Friday, August 31, 2007

Farragut Rolls Over Central

Tonight's Farragut High School football team win was convincing. They rolled over the Central High Bobcats 45-7. A Central team coached by Joel Helton losing 45-7 isn't something you witness very often. But it looked good, especially when you are a Farragut fan.

Chad Tindell and Metro Pulse Get It Wrong

Contrary to what Chad Tindell posted on the local liberal blog and to what Metro Pulse printed this week, as usual their information is erroneous.

Chad said: Funny comment I heard at the Submitted by CBT on Mon, 2007/08/27 - 6:25pm.
Funny comment I heard at the meeting...Frank Gencay, the 'Greek Po Boy Brown'...with respects to the departed Mr. Brown.

Interesting meeting. The settlement proposal was DOA. No surprise on the pipe, except only 10 voted for it. Based on some conversations I had with some concrete people, I thought the flexibility would pass pretty easy. It has to pass again, but, I don't think concrete can move the one vote. I've heard about concrete, but it seems to me there are always depends on the application, it depends if it's installed right, etc.

Cosby confronted Arms in front of a reporter
outisde (sic) the assembly room after the meeting. It seems it may have been Arms doin' (sic) the name callin' (sic) when Cosby was at the podium. Arms was directly behind Ragsdale in the front row. Cosby was pointing his finger at Arms (pretty much in Arms face) right in front of Channel 10's reporter. Don't know if it will make the news or not. Cosby's no showboat, he's a mad taxpayer with experience and smarts. Despite the Mayor's passionate speech, this stuff is far from over.

Then Metro Pulse printed: Show Time Retired CPA Louis Cosby answered questions from Knox County Commission at a meeting Monday concerning his examination of the county's finances. Cosby cited a litany of management failures he laid at the feet of County Mayor Mike Ragsdale.

During one peroration, he whirled to face Ragsdale, who had said a tad too loudly, “What a showboat.” Cosby asked Ragsdale what he said and Ragsdale denied saying anything.
When Cosby left the meeting, he and Chief of Staff Mike Arms had a heated discussion in the lobby of the City County Building and then went outside for a 20-minute discussion, mostly nose to nose.

Cosby has demanded an apology from the mayor. The former county auditor told Commission he was through with his examination of the books. His report will be turned over to the state Comptroller's office. Cosby said Tuesday that if he did not get an apology, he might reconsider his decision to drop the matter. Cosby has a website,, where comments from the public on his findings have been piling up.

There was no in the face hostile argument between Cosby and Arms. They were discussing the TVA days and the need to sit down and talk in the near future. No screaming, hostile confrontation like Chad and Metro Pulse would like for people to think.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here Is A Great Announcement About a Knoxville Event In April 2008

Here it is. Franklin Graham is bringing his ministry to Knoxville.

I'm With Fred Presidential Campaign

Expect Congressman John J. (Jimmy) Duncan, Jr. to accept one of the Chairman positions with the Tennessee I'm With Fred presidential campaign.

BREAKING NEWS: Will Fred Announce Before The Close Of The Day?

UPDATE 4:34 p.m. is reporting that Fred will announce via a webcast. Yeah, Baby! This is a bloggers dream.

UPDATE 4:23 p.m.: WATE in Knoxville, TN got the Knoxville scoop.

UPDATE 4:15 p.m.: Fox News is reporting that Fred will announce on September 6, 2007. One week from today.

UPDATE 3:55 p.m.: LA Times is reporting a 4:00 p.m. Conference call announcement.

Original Post 3:48 p.m. Unconfirmed sources say that it may be likely.

Stay Tuned.

CMA (Country Music Association) Finalists Are Announced

Today the CMA announced the nominee's for the awards to be presented on November 7, 2007. The source for this is the CMA website, located here.

Musician of the Year
Eddie Bayers, Jr. – Drums
Jerry Douglas – Dobro
Dann Huff – Guitar
Mac McAnally – Guitar
Randy Scruggs – Guitar

Music Video of the Year(Award goes to Artist and Director)
Martina McBride
Directed by Robert Deaton and George J. Flanigen IV

“Before He Cheats”
Carrie Underwood
Directed by Roman White

Emerson Drive
Directed by Steven Goldmann

Brad Paisley
Directed by Jason Alexander

“You Save Me”
Kenny Chesney
Directed by Shaun Silva

Musical Event of the Year(Award to each Artist)
Reba McEntire with Kelly Clarkson
“Because of You”
MCA Nashville

Tracy Lawrence featuring Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney
“Find Out Who Your Friends Are”
Rocky Comfort Records/CO5

Jimmy Buffett with George Strait and Alan Jackson
“Hey Good Lookin’”
LiveMCA Nashville

Alison Krauss and John Waite
“Missing You”
Rounder Records

Vince Gill with Guest Vocalist Alison Krauss
“The Reason Why”
MCA Nashville

Song of the Year(Award goes to Songwriter and Primary Publisher)

“Anyway”Martina McBride/Brad Warren/Brett Warren
Delemmava Music/Bucky and Clyde Music

“Before He Cheats”Josh Kear/Chris Tompkins
That Little House Music/Mighty Under Dog Music/Sony/ATV Cross Keys

“Give It Away”
Bill Anderson/Buddy Cannon/Jamey
JohnsonSony/ATV Tree/Mr. Bubba Music/Slow Run Music/EMI Blackwood

“Lost In This Moment”
John Rich/Keith Anderson/Rodney Clawson
Rich Texan Music/Warner-Tamerlane/Writer’s Extreme/EMI April Music/Romeo Cowboy

“Stupid Boy”
Dave Berg/Deanna Bryant/Sarah Buxton
Song Planet/That Little House Music/Cal IV Songs/ BergBrain Music

Album of the Year(Award goes to Artist and Producer)

5th Gear
Brad Paisley
Produced by Frank Rogers and Chris DuBois
Arista Nashville

It Just Comes Natural
George Strait
Produced by Tony Brown and George Strait
MCA Nashville

Long Trip Alone
Dierks Bentley
Produced by Brett Beavers
Capitol Records Nashville

Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing
Keith Urban
Produced by Dann Huff and Keith Urban
Capitol Records Nashville

These Days
Vince Gill
Produced by Vince Gill, John Hobbs and Justin Niebank
MCA Nashville

Single of the Year(Award goes to Artist and Producer)
Martina McBride
Produced by Martina McBride
RCA Records

“Before He Cheats”
Carrie Underwood
Produced by Mark Bright
19 Recordings Limited/Arista Records

“Lost In This Moment”
Big & Rich
Produced by Big Kenny and John Rich
Warner Bros. Nashville

Brad Paisley
Produced by Frank Rogers and Chris DuBois
Arista Nashville

George Strait
Produced by Tony Brown and George Strait
MCA Nashville

Vocal Duo of the Year
Big & Rich
Brooks & Dunn
Montgomery Gentry
The Wreckers

Vocal Group of the Year
Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas
Dixie Chicks
Emerson Drive
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts

Horizon Award
Jason Aldean
Rodney Atkins
Little Big Town
Kellie Pickler
Taylor Swift

Male Vocalist of the Year
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
George Strait
Josh Turner
Keith Urban

Female Vocalist of the Year
Alison Krauss
Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
Reba McEntire
Carrie Underwood

Entertainer of the Year
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Rascal Flatts
George Strait
Keith Urban

Knox County Candidates

UPDATE 8/30/2007: Richard Cate has filed this afternoon.

Original Post: The following candidates have appointed Treasurer's in order to solicit and receive contributions for possible and probable campaigns. Nominating petitions will be distributed beginning September 14, 2007. The deadline for submitting a nominating petition is December 13, 2007 at 12:00 noon.

Note: An * indicates the individual is either the Incumbent or the 1/31/2007 appointee.

