Thursday, October 08, 2009

Brian's Blog Endorsed By Karen Carson

This evening, the West Valley Middle School PTSA hosted School Board Member Karen Carson. The PTSA had advertised that School Board Member Dr. Dan Murphy would also be in attendance. He was a no show and no announcement was made for his no show status.

As the meeting began Judith Pelot the PTSA President in introducing Carson stated that she had wanted to locate some background information on her, Carson interrupted by saying "Just read Brian's Blog". Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog also in attendance recited "Fair and Balanced" using the motto that Fox News uses. So, we appreciate the endorsement for using Brian's Blog as the ultimate search engine and source of news.

At the conclusion of the meeting as Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog was leaving he stopped, introduced and briefly talked with Wendy Smith of the West Side Shopper News. Smith said "so you're The Blogger" Smith emphasised the The. We appreciate the recognition by one of the staff members of one of our weekly news publications.

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