or better yet, did the writer just take the former Mayor's word for it? The writer should realize that people with ulterior motives will falsify information. It is almost like the former New York Times writer Jayson Blair all over. It's just this time it is right here in our own river city.

News Senetinel Gets It Wrong?

This article in today's product produced by Jack McElroy and Crew has at least one flaw and should appear as an Editorial and not as a news story. We believe it contains at least one factual inaccuracy. The article says "Pavlis' latest run for office is the first attempt by a former city elected official to seek a third term since city voters approved term limits in November 1996." Former Council member Jean Teague was a district Council person ran against Chris Woodhull for the at large position that he now occupies immediately after her district term ended. Pavlis has sat out for more than one complete term. The language allows for someone to sit out one term.

Is it just a coincidence that the former Mayor is back from Poland, he has Pavlis opponents sign in his yard and then a negative, false article appears in the product produced by McElroy and Crew?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knox County Commissioner Ed Shouse Warmly Received at the Powell Republican Club

Knox County Fourth District Commissioner Ed Shouse was the featured speaker at tonight's Powell Republican Club. Shouse has announced that he will be a candidate for the County Commission At Large position.

Shouse was warmly received at the Powell Club meeting and if the reaction to Shouse tonight is any indication. Shouse has a comfortable lead. He recognizes the challenge for the next county commission is getting out the hole of debt that the county has dug itself into. It was pointed out that this year Knox County borrowed $20 million to balance this years budget.

Shouse is the solid, consistent proven leader that Knox County needs.

Seventh District County Commission Race Picks Up a Candidate

Tonight at the Powell Republican Club, Club President Lillian Williams announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination for Knox County Commission, Seventh District. She will face current incumbents Michelle Carringer and R. Larry Smith. In announcing her candidacy, she said it is inappropriate for her to serve as Powell Republican Club President while campaigning for a Republican primary election spot. She then announced the formation of a nominating committee that will nominate a President that will be elected at the November meeting.

Also, announced at the meeting is Glitz & Glam for the Holidays a fashion show fundraiser that will be held on Thursday November 19, 2009 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. to support Lillian Williams candidacy. The fashion show will be held at the Jubilee Banquet Center off of Callahan Dr. For more information, contact Kim Sepesi at 865-389-1504.

I Wish They Would Hurry Up! We Have Places To Go, People To See

From the Clinton Highway Wal-Mart parking lot, today.

Mackay and Frith at the Intergovernmental Committee

Knox County Election Administrator Greg Mackay in carrying the water for the Lockett Recall Initiative group appeared in front of the Knox County Commission's Intergovernmental Committee to request a change in the flawed language of the Recall language that was approved by Knox County voters last August. Mackay told the committee it would be better not to have a primary election following a successful recall.

After the item concluded Mackay turned and looked at Scott Frith, the Chief Deputy Election Administrator. Frith said to Mackay "let's go back to running an election." At which point they walked back to the Election Commission office. So, Frith's job is to keep Mackay focused and leading him back to the Election Commission office?

Commissioners Hammond and Smith Desire to Waste Our Tax Dollars

Last night, before Commissioner R. Larry Smith jumped down his wife's throat. He said Commission is looking at GPS systems for all county cars. This sounds good. But reality is as Mike Reeves with Knox County Purchasing indicated today at the County Commission Intergovernmental Committee it is only for 151 cars. The previous resolution excludes Sheriff's Department and School vehicles.

Mike Reeves indicated that the initial equipment cost would be $75,000.00, the monthly rate of monitoring would be $6,500.00 - $8,500.00. The annual monitoring would cost $78,000.00 - $102,000.00. Combined with the initial equipment expenditure the taxpayers are being asked to spend, $153,000.00 - $177,000.00 when you divide that cost over 151 cars, it will result in an expenditure of $1,172. 19 per vehicle.