County Commission

First District, Seat A

Second District Seat B
Chuck Bolus - Republican *
Bruce White - Republican
Cortney Piper - Democrat
Amy Broyles - Democrat

Fourth District, Seat A
Richard T. Cate - Republican *
Ruthie Stone Kuhlman - Republican
Walter Wojnar - Republican
William Daniels - Republican
Elaine Davis - Democrat

Fourth District, Seat B
Ed Shouse - Republican
Jim Smelcher - Republican
Lee Tramel - Republican *
William Daniels - Republican

Fifth District, Seat C

Sixth District, Seat A
Matthew Jones - Republican
Sharon Cawood - Democrat *

Eighth District, Seat B
Jack Huddleston - Republican *
Galen Porter - Republican
Tom Pressley - Democrat

Ninth District, Seat A
Tim Greene - Republican *

James R. Jones - Republican *

Register of Deeds
Sherry Witt - Republican *
Scott Emge - Democrat

Steven Michael Rogers, Sr. - Republican
Fred Sisk - Republican *
L.B. Steele - Republican

County Clerk
Foster G. Arnett, Jr. - Republican
Scott Moore - Republican
George E. Stooksbury - Democrat
Billy G. Tindell - Democrat *

Property Assessor
Phil Ballard - Republican
Mike Lowe - Republican

Law Director
John Owings - Republican *
Bill Lockett - Republican

School Board Members

District 2

Indya Kincannon*
Robert B. Gratz

District 3

District 5

District 8

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Few Republicans Are Embarassing Me And Others. How About Becoming A Christocrat?

Quote From Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee

On the ABC National News this evening, GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee had an excellent quote about the incident involving Senator Craig of Idaho and other Republican embarrassing incidents.

"The American people will forgive us for being sinners. They will not forgive is for being hypocrites."

Amen, Governor Huckabee. Give this man a national stage.

Add One More Position On The Knox County Ballot In 2008

In 2008, there will be an election in Knox County. Let's review what positions are on the ballot.

County Commission

First District, Seat A
Second District, Seat B
Fourth District, Seat A
Fourth District, Seat B
Fifth District, Seat C
Sixth District, Seat A
Eighth District, Seat B
Ninth District, Seat A

Register of Deeds
County Clerk
Property Assessor
Law Director

School Board Members

District 2
District 3
District 5
District 8

Now add the position of Knox County Criminal Court Judge Div. II - Ken Irvine was appointed to fill in during Republican Criminal Court Judge Ray Lee Jenkins illness. Now the Democrat Governor "Prince Phillip of Nashville" must appoint Irvine or another more electable Democrat to fill in until the Primary and General elections are held in February and August 2008.

Possible Republican candidates are Knox County Republican General Sessions Judges Chuck Cerny and Bob R. McGee and Knoxville Attorney and Republican Ray H. Jenkins.

It Is Football Time In Tennessee. Wish That I Was On Ole' Rocky Top!

Thanks to Doc Sports for the Tennessee 2007 Football Schedule

Sat, Sep 1st, 2007 at California 08:00 PM Memorial Stadium

Sat, Sep 8th, 2007 Southern_Miss 07:00 PM Neyland Stadium (PPV - Pay Per View)

Sat, Sep 15th, 2007 at Florida 03:30 PM Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Fl

Sat, Sep 22nd, 2007 Arkansas_State 07:00 PM Neyland Stadium (PPV - Pay Per View)

Sat, Oct 6th, 2007 Georgia TBA Neyland Stadium

Sat, Oct 13th, 2007 at Miss_State TBA Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field

Sat, Oct 20th, 2007 at Alabama TBA Bryant-Denny Stadium

Sat, Oct 27th, 2007 So_Carolina TBA Neyland Stadium

Sat, Nov 3rd, 2007 UL_Lafayette 04:00 PM Neyland Stadium (PPV -Pay Per View)

Sat, Nov 10th, 2007 Arkansas TBA Neyland Stadium

Sat, Nov 17th, 2007 Vanderbilt TBA Neyland Stadium

Sat, Nov 24th, 2007 at Kentucky 01:00 PM Commonwealth Stadium

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Breaking News: WATE Loses The Best Guy That They Have On Air

Adam Longo, the only good guy at WATE is leaving. He is headed to Orlando, Fla's Local 6 WKMG, the CBS affiliate. His last on air at WATE will be September 18, 2007.

No reason for me to watch Fox at 10 or WATE for any reason after September 18th. Darn it.

Congratulations Adam. You have improved K-Town while you have been here. I don't know if the improvement will last. Look what has happened to the GOP just since I stepped out.

UPDATE: I have just remembered that Melissa Dipane is the lovely better half of one Adam Longo. With his departure to Orlando. Melissa is sure to follow creating not only a void on Fox News 10 p.m. newscast with Adam, but a void on the Good Morning Tennessee Weekends with Melissa. Good Luck to both.

Commissioner Cawood Is Now In The Business Of Messing Up A Karns Neighborhood

Being a County Commissioner is supposed to be the job of representing your constituents. Unless you are Commissioner Cawood. After a one week separation for her county paid $42,000.00 she has now turned on her constituents. Why?

Is it so that she can get a sizable campaign contribution from a developer so that she can continue mailing out her campaign literature? We are just asking the questions.

You tell us why you think she did it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fountain City Focus Expands COUNTYWIDE

Good news was released about Knoxville's reputable media today. The Fountain City Focus has expanded and is now COUNTYWIDE. The Fountain City Focus will now become the Knoxville/Knox County Focus. Check it out online, here.

This my friends is a little, no allot of good news today.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Finally Tells Them To Go Find Another Whipping Boy

The MSM (Main Stream Media) spin is that the President couldn't save Alberto Gonzales. His resignation was simple. Gonzales was too good a man to continue exposing himself to the endless barrage of partisan attacks. Partisan attacks = liberals (Democrat and Republican liberals)

Gonzales resignation is a statement to the barrage of liberal attackers. The statement is: Go find yourself another whipping boy.

You did a good job, Mr. Attorney General. When the liberals hate you so bad that they make up lies and repeat slanderous statements about you, then you sir are a good man. You will be forever known by the enemies that you keep. Hold your head high.

An enemy of the liberals is a good man indeed.

Knox County Commission Meets And Moncier Sentencing Today

UPDATE: Herbert got a one year probation, $5000.00 fine and ordered community service for his criminal contempt conviction. Judge Greer has also ordered Moncier to undergo an anger management class and a three hour legal ethics class. Judge Greer said in sentencing Moncier “I can say without reservation no lawyer that practices in this court exhibits the kind of behavior you do.” Moncier should be grateful that Judge Greer was a easy on him as he was.

I would suggest that former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison teach the anger management class and Sheriffs Department employee Mike Ruble teach the three hour legal ethics class.
In Commission business, it appears that my prediction was accurate. On the first reading it appears from the media reports that developers have options and not a mandatory use of concrete pipe. The other prediction was accurate as well. The motion to add the re-do to the agenda failed.

Original Post 7:09 a.m.: The Knox County Commission meets today at 2:00 p.m., I have a business commitment that will keep me busy this afternoon.

I am predicting that the re-do will not pass. I hope they pass the storm water ordinance, but come up with language that will allow concrete and/or metal pipe. I understand the arguments and I respect Sam Parnell who sent me some great information on the city's ordinance. I just don't like a mandatory prohibition for anything other than one form of drainage piping.

Also, today in Greeneville Herb Moncier is scheduled to be sentenced on his contempt charge. I will be professional, cordial and will simply await the sentencing.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

An Individual Member Of Knoxville's Media Amazingly Demonstrates Ignorance

Every Sunday morning WIVK FM 107.7 host a public affairs talk show from 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.. Back years ago, it was always hosted by Ed Brantly. In the past several years it has been hosted by different on air talent.

This morning Republican County Commissioners Richard Cate of the Fourth District and Phil Ballard of the Eighth District along with Knox County's Republican Law Director John Owings were in studio and on the air. One of the four Democrats on the County Commission also appeared on the show.

This morning the biggest mis-informed statement ever made by an on air host occurred. It was Michael Grider. One of the Commissioners was saying that it is necessary to speak with his district commission counterpart as well as other commissioners to make them aware of concerns in their individual districts.

Michael Grider interrupted and said "NO, you represent your district and the at large Commissioners represent the whole county." An awkward silence fell and one of the commissioners informed Grider that there are no at large Commissioners. He said "Oh, I thought there was"

Citadel should pull Michael Grider from ever covering County Commission until he can learn the fundamentals of the County governance model of representation. Especially since his boss Mike Hammond is a County Commissioner.

It was such a bad mistake that a fifth grader would automatically know that Grider was wrong, the moment he uttered his knowledge or lack thereof.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Slogan for Hilly!

John Tower was a US Senator (prior to Phil Gramm) from Texas. Early on Tower ran against Lyndon Baines Johnson and at the same time LBJ was running as Vice President with John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Towers campaign slogan was: "double your pleasure, double your fun — vote against Johnson two times, not one."

