Monday, October 19, 2009

Fireworks of the Domestic Kind at the Halls Republican Club Tonight

Tonight's meeting of the Halls Republican Club was held at the Mandarin House in Halls. There were fireworks of the domestic kind on display. First as the officeholders went around the room introducing themselves, Commissioner Dave Wright of the Eighth District introduced himself and his wife, Patricia. An individual asked "what, she won't sit with you?" He agreed. Patricia was sitting on the opposite side of the room from her husband.

Then Commissioner R. Larry Smith was up making his Commission Report. He was discussing information about the KnoxAchieves program. He stated that any Knox County student could get a scholarship to Pellissippi State, Walters State and he looked to his wife, Sharon and she reminded him of Roane State. He then said the scholarship was $2,000.00 His wife in not wanting her husband to be factually wrong and after he looked to her for assistance on the schools stated that it was a $3,000.00 scholarship. Smith leaned down into his wife's face and said in an angry, demeaning tone, "Let me talk" Everyone looked at each other with shock and awe. Mrs. Smith never raised her head or spoke and when the meeting ended, she immediately left the Mandarin House. Commissioner Smith left after he attempted to work the room and after he was met with cold responses.

The speakers at this evenings meeting were State Representative Harry Brooks (pictured to the left) and State Representative Bill Dunn. (pictured above and to the right) Their talk was informative, however most everyone was concerned and worried for Sharon Smith.

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