These two Commissioners are about spending our money like a couple of drunks on someone else's tab. Thankfully, the Intergovernmental Committee voted NO on this resolution. Commissioner Bud Armstrong said, "this will buy a lot of gasoline for the county cars." Commissioner Michelle Carringer said, "the cost of these systems in today's economic condition are not justified" Commissioner Mike Brown said "spending this kind of money, they could drive the cars home"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fireworks of the Domestic Kind at the Halls Republican Club Tonight

Tonight's meeting of the Halls Republican Club was held at the Mandarin House in Halls. There were fireworks of the domestic kind on display. First as the officeholders went around the room introducing themselves, Commissioner Dave Wright of the Eighth District introduced himself and his wife, Patricia. An individual asked "what, she won't sit with you?" He agreed. Patricia was sitting on the opposite side of the room from her husband.

Then Commissioner R. Larry Smith was up making his Commission Report. He was discussing information about the KnoxAchieves program. He stated that any Knox County student could get a scholarship to Pellissippi State, Walters State and he looked to his wife, Sharon and she reminded him of Roane State. He then said the scholarship was $2,000.00 His wife in not wanting her husband to be factually wrong and after he looked to her for assistance on the schools stated that it was a $3,000.00 scholarship. Smith leaned down into his wife's face and said in an angry, demeaning tone, "Let me talk" Everyone looked at each other with shock and awe. Mrs. Smith never raised her head or spoke and when the meeting ended, she immediately left the Mandarin House. Commissioner Smith left after he attempted to work the room and after he was met with cold responses.

The speakers at this evenings meeting were State Representative Harry Brooks (pictured to the left) and State Representative Bill Dunn. (pictured above and to the right) Their talk was informative, however most everyone was concerned and worried for Sharon Smith.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Breaking News: Hammond Is Outta Here!

Sources close to Citadel Broadcasting Executive Mike Hammond are saying that the fundraiser that was planned for his at large County Commission bid has been canceled. Brian's Blog has reported that Hammond is ineligible to serve as a County Commissioner for an additional term as he was elected County Commissioner twice. He was elected in 2004 and re-elected in 2006. The Knox County Charter states that no one is eligible to be elected to the same office if they have been elected in two previous elections. Hammond obviously has seen that the information Brian's Blog has reported is factual which has resulted in his withdrawal from the race that he had previously announced he would seek in 2010.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Knoxville's Best Local Singer Is Not Barley's Best Local Singer

Yesterday, Scripps owned announced the East Tennesee's Best Awards for 2009. Best Local Singer is Robinella. Robinella's 10 year stint of performing every Sunday night at Barley's in the Old City ended on Sunday August 30, 2009. That decision was highlighted by local Shopper writer Jake Mabe and reported here at Brian's Blog.

So, now it is official Robinella is East Tennessee's Best Local Singer!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

He's BAACK! And That Is Good News

Here is the story. Country Music Superstar Garth Brooks ends retirement. The Mrs. and I have NEVER missed a Knoxville concert of Garth Brooks.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Knox County Ethics Committee Fails To Do It's Job

This morning the Knox County Ethics Committee voted to fill one seat on the Knox County Ethics Committee. Ethics Committee Member Elaine Davis was not allowed to deliberate or vote as the position that she now maintains was scheduled to be the second seat appointed today. So, two seats were up for appointment. The two positions generated 24 applicants, only 17 continued their commitment through this morning. After hearing from all applicants and asking questions of them. The Chair announced that the committee would fill the position held by Ron Stewart, it is a 3 year term. Of the 8 participating members two members chose Mae Killebrew-Mosley and the other 6 voted for different individuals. On the second vote Elaine Davis garnered 3 votes Mosley garnered 2 votes and three other individuals received votes. On the 3rd vote it was tied 4 votes for Davis, 4 votes for Mosley. On the 4th vote, it was tied 4 votes for Davis, 4 votes for Mosley.

Committee member Julia Tucker made a motion that both Elaine Davis and Mae Killebrew-Mosley be elected. Committee Member Carson Daley seconded it and the committee unanimously elected both Elaine Davis and Mae Killebrew-Mosley to Ron Stewart's seat. The Chair never entertained a motion to fill the seat previously held by Elaine Davis.