If we Republicans are so lucky as to have Hilly as the Demo candidate. Brian's Blog suggest a similar slogan "Triple your pleasure, Triple your fun, Vote Against Clinton...for the Third Time and it's Done"

Farragut Admirals CRUSH West Rebels

A Great start to the high school football season last night as the Farragut Admirals traveled to West High School and CRUSHED the Rebels 41-24. Andre Sterling was Sterling with 205 yards rushing, 31 carries and 2 touchdowns. Several colleges may start looking at Andre. To date he has been looked at by South Carolina, MTSU and Michigan State.

Way to go Admirals.

Karns Finally Wins One With New Coach

The new head football coach has been saying all through the preseason that he is starting from scratch. Last friday night he got shut out in one quarter of play at the Knoxville Classic Football Jamboree. That is something that former Karns Coach John Fulkerson never did. John led the Karns football team to wins in every football jamboree during his time at Karns. In addition during Coach Fulkerson's tenure Karns won more games than in the history of the Karns program.

Coach Fulkerson was recruited to and is teaching and coaching in the State of Georgia this year.

The new Karns coach scheduled Lenior City for his first regular season game last night and Karns won 36-13.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Knox County Republican Criminal Court Judge Ray Lee Jenkins Has Gone To His Eternal Reward

The News-Sentinel and Volunteer TV are reporting that Knox County Republican Criminal Court Judge Ray Lee Jenkins has passed on to his eternal reward today. Knox County has lost a fine jurist.

Our prayers are with Michele, and his stepson, Robert Carter Ball; his former wife, Elizabeth; his daughter, Leigh Ann Jenkins Workman and son-in-law, Mark Workman; his son, Ray Hal Jenkins and daughter-in-law, Belinda; his daughter, Linda Miriam Jenkins Hatcher and son-in-law, Mark Hatcher; and his eight grandchildren and three step-grandchildren.

I am most grateful that during my time as Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party that I was able to assist in a leadership position in re-electing Judge Jenkins (2006) to the bench that he served so distinctively for so many years. He was attacked during the campaign and after, but in the end we won.

The Jenkins family have been instrumental in the growth and development of the Knox County Republican Party. For that we are all forever grateful.

Judge Jenkins, you did good

Brian's Blog Exclusive: Sandra Lea Sets The Record Straight and Bids Farewell To The Liberal Blog

Sandra Lea, Investigative Reporter and Published Author of Whirlwind has taken the normal customary attacks of the liberal blog. I contacted her and offered a Brian's Blog EXCLUSIVE at anytime that she desired it. She has contacted me and the following is her statement about KnoxViews, their harassment and abusive nature toward her. In this statement she sets the record straight.

Please note and adhere to this statement. Not for Publication or Distribution by KnoxViews.

Randy Neal/KnoxViews:

I first contacted you last week, requesting permission to use Tyler Harber's email printed on KnoxViews. In that first email to you, I said, "Due to the continued scandals erupting in Knox County government there is now a renewed interest in the Knox County Sheriff's Tyler Harber Report. Knox County Citizens have asked me to write a condensed version of the Report for distribution...." At no time did I refer to my work as a "Report" as you alleged. Permission was granted to use Tyler's email with a request to be kept informed upon completion of my work.

Once my work, (which we'll now have to call Lea's Report), was completed, I sent you a courtesy copy in a multiple addressed email to a few of my friends containing the words, "Ready for distribution," meaning my friends were free to share this with their friends. My Report had already gone out to the Citizens' group under separate cover, and in hindsight, I should have sent your courtesy copy under separate cover as well. The next thing I was aware of was an ecstatic email from you saying, "The post is up to 200 reads already." Logging onto KnoxViews I was greeted by bold headlines declaring, "Boss Ragsdale: Knox County bombshell report," followed by some cut and paste comments taken from my Report. Contrary to your definition of the word "distribute" verses "publish," I did not give you permission to publish my work, nor did you ask, even though you made the comment, "The Great Pretenders: Pretending to be Public Servants...My guess is that it's a draft of a book, in 'condensed format.'" Correctly guessing that Lea's Report might be material incorporated in a book draft, you also didn't bother to inquire if this material might be under copyright. But that's all water under the bridge now, and all is forgiven.

What is almost unforgivable is the frenzied attack you subjected me to, not only by you, Randy Neal, but by your Users as well. Inviting me to logon and "converse" is like inviting a guest, a complete stranger, into one's home, then attacking and bashing that guest, and encouraging your Users to join in the fun, all in the pretense of "constructive criticism." You've given me a brief dose of what our school kids must be subjected to by school bullies.

In my Report I write: "...Due to the excessive numbers of typos, misspelling, and lack of punctuation, the transcripts of ...(the Sheriff's Report) makes for very difficult and frustrating reading...Language and vocabulary of the Knox County officials and employees...has been quoted verbatim..."

It's now perfectly clear that your KnoxViews Users don't know what the word "verbatim" means. I quoted the exact words and vocabulary of your own elected and appointed officials, complete with misspellings and all, to give an example of your tax dollars at work. I did take the liberty of cleaning up the punctuation and some of the most egregious misspellings, and putting the statements and comments in dialogue form in order to make the Sheriff's Report more readable and understandable.

However, you and your Users, in a narcissistic attempt to impose your pretense of intellectual superiority, attacked me, believing that I'd made such statements as "Them there people," when in fact, I'm quoting your own officials and employees from a report, the Sheriff's Report, that you've spent thousands of tax dollars to produce. This is a damning report; a smoking gun aimed at the deceitful, vindictive, spiteful characters of your elected officials.Their waste of your tax dollars; their self-serving natures, are exposed for all to see. Few read the original 408 page Sheriff's Report of the Investigation of Tyler Harber, and it was hurriedly buried, hopefully to be forgotten. A few good Citizens did read it, and couldn't forget it. They resurrected it by asking me to rewrite, critique and comment on it. Hence, the Lea Report. It's most unfortunate that you didn't get the message contained in this damning report, but chose instead to attack the messenger. Too bad, indeed.

The frenzy appears to have subsided now; your fury appears to be over. Your Users appear to have exhausted themselves after their verbal binge of sarcastic hostility against me, a complete stranger to you all. I imagine they now lay panting, franticly planning, gloating even, in anticipation of their next attack and another opportunity to toot their own horns.

Your attacks, spurred on by your leaders, the bean & clark* antagonist, focused not only on me personally and my "Report", but also against my publication, Whirlwind: The Butcher Banking Scandal. I, more than any other, am terribly embarrassed by the typos found in this book. I acknowledge that it contains double the numbers of typos found in the average book, while pointing out that my book, at 647 pages, is twice the size of the average 250-300 page book. A volume containing over a million words is bound to have errors, and for that I'm sorry, but the factual content is accurate and complete.

However, since my professional integrity as an author has been called into question, I feel I should also be allowed a little toot. And you must be obliged, under the circumstances, to indulge me this toot.

How many books have you and your KnoxViewers published? And if any of you have published books, how many of your books have hit Number One, twice, on the B*A*M Best Sellers' List? How many of your books never slipped off the Top Ten on the Best Sellers' List for over two years?

How many of your books are in university law libraries across the nation, and have been designated as required reading/teaching guides in major university courses such as Law, Economics, and Criminal Justice? And if you've published books on the topics of fraud and banking, how many of your books can claim the distinction of being declared a "Classic in American Corporate Fraud," by Dr. Roy Davies, the Librarian of the St. Lukes Campus, University of Exeter, in Devon, England?

The life of a book is five years at most. At the end of the five-year life of your book, when the bookstore shelves remain empty of your title, how many of you have experienced a price soar of over $4,000 for a single, unautographed copy in a two month time period? (See Attached) I'd say none of your books have, since my publisher has said that this is unprecedented, especially while the author is still living.

Whirlwind can claim success in all of the above. How successful have your literary efforts been? You may revile me and blast my writing style as you please. You may refrain from buying any of my books, that's fine with me. There are thousands of readers who're tired of the bland choices placed before them. They crave a bit of flavoring and spice in their word soup. They like word pictures painted in bold strokes; they like analogies. I aim to please them, and hope I do. I have my little niche in this world, and so do you. From my niche I speak to thousands and thousands, internationally. Your niche is regional and appears to consist of less than a hundred, except when you print Bombshells. We're noncompetitive. I won't venture into your little niche, and you'll never venture into to mine.

