Friday, August 31, 2007

Chad Tindell and Metro Pulse Get It Wrong

Contrary to what Chad Tindell posted on the local liberal blog and to what Metro Pulse printed this week, as usual their information is erroneous.

Chad said: Funny comment I heard at the Submitted by CBT on Mon, 2007/08/27 - 6:25pm.
Funny comment I heard at the meeting...Frank Gencay, the 'Greek Po Boy Brown'...with respects to the departed Mr. Brown.

Interesting meeting. The settlement proposal was DOA. No surprise on the pipe, except only 10 voted for it. Based on some conversations I had with some concrete people, I thought the flexibility would pass pretty easy. It has to pass again, but, I don't think concrete can move the one vote. I've heard about concrete, but it seems to me there are always depends on the application, it depends if it's installed right, etc.

Cosby confronted Arms in front of a reporter
outisde (sic) the assembly room after the meeting. It seems it may have been Arms doin' (sic) the name callin' (sic) when Cosby was at the podium. Arms was directly behind Ragsdale in the front row. Cosby was pointing his finger at Arms (pretty much in Arms face) right in front of Channel 10's reporter. Don't know if it will make the news or not. Cosby's no showboat, he's a mad taxpayer with experience and smarts. Despite the Mayor's passionate speech, this stuff is far from over.

Then Metro Pulse printed: Show Time Retired CPA Louis Cosby answered questions from Knox County Commission at a meeting Monday concerning his examination of the county's finances. Cosby cited a litany of management failures he laid at the feet of County Mayor Mike Ragsdale.

During one peroration, he whirled to face Ragsdale, who had said a tad too loudly, “What a showboat.” Cosby asked Ragsdale what he said and Ragsdale denied saying anything.
When Cosby left the meeting, he and Chief of Staff Mike Arms had a heated discussion in the lobby of the City County Building and then went outside for a 20-minute discussion, mostly nose to nose.

Cosby has demanded an apology from the mayor. The former county auditor told Commission he was through with his examination of the books. His report will be turned over to the state Comptroller's office. Cosby said Tuesday that if he did not get an apology, he might reconsider his decision to drop the matter. Cosby has a website,, where comments from the public on his findings have been piling up.

There was no in the face hostile argument between Cosby and Arms. They were discussing the TVA days and the need to sit down and talk in the near future. No screaming, hostile confrontation like Chad and Metro Pulse would like for people to think.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the confrontation was over whether Ragsdale should apologize to Cosby for the "showboat" incident. That's what they are going to talk about later.

Brian Hornback said...

Anonymous, that is not true. A have a source that witnessed the entire event and they did not talk about what you say they talked about. If you will identify yourself and state who is your witness to the exchange. I will notify the person that you supposedly talked to that witnessed it as well.