Joe Jarrett, Attorney and employee of Knox County Law Director Bill Lockett mingled and socialized with members of the audience during the applicants interview process. At the time of the vote Jarrett never attempted to direct the committee with a proper use of the Roberts Rules of Order procedure.

The correct process that should have been followed would have been to continue taking votes until one candidate received 5 votes. Then a motion for Elaine Davis position would be entertained and a candidate would be elected. Because in the way it was handled, the Committee members were not allowed to nominate their second choice.

In addition to the muddled process, there were notes flying between at least one spectator and a committee member during the interview process, which should not have been allowed. The citizens that were not considered for the second seat were treated to a hap hazard way of running an appointment process.

The only person that was not guilty of the hap hazard appointment process of the committee was Elaine Davis the committee member that abstained from the discussion and voting process.

Briggs and Cosby Do As We Say, Not as We Do!

The Knox County Ethics Committee met today to select new committee members. One of the questions all candidates was required to answer was, Do you intend to seek political office? The expectation was that the committee did not want someone that had political aspirations. That's a good thing. Right?

Well, what about Richard Briggs and Lewis Cosby? They are both members of the Knox County Ethics Committee. Briggs intends to run for re-election to the Knox County Commission next year. Also, Cosby has been rumored to be a candidate for Knox County Mayor. So, if both of these gentlemen believed in the standard imposed on all the citizens seeking appointment today. Then they should resign from the ethics committee, immediately. Or do they both subscribe to the Do as I say, Not as I do? Knox County is waiting gentlemen, what will it be?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ken Knight for Knoxville City Council

Tomorrow early voting starts in the Knoxville City Council election of 2009. Ken Knight is deserving of your vote and support. The Fraternal Order of Police have endorsed him as have the Knoxville Fire Fighters.

Also, Nick Della Volpe, Nick Pavlis and Gerry Holman all deserve your votes.

Early Voting is held at Knox County Courthouse located at 300 Main Street on the 1st Floor also at Five Points Village Plaza Shopping Center located at 2364 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue also at New Harvest Park located at 4775 New Harvest Lane, near Knoxville Center Mall also at 235 W. Young High Pike next to Wood Realtors and the most popular location Downtown West Shopping Center located at 1645 Downtown West Boulevard, Suite 29.

The hours of operations between October 14-22 are 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and between October 23-29 are 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. The early voting centers are closed on Sundays.

Woo Hoo! Republican Marsh Won!

Tonight in a Special Election trucking company owner Pat Marsh, the Republican candidate won the 62nd District TN House seat. That strengthens the Republican control to 2 seats in the State House. The seat was a seat held by Democrats for a long, long time.

Marsh defeated Democrat candidate Ty Cobb, brother to the former Democrat 62nd District House Representative Curt Cobb. Curt Cobb resigned to take a different government job. Thus the reason for the special election.

Check out the preliminary news report from the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, here.

Hutchison News Sentinel Coverage Already Turns Muddy

Here is the first news story on Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison appointing a Treasurer for a possible run for Knox County Mayor. Jack McElroy and crew has already started their anti-Hutchison coverage. Check out this line in the story. "He has yet to file a qualifying petition with the Knox County Election Commission." Of course he hasn't filed a qualifying petition. Why? Because Greg Mckay hasn't given any qualifying petitions out to anybody. Or if he has it is illegal. No qualifying petitions can be picked up until November 20, 2009. Now, Jack McElroy and crew say that in the next sentence. But they make it appear that "He" Hutchison is the only one not to file "his" qualifying petition. Did they say the same thing about Burchett, Hammond, Armstrong or any other announced candidate for 2010? NO. So, now we know what to expect from Jack McElroy.