And if a picture paints a thousand words, then how shall I paint you KnoxViewers? This is not Knoxville's finest hour. I should think you'd want to put on a prettier face, especially while the eyes of so many strangers look upon you during this time of turmoil. This author is very much alive. This stranger's eyes are piercing, and you've shown yourselves to me clearly. What I've seen isn't pretty. What this stranger's eyes have seen is ugly.

In all honesty, I wish I could say that my brief visit with you has been pleasant. But I can say it's been very entertaining.

I will own up to one statement you made, although I don't like your tone: "She writes, and writes, and writes." That's what I do.

Farewell, KnoxViews.

* Not a typo.

2007 Sandra Lea --The Great Pretenders: Pretending to be Public Servants

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Demo's Need Our Help.

James Carville, the leading Demo has sent out a mass email on behalf of the Democrat Senate Committee. He wants a slogan to use in 2008, similar to the "It's The Economy, Stupid" that he used in 1992 for Slick Willy and Hilly. Here is the news story from NewsMax.

Here are the lame Carvillian suggestions.

W Is Out - Send the Right Wing With Him

No Republicans Left Behind in D.C.

What Have Republicans Done for You Lately?

2006 Was Just the Beginning - More Dems in ‘08

Here are several excellent suggestions from The New Pundit that was left as a comment over at The Ward View.

We Can’t Surrender Without Your Vote

John Edwards: I’m Your Girl!

For the Love of Allah, Vote Democrat

Our hero Rush Limbaugh suggested a few excellent ideas on his radio show today. The two that I wrote down were.

Dumb it down for the Democrats in 2008

LBJ's Great Society - Another Decade Should Do it.

Here are Brian's Blog Suggestions:

I Vote Democrat because I'm Stuck On Stupid

It's About The Money In The Freezer

Vote Democrat, Because The Levee Wouldn't Have Broke

Vote Democrat

I will continue to update with additional idea. Feel free to submit your ideas through comments or send me an idea via email and I will submit them for you.

Check out this website. You can order bumper stickers like

Democrats Enabling the Poor and Screwing the Rich

Democrats Hard On Fetuses Soft on Terrorists

Metro Pulse

When you read the Ear to the Ground in Metro Pulse this week you will see a reference to Chancellor Fansler. Brian's Blog first reported it here on August 14, 2007.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Liberal Blog Organizer Believes The Government Should Reward Lazy Parents With More Taxpayer Dollars

The liberal blog organizer threw this idea out on 8/21/2007 at 1:57 p.m. "Pay low-income parents to attend PTA meetings, teacher/parent conferences, school workshops, and the like. This might help some needy parents who can't afford baby sitters, time off from work, transportation, etc. get more involved in their kids' education."

O.k. so he believes that when a parent doesn't care to even show up and be involved in their child's education that they should get a check to encourage them to be involved. What a slap in the face to every hard working taxpaying citizen that cares about their kids. This is a typical item on any socialist agenda. Reward the lazy and punish the ones carrying the load and paying the freight.

In my community parents work hard 8-12 hours a day and still attend to PTA meetings, parent/teacher conferences, volunteering in the classrooms, doing whatever it takes. At the same time we pay our county taxes and feel good about it. Until, some liberal comes along with a dumb idea like this. He wants to spend our tax dollars on rewarding laziness and incompetence. It would be like paying money for a weekly Slopper News.

Let's see in Knox County we spend nearly $8,000.00 a year per child for public education. After a k-12 education Knox County taxpayers have invested $104,000.00 per child. If a parent can not recognize the value of what the taxpayers are investing and can't spend some sweat equity into the process. Then so be it. They can just stay at home eating their Cheetos (no offense to Cheetos) and watching Jerry Springer or Maury Povich guessing which one of the 6 daddies is the father.

Commissioner Mark Hamon Admits On Liberal Blog Of Violating Sunshine Law Before January 31st

Knox County Democrat County Commissioner Mark Harmon has admitted and acknowledged his violation of the sunshine law on the liberal blog.

The democrat said on 8/10/2007 at 9:15 a.m. "The court, of course, will decide whether any of the many commissioners' efforts (including my very small role in asking others to consider a candidate being overlooked) violated the sunshine law."

In a separate but related comment on a separate thread on Tue 08/21/2007 at 11:38am. The liberal blog organizer opines and attempts to spin the democrat Commissioner's sunshine law violation by excusing it as he wasn't successful so it is o.k. "Yep, it cost the Dems a seat, but at least they retained some semblence of integrity, because it was pretty obvious they didn't cut a deal ahead of time."

To violate the law whether you are successful or not is unacceptable. It is like saying well, you attempted to robbing the store but since you were unsuccessful it is o.k..

Certainly the liberal blog and its 6 participants have a double standard. If you are a liberal, democrat or tabloid media, the rules and laws do not apply to you.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Waste and Abuse By Knoxville City Councilman?

While Knox County is at center of the storm's eye on the investigations by the News-Sentinel and WBIR and rightly so. There has been little to report on the City side except for the past actions of City Councilman Rob Frost.

City Council members are given a parking card to park in the City County Building for Council meetings. No citizen (handicapped or non handicapped) is allowed to park there. However, Rob parks there everyday and walks to his office in the First Tennessee Bank building for nearly 10 hours a day.

This issue came up a year or so ago during the re-election campaign and Rob said he is always sticking his head in City department doors while going to and from work. Brian's Blog has talked with numerous City departments in the City County Building and they rarely see Rob Frost except at Council meetings.

During Rob's campaign, the News-Sentinel and WBIR were not working so diligently in exposing waste and abuse. Maybe they will now look into this one.

Rob Frost, parking in the City County Building everyday because membership has its privileges.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Liberal Blog in Knox Vegas And The Attacks They Launch

Well, it is interesting. When I was commenting on the liberal blog none of the leftist liberals could do anything but resort to name calling. So, because they can't compete in the fair market exchange of ideals they ban me.

Additionally because Sandra and Betty can't live with continually being exposed and because Catfish is getting ready to be yanked out of the water. They ban me and then spend 40 comments continually creating Fiction and attempting to make it non-fiction. It seems that ole' Bizzy is a former member of Cathy Quist office and I am not talking about Hubert Smith.

So, that these liberals can not deny that they resort to personal attacks on Conservative Republicans. Here is a few examples of three of them and their attacks on me. These are attacks that they have personally leveled toward me. This does not count for when they are posting under many of their other names.

Sandra Clark “some Republicans are smarter than others.” -- s. 7/17/07 8:59 p.m.

Betty Bean

“Won't be solved until he can figure out how to find his ass with both hands.” 8/14/2007 6:24 p.m.

“come off like a semi-literate” 7/18/07 5:02 p.m.

"Big Mouth, not that bright." 7/18/07 8:18 p.m.

“permanently puckered from sucking up to Ragsdale” 7/14/07 9:57 a.m.

“infamous Hornbackian.” 6/10/07 6:39 p.m.

“all Hornback gets is no respect, no job except for an unpaid chairmanship nobody else wants” 6/11/07 7:09 a.m.

“His incompetence” 2/20/2007 6:49 p.m

“blubbering, fulminating would-be bully” 2/20/2007 9:45 p.m.

“Things will get interesting for several folks if Tyler Harber actually makes his return.” 2/20/2007 11:32 p.m

and for the organizing liberal R. Neal he said “he is that stupid” 8/16/2007 6:45 p.m.

The liberal blog only has one "Republican" (CBT) and he is a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

Betty Bean Losing It Over On The Liberal Blog?

UPDATE: The character known as Betty Bean obviously reads Brian's Blog. At 4:09 p.m. she changed the verbage to read.

Re Dwight VandeVate:He's Submitted by Bbeanster on Mon, 2007/08/20 - 4:09pm. Re Dwight VandeVate: He's facing people who are demanding that he pay back car money -- a couple of year's worth would be $24,000. That's something to worry about. And in fairness, I doubt Dwight asked to be paid that way.

I'm dying for somebody to ask Scoob about the clothing allowance and the multi-week paid maternity leave the sheriff's department gave his wife when she was hired to do a job that previously required a college degree (which she, of course, doesn't have).

I am reliably informed that he shopped the poor girl all over the courthouse looking for a suitable sinecure for her.

Since Betty Bean is reading Brian's Blog, here are three questions for you. Why don't you ask Scobby the question? Sandra holding you back? Is it because Larry Van Guilder is far more qualified to cover the county than you?

ORIGINAL POST: 2:39 p.m. Betty Bean, E.W. Scripps reporter posted the following this afternoon over at the liberal blog.

