Monday, October 05, 2009

Knox County School Board Asleep At The Wheel?

It seems that the Knox County School Board in it's haste to inject itself into issues beyond it;s control like Convenience Voting and Guns In Parks is asleep at the wheel. I was waiting for discussion on Item 11D. But they didn't, wouldn't, couldn't or just plain ole refused to discuss why it is moving $643,000 plus dollars. So, here's the item. You watch and We will be watching to see if they explain themselves. The language is vague enough to make enquiring minds wonder what's up?

Approve line-item budgetary request (FY 2008-2009) to transfer $643,617.00 into the employee benefits account from unspent personal services in order to be in budgetary compliance at the major category level (the total amount charged to employee benefits accounts throughout the year was slightly higher than originally budgeted, and this entry represents less than 0.2% of the total approved budget) - RECOMMENDED

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