Thursday, October 08, 2009

What Will Result From the Bearden Vandalism?

Prior to the start of the West Valley Middle School PTSA meeting Karen Carson was overheard discussing the Bearden High School vandalism with several individuals. Carson accurately stated that a similar incident occurred at Farragut High School last year by Bearden students.

However, Carson said that she wasn't sure that maybe the long running "Road Kill" shirts that have been sold may have been the fuel that has ignited this fire or maybe the Second Harvest Canned Food Drive. It has been noted that many of the feeder schools this year are collecting canned food that are being used in the high school canned food drive.


Anonymous said...

How would the Second Harvest food drive fuel the vandalism? Doesn't make any sense.
One idea to make the kids pay back the cleanup costs would be to sell their cars, and that money goes to Bearden School. And then make them ride the bus for the rest of the year. But, I doubt their parents would go for that idea.

Anonymous said...

This is an opportunity to teach the children the difference between a prank and a crime.

Pamela Treacy