Re Dwight VandeVate: He's Submitted by Bbeanster on Mon, 2007/08/20 - 2:19pm.
Re Dwight VandeVate: He's facing people who are demanding that he pay back car money -- a couple of year's worth would be $24,000. That's something to worry about. And in fairness, I doubt Dwight asked to be paid that way.

I'm dying for somebody to ask Scoob about the clothing allowance and the multi-week paid maternity leave the sheriff's department gave her when she was hired to do a job that previously required a college degree (which she, of course, doesn't have).

I am reliably informed that he shopped the poor girl all over the courthouse looking for a suitable sinecure for her.

When she makes reference to the "Scoob", she is talking about Commission Chairman Scott "Scobby" Moore. Why is Betty making reference to Scobby as a woman? "the clothing allowance and the multi-week paid maternity leave the sheriff's department gave her when she " It is obvious that Betty needs some time off for something. She has always been confused, but dang, now it is getting bizarre.

BTW, Betty is a supposed "investigative" reporter. Why doesn't Betty ask "Scoob"?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Matthew (Matt) Jones for Sixth District Commissioner

I have posted the following information about Republican Matthew (Matt) Jones over at Take Back Knox. Matthew is the only candidate currently running in the Republican Primary to take on Democrat "Multiple Conflicts" Sharon Cawood next August.

Matthew Jones is a native Knoxvillian. He was born on August 29th, 1978 which makes him 29 years old this month. He has been married for 5 years to his wonderful wife Bridget who is an 11 year employee of St. Mary's Hospital, and they have two happy and healthy children, Brittany 11 and Turner 2. Their son Turner was born Feb 16th, 2005 with several major heart defects, but by the grace of God he survived three surgeries in Washington D.C. and two years later he is perfectly okay and is a constant reminder that God is in their home.

Matthew graduated from Fulton High School in 1996 and his involvement in basketball and student government at Fulton lead him to Maryville College. He graduated from Maryville College with a B.A. in Human Services in May of 2000. He took his first job out of MC with Helen Ross McNabb and started working the day after graduation. He supervised aftercare probation for juveniles transitioning back into the community after release from the state's custody. After two years at Helen Ross McNabb, Knox County Juvenile Court Judge Carey Garrett offered him a chance to work for the Juvenile Court which he grateful and enthusiastically accepted.

He was at the court for one year when he ventured outside of his field of study and left the court to manage restaurants for both Ruby Tuesdays and Panera Bread. He returned to his calling when once again Judge Garrett welcomed him back to the court in November of 2005. Matt is a juvenile probation officer at the Knox County Juvenile Court and he loves his work.

Matt has lived in Powell for 6 years and has grown to love the small town and family community feel of both the Powell and Karns communities. Their church home is First Baptist of Powell. Their daughter attends Powell Middle School and they are members of the PTA. Matt is very encouraged to see how many involved parents are active in the lives of their children in the community.

He is currently running a campaign to become the next Knox County Commissioner of the 6th district. He is running for several reasons but most of all he is running because he has children in the district and he wants to be the one helping to make decisions that effect the most important people in his life. He is also running because he is tired of the corruption that has become commonplace in Knox County Government. Our local government has forgotten that their elected positions are positions of service to others and not simply social status symbols. In Knox County we need hard working, family men and women who have the well being of the citizens of Knox County at their heart and Matthew Jones is that man.

Check out Take Back Knox on a regular basis as it will soon be the go to place for Taking Back Knox.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Utimate Elvis Tribute Artist

This past week in Memphis at Graceland they crowned the #1 Elvis tribute artist. Here is the story from today's KnoxNews website. Here is a video of Shawn Klush as Elvis. Shawn Klush has a website and it is located here.

As evidenced by this youtube video Shawn is good. The artist that I have seen in concert that I have been impressed with is Travis Ledoyt. Travis Ledoyt's website is located here. Travis has won contests as the Best Young Elvis. However, it appears that the contest held this week that Shawn won is the Ultimate crown.

A New Karns Singing Duo Making Their Way To Nashville?

Sources indicate that former Commissioner and current Knox County Bailiff Mark Cawood and his wife Commissioner Sharon Cawood have been spending some time out at the Karaoke Cafe, preparing for their new gig. Now, that she has resigned from the Court Clerk's office (effective yesterday) it appears that they will be embarking on a singing career.

Their first song is a re-make of an old country song. Their version is entitled "Heaven Is Just a Send Away."

"Heaven's just a send away, oohhh"
"heaven's just a send away"

"I need more postage again today,"
" there's more I need to send..."

" I hear the postman coming now"
" I need enough postage to mail a cow"

" Heaven help me, Lord I pray"
" There's more I need to send..."

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Report on Mayor Ragsdale?

Last evening, there was an interesting post over at the local blog forum about a report put out by Sandra Lea, author of Whirlwind. The report is a re-hash of the Tyler Harber investigation. Looking at some of the comments on the local blog forum, I thought I had it all figured out.

If you can believe what the local tabloid editor girl has to say. She had this comment.

Lea's standards Submitted by Sandra Clark on Thu, 2007/08/16 - 9:19pm.
Lea's standards are not high. I was amazed at the lack of professionalism in both writing and editing in Whirlwind, but Lea does tell a good tale.
She's a wind-up doll writer -- somebody sticks a pen in her hand, tells her what to say and she writes (and writes and writes).
Jesse Barr was behind the scenes on Whirlwind. For Boss Ragsdale, I'd guess the villians are Scoobie, Lumpy, Chucky, Sneezy and Doc. -- s.

I instantly put one and one together and came up with two. 1) Jesse Barr is Finance Manager at Dean Stallings Ford. + 1) Former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison is a partner in the ownership of Dean Stallings Ford. = 2) Sheriff Tim must be behind it.

So, according to the inferences made by local tabloid editor girl Sheriff Tim was the man behind the report.

But then this afternoon, guess what happened. Sandra Lea opined into the forum and surprise, surprise, surprise. Local tabloid editor girl got it wrong again. Dang, I hate when that happens to her. Really, I do.

Here is what Sandra Lea said in response to Sandra Clark.

Lea's Standards Submitted by Sandra Lea on Fri, 2007/08/17 - 2:34pm.
Sorry, Sandra Clark. You're wrong again. Jesse Barr was not behind my book. I didn't even contact Jesse for interviews until about six months become Whirlwind went to the publisher.

A Brian's Blog note to Sandra Lea. You don't need to apologize to Sandra Clark. In recent weeks and months she has been continually reminded that she rarely get the facts straight or right. It has become expected and according to my sources her Supervisor's at E.W. Scripps are becoming accustomed to it.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

KNS Editor Admits Conflict With Chancellor Fansler

This morning Jack McElroy, Editor of the News-Sentinel was a guest on K-Town Connection. K-Town Connection is a radio talk show that airs Monday - Friday 7:00 - 9:00 am on AM 850. The host of K-Town Connection is T. Blackman. T does a great job. Tune in sometime.

I called in and asked a couple of hypothetical questions. Immediately following my call. County Commission Chairman Scott Moore called and asked Mr. McElroy if he was aware that Chancellor Fansler's daughter is a roommate with the News-Sentinel's Associate Editor's child.

Mr. McElroy said yes. Hoyt Canady's daughter and Chancellor Fansler's daughter will be roommates at the University of Tennessee. Mr. McElroy explained that it was a chance incident. At this point in this developing story, I will accept the explanation given.

Chairman Moore continued. "Well, Jack if this were an elected officials child. It would be front page news." Mr. McElroy said. "I will get it printed in the newspaper"

I just wish the News-Sentinel had disclosed this on their own and would have not been caught and exposed by the very person they are suing for unethical behavior.

With this entire ordeal. I just wonder who and what is next?

Local Blog Forum Admits To Paying For Editorial

Over at the local blog forum this afternoon, the ringleader admits to paying Sandra Clark for an editorial column that mentioned his local blog forum.

Would this need to be sent to the E.W. Scripps Ethics Committee?

Here is the post.

KnoxViews in the media
Submitted by R. Neal on Thu, 2007/08/16 - 8:54am.
My Monday morning schedule was all messed up from staying out 'till 4AM trying to photograph meteors, so I was just now getting caught up on this week's reading when I saw
this. Thanks, Sandra! The check's in the mail.

Elvis - Long Live The King

Thirty years ago today. The King left this world.

Where were you? I was 10 years old, just a few days from being 11 years old. We had the visiting Pastor and his wife that was conducting Revival at our church to our home for dinner. I remembered sitting in the living room and hearing him say that Elvis had died.