Mike Hammond Is Certainly NOT Acting Like A Countywide Candidate

Mike Hammond a two term Fifth District Knox County Commissioner has announced that he will run for a third term as a countywide Knox County Commissioner. Hammond has held a fundraiser and has been the featured speaker at West Knox and Halls Republican Club. As Political Leverage points out here Hammond hasn't updated or posted anything on his blog since June 4. Certainly not an action of a serious candidate. What gives?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tim Burchett Is Opposed to TIF's

This evening, State Senator and announced candidate for Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett was the featured speaker at the West Knox Republican Club. Knox County Commissioner Craig Leuthold asked Burchett what was his position on TIF's (Tax Increment Financing). Burchett was quick to say that he OPPOSED TIF's. A follow up question was what his position is with the City of Knoxville issuing TIF's. He was not as readily with a position on the follow up question. With many of the TIF's like Northshore Center (at Northshore Drive and Pellissippi Parkway) the City issues a TIF and then Knox County is expected to proceed in addition to the City's contribution.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ed Shouse First Out Of The Gate

According to today's Georgiana Vines column in the News Sentinel, Fourth District County Commissioner Ed Shouse is the first candidate to appoint a Treasurer for a countywide run for the 11th County Commission seat. She also confirms the rumor has been circulating and that is that Eighth District Commissioner Bud Armstrong is running for the 11th at large countywide seat as well.

I have been impressed with Armstrong but I believe he is making a mistake in not seeking his 8th district Commission seat. He has been a very good Commissioner for the 8th and is not known in the west, deep west and the northwest districts where he must do well in order to win countywide.

Ed Shouse is known in west, deep west and northwest. He is a proven advocate for his constituents. He has a good record as an at large City Councilman within the City of Knoxville. So, at this point with Armstrong and Shouse. Shouse is the best and only choice.

Smith and Carringer Had a Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo the word's origin is Latin and is defined as one thing in return for another or as something that is given or taken in return for something else. In other words a substitute. So, here is a story in the Saturday News Sentinel where Commissioners Larry Smith and Michele Carringer admit that they cut a deal in order to appoint Carringer as the caretaker for Commissioner Scott Moore's seat. Here Smith explains the deal. "I took her at her word that she wouldn't run against me. I did nominate her. She was going to help me in my campaign, and I would endorse her for 2014." According to Carringer, Smith has tried to persuade her again, "He wanted me to run at-large so I wouldn't run against him,". Now, Smith is crying fowl alleging that Carringer lied. Now, Now Larry all of Knox County knows from your testimony in two separate court proceedings that you have the market cornered on that kind of activity.

The best thing the 7th Commission district can do is elect someone other than one of these two. But, if these two are the only choices than it would be better to take Carringer

Random Thoughts From Tonight's Farragut Game

First, of all Good job keeping the Farragut fans and the other school fans separate. As we entered through the main gate, the Farragut Principal was standing below a sign that said "Farragut Fans with an arrow to our right" So, we go down there and there is a section marked Farragut Students and Band. There was another section marked Farragut Adult Fans. Good job on some body's part. But then right before the game starts, the starting players for the other schools team come out from under the bleachers at the Farragut end of the stadium and enter the field. This was a classless and tacky antic that was meant to agitate the Farragut students.

The second issue. Prior to the start of the game they announce that in the event of bad weather. The Farragut fans are to go to the Cafeteria. The other schools fans are to go to the gymnasium. Now, it was announced that Knox County was under a tornado watch and then a another announcement was made that Knox County was under a tornado warning. Here's the interesting side note. The Cafeteria has exterior windows the gymnasium does not. What are you to stay away from in the event of a tornado? Windows. Interesting.

At 9:40 p.m. nearly two hours after they delayed the game for flashes of lighting. They announce that due to bad weather the game has been canceled and will be played tomorrow Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Now, Gibbs 20 and Carter 7 finished after a weather delay. Halls 34 and Hardin Valley 13 completed. West High School only three miles to the east of the Farragut game completed with a final score of West 28 and Lenior City 0. Clinton 29 and Powell 12 completed it's game. So, what kind of Refs did the TSSAA send to the Farragut game? If they didn't want to do their job Friday night then they should have called it at 8:00 p.m. instead of waiting till 9:40 p.m. If the games could continue to the east and north of the stadium where Farragut was located then our game could have continued. Here's hoping that the TSSAA will examine the Ref crew that was assigned to the Farragut game Friday night and watch them very closely this evening.

