Thursday, August 16, 2007

KNS Editor Admits Conflict With Chancellor Fansler

This morning Jack McElroy, Editor of the News-Sentinel was a guest on K-Town Connection. K-Town Connection is a radio talk show that airs Monday - Friday 7:00 - 9:00 am on AM 850. The host of K-Town Connection is T. Blackman. T does a great job. Tune in sometime.

I called in and asked a couple of hypothetical questions. Immediately following my call. County Commission Chairman Scott Moore called and asked Mr. McElroy if he was aware that Chancellor Fansler's daughter is a roommate with the News-Sentinel's Associate Editor's child.

Mr. McElroy said yes. Hoyt Canady's daughter and Chancellor Fansler's daughter will be roommates at the University of Tennessee. Mr. McElroy explained that it was a chance incident. At this point in this developing story, I will accept the explanation given.

Chairman Moore continued. "Well, Jack if this were an elected officials child. It would be front page news." Mr. McElroy said. "I will get it printed in the newspaper"

I just wish the News-Sentinel had disclosed this on their own and would have not been caught and exposed by the very person they are suing for unethical behavior.

With this entire ordeal. I just wonder who and what is next?

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Greg said...

Why does it take a Commissioner to expose the obvious on the Sentinel.

I hope that you stay on this story because I am being told that it is not a chance encounter that they have become roomates.