My ipod is full of Elvis performances. Long Live The King!

Two Rivers Church in Nashville

This story out of Nashville appears to have Two Rivers Church splitting. Certainly the ones organizing the Pastor's ouster are not following biblical standards for dealing with conflict among the church body.

This is sad that conflict happens. It is a travesty when the enemy is successful in having the public exposed to it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Positive Weekly Newspaper

While E.W. Scripps has the tabloid not Metro Pulse, no not Knoxville Magazine. You know the one where the tabloid girls collect a paycheck.

Well, if you are looking for a positive community newspaper. One that leaders like Mayor Bill Haslam reads. Check out the Fountain City Focus. It is on the streets and on the world wide web every Tuesday. Because Mondays are saved for all the gossip and lies that are fit to print.

Shock News About A UT Coach

WATE interrupted the normal news to break away to Jim Wogan for what Lori Tucker said was a report that is clearing up a rumor. Wogan begins to say that the Maryville Daily Times is reporting a divorce for one of our UT coaches.

The primary reason, NO one should watch shock television news. This is not NEWS, people. This is the coach's personal life. This is an issue only for the coach's family, not us fans. It will not affect the coaches ability or inability to coach college sports. Leave the personal family issues alone!

There are some good reporters at WATE. However, the station continues to make bone headed decisions like this one. And you wonder why WATE keeps staying at the bottom of Knoxville's ratings numbers.

Local Blog Forum Bans Brian Hornback. Brian Is Pleased!

This evening, R. Neal has blocked me from posting over at his local blog forum. This is the first time he has ever done that, I unsubscribed the first time I left. I am in good company though. First, #9 who I have never met and then Walker Johnson. What do the three of us have in common? We are Conservative by nature. #9, I don't think is a Republican but is Conservative. Walker is Republican and Conservative. Walker's column got pulled over at the E.W. Scripps tabloid because he wouldn't mislead the reporting of a local television stations rating numbers to fit what Sandra and Betty wanted the ratings to be.

In addition, I discovered tonight who the poster Catfish is and that has unnerved Catfish, Sandra and Betty and they squeezed R.Neal to ban me before I outed him. Catfish, time will reveal your identity maybe not at the local blog forum.

Brian's Blog has more readers than the local blog forum. The difference is their members and lurkers are refreshing a couple of hundred times a day. That makes their numbers look larger than they really are.

KnoxViews is upset that Brian's Blog exposed Sharon Cawood. They are upset because we ensure that our information is accurate and they do not. Again, I have my name on this blog and R.Neal won't even show his face. He is All anonymous, All the time. Kind of cowardly, if you ask me.

I have always been told you can know a person by the enemies they keep. I know that I am living on the right side when Sandra, Betty, Chad and others are on one side and I am on the right side. I have never resorted to such personal attacks, like Sandra did at Halls Republican Club targeting a competitor of hers. (Sandra told a former elected official and Publisher of the competitive paper to go do something to himself)

Mayor Ragsdale's Neighborhood Night

Last night at the Burlington Branch Library, Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and his staff held a Neighborhood Night. Over 100 people attended for over 2 hours. Not one mention about P-Cards, Lobster Lunches or any of the controversies going on in and around the Mayor's office in Knox County.

There were many residents that praised Cynthia Finch and the work she has accomplished serving as the Community Services Director for the Mayor. A gentleman even brought his young child to have the Mayor's picture taken kissing the young child.

WATE and the Knoxville News-Sentinel were in attendance. As soon as WATE discovered that there was no controversy, they immediately packed up and left. The reporter for the Sentinel Ansley Haman remained through the entire evening and in this morning's paper not one printed word about the positive reaction to the Mayor and his Neighborhood Night. I am sure that was the Editor's call and not Ansley's.


Someone Overheard Sharon Cawood Say.

I like paper and envelopes.

When I send Mark to the store, he must have a list and it looks good to have the list on the Commission letterhead. As Mark leaves the store he drops the list so that people see that a Cawood is still on the Commission. After all in Karns it's a Cawood family tradition.

I had to order so much stationary in four months, because with all the stationary that Mark has left over, I kept losing mine.

I like to write thank you letters. Mark, Thank You for giving me your old job at the Commission.

Sharon Cawood Exposed For Abuse and Fraud

Scott Barker of the News Sentinel exposes the abuse of the taxpayers by one Sharon Cawood. Her orders of stationary has been monitored since February. However, it had to wait until it reached such a horrendous, abusive level.

The Ethics Committee should fast track a request for the D.A. to investigate Cawood for potential criminal fraud and abuse.

Let's review.

1) She gets a job for $42,000.00 a year in the Court Clerk's office, after her husband voted to create the job in December 2006.

2) Her husband gives her his job as County Commissioner.

3) Her husband goes to work for the Sheriffs Department prior to vacating his Commission seat.

4) She attends meetings, ribbon cuttings and check presentations instead of attending to her full time job in the Clerk's office.

5) She takes the taxpayers to the cleaners with stationary and postage in the guise of Commission mailings.

6) In retalitation to unflattering exposes that first appeared on Brian's Blog, she has a 6 year veteran of the Court Clerk's office (Hubert Smith) placed on laid off status.

Hubert Smith is not and was not a source for any post appearing on Brian's Blog.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chancellor Fansler?

This morning Chancellor Fansler refused to toss out the Jack McElroy of the News-Sentinel suit against the Knox County Commission and Knox County.

Wasn't it reported that on January 31st the Oath of Office for Chuck Bolus was administered by one Chancellor Fansler?

Why then didn't Fansler recuse himself? or Is this a make-up call?

A make-up call is when a ref makes a bad call on one team and a short time later makes a similar bad call on the other team. So, if Fansler in hindsight feels that Bolus being sworn in early was a bad call, did he just make another bad call to make-up for it?

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Twelve White Men Have Been Replaced By Seven (Which Includes Three Women)

In the late 90's the word in Knoxville/Knox County (and a story even ran on the cover of Metro Pulse) is that the Government was selected and run by twelve white men. Tonight at the West Knox Republican Club the twelve white men have been replaced by a group of seven and in the group of seven are a couple of women.

Former State Senator Ben Atchley and former Knox County Executive Tommy Schumpert appeared at the West Knox Republican Club to discuss the Public Trust PAC which they have formed with five other individuals. They are Henrietta Grant, Sam Furrow, David Moon, Sherri Lee and Suzanne Schriver.

It is interesting to hear Senator Atchley discuss term limits, when he ran against Fred Berry he campaigned on the fact that Fred Berry had served too long. (18 years) Atchley the stayed 30 plus years. One of his last re-elections he raised and spent over a quarter million dollars in an attempt to embarrass the opponent that dared oppose him.

Some of the elected officials present were: Register of Deeds Sherry Witt, Marianne Thompson representing Sheriff J.J. Jones, Law Director John Owings, Bob Griffitts representing Congressman John J. (Jimmy) Duncan, Jr., City Councilwoman Barbara Pelot, County Commission Chairman Scott Moore, County Commissioners Frank Leuthold, Lee Tramel, Richard Cate and Tony Norman. State Representatives Stacey Campfield and Frank Niceley and Trustee Fred Sisk.

Candidates present were: Elaine Davis a Democrat running for County Commission in the Fourth District, County Commission candidates in the Fourth District Ruthie Kulhman, William Daniels, Walt Wojnar. County Commission candidate in the Sixth district Matthew Jones. County Clerk candidates Scott Moore and Foster Arnett. Trustee candidates Fred Sisk and L.B. Steele. City Council candidate Ray Abbas, Law Director candidate Bill Lockett arrived late.

Members of the media present: Georgiana Vines and Sandra Clark, reporters and employees of the News-Sentinel's parent company.

Tommy Schumpert explained that the PAC has two criteria 1) persons who are Good Leaders and 2) persons with good integrity. The PAC will endorse in the primaries. Electability is a possible criteria. A gentleman asked about the Hart voting machines that Knox County has purchased. Schumpert said. "I don't have a clue about the voting machines, but I think there good." The gentleman said with a group of seven are you bypassing the people? Schumpert said he could see where that could be believed and that the PAC will have to prove itself during this election cycle. He also said he was personally not committed to the PAC long term only through the next three years through September 2010.

I asked Schumpert two questions.