Haslam Poll is Flawed

Read about it here at Political Leverage.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

What Will Result From the Bearden Vandalism?

Prior to the start of the West Valley Middle School PTSA meeting Karen Carson was overheard discussing the Bearden High School vandalism with several individuals. Carson accurately stated that a similar incident occurred at Farragut High School last year by Bearden students.

However, Carson said that she wasn't sure that maybe the long running "Road Kill" shirts that have been sold may have been the fuel that has ignited this fire or maybe the Second Harvest Canned Food Drive. It has been noted that many of the feeder schools this year are collecting canned food that are being used in the high school canned food drive.

Brian's Blog Endorsed By Karen Carson

This evening, the West Valley Middle School PTSA hosted School Board Member Karen Carson. The PTSA had advertised that School Board Member Dr. Dan Murphy would also be in attendance. He was a no show and no announcement was made for his no show status.

As the meeting began Judith Pelot the PTSA President in introducing Carson stated that she had wanted to locate some background information on her, Carson interrupted by saying "Just read Brian's Blog". Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog also in attendance recited "Fair and Balanced" using the motto that Fox News uses. So, we appreciate the endorsement for using Brian's Blog as the ultimate search engine and source of news.

At the conclusion of the meeting as Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog was leaving he stopped, introduced and briefly talked with Wendy Smith of the West Side Shopper News. Smith said "so you're The Blogger" Smith emphasised the The. We appreciate the recognition by one of the staff members of one of our weekly news publications.

Cooking With Saul Young

My buddy Saul Young was a cooking presenter on the knoxnews video show Stirring The Pot with Mary Constantine. This is for all the Brian's Blog followers, which includes the brianhornback twitter followers.

KPD aka "The Revenue Force" Takes It Serious

This from VolunteerTV. Yes, KPD aka "The Revenue Force" take this crime serious because they can't solve real crimes. Like the Joanna Berry case, The Ramsey Cafeteria murder, The Christian/Newsom case. Those crimes are solved by the Knox County Sheriff's Department. "The Revenue Force" simply run speed traps and write tickets. They watch video camera tapes and issue tickets by mail.

Thursday Thriller

Do you understand the benefit of the Cash for Clunkers program? It removed 70% of the Obama stickers off the road.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Brian's Blog Confirms Yesterday's Speculation, Recall Groups Violate State Election Finance Law

Yesterday, we posted the following blog post. Today, we called back to the Knox County Election Commission and asked the following. "Have the Lockett Recall or the Recall Bill Phillips groups filed Treasurer Appointments?" The answer from a longtime employee was "NO. But you will have to talk to Greg about it." The longtime employee asked if we "wanted to be connected to Greg Mackay" We stated and confirmed "No, his direct line number is 2483? Correct?" The longtime employee said "Yes." We thanked the employee for the information. We attempted to contact Greg Mackay, he was not available.

So, our speculation was accurate. Earlier today a commenter on our earlier post shared with us a comment that Tamara Shepherd, an organizer and Core member of The Lockett Recall Initiative had posted at knoxnews. She said "Meanwhile, we've committed to a reorder on those yard signs." So, the group is now on record as intending to violate state election finance laws?

As for the Recall Bill Phillips Group, they too according to the longtime Election Commission employee have not filed an appointment of Treasurer form. They have a website, at least one large sign that has been seen mounted in the back of a pick up truck in the Gibbs community. They have also mailed out some letters. All items that will need to be recorded as bought or given as an in kind contribution. Keep in mind that state election law forbids solicitation and acceptance of any monetary value until an appointment of Treasurer is filed.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Karen Carson Doesn't Want To Fulfill Her Duties As A School Board Member

Here is a report filed by Lola Alapo of the News Sentinel from the recent Knox County School Board Retreat. "On accompanying Superintendent Jim McIntyre on school surprise visits, Karen Carson said there are schools she plans to visit "and others I don't want to."" So, this explains why she left early from a public forum last week concerning the creation of a chapter of Parents for Public Schools. She doesn't want to commit herself fully to the task at hand. She believes in instructing the Superintendent do as we (board members) say not as we do. Maybe citizens within Carson's district should begin a Recall Karen Carson campaign so that the community can select a board member that is fully engaged in improving the schools and working as partners with Dr. McIntyre.

