Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brian's Blog is the Sentinel's Truth Squad, Fact Checker

After our early morning post, here. has updated the story that was posted at midnight last night. The update is here, and the disclosure says Editor's note: An earlier version of this story was incorrect. Pavlis is not the first former city council member to seek a third term. Go out and grad a print copy and you can archive the error.

So, now it is established Brian's Blog is more reliable and 100% more accurate than the E. W. Scripps owned News Sentinel. How long will E.W. Scripps allow Jack McElroy to ruin a good entity that will adversely affect good people and good people's livelihood?

Will Jack McElroy and crew recognize the entity that pointed out their careless error. Just a little research back 6 years would have proven the information was wrong. What did the writer do, take the opponents word for it? Or better yet, did the writer just take the former Mayor's word for it? The writer should realize that people with ulterior motives will falsify information. It is almost like the former New York Times writer Jayson Blair all over. It's just this time it is right here in our own river city.

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