1) Would you name the current officeholders that are not good leaders with good integrity. He would not. He made a reference to the immediate Past Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party which led me to respond. "They have said worse stuff than that about me." To which the room laughed loudest at my comeback. I had far more friends in the standing room only crowd than he did, even with Sandra in close proximity.

2) Would the committee consider how much money a candidate had raised and had on hand before making an endorsement? Schumpert said that in the interview process a candidates budget and on hand will be discussed. He said because the committee does not want a candidate to solely rely on the PAC to fund the campaign.

A question was asked about how the committee formed itself. "It appears to be a Chamber committee." Schumpert said they formed themselves.

Next month. September 10, 2007 Mayor Bill Haslam will be the speaker. However, you will probably have to show your Republican credentials at the door. Too many Democrats are invading the club, the next thing you know the Sentinel will send three reporters, Georgiana, Sandra and Betty.

Prince Phillip of Nashville (aka Governor Bredesen) Appoints the Candidate That Knox County Rejected

Prince Phillip of Nashville (aka Governor Bredesen) has appointed Ken Irvine as the fill in as the Knox County Criminal Court Judge, replacing Republican Criminal Court Judge Ray Lee Jenkins. Attorney Irvine from what I understand is a good guy, but he is a Democrat.

Knox County citizens just one year ago rejected him as Knox County Criminal Court Judge. The same post that he has been appointed to.

This is an attempt by Prince Phillip of Nashville to make it easier for Irvine to win the seat in 2014. First, by being sworn in as Criminal Court Judge he will retain the title as Judge even after Judge Jenkins returns to the bench. Second, Bredesen's actions demonstrates his desire to ignore the public opinion by promoting someone that the citizens have rejected at the ballot box. Lastly, Bredesen's actions demonstrate that the only way the Democrat party can gain seats in Knox County is for him to use his dictatorial authority to do so.

And you thought the rumors, gossip and lies that power, control and dominance was a Republican thing were accurate. No it is the MO of Prince Phillip of Nashville and the Democrat Party.

Tommy George Thompson Drops Out

Tommy Thompson, former Wisconsin Governor and Health and Human Services Secretary for President George W. Bush dropped out of the Republican Presidential race Sunday evening. This was within one day of finishing sixth in the Iowa Straw Poll, a non-binding vote, but an indication of a campaigns ability to mobilize a grassroots organization.

It is certainly sad to see Tommy Thompson depart the stage, however it appears to be the right thing for he and his family. He is the author of the book "Power To The People" that details his Conservative results as Governor of Wisconsin.

In his statement issued yesterday he said. "I have no regrets about running," "I felt my record as Governor of Wisconsin and Secretary of Health and Human Services gave me the experience I needed to serve as president, but I respect the decision of the voters. I am leaving the campaign trail today, but I will not leave the challenges of improving health care and welfare in America."

"I have very much enjoyed my years in public service and I am comforted by the fact that I think I made a difference for people during that time," Thompson said in the campaign announcement. "I hope to continue working to serve others over the next few years."

As Governor of Wisconsin his state was the first to abolish mandatory helmet laws for motorcycle riders and passengers. Today less than 15 states have mandatory helmet laws. Wisconsin is the home of Harley Davidson.

While serving as HHS Secretary he directed the passage of the Medicare prescription law and was a key player in Bush's AIDS initiative, a commitment of $15 billion over five years for treatment and prevention of the disease that was rapidly spreading overseas.

Mitt Romney Evidently Has/Had Tabloid Media in MASS.

Karl Rove

Karl Rove is leaving the White House. I am guessing he will be active in campaigns, his speciality.

Good job, Karl!

Keep giving them the truth and for them it feels like Hell.

School Matters

Check out this NEW forum. It is a forum for School communication. It appears to be a good forum. Time will tell if it has long term staying power.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Knoxville's Sunsphere - Biography of a Landmark

Around Labor Day 2007, a new book will hit the streets. I can't wait to get my copy and read about the Sunsphere. In 1982, when the World's Fair opened I was a Sophomore at Carter High School in Knox County. A recent review of my high school yearbook reveals many photographs from the World's Fair. It was the time when the World recognized the "scruffy little city."

A friend of mine Martha Woodward is the author for this book. Here is the cover concept for the book, a brief bio on Martha and the story about the book. Martha is from right here in Knoxville.

Knoxville’s Sunsphere; Biography of a Landmark takes an historical look at the unique tower which was built in 1981 as the theme structure for the 1982 World’s Fair.

How this book came to be written is also an incredible story of an amazing woman who would not accept failure as an option.

In 1998, Martha Rose Woodward was a single parent with 3 children. Her income, as a school teacher, was in the $49,000 range. She owned her dream condo, on the trendy side of town, in a good school district She spent her free time playing tennis, or taking her children on vacations. She had a Chevy Blazer, a circle of good friends, and life was good; not perfect, but good.

Suddenly, in May of that year, at age 49, she took ill, and, after several months of tests, and doctor’s visits, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The cancer was massive and she was told to write a will; prepare her estate, spend as much time as could with the kids, because she would probably be dead in 3 months.

At one point, the doctors were at their wit’s ends, and decided to use a harsh treatment of chemotherapy, which, she was told, "would heal her or kill her". Obviously, the drugs healed her, however, the treatments were so harsh, that the chemicals burned the small air passages in her lungs, leaving her with only 50% usage, and putting her 100% on oxygen for life. She had to retire, and spent 2 years in bed, needing care round the clock.

Within the space of 9 months, she has lost her job, her condo, her car, which her daughter wrecked, the custody of one of her children, and her hair. She went down about as low as an individual could go.

HERE IS HER MESSAGE. IF a person who went as low as she went can recover, anyone can. Here is the good side of the story.

As time went on, she began to get some strength, and wanted to do some small jobs. She slowly gained enough energy to substitute as a teacher for one half day. She worked a day a month, and maybe the next month, 2 days. She would earn $60 to $100, and it felt good to be productive.

As time passed on, she, literally, took in sewing for people. As a lifelong quilt maker with a sewing machine, she made and sold quilts, and repaired clothing for people. She made a few extra dollars, and it was good to be active.

Time moved on, and she got better, and increased the days as a substitute teacher, and did odd jobs; things she could do for a few hours. She was hired by political candidate to make phone calls, and did a variety of things; making a few extra dollars.

As time went on, she was earning $2,000 to $3,000 extra per year, which gave her some "flexible spending money".

NOW to the book.

As a teacher, she had spent a lot of time writing: newsletters, units of study, letters, grants, and more. People had been telling her for years that she should write a book.

Since she retired, she had time to DREAM. She became interested in learning how to make videos, wanting to make a historic record of her quilts. This lead her to taking a editing class, which is offered for $24 from a local cable access station. THIS lead her into the idea of making her own weekly, 15 minute television show. For the last year, she has been hosting and producing, "Homespun Hobbies" a show about "a woman and her hobbies". She became a local "star"who gets fan mail and is recognized on the streets.

She has produced over 50 shows, and some of the topics are: How to Make a Tomato Sandwich; Martha’s Quilts; How to Crochet; Traveling; Gardening; and more. She also make video biographies of local politicians.

Everything is POSITIVE, and it is a sweet show. While thinking of topics for her show, she was out making videos, and decided to film the Sunsphere, which is a tower in Knoxville, Tennessee, which was built as a "monument to the sun". After that show aired, people were coming out of the woodwork to tell her how they loved it, so, she did 3 more shows, and along the way, became obsessed with the Sunsphere. She began doing research, making google, and yahoo searches, and read, read, and read.

After about a year, she saw that she had so much material that she could write a book, and became determined to write it.

To write the book, she treated the Sunsphere as if it were a person, and wrote about its conception, its birth, and followed it throughout its 26 years of life. She made special effort to keep the book wholesome and clean, since she wanted it to be read and studied by students, however, she almost wrote one chapter, "Sex and the Sunsphere", but decided to keep that information private.

Senator Lamar Alexander, and the Ambassador to Poland, Victor Ashe, both sent her comments to use, and there have been a couple of people who have promised to "hand deliver" a copy of her book to Laura Bush, since the First Lady loves teachers and books.

Martha Rose Woodward has an amazing story to tell. She can be reached by email or on her web site at here.

If schools are interested in buying the book in quantities of 4 or more there will be a discount. Martha will be available for book signings and she will donate a percentage of sales to schools. In addition to the two contacts above, email can also be sent here.

Brian's Blog will continue to keep you informed.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hallerin Hilton Hill Morning Show

I had the opportunity this morning to call into the Hallerin Hilton Hill Morning Show. The show airs Monday - Friday 6:00 am - 10:00 am on FM 100.3.

