Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sad News for Southwest Knox County.

This from the KnoxNews website this afternoon. It is sad news for Southwest Knox County and appears to be TVA's fault. However, they did deed the property to the county for 90 plus years and placing a private business on land designated for public use did complicate matters.

Lakeshore Park is not that far away and is my preferred daily walking site.
The County has already started the demolition of the Concord pool. So, what is the future for Concord Park?

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Doug McCaughan said...

Concord Park is a favorite of mine. I love how it is connected to Admiral Farragut Park along the water. Of course a short road behind the existing houses to make some lake front property with a walking trail to West Knox's only disc golf course would probably have some developer's wetting themselves.

Concord Park has piers that I can take my children fishing from. And I know a pool is a liability but it provided such a great service to the children. Such a shame!

I do hope that the park doesn't just vanish. We need more parks, not fewer.