Obama Gets A Real Talking Too.

The Real Reason The Lockett Recall Is Suspended?

Yesterday, The Lockett Recall Group announced it's intention to suspend it's activity. This morning not a word is announced on the three television stations and not a story on the knoxnews website. Although yesterday knoxnews said "more information in tomorrows paper and online."

So, Brian's Blog contacted the Knox County Election Commission to confirm that The Lockett Recall Group has filed a Treasurer notice. You see State Election Law forbids you to raise or spend money until you file an appointment of treasurer form. Now, we do not know if the group has raised any money but we can be confident that they have either spent money or committed to spend money because they have a website, here. No where on the website as of this morning does it indicate who maintains the the position of Treasurer within the Organization. Even under the website tab LRI Core team members it does not mention a Treasurer.

This weekend yard signs like the one below started popping up and no mention of the Treasurer anywhere on the sign. Brian's Blog is awaiting the phone call from the Election Commission to inform us who the Treasurer is and when the appointment was made. So, stay tuned...

Monday, October 05, 2009

News Sentinel Documentary on Christian-Newsom Murders

Knox County School Board Asleep At The Wheel?

It seems that the Knox County School Board in it's haste to inject itself into issues beyond it;s control like Convenience Voting and Guns In Parks is asleep at the wheel. I was waiting for discussion on Item 11D. But they didn't, wouldn't, couldn't or just plain ole refused to discuss why it is moving $643,000 plus dollars. So, here's the item. You watch and We will be watching to see if they explain themselves. The language is vague enough to make enquiring minds wonder what's up?

Approve line-item budgetary request (FY 2008-2009) to transfer $643,617.00 into the employee benefits account from unspent personal services in order to be in budgetary compliance at the major category level (the total amount charged to employee benefits accounts throughout the year was slightly higher than originally budgeted, and this entry represents less than 0.2% of the total approved budget) - RECOMMENDED

Knox County School Board Oversteps It's Authority

Sam Anderson in defending his boss, Knoxville Mayor "I oppose the Second Amendment" Bill Haslam says the resolution under consideration by the School Board is to inform the community that this is a complicated issue.

The Resolution authored by School Board Chair Indya Kincannon and under consideration on Wednesday October 7, 2009 says:

WHEREAS, Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-1309 prohibits weapons of any kind, including firearms, on school property; and

WHEREAS, Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-1309 makes it unlawful to carry a weapon on an "athletic field or any other property owned, used or operated by any board of education"; and

WHEREAS, on July 24, 2009, in Opinion No. 09-129 the Tennessee Attorney General opined that Chapter 428 of the 2009 Public Acts does not allow a person with a handgun carry permit to possess a firearm in a public park while the athletic fields or other recreational facilities are being used by schools; and

WHEREAS, the Knox County Board of Education uses facilities located within Knox County parks; and

WHEREAS, the Knox County Board of Education has allowed Knox County greenway trails to cross Knox County School property;


When Knox County Board of Education uses facilities located within Knox County parks for any school-sponsored activity, the Knox County park is subject to all applicable laws, rules and policies, including Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-1309; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT where Knox County greenway trails pass through property that is owned by Knox County Board of Education, the greenway trail is subject to all applicable laws, rules and policies, including Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-1309.

In addition, to Anderson and Kincannon's lack of support for Second Amendment. Board Members Bratton and Carson voiced opposition to our Second Amendment rights. Board Members Murphy, Deakins, Stooksbury and Phillips did not speak for or against the Second Amendment rights of legal gun carry permit holders. Board Member Cindy Buttry was the lone voice of reason on the School Board being very cautious of overstepping their authority.