The reason for my call was to explain the TN Sunshine Law. A previous caller had asked if a meeting between Mike Arms Chief of Staff to Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and Commission Chairman Scott Moore was a violation of the Sunshine Law. I explained that the Sunshine Law addresses meetings between members of the same body. (ie. Commission, School Board, City Council, MPC, Industrial Development Board)

Hallerin then asked about my blog and the lay-off of Hubert Smith. I explained to Hallerin that I was happy to address it.

I informed the listeners that my blog was the only media in December 2006 that reported the Commission approving the position of Supervisor of Juvenile Court Clerk's operation prior to the vote in creating the position. My blog pointed out that then County Commissioner Mark Cawood voted to create the job for his wife. As history will reveal, that was an accurate report. Within 45 days, he nominated his wife for another county paycheck, that of taking his place as the County Commissioner.

I explained to Hallerin three examples of where my sources have called me to ask and inform me of her activities that are not part her county job in the Court Clerk's office.

I have received many calls from the Karns community concerned that she attends the meetings and activities of the Karns Professional and Business Association meeting and is never rushed to get back to her county job.

I have received many calls from the Powell community concerned that she attends the meetings and activities of the Powell Professional and Business Association meetings and is never rushed to get back to her county job.

One recent morning, she and fellow County Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert traveled to every school in the Sixth district delivering county tax payer checks to help fund school activities. Several parents called asking why she wasn't attending to her county job with the Clerk's office.

I explained that Hubert Smith was NOT a source or the source for any post involving Sharon Cawood or the Clerk's office. There are many constituents of Sharon Cawood that call and inform the Brian's Blog staff where Sharon is and what she is doing.

I reminded Hallerin and his listeners that the reason my blog exposed this gross misuse of tax dollars was due to her comments at the July Commission committee meeting that all who have resigned should be named. Well, Sharon wasn't named until Brian's Blog but now she is resigning on August 17, 2007.

So, based on her public position on the issue, the county should name her as well.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Congratulations to Barry Bonds on #756

Congratulations to Barry Bonds for hitting Home Run #756. He passed the 755 record of Hank Aaron.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Leaders Are Developed Through Hard Work and Determination

This is a 6 minute video clip from the movie Facing The Giants. It demonstrates that Leaders are developed through hard work and determination. It also demonstrates the need for a good coach that gets the very best out of you.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Death By Committee

I have served on many different committees. Committees that have served Church, School and Community. They all served good purposes. Some have been better than others. American Red Cross Knoxville Chapter is an example of good work.

However, for those committees that have just been busy work or accomplished less than desired, this quote from my Senior Pastor Dr. Doug Sager fits.

"A Committee is a group of the unwilling elected by the unfit to do the unnecessary."

Obviously, he intended this quote in jest. However, there are some incidents and committees that this might just fit.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Take Back Knox

There is a new interactive website in Knox County called Take Back Knox. If you have not read the News-Sentinel's editorial page today, you will find a guest editorial written by Brad Hill or just go to this link without spending the 50 cents and wasting the paper and ink.

The website has a forum as well. I have registered to participate in the forum and encourage all Brian's Blog readers to check it out, register and let's engage in the process of public discussion as Knox County moves toward February and August 2008.

I look forward to seeing everyone participate in the forum. I know that Brad and Mpurdy (the sites organizers) along with a couple of other individuals began participating before me.

While using the words of our United States Senator Lamar Alexander. I would like to encourage you all to "Come On Along"

Mark Cawood Resigns

Sources indicate that former Knox County Commissioner, husband of County Commissioner Sharon Cawood and current Bailiff Mark Cawood notified Knox County Democrat Chairman Don Daugherty yesterday that he has resigned his position on the Knox County Democrat Party's Board of Governors.

Cawood served on the Board of Governors as the male representative for the Sixth district. His resignation will leave Sue Stewart as the sole representative of the Sixth district until the Board of Governors can meet and replace Cawood.

A Question.

I have received emails from 12 different individuals asking the same question. I have received phone calls from three different individuals asking the same question that the 12 emails asked.

I do not have the answer.

So, you try to answer it.

Here is the question.

Why would Sharon Cawood resign a $43,000.00 plus a year job, in order to retain a $19,000.00 plus a year job?

Knox Dem Chairman Is Conflicted In His Call On Commissioner's To Resign

The Knox County Democrat Party Chairman Don Daugherty from everything that I have seen is a decent guy. In todays News-Sentinel he is calling of County Commissioners Luethold and Tramel to resign.

As the Immediate Past Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party I understand that sometimes you have to ask questions and do things that you may personally be uncomfortable with, but that's your job.

As Chairman I led the Knox County GOP to a countywide sweep in 2006. Retaining all countywide positions. We lost one County Commission district race. The Commission appointed a Republican to the other district seat on January 31, 2007.

Don is calling on two Commissioners to resign their county jobs. Craig Leuthold an employee of the Knox County Trustee office and Lee Tramel a longtime employee of the Sheriffs Department. Don is not calling on the school employee to resign. He says “Educators, I put them in a little bit different place" The reason Don puts Educators in a different place is because his brother Michael Leon is a Bearden High School teacher and a two time candidate for the Third district Commission seat.

Both times Leon's residency became an issue. It has been alleged that Leon and his wife reside in a home they jointly own in the Seventh district but he used his mother's address in the Third district as their home. Don was the Chairman for Leon's last campaign, thus the reason he places educators are in a little bit different place.

As for the merits to his request. Craig Leuthold when first elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2006 was open about his employment in the Trustee office. The voters have overwhelmingly elected and re-elected him. Don's party has never even fielded a candidate against Craig Leuthold.

Lee Tramel has been a Sheriffs Department administrator for many years. The News-Sentinel has printed the fact that Tramel is a Sheriffs Department administrator nearly every week since January 31, 2007.

Sharon Cawood received the Juvenile Court Clerk's Supervisor position less than 55 days before being appointed to County Commission. Her husband, former Commissioner Mark Cawood a Democrat, received a position prior to his last day of County Commission service. With a reasonable conclusion the case can be made that Mark's actions were clearly a violation of the County's Conflict of Interest policy.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Fall Of Democracy

State Representative Bill Dunn in June was the featured speaker at the Halls Republican Club. During his talk he mentioned locating a quote from Alexander Tyler. On the first day of this past years legislative session Rep. Dunn placed a copy on the desk of every legislator.

When the thirteen colonies were still a part of England, Professor Alexander Tyler wrote about the fall of the Athenian republic over two thousand years previous to that time:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship.

The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependency, from dependency back to bondage.

With the Democrats in Washington and Nashville, it appears that we are in apathy and fast approaching dependency and soon bondage.

Sad News for Southwest Knox County.

This from the KnoxNews website this afternoon. It is sad news for Southwest Knox County and appears to be TVA's fault. However, they did deed the property to the county for 90 plus years and placing a private business on land designated for public use did complicate matters.

Lakeshore Park is not that far away and is my preferred daily walking site.
The County has already started the demolition of the Concord pool. So, what is the future for Concord Park?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hubert Smith Can Be Called Back To Work

O.k. on Friday July 20, 2007 Cathy Quist laid Hubert Smith (a 6 year Juvenile Court Clerk employee) off due to a lack of funding for his $25,000.00 a year salary.

This evening, Commissioner Sharon Cawood resigned from her $42,000.00 a year salaried position within the Clerk's office.

Now, Cathy Quist can call Hubert Smith back to work and the taxpayers could still see a $17,000.00 savings.

Knox County Confidential Part IV

You read the story about Sharon Cawood here at Brian's Blog first on July 17, 2007 and now this breaking news from the News-Sentinel website, KnoxNews.

How is Cawood's desire to enlarge her representation any greater today than on July 16, 2007, the day before Brian's Blog first reported Knox County Confidential?

Here's wishing Sharon much success in the private sector.

WVLT Volunteer TV Covers It Fair

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Volunteer TV received the UT Sports Department contract.

Volunteer TV has been running commercials with Mike Hamilton and Coach Fulmer promoting their new contractual agreement. In the Coach Fulmer commercial in talking about Rick Russo. Coach Fulmer said "In the good times he celebrates with us and in the tough times he reports it fair."

That is so rare in today's media culture. But Volunteer TV have always been fair in their news coverage. They don't have an agenda and they don't try to shock you into watching their news.

It is good to see the good guys, win.