While Kincannon pointed out that Central High School plays baseball at Tommy Schumpert Park and is the reason for this resolution. While that is an example, the School Board should also understand that a club sport, especially at the middle school and some club sports at high school do not fall under a school sponsored sport.

Also, there is a flaw in Kincannon's Resolution, when you are on a green way that passes through a school property as long as you do not step off the green way you are on the County green way property not school property. Step off the green way and onto school property with your concealed handgun then you are in violation.

A County Commissioner was called about this resolution and the comment was made well maybe it is time for County Commission to pass a resolution against Sexual Harassment.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Friday, October 02, 2009

Compare and Contrast - Wamp -v- Haslam

Brian's Blog is committed to Zach Wamp to be our next Governor of Tennessee. Compare and Contrast the two visions and you will see why Zach Wamp is ready to lead and the Knoxville Mayor is not.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Knox County Needs Parents for Public Schools

On Wednesday night the nice moderators of School Matters hosted a meeting at West High School. The purpose of the meeting was to hear from Anne Foster , Executive Director of a National organization called Parents for Public Schools.

The organization is headquartered in Jackson, MS. It began in 1989. They currently have chapters in Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Waco, TX, Columbia, MO and many others cities, towns and communities. Mrs. Foster became the Executive Director in January of this year. She began her passion for public education in Richardson, TX where she was a Realtor and the became a School Board Member and now leading a National Advocacy Organization.

There are differences in a PTA and the PPS.

PTA's connect parents to individual schools, they perform site based projects and provide luncheons for teachers.

PPS in connected to whole communities and brings parents and stakeholders to the table where decisions are made. Parents should have the right to be engaged, because it is our school system. The PPS primary role is public advocacy. They encourage chapters to reflect the diversity of the communities it represents.

The PPS also brings parents together and train them how to deal with the school district. This training is conducted at the PLI, Parent Leadership Institute it is a 3 weekends over several months. The training consist of teaching how to work with the states Accountability data, tests, curriculum, scores, ratings, where students fit into the their scores. They also teach as parents and stakeholders how request the test data that we are entitled to see. They also demonstrate how not to be intimidated by teachers and administrators and how to work successfully with the school board. Following the training, those that have been trained are committed to a 2 year project that must involve other parents/community members, must impact student achievement and be sustainable.

Commissioner Amy Broyles was in attendance at the meeting. Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog recommended to Commissioner Broyles that she and the other 18 County Commissioners should contribute $250 from their discretionary funds as start up money for a Knox County Chapter of Parents for Public Schools. That would give the local start up $4,750. Commissioner Broyles was supportive to the idea.

Thanks to School Matters Moderators Jamey Dobbs, Cathy McCaughan, Pamela Treacy and Lisa Starbucks for taking the intiative to bring this organization to Knox County. News Sentinel Reporters Lola Alapo and John were in attendance. School Board Member Karen Carson attended for the first 30 minutes.

The Tennessee Football Vault: The Story of the TN Vols

I was recently looking around the web as I am sometimes known to do and found this column from back in April that Tennessee Historian Tom Mattingly had written and posted on GoVolsXtra. The column is about Dr. Edward Boling. I attended and was a member of the same church as Dr. and Mrs. Boling for many years in the late 1980's and early 1990's. His column on Dr. Boling is right on.

In 2009, a second edition of "The Tennessee Football Vault: The Story of the Tennessee Volunteers, 1891-2006" that was first published in 2006 will be released. With the change in the Coaching staff at the University of Tennessee this would be a great opportunity to purchase the book and go back and relive the history of our beloved football team.

Mattingly also authored and published "Tennessee Football: The Peyton Manning Years" back in 1998. I got that book when it was first available and it was a great book. Now, I just need to locate it again from all the books that I have.

Tom also has The Vol Historian blog that is worth checking daily. To contact Mr. Mattingly about when the second edition will be available and where, contact him by email here.